INTRODUCTION Hotel Kimikarlai was built up on the year 2004 and was planned to be a ladies dormitory.

After the construction of the building, the owners decided to operate it as a hotel establishment. This hotel formally opened on January 14, 2007 and known to be the newest and most comfortable hotel in the city. Hotel Kimikarlai is owned by Mayor Robert Turingan and Mrs. Remedios Turingan of Enrile, Cagayan. The name kimikarlai was derived from half of the names of their children: Kim, Michelle, Karen and Lorellai. This elegant hotel proudly sits in at Arellano Extension, Ugac Sur, Tuguegarao City, it is 2 minutes away from the busy Tuguegarao City market, the bustling streets of business and commercial districts and the majestic Cathedral Church. This 6-storey complex offers 40 well appointed and cozy guest rooms with amazingly practical cost and 2 fully equipped function rooms. With its warm and friendly staffs, excellent and great food, you¶ll hardly feel that you are away from home. MISSION To render excellent services, exhibit remarkable traits which causes our guest tocontinuously come back, provide safety and security to guests and their properties thusmaking their stay worth it. VISION

To maintain the quality standard of the hotel. be highly competitive and to continuously adapt new and relevant innovations for improvement and excellent services possible. Dining Area for S t a f f .

THE KITCHEN THE RESTAURANT AND FUNCTION HALL Second Floor Organizational Structure .

Executive Assistant Manager .Lines of Authority 1. General Manager Responsible in the overall operation of the hotel. Accountable for the financial success or failure of the establishment. 2. Makes the overall policy that governs the hotel.

9. 7. and occupancy rates. Responsible for room service. guestrooms. Waiters Are in charge in taking and serving of orders to the guest.e. The one who gives salaries to the employees. corridors. Purchasing Agent/Marketer Responsible for the purchase of order being requested. cooking) 12. and take actions for every employee¶s problem.Responsible for relating the decisions carrying the hotel. The human resource personnel who handles hiring and interviews for applicants. 4. hallway. 11. Finance/Bookkeeper Head Responsible for obtaining and using the money and credit for the support of the hotel. lobby. 6. Chambermaid Responsible for maintaining and taking care of the house specifically. Supervisor Acting as a ³Resident Manager´ Supervises the work done at the front of the house and at the back of the house. 3. Purchasing Manager Responsible in typing the purchased order for item previously requested. Inventory Clerk Makes inventory of stocks of the raw materials and the property ofhotel. Maintains the record of the house. and etc. Chefs and Cooks Handles the preparation of the food (i. and check order upon arrival. 5. Oversees the day-to-day operations of the guests¶ rooms. Assistant Cook . 10. stairways. its availability. Cashier Responsible for setting the guest bills. 8.

Some other ways of reservation is throughtelephone. address of the guest. HOTEL OPERATION Upon the arrival the desk clerk greets the guest. direct and control the delivery of service in all outlets. corridors. swimming pool. organize. * Telephone Operator Handles the incoming and out going calls. If the guest needs reservation thedesk clerk ask the name. * Houseman Responsible for cleaning and maintenance of the public area. guest rooms and banquets and sees to it that policies and standard are complied with. take charge of linen. * Housekeeping Department Handles loss and found items. lobby and watering the garden. Performs ³Miss-en-Place´ * Food and Beverage Manager Plans. storage and inventory. so before the guest arrive at the hotel the front desk clerk should inform whattime. Attends to guest¶s requests. * Room Attendant Responsible for the over all housekeeping. and other public space except for the F & B department. . If the desk clerk receives letters for the guest she will call the room boy to goupstairs to give the letters and if the guest has message and the desk clerk receive it shewill dial the phone to the room of the guest. * Executive Housekeepers Is one of several department heads reporting in charge with the general cleanliness of the guest rooms.Assist in the preparation of the food to be cooked. Ushers guest to their rooms and to the front desk as well. Visit the sick. day and date the guest will arrive at the hotel. Responsible for wake up calls.

