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The fall of Jamal

The fall of Jamal Mohamed College


the premiership of

Sheik Mohamed

Edited by

Mary Sheryl De
© 2011, Rightleft foundation
No right is reserved

Published by
Rightleft foundation
New York

Author address
The Principal
Jamal Mohamed College
Tiruchirappalli- 620020 - India
Dedicated to

The victims of Jamal Mohamed College Since 2003

Thousands of pages are required to record the atrocities, victimizations, scandals, and
other malpractices committed by the principal Sheik Mohamed. However, this small document
represents the views of few victims of the principal of Jamal Mohamed College. Anyone who is
interested in further investigation may look into the records of University Grants Commission of
India, office of the Prime minister of India, office of the HRD ministry of India and the High court
of Madras. I quote these offices because they have been bribed by Sheik Mohamed.

Anyway the following pages are not my writings. They have been taken from the
grievances and from the questions raised by the proud Jamalians. This can be kept as a small
document for future reference. Enjoy reading the other side of the Indian Administrators.

New York Mary Sheryl De

31st January, 2011
Why shouldn't the Ph.D awarded to Principal of Jamal Mohamed College be withdrawn?

Look at the academic progress record of the Principal of Jamal Mohamed College,

M.Com. (1974),
M.Phil. (1984),
Ph.D. (1994),
PGDFM (2001),
FICWA (2001),
Dip.MA (2006),
MBA (2008),
M.Phil.(Mgmt.) (2010)
In 2003, this man becomes the principal of college, and awards the the following degrees to

Dip.MA (2006),
MBA (2008),
M.Phil.(Mgmt.) (2010)

Everyone knows that 'degree' means 'level' and in this context 'level of education.'

In the normal course, one goes through bachelor, masters, then the master of philosophy and
the doctorate in philosophy.

It is academically incorrect go for a master degree or anyother lower degree after the award of
doctorate in philosophy.

It is something like doing Ph. D in Chemistry, then coming back to school and writing an
examination in physical chemistry and declaring that I have got first mark in physical chemistry.

It is something like doing Ph. D in Computer science, then coming back to college, joining an M.
Sc information Technology course and writing an examination and declaring that I have got first
mark in Information technology. It is logically, socially, academically, philosophically incorrect to
do so. No sane mind will do that.

If Dr. X is doing a bachelor degree after the award of Ph.D, then his level of education is just a
bachelor degree holder. Dr. X may hold a Ph.D, but his qualification would be just B.Sc., if the
final degree recived by him is B.Sc. What is your present level (of education) is your
qualification. What you had done in the past is the path, not your present qualification.

In general the commerce guys used to buy several degrees in order to make a claim that I am
opt for this job, for that job.

But, here the case is principal of a big college. He advices his staff and students that everyone
has to be like him. Everyone should buy degrees like him (after all, he is a man who gives
certificates to himself, I know that commerce guys would say that is self appreciation).

If everyone follows the path of the principal of Jamal Mohamed College, it would be academic
disaster. Every teacher will appear for every examination in order to get a M. Sc in chemistry,
the redo another Masters in Physics, Another masters in Botany, Another masters in Zoology...

Is it the way science progresses? Is it the way academics progress? Is it not the promotion of
idiocy in the name of education?

I would say that the Ph. D awarded to these kind of 'academicians' should be withdrawn,
because such person will become a wrong role model for the younger generation. Therefore, I
feel that the society is having a watch on the academic affairs of all colleges. It is where our
sons and daughters are getting educated. In order to teach a lesson to these kind of academic
mockeries - the University Grants Commission of India and other academic regulatory bodies
must first order for the withdrawal of the the Ph.D awarded to Principal of Jamal Mohamed
College. It will become a good lesson for the all the academicians who have the intent of
cheating. Sheik Mohamed Cannot make a claim that I am innocent because first the he is th
principal and secondly he is doctorate degree holder. He must know meaning of the word
'degree'. No excuse!

Don't the University Grants Commission of India consider this as academic mockery?

What is the stand of Government of India on this issue?

Is it academically correct to award degree to himself?

If the same trend continues, everyone will start a college to award a degree to himself!
The Principal of Jamal Mohamed College Awarding degree (M. Phil in Management) to

Date: 19. 12. 2010

Venue: Jamal Mohamed College Auditorium

I don't see any problem. His masters was in commerce. I do not know in what subject the
Principal got his initial Ph.D. but his subsequent qualifications were in diverse subjects like
computers, finance, accounts and management. What is wrong? There are instances in which
people with higher qualification acquire degree/ diploma in other subjects. Are you not aware
of post graduates becoming graduates in law or education? I know at least one specialist
doctor with MD (Urology) who studied DGO (diploma in gynecology). He was not disqualified as
urologist. Many engineers (incl PG) acquire AMIE qualification in related branches, like a ME
(Electrical) pass AMIE (Electronics).

It is academically incorrect to do so.

So, you will join higher secondary school after your Ph. D and sit with school students and
declare that you are the first rank holder.

No one expected that this kind of tragedy will happen with Indian Academics.

I hope you are not understanding the basis of classification of degrees and diplomas.

It is a hierarchal order, not the parallel order.

So, in the days to come, one has to go through MD (urology), MD (gynocology), MD(x-ology),
MD (y-ology), MD(n-ology). Hello man, you are lost.....Finally no one will know what this MD

You will always read books and declare that you are the most intelligent person in the world.

Let me tell you, the right course - after Ph.d go for Post doctoral fellowship, publish more
research papers, and shine in the field which you have chosen. That is what academic progress

Not in this way - doing B.Sc physics, B. Sc - chemistry, B. Sc - zoology, B. Sc - Botany. Finally
declare that what you are master of everything.

The hard core fact - all these subjects share - the same more than 90 %) of papers.

If what you say is correct and encouraged - then the spirit of conducting examinations and
awarding degrees is lost.

For example - in the beginning of your B. Sc and BA degree - you have the same set of papers
for first four semesters in all departments.

Only in the third year, the papers differ.

So, any guy - who has already completed B. Sc in chemistry and if he goes for a B.Sc in physics,
definitely he will get the first mark. All the others will be running behind him. It is a clear act of
academic mockery.

You can kill the foundations of academic institutions by showing examples - that man has done
this, this man has done so.

What is the academic spirit has to looked from that way.

I know my university does not allow people to go for lower degrees after the award of Ph. D.

Ph. D is not a course work.

You synthesis a new thesis on the basis of all that you have learned before, and you make a
generalization, the thesis statement on the basis of years of your observation.

I say that his Ph. D must be withdrawn because he wrote a thesis without acquiring essential
knowledge to write a thesis.

If you say that you are writing a thesis in chemistry, it means that you have verified the
physical, chemical, biological, synthetic, thermodynamic, ... mathematical, logical viewpoints.

