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VANCED M.Imtiaz Shahid

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Edition 2020
e tharr
> Tot Iy Reviscd & Updrt€d Editioa
-a > Thc bigge.t & upd.ted c{llectior of P.pers
> Th€ trr.t rtrd ploneer book of PPSC Ltodel P.pcrs
o > With An3wer Keyr
> Irtroducing Dcr 3tyle ofP.p.r Prttcm

F 1L Sofd
> AIl Efut ket iE origitrd p.peE .r. mmtioncd
> Ir.D$tnent-vk rrr.trgeDert & categorizrtion

c opres > PPSC'r ncx Sylbbo3 for G.rerrl Abfity MCQ! Icat

34 Paper of 2019
Ft 26 Papers of 2018
e W
Solved Papers
lncluding one liners
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DVANCED M. Imtiaz Shahid

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rl Edition 2020
ia tbarr > Totr[y Rctir€d & Upd.ald Edtdor
> Tle biggBt
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up&rcd co[ertioo of Pepers
g > Thc fr'i
.rd ptDrecr book of pps(: Itlod€l Prpers
> Wtlt A$f,Gr Kcy!

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> All Elst
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origiod prpfrs rm ucrtloncd
c opies
DeprrtmGtr t-rbe
> PPSC'S rcr SylLbrt
llrargedcrt & c.tegorizatiotr
for c.n.frt Ab lty MCei Test

34 Paper ot Z0l9
qt 26 Papers of 2018

So/ved Papers
For lncluding one liners

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Previous Original, Solved Papers

Compiled by:
M lmtiaz Shahid

oilglml BooIfitl

Revised Edition witr additional material

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Advanced PPSC MCQS Model PaPers
By: Muhammad lmtiaz Shahid
Edition: 66th

@ Advanced Publishers, Lahore, 2020

fi -2nd Floot, Muslim Centre, Chatter Jee Road,

Urdu Bazaar. Lahore (Pakistan).

rsBN 978-96$588424-9

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Alt ights reserued under the Copyright Act. No pai o.f this.book may be reproduce.d
or by any means, etec*6ic or mechanicat, including photocopying' without
"nyio* inh1tiig trom the authors. Ait inquiies should be addresseo to the authors
and the publishec.


Main Features of this Book:
F The only available Complete Package for sure success in One-paper
MCQs written tests.
D Totally revised and updated
) All original Papers
F The first and pioneer book of PPSC Model Papers
) Original Book: All other available PPSC Papers books are prepared
copying from this book.
) The biggest collection of Papers
> Thirty four new paper of 2019
D Twenty six papers of2018
}. Tweng nine papers ot2O17
D Twentyfour papers of2016
) Maximum number of Papers in minimum pages & price
D Most accurate Answers with orighal Answers Keys
D Wrong answers in original papers are menlioned with explanation
) Explanation of tricky questions in foot notes
) lnlroducing new style of paper pattem
> Department-wise arrangement & categorization
D Punjab Public Service Commission's new Syllabus for General Ability
MCQs Test
) Guidelines for preparation and written examinations
) Additional Material for English, Prepositions, Correct Words, Fill in the
blanks, Vocabulary, Synonyms and Antonyms, Urdu, Arithmetic, le Tests,
- lQ Exercise, General Mental Ability, Analogy euestions, Computer, More
than 100 Keyboard Shortcuts, Computer Related Abbreviations, lmportant
Personalities and their fields

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Nayyar Kazmi (03039824775)

(Nayyar Kazmi have passed these examinations: Assistant Registrar Cooperative Society
2013, Assistant Superintendenl Jail 2013, Labour Oflicer 2015. Labour lnspector 2015, Social
Security Officer 2015, Diskict Officer Civil Defense/Chief Staff Officer/ Provincial Rescue Officer
2014, Assistant Superintendent Jail 2015, Civil Defense Officer 2015, Excise & Taxation
lnspector 2014. Excise & Taxation lnspector 2016, Lecturer Pakistan Studies 2014, Lecturer
Education 2017, Assistant Director Labour Weliare 2017, Assistant Superintendent Jail 20'16 &
Land Records Officer 2017)


Hafiz Muhammad Waseem Qureshi, Excise and Taxation lnspector


(Hafiz Muhammad Waseem Qureshi has passed more than 23 written

examinations of PPSC.)

No. Ghapter Page #


Ministerial Ouota (2019) I
MODEL PAPER 15:SUB INSPECTOR (Open Merit) -20'19 66
MODEL PAPER 16: SUB INSPECTOR (Service Quota) - 2019 74
Among Graduate Constables/ Head Constables 111
MOOEL PAPER 89: ASSISTANT DIRECTOR in the Directorate of Labour
wellare (Labour & Human Resource Deparlment) - 2019 413
MODEL PAPER 93: CARETAKER (BS-16) LabourAnd Human
Resource Department - 2019 431
MODET PAPER 99: Assistant (85-16) ('10K 2019) Labour & Human
Resource Department 459
MODEL PAPER '100: ASSISTANT (85-16)in Labour & Human
Resource Departmenl (20'l 9) 463
MODEL PAPER 108: JUNIOR CLERK (BS-1 1) Labour & Human
Resource Department- 2019 499
MOOEL PAPER '116: ASSISTANT (BS-16) 20'19 in the Population
Welfare Oepartment 536
Department / Punjab Treasury and Accounts
Service - 2019 (Morning) 667
Department / Punjab Treasury and Accounts
Service - 2019 (Evening) 672
. the Planning & Development Department 711
MODEL PAPER 156: ASSISTANT (BS-16) (11K 2019) Planning &
Development Department 719
Directorate General Protocol, S&GAD - 2019 733
MODEL PAPER 165: ASSISTANT in PPSC (BPS - 16) -2019 758
MODEL PAPER 166: ASSISTANT in PPSC (BPS - 16)-2019 760
MODEL PAPER 167: ASSISTANT in PPSC (BPS - 16) -2019 762
in the Labour & Human Resource Oepartment 896
(BS-14) 2019 in the Labour & Human Resource Departmeni 908
MODEL PAPER 200: Written Test for recruitment to the Post of ESE - Urdu in
Labour & Human Resource Department -2019 912

MOOEL PAPER 201 : Written Test for recruitment to the Post of ESE (GENERAL) an Labour
& Human Resource Department (BS 14) 2019 (Afternoon) 91,8
MODEL PAPER 202: Written Test for recruitment to the Post of ESE (GENERAL) (8S 14)
2019 in Labour & Human Resource Department (Evening) 923
Transporl Department Punjab 949
MODEL PAPER 208: INSPECTOR YOUTH AFFAIRS (BS-16) 2019 in the youth
Affairs. Sports Archaeology & Tourism Department 953
MODEL PAPER 209: DIVISIONAL COACH (BS-16) 2019 in the youth
Affairs, Sports Archaeology & Tourism Department 957
MODEL PAPER 213: JUNIOR CLERK (BS-'11) 20'19 in the Punjab
Board of Revenue Department 975
MODEL PAPER 215: CARETAKER (BS-16) Lahore High Court - 2019 984
MODEL PAPER 216: ASSISTANT (85-16) in Lahore High Court - 2019 988


GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (Held on Janrary 2, ZOIBI 13
MODEL PAPER 38: JUNIOR CLERK (BS-1'l) in Punjab Potice Department - 2018 176
(18J, 19J & 20J 2018) Excise, Taxation &
Narcotiis Control Department 208
(12J-13J 2018) Region (A, B & C Lahore) Excise.
Taxation & Narcotics Control Department
D G Khan Region - 20'18 217
in Additional Directorate (Held on 20-10-2018) 222
MODEL PAPER 83; SUB INSPECTOR Cooperative Societies (BS-11 ) - 2018 385
MODEL PAPER 94: LABOUR OFFICER (BS-16) Labour and Human Resource
Department 2017 (Held on January 14, 2018) 435
(Held on January 14,2018) 472
Resource Department - 20'18 504
MOOEL PAPER 135: FIELD ASSISTANT in the Agricutture
Department (BPS-16) - 2018
in the Agriculture Department (BS-'11) - 2018 626
in the Punjab Agriculture Oepartment 630
Government & Community Development Department 635
Authority, Revenue Department (2018) 658
General Administration Department (S&GAD) - 2018 7M

vll I
Education Department _ 2018 822
- 928
Women Developmeni Department (20.18) 961
MODEL PAPER 21 1: ASSTSTANT (BS-j6) in the Anti-Terrorism Court,
Puniab Home Department (2018) vbb
TRANSpORT punjab Forensic Science Agency,
Home Oepartment _ 2019 97'l
MODEL PAPER 217: JUNTOR CLERK (BS 1 1 ) in Lahore High Coun _ 2O1g
MODEL PAPER 221: ASSTSTANT (Ext) AH (BS_1ir) 2O1S in Livestock
& Oairy Development Department 101 1


in population Welfare Department _
20.17 5lg
MODEL PAPER 17: SUB |NSpECTOR (BpS 14) _ 2017 t7
2017 11S
MODEL PAPER 35: ASSTSTANT (BpS 16) in punjab potice Oepartment _
2017 163
MODEL PAPER 39: JUNTOR CLERK (BS 1 1) in puniab potice Department-
2017 1OO
Ring Road
Authority (Communication and Works Department) _ 2017 Zg7
MODEL PAPER 81: |NSPECTOR, Cooperative Societies (2017) 375
MODEL PAPER 84: SUB |NSPECTOR, Cooperative Societies (Region
Wise) (BS_11) - 2017 390
MODEL PAPER 85: MANAGER AUeAF (85-16)_ 2017 395
of Labour
Wetfare (Labour & Human Resource Department) _ 2017 417
MODEL PAPER 2'14: JUN|OR CLERK (BS_1 1) in the punjab
Department _ 20.17 979
MOOEL PAPER 163: JUNTOR CLERK (2017) in Overseas
pakistanis Commission (S&GAD) 74g
MALE & FEMALE) - 2017 7E9
police Department 2017 799
Srudies (BS-.tB)
2017 in the Higher Educatron Oepartment a17
(Mate & Femate) _2017 043
MODEL PAPER '187: LECTURER H|STORY (BS-i7) _ 20,17 748
in the
Higher Education Department _ 2017 875
MODIL PAPER 198: LECTURER URDU (BS_17) - 2017 902
MODEL PAPER 218: JUNIOR CLERK in Lahore High Courl (BS-11) - 2017 996


GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (Held on January 2' 2018) IJ


Posts of Provincial Managements Servlces. etc. - 2016 18

MODEL PAPER 18: SUB INSPECTOR (BS-14)(Open Merit)2016 82

MODEL PAPER 19: SUB INSPECTOR in the Puniab Police Department - 2015
(Held in 2016) 88

Head Constables / Head Constables in the Punjab
Pohce Department - 2016 121

MOOEL PAPER 41 TNSPECTOR (BS - 16) in Anti-corruption Establishment - 2016 190


in the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department
Prison (Home) Department 258
in the PunJab Cooperatives Department -2016 Paper - lll
(Pakrstan Studies / lslamic Studies / General Knowledge) 355

MODEL PAPER 95: LABoUR OFFICER (85-16) in the Labour and HunEn
Resource OePartment 2016 440



Food DePartment - 2016 540
iBPS-19) rn the Punjab Home Department - (2016)
MODEL PAPER 157: ASSISTANT (BS-16) in the Planning & Development
OePartment - 2016 724

MODEL PAPER 164: BRANCH OFFICER (BS-17) in the Punjab Public Service
Commission - 20'16 754
MODEL PAPER 178: DATA ENTRY OPERATOR (2016) rn Police Deparrment 803

MODEL PAPER 179r DATA ENTRY OPERATOR (BS-'12) in lhe Specral Branch
of Pohce Department - 2016 806


in the School Educatton Department - 2016 870

MODEL PAPER 219 ASSISTANT (BS - t6) rn Provrncral Drsaster

Managemenl Authonty Board of Revenue Puniab - 2016 1001

MODEL PAPER 222: ASSISTANT (Ext)AH (BS-16) in Livestock and Dairy

' Development DePartment 2016 101 5

MODEL PAPER 223: ASSISTANT (BS - 16) in the Chief Minister's Office,
Overseas Pakistanis Commission 201 6 1019

How to prepare and attempt the MCQs papers? 1

New Syllabus for General Ability MCQ Test ?


Ministerial Quota (20'1 9) I
GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (Held on January 2, 2018) '13


Recruitment to the Posts of Provincial Managements
Servrces, etc. - 2016 '18


the Posts of Provincial Managements Services. etc. - 2015 22
to the Posts of Provincial Managements Services. elc. -?014 28
I MODEL PAPER 9 (PMS General Knowledge Paper 2006) 42
1 0. MODEL PAPER 10: (PMS General Knowtedge paper 2005) 47
11. MODEL PAPER 1 1: TNSPECTOR LEGAL (Speciat Cadre) in the punjab
Police Department - 2015 paper: General Knowiedge 52
12. MODEL PAPER 12: INSPECTOR LEGAL (Speciat Cadre) in the punjab
Police Department _ 2015 paper: pakistan & lslamic Studies
13. MODEL PAPER 13: TNSPECTOR LEGAL (BS-17) 2013 - pakisran Sludies
& lslamac Sludies) 61
15. MODEL PAPER 1S:SUB TNSPECTOR (Open Merit) -2019 66
16. MODEL PAPER 16: SUB TNSPECTOR (Service euota) - 2019 74
17. MODEL PAPER 17: SUB TNSPECTOR (BpS 14) - 2017 77
18. MODEL PAPER '18: SUB TNSPECTOR (BS-14) (Open Merir) 2016 82
'19. MODEL PAPER 19: SUB |NSPECTOR in the punjab potice
Department _ 2015
(Hetd in 2016) 88
20. MODEL PAPER 20: SUB |NSPECTOR punjab Department From Amongst Graduate
Head Constabtes / ASls _ 20i 5 o?
21. MODEL PAPER 21: SUB TNSPECTOR (BS-14) - 2015 98
22. MODEL PAPER 22: SUB TNSPECTOR From Amongst craduate
Head Constables / Head Constables 2014 102
Ze. fUOOeL PAPER 23: SUB-TNSPECTOR in the punjab potice Department, 2014 107
Among Graduate Constables/ Head Conslables 111
25. MODEL PAPER 25: ASSISTANT SUB INSPECTOR (Service Quota)-2017 115
Graduate Head Constables / Head Constables in the
Punjab Police Department-2016 121
27. MODEL PAPER 27: ASI (BS{9) From Amongst Graduate Head Constables / Head
Constables - 2015 126
28. MODEL PAPER 28: ASI (BS-09) From Amongst Graduate Head Constables / Head
Constables,2o'|2 130
29. MODEL PAPER 29: ASI Police,2011 135
30. MODEL PAPER 30: ASI Police,2009 139
31. MODEL PAPER 31: ASSISTANT SUB-INSPECTOR (BS-09) From Amongst Graduate
Constables / Head Constables in the Punjab
Police Department,2oog 143
32. MODEL PAPER 32: ASSISTANT SUB-INSPECTOR of Police in the Punjab
Police Department,2oo8 148
33. MODEL PAPER 33: ASSISTANT SUB-INSPECTOR of Police in the Punjab
Police Department, 2006 152
35. MODEL PAPER 35: ASSISTANT (BPS 16)in Puniab Police Department - 2017 163
36. MODEL PAPER 36: ASSISTANT (BS-14) in the Punjab Police Department - 2015 166
37. MODEL PAPER 37: ASSISTANT (BS-14) in the Puniab Police Department - 2010 17'l
38. MODEL PAPER 38: JUNIOR CLERK (BS-11) in Puniab Police Department - 2018 176
39. MODEL PAPER 39: JUNIOR CLERK (BS 11) in Puniab Police Departmenr 2017 180
For Data Entry Operator in the Punjab Potice Department - 2017 see MODEL
PAPER 177 on page number 799
For Data Entry Oryrator in the Punjab Police Depanment - 2016 see MODEL
PAPER 178 on page number 803
For Data Entry Operator (BS-12) - 2016 in the Special Branch of Police
Depaftment - 2016 see MODEL PAPER 179 on page number 808
For Data Entry Operators (BS-11) 2015 in Punjab Police Depaftment see
MODEL PAPER 1180: on number 812
40. MODEL PAPER 40 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (lnvestigation) in Anti-Corruption
Establishment - 2015 186
41. MODEL PAPER 41 : INSPECTOR (BS - 16) in Anti-corruption Establishment - 2016 190
42. MODEL PAPER 42: INSPECTOR in Anti-Conuption Establishment, Puniab (85-16) 195
43. MODEL PAPER 43: ASSISTANT SUB INSPECTOR (BS-09) in the Anticorruption
Establishment Wing of Puniab (S & GAD) - 2015 200
44, MODEL PAPER 44 ASSISTANT SUB INSPECTOR ln Anti-Corruption Wing - 201 1 204
(18J, 19J & 20J 2018) Excise, Taxation &
Narcotics Control Department 208

(12J-13J 2018) Region (A, B & C Lahore) Excise,
Taxation & Narcotics Control Department 212
D G Khan Region - 2018 217
in Additional Directorate (Hetd on 20-10_20.18) 222
in the Puniab Excise and Taxation Department
Puniab Excise and Taxation Department 231
51. MODEL PAPER 51 : EXCTSE & TAXATTON |NSPECTOR 2010 in rhe punjab
Excise & Taxation Department 236
52. MODEL PAPER 52: EXCTSE |NSPECTOR paper 2008 241
Prison (Home) Department 258
Home Department 2015 268
Department, 2013 272
61. MODEL PAPER 61: CHTEF WARDER in the punjab (prisons)
Home Department - 20i 3 282
62. MODEL PAPER 62: TRAFFIC WARDEN in the puniab police Department - 213
Authority (Communication and Works Eepartment) I 2017 297
65. MODEL PAPER 63: JUNTOR PATROL OFFTCER in Communicalion and Works
Department 201S 301
in the punjab Home Department - (2015) 310

Home Department -2015
oFrrCEn ctvtL DEFENcE / cHIEF srAFF oFFlcER /
pnOVtruCtnf RESCUE OFFICER in the Punjab
2014 (Held in 201 5) 319
Home Departmenl
oiiCen ctvtL DEFENCE / cHIEF srAFF
Directorate of civil
iibVrNcrei Crscue oFFlcER ln the
Defence in the Puniab (Home) Department


in the Zakat and Ushr
Department (BS 17) - -
in the Zakat & Ushr
in The Zakat & Ushr
DePartment 2009
in the Zakat & Ushr
DePartment 200S
Paper 349
soclETlES (BP-17)
in the Punlab Cooperalives Department -20
16 Paper -
(Pakistan Studies / lslamic Studles / Gener al Knowledge)
Paper on: Pakistan Studies/ lslamic Studies
General Knowledge
g Studies/ lslamic Studies /
(f Pip-er On: Pakistan
General Knowbdge
SOCIETIES (2019) 374
Cooperative Societies (2017)
Societies - 20'12 380
82. MODEL PAPER 82: INSPECTOR Cooperative 385
Societies (BS-1 1) - 2018
84. MODEL PAPER 84: SUB I NSPECTOR. Cooperative 390
(Reg ion Wise) (BS-1 1)- 2017
airvrOOEL PAPER 85: MANAGER AUOAF (BS-16) - 2017
2014 399
(BS-'17) in the Punjab Auqal
Organrzalion Department 20l4

