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PT3 Form

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PT3 Form for B301B

Academic Year 2017 - 2018 Semester:-SPRING-2017-2018

Branch: Lebanon Antelias Program: Business Studies
Course Title: Making Sense of Strategy II Course Code:B301B
Student Name: Rafah Nahed Abdo
Student ID: 151292
Section Number:409 Tutor Name: Zaher sharara
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PT3 Form

Every country in the world aims to be strong and effective and there are many factors that measures
efficiency of countries for example the military , level of education and the economy which is the most
important factor because it is the base of all the factors for example , united states of America leads the world
and it is the super power because it has the strongest economy and its strategy is to enter all the markets
worldwide in different sectors and the American government sets policy and regulations to attracts the
multinational corporation to do business in America . in this essay I will talk about the policies and the
regulations that the Lebanese government poses to improve the wine industry and I will suggest some
policies to increase the employment vacancies in Lebanon .


When government wants to be strong and tough in the global market the first and the most important
way to achieve this goal is to take care about its local strategic industry and the strategic industry by definition
is the industry that received special support from the government in order to be a very good source of money
to the government and to increase in the level of competion between the rivals and the competitors inside
and outside and there is a important concept to make sure that this strategy is work effectively Henry
Mintzberg (1994) and it achieves its target and this concept called the four factors of diamonds michel porter
(1990) and it talks about the factors that the strategic industry or business should have for example the factor
of production , demand condition , related industry and the firm strategy structure and in my essay I will apply
this concept on the wine industry to see what are the policies that the Lebanese government have been given
to the wine industry and what are the policies that the government have not taken yet and I will start by
defining the factor of productions which is related to the raw material and the infrastructure and the labor
force which are should be available in the targeted market and in my case study we noticed that the there is a
problem with the availability of the electric power in Lebanon and this very critical point because it prevents
the wine industry from growing up because the price of buying electric generator is too expensive and up till
now the Lebanese government can’t find a solution for this problem which is effects the Lebanese’s economy
in all its industries and this issue does not encourage the multinational corporation to come to Lebanon and
to invest in and the labor force in Lebanon is very critical and not stable because off the low salaries and the
emigration from syria to Lebanon in the last 6 years have been increased too much and this led to make a very
huge loses in the Lebanese economy because the Lebanese government spent to much money on the Syrian
refuges and the Lebanese economy posed a regulation that prevent the Syrians from working in Lebanon
except 3 sectors which are the cleanness , constructing and the agriculture because the Syrians can work
extra hours and accept to earn less than the Lebanese labor and here the Lebanese government should
take more corrective action and pose policies that give the labor force their rights and the government should
reduce the taxes on the wine firms and should try to reduce the tariffs on the raw material that these industry
will need in the production process and the government have to pose regulation that will support and protect
the people whom planting grapes because and the government should reduce the interest on the loans small
and medium enterprise because this can lead to increase the capacity of producing and marketing the wine to
all region in the world while , the second factor in this concept is the demand condition and it is related to
how much the Lebanese people have knowledge about the wine industry and how much are they demanded
about better quality and the higher level standard of wine and the majority of the Lebanese people have a
good experience in producing wine and they used to save the old wine in their home in order to make it an


wine and this very important factor because when the consumer have knowledge this will force the wine
firms in Lebanon like ( ksara ,kefrya ,chateau ka ) to try do your best in order to presents a good wine with
good quality and the government should try to decrease the taxes on the marketing campaign and
advertisement and should make a program on the television that provide an information about the wine
industry in Lebanon because such these this policies can lead to an increase in the knowledge of the consumer
and the wine firms will work hard to raise the level of the quality of their product in order and the
government should establish an organization for quality assurance and its role to make a visits to the wine
firms and factories and check the quality of their product and it has to set high standard for quality in order to
save the reputation of Lebanon in the wine industry . Moreover, the third factor is the related and supported
industry it refers to the kind of industry that participate in producing the products of the main industry and
this factors is one of the most factors of any strategic industry and in any sector because if the main industry
and the related industry are not integrated and interacted the main industry will not achieve its goals will not
be strategic and in my case study the related industry of the wine industry is the is the industry of producing
glass bottles and the industry of the machines and both of them are weak in Lebanon because these industry
needs huge capital and big lands and the business environment and policies in Lebanon does not suit the
foreign investors and this lead the wine firm to buy their machine from china and Europe at a high prices and
this can prevent the local wine firms from export their product because their products price are so high in
comparison with the European and the Asian market and the government should reduce the taxes on the
foreign investor and should help the local investor and provide them with big loans with low interest to
encourage them to build such these factories and the government should support and take care of mechanical
and electrical engineers and send them to Germany and china to learn how to invent and maintain such these
machines . Finally, the firm strategy and structure is very important and the government should set polices and
regulation that helps in establishing companies and reduce the taxes on the firms that operate in a way that
protect the social and the environment and the government should set regulation that prevent the monopoly
and encourage the pure competion between the firms .

Question two:

Every country around the world faces problem and this problem may be political, educational,
economical and one of the most dangerous problems that the economics of the country might face is the
unemployment and its by definition the percentage of the people whom don’t work over the total number of
the people in the country and in Lebanon the unemployment rate in 2011 between the young that their age
between 23 and 26 years was 30% while after the current conflict in syria the unemployment rate became 60%
and there are some firms that recruits Syrian employee because they earn less than the Lebanese employee
and this is very important problem and in this paragraph I will suggest 4 policies that the government should
pose in order to increase the opportunities of the employment for example the government should find a
serious and active solution for the electricity issue because it is one of the main problem that the discourage
the foreign investor to invest in Lebanon because the electricity will motivate them to invest in Lebanon and
the Lebanese government should set policies that force foreign investor to recruit specific numbers from the
Lebanese employee and this can lead create more opportunity for the Lebanese people . In addition to, the
government should reduce the taxes on the foreign investor and reduce the routine of the paper work and the
complex procedure that makes the foreign investors turn their view to another country and the government
should support the sme (small medium enterprise) and it should gave them a big loans at low interest because
these kind of business create very big number of employment opportunities and the Lebanese economy
depend in a big percentage on the sme because it help the economy and the sme can create more strategic


PT3 Formfor the country and they help in reduce the liabilities of the country and the last suggestion to the
government is fighting the corruption in the public sector because it the most harmful problem that faces
Lebanon from 40 years ago because when the government fight the corruption this will lead to create more
opportunities for the Lebanese people and the government should put the right person in the right place in
order to save money from the thieves .

To sum up, the government should gains strategic advantage in the strategic industry and this goal can
achieved by setting policies than can protect these industry and create more employment opportunities.

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