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Chapter 4: Decision Making Lesson 1: Making Decisions and Setting Goals

#1 – What Should Kendra Do ​

Unit 1: LET 1 – The Emerging Leader Exercise Directions: ​In your
group, review the decision-making process. Read the following scenario and go through
the decision-making process to help Kendra decide what to do. Be prepared to share
your answers with the class.

Scenario: ​“Kendra must make a decision; what should she do?” Kendra and Michele
have been best friends for a long time. Recently, Michele has been spending time with
other students who skip classes. Michele has even boasted of going with them once.
Now she wants Kendra to join them too. Kendra doesn’t want to lose Michele’s
friendship, but she knows that her parents trust her to obey school rules.

The Decision-Making/Problem-Solving Process:

1. Identify the problem. (recognize/define)
The problem in the situation is that her best friend is inviting her to do wrong by
disobeying her parent’s trust in school rules or still being her friend.

2. Gather information. (facts/assumptions)

Michelle started hanging out with students who skipped classes and not obeying the
school rules

3. Develop courses of action. (solutions)

Not skipping school and obeying school rules.
Convincing her best friend not to do these things.

4. Analyze and compare courses of action. (alternatives/solutions)

Both courses of solution are good to avoid the consequences and gain the best choice
and solution to this problem that kendra has been given.

5. Make a decision; select the best course of action. (solution)

The best solution would be to convince her best friend not to do these things just
because another person or group of people has done it.

6. Make a plan. (how, when, what)

By telling her not to join that group of people anymore. Also do not talk to them during
the weekdays or lunchtime and try to hang out with people like her best friend to avoid
unnecessary consequences and trouble in the future.

7. Implement the plan. (assess the results)

Start by telling them that you will not be around those bad groups of people that cause
bad influences on others and will lead to various problems. After that they can resolve
and be together as loyal friends again and that they are taking care of each other.