89. [\4ODEL PAPER 89: ASSTSTANT DTRECTOR in the Direclorate of Labour
Welfare (Labour & Human Resource Department) _ 2019 413
90. MODEL PAPER 90: ASSTSTANT DIRECTOR in the Drrectorate of Labour
Welfare (Labour & Human Resource Department) _ 2017 417
91. MODEL PAPER 91: ASSTSTANT DTRECTOR (Labour Wetfare) 2013 in the
Directorate of Labour Welfare (Labour & Human
Resource Department) 421
92. IVIODEL PAPER 92: ASSTSTANT DTRECTOR Labour Wetfare (BS-17) 2012 427
93. I,'IODEL PAPER 93: CARETAKER (BS-16) Labour And Human
Resource Department - 2019 431
94. I\,IODEL PAPER 94: LABOUR OFFTCER (BS-16) Labour and Human Resource
Department 20't7 (Held on January 14, 2O1g) 435
95. MODEL PAPER 95: LABOUR OFFTCER (BS-16) in the Labour and Human
Resource Department, 2016 440
97. MODEL PAPER 97: LABOUR OFFTCER in the punjab Department _ 201.1 M9
98. MODEL PAPER 98: LABOUR OFFTCER in the Labour & Human
Resource Department 454
99. MODEL PAPER 99: Assistant (BS-i6) (10K 2019) Labour & Human
Resource Department 459
100. MODEL PAPER 100: ASSTSTANT (BS-16) in Labour & Human
Resource Departmenl (201 9) 463
101. MODEL PAPER 10't: LABOUR |NSPECTOR (BS_j4) - 2019 468
102. MODEL pApER 102: LABOUR INSPECTbR (BS_14,2017
(Held on January 14,2018\ 472
103. MoDEL PAPER 10s: LABOUR |NSPECTOR (BS_j4), 2016 477
104. MODEL PAPER '104: LABOUR |NSPECTOR _ 2015 482
106. MODEL PAPER 106: LABOUR |NSPECTOR papet 2OO4 490
107. MODEL pApER .107. ACCOUNTANT (BS_17) 2015
in the Labour & Human Resource Department 495
108. MODEL PAPER '108: JUNTOR CLERK (BS-1 1) Labour & Human
Resource Department- 201 9 499
109. MODEL PAPER 109: SOCIAL SECURtry OFFTCER in the Labour and Human
Resource Department _ 20.19 504
10. MODEL PAPER 110: SOCTAL SECUR|TY OFFTCER in the Labour and Human
Resource Department _ 20.15 508
111 . MODEL PAPER 11 1: SOCTAL SECUR|TY OFFICER in the punjab Emptoyees
Sooat Security lnstitution (pESSl) under ihe t_aObuia
Human Resource Deparlment _ 201 1 513
Welfare Department - 2017 518
115 MODEL pApER 1i5: ACCOUNT OFFTCER (BS_17) 2014 in
Population Welfare Department 531
16 MODEL PAPER 116: ASSTSTANT (BS-16) 2019 in the popularion
Welfare Department 536
Food Department - 2016 540
Food Department (20'14) 544
119 MODEL PAPER 1'19: ASSISTANT FOOD CONTROLLER - 2010 in the punjab
Food Depa(ment 549
Punjab Food Department 557
124. MODEL PAPER 124: FOOD GRAINS INSPECTOR (BS-12) - 201 1 571
128. MODEL PAPER,I28 ZILLADARS - 20'11 in the Punjab lrrigation and
Power Department 588
129 MODEL PAPER 129 ZILADAR Paper 2004 593
130 MODEL PAPER 130 ZILADAR Paper 597
131 MODEL PAPER 131 TEHSILDARS 2012 Paper Pakistan Studies,
lslamic Studies & General Knowledge 601
132, MODEL PAPER 132 Combined Competitive Exam 2003. Paper General
Knowledge for TEHSILDAR and Assistant Registrar
Cooperative Societies 607
133. MODEL PAPER 133 NAIB TEHSILDAR (BS-14) 2009 in the Puniab
Board of Revenue Department 611
134. MODEL PAPER 134 NAIB TEHSILDAR (BS-14) 2008 in lhe Punjab Board
of Revenue Department 617
135 MODEL PAPER 135: FIELD ASSISTANT in the Agricutture
' Department (BPS-16) - 2018 622
in the Agriculture Department (BS-1 1) - 2018 626
in the Puniab Agriculture Department 630
138 MOOEL PAPER 138: ASSTSTANT DTRECTOR (BS-.t7) 2018 in Locat
Government & Community Development Departmenl 635
BS-17 in the Local Government & Community
Department - 2015 640
140. MODEL PAPER 140 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Land Records an the
Board of Revenue. Punjab - 20'14 Department 645
141. MODEL PAPER 141 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Land Records papet 2012
Board of Revenue 649
- 653
143. MODEL PAPER 143 SERVICE CENTER OFF|C|ALS in punjab Land Record
Authority, Revenue Department (2018) 658
AND FINANCE (BPS-19)'in rhe
Pun,ab Home Department - (2016) 663
Department / Punjab Treasury and Accounts
Service - 2019 (Morning) 667
146. MODEL PAPER 146 DEPUTY'ACCOUNTANT (BS-1 6) in Finance
Deparlment / Puniab Treasury and Accounts
Service - 2019 (Evening) otz
OFFICER in theFinance Deparbnent _ 2'0iP 678
148 MODEL PAPER 148: SENIOR AUDTTOR (BS-13) _ 201 1
149 MODEL PAPER 149: AUDTTOR 2010 in the punjab Finance Department
- 687
{UD|TOR (BS-14) _ 2010 in the punjab
Excise & Taxation Department 692
151 MODEL PAPER 151: DEpUTy ACCOUNTANT - 20j2 -in the punjab Treasuries
Establishment under the Finance Department 696
't52 MODEL PAPER 152: ACCOUNTS OFFTCER (BS-16) Mate/Fem ate _2O1.l
in the punlab Finance Department 701
) 705
the Plarming & Oevelopment Departn;nt . 711
(Planning) P & D Department. 2014 715
156 MODEL PAPER 156 ASSISTANT (BS- 16) (1 1 K 2019) planning &
Development Department 719
157 MODEL PAPER 157 ASSISTANT (BS-16) in the planning & Devetopment
Depadment - 2016 724
'xr ii
158 MODEL PAPER 158 LIBRARIAN in the Archives & Libraries Wing. S&GAD 728


Dlrectorate General Prolocol S&GAD - 2019 733


161 MODEL PAPER 161 JUNIOR CLERK - 2019 739

162 MODEL PAPER 162 JUNIOR CLERK (BS-1 1 ) Service &

General Administration Department (S&GAD) - 2018 744

163. MOOEL PAPER 163 JUNIOR CLERK (2017) in Overseas

Pakistanis Commission (S&GAD)
164 MODEL PAPER 164: BRANCH OFFICER (BS-17) in the Punjab Public Service
CommEsion - 2016 754
MODEL PAPER 165: ASSISTANT in PPSC (BPS - 16) -2019 758
'166. MODEL PAPER'166: ASSISTANT in PPSC (BPS - 16) -2019
r68. MODEL PAPER 168: ASSISTANT in PPSC (2018)
r69. MODEL PAPER 169:ASSISTANT in PPSC (BPS - 16) 2016
170. MODEL PAPER 170: ASSISTANT in PPSC (BS-14) 2015
172. MODEL PAPER 172: JUNIoR CLERK in PPSC (2018)
173. MOOEL PAPER 173: JUNIOR CLERK in PPSC (BS 11) 2016
-coNTROL OFFICER (BS-17) 2015 794


Police Department 2017 799
178. MODEL PAPER 178: DATA ENTRY OPERATOR (2016) in Police Department
179. MODEL PAPER 179: DATA ENTRY OPERATOR (BS- 12) in the Special
- 808
of Police DePartment 20'16


Puniab Police Department - 2015 812


2017 in lhe Higher Education Department 817


Educatlon DePartment - 2018

Education Department - 2015 827
Higher Education Department - 2013 832
l-Irgher Education Departflent - 2011 838
(Male & Female) -2017 843
187 MODEL PAPER 187: LECTURER HISTORY (BS-17) - 2017 748
188 MODEL PAPER 188: LECiURER HtSTORy BS-17 (Mate/Female)
in the Higher Education Department - 2015 8s3
189. MODEL PAPER 189: LECTURER HTSTORY BS-17 (Mate/Femate)
in the Higher Education Department - 2013 857
in the Higher Education Departrnenl - 2015 862
in the Schoot Education Department - 2015 866
in the School Education Department - 2016 870
193. MODEL PAPER 193: LECTURER |SLAM|AT BS1T (Mate/Female) in the
Higher Education Department - 2017 875
194 MODEL PAPER 194: LECTURER |SLAM|AT BS-17 (Mate/Femate)
in the Higher Education Department - 2015 880
195 MODEL PAPER 195: LECTURER ISLAMtAT BS-17 (Male/Femate)
in the Higher Education Department - 2015 885
196 MODEL PAPER 196: LECTURER tSLAMtAT BS-17 (Mate/Femate)
in lhe Higher Education Deparhtent - 2011 891
in the Labour & Human Resource Deparlment 896
198. MODEL PAPER 198: LECTURER UROU (BS-17) - 2017 902
(BS-14) 2019 in the Labour & Human Resource
Department 908
200 MODEL PAPER 200: Written Test for recruitrnent to the post of ESE - Urdu in
Labour & Human Resource Department -2019 912
201 MODEL PAPER 201: Writen Test for recruitment to the post of ESE (GENERAL)
in Labour & Human Resource Deparfitent
(BS 14) 2019 (Afiemoon) 918
202 MODEL PAPER 202: Wrinen Test for recruitment to the post of ESE (GENERAL)
(BS 14) 2019 in Labour & Human Resource
Department (Evening) 923
203 MODEL PAPER 203: EDUCATOR (BPS-16) - 2010 928

MODEL PAPER 162: Jul{lOR CLERK (891 1) S'rvice
(S&GAD) - 2018 744
C,eneral Adminidration Department
(2017) in OY:e-a:^
Pakistanis Commission (s&GAu)
(2019) 776
(BS 11) 2016 780
(BS-7) - 2015 7U
(BS 11) in Lahore High Court - 2018 991
High Court (BS-1 1) - 2017 996
(BS-11) 2019 in the Puntab
Board of Revenue D€Partment
(B$1 1) in the Punlao Revenue
OePattment - 2017


f fl fnen rl comes to one paper test conducted by the Servrce Conrmrssions or any olhet
l, l, that
body, the candidates confused as to what to study They usuatly take it easy thinking
U U it does not requtre much effort but they badly mistaken General knowledge has
wrde range of lopics and the candidates need to be fully aware of the areas which need to be
given greater importance This understanding puts them right on the track and by making best
use of their lime and energy. They can prepare it in the shortest possible timc. For this purpose
they need to have fair idea of the pattern which is usually follov,/ed by the Punjab Public
To start preparation without any idea of lhe pattem is nothing but to grope in the
darkness. The solution of the many previous papers of PPSC has made things much easier for
the candidates. This book will be of valuable assistance t9 them and by going through the book
they will undoubtedly be in a position to qualify any one paper test.
I have done my utmosl to reproduce maximum number of original papers. Howe\6r, I
am shocked as I see other publishers those are producing fake questions papers. ilere,
readers are the best judge
Readers can inform mistakes in the book directly to me

X tmtilzslt hld

xx l
6 Advanced PPSC Model
't4 Kalas Rat Temptes are revered Hrndu temples 26 SCO. Shanghar Cooperatron Organrzatlon
rn Pakrsian ln whrch drslrrct the temples was establlshed m
(A)'1995 (B) 2001
lA) Jhelum (B) Chakwal (c) 1996 (D) 2009
(C) Mranwalr (D) Dera Ghazr Khan 27 Accordrnq to a report publshed by IMF'
Pakistan-has been ranked in the
15 Nawab Malik Amrr Mohammad Khan also
known as Nawab of Kalabagh was governor world among countries facing acule water
of West Pakistan in 1960 He was from: shortaoe.
(A) Bahawalour (B) Mranwalr (A) 2nld (B) 3td
ici Mirpur rhas {D) D I Khan ict lttr (D) slh
'16 Attock Fort was built durrng the reign of which 28. AmnestY lnternalional is an inlernatlonal non-
Muohal? governireitat organizalion for Human Rqhts
lA)'Akbar (Bi Humayun I was founded in.
(C) Shah Jahan 'Dr Aurangzeb (A) 1960 (B) 1961

- 17 Bit ls also called

ici tgez (c) 1e63

{A) Brnarv Un( (B) B'nary Drg 29. A mec+lanical stopwalch can measure a tlme
icjB'nari System (D) Drgrtal System interval up to a mihimum ,- seconds
(At 0 20 s (B) 0.1 s
18 Accordtno lo World Bank what was the
orowth raite ot Pakrstan tn 2018?
ici o.s s (D) o 01 s
iet s.l"z" tB) 5 6'10 30. t|hen in ICC Champions Trophy did Pakistan
ici s r z"z" (o) 51oo/o defeal lndta?
(A) 18 June (B) 22June
19. Which of lhe followng Vitamin contains traces (C) 2+ Lune (D) 26 June
of S€lerium?
(A) Vitamrn A
(B) Vitamin E 31. Which among the following defines the event
ici vnamin o
(D) v amin K of Supemova?
(A) Expanding Black Hole
20. PROM chips are programmed by plugging (B) ExPloding Star
' lhem into: (C) Shinrng Comet
(A) ChiP Kits (O) Movrng Asteroad
(B) ROM bumers
(C) PROM Programmer -- 'Kino
32. of Pop" Michael Jackson was an
(D) PROM Reader AmiAcan sinler songwriter and dancer' He
21. IRSA, lndus River System Aulhority was
- lstauiisneo (A) June 2OOg (B) June2010
Ior regulating and moniloring the
walier sou-rces of lndus Rivers
ici June 2oo8 (o) June 2007
oisrriuution of
in: 33. Who among the following is known as the
tA| 1991 (B) 1992 Poet of Beauty?
tci rggs (D) 1ee4 (A) Wlliam Wordsworlh
(B) John Keats
22. Saqar Ooab is one of lhe five maiol
-- Sindh
J*0" oi 6e eun;au province. it is the tract ot
ic) Rudyard Kipling
(D) P. B. Shelley
land between the following rivers
(A) lndus and Chanab 34. ln mathematics, a solution to an equation that
- emeroes
' (B) Chenab and Jhelum ftom lhe process ol solving the
(C) lndus and Jhelum oroUtEm Uut is not a valid solution to the
ioi Jetrtum ano Ravi broblem is called solution:
(A) Homogeneous
23. Who is lhe cunent Chief ot Air Stalf? (B) Helerogeneous
(A) Sohail Aman (C) Ertraneous
. (B) Tahir Rafiq Butt
(c) Muiahid Anwar
(O) ldentical
(D) Zafar Mahmood 35. The number of elements in power set {1"2 3)
24. lntemational Molher Language is celebrated (A) 5 (B) 6
(A) 21 February (B) 21 March ic) 7 (D) E

iC) Zt lprit (D) 21 MaY 36. How many subsets'does an empty subset
25. Which among the given options is the capilal {A) 0 (B) 1

ot Kazakhstan?
(A) Tashkent (B) Astana ict z (D) 10

iCi oushanue (D) Asshabat 37. When a triangle has two congruent sdes. it is
.zlled triangle.
A) lsoGi6- (-B) Equilateral
AdYanced PPSC MCQS riodel Papers 7
(C) Scalene (D) lso Scale (C) Nepal {D} lndra
38 The _ rs equal to the sum of all the 50 Whrch provrnce among the follow|ng has Uch
. values in the data divrded by the number of Gas Freld,
values rn the data (A) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(Ar Mean (B) Mode (B) Punlab
(C) Medran (q) Geometnc Mean (ci Balochrstan
39. A IS a representatron of a (D) Srndh
frequency distflbution by means o, rectangles 51 How many countrres are there In Asra"
whose wdths represent class intervals and (A) 48 (B) 49
whose areas are proportronal to the (c) 50 (o) 46
corresponding f requenctes
iA) Pictograph (B) Hrstogram
52 A horse runs around a ground twtce and
(C) Pie Chart (D) Bar Chart covers a drsiance of I km one slde of square
ground as:
40. Whrch instrument rs su[able to measure the (A) I km (B) 4 km
internal diameter of a test tub€? (C) 2 km (D) 1 km
(A) Vernier Callipers
(B) Screw Gauge 53. Who among the lollowng rnvented brfocal
(C) Feeler Gauge spectacles and lighlning rod?
(D) Bore Gauge (A) Galileo
(B) Benjamin Franklin
41. Crude Oil is heated in the lumace up to (C) Thomas Edison
(A) 300.c (B) 350"C (D) James Madison
(c) 400.c (D) 450"C 54. Which gas field among the following is the
42. Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum is involved in second largesl gas lield in Pakistan which is
the synthesis and storage of being operated by OCGOL?
(A) Polysaccharides (A) Bobi Gasfield
(B) Proteins (B) Chaahar gas field
(C) Lipids (C) Oadirpur Gas tield
(o) DNA. (O) Uch Gas field
43. World Food Program an organrzatron of the 55. Mars, neighbour o, Earth, has naturat
United Nations was created at the behest of satellrtes
(A) U Thant (A) Two (B) Three
(B) Dwighl Eisenhower (C) Four (D) Frve
(C) J. F Kennedy 56. Max Planck won Nobet Pflze in Physics
(D) Kissinger rn

44. Asabiyya, a concept of social solidarity with

1918 for the discover of
(A) Time Constant
emphasis on unity. was given by (B) Energy Quantum
(A) lbn e Khaldun (B) Al Farabi (C) Heat Constant
(C) lbneHazm (D) Jarir At Tabari (D) Wave Constant
45. Muhammad lbn e Zakaria Al-Razi was a 57. Which among the following instruments is
polymath physician. atchemist and used to measure the amount o, ltquid
philosopher from precipitation (rain) over a set penod of time?
(A) lraq (B) Syna (4) lygrometer (B) Rain Gauge
(C) Iran (D) Mbrocco (C) Pedometer (D) Baromete;
46. Al-Oanun li at-tibb is an encyclopaedia of 58 Parsec is a unit used lo measure
medican€ in five books written by (A) frme (B) Speed-
(A) Al Farabr (B) Avrcenna (C) Distance (D) Force
(C) lbn e Hazm (D) Jarir Al Tabari 59. Solar eclipse occurs when:
47. Who among the tollowing drscovered the (A) Earth comel between Sun and moon
sunspots? (B) Moon comet between Sun and Earth
(A) Johannes Keptdr (C) Sun comes betwGen Earlhand Moon
(8) Einstein (D) Sun rays don't reach earth
(c) GatitQo 60. A camera uses convex lens to form an image
(D) Copernicus which is:
4E. Which crty was hit by the earthquake ot 1935? (A) Real. invened. magnified
(A) Muzaffarabad (B) euetta (B) Real. inverted, diminished
(C) Anock (Di peshawar (C) Virtual, lnverted, diminished
(D) Real. Upright. dimrnished
49 ln whrch country does the Balura Glaser Ie?
(A) Pakislan (B) Chrna
61. When NaHCOs rs heated. it pIodrces
(A) CO2 (B) CaCO3
I Acrvancad PPSC NCQS ltodel Paoets
'(c) ca(OHh (D) CaO (B) Ureter
62. Stoma. found in the epidermis of leaves (C) lnfenor Vena Cava
(O) SuP!'aPUbic Tube
water _
closes when guard cells
(A) Gain (B) Lose water 77. Edward Jenner successfully developed
(C) Exchange gas (D) None of these world's first vaccine io
63. lron and steel structures are damaged by: (A) 1.796 (B) 1696
(A) Carbon Monoxide . (c) 1896 (D) 1596
(B) Sulphur dioxide 78. The pancreatic ,uice which aids digestion is
(C) Carbon droxide secreted into?
(D) Methane. (A) LiYer (B) Duodenum
64. lnflammation of liver is caused by (C) Stomach (D) lleum
(A) Cholera (B) Hepatitis 79. Who among the following transmitted first
(C) Typhoid (D) Jaundice radio signal through air?
65. Paris Climate Agreement was adopted in: (A) Faraday (B) Marconi
(A) 2014 (B) 2015 (C) Eell
Graham (D) Tesla
(c) 2016 (O) 2017 80. High-tech exports of Pakistan stand at
66. The Uniled Nations Conference on (A) 0.7% (B) 0.8olo
(C) 0.9% (O) None ot above
Environmenl and Oevelopment (UNCED) also
known as RIO Summit was held in 81. Who among the rollowing Prime Ministers ol
(A) 1990 (B) 1991 Pakistan qecured Gwadar trom Oman?
(c) 1992 (D) 1993 (A) Feroz Khan Noon
(B) l.l. Chundriger
67. What is th€ speed of sound in air
(C) Ch. Muhammad Ali
(A) 1347 kmih (B) 123s krn/h (D) M. Ali Bogra
(C) 1290 kn'/h (O) 1495 km/h
68. Enzymes are basically made upof: 82. Mlli are small linger like struclures in the
(A) Fats (B) Nucleic Acids (A) Large intestine (B) Smallintestine
(C) Vitamins (D) Proteins (C) Stomacn (D) Esophagus
E3. Yeast is essential in making of bread because
69. What is the life span of red blood cells? it produces
' (A) 110days (B) 140days (A) Carbon dioxide (B) Bacteria
(C) 120 days (D) 170days (C) Oxygen (D) Sugar
70. What is the percentage of water present in our
E4. Karlarpur conidor links wtlich Gurdwara to
' (A) 75olo (B) Eso/o India:
(A) Pania Sahib(B) Darbar Sahib
(c) 9s% (D) 73016 (C) Sacha Sauda(D) Rohn Sahrb
71. ln order to make Nitrogen available to primary 85. Pakistan being Alma Ala signatory in 1978
producers like plants, in ecosyslem it is
launched. The National Program for Family
converted into: Plannrng and Pnmary health in:
(A) NitEtes (B) Nitrites (A) 1994 (B) 1968
(C) Ammonia (D) Nitric Acid (c) 1973 (D) 1985
72. Parthenocarpy is the produclion of fruil which 86. After fertilization, a fruit develops trom which
makes the fruit part of lhe Plant?
(A) Fullofseeds (B) Seedless (A) OvuleWall (B) Anther
(C) Bitter (D) Waterless (C) Ovarv (D) Sepals
73. The World Day to Combal Desertification and 87. Which disease is caused by the deficiency of
Drought is a United Nations is observed on
(A) 17 June (B) 17July Mtamin D:
(C) 17 August (D) 17May (A) Scurvy
(B) Rickets
74. A normal CD-ROM usually can store up to (C) Night Blindness
data? ' (D) All of these
(A) 650 mb (B) 680 mb
88. The largest famine hit Ethiopia in:
(C) 720 mb (D) 820 mb (A) 1980 (B) 1983
75. Denque is caused by which type of mosquito: (c) 1990 (D) 1993
(A) Culex (B) Marsh
(C) Aedes (D) Mayaro 89. The medians of a triangle cut each other in
the ratio:
76. Which tube among tfe tollowing Joins kidneys (A) 4:1 (B) 3:1
and bladder? lC\ 2:'t (D) 1:1
(A) Urethra
A PPSC Model I
90. Who among the folowing was the longest 95. Pepsinogen is converled into stomach in
servrng chairman of senate? (A) HCI (B) castrin
(A) Mian Muhammad Soomro (C) Bicarbonate (D) pepsin
(B) Wasim Saijad
(C) G.l Khan 96. Literacy rate in Christian world is 1OO%
(O) Habibullah Marwat compared to that literacy rate in Muslim world
91. Which among the following is responsible for (A) 50 % (B) 40 %
the clotting of the blood? (C) 60% (D) None ofthese
(A) Erythrocytes
(B) Platelets 97. Pakislan's population is what per cent of the
(C) Basophils world's population?
(O) White blood ce s lAl o/o
2.4 (Bt 2 6s %
92. Masticatron is called the process of:
(c\ 2.8ok @) 2.7 o/o
(A) Oigesting (B) Gnnding 98. Circumference of earth is around
(C) Chewing (D) Swa oiing (A) 20000 km (B) 30000 km
(C) 40075 km (D) 50000 km
93. At which temperature does bacleria die?
(A) 102 F (B) 106 F 99. lndian Railway started operation:
(c) 110 F (D) 120 F
(A) 1813 (B).1847
94. What is the colour of Oxyhaemogtobin?
(c) 18s3 (o) 1863
'loo.What is the title of Hazrat tbrahim (A.S)?
(A) Red (6) eriqhi Reo
(B) Dart Red (D) paie ye ow (A) Khalil Ullah (B) Katim Ultah'
(C) Saif Ullah (O) Jad-ut-Anbia
An swe f Key
1. b 14 b 27 b 40 e 53 66 c 79. b 92 c
2. a 15 b 28 b 4'l c 54 c 67 b 80.
3. 93 a
b 16 a 29 b 42 a 68 d
8'1. a 94 b
b b 30 e 43 b 56 b 69 c 82. b 95 d
5. b 18 b JI b 44 a 57 b 70 d oJ- b 96 d
6. b 19
7. a 20
a 45 c 58 71 c u. b 97 d
b 46 b 59 b 72. b 85. a 98. c
8. b 21 b 34 c 47 60. b a 86. c 99. c
9. b 22 c 35 d 48 b 61. a 74. b 87. b 100 a
10 b 23. c Jb, b 49 a 62. b 75. c 88. b
1'.| a 24. a 37. a 50 bJ b 76. 89. c
12 b 25. b 38. a a 64 b
77. a 90. b
c 26. c 39. b 52 d 65 b 7E. b 9't . b



