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Mr. David McKie

CSC News - Investigative Unit
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DEC 142010
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Dear Mr. McKie:

This is in r~ply to your informal request related to the following:

"Requesting all information released for file

A-201 0-01258."

Please find attached a copy of the documents responsive to A-2010-01256.

Should you have any questions, please contact Pascal Lanthier at

613-944-7062 or by email

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Canada - United Arab Emirates air transport relations and protectionism



• Canada is not practising,,protectionism in the way it authorizes air

transport serviCes from the United Arab Emirates. Both Emirates Airlines
and Etihad Ai~ys offer three flights a week to and from Canada. This
provides almost daily service for a market that is relatively small.
• The service frequencies by which airlines of the United Arab Emirates
serve Canada are specified in an agreement between the two countries.
Canada is living up to the obligations of this agreement.
• The government continuously monitors the Canada - United Arab
Emirates market to ensure it is not underserved, as this would not be in
the interest of either country. canada will be quite prepared to review the
bilateral air transport agreement once the market has grown further.


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