It implies that your thesis is invalid if ff you go for Ph. D in physics after a Ph.d in chemistry
because your thesis has not looked in to all the aspects of the given problem.

If the conclusion is that a PhD should never diversify into other fields, then I cannot comment
on it. I just do not agree. Similarly****o not know if a doctoral thesis approved by different
experts in the field should be invalidated later on the grounds that the scholar did research on a
different problem in the same or allied or different field. It is reasonable to cancel the earlier
doctorate if it gets known tha**** was incorrect on facts or logic not because a PhD
(Chemistry) did a PhD (Chemistry, Physics or E****mics). I am not aware of any such rule,
precedent or code of conduct. But I know PhDs who got MBA later and continue to be PhD.

Regarding B.Sc. in multiple fields, it may look odd. But how can we object? In some universities,
candidates who go for second graduation, the common subjects like English, are exempted.

The Principal of Jamal Mohamed College shows this way to the republic of India:

1. Do a Ph. D

2. Become a principal of an autonomous college

3. Appear every examination and get every possible degree

4. Declare yourself as the HOD chemistry

5. Declare yourself as the HOD of physics

6. Declare yourself as the HOD of zoology

7. Declare yourself as the HOD of mathematics

8. Declare yourself as the HOD of e****mics

Let the UGC allow the Jamal Mohamed College to start medical college. Allow the principal to
write examination in MBBS. Make sheik as the HOD of Pathology

Let the UGC allow the Jamal Mohamed College to start engineering college. Allow the principal
to write examination in BE. Make sheik as the HOD of mechanical engineering.

Long live the University Grants Commission of India.

@ ravish:

You are taking ****ut todays commercial world.

In the academic world, it is unacceptable!

I still do not understand why this issue is coming up after the Principal was admitted and passed
all those exams, however odd it may look to others. He took 16 years for his latest M.Phil after
his initial PhD. If it is improper, there must have been some UGC or ICWA rule or guideline that
a PhD is not qualified for Diploma, M.Phil. or Fellowship. IF such a rule exists, did he suppress
information to gain admission? IF SO then strict penal action should be taken against him. IF his
PhD was OK but subsequent degrees are not OK, then the latter should be withdrawn.

It is a violation of general code of ethics due to conflict of interest if he acquired a degree or

diploma of the same Instt. of which he is the Head.


How can a principal admit himself in the college for which he is the principal?

How can he be the student of of the instution for which he is the academic head?
Since this issue is in public discussion,

I checked the biodata all the professors in All India Medical Sciences, IITs, Universities and the
bio data of the UGC chairman and the Director general of the CSIR.

No one has run backwards. That is, after their final degree, no one had gone backwards to a
lower degree. (From Ph. D to M. Phil). Almost every profile says the doctoral degree is the final
degree to degree them.

Just look at the following links:





The Principal of Jamal Mohamed College is so special. He holds more number of degrees than
UGC chairman, than the DG of CSIR, the faculty members, vice-chancellors, IIT directors. So, his
case also becomes very special.

And, none of them were student and academic head simultaneouly.

There is something seriously wrong here.

Ravish, I understand your view. Your question is: can I apply for M.Sc zoology after completing
M. Sc botany? There you are just a student only. You are not the appling for studentship in the
college for which you are principal. Specifically an autonomous college!!! As a student if you
appear then there is noo problem. No one would consider that as a serious problem. Here,
student principal simultaneously, Unimaginable...

Here, the individual is principal and student at the same time. It is completely unacceptable. It
is against the law too. Legally it is a crime.

Can you declare that your the judge and convicted at the same time? In no Indian court of law it
is not allowed. How can that is possible? I will occupy the seat of judge and I will also stand as

The UGC should look into this matter seriosly before people like Suramanya Samy drag the UGC
chairman to the Supreme court of India.
Ironically, UGC has accredited this 'A' grade college and it is the UGC which has granted
autonomy to this college.

So, the UGC chairman is answerable to this issue.

Like every other scenario, did the principal bribe the UGC? It is going to be next round of

This principal is hilarious.

Just look at his bio data in the official site of Jamal Mohamed College.

His date of birth is 05.01.1952

When he is doing doing MBA? In 2008

What is his age at time of getting MBA? nearly, 56

When he is doing M. Phil (Mgmt)? In 2010

What is his age at the time of getting M. Phil (Mgmt)? 58.

We know that the Universities impose an age limit for registering the course!!!!!

You cannot appear in UPSC examination beyond 30, I think

You cannot appear in CSR-UGC net examinations beyond certain age.

Is the principal exempted from every law?

Moreover, he had not done these courses for expanding his knowledge base, but to retain
himself in some power....

This is not just an issue concerning this principal and UGC, bu**** is a public issue.

An issue of public interest where every law is violated.

There is sufficient evidence to drag UGC and this man to Supreme Court of India.

I studied his bio data critically. It raises several issues.

The college receives funds from UGC, DST and other national other national agencies.
This makes me feel that this issue is going to be bigger than the 2G spectrum scam.

The next round of debate,

1. How many colleges in India are like this?

2. How many people in India award degrees to themselves?

3. How many people are exempted from the Indian laws?

Let us discuss it seriously.

We need a better India.

Looks if is going to be 5000 Phd 300 Gig Spectrum scam.

Halaku Khan failed Phd in determining the sex of tadpoles.

Yogendra Kumar,

In my message just before yours, I already mentioned the same point you explained:

It is a violation of general code of ethics due to conflict of interest if he acquired a degree or

diploma of the same Instt. of which he is the Head.

I already explained my other points and will not repeat them.

Mr. Ravi, Their contention is that he got the degrees from the same colle****hich looks
awkward. For, I am an insurer but prohibited to insure except personal accident with us for the
rest we must do elsewhere. For, there is possibility of tampering. From that point of order the
contributors are right. For other objections they raised they hold no water.

Nearing heart attack? Walk 300 Kms for a week to bring to normal.


How cruel and pedantic you can be.

I also failed in Phd History with Chemistry

Physics with Geography

Maths with Biology

Pottery with Lalu terracota tea pots

An OLOGY,Super OLOGY and top of the heap double whamy OLOGY of OLOGY which I
conferred on myself!

Copy of the letter to seek information from UGC according to the RTI Act 2005.

1. Do the UGC norms allow a Principal of an autonomous college to register himself/herself as

student for which he/she is the principal? If yes, how many principals in Indian colleges have
simultaneous principal-ship and studentship? If no, what is the explanation o****GC in the
case of the Principal of Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli (Tamilnadu) for which the UGC
has granted autonomy and Accredited 'A' grade by NAAC( ****dy o****GC)? The present
Principal of Jamal Mohamed College is holding the office of the principal since 1st June 2003.
He registers himself as student in the same college and receives Dip.MA in 2006, MBA in 2008,
and M.Phil.(Mgmt.) in 2010. He awards degree to himself. What is the explanation o****GC
which has granted autonomy to Jamal Mohamed College (Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu)?