Ministerial Quota ( 2019)
1 The capital of Chechnya is: (C) 22nd march
(A) Helsinki (B) Suva (D) 24th Ocrober
(C) Paris iO) Orozny 3. Who was the 2nd PM of Pakistan?
2 Wodd polio Day celebrated on: (A) Quaid-s.Aza m
(A) 22nd September (B) Khawaja Nanm Uddin
(B) 3rd Oecember (C) Malik chulam Muhammad
(D) lskandar Mirz
10 AdvancedPPSC NCQS Modet Papers
4. Antarctica is located in: (C) Bahawalpur (D) Farsalabad
(A) North pole (B) South pole 22. Laughing Gas is called?
(C) Both a and b (D) None of these (A) Carbon dioxide (B) Nitrous oxide
5. Total length of Durand line is: (C) Oxygen (D) Hydrogen
(Al 2422km lB\ 2421 km 23. The area between Ravi and Beas is called
(C) 2423 km (D) 2430 km (A) Sindh Sagar Doab
6. What is the capital of Jamaica? (B) Bari Doab
(c1 Ractrna Doab I
(A) Kingslon (B) Brussels
(C) Portugal (O) None of these (O) None of these
7. How many pro,ects under one belt one road 24. Which is the shortest of the Solar System?
arc? (A) Venice (B) Neptune
' .(A) 3 (B) 4 (C) Mercury (D) Earth
(c) 5 (D) 6 25. Which planet it the fastest from the sun?
E. In which year Musharraf became President. (A) Venice (B) Neptune
(A) 1999 (B) 2000 (C) Mercury (O) Earth
(c) 2001 (D) 1998 26. Which planet is visible from Earth?
9. The highest Walerfall is (A) Venus (B) Neptune
(A) Angel (B) Vicloria (C) Mercury (D) Earth
(C) lguazu falls (D) None ofthese 27 Panama country links.
10. Bhutto was the _ PM ot Pakistan (A) China and Japan
(A) 6rh
(B) 8rh (B) Russia and America
(c) (D) 10rh (C) Norlh and South America
(O) None of these
11 . Which is the largest Country by area?
(A) China (B) Russia 28. When did the Kargil war fought?
(C) USA (O) Canada' (A) 1997 (B) 1998
12. Which is the largest country by population?
(c) 1999 (D) 2000
(A) China (B) USA 29. After passing light through pnsm, light
(C) Russra (D) Canada .disperses in:
'13. ln which year Pakistan lefr common wealth?
(A) 5 Colors (B) 6 Colors
(C) 7 Colors (D) 8 Colors
(A) January,'1971 (B) January, 1972
(C) January,'1973 (O) January, 1974 30. when did Pakistan left cENTo?
'14. When did Zia died during plane crash?
(A) 1975 (B) 1976
(A) 1965 (B) 1986 (c) 1977 (o) 1979
(c) 19E7 (D) 1988 3'l How many Paris of ribs in human body?
15. Orugs are exerted through:
(A) I (B) 10
(A) Liver (B) Kidney
(c) 11 (D) 12
(C) Stordach (D) None of these 32 How many articles in lman?
16. He delights playing with children
(A) 7 (B) 10
(A) in B) to
(c) 11 (o) 12
(C) with (D) None of thes€ 33. When did Hazrat Ali (RA) became Caliph?
'17. Antonym of Enlice is:
(A) 30 AH (B) 31 AH
(A) Oraw (B) Repulse (c) 35 AH (D) 37 AH
(C) lure (D) None of lhese 34 Which country has the most volcanic activity
in the world?
18. Antonym of perilous is: (A) China (B) Japan
(A) Attracl (B) lure (C) Mataysia (D) lndonesia
(C) Draw (D) Safe
'19. Which is the biggest desert of the world? 35. To which country lmran Khan took his first
official visit?
(A) Thar (B) Thal (A) SaudiArab (B) China
(C) Sahara (D) Gobi (C) lndonesia (D) None of these
20. Which one is the biggest ocean of the world?
36. Distance from south to north pole is called?
(A) Artic (B) Pacific
(A) Latitude (B) Longitude
(C) Atlantic (D) lndian (C) Both a and b (D) None oflhese
21. Which is the largest district of Punjab?
37. ln which Language the Lok story Sussi Punnu
(A) Lahore (B) Multan has.been described?
A PPSC Model Paoers 11
(A) Punjabi (B) Sindhi (D) lskandar Mirza
(C) Balochi (D) None of these
38. What is the time difference between one
50 A:B:C:D is 5;2.4:
Ratio of 3. C gets
2000 more than B, how much B oet?
degree of longitude? (A) 1500 tB) 3OOO-
(A) 2 minutes (B) 11 minutes (c) 2500 (D) 2000
(C) 4 minutes (D) g minutes
51 Which Peak is not in Karakoram range?
39. Who the first lady fighter pitot of pakistan?
rs (A) Rakapshi (B) Tirch Mir-
(A) chazala Suteman (C) Masherbrum (D) Haramosh peak
(B) Maliha Sami
(C) Shukerya Khanam Whrch continent is 2nd in sile than Australia?
(D) Ayesha Farooq (A) Africa (B) Antarctica
(C) Europe (D) North America
40. By which amendment Article 56-28 removed
from conslitution? Which continent has no dese(?
(A) 10th (B) 8rh
(A) Antarctica (B) Europe
(c) 7th (C) Afnca (O) North America
ioi r eth
41. Whosesahabi went to Medina before Hiiarat? CNG stands for
(A) Hazrat Masab bin Umair (A) Converted Natural Gas
(B) Hazrat Abu Huraira (B) Conducted Natural Gas
(C) Hazrat Abdullah bin Jabblr (C) Conducted Natural Gas
(D) Hazrat Saad bin abi Waqas (D) Compressed Natural Gas
42. Who is the currenl chairman of lstamic 55 Numb€r of Urdu Atphabets are
ideological Councit of pakistan is (A) 34 (B) 35
(A) Ahmed Rayaz (B) eibta Ayaz (c) 36 (o) 37
(C) Haseeb Umer (D) None oithese 56 Painting Mona Lisa is associated with:
43. Who had been used the tit e Ameer-ul- (A) MEhaelAngelo
Mommeen First tt? (B) Leonardo Da Vinci
A) Hazrat U mar (RA) (C) Benjamin Franklin
B) Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) (D) None
C) Hazrat Usman (RA) 57 Sultan Ahmed Mosque of lstanbul is called:
D) Hazrat Ari (RA) (A) Sultan Mosque (B) tstanbut Mosque
44. When did crown prince Muhammad (C) Delhi Mosque (D) Btue Mosque
Salman visited Pakisian'? 58 ln which field Or Abdut Salam won Nobet
(A) June,201B Ptize?
(B) Oclober.2018 (A) Chemistry (B) Biotogy
(C) February.2018 (c) computer (D) physics
(O) None ofthes€
59 Precious gemstone "Emerald' is found in:
45. Synonym of Wheedle? (A) Swat (B) Gitoit
(A) Abnormat (B) Abstruse (c) Murree
(C) Deceive (D) None of these iDi ezio xastrmir
60 Which gas is responsible for gtobat warmrng?
46. in rvhich hijri Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) (A) Oxyqen
performed har? (B) Carbon Mono-oxide
(A) 1st Hr.tri (B) gth HUri (C) Carbon Dioxide
(C) 10th Hrlri (O) etn nfri (O) Hydrogen
47. Ti€ average of blood in human body is: 6'r The largest airport of Pakistan rs:
(A) 7 Liters (B) I Lrters (A) Lahore Allama lqbal intemationat
(C) 5liters (D) 6 Liters (B) Benazrr international Atrport lslamabad
46. Red Sea is located between (C) Karachi arrport
(A) Africa and North America (D) None of above
(B) Africa and Asia 62 Hand of Theft implemenied on woman named
(B) Asia and Europe 2
(O) None of these (A) Amara (B) Maryam
49. Whose Govemor General of pakistan has (C) Zainab (D) Fatima
sho(est tenure? 63. What was the real name of Hazrat Abu
(A) Ouaid-e-Azam Huraira RA?
(B) Khawala Nazim-u{in (A) Abdul Rehman lbne Sakhar
(C) G. Muhammad (B) Abdul Rehman lbne Talib
(C) Abdul Rehman lbne Tatib
12 Advanced PPSC MCQ9 Model Paperc
(D) None of these (A) Physical change
6,4. For how many time the name "Ahmea' is
(B) Chemical change
Mentioned in the Holy Quran?
(C) both a and b
(A) 11 (B) 17
(D) None of these
(c) 01 (D) 13 79. "Ricket" is a disease due to the deficiency of:
65. The populous city ot the world is: (A) Vitamin B (B) Vitamin K
(A) France (B) lndonesia (C) Vitamin A (D) Vitamin O
(C) Shanghai (O) None ort these 80. The meaning of'subway' is:
66, lce floats because: (A) Underground path
(A) Density of water is less than lce (B) Down path
(B) Density ot water is greater than ice (C) Both a and b
(C) Both (a + b) situation may be (O) None of above
(D) None of these 81. How many years Jahangir Khan remained
67. The longest mountain range is: (A) 3 years (B) 7 years
(A) Andes
(B) Karakoram range (C) I years (D) syears
(C) Himalaya range 82. Which country ranked 1st for "Besl qualaty of
(D) None of above life" ranking of BAV group-2o19
(A) China (8) France
68. How many masarif ol Zakat mentioned in the (C) Canada (D) Europ€
Holy Quran?
(A) 7 (B) 8 83. Which book revealed on Hazrat Isa as:
(c) 9 (o) 10 (A) Taura at (B) Zaboor
(C) Injeel (D) None of above
69 When did Pakistan won 1st hockey world
cup? 84. What is the total area of Pakistan?
(A) 1964 (B) 1971 (A) 860,912 Sq Km
lcl 1972 (O) 1975 (B) 790,98 Sq Km
(C) 7,96 96 Sq Km
70. Which country tirst of all recognized Pakistan? (D) 88'r,9'r 3 Sq Km
(A) lran (B) China
(C) Afghanistan (D) None ofthese 85. Per capita of Pakistan is:
(A) 5768 Rs (B) 5869 Rs
7'1. ln which region New Zealand is situated? (C) 5667 Rs (D) 5882 Rs
(A) Asia (B) Oceania
(C) Middle east (D) None of above 86. ln which direclion of Pakistan Russia lies?
(A) North-South (B) South-East
72. Which is the known as the 8th mntinenl? (C) North-East (D) None of above
(A) Eastem Europe (B) Oceania
(C) CentralAmerisa (D) None of these 87. Which is the largest river among Ravi,
Chenab and Sutlei?
73. Which day is shortest in Northern (A) Ravr (B) Chenab
(A) 22nd march
(c) sutlej (D) None of these
(B) 22nd September 88. How many aircrafts by MM Alam downed in
(C) 22nd Oecember one go,
(O) 22nd October (A) 5 (B) 6
(c) 4 (D) 3
74. How many surahs starl with Bismillah in the
Holy Quran? 89. Last advice of Holy Prophet was about
(A) 111 (B) 113 (A) Salat (B) Rights
(c) 114 (D) 11s (C) Men (D) Women
75. Light year is the unit of: 90. Synonym of Bristle is
(A) Coulomb (B) Ampere (A) Aliay (B) Pacify
(C) Pascal (O) None of these (C) Rise (O) None of these
76. What is the unit of pressure? 9'1. Antonym of Gambol is:
(A) Length . (B) Coulomb (A) Rise (B) Oown
(C) Ampere (D) Pascal (C) Jump (D) hit
77. Which is the largest industry of Pakistan? 92. lt is wise adhere the rules of your
(A) Leather (B) Textile ' parents.
(C) Garments (O) None of these (A) ln (B) on
7E. Boiling of eggs is a:
(C) to (D) with
Advanced PPSC MCQS Model Papers 'l.3
93. Creativaty allows language (A) Dr Paul Muller
accommodate new meanings:nd messages" (B) Charles Oarwin
(A) ln (B) on (C) Edward Jenner
(C) to (D) with (D) Or Bernard Christian
94. ln a 60-liter mixture, ratio of milk and water as 98. lndustrial revolution started with the invention
2:1. How much water must be furlher added to ol:
make il1:2?. (A) Wheel (B) Steam engine
(A) 60 liters (B) 50 liters (C) Spinning Jenny (O) Plato
(C) 40 liters (D) None o, these
99, The Greek epics 'llid" and "Odyssey'were
95. \rvhich waterfall is between America and written by
Canada? (A) Homer (B) Euclid
(A) Victoria (B) Nragara (C) Anstotle (D) Plato
(C) Angel (D) Yosemite '100.Which river is most often mentioned in the
96. Which is the deepest ocean ofthe world? Bible?
(A) Arctic (B) lndian (A) Colorado (B) Jordan
(C) Atlantic (D) Pacific (C) Darling (O) Ganges
97. Who presented the "Theory of Evolution"?
Answer Key
1. d 't4 d 27 c 40. b 53 b 66 b 79 d c
2. d 15 b 28 41. a 54 d a 80 93 c
3. b 16 a 29 c 42. b 55 d 68 b 8'r d 94 a
4. b 17 b 30 d a 56 b 69 b 82 d 95 b
5. d '18 d 31 d M. d 57 d 70 a 83 c 96. d
19 c
32 a 45. 58 d b u. 97. b
20 33 c 46. 59 a 72 d 85 98. b
8. 21 34 d 47. bU c 73 c 86. c 99. a
9. a 22 b 35 a 48. b 61 b 74 b 87. 100 b
't0 c )1 b 36 b 49. d 62 d 75 d 88. a
'11 b 24 c 37 b 50 63 a d 89. a
't2 a 25 38 c 51. b 64 c 77 b 90. c
13 b 26 a 39 d at. c 65 c 78. b 91_ b



Held n Janua 2 2018
'1. Who was the inventor of Mouse?

(A) Douglas Englebart (A) Adolf Hitler

(B) Ada Lovelace (B) Napoleon Bonapane
(C) Charles Babbage (C) Rommel
(D) None of these (D) Hindenburg
2. Name the person, who was exiled to Saint 3. CT scan stand for which of the following?
Helena atter renowned battle of "Waterloo' in (A) Computed Tomography
(B) Computer Topography
11 Advancd PPSC MCQ9 Modd PaoerE
(C) Computed Topography (B) Strait of Hormuz
(D) Computer Tomography (C) Dover Strait
(O) Davis Strait
4. Normandy is in?
(A) ltaly (B) England 19 Shortest day in Australia will be on?
(C) Austria (O) France (A) 25 December (B) 22 December
5. Sir Laurence Olivier was an?
(C) 1sJune (D) 21 June
(A) Engineer (B) Actor 20 Mention the nickname of atomic bomb that
(C) Comedran (D) Politician was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945?
6. 'Kofi Annan'a former Secretary General of (A) Little Boy (B) Daisy cutter
U.N.O belonged to:
(C) Big Giant (D) Sharp boy
(A) Tanzania (B) Kenya 21 The Treaty of Sevres was signed in?
(C) Ghana (D) Chad (A) 1921 (B) 1924
7. Capital of the Ghana is:
(c) 1920 (O) 191e
(A) Harare (B) Accra 22 Mustafa Kamal Pasha abolished the Khilafat
(C) Kinshasa (D) Banjul in?
8. The country of Ghana was formerly known by
(A) 1921 (B) 1924
what name?
(c) 1926 (O) 1920
(A) Grain Coast (B) Gold Coast 23 "We the people of United Nations" are the
(C) lvory Coast (D) Slave Coast opening word of which of the historical
9. Congo is the new name of: (A) Human Right Charter
(A) Madagascar (B) Petrograd (B) US charter
(C) Zaire (O) Cape Canaveral (C) UN Charter
'10. Black Pool is? (D) UNHCR Charter
(A) Mountain (B) Town 24. Koh-€-Judi is located in?
(C) Airport (D) Strait (A) lndia (B) Turkey
'11. Rakh Ghulaman Livestock farm is in? (C) Sri Lanka (D) lraq
(A) Okara (B) Sahiwal 25. Koh-eToor is in?
(C) Bhakkar (D) Mianwali (A) Sinai (B) Syria
'12. Whrch is the biggest fresh water lake in the (C) lraq (D) Egypt
world? 26. The name of Ceylon changed into Sri Lanka
(A) ChilkaLake (B) Caspian Lake in?
(C) Dal Lake (D) Lake Superior (A) 1965 (B) 1972

13. Which is the deepest lake in the world?

(c) 1s76 (D) 1974
(A) Titicaca (8) Victoria 27. One yard is equal to how many meter?
(C) Baikal (D) Superior (A) 0.989 m (B) 0.914 m
(C) 1.125 m (D) 1.150 m
14. Ural Mountain is in?
(A) England (B) Turkey 28. 1 BTU is equal to how many joules?
(C) Greece (D) Russia (A) 1055 (B) 1075
15. Which country is the 2nd largest oil producer
(c) 1050 (D) 1155
in the wodd? 29 One Gram of gold is equal to how many
(A) Russia (B) USA Milligrams ot gold?
(A) 100 mg (B) 500 mg
(C) Kuwait (D) Saudi Aiabia
(C) 1000 mg (D) 10,000 mg
16. Bering Strait separated Russia from?
(A) China (B) USA 30 Adam's Peak is located in?
(A) Nepal (B) lran
(C) Japan (D) Canada
(C) SriLanka (D) India
17. Opium War was fought between China and?
(A) French (B) Portuguese 31 One lnch is equal to?
(C) lndian (D) British (A) 2.5 c1n (B) 2 cm
18. lntemational dateline passes through?
(C) 2.54 cm (D) 3.00 cm
(A) Bering Strait 32 lf 5X-15=50 then find the value of X?
{A) 15 (B) 17
Advancad PPSC nCOs l odel Papets 15
(c) 13 (o) 11 47. Which is used as moderator in atomic
JJ Oldest inhabited city in the world is? reactor?
(A) Harappa (B) Mohenjodarro (A) Water (B) Uranium
(C) Damascus (D) Taxila (C) Platinum (D) Heavy Water

