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Subject: Grizzly / Bird Hunter Encounter Location: North of Choteau/ State Land Date: October 12,2009 10/12/09 Reportedly at approximately 11 AM, fror Alaska while hunting on ich, shot and killed a sow grizzly bear. The Teton County S.O. received the call at 1348 hrs then dispatched notification. The Teton County Undersheriff, jand | responded to the ranch. We encountered the 4 hunters along the road and responded to the site about 8 miles North of Choteau (25N 5W sec. 16) on state land. Then, we followed the hunters along a ditch road into an area known as the Eldora do Grove east of Hw 89. We traveled ina vehicle about a mile in the area, and then went on foot. In our initial discussions we gathered the following: . a. encountered a female grizzly in very thick brush. acted by firing 3 times with[—J20 gauge shotgun (6 shot) ported the incident was very quick and [fired from the hip. ported the bear was dead. They reported only seeing a single bear. They had permission fromflto hunt and return to the bear encounter site. sk). We preceded a couple of hundred yards through thick buffalo berry. West, BERRI 61 vert along. We when the 200 yards or so, avenerie 7 pace_/ or /O FWS/Ofice of Law Enforcement FOIAPage #8 then followed a smaller trail (app. 25 yards) off the main one to the site. ‘The site was a heavier brush area (kind of a blocked brashy spot). It was too brushy to walk through any farther (had to get down low). There was intermitted snow on the ground. We photographed the area and saw the following there: © The sow grizzly was positioned facing (frontally) with the used 20 gauge shells within feet of the front of the bear (about 5 feet) © We retrieved 2 shells then (one was elevated in brush off the snow) © Tentered the area behind the bear to find multiple bear beds and some small bear tracks. * We decided to leave the area, knowing additional bears were in the area, to contact, . The hunters prepared some written statements at the vehicle (see attached statements). We made some phone calls to notify additional personnel. I also checked licenses, issued a c.c. For license type, and preformed more discussion and information gathering prior to heading out. We meet onthe way out. (BBE ask iffffJ had to let in or if| could do it. After some visiting we proceeded back to the bear encounter site and I retrieved the third empty 20-gauge shell. After a brief stay, we left. I meet [iE on Hw 89. SER 210 came by to inform us to access site through a different route from the North. {J lead us around and unlocked the gate to the area. and I returned to the site. {IJ photographed and got a GPS reading of the location. I collected the shot shell wad from the bear. We checked area for bear sign and talked about a plan to trap the cubs. ‘We did pull the bear out to an accessible location to trap. I helped with effort till about 7 pm. je Warden Choteau, Mt ATTACHIENT Ho_/_ Face? oF 7 — FWStOtico of Law Enforcomont FOU Page #7 AY foo | Shel hs sels Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks jaa omy ePanen cai] in ones | Pine Pann Daa | nen dnt | Preto Pecsop Daigle oe ee, a _ Ty coe Sete om Couns SRS —————— Perens a ute oy ae [aeren stares ev Pon ea Pease — sacl] vc =) Sec cole cellos. nf ace ee 2 h0 soe tee Into yan © Ho Oeeased Cae sR Ths Of] FWS/Office of Law Enforcoment FOIAPage #8 ATTACHRENT NO, PAGES of ZO. Hunter kills charging griz Shotgun ends sow’s life By KARL PUCKETT Tribune Stat! Weiler ‘A pheasant hunter from Sitka, ‘Alaska, survived a close call with ‘a charging grizaly in Montana on ‘Monday by fatally shooting the bear with what he said was « Tucky shot between the eyes. “I would have got me,” said Galen Wes, a 68-year-old retired dentist who now fishes commercially inthe Gulf of Alaska. ‘West encountered the grizaly at aboot 11 a.m. on an overgrown game trail in thick brush wile Indi era with his L-yeqrold English setter 8 miles Madel north of Choteau, Three ‘other hunters in his