2. Do the UGC norms allow a Ph. D degree holder to register for a bachelor degree, master
degree? If yes, how many Ph. D holders have gone for bachelor degree, master degree or M.
Phil degree after receiving their Ph. D? If no, what is the explanation o****GC in the case of the
Principal of Jamal Mohamed colle****ho had received Dip.MA in 2006, MBA in 2008, and
M.Phil.(Mgmt.) in 2010 after receiving his Ph. D in 1994?

3. Do the UGC norms ****ny age limit for registering a degree course in the Indian universities
and colleges? How many universities and ins****utes in India set age limit for registering a
degree course? What is the maximum age limit to register master, M. Phil and Ph. D degrees?
What is the opinion o****GC regarding the Principal of Jamal Mohamed College? The date of
birth the present Principal of Jamal Mohamed College is 05.01.1952. He receives MBA at the
age of 56 and receives M. Phil (Mgmt) at the age of 58. Do UGC has any age relaxation for the
principals to register themselves as student in their colleges?

4. Does the UGC maintain a standard to assess the quality of examinations conducted by the
autonomous colleges? If yes, what is observation o****GC on the overall mean, standard
deviation and variability in the marks awarded to the students of Jamal Mohamed College?
Does it agree with the UGC standards to assess the quality of examinations?
5. Do the UGC norms allow the universities to have more than one controller of examinations of
equal status? If yes, how many Indian Universities have more than one controller of
examinations of equal status? If no, what is the explanation o****GC for allowing Jamal
Mohamed College to have two controllers of examinations? Normally, one will be controller of
examination and the rest will be assistant/additional controller of examination. In case of Jamal
Mohamed College both the controllers are of equal status.

6. Do the UGC norms allow autonomous college to run Post Graduate departments without
HOD's? If yes, how many Post graduate departments in India are without any HOD? If no, how
many departments are without HOD’s in Jamal Mohamed College? Can the staff member of
the aided departments officiate as the member in charge (MID) of other departments?

7. Does the UGC assess the staff stability of the individual departments while reassessing the
autonomy granted to a college? If yes, how often the staff members (both aided and self-
finance) have been changed in Jamal Mohamed college?

8. Does the UGC recommend the autonomous colleges to have 'faculty grievance cells'? If yes,
what is the observation o****GC in Jamal Mohamed College regarding ‘faculty grievance cells’?

We need a better India.

Let a work towards it!

Yes brother agree. We need a better informed India. Let us work towards it.

I do not know abt RTI Act and what kind of information you can avail through it. But I dont think
it is meant to teach us rules and laws (eg "What are the provisions of Indian Penal Code that
prohibit a persons to .....?"). I think the sequence is to first understand the existing rules and
norms and if convinced of a violation, make a complaint. The abv request is a mix of quesitons
on existing norms and asking them if there is a violation. I do not know if you ask information
and mix it with a potential complaint of which you yourself are not sure.

Eg., questions 1 and 2. Make sure if the Head of an autonomous Instt. can get degree from the
same Instt. AS PER OFFICIAL NORMS (not as per generally accepted ethics) and then make a
specific complaint if you see a violation. Do we expect the Law Officers to educate us on the
UGC norms? It is our responsibilty to read and make a complaint if we want to. You don't ask a
court or a police station to teach you law. You dont make a complaint conditional to its being
valid. You make sure it is valid.

Ref question 3: What is your grouse against aged people going for a degree?
If you don't know how many autonomous colleges are violating UGC norms which you yourself
are not aware, why are you picking on this College or Instt right away? If you get a complete list
of violators are you going to make a separate complaint against them?

What is your personal grudge against this particular College and its Principal?

I am not going to get into this anymore. I have more important things to do. Bye.

@S N Khan

Well you have posted the ****ve under RTI Act. have you got any reply? You will not get and
even if you ge**** will not be favourable.

First go through the act repeatedly and and acquaint well ****ut the information and then
draft. Your construction of the ****ve said will not come under the information and hence will
be summarily dismissed.

visit AP information and type my name and get status. there is one judgement read it. They will
disarm you in all possible ways.

Just a thought:

Does India need UGC if it not answering these questions?

UGC has to answer these questions because it evaluates performances of colleges and awards
not only autonomy but also accredits colleges and universities with grades. When there is no
uniformity in the regulations, any evaluation and accreditations made by NAAC has no meaning.
There are many deserving colleges which need autonomy. There are colleges which deserve
highest accreditation grades. Will the UGC reply these questions? If it feels these are not valid
questions, then it has loose its face in the days to come. Does India need an inactive UGC?


utilise pgportal.gov.in and see the result if you could

We can't do anything apart from discussing this issue over here. If actor vijay can get a
honorable doctor degree why can't this principal get list of degrees for the ins****ute where he

Long time ago there was an Indian film in which a guy acted as Professor DDT. This pesticide
should be used in educational system.
Why are we so bothered ****ut some joker having so many degrees, even if fraudulently. He is
the one who will have the problems having larger business cards and long list of ****les after
his name. He might even need a larger tombstone to list all his degrees when he dies. And
being a muslim, having 3 or 4 of anything is not objectionable!!!!

He will need a Taj Mahal size tomb to inscribe all his degrees in Arabic with translations of them
in Urdu, Pushtu, Swahili, Gitmit esperanto languages.

THE PRINCIPAL MUST BE ASHAMED. When he himself is not ashamed, then we must revisit the
ins****ution before we ****ur siblings.

This principal is just an example.

It appears there are several cases like this.

We may not be able to do anything other than discussing it over here!

It is pain****l

More than the topic, the way the arguments are taken are really informative.

There is two concepts - vertical growth and horizontal growth. I think this person has aimed at
horizontal growth and lost his vision of 'real growth'. He was more interested in 'cow dung cake
making business'.

I get one more idea from this discussion. If I already hold Doctorate degree, why not I display
as under:

Ramas BE., MS., Ph.D - so that I will look impressive. I have not analysed this issue so far.

Smart people always comes out with complex solutions to simple problems!.

I am from a nearby college in Tiruchirappalli.

Something seriously went wrong.

The principal has to answer the law of the land.

I think no faculty in JMC would enjoy the privilege of appointing more than 20 people from his
own family and make a 'family of professors.'
All the following are professors in the same college.

1. His son

2. His son in law

3. His nephew

This list is very big.

I am damn sure nothing can be done against this man.

Still I remember NAAC had appreciated JMC for 'transparency in administration'.

What kind of transparency in administration. NAAC has to answer!

JMC was started by selfless KM family for the education of poor. But, they would not have
vision that the college someday will come under the rule of a selfish fellow where every
individual other than the family members of the principal will loose the freedom of expression!

Nothing can be done against this man!

It is very clear, this man has heaped ridicule on the very educational system of the country!.
Have you come across any ssuch any where else. On seeing this post, I was wondering ****ut
the motive of the person in wasting his time just for adding degrees.