34 The Cultural Center of Gandhara Civilization 48. Guava is a rich source of:
was situated at present day in: (A) Vitamin C (B) Vitamin D
(A) Afghanistan (B) Pakisran (C) Vitamin A (D) Calcium
(C) China (D) lraq 49. "Conversations with Myselr' was written by?
35 Oldest monarchy is: (A) Barak Obama (B) Nelson Mandela
(A) SaudiArab (B) UAE (C) Tony Blair (D) None ofthese
(C) Japan (D) Kuwait 50. Diameter of Jupiter is_ times of earth's
36 Father of Homeopathy is? diameter?
(A) Samuel Hahnemann (A) 13 (B) 11
(B) Hahnemann (c) s (D) 10
(C) Sigmund 51 . Which is the hottest planet in the Salar
(D) Robert Oover System?
The book 'Wealth of Nations' was written by. Jupiter
(A) (B) Mercury
(A) John Marshal (B) Kart Man Uranus
(C) (O) Venus
(C) Max Muller (D) None of these 52. Plato was _ of Aristotle.
38 Communist Manifesto was originally published (A) Student . (B) Son
in which language? (C) Son-in-law (D) Teacher
(A) Greek (B) Russian
(C) French 53. Quaid-e-Azam jorned Mushm League in
(D) German
(A) 1913 (B) 1914
39 The famous incident of Boston Tea Party took (c) 1911 (D) 1916
place in?
(A).1770 (B) 1765 54. The Jallianwala massacre took place in:
(c) 1773 (D) 1776 (A) April 1919 (B) Decemb€r't919
(C) Apnl 1921 (D) April 1920
40 Ahmad Khan Kharal the famous character of
War of independence belongs to? 55. 'Jallianwala Bagh'is located in:
(A) Gogera (B) Satiana (A) Lahore (B) Dethr
(C) Jhamra (D) Cheecha Watni (C) Lucknow (D) Arnritsar
41 Faiz Ahmad Faiz was imprisoned for his 56. First Noble.Prize rn physics was awarded to?
(A) Priestly
alleged involvement in _ conspiracy
(B) Roentgen
(A) Agartala (B) Lahore
(C) Attock (D) Rawatpindi (C) Madame Curie
(D) Alexander Flemang
42 "Pride and Prejudrce' was wntten by
(A) Jane Austen (B) Thomas Hardy 57. Which among the followng is ancient wonder
(C) Agatha Christi (D) ceorge Orwefl of world?
(A) Eiffel Tower
43 Cholera is caused by? (B) Taj Mahal
(A) Cocci (B) Varus (C) Lighthouse of Atexandria
(C) Bacteria (O) None of these (D) None of these
44 Which of the following disease is not caused 58. 200 candidates applied for exams, from which
by virus? 180 candidates appeared in exam and 70'per
(A) . Small pox (B) Potio cent passed, how many failed?
(c) Typhoid (D) Mumps (A) s7 (B) 52
45 Which among the following is Starch digesting (c) 54 (o) ss
(A) Protease (B) Lipase
(C) Amylase (O) None of these ' Conversotion With Mysef is a collection of Nelson
46 Another name for Vitamin C is: Mandela's speeches, letters, conversataon and some of
(A) Ascorbic Acid (B) Acetic Acid his publications. lt a continuation of hisforme. bobk
(C) Citric Acid (D) Lysozyme Long Walk to Freedom.
16 Advanced PPSC tloQs tlo.tet pa,/ers
59. lf X=28 and Y=51, then (X+Y)+(X-Y)=? (C) Kachin (D) None of these
(A) 53 (B) 56
72. Khad' is the intelligence agency of:
(c) 5e (D) 61
(A) lraq (B) Afghanistan
60. Who was the inventor of prinling press? (C) Egypt (D) Russia
(A) Johannes Gutenberg
(B) Louis Pasteur 73. The National Bird of Pakistan is:
(C) Oliver Cromwell (A) Chukor (B) Pigeon
(D) St. Augustine (C) Eagle (O) Panot
74. Aab-+.Hayat was tvritten by:
61. Euro is the cuffency ot (A) Muhmmad Hussain Azad
(A) Norway (B) Denmark
(C) ltaly (B) Nazir Ahmad
(D) Sweden (C) Allama lqbal
62. lf A completes a iob in 20 min and B in 30 (D) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
mins. if they do the same job together how
much time will lhey take?
75. Silicon Valley is located in;
(A) New York (B) Florida
(A) 1s (B) 20 (C) Mexico (O) Califomra
(c) 25 (O) 12
63. Which 76. The only Hindu State' in lhe World is:
of the following districts of Balochistan
(A) Sri Lanka (B) Nepal
contains huge deposits of Copper:
(C) Bhutan (O) lndia
(A) Loralai (B) Sibbi
(C) Khuzdar (O) Chaghi 77. The Nobel Prize for Economics was
introduced in
64. Kachura Lake is situated in:
(A) Gilgit (B) Kaghan Valley
(A) 1969 (B) 1986
(C) Baltistan (D) None of these
(c) 1990 (D) 1987
78. Malabar is the old name of?
65. Patella is present in? (A) Chennai (B) Madras
(A) Skull (B) Thorax (C) Munibai (O) Calcutta
(C) Kne€ (D) Elbow
79. lf the mood of a person swings ftom normal to
66. Working boundary is a boundary between extreme behavior is due to?
(A) lndian Held Kashmir and Azad Kashmir (A) Autism (B) Schizophrenia
(B) lndia and Pakistan (C) Bipolar Oisorder (O) Epilepsy
(C) lndian Held Kashmir and Pakistan
(D) Azad Kashmir and Pakistan 80. Novel "War and Peace' was written by:
(A) Leo Tolstoy (B) Tito
67. What does RAM in a computer stand for? (C) Shelly (D) Shakespeare
(A) Read and Memorize
(B) Random Access Memory 81. Most powertul hurricane to hit the Caribbean
(C) Random Access Module in September 2017 was?
(D) Random Access Modern (A) Maria (B) Katrina
68. URL is an abbreviation of:
(C) lrma (D) None of these
(A) Uniform Room Locator E2. Neutron was discovered by:
(B) Universal Resource Locator (A) Newlon (B) Priestly
(C) Universal Room Locator (C) James Chadwick (D) B. Franklin
(O) Uniform Resourc€ Locator 83. During the process of photosynthesis, plants
69. Wife of Bill Gates is the CEO of Gates releases the
Foundation, what is name of her wife? (A) Carbon (B) Orygen
(A) lvana (B) Melinda (C) Nitrogen (O) Ammonia
(C) Milana (D) None of lhese 84. Huijatullah-il-Baligha was wriften by?
70. The lengthbt Siachen Glacier is _ (A) Shah lsmail
mile. (B) Haji Sharial Ullah
(A) 56 (B) 49 (C) Syed Ahmad Shaheed
Q) 47 (O) None of rhese
71. folseqution of Rohingiya Muslims as in which
stte bf? :Nepal was ooce the worlds only Hindu state, but has
(A) Kaylin (B) Rakhine ceased to be so following a declaration by the
Padiament in 2006.
Adv, PPSC Model PaoeB 17
(D) Shah Wali Ullah 93. Sharm-el-Sheikh is the name of?
85. An example of a heredrty disease is: (A) Airporl of lran (B) Egyptian Seaport
(A) Polio (B) Hemophitia (C) A Mountain (D) None of these
(C) Cholera (D) Typhoid 94. LNG stand foA
E6. Shape of the Mrtky Way Galaxy is: (A) Liquefied Naturat Gas
(A) Rectangular (B) Spirat (B) Liquid Natural Gas
(C) Ellipticat (D) Circutar (C) Liquid Neutral cas
(D) None of these
87. There were 69 members in first constituent
assembly; this number was increased to 95. The Statue of Liberty was presented to the
in order to give representation to United States by the peopte of:
princely states and refuges. (A) Britain (B) Germany
(A) 75 (B) 79 (C) Canada (O) France
(c) 81 (D) S5 96. Habsha is the old name of?
88. What is height of K.2? (A) Ethiopia (B) Uganda
(A) 661'l Meters (B) 8611 Meters (C) Kenya (D) Tanzania
(C) 7611Meters (D) 9611 Meters 97. Break bone fever is communicated by a
89. Before the partition of lndia in i947, how mosquito: it is another name of:
many princely states existed? (A) Oengue (B) Mataria
(A) 49 (B) 54 (C) Epilepsy (D) Afl ot these
(C) 562 (D) None of rhese 98. Kalas Raj Tempte is in?
90. Name the biggest barrage of pakistan? (A) Jhelum (B) Chakwat
(A) Sukhar Banage (C) Lahore (D) Attock
(B) Taunsa Barrage
(C) Guddu Banage 99. Amnesia is related lo:
(O) Ghutam Muhammad Barrage (A) Sleeping sickness
(B) Loss of sight
91. lf you have "Caries" then which doc{or should (C) Loss of hearing
be consulted? (D) Loss of memory
(A) Dermatologist (B) Orthopaedist
100. The British Government announced the
(C) Oentist (D) Neurotogist annulment of Parlition of Benoal in
92. The average weight of human heart is? (A) 1910 (B) 19i1
(A) 250 gm (B) 300 sm (c) 1912 (o) 1926
(C) 350 sm (D) 4OO sm

A nswer Key
1. a 14. d b 40. c 53 a oo.
2. c 79 c 92.
b 15. a 28 a 41. d 54 a 67.
3. b 80 a 93. b
a 16. b 29 c 42. a 55 d 68. d 81 94. a
1. d 17. d 30 c 43. c 56 b 69. b c 95. d
b 18. a 31 c 44. c c 70.
lo c 83 b 96. a
6. d '32 c 45. c 58 c b 84 d 97.
7. b 20. a a
33 c 46. a 59. b 72. b 85 b 98. b
8. b 21. c u. b 47. d 60. a 73. a 86 b 99. d
9. 22. b 35. c 48. e 61. c 74. a 87 b 100. b
10 b 23. c 36. a 49. b 62. d 75. d
c 88 b
11 24. b 37. d 50. b 63. d 76. b
12 89 c
d 25. a 38. d 51. d 64. c 77. a
13 90 a
c 26. b 39. c 52. d 65. c 78. b 91
20 Adranced PPSC MCQS Model Paoa,s
(C) Basic canal (C) Astigmatism (D) Autism
(O) Back canal
61. Which of the following is the most common
48. Where is the bile stored and intermittently form of colour blindness, usually found in
released into the small intestine lo aid males?
digestion? (A) Difficulty in distinguishing red from green
(A) Kidney (B) Lrver (B) Dimculty in distinguishing red from blue
(C) Gall Bladder (D) Pancreas (C) Difficulty in distinguishing red from orange
49. Blood circulales in which parts of the body? (O) Difficulty in distinguishing blue from black
(A) Veins (B) Arleries 62. Disease which travels itself from place to
(C) Capillaries (D) All of these place is called:
50. Which blood group is a Universal Donor? (A) Endemic (B) Eprdemrc
(A) Group A (C) lnfection (O) Airborne
(B) Group B 63. What is H5N1?
(C) Group AB (A) Fungi (B) Vacone
(D) Group O negative (C) Vrrus (D) Bacteria
51. Which part of the brain contains centers for 64. Objecls having the same size, shape and
the control of respiration, hearl-beat and blood measurement are:
pressure? (A) Similar (B) Congruent
(A) Medulla oblongata (C) Symmetrical (D) Variant
(B) Medulla 65. A line passing through a circle away from its
(C) Cerebellum centre is called:
(D) Cerebrum (A) Radius (B) Diameter
52. The strudure in a cell which contains lhe (C) Segment (D) Chord
genes is c€lled:
66. The sum of the angles in a triangle is:
(A) Genetics (B) Saliva (A) 360. (B) 180'
(C) Manow (D) Chromosome
(c) 280" (o) e0.
53. Who coined the term gene?
(A) John Dalton
67. Accordi4g to the Pythagoras Theorem (When
(B) Dalton Gene
the hylotefuse- is C):
(A| a'- b" = c' (B ) a2+b2+c2=O
Wilhelm Johannes
(D) Andrew Fleming tCi a2+b2=c (D \ a2 +b2=c2

54. Vitamin A is essentialfor: 68. Two polygons are similar if:

(A)Skeletal growth
(A) Allconesponding sides are proporlional
(B)Preventirig night blindness
(B) All conesponding angles are equal
(C)Healthy epithelia tissue
(C) Both A and B
(D)All of these
(D) None of these
55. Which vitamin prevents haemonhaging? 69. The area of a trapezium is:
(A) B1 (B) 812 1
(A) ix base , height
(c) E (D) K
56. How much blood does a normal adult person (B) Z^basearea' height
have in the body?
(A) About 6 to 7 litres (C) r sum of parallel sides \ height
(B) About 2 to 3litres Z
(C) About 4 to 5litres (D) 7-
sum of parallel sides
(D) About 3 to 4 litres '
57. Hydrochloric acid is necessary ior easy 70. The volume of a sphere is:
digestion ot:
(B) Carbohydrates
(D) Proteins
(C) nr3
+,rt (B) t-nt
(D) 2nr
58. Which vitamin is Fovided by sunlight of the 71. Mid-term breaking is applied to:
human body? (A) Quadraticequations
(A) Vitamin D (B) Vitamin C (B) Linear equations
(C) Vitamin E (D) Vitamin A (C) Perfecl squares
59. When was HIV identified? (D) Polynomial tunctions
(A) 1987 (B) 1985 72. Whal is the next term for the sequence
(p) 1983 (D) 1980 486,162,54,18,6....
60. Which disease causes ditficulty in breathing? (A) 3 lBl 2
(A) Asthma (B) Anemia (c) 1 (D) 4
Actyanced PPSC tt6Qs Nodfrt paoers 21
73. What is 0 004 , 0 5? 87. Judicial Body of UN is ca ed:
(A) 0.2
(c) 0.002
(B) 0.02 (A) lnternational Court of Justce
(D) 0 ooo2 (8) General Assembly-
74 ln the equalion of a straight trne, what does (C) Secunly Councrl
the letter 'C' represents? (D) International Cflminat Court
(A) Gradrent (B) x tntercepl 88. COP 22, the 22nd Conference of the parties of
(C) y lntercept (O) y Coordinate the UN Framework Convention on Climate
75. When 73 is added to 09 and the amount is Change, was hetd in 2016 in:
doubled, it gives the same resun as the (A) Paris (B) Marrakesh
square of '18. What is the answer: (C) New York (Oj Moscow
(A) 164 (B) 162 89 Which country has the largest resources of
(c) 160 (D) 163 crude oil?
76. What devices accept data from outside lhe (A) Russia (B) USA
computer and transfer it anto the CpU? (C) Kuwait (D) SaudiArabia
(A) Analogue to drgital conveders 90. The highest batttefield in the wortd is:
(B) Sensors (A) Tibet (B) Siachen Gtacier
(C) lnput devrces (C) Jafna (D) Kashmrr
(D) Digital devices
91 Summer Otympics for the year 2O2O wrlt be
77. Which short cut key is used to rnserl a new held in:
slide in power point presentation? ({) Tokyo (B) Beijing
(A) Ctrl * S (g) Crrt r n,t (C) Athens (D) Hanoi
(C) Ctrl + N (D) Ctri + B
92. A country's total financial obligalions to the
78. Spam or fraudulent e-mails are also called: rest of the world are known as:
(A) Phishing scams (A) Total burden
(B) Junk mait (B) Totatdebl
(C) Pharming scams (C) Nationat tiabitities
(D) Malware viruses (O) External debt
79. Who was the inventor of Mouse? 93. Brexit referendum was held on:
(A) Douglas Engtebart (A) October 23 2016
(B) Ada Lovetace (B) August 23, 2016
(C) Charles Babbaoe (C) June 23,2016
(O) None of these - (D) April 23,2016
80. Which is the largest hardware company of 94. Which political party does US president Etect
computers? belong to:
(A) Microsoft (B) De[ (A) Labour (B) Liberats
(C) Hp io) rrly Space (C) Oemocratic (D) Republicans
81. Which of the following is a conventionat 95. The term Track-ll Diplomacy is used for.
designation of pre-released software? (A) Managing retations between two
(f) Alpha (B) Omega countries using official channels
(C) Raw (Dj Beta (B) Managing relations between two
I 82. Temporary storage place for information in a countries using unofficial channels
computer is called: (C) Prplomacy by iiiptomats during war
' (A) Back up (B) Buffer (D) None of above
(C) Binary fite (D) Data recorder 96. The first of the sevenleen Sustainable
83. The Prevention of Eleclronic Crimes Acl rvas Development Goals relates to:
passed in Pakislan in the vear: (A) Climate Action
(A)2013 (Bt'2014 (B) Qualrty Education
(c)2015 (D) 2016 (C)
Poverty Alleviation
Marine Life
84. When was the last census held ln pakistan?
(A) 1972 (B) 1981 97, The largest producer of solar energy in the
(c) 1ss8 ioj zoot worid is:
(A) Germany (B) USA
85. Malakand Pass mnnects peshawar with: (C) Russia (D) Hofland
(A) cilgjt (B) Swat
(c) Drr (D) Chitrat 98. One barrel of Petroleum rs equalto:
(A) 34 97 UK gattons
86. H_eadquarters of Arab League is located at (B) 42 US gallons
(A) lehran (8) Carro (C) 0 '159 cubrc metre
(C) Riyadh (D) Tunrs (O) None of these
26 Advanced MCQS Model Paoers

Victoria Cross. dunng the Frrst World War. ln 74 Hinool Natronal Park. located in Makran
whrch countrv was he 'rghtrng where he Disinct Balochlstan. rsfamous for [s
performed th6 act of bravery. which eamed A) Thick forest cover
him the Mctoria Cross? B) Archaeologrcal sites
(A) France (8) Austria C) Mud volcanoes
icj Betgrum (D) Netherland D) Cold springs
75 Falkland lslands or the Malvinas lslands are
disDuted between the Un(ed Kingdom and:

trkffi I .
{A) Brazil
iCl Arsentrna
76 Grassland plains
tB) Russra
(D) Chile
located in Argentina are

E-rxERAL q
{Al Prairies
icl st.ppes
(B) Downs
(o) Pampas
UII TNowLEDGE 77. Strait of Gibraltar connects the Allantic Oc€an
with the:
(A) Pacific Ocean
(B) lndran ocean
(C) Mediterranean Sea
I (D) None of these

,, EH 78 Taj Mahal rs located on the bank of nver:

(A) Jamna (Yamuna)
(B) Ganges (Ganga)
(C) Nerbada
(O) Brahmaputra
79 The capital ol Kosovo is.
{A} Zaohreb (B) Prtstina

x IDti., $.nd
fl 80
iCl Saiateuo (D) Bratislva
Usain Bolt holds the world record for 100

EI meters race To which :ountry does he belong

(A) Earbados {B} Jamarca
-TE (C) USA (D) Kenya
69. Deosai National Park is remarkable as it is 81. Detroit. USA is associated with
one of the highest plateaus in the tYorld with industrv-
an averaoe ;levatron of 4,114 meters. ln (A) Atitomobrle(B) Computer
whrch regiin of Pakistan is rt located? ici rovs (D) Electronics
(A) Balochistan
-- Faiz
82. Ahmad Faiz was awarded-the Lenin
(B) Gilglt-Baltistan P;ace Prize in 1962. 11 which year did A-bdul
(C) Potohar-Puniab Sattar Edhi receive the Lenin Peace Pnze?
(D) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Al '1988 (B) 1990
70. G.T Road is one of the main highways of ici rsgz (D) 1e9s
Pakistan. What does G.T stand for? E3. The world famous paintings on the ceiling of
(A) General Traffic tha Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City were
(B) Grand Trunk oainted bv
(c) General Tumer ial Saniro Bottiecelli{B} Leonardo da Vincr
(D) Khyber Pakthunkhwa ici laictretangeto (D) Pietro Perugino
71. How many administralive Divisions are there 84
- Dudno the visit to lslamabad of lndian Foreign
rn Punlab? Min,sier. Shushma S\,raral. rl was agreed to
(A) 8 (B) 6 resume Composite Oologue between lndia
(c) 3 (D) 9 and Pakistan. ln which year the two countries
72 Which one ot the following districls of Punjab first aoree to have reqular structured dlalogue
has the lowest Population density? in theiorm of comPosite dralogue?
{A) Dere Ghazi Khan (B) LaYYah (A) 1996 (B) 1997
(C) Raianpur (D) Bahawalpur ici rgea (D) 2oo4
73. Lal Suhanra National Park is located near: 85. who said 'Right is a reasonabl€ claim
(A) Multan (B) Bahawalpur recognized by the society and enforced by the
ic) o.c. xtran (D) sahiwal state".
(A) Laski (B) Bosanquet
Advanced PPSC NCQS lrodet Paoers 27
(C) Green (D) Marx 93. "Facebook" is one of the most popular social
networking servrce When was it launched?
86. Who among the following argues that the fault (A) 1998 (B) 2000
lines of civilization are the breeding grounds of (c) 2003 (D) 2004
conflicts in the century
(A) Francis Fukuyama 94. Famous Urdu poet Mustafa Zaidi was by
(B) Samuel Huntington profession a.
(C) Henry Kissrnger (A) University Professor
(D) Nelson Mandela (B) Eusinessman
87. The "Zero Sum Game as employed by the (C) Lawyer
(D) Civil Servant
supporters of 'game theory' assumes that:
(A) The loss of one party is the gain of the 95. Article 257 of the Constitution relates
other party specifically to Jammu and Kashmir. According
(B) The loss of one pa(y is the loss of the to the Article when the people of Jammu and
other party as well Kashmir accede to Pakistan then:
(C) The gain of one party is the gain ofthe (A) They shall become citizens o,
other Party independent Kashmir
(D) The gain or loss of one party has nothing (B) Kashmir shall become a province of
to do wath the gain or loss of the other Pakistan
party (C) People of Kashmir shall determine the
relationship betwe€n th€ state and
88. Herbert Simon identified four basic Pakistan
motivations of subordrnates to accept the will (D) Kashmir shall become an autonomous
of superior. Which one of the following is not region
one of them?
(A) Rewards and Sanctons 96 The tirst banle of Panipat was lought between:
(B) Sociat disapproval (A) Alexander and Porus
(C) Legrtimacy (B) Babar and lbrahim Lodhi
(D) Subordinates confidence in superioas (C) Babar and Rana Sanga
ability (D) Humayun and Sher Shah Suri
89. Maslow's Needs Hierarchy' theory relates to 97. lndra tested its frrsl Nuclear device on:
(A) Motivation (B) Leadership rA) 15 May 1972 (B) 1B MaY 1974
(C) Communication (D) Upward mobility (C) 11 May 1998 (D) 20 May 1999
90. Who said "Man is by nature a political 98. HDI (Human Development lnder) as an
animal"? indicator of the well-being of a country, was
(A) Winston Churchill (B) Kad Marx the brain child of:
(C) Aristotle (D) Francis Bacon (A) Amarlya Sn
(B) Javier Pere de Guellar
91. During the British rule the only British King to (C) Adam Smith
visit lndia and hold his Darbar was: (D) Mahbub-ul-Haq
(A) Edward Vll (B) George V
(C) James ll (D) Edward Vl 99. Zimbabwe was earlier known as:
(A) Soulhern Rhodesia
92. Ramsar Convention provides a framework for (a) Gold Coast
national action and international cooperation (C) Burkina Faso
for conservation a wise use of wetlands. The (D) Belgian Congo
Conyention was adopted in 197'l in Ramsar,
which is a city located in: lOO.VVhal is the function of the heart Pacemaker?
(A) lran (B) Egypt (A It decreases the heart beat
(C) Morocco (O) Tunisia (B It regulales the heart b€at
(c It increases the heart beat
(D It accelerates blood supply to the heart

