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1 Call 25 people - 3 to 4.


2 Trade services video model – 1- 2

Cluster module Pranav

3 Correct sheets – 4.30 pm to priya

4 2pm—kevin care gopalan – portfolio review – 2pm – 3pm

5 2pm – icici pru capital gain – capital loss sheet update – 12.30 pm

Trade online

Introduction to trade online

Step 1 pankaj

Digigtal world has become big

Customer ask the same

Trade bigger than

Interect on dailybasis on digital solutions

Exp data more transcprancy control on transcation

On trade business

Last transaction – 20 % was eligible in online for customer

Maximize tarde online all long in digital

2 significatly

45 days

Help mpre and moredigital – 1st typicall – bill of entry – scanning – gtsu – whole scrunaty –bills
getting regulireozed – new trade online – now online fully – what payment all viewed simple –
need for coming to branch has been take away
Second trade recent ;y – allwong inward online,, earlier ope the rm come ,, go to igrs
transaction coming inn ,, more follow ups ,,, now stopped and done all in online

Two developoents to do online

Many more we are planning

To make digi first happen

Expectoin – understand new developments

Allow engage whole some manner – educate them – insecurity by online ,, to educate

Educated eevery customer intraction ,, educated alrenative email webinar sms ,, power peronal
conversation ,,

Boe branch cover ,, csm owner property key person inform him new developmemt

On trade fianance

Inward remmitance

Process to ==

Cor banking login crop id pass

Proced trade

For inward


Pending he can see


Pending ,, success



Credit the account number , purpose code ,, slect – deal bank – bank – deal to bank

Customer – customer d—deal id

Gst details

Acc number

Debit of commission

Gst numer

Post this

Delection provide – fema – advance delecation form

Proceed- okay – review page – proceed – last page – trasanction refen number – successful –
tab –pushed bank que for credit =-- inward remmitance

Bill of entry

Maker id =-

Cor id – bill of entriee—outstanding –outward remmiance

Outstadiny – bill of entries

Regularized bank

Click on outstdaning

New page outward remittance – pending

Invoice date – amout – save == save details == post sumbit

Workflow – authorize the transaction – referen no – allocation authroze to approve –

Authorizer bill of entry ==

Cib user sor id – trade online details – ibioi tab –

New tab – relatvent pending --

Swami sir


Region group

All to forward ca customers

Getting stuck would be knowing this –

1 Ca – referring – forward message and review from swami sir – again call him and ask

Works leads insta leads -

2 Insta blg loans – no physical documents

Pranav on call –

Whatsapp – insta loans

3 Trade online and Ibiz

4 businesses banking training group – product team—tomorrow morning.

e1 individual – cheques aoc

e2 partnership firm- aoc
e3 private- aoc not required with reqest
e4 public – aoc
openings trust hnica e5 
association acc e6 
e7 club
e10 sole properator documents - pan addar 
business registration itr copy 
companies gst copy 
yodyoga adhar 
professional - doctor - medical body certificate 

wealth acc - hnica   current account 

hnit3  trade acc 

two varieties- hnica hnit3 

rarae accounts bulider account open wealth code 

scrove - wealth account

product- hnica hint3 

zero balance 
trade preferential rates trade transactions 
DD nil charges 
CMS  facilitation 

relationship benefit
rm and csm ca
customer business banking 
touch list whatsapp query phone banking officer

wealth management lounge 

free online bankings 

wealth no home branch .. anywhere 

weath current account USP 
insta od ca sanaction one hour

ca new customer openings 

5 to 6 questionnaires 
for the insta od - limit is setted 

gate criteria to ca open

excisting sa can ope ca account 
average balaance greater than 10 lakhs 

cash transactions 
informing customer 
more 25% per year transactions 
the charges are applied 
annual turnover 
major self employed 

service -- more than 5 crs 
trade-- more 25 crs
import export -- more foreign remitance 
3 lakhs dollars minimum 
mafuacturing -- more 10 crs 

ca - indentity proof and addresss prooff mandate 

sole property- individual - 
gst filing of the company 
address prooff 
6 months less the odyog adar 
icici bank is providing a format 

e2 partnership

pan card mandate id

address proof

gov add proof cuu acc

partnership deed – deed should entire started 30 years manys changes in deeds following

latest deeds accepted

id proof all the partners firm

partner deed go by ,, signing ,, signing the docs ,, will be sign by him ,, but get all pan id details

e3 private

pan gst registere add proof

moa ,, aoa ,, signing clearing given in this

directors id proof sharehoders

shareholder >50% directoir is more ,, get id details

25% one if enough

Moa aoa ,, minimum two diretors should sign ,, id proof mandate

E4 Public limted same us private

Trsut , ,, Trust deed should be registered ,, unregistered trust ,,

Directors no need to be the share holders ,,

Example : pvt partner poi .. director outside india – 50 % bo,, fatca crs required

Friday evening – learning in entire week