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a) Define CPU with a Diagram & describe all its major parts? Chp-2
b) Describe a Keyboard & give its divisions? Chp-3

a) What is meant by Data? Define different types of data? Chp-5
b) Write notes on Floppy Disk, Hard disk & Magnetic Tape? Chp-4

a) Define the following terms of Boolean algebra? Chp-6
(a)Constant (b) Variable (c)Logical operator (d)Complement
(e)Truth Table (f) Boolean expression
b) What is monitor? Define various types of monitor in detail? Chp-3
a) Draw the generation table & describe the generations of computer? Chp-1
b) Draw a block diagram of CPU & define the following terms with their major functions: Chp-2
i) Arithmetic unit & logical unit ii) Control unit

a) What are the laws of Boolean algebra? State their various types? Chp-6
b) What is meant by windows? Describe the properties of windows Operating System? Chp-8

a) Define De Morgan’s theorem & prove the following equation? Chp-6
b) Describe a minicomputer, A Microcomputer & a Main Frame Computer? Chp-1
a) Define ports & give its types? Chp-2
b) Differentiate between an Analog Computer and a Digital Computer? Chp-1
c) What is the purpose of Main Memory? Chp-2

a) Define a bus? What are the purposes of address bus, Control Bus & Data bus? Chp-2
b) What is a number system? Explain the different types of number system? Chp-5

a) Draw the following truth table & prove it: A+A.B=A+B? Chp-6
b) Define CPU? What are the main units of a CPU? Explain each unit with the help of a block Diagram? Chp-2
c) What is Software? Chp-7

a) Convert the following binary numbers into their decimal equivalents:
i) 1100110 ii) 101010
b) Convert the following decimal numbers into their binary equivalents:
i) 628 ii) 515
c) Solve the following binary numbers
(i)101111+110011 (ii)111001-10111 (iii)1110x10 (iv)100011
(v)11110101(1’s complement) (vi)10101100(2’s complement)

a) What is a computer Virus? How is a Virus removed from Disk? Chp-1
b) Describe the properties of Windows Operating System? Chp-8

a) Define a Input Devices? Chp-3
b) Define a Keyboard and state its divisions? Chp-3
c) Differentiate between Mouse & Track Ball? Chp-3

a) What are the language translators? Explain each of them? Chp-1
b) Express the Boolean expression in K-Map? Chp-6
c) Differentiate between Data & Information? Chp-5

Write short notes:- (i)Plotter (ii)RAM (iii)Mainframe (iv)Task Bar
(v)Folder (vi)Internet (vii)Monitor

a) Write the characteristics of 3rd generation of computer briefly? Chp-1
b) Differentiate between hardware & software? Chp-1
c) What is the purpose of Data bus, Address Bus & Control Bus? Chp-2

a) Define programming language & state its types? Chp-
b) What is the difference between a compiler & interpreter? Chp-1
c) Differentiate between the serial port & parallel port? Chp-2

a) Define an input device & describe mouse & light pen? Chp-3
b) Describe impact & non-impact printers, give examples? Chp-3

a) Convert the given binary numbers to their decimal equivalents:- Chp-5
i) 1101 ii) 10110 iii)110101 iv)100011
b) Convert the given decimal numbers to their binary equivalents:- Chp-5
(i)79 (ii)167 (iii)256 (iv)1023
c) Convert the decimal numbers 876 into octal and hexadecimal systems. Chp-5
a) Define data & briefly state its kinds? Chp-5
b) What is Boolean algebra? Chp-6
c) Construct the following truth table of De Morgan’s theorem & check it:- XY=X+Y. Chp-6

a) Define backing storage devices & describe any two of them? Chp-4
b) Define a dual purpose device? Describe Disk Drive & CD Writer? Chp-3

a) Define CPU? How many parts of a CPU are there? Describe any two of them with the help of a labeled
diagram? Chp-2
b) What is the difference between Dos & Windows Operating System? Chp-8
c) write short notes on any 5 of the following:- (i)Number system (ii)Windows Explorer
(iii)Icon (iv) Keyboard (v) Variable (vi) Hybrid Computer (vii) SIMM
(viii) Control Panel

a) Define CPU? How many parts of a CPU are there? Describe any two of them with the help of a labeled
diagram? Chp-2
b) Describe Low level & high level languages? Chp-1

a) Define keyboard & states its divisions? Chp-3
b) Define Printer & write its types? Chp-

a) Define the term computer. Chp-1
b) Define ports and give its types. Chp-2
c) Define the term Bus in general? What are the purposes of Data Bus, Address Bus & Control Bus? Chp-2

Convert the following numbers to their equivalent numbers in the given bases:
(i)(1111101) = ( )
(ii) (467) = ( )
(iii) (1046) = ( )
(iv) (673) = ( )
(v) (987) = ( )
(vi) (733) = ( )
(vii) (999) = ( )
(viii) (634) = ( )

a) What is Boolean algebra? Chp-6
b) Write down the difference between Analog & Digital computers? Chp-1
c) Construct the following truth table of De’morgans theorem & check it : XY=X+Y. Chp-6

a) Write the full names of the following words: (i) LBA (ii) SRAM (iii) GUI (iv) DIMM
(v) LCD (vi) DRAM (vii) ASCII (viii) BCD (ix) CPU (x) LSI
b) What is number system? Describe the different types if numbers systems used in computer system? Chp-5

a) Describe the properties of the windows operating system? Chp-8
b) What is software? Describe different types of software’s? Chp-7
c) What is the difference between internal command & external command of DOS? Chp-2

Write short notes on any 5 of the following: - (i) Motherboard (ii) CD-Rom (iii) Control Panel

(iv) Monitor (v) Windows Explorer (vi) Plotter (vii) Scanner