Answer Key
1. b 9. b 17 b 25 b d 41. a 49 a 57. c
2. d 10 18 c 26 a u. c 42. d 50 a 58. c
a 11 a 19 a 27 d 35. d 43. a 51 c 59. a
c 12 a 20 a 28 36. b 44. d 52 b 60. c
d 13 b 21 29 d 37 d 45. c 53 c ot. ?
6. b 't4 c 22 c 30 c 38 a 46. c 54 a 62. d
7. b 15 c 23 d 31 d 39 a 47. c 55 a 63: a
8. d 16 d 24 5Z b 40 c 48. a 56 b 64 c
ldCnc.{, PPSC rcOs flodr, Ao.rs ff
(A) Sarajevo (B) Zagreb "Titanic" broke up and sank after colliding w[h an
(C) Salonika (O) None olthese iceberg in the cold end st l night lt went-down so
9'1. The procedure of shattenng the gallstones _quickly.lhat most of those on board. caught in their
and kidney stones by shockwaves, is aalled: da.t survived The rest died of hypotherirra before
(A) MRI (B) Kidney Surgeiy -
the rascuers could pick them ftom the sea. The
final death toll was almost 1500. However. there
(C) Angiography iO) t-rnoti,psy
were manyjueshons about the stnktng of Tttantc
92 On 'l gth December 20 1 6 d '. Ru8si4t fd whysdmany survtvors were men rn lhe pnme
- Ambassador was shot dead WhrL & thit of thar lrh. whrle most of the dead were women
incident happen? chrldren and the elderly
(A) lstanbul . (8) Aotrara
"can tn&rs{and I tom r€ading
(C) Kabul (D) Bag?rdad 97. Onc the
passage that:
93. P.kistan has signed and ratifed Un ed (A) The lits saving equipment did not wort
Nations: and the lifeboals could not be low€rud.
(A) Combating Desertification and Drought (B) Design fault and incompetent crai of the
(B) lnlernatroial Convention on Ciimate Tilanic were responsible for its sinkang
Change (C) One hundred and fitty people managed to
(C) lntemational Labour Convention on Child le€ve the ship bl',t dled in freezing water
Labour (D) Most of the victrms were trapped inside
(D) Allofthese their cabins with no chance to save
94. At the end of a conference the 10 people themselves
present all shake hands wilh each other once. 98. lt is clea. irom th€ passage that the survivors
How many hand shakes will there be of Titanic:
altogether? (A) Helped each other overcome post-
(A) 20 (B) 35
(c) 4s (o) 5s
traumatic deptessbn
(B) Were mostly young men
95. Which of tho bllowing cattle disease has been (C) Helped save hundreds of lives
eradicated worldwide? (D) Drd not tell the nvostigators anything
(A) Mad Cow disease about th€ eccident
(B) Foot and Moulh disease 99. According io thc passage, ttrhcn titanic sarlk:
(C) Rinderp€.i (N) lew of thc passengeG were fast aste€p
(D) Sovine Tuberculosis (B) Th€re wef3 proper numbers of libboatB
96. When a dis€ase occurs over a large area of and board
eaIthl surracs at one timB. it is callcd: (C) Faster reaction from the crew could have
(A) Enderflic diseese saved more lives
(B) Efiremic diseGe (D) All passengers had come on the open
(C) Pafthmic dis€rsr! deck before TiEnic sank
(D) None of these 1oo.The final death toll of the sinking of Titanic
Answer tlle Question Nos 97. 98. 99 and 100 afier was:
careftr{y iladirc thc folloxing passage: (4) 50 including womin. children and elderly
(B) Almost 1500 including men in the prime
Ship builders n€ver claam that a ship is unsinkable.
but sinking ot the -Tilanic" in the Northern Sea
of their l e
(C) Almost 1500 moslly women. children and
should never have happened. lt vyas well designed
the elderly
and carefully mainlarned lt camed proper number (D) Almost 1350
of -liteboats.,lt was thoroughly inspected d day
betore its falal voyage. Yet hours later, tha

Answer Key
b 10 a '19 d 28 37 c 46 c 55 a 64 d
2 d 11 d 20 b 29 c 38 47 a 56. b 65 c
d 12 b 21 a 30 b 39 c 48 c 57 b 66 d
4 d 13 d 22 a 31 a 10 b 49 a 58 d 67 c
5 a 14 b 23 d 32 a rll b 50 a 59. c 68
6 d 15 b 24 b 33 b 42 a 51 60. c 69 d
7 c 16 a c 34 43 b c 61. b 70 a
I b 17 c 2b d 35 c 44 d 62 d 71 a
I d 18 27 c 36 c 45 54 a 63 72 b
82 Advanced PPSC TTCQS tloclel Paoerc
73. b 77. d 81. a 85 b 89 c VJ. d 97. d
74. b 78. a 82. c 86 d 90 a 94. c 98. b
75. d 79. a 83. b 87 ? 9l d 95. 99. b
76. c 80. d 84. b 88 a 92 b 96. 100. c


suB rNsPEcToR (BS-r4) (OPEN MERIT) 2016

l. Allama lqbal got his Ph.O. degre€ from the 6. Who wa6 the author of the lamou3 boot
University of Munich. What was the toprc of
his Ph.O. thesis? (A) G€ollc OrEn
(A) The Oevelopment of MetaphFi6 in (B) Alexan&r Soi*enitsyn
Persia (C) Joseph Conrad
(B) Evolution of Rumi's Metaphysrcs (D) Franz Fanon
(C) Reconstruction of Religious thought in 7. \rfiat do you understand by Carrcus'?
lslam (A) Group of peode rn a Focession
(O) None of these
(B) Group ot people making noFe
2. Nandos is a popular intemational fast food (C) A closed politcal meeting
chain which country did it orignate in? (O) A group of peop+e dancing
(A) USA (B} UK
8. The capital of the Ummayad dynasly' wa:
(C) lndia (D) Sotnh Africa (A) Baghdad (B) Cairo
3. What is "lkebarE"? (C) Madina (D) None ofth€s.
(A) A form of martial aris
(B) Japanese flower anangement 9. Human bon€s do not contain rmr A nc
(C) Japanese dance form follgwing?
(D) Samurai tradfion of Ja[nn (A) Phosphorous (B) Calcium
(C) Carbon (D) Oxygen
4. The orilrinal natives of tld Zealand. f,fros€
10. lryhat was tfle narB of the Comnis.ion
war dance is still us€d by the New Zealand
rugby team, were: appointed to prob? ir o the 1970 cri$ in th.
(A) Aborigenes (B) Zuluz East Pakislrn?
(C) Maons (D) Fijians (A) Jus{ic. Shahhddio Cornmisai.rr
(B) B.A.R Courn€lirs Commirtion
5. Which ot the tollowing polilical parties did no! (C) Agarlala Prcb€ Cornmission
boycott the Simon Commission'? (D) Hamood-ur-Rchman Commission
(A) All lndia Muslim League
I '1. Corwert lo lndirect iorm: lte sri, :Humhl Wc
(B) lndian National Congress
have won the match'.
(C) Unionist Party
(D) Hindu Mahasabha
' ln some [rS states, a meetmg at which lo(al membeE
of a political party register their prefeaence amoog
t Jinnah protested atainst the Simon Comm;ssion €andidates running for oftice or select delegates to
along with the Congress and other leadeR of the attcnd a.convention.
subcontinent. He tried to unate the Muilims to see how ' The Umayyads we.e an tslam;c dynasty established
this commission would not be b€neficial for thedl, but by the caliph Muawiyah I (Mu'awiya) in 661. An earliet
at thi5 point the Muslim League split into two; Jinnah caliph, Hazrat Uthman (r. 544-56), had been a membet
who opposed the Simon Commission headed one of the powerful Umayyad clan, but he was murdered
faction known .s the 'Jinnah Group' while 9r and teglaced by HazratAli. When Muawryah, D.eviously
Mohammed Shafi who was in tavor o, coop€ratinS with governor of Syria, seired the caliphate, he made the
the Simon Commission headed the other known as the sutcesgion he.editary and thut inaugurated dynastic
'Shafi Group'. Jinnah gtroflgly criticized the commission rule. F.om their'capital at Damagcus, the Umayyad
calling lt a 'butchery ot our souly. Jinnah Group caliphs ruled a vast empire, enendioS from Europe to
bov.^t: r,l the Commission whereas Shafi Groupd lndia, until 750. Thereafter th€ line continued in Spain
cooperated with the Commission. until 1031.
Advamed FPSC i COs kde, Paocrs 03
(A) He exclaimed with joy that they had won 20. Mr Masood Khan is currently president ot
the match Azad Jammu & Kashmir. What was his last
(B) He told them that they had won the match assignment b€fore becorning the president?
(C) He asked if they had won the match (A) Permanent representative of Pakistan to
(O) He exclaimed that they have won the ,UN
malch (B) Ambassador of Pakistan to China
'12. The historic city of Kairouan in Tunisia was (C) Foreign Secretary
founded in 670 AD by: (D) Director General. hstitution of Stretigic
(A) Musa bin Nusayr Studies. lslamabad
(B) Sultan Suleman I
(C) Uqba bin Nafey
(O) Khalid bin Waleed Dr.lqra Imtirt
13. The compound used in anti Malaria drugs
(A) Chloroqurne (B) Aspinn
(C) Neoprene (D) lsoprene
is: i
.tr ILJ
14. Which of the following is associated with Excet
(A) Graphic program
(B) Word processor
(C) Presentation (O) Spreadsheet
'15. EBDO' was promulgaled by Ayub Khan in
1959. Whal does EBDO stand for?
(A) Eleded Bodies Oissolution O.der
(B) Electoral Bodies Dissolution Order {
(C) Electoral Boundaries Oelimitation Order OBJECTIVE
(D) Elected Basic Democrats Order
16. A computer cannot function without: GENERAL
(A) Micosoft Office
(B) Operating System
(C) lntemet Connection
(O) Anlivirus Protection r..hPrir.rrrb,!..aea'
17. Which ,ile format can be added to a Power - - t'.r ; unb
Point show? > E E!d ., ..'
(A) .sif (B) .ipg
(C) .wav (O) All of these
18. What is the arithmetic mean (average) of 2, 4.
6, 8, 10 and 12?
21. Rocket propulsion is based on:
(A) Einstein's Theory of Relativity
(A) 5 (B) 6 (B) NeMon s second law of motion
(c) 7 (D) I (C) Newton's third iaw of motron
19. Airbus rs an aircraft manufacluring company (D) none of these
Its headquarter is in:
(A) USA (B) Germany 22. Che.Guevara. Marxist revolutionary closely
assocrated with Fidel Castro. was from:
(C) France (O) UK (A) Cuba rB) Bohvra
(C) Ecuador iD) Argentana
23 Photosynthesrs in planls takes place faster in:
(A) Yellow light (B) Red light
(C) Darkness (D) White light
' All option are wrong. ln August 1959, Ayub Khan
passed the gectiv€ Eodils Oisqualtfioatiotr Ordcr 24. ln which year were the Sustainable
(EBDO). Under this, 75 leaders were disqualified for Oevelopment Goals adopted by the United
participating in political activities for 8 years (until (A) 2014 {B) 2015
December 1.965). Under the EBDO, Ayub Khan primarily (c) 2016 (D) 2010
targetted East Pakirtani politicians from the Awami
teague while lerving the Muslim League largely
U Advancod PPSC MCQS rlodel Paoers
25 Peatl Harbour. a US Naval base. was bombed 36 Which leader of the lndian National Congress
by thus provoking formal entry of termed the Lahore Resolution of '1940 as
the US.in the Second World War "Jinnah's rantastic proposals"?
(A) Germany (B) ltaly (A) M K. Gandhi
(C) China (D) Japan (B) Jawaharlal Nehru
26 The autobrography ln the Lrne of the Fire- (C) RaJ Gopalachoriya
was wntten by (D) Motilal Nehru
(A) Freld Marshall Sam Manekshaw 37 Which of the following frles have an mpg
rB) Lt. Gen Sher A[ Khan Pataudr eltension?
(C) Lt. Gen. Shahid Hamid (A) Audio (B) lmage
(D) Gen. Pervez Mushanaf (C) Video (D) Flash
Hazral lbrahim (AS) was _ years old 38. Statistical study of human population is called.
when Hazrat lsmail (AS) was born. (A) Ecology (B) Anthropology
(A) 84 (B) 85 (C) Entomology (D) Demography
(c) 86 (D) 67
39 Convert to passrve vorce Our task had been
28 Ahmad Shah Masud of Arghanistan was a: compleled before sunset
{A) Talik (B) Uzbek (A) We completed our task before sunset
(C) Pakhtun (D) Hazzara (B) We have completed our task before
29 Rasputin in a nolorious character of History, to sunset
which country did he belong? (C) We complete our task betore sunset
(A) Germany (B) lsrael
(D) We had completed our task betore sunset
(C) llaly (D) Russia 40. Which of the following has the maximum
30 Name the first President of USA who vrsited density?
Pakistan. (A) Water (B) lce
(A) Owight D. Eisenhower (C) Benzene (D) Chloroform
(B) Lyndon Johnson 41. General Qamar Javed 8ajwa, Chief of Army
(C) John F. Kennedy Staff belongs to the _ Regiment.
(O) Richard Nixm (A) Punjab (B) Baloch
31 Hazrat Umar (RA) remained the Caliph for (C) Azad Kashmir (D) Frontier Force
almosl: 42. How many Goals have been identilied in the
(A) 2 years B 4 years Sustainable Oevelopment Goals?
(C) 8 years o '10 years (A) 12 (B) 14
32. A hasa brother'B' is son ot'C'. D' is (c) 1s (D) 17
falher of 'C' What relalion is 'B' of 'D' 43. Fill in the blank: A large procession was taken
(A) Son (B) Brother against nsing prices
(C) Grandson (D) Cousin (A) About (B) Our
33 Name the Angel who was designated to (C) ln (O) For
delver messages to Prophet Muhammad 44 Complete the number seires 3 2 7 61't,
(PBUH). trom Allah.
(A) Hazrat Jibraeel (AS) {A} 13 (B} 4
(B) Hazrat Mekae€l (ASl (c) 8 (D) 10
(C) Hazrat lsrafeel (AS)
(D) Hazrat lzraeel (AS, 45. Water drops are spherical because of
(A) Air pressure (B) Density
34 lf the cost price of an articie rs 25olo ol its (C) Viscosity (D) Surface tensron
selling price then what rs the profil in
percentage? 46 Complete the rdrom -Best things come rn
(A) 150e; (8) 200%
(A) lostallments (B) Joys
(Cr 300% (O) 350%
(C) Packages (O) cifts
35. Alongside a wall ol 225 meters long, 26 trees
are planted al equal distance, one tree being 46. Which instrument is used to measure altitude?
at each end of the wall. What is lhe distance
between two consecutive trees? '
(A) 8m (B) 9m 2nd numb€r is less by 1 than the 1st number and 3rd
(C) 10 m (D) 11 m number is more by 5 than the 2nd number. The same
rule tollows rn other numbers of the ie(es.
Advanced PPSC Madel Paoers 85
(A) Audiometer (B) Barometer (B) A victory procession
(C) Altimeter (D) Anemometer (C) Unruly cr6wd
49. Who at present holds the office of the Chiet (D) Highly disoplined crowd
Executive in lhe Afghan Government? 61. Complete the idiom: -Cross your
(A) Ashraf Ghani when you come to them'
(B) GulbuddinHekmatyar (A) Bridges (B) Roads
(C) Abdullah Abdullah (C) Obstacles (D) Rrvers
(D) None of these 62 Simplify: 188001470120 = ?
50. What was the name of Quaid-e-Azam's first (A) 1 (B) 2
wife? (c) 3 (D) 4
(A) Ruttle Jinnah 63 Choose the correct sentence
(B) Emibauinnah iA) Farsalabad rs as famoLrs crty as Lahore
(C) Maryam Jinnah (B) Farsalabad is famous crty as Lahore
(D) Gulzar Jinnahpoonia (C) Faisalabad is the famous city as Lahore
51. Dushanbe ls the capital of: (D) Faisalabad rs as famous a oty as Lahore
(A) Turkmenistan (B) Kazakhstan
(C) Tajikistan (D) Uzbekistan 64 ln 2006 the UN General Assembly decrded to
52 Synonym of Rookie is replace the UN Conlmrsslon on Human Rrghts
(A) Expert (B) Professronal wrth the:
(C) A newrecruit (D). An old man (Ar UN Human Rrghts Commrttee
(B) UN Human Rights Department
53. Which file is responsible to start MS Word? lC) UN Human Rights Councrl
(A) Wnword.exe (D) UN Human Rrghts Agency
(B) Win.exe
(C) Word.exe 65 EBDO introduced by Ayub Khan in '1959
(O) Word win.exe qarnly atfected polrtrcrans from
g. Choos€ lhe conecl sentence among following:
(A) NWFP (B) Balochistan
(A) He
(C) East Pakistan (D) Sindh
was promted as DSP
(B) He was promoted DSP 66. Which of the following shorlcuts is used to
(C) He was promote DSP make text [allic?
(D) He prcmoted as OSP (A) Ctrl + U (B) Ctrl + I
(C) Ctrl + B (D) Ctrl i P
55. "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity', as a slogan, was
the hallmark of the: 67. Who is currently the Supreme Commander of
(A) BolshevikRevohdion the Armed Forces of Pakistan?
(B) French Revolution (A) Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef
(C) American war of independence (B) President Mamnoun Hussain
(D) Cuban revolution (C) Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa
(O) Gen. Zubair,vlahmood
56. The first OIC Summit conference was held in:
(A) Lahore (B) Cairo 68. Synonym of incessant is:
(C) Jeddah (D) Rabat (A) Exreme (B) lntermrttent
(C) Continuous (D) Occassiontl
57. States ol Dir, Chitral and Swat were
incorporated in NWFP in: 69. Which one of the following is the founder of
(A)1968 (B) C1969 Apple Computers?
(c)1970 (D) C1971 (A) Steve Jobs (B) Bill Gales
(D) None olthese
(C) Mark Zuckerburg
58. What is a mixture of Potassium Nitrate,
Charcoal and Sulpher called? 70. Which of the following disease'affects the
(A) Paint (B) Aluminum skin?
(C) Brass (D) Gunpowder (A) Rrckets (B) Osteoporosis
59 What do you understand by Shoal?
(C) Anemia (D) Pellagra
(A) Large number ol insects together 7'1 The theorem ln a nght angle trangle the area
(B) A large group of horses of the square of hypotenuse is equal to the
(C) Group of unidentified flying objects sum of the areas o, the squards of the other
(D) Large number of Rsh swimming together two srdes". was drscovered by:
(A) Archrmedes (B) Pythagoras
60. What is meant by Corlage? (C) Isaac Newton (D) Socrates
(A) A funcral procession
86 . Advance<l PPSC MCQS Nodel Paoers
72 Synonym of Fictitious is: 81. Which archipelago in the lndian Ocean 6 also
(A) Flattering (B) Truthful a member of SAARC?
(C) False (D) Genuine (A) Seychelies (B) Sri Lanka
73. Who was the last Govemor General of Hong (C) Maldives (D) Guam
Kong before it was handed over to the 82. Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is buried at:
Chinese by the British? (A) Bail-ul-Muqadus (B) Tehran
(A) Sir Leon Britton (C) Oon (D) Baghdad
(B) Chris Patten 83. Complete the ldiom: -Too many cooks spoil
(C) Sir James Barrington
(D) None of these the _
(A) Food (B) Broth
74. What is the first name of President Putin o{ (C) Meat (O) None of these
(A) Nikita (B) Alexander 84 ln a computer what does DPI means?
(A) Oots Processing lnch
(C) Uri (D) Vlad'mrr (B) Dots per lnch
75. Which is the full form of Wi-Fi'? (C) Oiagram per lnch
(A) Wireless Fidelity (B) Wired Fidelity (D) Diagram Processing lnch
(C) Wrreless Focus (D) Wiretess Freld 85. Complete the number series: 4, 6, 9, 13.
76. Who is currently the spokesperson ot the
Pakistan Ministry of Forergn Affairs? (A) 15 (B) 12
(A) Ms. Tasnrm Aslam (c) 18 (D) 17
(B) Nafees Zakriya 86. A library received an average of 510 visitors
(C) Kazi Khaleelulah every Sunday and on other day 240. What is
(O) lftikhar Warraich the average number ol visitors in a month of
77. Who among the following concluded the 30 days beginning with Sunday?
Treaty of Seringapatam with Tipu Sultan? (A) 280 (B) 285
(A) Wanen Hastings (c) 290 (D) 295
(8) Lord Cornwallis 87. Who is the cunent Chairman of the Senate?
(C) Roben Clive (A) Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan
(D) John Dalhousle (B) Syed Nayyar Bokhari
78. The tenitorial claim over the island of Abu (C) Sabir Ali Baloch
Musa is disputed between: (D) Raza Rabbani
(A) lraq and lran 88. The headquarters of the Organization for
(B) lran and UAE Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is located
(C) lran and Oman in:
(D) Kuwait and lraq (A) Austria
79. Choose the correct sentenc€ from follovving: (B) Netherlands
(A I requested her to kindly help me (C) Geneva, Switzerland
B I requested her to help me kindly (D) New York, USA
I kindly requested her to help me 69. Who was the first amongst men to accept
D I requested her kindly to help me lslam?
80. Shahiahan, the Mughal Emperor, was (A) Hazrat Usman (RA)
removed from throne by; (8) Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)
(A) Prince Khurram (B) Hemu (C) Hazrat Umar (RA)
(C) Dara Singh (D) Auranzeb (O) Hazrat Ali (RA)
90. What is the unit of work and energy?
(A) Joule (B) Kilogram
(C) Ampere (D) Kilowaft
' Wi-Fi is the name of a popular wireless networtiog
techngloty that uses radio waves to provid€ wireless
1 ( r!"f''.i i?" .g j
hith-speed lnternet and network connedions. A
common misconception is that the term Wi-fi i5 short
ti1/ p1 cn.! 6t
for 'wireless fidelity," however this is not the cas€. Wi-
Fi is simply a trademarked phrase that means.lEEE
v./g')v1 1o1 &pt
AdnncedPPSC CQsModetProers E7