In US Universities, they will easily find it out whether a person is really laden with ideas or he is
simply a 'copy cat'. The later students are simply dumped to some insignificant assignments to
be sent out at the earliest opportunity.

Thus, this principal has been behaving like a hen - only difference being he was laying degrees
all the time.

Hence call him 'HEN PRINCIPAL'.

Yes, enquiries with teachers and students reveal many unpleasant things ****ut this Principal.
It seems he retired in 2010 May itself, but continues in service by blackmailing the college
authorities on some serious issues. Teachers say he utters acid-smeared words at all and has
left no one unantagonized. He is the president of the Alumni Association of Jamal Mohamed
College and conferred on himself 'Distinguished Alumnus Award' on 15 August 2009. He is said
to be ****ve the college management authorities and the ultimate authority in decision
making. Teachers say that his son is also working as a lecturer in the same college and is
misusing his father's position and torturing all his colleagues. His daughter-in-law is working in
the same college and many of his relatives, and sons and daughters of people known to him are
also appointed by him.

Also find out who gets admitted to the college and why they do so?

He is a man who does not know the difference between 'inst!tution' and 'industry'.

An inst!tution thrives by values where as an industry thrives by revenue.

According to this 'highly educated man' of Jamal Mohamed College, the college is a revenue
making industry.

He always makes a claim that he is pro-poor, the college is pro-poor.

What was his stand when few students were not able to pay the semester fee?

A section of students were not allowed to appear in the CIA-tests. He is the one who ordered
the students not to appear in examinations!!! See the records, how many students have not
appeared in the examinations due to the non-payment of semester fees?

Also, look at the grammar of the circulars issued from the office of the principal. Even a school
student can write in a better English! The grammar is hilarious!!!

Also, look at his bio data! Hilarious! All caps! This man does not know the difference among the
upper case, lower case, sentence case and toggle case!

Look at the way the buildings were constructed and demolished? By the way, whose money is
that? Is it his pocket money which was used for the construction and demolition of buildings?

Look at the college hand book! You will laugh at the grammar and spelling mistakes! Not one or
two! Almost every statement in the handbook (calendar) is hilarious! No one asked any
question because the college is under is the rule of a autocratic principal! Is there any one to
teach him English grammar, the difference between autonomy and autocracy? After all, he is a
DOCTOR and a Principal?

Alumni and Present student?

Does this Principal know the meaning of the world 'alumni'?

How can one be a student and alumni at the same time in the same college?

Where else can this happen? God only knows!

A moral question to Madras High Court....

The High Court of Madras sharply came up when the Government of Tamilnadu was
recommeding 'Doctor' for the Cheif Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister....

What is the moral stand of Madras High Court on this issue of a Principal Awarding degree to

Let us wait and see!

The High Court should take this case on its own and send notice to the principal, the college
authorities and the university. What is the procedure? If anyone gives guidance, people
interested in maintaining the name of the college may use it.

Bharathidasan University must immediately withdraw the M.Phil Degree which the Principal of
Jamal Mohamed College awarded to himself. Or else some one must sue the University to make
it do that.

Just a personal question,

It appears that several people have lost peace in their life due to the heinous acts of the
Principal of Jamal Mohamed College!

I know many are still in the fear of loosing their jobs just because of their freedom of

It also appears that some of the bold students of of JMC has gone to Union HRD ministry and
the minster has promised them for disciplinary action against this 'so-called' Gold winning
Principal of Jamal Mohamed College!

Let the principal learn that no individual is an isolated en****y. Everyone has a network of

Long live the students of Jamal Mohamed Colle****ho have prepared to fight against their
arrogant Principal!

Jamal students were talking ****ut the s ex scandal videos of JMC principal! Could someone
provide the URL of those videos?

Ha ha ha!

All of you are too late!

This principal was beaten by his own car driver near the college mosque! People would have
forgotten that!

Strangely, he was also beaten by his own colleague in the department!

An attender slapped him with chapel!

Last year, he was beaten in public at Khajamalai.

He has no shame!

He will be in the principal seat forever with selvarani and akila! He knows how to fool the
authorities. Boneless people will continue to support him! My brothers, do not cry! He is a
shameless fellow! He has no fear for God! None can disturb the kingdom of sheik Mohamed!
Lastly, is he a Muslim?

A buoyant Halaku, the Khan, can suitably respond for he knows not boundries of civility.

Time eliminates eveything whi**** against the social justice!

Civility is acquired through education!

Here are the people who do not respect education.

Degrees and certificates are more important to the modern academic intellects. They look
neither for civility nor for the education!

We are in a age of 'certificate culture'.

During 1960's, 70's, people used to add their community or caste name after their name.

Now people add their degrees after their name!

This is the age of certificate culture, not educated culture.

And, this trend has it an end in itself!

@alif laila:

I was not aware of the s exual scandals of the JMC principal. I know that he was after a
housemaid in Khajanagar. Now I am hearing that strange phenomenon.

He might be in need of young blood! Who knows!

my god i cannot believe this... sheik mohamed, the principal of jamal mohamed college has a
list of allegations against him. i cannot believe this. i cannot believe lot of things. i first of all
cannot believe the beliefs of sheik mohamed. ... i cannot believe his pot- belly and i cannot
believe his....... rotten filthy heart ... which stinks at each breath he exhales... i cannot believe
his putrid ideas and ass whooping dogmas. .. i cannot believe his shapeless grass of beards.. i
cannot believe his pungent smelling pale coloured skull cap.. i cannot believe his sleepless
planning for the betterment of the ins****ution...

it****ime, we students wake up and ring the death knell for the ****(l)a(s)ter Dan Sanchez

and, i**** really want to know what a holy **** is? here we go... look at the little ape sitting in
the principal's office on a tall revolving chair.. look at him once and u will vomit forever and this
is called holy charisma(e****) of sheik bava...

well well jokes apart.... lets be serious guyz... do we really want a principal like this little fellow,
who not only dominates but also nominates.. a four n a half inch midget ruling the minaret..
shame****l that i am studying i****lle****here a dog barks at humans and that stray dog
unfortunately the leader. one of my friends says that there is no stone to hit this dog.. its true
but equally false.. there are nearly 10, 0000 shining stones and 300 solid rocks to drive this
embodiment of satan.. but who is going to (?) stone this stone hearted, ill tempered, unruly,
adamant and shameless ****er of women asses as well men asses... somebody throw it fast
before he unzips you and slurp with his foul tongue...

there is no need to search for sex videos of the principal in the interne**** is told that a video
tape of our bava's youth****l bed skills on a girl student was recorded by his male courtesan
out of envy and which was leaked in a matter of time and spread among the hostel students.
trying out for those videos will definitely lead to the next sensation after nithyananda's. i can
suggest a headline but only i**** people rate it... how ****ut ... BAVA'S JAVA......comment on
this heading and also come out with new ones if possible...

