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Trade Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD) is Bangladesh. based Cross

Border Trade Financing advisory company specializing in Letters of Credit for
Global Trade Transactions in Bangladesh and abroad. We have relationships
with 50 of financial institutions across the globe to help clients obtain the
Financing they need to expand their business. We also specialize in the
issuance of Documentary Letters of Credit, and Standby Letters of Credit and
Bank Guarantees from AAA rated Banks. In addition, we are capable of
arranging for "Back-to-Back" letters of credit, drawn on any investment grade
bank from around the world. Maintaining a stable market position for any
established business is vital to a company's successful growth. At Trade
Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD) we have the resources and facilities
needed for any global financial transaction. Call01721117665 Today!

Trade Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD) has developed a leading
reputation in the financial services industry for assisting companies in
expanding and enhancing their operations’ efficiency and profitability. We
provide an extensive range of services for our clients, facilitating mergers and
acquisitions, assisting in evaluating company structures, offering advice on
restructuring and assisting companies in raising capital.

With a strong presence in Asia, Trade Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD)

has acquired comprehensive industry knowledge in improving and advancing
the financial interests of our clients. In recent decades, TFSBD has moved to
establish itself in the Southeast Asian market, as we believe in the potential
profits in developing markets.

TFSBD senior management team consists of a group of dedicated individuals

with experience in corporate finance, structural analysis and investment
advisory services. With their vast experience in financial markets, Trade
Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD) agents are adept in evaluating
challenges our clients face and developing practical solutions. Our financial
advice to clients is based on exhaustive analysis and research, and is specified
to their individual requirements.

Whilst Trade Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD) practices are based upon
our established business philosophy, we understand that with the market
moving at a faster pace than ever, we must constantly adapt our practices to
suit market conditions and client objectives. Employing pioneering data-
analysis systems and innovative appraisal methods, our agents are equipped
to provide clients with the service they require.

With Trade Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD) experienced team, clients

are guided not only through the initial planning and implementation stage of
their strategies, but also advised on future prospects and opportunities, with
our agents offering advice on how to maintain high performance and produce
sustainable practices for increased profitability. At Trade Finance Solution
Bangladesh (TFSBD), we understand that long-term success is dependent
upon incorporating sustainability into a strategy; our approach focuses on the
future and not just the present.


Over recent decades, with the advancement of technology, global markets

have constantly evolved, expanding into uncharted territory and under-
developed regions at incredible speed. In the finance industry, markets are
becoming increasingly interconnected and access to more markets and
opportunities can add to the confusion when attempting to navigate options.

At Trade Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD), we are on hand to help clients

keep pace with the markets and ensure their potential is realized through
identifying opportunities and restructuring business operations to help clients
reach their objectives.

Trade Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD), has several core tenets which
have remained essential to our success in helping clients.

Client-Focused Approach:
Since our inception, Trade Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD), has placed
our clients’ satisfaction above all else. Offering an individualized and
trustworthy service tailored to specific requirements, TFSBD practical
approach to identifying solutions places client interests and security above all

Transparency and Integrity:

Adhering to our core principles of integrity and transparency, TFSBD has
developed a reputation for offering a high-quality service whilst remaining true
to our ethical principles, both internally and externally. Holding our employees
to the highest standards, TFSBD has received international recognition for our
business practices and client care by basing our service on successful and
conscientious fundamentals.

Excellence of Service:
At Trade Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD), we are committed to our
clients’ success. Through employing the very best financial advisors in their
field from around the world, and by constantly seeking new and innovative
solutions, we provide an excellent and professional service to our clients.

Trade Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD) specializes in a range of financial
services, and chief among them are facilitating mergers and acquisitions,
raising capital, and company analysis and restructuring. With a strong focus
on corporate finance, and with decades of experience in identifying both future
potential and areas for improvement, Worldwide Financing Group’s team of
business strategists are adept in offering solutions and approaches to increase

Increasing both profitability and the value of shares in a company is our

principal objective. By evaluating operational structure and strategy, we
scrutinize every aspect of our client companies to identify areas in need of
reform. Whether our clients require restructuring or are looking to expand
their operations, through appraising these areas, we are able to develop
strategies to achieve the objectives and construct a long-term business plan
for a successful future.

Having provided restructuring and facilitation services to a multitude of

internationally renowned firms, our experience in delivering solutions is
demonstrated by our prominent position in the industry. Our clients range
from startups requiring restructuring of their operations to increase efficiency
to multinational corporations seeking facilitators for mergers and

Through our professional team, we offer clients the very best in industry
service, delivering high-quality guidance in the most pressurized situations.
Worldwide Financing Group’s ability to analyze and develop long-term
strategies for success is the result of bringing together experienced
professionals and our institutionalized pedigree for identifying opportunities
and advancing client interests.

Trade Finance Solution Bangladesh (TFSBD) provides a wide range of financial

services such as:

We offer total solution for Letter of Credit to
support your cross-border trade transactions
as well as borrowing transactions. -

1. LC Confirmation
2. UPAS LC Discounting
3. LC Refinancing
4. Export Financing
5. Project Finance
6. SBLC Issue
7. SBLC Discounting
8. Bank Guarantee
9. OBU Fund
If you are interested in any of the services we offer and feel that Trade Finance
Solution (TFSBD) can offer assistance to your company in issues of restructuring,
mergers/acquisitions or identifying opportunities for you, please feel free to get in
contact with our team.

If you also believe that you would be an asset to Trade Finance Solution (TFSBD)
team and are interested in employment with us, please send us your curriculum vitae
with a brief outlining of the position or department you are interested in and why you
feel you would make a difference at TFSBD. - 8801721117665