t( 'i j LJFt-ttt' jv",f

-,2",,t'!;e" .g2 '.t,a -'i'' :+ 4'',,
\.-/ -16r-,rr. 181
. 17a: \Al
jr'r| Pl )g()v,t (A) ;tist 1oi =.ij
t,,Jl @) [-.: 1c1 (:.--*"'.:t'ii 4
-:1" gt
:t1if f,';i;,i: L -ir" s: t-'-Q, \Bl ;@:+,t, (A)
\ -.
tt,#(J: fi lB) ;t'.'ti.' (A) v7 r-'r'; 1g1 ;o t::-t l.C)
7? "-
tvtl (Dl !'p., (C) (',.'v(,e
-- /Li,iJ":,-:" .96

Y" :;'6"";'g
'-zv-'? v" ' * -'i.r l;- r 1Br r;i;''" 14,

.l.i .9 t l :-?i:r:' iD) -t.:--i (Ct

sti (D) -, (c) '. -: ,;.:.J;.:,,t,::,-i'.9r .99

.r ,!-l? t';rtJ;-=v,?{! .r-:,s jlri (B) ,:y (A)

PJ,:q. lol t:l

-'r.ti i=i trt .
t 3.P v -:,,{ c't )j,l,' i1. :
-: ;:,,,f, .no
J,u (D) \j r'A2t (cl
,'- (B) I r,r (A)

tc_rJ fl4,* x "i, tot -r,u (c)

"(,.t cvi<-tLt'+'+il
Answer Key
1. a 14. d 27. c 40- a 53 a 66. b 79. b 92. d
2.d 15. b 28. a 4'.1. b 54 a 67. b 80. d 93. d
3.b 16. b 29. d 42. d 55 b 68. c 81. 94. a
4.c 17. d 30. a 43. b 56 d 69. a 82. d 95. a
5.a 10. c 31. d 44. d 57 b 70. d 83. b 96. b
6.a 19. c 45. d 58 d 7't. b 84. b 97. c
7. c 20. d 33. a 46. c 59 d 72. c 85. 98. d
8.d 21. c 34. 47 60 a 73. b E6, b 99. d
9.c a.d 35. b 48. c 61 a 74. d 87. d 100. c
r0. d ?3. b 36. b 49. c 62 b 75. 2 88. b
11. a 24. b 37. c 50. 63 a 76. b 89. d
12. c 25. d 38. d 51. c 64 c 77. b 90. a
13. a 26. d 39. d 52. c 65 78. b 9'1. b
88 Actvancad PPSC MCQS odel Paperc

SUB INSPECTOR 14 {Ooen Merit}
in the Puniab Pol ice Deoartment.2015
(Held on 24 January 2016)

1 ln which city is the headquarters oI'lnterpol"

(A) Asma Jahangir (B) LA. Rehman
(C) Ansar Burney (D) Zohra Yousaf
(A) Vienna (B) New York 11 When was the Unrversal Declaration on
(C) London (D) Paris Human Rrghts adopted ty the United
2 Pakistan, recently, lost an important elecion Natons?
to a United Nalrons body. Please identify the (A) 10 Oec. 1949 (B) 30 Nov 1948
name of the UN body.
(C) 10 Dec. 1948 {D) 25 March'1950
(A) Economic and Social Councrl '12 The next senror rank to Sr-b lnspector rn
(B) Secunty Councrl Polce rs SHO/ lnspector Whai does SHO
lC) Human Rights Councrl stands for?
(O) None of these 1A1 Senror Head Offrcer
3. Whrch Article of the '1973 Constitution (B) Stalion Head Officer
provades that no personal shall be depnved of (C) Station House Officer
life or liberty save in accordance with law?
(O) None of these
(A) Article 6 (B) Article I 13. Which Pakistani Cricketer announced
(C) Article 9 (D) Article 10 retirement trom ODI cricket on 10 November
4. Article 104 of the 1973 Constitution deals 2015?
(A) Younas Khan (B) Shoaib Malik
(A) Right to fair trial
(C) KamranAkmal (D) Danish Kaneria
(B) Safeguards against illegal detention '14 Sardar Ayaz Sadiq was recently re-elected as
(C) Right to lfe Speaker of the Nalional Assembly. Who was
(D) Right to free speech the other candidate ift the election?
5. Right to information is provided in Article of (A) Syed Khufshid shah
the Constitution.
(B) Shah Mahmood Qureshi
(A) 15 (B) 19A
(C) Shafqat Mahmood
(c) 128 (O) Dr Ale€m Khan
. (D) 11
6. Rights of Minorities, including their due 15. Name the President of Syria?
representation in the governmenl, are (A) Hafiz Al-Assad
provided in Article _ ol the (B) Babar Al-Assad
(C) Bashar Al-Assad
(A) 3s (B) 36 (D) None of these
(C) Both 35 and 36 (O) None of these 16. The South East Asian country Myanmar was
previously known by the name.
7. Who is the curent lnspector General. Police.
(A) Siam (B) Yangon
of Puntab?
(A) HabiFur-Rehman (C) Burma (D) Cambodia
(B) Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera 17 Houbara Bustard rs one of the mrgratory brrds.
(C) Zulfiqar Cheema which is on the endangered Ist What is it
(D) Aslam Tareen called locally?
I Borstal Jails/lnstitutions are meant forl (A) Tiloor (B) Chakor
(A) Women Prisoners (C) Koon, (D) Baaz
(B) CondemnedPrisoners 'lE. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi rs the self-styled leader
(C) Juvenrle Prisoners of
(D) Hardened Prisoners rA) Al Qaeda (B) Hrzbullah
9. Where is the office of the UN Hrgh
(C) Shabab-e-Milli (D) OAESH
Commissioner for Human Rights located? 19. President of Tajikistan paid an official visit to
(A) New York (B) Menna Pakistan in November 2015 What is the
(C) Geneva (D) Berlin name of Tajrkistan s capital?
10 Who is the present Chairman/ChairDerson of (A) Astana (B) Almaty
the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan? (C) Dushanbe (D) Tashkent
,l&nced PPSC lrcos't Ode, Itoers 89
20 Mervyn Middlecoat of pakistan Air Force was (C) The Hague (D) Vienna
a hero of 1965 war with lndia. What was his
(B) Flight Lieutenant OTHER THREE
(C) Squadron Leader 2s. (A) Apples (B) Oranges
(D) Wing Commander (c) Mango (O) Spinach
26. (A) Lion (B) Elephant
(c) Tiger (O) Leopard
27. lA) Barometer (B) Thermometer
6v-o (c) Diarneler (D) Laclometer
28. Name the wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
who was daughter of Hazrat Umar (RA):
(A) Hazrat Aisha (RA)
(B) Hazrat Jawairiya (RA)
(C) Hazrat Marmoona JRA)
a (D) Hazrat Hafsah (RA)
29 Whrch one of the fo owing accordrng to the
Holy Ouran is considered ai an unparlonabte
(A) Lie (B) Shirk
(C) Theft (D) Backbihng
30 Mastrd-e-Qibtataan is located in.
(A) Makkah (B) Madrna
L (C) Taif (D) Jerusatem
3'l Whrch Surah in the Holy Quran has
"Bismillah" twice?
(A) Al Ahzaab (B) At Noor
(C) Al Namal (O) At Nrssa
32. How many-Sahaba (companions of the Hoty
Prophet (PBUH) embraced shahadar in Baflt6
ol Badr?
\A\ 12 (B) 14
(c) 16 (D) 18
21. ln S€ptember 2015 the UN Summit on post
2015 devetopment agenda aooiitea 33. Other than Hazrat Adam (AS), which other
prophel was born wrlhcut a father?
Sustainable Development Goals for
transforming the world by 2030. How many (A) Hazrat Zakariya (AS)
goals were rdentifred? (B) Hazrat Yahya (AS j
(A) 10 (B) ls (C) Hazrat lssa (AS)
(c) 17 (D) 20 (O) Hazrat ldrees (AS)
22. Tade_ Development Authoflty FIND OUT WHICH ONE IN THE GIVEN OPTIONS
(TDAP) succeeded Export prbmotion Board
(EPB).-for promotron and development of THIRD OBJECT AS THE FIRST ANO SECOND
trade. When was TDAP established? ARE RELATED.
(A) 2000 (B) 2OO4 34. Sg!!! is to EjSh as Watk is to
(c) 2005 (D) 2006 (A) Man tB) Bird=-
23. The agenda for environmental protection was (C) Chair (D) Legs
deJined at the tandmark UN Summit 35. Aopreciation is to Reward as elllEg is to
Conference on €nvironment and Developmeni
held in Rio de Janiero. Brazil. ln which year Fi-Culi- (B) punishment
was the Summit held? (C) Allegation (D) Need
(A) 1990 (B) 1992 36. S!g!e
(c) 1997 (D) 1999
rs to L!4I!Las Feather is to
(A) While (B) Brrd
24. The leadquarters of OPCW (Organization for (C) Soft (D) Fly
the Prohibrtron of Chemrcat Weaponsl ,s
Puppy @ (B)
located in ea! is to
K!!q! as is to
(A) New York (B) Geneva (A) olt
N Aiuarl,dFfiCUG(l8M P.N,
(c) Calt (D) EabY (C) Sir Agha Khan
(O) Nawab vlqaFul-Mulk
3E. Whif ca. oom0any crBatcd e big scandal by
tarnporim with th€ emissions measr€rnat 49. Name the educational institution founded by
soinrare h their cars? Sahibzada Abdul QaYYum in Khyber
(A} BMW (B) AUDI Pakhtunkhwa (former NWFP):
(C) Ford (D) Volkragon (A) Frontier University
(B) Peshawar College
39. Which of the following countries is nol a (C) lsiamia High School, Peshawar
membsr o( BRICS (association d n€tly (D) lslamia College, Peshawar
emergim €conomiesP
(A) Bf.zil (B) C€nada 50. Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain
(C) Rtasie (D) lrdia when the Partition Plan was announced in
40. G77 (Group of 77) i8 . group of countries (A) Attlee (B) Churchill
cla€sifi€d 5!: (C) Hastings (O) Mac1nillon
(A) Middkt incom. countriss
(B) Dcveloping countd€t 51. By lhe end of August i947 all the Hindu
(C) L.sst Oov€lop.d Coutttica majodty states had acceded to lndia excepl:
(D) lndustri€lised counti.s (At Hyderabad" (B) Junagarh
41.. ln 1E46 tic B.iti*l sold lGlhmir to Dogra
(C) Both ofthem (D) Non€ ol them
Mah..aia Gulab Singh br an amount of 52. Which of the following UN Peace Keeping
aDproimataly: Ooerations has been mandated to monitor lhe
(A) 70 ]r$lliofl Rup.cs LOG (ormer Cease Fire Line) in Kashmir?
(B) 7.5 millio.l Rupees (A) UNMOGIP (B) MONUC
(C) 17 mi[ion Rup.6 ic) urtnl (o) MINURSo
(O) Nonr ofh€!. 53. The Norltlem Areas of Paki3tan (pGsently
42. Who ues PunFUs lirsl ln3pactor Ci€trcrel, Gilgit-Baltislan) ere under the administrative
Polkr? control of:
(A) Uhn turwar Ali (B) A.B. Awan (A) Provincial Govemment
(C) S.N. Aem (D) Qu6on Ali Khan (B) AJK Govemment
(C) Federal Govemment
43. Head$rarbE of lr emational Atomic En€tgy (D) None ofthem
A0cncy (IAEA) B in:
(A) Crn€\rt (8) Vr€nm 54. 'R'rght to fair trial" lYas inserted in the
(C) Th. H.oue (D) Barlin Constilution of Pakbtan through the
44. l/Vho hol& Itle sorld rucord fur scodng th€
fast6t century in One Day lntrmlional iAi-Tim--
(c) tsth
(B) lEth
(D) None of these
(A) Shdri, Aftitl (B) Rohil Sharme 55. "Chaubujri' in Lahore was the gateway to the
(C) Corsy ArxteEon (D) AB de VillitrB garden built for Princess daughter
of Emperor Aurangzeb.
45. Narnc ltrc MEhal Emperot wtlo di6d in 1556 (A) Mumtaz Mahal (B) Zeenat Alam
afier falling from stairs: (C) Zeb-un-Nisa (O) None of them
(A) Zshar{+Dih B.bsr
(B) Sh.h J.hEn 56. The book "The Sole Spokesman:
- Jinnah, the
(C) Jeld{r+Din Albar Muslim League and Demand for Pakistan'
(D) Humann was written by:
A Akbar S. Ahmad
46. Tai Mahal vves completed in lO4E by Emp.tor B Ayesha Jalal
Shah Jehan in memory of hb wiie named: C) Hussain Haqqani
(A) Mumttz Mahal (B) Zaib-un-Nisa D) Jaswant Singh
(C) Joda 8!i (D) Non€ ofthese
47. Nam€ ltle t{ewab ot Bengal who was d€fsat8d
57. Falhcr of the nedy ebcred Prime Minister of
Canada, JEtin Trudeeu, had elso remained
by Lord Clive in lh€ battle of Plassey: the Prime Minister of Canada. \Ivhtt was his
(A) N.wab Shuia-{rd"Oaula
(B) tLmb Siraj-ud-Daula ngne?
(A) Harold Tnrdeau (B) Michael Trudeau
(C) N.rab Salimulah (C) Piene Trudeau (D) Chades Trudeau
(D) Nawab Amna4ul-Mtdk
4E. The frst Pr6idcnt of the All lndia Muslim 58. When was the last time Pakistan's Hockey
Team won a Gold Medal at the Olyrl?ic
Leeo[J€ ua3: Gam6?
(A) Nawab Sacrd.uzzaflEn (A) 1976 (Montreal)
(8) N.w.b Sal€omullah (B) 1966 (S€oul)
Advanced PPSC nCQs l*iliol Paoel/s 91
(C) '1992 (Barcelona)
70. A rectangular room is 6m long, 5m wide and
(D) 1984 (Los Angeles) 4m high. What is the total volume of the room
59. Who is Pakistan's Minister of Planning and in cubic meters?
Oevelopment? (Al 24 (B) 30
(A) Ghulam Murlaza Jatoi (c) 120 (D) 240
(B) Zahid Hamid 71. ln a one Kilometer race A beats B by 28
(C) Sikandar Bosan meters or 7 seconds Find out the time taken
(D) Ahsan lqbal by A lo finish the race.
60. 'Thyroid Gland' is located in of (A) 4 Mins 3 secs (B) 3 min 4 secs
human body. (C) 5 mins (D) 4 mins 20 s€cs
(A) Stomach (B) Thorax 72 lmtan made a profit of 20 percent in the first
(C) Leg (O) Neck year Next year he had a toss of 25 percenl on
61. Who was the first Governor of Punjab? the capital he had at the beginning of second
(A) Sardar Abdur Rab Nishter year. What was hrs overall loss?
(B) Francb Mudie (A) 12 percent (B) 10 percent
(C) George Constantine (C) 5 percent (D) No loss
(D) G€neral Musservi 73. Rashid buys 3 books for Rs: 16 each and four
62. Who was lhe frst person to hold the post of books for Rs: 23 each. What will be the
Chief Executive of Pakistan? average price of the books?
(A) Quaid+-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (A) 18 (B) 20
(8) Liaqat Ali Khan l0't 22 (ol 24
(C) Zia-ul-Haq 7a. 888 : 0.E . E=?
(D) Pervez Musharraf (A) 8080 (B) 8007
63. ln which country are the'Angel Falls" located? (c) 8800 (D) 88.80
(A) Zimbabu€ (B) Vbnezuela 75. Windows 2007 is a(an):
(C) Canada (D) Kenya (A) Word Processor
64. Abdul Rehman Chughtai was a famous of (B) Opereting System
_ Pakistan. (C ) Application Sottware
(A) Civil Servant (B) Archilect (O) None of these
(C) Painter (D) Music Composer 76. All the files deleted from the computer are
r--6- stored in the:
65. Find the value of! 1 6 (A) Recycle Bin
ar (B) My Computer
(A) 1; (B) 14 (C) My Network Places
(O) lntemet Exploret
(c) li (D)
i 77. URL is an abbreviation of:
(A) Uniform Room Locator
66. 25 trys coet 5@, whal would be the cost of (B) Universal Resourc€ Locator
75 loys? (C) Universal Room Locator
(A) 2000 (9) 1500 (O) Uniform Resource Locator
(c) 1200 (D) 1700 78. Software programme that controts a piece of
67. Find $a inissing nulirbers in tlre following hardware is called:
numberseries:'335577 Panel (B) Driver
(A) Control
(A) 8E (B) ITIO- . (C) Messenger (D) Browser
(C) 99 (D) l{one of these 79. A programme used to view World Wide Web
G8. Find 0E r"i8sing nuy$.r in the series: 60 59 (lryWw) pages, such as Google. Yahoo and
57 54 50 lntemet Explorer, is called:
(A) 4! ' _ (B) 47 (A).Messenger
(c) 4 43 (o) (B) lntemet
69. A man ralks 3 Km to his East then tums tefr
(C) Operating System
(D) Erowser
and walks 3 Km to!flards No]th then tums left
ard walks 3 ](m tow]dq West lndicate the 80. ln computer system word'BOOT'ls used for:
conect direclbn in s,hid he is in relalion to (A) To exil opened sofiware
his startirlg poirn: (B) To start up a software
(A) Eabl (B) west (C) To shutdown system
(C) South (O) North (D) To start a mmputer
8'1. \rvhat is "Acoustics':