It is amazing that the management has become another cong I to forbear the corrupt premier
at the helm of affairs even after such voluminous allegations. Even of wagon load of phenol
used the stench would not vanish!

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This is not democracy, but dummo-crazy

கா஦ நனி஬ாடக் கண்டிருந்த யான்ககாமி

தானும் அதுயாகப் ஧ாயித்துத் - தானும் தன்

ப஧ால்஬ாச் சி஫ககயிரித்(து) ஆடி஦ால் க஧ாலுகந

கல்஬ாதான் கற்஫ கயி.


அ஫ியி஬ி முதல்யா஦ா஦ல் இதுதான் ஥டக்கும்


ப஥ட்கடனக஦ ஥ம்஧ி஦ாலும் கட்கடனக஦ ஥ம்஧க்கூடாது என்஧து


St. Joseph College Principal - sex scandal

EVR college Principal - sex scandal

Jamal Mohamed College Principal - Criminal allegations of awarding degree to himself + sex
scandal (?)

All the principals have acquired many degrees. Are they educated?

This proves the fact there is no correlation between the degrees one possess and the level of

A socio-political debate is essential to delink the degrees awarded and the level of education.

selvarani... aren't u the tawaif of the so called reputed principal of jmc. i have read ur
beauti****l article en****led optimistic pessimism. u have beauti****lly ordained the art of
whoring in i****s amazing that u are talking against the principal. whats the matter
honeycomb.. payment problem huh.. selvarani u know what u and the principal have in
common? he is a person who uses his power to get a degree and u are the person who extract
his carnal juice to get your doctorate. i feel totally numb when u show your affectations to the
affected persons of jmc. i suggest that u better stick with sivanesan rather than lolling out your
tongue for a gas bag of a filthy principal. after all sivanesan, i suppose has a bigger and
generous endowment than this trash can.
i also heard ****ut your sexcapades in kodaikanal. congrats.. release those videotapes soon.
i hope u won't disappoint us like in the past.. u r to an extent admirable according to a survey
done by your department students , but not fair and far enough compared to akila. i strongly
recommend u for a multani facial every two hours in a day, and that will keep u up ever
charming and seductive till u replace sheikh. surprised! don't u know u are the next principal of
jmc. please do follow the principles of the current principal and never deviate from his path..
how wonder****l it would be u know to see a banner of degrees behind your name..
something like, Dr. Selvarani.MBA., M.Phil.,Ph.D., NET, SLET., BIG BUTT., PGDHRM.,PGDCA.,
grade(platinum medalist)., when u sit on the chair u will be happy to see ur name board smiling
with this huge banner and with lots of delight u can speak on stage.. "at the outset i join so and
so in his bed sparing my precious time for the development of the ins****ution. i extend a
cordial welcome to the chiefguest to join me tonight for a private party near my private parts
and i thank the office bearers for their support and co-operation in working day and night with
me and in me. thank you . jai hind". i assure that u will make a very good principal and u will be
in the hearts of thousands of jamalians.

i wish u good luck and i expect u only to **** around and not to waste your time scribbling
your feigned thoughts ****ut this ins****ution. this is clearly not your job. so stay away Selva

Right is right!

Wrong is wrong!

Anyone who cannot distinguish right as right and wrong as wrong is not a teacher. Anyone who
cannot distinguish right as right and stand with the right cannot show the 'right path' to the

Ironically, 'teacher' and 'cheater' have the same letters, but in different orders!

Sheik mohamed has been honoured with 'the best teacher award'. The appropriate honour
would be 'the best cheater award".

Jamal mohamed college has a very good community of teachers who can declare right as right
and wrong as wrong.

I hope they are not bribed or threatened to join the 'community of cheaters'.
Let the teachers stand with the tradition of standing with right and declare wrong as wrong!

Let us enhance ourselves through teaching, not through cheating!!

Sheik Mohamed is a separatist.

The plan to divide the college is already in progress.

Look at the new walls and gates between the SF departments and the aided departments.

In the next year the portraits of Janab. Jamal Mohamed and Janab. KhajaMian will be removed
from the college auditorium. In the place of Jamal mohamed the portrait of Sheik Mohamed
will be there and in the place of KhajaMian sahib, sheik mohamed's son will be there. The
principal will say that the college has been divided for administrative reasons!

From next academic year on wards,

there will be two colleges

there will be two principals

( sheik mohamed for aided courses and selvarani for self finance courses)

there will be four controller of examinations

and we will witness all these without any protest! shall we?

Jamal Mohamed College is ours!

Aren't we a part of Jamal Mohamed College?

Won't the management listen to the teachers of Jamal Mohamed College?

We will not allow the division of the college!

We will not allow the repute of the college to be damaged!

Let us get rid of sheik mohamed!

Let us get rid of the appointments made by him!

He has looted enough from the Jamal.

Let Jamal be the sacred soil!

Let Jamal be the sacred soil forever!

I know that Jamal is a cursed soil now!

Sheik Mohamed is completely responsible for spoiling the culture of Jamal.

Is Jamal a cursed land?

We who are keeping silence now worked more than this crook for the welfare and progress of
the college!

Let the college not be hijacked by the cheating community under the leadership of sheik
mohamed! Let us unite against this criminal!

i have been following sitaramam's posts. i think he is sensible and authentic. what surprises is
the amount of informations that he delivers is not just heavy but much enough to drive the
devil out of the den. i also suggest that if these discussions are taken to the management there
will be a definite change in the minds of the magnanimous management. we make the whole
world look at this issue bu posting our comments, but i have a feel that we have not publicised
enough for the view of the management which will take us one step ****rther in our
endeavour to get rid of a deamon.

as per the question of sitaramam, is jmc a sacred soil? it is obvious that jmc is not a sacred soil
which it was before the entry of this guttergull. there is no doubt that a professional
pros****ute will be ruling the college in the near ****ture. so we can imagine what type of
sacredness jamalians will encounter in the ****ture.

sacredness according to sheikh is just to say ' bismillahirrahmanirrahim' and quote a few hadith
once in a blue moon. he is a solid structure of hypocrisy from whom you can extract gallons of
its art.

i ve heard ****ut teacher****ting the students and sometimes in some engineering colleges
professor****ting their students. but sheikh is the only principal who never hesitates to slap a
student when he goes cranky. this itself shows his high standard of how low he can go down to
show his autocracy. there is no difference between sheikh and a psycho who was recently
arrested in chennai for hitting ladies and making them to kneel down. no matter how plump he
looks, his level of maturity is of a 2nd grader's. there are many such school boy at****udes in
sheikh. he is a dignified principal, who will shout at the student or a teacher if he is not given
tea and snacks in any meeting that he attends and i doubt he also may sprawl down shaking his
legs i**** deny him a packet of mixture.

i agree with sitaramam. i also wish that a cheater should be terminated. it would be nice to
have a colle****here there is no autocratic adamancy.
While o****n

Forgot his wife

Abandoned child

For one night.