The front desk must be aware of the reservation processes. OPERATIONS SYSTEMS AND PROCEDURE Department:RESTAURA NT Remedios Café is open 24 hours. and then get the order. the date of arrival and the length of stay. then ask if guest is ready to order. bus person. The attendance should be checked. offers Filipino and American Cuisines. He write it down to the order slip.First thing in the morning waiters. They have reservation slip where the information should be written. waiter must first present the menu to the guest. wait for awhile. saucers and condiments. they have rack and logbook useduring reservation showing the name. spoons and forks. 1. The staff should wear complete uniforms with ID. give a copy to the cashier then pass another copy to the counter person who is responsible of passing the order to the kitchen.If the guest wants to eat in the restaurant but didn¶t pay. bowls.m. Chefs and cooks includingassistant cooks do the mis-en-place in the kitchen. repeat the order before leaving the table. Counterperson should check whether there are enough condiments and drinks for the day. After the order had been done the waiter who took the order will be the one to serve the food . party. and give it to the purchasing agents. and counter persons should fix and put inproper places all the plates. The checkouttime is 12:00 and the clerk-in time 12:00/1:00 p. it will be included tohis/her charges. listdown the lacking items. In taking order.

are the information they must be filled into the form. arrival time and signature should be filled up completely. address. the date of arrival and the length of stay. The check out time is 12:00 noon and the check-in time is 1:00p. THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURES IN DIFFERENT SECTIONS Employees enter to their work on regular hours. address and signature. arrival date and time. the front desk clerk should indicate the name of the hotel to the caller and be friendly. sometimes the guest pays directly the accumulated rates of room. name of the guest. front desk give the guest the key of their respective rooms. number of guest. Front desk must be aware of the reservation processes. They have rack slip and logbook used during reservations showing the name of the party. date of departure. name. address of the guest.m. . In the reservation card. amount of deposit required and the date on which the deposit was made. In responding a telephone call requesting for reservation. method of transportation. procedures The front desk let the guest fill up the name and the surname. room rate. number of guest. After paying it and filling up forms. They always have reservation slip where the information should be the guest. guest¶s room number. complete uniforms with ID are checked regularly. The name of the hotel.

When the guest pays the bill then the assistant turns it over to the cashier for immediate processing.out procedures When the date of guest checks. The front deskpresents the bill to the guest and let them sign the slip properly to show that the bill listedis correct. When the guest is ready to leave the hotel. before computing the guest checks. They provide comfort to every employee performing their jobs. Front office clerk should list all the guest consumption in the hotel or in the restaurant to be written in the guest bill card. 2. They bid goodbye graciously with the room boy who escorts the guest to the door and open the door for them and escorts the guest to the parking area if necessary. front desk clerk asks first the guestif they leave the hotel on the day and time of check. Nowadays people are . and the rate of the room. room number. FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENTS Facilities and equipments are important things to consider in every establishment. address. Check. front desk clerk writes in the logbook the name of guest.out approaches. the front office clerk thanks the guest for staying and enjoying in their hotel without complaints.After the guest enters the room. The room boy helpsthe guest to carry their luggage on the front desk where to settle the check.out (12 noon) or the guest wants toextend their stay for hours/days. what kind of room. number of days of stay.

very technology dependent. These are refrigerator. They produce and provide equipment for particular functions. 3.and night shift from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am. Rotations are done every after 15 days. but there are additional facilities in suite and deluxe room. MANPOWER. Every staffshould work 12 hours a day. SANITATION. In my one hundred eighty hours of training there. INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS. There are two shifts: morning shift from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. I observed that the employees have good communication skills. taking order and reservation Lounge ± waiting area Porter service ± they have 24 hour porter service Mailing facilities ± envelopes are available in the section for sale Long distance call ± this available upon request Safety boxes ± these are the important things needed to ensure safetyof the guest baggages Reception or information center ± they have 24 hour service for reception and information equipped with telephone. 4. Telephone ± use for room service. . WORK ATMOSPHERE. they communicate well with each other. and bath tub. In every room there is a television and telephone. AND COLOR SCHEME The employees of hotel Kimikarlai have a good employer ± employee relationship. SCHEDULING AND WORK METHOD Restaurant staffs are given their own task at the beginning of the day.

