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1st January, 2011

The Employee Housing Scheme circulated on 27th October, 2010 had provided for considering salary
advance for meeting any shortfall in the contribution to be made by the employees as a special case.
In this connection, all employees of the Group will be pleased to know that the Hon'ble Founder
Chairman has very kindly agreed for upfront 200h advance to all employees participating in the
Housing scheme at concessional rate of 6% p.a. The employees will bring in their contribution of
balance 5% at the time of possession of the dwelling unit. We believe that our devoted colleagues
would appreciate the intent of this sweetened offer, which is bound to provide handsome returns.

The salient features of the revised terms of the Scheme and an illustration of overall cost of a 2 BHK
dwelling unit, cost of funding and annual payment by the employee before the EMI starts after 36
months, is tabulated in the attached sheet for a better understanding and appreciation. For any
clarification, the following may be contacted:

For Sales
CRM : Mobile: +91 9999988901
Email : anant@jalindia.co.in
Tel: +911204609090/1/3 Extn. 4065/3091
Mr Nimit Tiwari (Officer - Sales) Mobile: +91 9654379795
Email : nimit.tiwari@jaypeegreens.com
Mr Ashish Gupta (AGM _ Sales & Marketing) Mobile: +919711270444
Email: am.gupta@jaypeegreens.com
For Home loans
M,r Vivek Krishan Mobile: +919582142309

All the employees of the Group may approach their respective HR Department for completing the
application so that the loan formalities can be completed by the Central Bank of India at the earliest.

We should try to complete this process before the calendar year ends.

H/i r
(Manoj Gaur) , I, "
\ I
(Sunil Sharma)
I I"
Executive Chairman Executive Vice Chairman

Head Office: 'JA House', 63 Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Oelhi : 110057 (India)
Ph.: +91 (11)26141540,26147411 fax: +91 (11) 2'6145389, 26143591
Regel. Office: Sector-128, Noida - 201 304, Uttar Pradesh (India)
1. Salient features of the revised terms of the Scheme will be as under:

~.No. Existing Scheme Revised Scheme

(i) 25% of the Cost to be funded by the 25% of the Cost to be funded by Employee as
Employee as under: under:
a) On booking - Rs.1- 3 lakhs a) On Booking - Rs.25,000/-
b) 10% within 1 month (less booking b) Nil

c) 10% advance by Company @ 6% p.a. c) 20% advance by Company @ 6% p.a. simple
simple interest, repayable in 5 years interest, repayable from 7th year over 7 - 1C
d) 5% on possession d) 5% on possession (less booking amount)
(ii) 75% of the Cost to be funded by a Home 75% ofthe Cost to be funded by a Home Loan

2. Illustration of overall cost of a 2 BHK dwelling unit will be as under:

~ Area (Sq ft) 990

b Rate (Rs/Sq ft) 2,050
~. Total investment in the dwelling unit:
(i) Basic Selling Price Rs.
a Basic Selling Price 2,050
b Less: 12% DP discount 246
c Basic Selling Price 1,804 1,785,96C
(ii) Add ons
a IDC (Rs/Sq ft) lone time payment 75 74,25C
b Electric Substation Charges (Rs/Sq ft) lone time payment 4C 39,600
c Lease Rent (Rs/Sq ft) one time payment 5C 49,500
d Interest Free Maintenance Deposit (Rs/Sq ft) lone time deposit 5C 49,500
e Maintenance Advance [advance for 1 year 18 17,820
f Club membership one time fee 100,000
Total cost ncluding all charges 2,116,630

B. Funding of Cost
a By Company as an advance, repayable from 20% of Basic Selling Price, IDC 379,962
7th to 10th year &Electric Substation Charges
b By Central Bank of India as a loan 75% of Basic Selling Price, IDC 1,424,858
&Electric Substation Charges
c By Employee on possession (including 5% of Basic Selling Price, IDC &Electric 311,811
upfront) lSubstation Charges + Lease Rent,
Interest Free Maintenance Deposit,
Maintenance Advance,
Club membership
Total 2,116,630

--G R 0 U
C. Before start of the EMI, the Payment during first 3 years by the Employee will be as under:

To the Company To the Bank Total

a On booking in Qecember 2010 25, DOG 25,OOC
b In 1st Year: Jan. 2011-December 2011 22,798 22,798
c In 2 Year: Jan. 2012- December 2012 22,798 70,445 93,243
d In 3 Year: Jan. 2013- December 2013 22,798 140,890 163,68~

The EMI will be determined by the Bank depending upon the amount of loan and its tenure.

---G R 0 U