Rented cabin

Secretary pros****ution

Secret encounter

Business man.

Oldest profession

Sexual obsession

Ego driven

Body engaged.

Cold hands

Touch green



There is a difference between a teacher and tution master!

Sheik mohamed is basically a tution master who know how to extract money from students and
how to make them pass in the examinations. A tution master never plays the role of a judege.

A teacher is one who not only trains his students but also evalutes his students.

A teacher is both a trainer as well as evaluator.

A tution master is just a trainer and can never be a evaluator!

Evaluators hated by trainers!

If sheik mohamed is a true teacher, he would not made the Jamal mohamed college as a tution
centre, a tutorial college.

Now Jamal has so many buildings, just buildings. Jamal now does not have true teachers. Hardly
one or two...

Many with the label and the iden****y card as 'teacher' are not teacher in the real sense.

Majority of the Jamal teachers (freshers) does not know how to write a leave letter without
error! All these lots have been appointed by the highly qualified Principal of Jamal Mohamed

No student in Jamal gets less than 20 for 25 in the internal assessment! that is, not less than 80
out of 100. It directly implies that no 'teacher' evaluates his students.

The external mark statements reveal another horror story - there is no variability in the marks
awarded students. It reveals another horrible facts ****ut the quality of questions, violations in
the conduct of examinations, teachers encouraging students to copy in the examation...

Sheik mohamed says we can increase the passing minimum to 60. His biodata also says that he
had taught statistics!!!! I hope that he knows the meaning of standard deviation and
distribution graphs!!!!

There is a rationale in keeping 40 as passing minimum. The present day fools like sheik
mohamed say that we already increased to 50 and ****rther increase it to 60!

Idiot, do he know the meaning of normal distribution?

After all, he is a cheater...we have to look back his school days and investigate the malpractives
of sheik mohamed in the schools!

Do we want a cheater as our leader?

Does the management go through the thread? If yes and no action is taken against the person
then the whole management is to be revisited

He cannot fool everyone forever!

He cannot fool the Indian Laws forever!

Didn't he fool the Indian Laws to get his M. Phil in Management?

Is it in accordance with the laws?

Awarding degree to oneself!!!

Isn't a shame on Jamal Mohamed College and Bharathidasan University?

ஒரு கப்஧க஬ மூழ்கடிக்க ஒரு ஓட்கடகன க஧ாதும்!

ஓபானிபம் ஓட்கடகள் கதகயனில்க஬!!

He would have blackmailed the college management, Bharathidasan University Vice-Chancellor,

Tamilnadu higher education secretary, UGC Chairman and the Union HRD ministry! You do not
know his power...

Well said selvarani.

He is tireless in bed and a lion in the public.

No one challenge him in the society.

'Sheik' is not 'Fake'!

I am the JAVA OF BAVA, not selvarani!

@ Sitaraman:

I accept that Jamal is not a sacred soil now!

It is cursed since 2003. It is cursed by the real selfless teachers who had offered life time service
to make flowers to blossom in the Garden of Jamal. The curse was very evident on the
occasions of:

~ the last speeches of the former Heads of Arabic department

~ the last speech of the former Head of the department of English

The former HOD of chemistry declined to offer his services to Jamal. He is serving elsewhere.
The former HOD of Tamil often makes public statements against the present principal. The
former professors of commerce who have retired from the service openly spoke on the
atrocities of this principal. The present vice principal is degusted. It is clearly visible...

Jamal is cursed by the teachers!

The curse of teacher is more stronger than any other curse in the world!
@ alif laila:

Sheik mohamed often talks on alumni support for Jamal.

How many of his own direct students contributed for the development of the college? Hardly
one or two? It is high time to probe the false claims made by Sheik Mohamed!

The Jamal Mohamed College Alumni Association has donated millions of dollars to Jamal
Mohamed College (Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu). The money transfer does not got the RBI

Secondly, The Mohamed College Alumni Association is not a registered organization/society.

Is it not a violation of laws? Is it not a crime?

Will the Reserve Bank of India order an inquiry into this issue? It is essential to get RBI clearance
for money transfer from foreign countries!

Will the Registrar of Societies (Tiruchirappalli) arrest the President of Jamal Mohamed College
Alumni Association for running an illegal society/organization for transferring money (not in
accordance with the RBI norms) from foreign countries?

Many of the people in the Jamal Inst!tute of Management with the label
'teacher/professor/associate professor' does not have the qualification.

The name list of teachers sent to AICTE by the principal of Jamal Mohamed College does not
match with the 'actual' name list of teachers in Jamal Inst!tute of Management!

If there is something to probe, then i guess everything will give a stench including Bava's Java. a
ruthless ass as he, will never enjoy a salvation forever. he is a scrupulous being that has gone
out of the box of shame. and to talk ****ut basic human qualities, he has none. an adverse
creature belonging to the age old group of flesh eating cannibals.

akila or selvarani has become the burning issue now. both can fight for their rights, bu****'s
only in the hands of a well doctrined, decent and educated principal dr. bava.

but all that u both have to do is to linger around him in lingeries .

The crimes by dr. bava shall be exposed to public in a sequential manner.

Keep reading and contributing!

More will come in the subsequent days....

Sheik bava, again you have proved your psychosis and foolishness!
You are desperately searching for the people who are challenging you in the public to victimize

Your biodata says that you have a PGDCA degree.

Do you know how to use internet to search for a specific information?

There are your sexy videos in mastishare!

There are thousands of your kamasuthra photos in the picture sharing websites!

Search for it! Don't get a shock! You know what you did!

Late news,

the parents of the girl whom you have molested have gone for a public signature campaign and
they are going to the CJI. You may not be knowing what is CJI? Chief Justice of India.

And the guy and his family who witnessed it had almost going to be your lifetime enemy! Be
cool! I have investigated ****ut his background! His native is Karnataka and he is from a very
influential family. Not only that, his academic and political background is beyond your reach.
After that incident of molestation, he had almost become a drunk. He had appealed to almost
every authority in GOI. Again, if you touch him, it is going to be a interstate and a national
issue! He had arranged enough lawyers to drag you to the courts and raise the issues in the
parliament of India. It is his ill fate to serve under your leadership! Don't you think it is the
punishment for you from Allah?

Off late, the ABVP and SFI are planning for a public protest against you! Stop them bava! You
have every power to fool the people! Stop them if you can!

Allah never favors the criminals like you!!!

So, the person who was responsible for the death of his father is the Principal of Jamal
Mohamed College!

No wonder alif laila!

How many students of Jamal Mohamed College committed suicide after 2003?

I know that a girl jumped from the roof of Minna building? Is she still living?

How many staff members of Jamal Mohamed College committed suicide after 2003?