if there is a guest that¶s the only time they will turn on the aircon. the lobby are not fully air conditioned. and they share everything they know about their job. All waste materials are put into a garbage bag and then bring it to certain area outside the restaurant then at the end of the day a truck will pick it up and throw it to the dumping site SWOT ANALYSIS Strenght ‡ 6 storey complex located 2 minutes away from the bustling street of business and commercial district ‡ Stage of the art function room ‡ Transportation services ‡ Specialty restaurant and café ‡ Hot and cold shower ‡ Spacious parking area ‡ Rooms are furnished w/ multilingual satellite colored TV sets and intercoms ‡ Accept reservations for meetings. conference and other events Weakness Hotel kimikarlai is not fully air conditioned. But the only negative thing that I observed is that they don¶t know how to deal with other trainees. Sometimes the guests are not satisfied with the cleanliness of the rooms especially on . they treat each other as brothers and sisters.The staffs are enjoyable to work with.

Hotel kimikarlai is now reaching the peak of success. the staff also should maintain personal hygiene especially on the front office. in that matter they are need of more staff to handle growing customers or guests. Recommendation I wish to recommend that hotel kimikarlai should have additional staffs that are knowledgeable enough in terms of their work because of growing demands they have. PRACTICUM EXPERIENCE . On the other hand they are still lacking of some amenities and facilities.the standard part. And they should also talk to practicumers in a nice and proper way. They should also pose mission and vision at the front office. In order to overcome this security of things they should see to it that these recommendations must put into action.

serving the guest. I came to realize that becoming practicumer is not easy. I experiencedto take guest order. Conclusion I therefore conclude that with the short time that I¶ve spent at hotel kimikrlai. I learned to be morepatient while doing my work there. I learned to love and be dedicated in my work. mopping the floor and bed making. Lastly. I could say that it was achallenging one. a food runner and as a dishwasher. delivering guest order to their rooms. My practicum experienced had made me a better person. With my stay at the Hotel Kimikarlai and Remedios Café. you need to go with the music. . With all this exposure I¶ve been developed to be aneffective professional in the near future. scrubbing walls. I was assigned at the housekeeping department. The worked in thekitchen is quite tiring but I enjoyed staying with it because the cook is a jolly type of person. I experienced to clean guest rooms and comfort rooms. table settingand catering inside and outside the hotel premises. I and my companions were assigned atthe kitchen as a kitchen helper. The trainings we had is an application for what we had learned in the school. For the first month of our duty. I was assigned at the restaurant. For the second month of our duty.We are thankful that the College of Hospitality Industry Management ofInternational School of Asia and the Pacific sends their students for the on-thejobtraining.And most of all I¶ve been experience what is in the world of Hospitality Industry.

the more we develop our skills. I have learned the two way process of learning. but despite of these. I won¶t deny the fact that my stay there was not perfect. I also believe that the more exposure. and it is also a big help in me to be exposed in this area because I was able to overcome my weaknesses. I¶ve learned the importance of time especially during rush hours. I can also say that I¶m not satisfied on my two months training there because it is lack in exposure. they don¶t know how to train their trainees well. I found out that being exposed especially in a hotel is don¶t even know whom to trust first. somehow. sometimes I made mistakes but I learned from those mistakes. I¶ve learned how to communicate with the different kinds of guest. My practicum there was not just a practicum alone but became a great experience I ever had in my life. the give and take process. My ideas and knowledge are widened in necessary information regarding bed making. .

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