gz . ltrnltf,ffscrrcS,ftflderees
(A) Sdolrce of Waveg 92. Obscure
(B) &r.ncc ol Sound (A) Acad€mic (B) lmptjcit
(C) Scirnce of Light (C) Explicit (D) Ugly
(D) Sci.mce of Ebctromegnetic Waves 93. Chrity
SFtem (A) Exaggeralion B S mplicity
82. ln human body Gall Blad(br is pad of the (C) Confusion D Reserve
sFtern. 94. Relinquish
(A) Nervoos (B) Reprodudory (A) Withdraw (B) Afiack
(C) Ditpsttve (D) Resparetory (C) Assurne (D) Conquer
E3. l,Vhi$ c[ tfE following blood yateeE c€ny 95. On which day is the lnternational Human
-blood ftom the human body to th. heart? Rights Day celebrated?
(A) VCn3 (B) Arlerios (A) 20 November (B) 10 Oecember
(C) C.pilari6 (D) i,lone of lhese (C) 10 June (O) 18 December
8a. GhJcoflu b caurad by incs3asa in prareu].
(A) EyrO.I (B) Hcart
t e /vQ,-l +
tt / \/ I it.e/, t ),1' .96
. (C) \ungE (D) Kidn 1,3 a3'i1';;1 67
E5. Ldmri it r good lourcr ol vitamin:
(A) D (B) C r-l"JZ-u;;3 , g)
(c) A (o) E
L6,L1+n}; 1c1
oPnor{ T}IAT EXPRESS A SmtAR 0,! (Dl
86. Condrrrnstion: Daeprovd
I,t/11..-' )ti.,VJt?, .97
(A) lgnorence: Palirnc. ucMJs.':ctv (tl
(B) Odimism: ln*rtt
(C) Ebsphomy: In v.Gnc. u,[fQ..>w F)
(D) So.row: lntenlion
87. Rah€aE l: P. erhmanco \t'iJv G)
(A) Entrapment Game
(8) ErEagement MaEiago
(C) Applaus€: Audiene
I -,f pt
(D) Anurore: llhcas t;!-:tJ/(Jt'n2), sg
88. G.aoaful: lrovern€nt
(A) A,li:ulate: Specdr
(B) Clran: Dirt
J,J @t ,f zv, @t
(C) Humorws: t uoftld ,?t-!<! (D) ,t'Jo tcl
(D) Docilc: R.O€flious
CHOOAE THE WORD FRil THE OPIIOXS t.-..v !t,,! ;/' ou Jgr*' .99
THE GIVEII WORD 'O ,f e(;t p1 ,Ptu4 61
89. Adhere r!
(A) Giw up (B) Stiek J'ttC
Jt t (Dl v/t'svt (CJ
(C) Crrir!€ (O) App€ar
90. Fanarical t,,'j F lvr- i SL,./,j' .too
(A) Obsassive (B) Mo&rale
(C) Eagcr (D) Rebe ious 'Lt '-:z- ,< 4 L .i tC
91 Pl€dge
(A) Plain
(C) Playful
(B) Rough
(O) Promise
THE GIVEI{ WORD. {a(-ist 1o1 lr2qs Gt
A.tvanced PPSC llcQs Modet Paoers 93
Answer Key
1. d 11. c 27. c 40. b 53. c 66. b 79 d 92. c
2. c 15. c 28. d 41. b 54. b 67. c 80 d 93.
3. c ,6. c 25. b 42. d 55. c 66. a 81.. b 94. c
4. a 17. a 30. b 43. b 56. b 69. b 82. c 95. b
5. b 18. d 31. c 4.d57.c 70. c 83. a 96. c
6. b 't
9. c 32. b 45. d 58. d 71. a 84. a 97. a
7. b 20. d 33. c 46. a 59. d 72. b 85. b 98. a
8. c 21. c 34. a 47. b 60. d 73. b 86. c 99. d
9. c 22. d 35. b 48. c 61. b 74. a 87 b 1d) a
10. d 23. b 36. c 49. d 62. d 75. b 88 c
11. c 21. c 37. a 50. a 63. b 76. a 89 b
12. c 25. d 38. d 51. c 64. c 77. d 90 a
13. a 26. b 39. b 52. a 65. b 78. b 91 d
in the Punjab police Department,2OlS
1. WIo was knofln a3 the 'Ttg€r of irysorc.? 7. Th€ Jallianrala messac.e took plaoa in:
(A) Sulan HydGr Ati (A) -Strivaji ' (A) Apnl 1919 (B) tlocimb.r 1919
(C) lbrahim Lodhi (D) Tipu Sutan (C) Ap.il 1921 (O) Aprit 19ZO
2. Th€ Congr6s and the Muslim Loeoue 8. An lnterim Govemmrnt tas foflncd h lfldia in
boycotted the Simon Commission. Who -lGd 1946, who was th€ prirc Minbtq d the
the breakaray soction of tle lrruslim Leagll3, lr crim Gov€mrnent?
wiirh suppqted lhe Simon Commi$ion? - (A) Jar6harlal Nehru (B) Lord Wavell '
(A) Mian Eiaz Shaff (C) Liaqet Ati Khan (D) Nonc otthofli
(B) Mian Muhammad Shafi
(C) Mian Ahmad Ati 9. When was th€ l<ashmar issu€ t t€n to the
(D) Mian Baikat Ati Uniled Natbn by lndia?
(A) I Jan 1918 (B) 1t Nov r9{7
3. h '1932, the Brilish ftirne Minister announcad (C) 16 D6c 1947 (D) None of dr.|€
the . Communal Award granling Beparate
eEdorales to the depress€d claises. Name 10. Non-Aligncd MoveflEnt (NAM) ms b.med in
thr Bdlbh Prim€ Ministlr. 1961. When did Pakistan ioin ttAf,t?
(A) Harold McMiltan (A) 1e67 (Bi is6s
(B) Winston Churchifi (cl 1972 (D) 1979
(C) Ramsay Macdonatd 1'1. To which trovince did Husssin Shaheed
(D) Alu€o Suhr*ardy belong to?
4. Whcn Chrudrry Rchmat Ati issu€d the (A) Sind (B) puniab
pamphlet 'Now or Nevar, in 1933. where wss (C) East Pakisten (D) Bakichisten
he studying? 12. When did Pakistan drs..sociatc itsell from the
(A) Cambridg€ (B) Oxtod Comonw€alth?
(c) AE.rh (D) Harvard (A) 1989 (B) 1992
5. ln 191'1, on thc occasion of hic coronation at (c) 1s78 (D) 1972
lhe Delhi Dabar, King Geo(go V announed 13. Whet is thc Etirement age ot a Judg6 d th€
thei SupGmc Court?
(A) Paitition of B€noal (A) 60 (B) 63
(B) Separate ebc&e3
(9) Annulment ot Padnim of B.rBat
(c) 6s (o) ez
(D) Arnulmeflt of Partition of Benlat 14. Oissa'Sohni M$iwal" was writbn by:
(A) Hafiz B.rkhurdar (B) WarE Sheh
6. Pakistan wi0drrw from SEATO in: (C) HasNmshah (D) Fazatshah
(A) 1973 (B) 1977 15. Who infoduced the system d .Basic
(c) 1979 (D) 1981
Drmocracr' in Pskistan?
(A) Liaqat Ali Khan
94 Aclvrrrc.d PPSC ICOs irodr, F.o.ts
(B) Ayub Khan (A) Rahmanov lmomali
(C) Pervez Musharraf (B) lslam Karimov
(O) Feroze Khan Noon (c) Nursllan Nazarbeav
(D) Asker Abayev
'16. When. for the fir3t time in the world, was
human hearl transPlant conducled? 28. Who.has been appointed as the US Special
(A) 1967 (B) 1969 Representatlve for Paklstan and Afghanistan'
Hale (B) Rober Millam
(c) 197s (D) 1970 (A) Oarvd
(C) Richard Olsen (D) None of them
17. Who was the first Secretary General ot the
United Nations? 29. Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park is one of the
(A) Trygve Lie biggest projcts for solar power generalions in
(B) U Thant Paiistan. Where is it being consfucted?
(c) Kurt waldheim (A) Multan (B) Sukker
(D) Oag Hammarskjoeld (C) Rahimyar Khan (O) Bahawlpur
'18. For galvanizing of iron which of the following 30. Who is currently the Hrgh Commissioner of
metals is used? Pakistan in lndia?
(A) Aluminrum (B) CoPPer (A) Abdul Basit (B) Jahl Abbas Jrlanr
(C) Lead (D) Zinc (C) Shahid Milik (D) Rraz Khokhar
19 ESCAP stands for: 31. lf A runi less fast than B and B runs fast But
(A) Economic and Social Commigsion tor npl faster lhan C then, as compared to A' C
Asia and Paciltc runs:
(B) European Soqial Council for Africa and (A) Samespeed asA .,
Pacific (B) Faster than A
(C) Economic and Sdci6l Council for Atica (C) Slower than A
and Pacitic (D) Cannot be determined
(D) None of these 32. A father is 9 times as old as his son and the
20. Firdausiwas: mother is 8 times as old as the son. Sum of
(A) A Mughal princess father's and mother's age is 51. What is the
(B) A Persian Poet age of the son?
(C) An lranian Novelist (A) 7 (B) 5
(D) None of these (c) 4 (D) 3
21. East Timor, which became the 19l"rMember 33. A student gets 60, 50 and 90 marks out o, 100
of the United Nations. is in the continent of: in Engliah. Physica and Economics
(A) Asia (B) Soulh America respectitely. He needs 72o/o lo gel a
(C) Atrica (D) Europe scholarship. How many marks does he need
to get in his final paper Maths to obtain overall
22. Which of the following continenls is the
72o/o marls?
smallest in terms of land mass? (A) 82 (B) 81
(A) Asia (B) Europe (c) E6 (D) 86
(C) Australia (O) Africa
34. How many preces of 85 cm length can b€ cut
23. Sri Lanka was lormerly known as: from a rod 42.5 melers long?
(A) Seychelles (B) Serendip (A) 30 (B) 40
(C) Taipel (D) Ceylon (c) 50 (o) 60
24. Khojak Pass is located b€tween: 35. The pnce of a car including 6 percent sales
(A) Jamrud and Landikotal tax ls Rs. 154.431.40. What is the market
(B) Sibi and Machh price of the car without tax?
(C) Quetta and O.l. Khan (A) 145,690 (B) 150,000
(D) Quetta and Chaman (c) 145,s0o (o) 145,000
25 Name the capitalot Kazakhstan:
36. ln an elec{ion I candidate who received 30
(A) Tashkenl (B) Almaty percent of the total votes cast was defeated
(C) Astana (O) Bishkek
by 15000 votes. Find the number of votes
26. ln which country recenlly the National League obtained by the winntng candldate.
for Democracy led by Aung San Suu Kyi won (A) 11,2s0 (B) 15000
a landslide victory in eleclions? (c) 26250 (D) 37s00
(A)Cambodia (B) Laos 37. A shopkeeper buys an article for Rs. 27 and
(C)Viatnam (O) Myanmar sells it at a prolit of 10 percent of the selling
27 . Ptifie Minister Nawaz Sharif visted price. Whal is the selling pdce of the article?
Uzbekistan recently. Who is the Ptesident of (A) Rs. 30 (B) Rs 35
Uzb€kistan? (C) Rs. 29.50 (D) Rs.29
AdvrnccdPPSC Cosflod.,Procrs 95
38. A certain sum o, money is distribulsd amono 49. TELESCOPE:EYE
two ftiends in the ratio df S ; i 1. lf one of thefi (A) Eyeglasses : Vision
got R8. 1200 morB than the o&cr, the tot8t (B) Teleohone : Hearino
amount distdbuted at: (C) Necitace:Neck -
(A) Rs.2000 (B) Rs.220o (D) Sts{hoscope:Ear
(C) Rs.3200 (D) Rs.3600
50. OUNCE :.WElcHT
39. lf day before yesterday was Saturday then (A) Acre . Area (B) Scate : Mass
day aftcr tornonow will be: (C) lnch. Yard (D) M€nu:Chorce
(A) Tuesday (B) Wednesday
51. "A' is the mother of'8" and 'C", tf .D" is the
(C) Thursdey (O) Friday
rfo. A Police Oficer walks ftom his hous6 al 4 km
husband of C, what rctataon do€s ?" have to
per hour and r€aches his office 5 minutes late. (A) Mother (B) Sister
lf his sp€€d iB 5 km per hour, he wi[ react his
office l0 minutes early. How far is his offi@
(C) Aunt (O) Mother-in-Law
trom lhe house? 52. lf the old Man's son is my son's uncle then
(A) 5 km (8) 5/12 km what relation has the old man to me?
(A) Brolher
(c) 2.5 km (D) j0 km
(C) Grandfaths
(B) Father
(D) Sister
(o)? B
53. Adiacent
(c) (A) Contiguous (B) Cut-ofi
3 (D)
# (C) Sharpened (D) Lary
42. A ooll€ction of conDubr3 lhst ar€ conn€cted 54. Engossed
tog€lhGr is (A) Distribute (B) Absorb€d
(A) ithetiry (B) Ndwortr (C) Dilated (D) Expended
(C) Team (D) croup
55. Feasible
43. ln a colrtsrbr fh6 kGy,toard B used a(n) (A) Real (B) Theoreticat
_ dayice. '3 (C) Practicable (O) Factuat
(A) (B) OJbur
(C) (o) hpdr 56. Ponder
(A) Lake (B) Think oyer
44. Which device is required fur ir ern€t (C) Condemn (D) Flattery
45. A normal C D-ROM can usually store upto
data. 57. Denounce
680 MB
(B) 6ooBvtes
(D) 680 G-B
(A) Defend
(C) Fight
(B) Gerh€r
(D) Organize
46. Which the following is not an operali.lg 5E. Deplete
system?-o, (A) Refund (B) Reptenrsh
(A) DOS (B) Linux (C) Fullill (D) Renounce
(C) Wndotxs (D) Orade 59. lmpound
47. To creale a taue of @lumns and ror3 br (A) Release (B) Stimutate
Mathematical calculation or statisticat (C) Strengthen (D) Generate
reprBentations which programm€ is u!€d? 60. Probne
(A) Exccl (B)-Word pad (4) 4nogant (B) B€nign
(C) Word Periect (D) Auto CAD (C) Respecttul (D) Pious
SELECT THE PAIR OF IYORT'S FROT THE 61. CNG is an abbrcviation of:
GrvE OPnO S, WHICH EXPRESS A SITILAi (A Converted Nalural Gas
48. ATOM: MICROSCOPE (c Constructed Natural Gas
(A) Tape:Microphone (D Compress€d Nalural Gas
(8) Planet : Tct€scope 02. Sound cannot travsl lhrough:
(C) Receiver : Tetephone (A) Vaorum (B) Lhuids
(D) Submarine : Periscope (c) sorids (D) c*es
96 Advanced PPSC $CQs nodal Paoe6
63 X-Rays were discovered by: (O) None of these
(A) Rontgen (B) Thomson 76. ln which country was the first Truth and
(C) Rutherford (D) Madame Curie Reconciliation Commission established?
64. Breeding and management of bees is known (A) USA (B) lndia
(C) Brazil (D) South Africa
(A) Sericulture (B) Horticulture 77 On which day is the Human Rights Day
(C) Apiculture (D) None of these observed?
65 Hepatitis causes inflammation of: (A) October (B) 10 December
(A) Lungs (B) Liver (C) January (D) 25July
(C) Kidneys (O) Stomach 78. Which book of lbn Khuldoon made him
66. lsotopes are atoms of the same element with famous?
different numb€r of: (A) Muqaddamah (B) Kitab-ul-Futuh
(A) Protons (B) Electrdns (C) Mujam-al-Baldan (D) None of these
(C) Neutrons (D) Positrons 79 The battle of Jamal was. fought between
67 Which one of the following is a Vector Hazrat Aisha (RA) and:
quantity: (A) Hazrat Muawiya (RA)
(A) Speed (B) Temperature (B) Hazrat Talha (RA)
(C) Mass (O) Velocity (C) Hazrat Ali (RA)
68. Dolly was the name of the: (Dl None of these
(A) First cloned sheep 80. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) delivered his
(B) First test tube baby farewell sermon at Aratat on
(C) Oldest human ,ossil (A) I Zirhaij (B) 10 zilhajl
(D) First dog in space (C) 9 Zilhal (D) 11 Zilhal
69. Green House Eftecl is mainly caused by 81. When did Fasting become a Farz (obligation)
excess of in the atmosphere in lslam?
(A) Carbondio-de (B) Carbon monoxide (A) 2nd Hrtri (B) 3rd Hrjri
(C) Nitrogen (D) Hydrogen Sulfide (C) ath Hrjri (D) 5th HUri
70 Which hormone is responsible for produclion 82. While migrating (Hrrrat) Irom Makkah to
of milk in human body? Madina the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Ha2rat
(A) Oxytocin (B) Prolactin Abu Eakr Siddique (RA) found refuge in:
(C) Thyroxine (D) Testoserone (A) Hira Cave (B) Thawr Cave
71 A drop of walel is roughly spherical lecause (C) Hills of Safa (D) Shoaib Valley
of: 83. When was the Charter of Madina (Meesaq-al-
(A) Surface tonsbn (B) Low air pressurc Madina) adopted?
(C) Air l€sietanca (D) Viscosity of wd6r (A) 1 Hljn (B) 2 Hiln
72 Which of the following'rights are more (C) 3 HUn (D) 4 Hi,ri
fundamental in the sense that other rights are 84. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharit participated in
dependent on lhem? the 21sl Session of the Conference of the
(A) Economic rights Parties (to the UN Framework Convention on
(B) Crvil and Polilical nghls Climate Change) held in
(C) Right to Development (A) New York (B) Ger€va
(D) Right to lnformation (C) Paris (D) Berlin
73 Which one of the following is not a political 85. Which famous Police Officer has wrinen the
right? book "Police. Crime and Politics - Memoirs of
(A) Right to vote an lGP"?
(B) Right to own weapons (A) Hafiz S.D. Jamy
(C). Righl to hold public office (B) Sardar Muhammad Chaudhry
(D) Right to crilicize the govemment (C) Ehsan Sadiq
74 Which one of the following writs is issued in (D) Qurban Ali Khan
the case of wrongt detention? 86. Recently, an important political leader,
(A) Prohibition (B) Mandamus Salahuddin Quader Chowdhary. was hanged
(C) Habeas Corpus (O) Quo Waranro in Bangladesh. To which political party did he
Which theory of Justice is based on the belong?
principle 'Kill the sin not the Sinnef? (A) Awami League
(A) Retributive Th€ory (B) Bangladesh Nationalist Party
(B) Reforfiative Theory (C) Jamaat-e-lslamr
(C) Detenent Theory (D) Jatiyo Party
Aclvenced PPSC ,tCOs ltode, Peoers 97
87. A famous poet and Scholar, known for his
Dohas and National sonqs like "Jeevav Jeew
"* l'
p,-f ,t tt f ) -' *U,,J t \', )t/ (, x t)' ss
Pakistan" and 'Aye Watan Key Sajeelay "
Jawano', died recenfly. What was liis naine? ' :;gW -,r7L-/ (<:'v+;
(A) Jameeluddin Aati
(B) lbn€-lnsha
(C) Sufi Tabbasum
6,9;A pl ,sre.r (A)
(D) Faiz Ahmad Faiz rfl.tllt4t @l +.,lglit1- 1gy
88 "Scolland Yard" is a Polce Department of:
(A) Un[ed Kingdom (B) USA
(C) Scotland (O) New Zealand + +Z it '.f ultr ,f ..r go

89. Mosaad is the seset intelligence agency ot: ,! L *)' ,,t ? tt1 J) ,,Vl
(A) Russia (B) tsraet
(C) lran (D) Canada :i rvitr,)Li,?l'
90. ln 2016 the Olympic Games will be hetd in:
(A) London (B) Doha
j,;6t,t p1 drcto,y'r 6)
(C) Rio de Janeiro (D) Cape Town
,-EJ{--,Jct, tol p,jJ Gl
91. European Union has
-lBI-7- membe6.
(A) 2s
(c) 15 (O) 28 t | (,tD(;.sn .s7
92 Which of the following heav),ureight boxers
who was the tirst to remain undefeated =,i
(g) -tr ( \
throughout his career?
(A) Rocky Marciano (B) Muhammad Ati iu pt i tct
(C) Larry Holmes (D) Michaet Spinks
93. Who-won the recently concluded Rugby World
e*Ufcl-*,.t,J,tJ ge

(A) Ausraria (B) sourh Aftica itl-ie @ ,J;?)?v \At
(C) New Zealand (D) tretand
ilJ, rol )t), (ct
'rf x Lx ,/l -A i.W r+r.lJ*tjf +tft.-'ti,1 LJl ss
t, ;/ t7r, j{ jeC" rel
-2 * ot
fttp'a,,t 1D) Ol *
.zJ r Gt ?u tat
t jygr{.,v,LJvu7.,roo
dr @, :ttS (Cl
J, ,li 61
,.d rol / tct
A nswer Key
1. d 13 25 37. a 49 d 61. d 73. b 85. b
2. b 14 c 26 d 38. c 50 a '62. a 74. c 86. b
c 15 b 27 b 39. b 51 d 63. a 75. b 87. a
4. a 16 a 28 a 40. a 52 b 64. c 76. d 88. a
d 17 a 29 d 41. c 53 a 65. b 77. b 89. b
o. a 18 d 30 a 42. b 54 b 66. a 78. a 90. c
7. a 19 a 3'l b 43. d c 67. d 79. c 9'l . d
8. a 20 32 d M. b 56 b 68. a 80. c 92. e
9. a 21 a 33 d 45. 57 a 69. a 81. a 93.
d 22 c 34 c ,16. d 58 b 70. b 82. b 94. d
c 23 d 35 a 47. a 59 a 71. a E3. a 95. b
12 d 24 d 36 c 48. b 60 c 72. b U.c 96. c
98 Advancad PPSC ltloQs Nodel PaoeB
97 98 a 99 c 100. b

suB rNsPEcToR (BS-14)