An investigation in this direction will lead to interesting revelations!!

@ sitaramam

You have a lot of information to share!

Keep posting the interesting aspects of bava, the crook!

It appears that bava scolded the students for posting bava's **** p!ctures!

Students were in a very foul mood! After all, bava is snatching their share!

Bava should look for some old blood, house maid, road side beggars!

It is a great injustice done to students...

Bava is demanding the beloved's of our boys for his bed... It is a great injustice done by bava to
the younger generation!

JMC students will take their own course of action against bava!

ப஧த்த அப்஧க஦ கிணது஬ தள்ளுணயன்தான் ஜநால் முஹநது

காக஬ஜ் ஧ிரின்சி஧ா஬ா?

என்஦ா பகாடுகந சார் இது?

இந்த ஥ாய் உ஬கத்கதகன ஏநாத்தி தா஦க்குத்தாக஦ ஧ட்டம்

பகாடுத்துகிட்ட யிரனம் உ஬கத்துக்கக பதரிம௃ம்!

இந்த ஥ாய் ப஧ாம்஧஭ப் ப஧ாறுக்கி என்஧து திருச்சிக்கக பதரிம௃ம்!

இந்த ஥ாய் பசால்யகத எயனும் காது பகாடுத்துக்கூட ககட்஧தில்க஬

என்஧து எல்஬ாப் ஧னலுக்கும் பதரிம௃ம்!

இன்னும் இந்த கடனுக்குப் ஧ி஫ந்த கடன்காபக஦ப் ஧த்தி என்஦


னா அல்஬ாஹ்!

@ alif laila

You are very true.

The college calenders issued to students say that Jamal Mohamed Colle****as started by Majlis
ul Ulema.

The present collge calenders say that the Colle****as started by Jamal Mohamed College

People in power rewrite the history! It is a great shame!

I am in this thread for more than two years. But the contributions were not so fast and the
readers did not inflate as to this item. It is hightime the management or concerned authorities
take immediate step as the allegations over the premier are pu4king indeed. It appears no limit
for the premier and I fail to understand what authority empowers him to indulge so. Is the
management compensated adequately for the loss of face over this ins****ution? Why they
are connived of over the happenings?

I never thought of people having these many degrees! I completed my Ph. D in 1978. I too was a
principal of a college in Gujarat for a period of 12 years. I think the UGC should come up with
disciplinary action. This is a national issue. It would be disaster for the entire country if people
follow the path of the person under criticism.

I have some questions:

What made this person to seek for several degrees and diplomas after his Ph. D? He had
completely devalued the Ph. D degree. A categorical distinction must be made between
academic ins****utions and business enterprises.

The salary scale may depend on the number of degrees one holds i****mmercial
establishment. But, in academic ins****utions that should not be the case. I think that this
principal failed to make a distinction between an academic ins****ution and a commercial
professional establishments.

For any reason this at****ude should not be encouraged! Any attempt to promote this
at****ude will spoil the educational system of India.

It should be noted that this man is the chairperson/member of several committees nominated
by Bharathidasan University/Government of Tamilnadu.
So, it is impossible for the government authorities to make him drop his M. Phil management
degree and other other degrees he got after his principalship!

It is a rumour among teachers and students that this principal has got another three years of
extension! My God!

It high time to investigate the way the examinations were conducted for his M.Phil
management degree and other degrees which he got after his principalship.

Who are the examiners of his test papers?

Who were the hall superintents?

Who was the chief superintent?

How many examinations did he appear in a single day?

Who was the waterman?

Where the exam papers were corrected?

Who had set the question paper for him?

What was his mark in the examinations?

Who has signed the mark sheet? (of course, he is one of the signatory in the mark sheet)

How many m.phil classes (lectures) did he attend?

and so on!

Hai JMC Principal,

We are running an inst!tution called Jamal Inst!tution of Prost!tution (JIP).

We offer the following degrees:

1. Ph. D in Prost!tution

2. Ph. D in Bl0w J0b

3. Ph. D in Massaging

4. Ph. D in Pimping
5. Ph. D in Borthel Management

In addition, we also offer M. Phil in the ****ve subjects.

Our inst!tutiion would become popular and prosper if you become our Principal and director!

We would offer all the possible degrees free of cost to you since you serve as our principal. You
are free to write examination under our su****ision. We charge no fee for practical classes!

Please visit our inst!tution...JIP...soon

Keeping silence against crime is also a crime because keeping silence helps to prepare crimes!

India needs woundless minds.

The present educational system creates wounded minds!

Shall India progress with the wounded minds?

Here is another piece of information from Bava's hell-wishers! They say there was everything
wrong with the manner of his obtaining his MBA degree. The Principal of the college(Kurinji
colle****here your Bava wrote his MBA examination was a lecturer in Jamal. He allowed Bava
to write the examination in a separate, secluded place even beyond the duration of the
examination. Why don't Alagappa University conduct an enquiry over this issue! There are
persons working in that colle****ho know all ****ut this.

Look at this huge mass of rotten jelly called Sheik! He shouted at a Tamil professor in a general
staff meeting over the mike saying thus: "Is this how you got your Best Teacher Award?". You
know what for? For talking over the mobile outside the meeting hall. (Most of the time in our
classes this Sheik used to talk in the past and even now he uses his mobile. He uses it even
while on the stage during meetings.)

Now students and teachers of Jamal ask a very pertinent question? How did he get his Best
Teacher Award? Do the MP and the Chennai Congresswala have any role? They have every
reason to suspect his modus operandi of getting the award

Now everyone in the campus has come to know the secret of getting degrees to oneself. Award
degrees to yourself! Award ****les to yourself! Award ****les to the Management people and
VIPs and continue to be the unprincipled Principal of Jamal Mohamed College forever
shamelessly! Who will make the authorities understand the di****lical mind of this devil of a
man? The public image of the college has shattered because of this one creature!
They have already started saying that he is going to continue in 'the better half' of the College
campus! You know what? He will be incharge of girls wing of the college from next year. Is it

Look at the long list of degrees & diplomas after his name!

What is FICWA. Any spelling mistake?

FMSPI? Sounds as if he is a partner in a shopping mall.

Dip MA. Diploma in Masturbation Arts or Manipulation of Accounts? Good at both? How did he
get these bloody letters after his name? By the same method as he got his M. Phil in
Management Studies? The su****ion of everyone is certainly justifiable.

A glance at the college calendar (2010-11) tells you that he is the Head of the Department of
Business Administration (page no. 160), he is the Head of the Department of Commerce (page
no. 161)and he the Director of the Department of Management Studies (page no. 164).

From page 160 to 168 staff lists of various departments (Management) are given. As per this
list, no Department has a Head except the three ****ve-mentioned Departments! What is he?
An Ashtavadhani? (I definitely don't mean he is capable o**** eight. Who else is he? Why so
many heads like Brahma, Arumuga or Rava****t seems as if Jamal self-financing teachers are a
pack of idiots incapable of looking after the administration of their Departments.