party were in ‘the vicinity atthe time, walking through an area known as Bido- rado Grove — a large island of cottonwoods, riparian shrub filés and open meadows sur- rounded by grass and farmland east of US. Highway 89. ‘With the best buftaloberry on {ne entire Rocky Mountain Front, it's a haven for grizzlies who ‘often bed down during the day in thick brush, said Mike Made, a FWS/Otice of Law Enforcoment FOIA Pago #10 srizly bear management special- Siva Montana MDE Parks, ‘A dozen grizzly day heds were found in the vicinity ofthe shoot- ing, he said. “Generally they will defend themselves — and defend their cbs," Madel said He advises hunters to avoid these dense areas in order io help reduce the chances of meeting a grizzly. Hunters also should carry bear spray in case they do encounter bears, he Said, noting the spray scares off the “This situation that happened yesterday could have been very ad petteteat if the hunter n carrying bear sprey,” Vaid ‘However, West said he would not have had time to dig bear spray out even if he had it with, him, “There was no. decision to ‘West said that he heard a twig ‘See GRIZZLY, 34 arTaciment n.. 7 PAGES” oF /O GREAT FROM 1A break, and then saw the bear standing on its hind legs about 20 feet away and making « “wolfy growl.” The beer then to all fours and changed him, he sid. He shot three times with his 20-gauge shotgun. The bear ‘was struck between the eyes, just alte bit above them, said ‘West, caling his shots “uc.” With the bear quickly ‘approaching, there was no time to get the gun to his shoulder and aim, he said. “twas realy tome how close that was," said Rod Duty, a FWP game warden. “He's a prety fortunate guy.” ‘A necropsy will be. per- formed on the bear, Duty said, adding that the shooting appears to be a straight for- ward case of self defense. “Montana grizles ae provet- edasa throstened species. ‘The female West shot had three nursing cubs, which eso willbe recorded as mortalities it ‘they are not captured because they probably wos" survive on ‘thar own, adel si. In an attempt to capture the cbs, managers moved the dead ‘eral into culver trap, Madel sud The ce was rein ‘overnight atthe scene Tuesday. The B-yearcl, 360-9 300- ‘pound female ha’ radio collar, ‘with her-movements being tracked es part of population study by FWP, Madel sid. ‘West sid thet when he kiled ‘the bear it landed so clos that hhe could have touched it with the barrel of his gun. The encounter was over in about 4 seaonds, he seid. He hopes his -FWS/Otfice of Law Enforcomont FOIA Pago #11 PAGE 9, SECTION A Grizzly: ‘He’s a pretty fortunate guy’ experiance makes other hunters realize they “have to be damn careful” becouse ofall the bears in the area. ‘West, who has friends in Montana, has hunted in the ‘same spot for five year, he suid. In Aleska, he spends a lot of time hunting at @ cabin outside of Sitka. He always figured he ‘wouldhave aheid-on encounter with egrizly someday. "I didn't expect it to happen here in Montane,” he said. Despite the close call, West and te menbers ois party continued hunting Tues- dday. They saw grizzly tracks from a sow and cubs ir one area they hunted in, “We le,” West said. Reach Tribune Staff Welter Karl. Puckett at 791-1471, 800-438- {5600 or kpuckett@greatialisti- bbure.com, ATTACHISENT NO,“ _ page_@ oF /0 Optek. S Med a Crake Gy te arcepeg! GE a Pear pena Lai ee ae Cia! tiga a St pri Cage el Bill Petal owe wal atm. When aaa 2T 7 2x, rrrvemi egy 20 fer ce Meet Bre 2 afeeldr- AT 3 fue wrt 26G A vacozaplie, I would Crack Cho frac Che Lapel peta 7 Gra ee pon oS enlhieel & od Aad a. (on Aad) Te fA Zee Then ptilecgind te 02 bean te ba bate eleanuslets cP arveciteuro, 4 FWSIOtfce of Law Enforcement paot_2__0F- 20 — FOIA Page #12 arTacuiaenr no, FWS/Office of Law Enforcomont Pace_P or 7 FOIA Page #13 g cate ewuy phen Lhe! & ghosts 1g ceed I tte et ype A bya and hte ‘Bs Me ge Bored trevyerr of (ht? do tee phe wliushieg he hes ATTACHE NO,_Z. PACE Z oF 7o. 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