As long as the Management is deaf and blind, Sheik will rule his emirate.

Let the college authorities establish a nursing home in the campus! Better if it is a m------ty
nursing home! It will be very use****l for the victims of Principal Sheik.

@ alif laila

Here is another piece of information from Bava's hell-wishers! They say there was everything
wrong with the manner of his obtaining his MBA degree. The Principal of the college(Kurinji
colle****here your Bava wrote his MBA examination was a lecturer in Jamal. He allowed Bava
to write the examination in a separate, secluded place even beyond the duration of the
examination. Why don't Alagappa University conduct an enquiry over this issue! There are
persons working in that colle****ho know all ****ut this.
This dirty rascal not only insulted the professor who got the best teacher award genuinely. All
most every teacher is a victim of his third rated speech!

He is a mannerless idiot. He used to speak in cell phone in every meeting at the face of
everyone. He thinks that everyone else in JMC is a fool.

Look at this huge mass of rotten jelly called Sheik! He shouted at a Tamil professor in a general
staff meeting over the mike saying thus: "Is this how you got your Best Teacher Award?". You
know what for? For talking over the mobile outside the meeting hall. (Most of the time in our
classes this Sheik used to talk in the past and even now he uses his mobile. He uses it even
while on the stage during meetings.)

This is a very well known issue. But, why do the Karikudi based University has not taken any
action? The Vice-chancellor of that University, Ramasamy, was a former student of JMC.

He uses cellphones in everymeeting and even in the classes becuase he thinks he is ****ve all
the laws of the land!

Now students and teachers of Jamal ask a very pertinent question? How did he get his Best
Teacher Award? Do the MP and the Chennai Congresswala have any role? They have every
reason to suspect his modus operandi of getting the award

No student of JMC considers him as a principal! They have given so-many nick names for this
idiotic principal - JMC MAMA, JMC DA****AT, SHEEP, DOG, so many.

Technically, sheik has made JMC as a brothel. There are evidences stating that he supplies fresh
girls for higher ups! The well known is the KODAIKANAL trip whi**** known to every student of

Now everyone in the campus has come to know the secret of getting degrees to oneself. Award
degrees to yourself! Award ****les to yourself! Award ****les to the Management people and
VIPs and continue to be the unprincipled Principal of Jamal Mohamed College forever
shamelessly! Who will make the authorities understand the di****lical mind of this devil of a
man? The public image of the college has shattered because of this one creature!

The image of the college is completely spoiled not only at the state level. Organizations outside
the college are speaking ****ut sheik! I know that the issue had become a national issue. There
are a couple of internet forums which discusses ****ut this idiot.
They have already started saying that he is going to continue in 'the better half' of the College
campus! You know what? He will be incharge of girls wing of the college from next year. Is it

It is very true.

Sheik and his has very long plan to hijack Jamal Mohamed College.

His son had done MCA and based on that qualification/illqualification he is in

computerscience/IT deparment.

After his MCA, sheik advised him to go for MBA. Now sheik Jr. doing ph.d in management. After
the completion of Ph. D in management, sheik has the plan of making his son as the director of
the Jamal Ins****ute of Management!

Already, sheik Jr. has hijacked the cheif superintent of examinations!

Almost Sheik Jr. is the chief for every examination conducted in JMC premises!

It is very true that the JMC is going to be divided soon. One will be JMC (Jamal Mohamed
College) and another one will be SMC (Sheik Mohamed College). There is no doubt ****ut this

Sheik loves

Sheik loves his son

Sheik loves his son in law

Sheik loves his daughter

Sheik loves his daughter in law

Sheik loves money

Sheik loves power

Sheik loves degrees

Sheik loves honours

Sheik loves to be a principal forever

Sheik loves to be director forever

Sheik loves idiots

Sheik loves fools

Sheik loves puppets

Sheik loves your ass

Sheik loves my ass

Sheik loves to make laws

Sheik loves to violate the laws of the land

Sheik loves the cry of students

Sheik loves the cry of teachers

Sheik loves to see the fall of Jamal

Sheik loves to see the madness of Jamal

Sheik loves to see the fall of everyone who questions him

So, Sheik loves to be a lover…

Does sheik love Jamal?

Does sheik love to honour the name of Jamal?

Does sheik love to protect the name of Jamal?

Does sheik love to really make Jamal to be in great heights?

We love Jamal Mohamed College!

Let us love Jamal Mohamed College!

We do not want Jamal to be in ruins!

Let us love Jamal Mohamed College!

We fight to uphold the honour of Jamal Mohamed College!

The vision of Jamal and Khajamian, the fathers of our inst!tution!

Being the Principal for ~8000 students and ~400 teachers,

1. Doesn't sheik know the codes of conducts of examinations for the award of degrees and

2. Doesn't sheik know the laws of the land?

3. Doesn't sheik know that the public image of Jamal Mohamed College vvould be shattered if
he indulges in any malpractice?

4. Doesn't sheik know that the people who fight for social justice and welfare of India will turn
against him if he works against the laws of the land?

Let us teach sheik lessons on the codes of conduct of examinations, laws of land and what
Jamal Mohamed College stands for!

Let us kick him in his ass!

We know how he had spoiled the image of Jamal Mohamed College!

Sheik Mohamed is completely responsible for spoiling the name of Jamal Mohamed College!

@ alif laila:

I just google for those degees after his name:

FMSPI - This acronym has 4,230 hits.

It occurs only in the biodata of the Jamal Mohamed College Principal! It is not a well known
degree/diploma. Even I did not understand what the hell it is!

This FMSPI does not occur in any do****ent in any university or any acdemic website!

Alif laila appreciate your intelligence! What the hell is this FMSPI?

FICWA - Again this term does not occur any academic website except the website of Jamal
Mohamed College. There is one FICWA . com. It just occurs only 4380 times in the do****ents!

FICWA means Fellow Member of the Ins****ute of Cost and Works Accountants of India. It is
neither a degree nor a diploma!

Dip MA - I searched in all seach engines. There is no such degree whi**** abbreivated as Dip

Dear alif laila, you have enlightened me!

This another way of cheating!

FMSPI, FICWA, Dip MA - What the hell are they in real terms?

Is there anyone to explain us those strange acronyms? Please! They occur only after the name
of the Principal of Jamal Mohamed College!

There is one adage:

If you want everyone to call you as great, con****se them first!

This is the tactics played by the Principal of Jamal Mohamed College!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hai Quality Principal of Jamal Mohamed College, Good evening,

Jamal is running Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programme even before 2005.

What has made you to register for MBA in the Alagappa University if the college for which you
are the principal is running the same course?

Did you find that the quality of Jamal MBA is inferior than the MBA programme of Alagappa

Cheater, you want to cheat everyone to get an MBA!

We know the way you got the MBA degree too!