SAARC secrelariat is located in

(A) London (B) Paris
(A) Dhaka (B) Cotom--bo- (C) Brussels (O) Cairo
(C) lslamabad (D) Kathmandu 13. Tick the odd'' word out
2. 'Khuda kay liye' is a (A) Euro (B) Oirham
(A) Tv Programme (B) Pakistani Film (C) Lira (D) Gold
(C) Urdu Novel (D) Stage play '14. Allama lqbal studied at these universities in
isa Europe _
(A) Ox{ord, Paris
(A (B) River (B) Edinburgh, Leiden
(c ) CitY (O) Desert
(C) London, Hamburg
4. Nelson Mandela was lhe President of (O) Cambridge, Heidelberg
(A) Zimbabwe (B) Zaire
(C) South Afnca (O) Noeria
'15. Which of the tive rivers Pun of ab is
associaled wilh Sohni Mahiwal legend?
5. The country Burma is now called _ (A) Jhelum (B) Chenab
(A) Myanmar (B) Pracheen (C) lndus (D) Ravi
(C) Laos (D) Mandalay
16. Manghoprr rs famous ror its _
The capital city of Russia is
(A) St. Petersburg (B) Kazan
_ (A) Sulphur springs (B) Blind dolphins
(C) Coal Deposits (D) Rice
(C) Moscow (D) Vladivostok
17. Onyx is a kind of
7. Next Summer Olympics Games will be held in (A) Marble (B) Apple
(C) Orink (D) Bird
Berlng rn 2015
(B) Melbourne 2018 1E. Lakhra town is famous for [s _
(C) Seoul 2017 (A) Coal (B) Crocodiles
(D) Rio de Janerio in 2016 (C) Blind Dolphins (O) Copper Mines
8. -.(A)
Sir Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister 19. KANUPP is a
(A) Nuclear power plant
(A)nnitEd-Ri;gOom (B) Scotland (B) Hydroeleclric power plant
(C) lreland (D) Norway (C) lndep€ndent power plant
(D) UniYersity
9. The Second World War was fought between
20. Pakistan's most famous painter is
the years
(A) 1939:l3a-(B) 1937 - r9rt2 .' ' . fi)-EaiiE@n
(c) 1941 - 1946 (D) 1938 - 1942
(B) Saleem Raza
10. Eumpean Union has _
(A) 28 Memb€r States
(C) Fazal Mahmood
(D) Ghulam Rasool
(B) 26 Member Slates
(C) 25 Member Slates 21. Jan Sher is associated with which sport
(o) 31 Member States
(A) Boxing (B) Squaeh
11. ASEAN is a (C) Kabaddi (D) Snooker
1a1 RegionifEGihi6i of Countries
22. Thar desert rs most famous tor its
(B) Scientific Company
(C) TV Network
(D) Sports Body
ol Egypl. Egypt is a transconlinental country
'12. Tick the odd'word out spanning the northeast corner of Africe and
soulhwesl comer of Asia. via a land bridge formed
by the Sinar Peninsula.
' l.-i.don, Paris &
Brussels are capitals of 'Euro, Dirham & Lira are cunencies, whereas
auropean counlries, whereas Cairo is the capital Gold is a metal.
ldv.nc.d PPSC fCOs fiod., Pro.rt 99
(D) Feroz Shah Tughlaq
(A) Sand (B) Coat D,eoosits
(C) Oil W€lls (D) Gas Fielts 34. Dr. Abdus Salam was awarded the Nobel
Prize ,or his work in
23. NUST is a (A) ChemBtry. (B) Medicine
(a) rootua-iiil[E--(e) A solier. NGo (C) Physi€ (D) P6ace
(C) Unive6rty (D) H'gh sdroot
35. The second highest mountain peak K2. is an
24. Tarb€la E the wodd's lerE3st:
(A) Ealt! fillcd dlm (B) Concnte Oem (A) Nepal B Bhutan
(C) Eould.rdam (D) Hydro!€ctdc dam (C) Pakistan o China
25. M4 Motorwev will lird( 36. ENGRO is
1n) faisatatiaO - tritultii-- (A) A Pakistani Company
(B) Lahor. - lGrachi (B) An Afghan Contractor
(C) Fsisalabad - Goira (C) A Fih Producer
(D) Lahore - Vehari (D) A Publishing House
26. Aristote was ot Plato. 37. UNICEF is a
(A) Slud€nt (B) Son (A) ECO (B) UN Body
(C) Son-in-law (D) Teacher (c) orc (D) European Bank
27. The first Cadain ot our nstional crickel leam 38. River Nile'llows mainly through _
wa3 (A) Egypt (B) Sudan
(A) FAEIE;Etud (C) Kenya (D) Tanzania
(B) lmtiaz Ahmad
(C) Hanif Mohammad 39. Bolan Pass in the orovince ot
(D) Abdul Hafuez Kardar (A) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(B) Balochistan
28. Which is the larg€st' distdct of Pakistan? (C) Sindh
(A) Avaran (O) Gilgit Baltistan
(B) Bahawalpur
(C) Dadu
40. She was the fastest woman of South Asian
(D) Rahim Yar Khan Games 20'10
(A) Akbari Re-FmEn-
29. The three Round Table Conleroncs sere held (B) Sana Mir
in London during (C) Naznin Murtaza
(A) 1930 - 1932 (B) 1929 - 1931 (D) Naseem Hameed
(c) 1928 - 1930 (O) 1935 - 1937
4'1. Hansraj, the pet antelope of Prince Satim' is
30. The music of our national anthem was buried at
composed by
(A) Nisar Bazmi
_ (A1 oina-
(B) Gujrat
(B) Khursid Anwar (C) Hiran Minar
(C) Ghulam A Changla (D) Chicho ki Maliaan
(D) Master Ghulam Hussain
42. Tick the old word';
3'1. Ayub Khan imposed martisl law in
(A) 1960 (B). 195E
(c) 1961 (D) 1959 'K2, also known as Chhogor/Qogir, Ketu/Kechu,
32. "Arak' is a cotton sheet made pdneipally in and Mount Godwin-Austen. is the second hrghest
mountain in the world at E,6'll metres (28,251 ft),
after Mount Everest. lt is located on the border
(B) Barochisran
(D) Cholistan between Baltistan, in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of
northem Pakistan, and the Taxkorgan Tajik
33. Sehvyan city' is famous for its mausoleum of Autonomous County of Xinjiang, China. With' a
peak elevalion of E,611 m (28,251 teet), K2 is the
Lalif Bhitai highest point ot the Karakoram Range and the
Sh. Usman Merwandi high€st point in Pakistan.
Shah Rukan-€-Alam ' The Nile is an 'intemational" river as its waler
resourc€s are shared by eleven countries, namely,
Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Cong6-
AIq? of Avaran is 12,510 km:. Bahawalpur's Kinshasa, Kenya, Ethiopia. Eritrea, Soulh Sudin,
24.830 km', Dadu's 19,070 km' & Rahim yar Sudan and Egypl. ln particular, the Nite is the
Khan's 11,880. Chagai rs the largest district of primary water source of Egypt and Sudan.
Pakislan with the area ol 44.71A km'. ' Nur-ud-din Mohammad Salim is known by his
' Sayed Muhammad Usman MaMandi is impeaal name Jahangtr
commonly known as Hazral Lal Shahbaz 'Karimabad, Hunza & cilgit are in Gitgit-Battistan
Qalandar. Bisham is in KPK
1N Advmcd PPSC tlCQs odel Paoerc
(A) Karimabad (B) Hunza (O) Gilgit Ealtastan
(C) Gilgit (D) Bisham 56. All lndian Muslim League was founded in
43. Tick the odd word:
(A) Lahore (B) Abbottabad (A) 1900 in Lahore
(C) lran (D) Faisalabad (B) 1908 in Calcuna
(C) 1903 in Chinagong
44. Tick the odd word: (D) 1906 in Ohaka
(A) Drink (8) Look
(c) walk (D) Aspirin 57. Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi's homelown was
45. Tick the odd word: (A) Nishapur (B) Ghazni
(A) Shrrt (B) Trousers (C) Samarkand (O) Lahore
(C) Cough (D) Socks
58. The Chief Minister of Balochistan i8
46. Which is the odd word among these? (A) Sardar Raisani .

(A) Motor car (B) Aeroplane (B) Hasil Bizenjo

(C) Boat (D) Airport (C) Or. Abdul Maalik
47. Badshahi Masjid. Lahore, was built during the (O) Ataullah Mengal -
reignof_ 59. Mahatma Gandhi was of lndian
(A) Jahangir (B) Aurangzeb National Congress.
(C) Akbar (D) Shah Jahan (A) Chairman (B) President
48. Gandhara civilization flourished in Pakistan (C) Founder (D) None ol these
during the rule of _ 60. Pakistan telovision was founded in
(A) Brahman rulers
(B) Buddhist kings
(A) 1960 - 1964
(C) Muslim Sultans
(c) 1965 (D) 196E
(O) Hindu Rajas 61. Pakistan hosted the Second lslamic Summit in

49. Famous poet saint Sachal Sarmast is buried (A) 1974 Lahore (B) 1972 Kerachi
in (C) 1975 lslamabad (O) 1977 in Lahore
(A) uahEh-i.f
(B) Oaraza Sharif 62. The first Constitution of Pakistan was
(C) Oera Ghazi Khan promulgated on
(A) 7 October 1958
(D) Ghotki
(B) 2'l March 1956
50. Allama lqbal gave his idea of a country for (C) 23 March 1956
lndian Muslims in December 1930 at (O) 20 January 19
6I7ii (B) Lucknow 63. President Ayub Khan wrote a book called
(C) Abbottabad (D) Delhi
51. Who was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan? 1A) Masters Not ftiends
(A) Ghulam Muhammad (B) Pathway to Pakistan
(B) l.l. Chundrigar (C) Fiends Not Masters
(D) Friend of Pakistan
(C) Liaqat Ali Khan
(D) Hussain Shah€ed Suharwardy 64 Quaid-eAzam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was
bom in
52. Who was the frst President of the lslamic (A) 187T-- (B) 1878
Replblic of Pakistan? (c) 1870 (D) 18E1
(A) Ayub Khan
(B) Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar 65 Pakistan's lirst national eleclion on one-man-
(C) Ch. Muhammad Zafarullah one.vote principle was held in _
(D) lskandar Mirza (A) 1954 (B) 1970
53. Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar was
(c) 1976 (D) 1956
(A) Poet (B) Potitcran- 66 Which of thes€ is not a s€arch engine?
(C) Actor (O) lslamic Scholar (A) Google (B) Yahoo.com
(C) Altavista.com (D) You Tube
t4. llcro of lndian film 'PK' is
(A) Salman Khan 67 Hard copy of document is:
(B) Farhan Akhtar (A) Display Copy (B) Scanned CoPy
(C) Amh Khan (C) Print out (O) Save Copy
(D) Shahrukh Khan 68 lntemet is:
55. Mohenjo Daro is in (A) Search Engine
(A) Sindh (B) Network of Networks
(B\ Balochistan (C) Scanning Technology
1:, <yber Pakhtunkhwa (O) Display system
/ldysac.d APSC fc&Iodd.pre,s . lo,l
tr. .......-- is done to protect data and 84. Wlat comes next in this sequence?
(A)Authorization (B)Authenfication 1,2, 4,7. 11.
(u, Enqyptaon (D) Verification (A) 1s -------lEr tz
(c) 18 iol ro
70. WWW stands for 85. What comes next in this sequence?
(A) wortowide rve-E- 5, 10, 20, 40,
(B) Wortd Wrestino Web (A) 60
I 70
(C) Wodd Wildliie Web 80 D 90
(D) Wr60ing & Witdtife Web
71. Our ikin _ producef when
-i.-i,tt;;. . .....f { ri?J /.-. .86
exDosed lo Sunlbht
(A) Vrt min D- --
(B) Vrtamin C
J- (B) r; (A)
(C) Vitamin K
iOi v,tamtn a (D)
72. Th€ domical name for com0on salt is
dr i.; (c)
(A) Sulphuric Acid -j';tt.. .....-,t,i at
(B) Sodium Chtonde
(C) Potassium Gtucomate if,3,, (B) Jtr2., ( )
(D) Nitrogen
73. .- is the most common colour in
ini,r' (o) iA4e, (C)
(A) Etue (B) Green :yi-!;;.t... . ....... c:.iv(!L.t .gE
(c) Btack (o) orange 71 (B) 61 (A)
74. Cholesterot level is anatyzed
81 (D)
sample. sl (c)
(A) Btood (B) Urine
(C) Sputum iO) Stoor :AJ,r... . ...-',.tict) .Ag
75. Watt is the unit of measure:
({) Electricity (B) water 1 (B)
14 99 (A)
(c) Rain water (D) Air pressure 1ls (D) 120 (C)
76. Add: 46 + 37 + 29 + 5 +.t4 + 33
= {t, ;- -t z
r,./ i,r, -( 4, t .so
(A) 163 (B) 173 ..rJ/Jv. (B)
(c) 164 ioi roo / e..s r (A)
77 Add: 33 + I + 27 + 13 + 48 + iO = ]1r1,ttiw (D) *;e:j,u (C)
(A) 13- (B) 13e :i..;'1,qt; j-i 4
(c) 14s (oi rgr ;C s, 91
78. 425 is how much above 4OO? ji:j @) s-.{,,(A}
(A) 25 (B) 26
(c) 27 ioi zq I rr-t' (D) d,,,, (C)
79. 367 is how much betow 4OO?
(A) 32 (B) 33 \._i "i-:. j j -;,;ir,f
(c) 3s ioi ar

80. Multiply: 9.5 x 4 =

(A) 37 --]8-I-36- '1';/ @) ,/,* 6)
(c) 38 (oi gg :$,:t (D) ;,J.-,* (C)
81. Multiply: 0.4 x 710 = ,:-/' ,r, i_;..->)f,
(A) 2U (B) 28s .g3
(c) 2E6 lD) 287
82. Divde: 340 + 50 =
jvtt:'-*rtt (A)
(A) 6e
(c) 6.7
ir,-.-; (B)
ioi s a
83. Oivide: 810 + 500 = (C)
(A) 1.62 -lB,-rE.i- ",,r,8'.:-*
(c) 1.60 (D) 1.64
JF,_v lo)
'lO? Atht rE dPPSCrcQsHod{,P',,el's
tv-................4F .g4 tt - @) Ji tcl
d, (B) (A) t 6ir,;. -i,\1, 2"/,i rr t,'t > I .98
,? (D) or/ lCl ,!.ii (B') ?l (A)
ti Gc)t;dt .95 J') (D\ u6, (C)

(B) <:4s$ 7.a je .99

g4,/ ,rt{ (A)

,/ <ol ,,1 p) ,ti:: lBl er;g (A)

r.-j,0.,?,t{,Jrte ; )\r? . .li+rr (D) ir (C)
,fr,r, (B) Jf.r (A) ';'l't'"""" ...../'I 1O0
,?'/ (ol iurf tcl ," (B) Jy $)
................ Jr',6jft)dt .e7
,/-/ lD) r. (C)

,lr,,f @) =/ (A)

Anower Key
1. d 14. d 27. d 40. d 53 b 66. d 79. b 92. c
2.b 't5. b 2E. ? 41. c 54 67 c 80. c 93. d
3.c '16. a 29. a 42. d 55 a 68 b 81. a 94. d
4.c 17. a 30. 43. c 56 d 69 c 82. b 95. a
5.a 18 a 31. b 4.d 57 b 70 a 83. a 96. b
6.c 19 a 32. a 45. c 58 c 71 a 84. d 97. c
7. d 20 a 33. b 46. d 59. b 72. b 85. c 98. c
La 21 b 34. c 17. b 60 b b 86. d 99. d
9.a 22 b 35. c /tE. b 61 e 74 a 87. b 100.
'10. a 23 c 36. a 49. b 62 c 75 a E8. a
1',t.. a 24 a 37. b 50. a 63 c 76 c 89. b
12. d 25 a 38. b 51. c u a 77 b 90. c
13. d 26 a 39. b 52. d 65 b 78 a 91. b




c.fital city of NQena is

(A) (8) Bosnia
(A) Abuia (B) Lagos Turtey
(C) (D) KGot o
(C) Kano (D) Accra 4. Bosnia sibated in which contirHil?
(A) Europe (B) Asia
2. Baku is the capital city of (C) Atrica (D) Soulh America
(A) Aze6aijan (B )-ffiia 5. \,Vni$ is lhe odd wod among th.s€?
(C) Turkmenistan (D ) KazakhstBn - (A) Crou (B) Panot
3. btanbulis a city of
A.lyanced PPSC nCQs nodet peoers 103
(C) Eagle (O) Tiger (A) Small (B) Larse
6. Khewra mines are known for their huge (C) Bis iot aari
depostts of
(A) Coat -----(B) Bauxite
21. _ is the best poticv
({) lntegrity 141 nirnesty
(C) Rock Salt (D) kon One (C) Silence (O) Telting
7. Jahangir Khan was world champion of 22. Facebook is a networking
(C) Wrestling
(B) Squash (A) Politicat (B) Sociat
(D) Sirabbte (C) Cnminal (O) Chrldren
L Captain of our national T2O Cricket Team is 23. Bill Gates is the creator of
(A) Microsoft (B)
(Af-EiEESh-ut Hao
(B) Muhammad Hafeez
(C) Google iDi tBM
(C) Shahid Afridi 24 is a famous email programme
(D) Younis Khan (A) Op€ra (B) Wndows
(C) Linux (D) Gmail
9. Pakistan's 1973 Conslitution has been
25. Unil of storage capacity of a hard disk
amended as
1e1 ts tmis-tB) 21 times
(A) Watt
(C) 18 times (O) 20 times (B) Votr
(C) Miltimetre (D) Megabyte
10 Allama lqbal was bom in
(A) 1877 (8 ) 1876 26. Ozone layer protecls life on earth from
(c) 1869 io ) 1879 (E)-GiEEih--ouse Gasses
l'1. The oldest Mughal monument in pakistan is (B) Meteorites
(C) Humrdity
(A) lQmran's Baradari Lahore (D) Ultra Violet Rays
(B) Wah GardeB
(C) Grand t o6que Thatta 27. Chemical formula for water is
(D) Shalimar Gardens (A) HzO (B) C
(c) Na (D) HzOz
12. Tashkent is th€ caDital citv of
(A) Azertaijan (Bi UfriGn 28. Tsunami is
(C) Kszakhstan (O) ta;itisran 14) MassivE w5iE in sEa caused by
13. OGRA is the regulalory body for our (B) Wind Storm
(C) Cyclone
(A) Media (B) Bankino sector (D) Snowstorm
(C) Oil and gas (O) Oitand'geobgy
29. Ecosvstem refers to
14. What is the capitat of 'We3t lndies.? Environme;i-
(A) Port of Spain (B) Kinggton iA) Earth
(B) Sea Salt
(C) Panama City (O) ttq,i'e of trese (C) Earth Heat
15. Tai Mahal was built at Agra was mausoleum (O) Air Humidity
ol 30. Gynaecology is a branch of
(A ) NoorJahan (B) Zaibunissa (A) Medicine (B) c;dogy
(c ) Mumtez Mahat (O) latran Ara (C) Physics iDi ChemEiry
16. Hus$in Shaheed Suharwardv was 31. Socrales. Plato and Aristo e were from which
(A) Prime Minister of pakisra;r European country?
(B) Great writer (A) Cyprus (B) Romania
(C) Fast bowter (C) Greece (D) Butgaria
(D) Top businessman
32. Sahiwal city was ca ed _- during
17. Pakistan Steetwas estabtished in lhe British rule
(A) 1962 (B) .1984 (A) qampbellpur (B) Lyalpur
(c) 1988 io)
rgza (C) Montgomery (D) J,cobabad
18. Which is the odd word amonq thes€, 33. Th€ British named city o, Camoeltpur is now
(A) Sweet (B) s6ur
(C) Black -
(Oi aitrer
(A ) Fatehiang (B) Anock
19. Which is the cdd word amono these? (c ) Taxila (D) Haripur
({) lofa (B) Cf,air 34. FIR stands for:
(C) Cushron (Di Bed (A) First lnformatDn Report
20. Which is the odd word among th6e? (B) First lnvestigation Resutt
l(r Adi,.oF.dPP,SC flCOt lod., Roots
(C) Final lnvestigation Record (A) Khondkar Mushtaq Ahmed
(D) For lnvGstilation Report (B) AK Fazl-ul-Haq
(C) Sh.Mujibur Rehman
35. Rai Ahmad Kharal was a (O) Begum Khalida Zia
(A) Raja of Okara
(B) Freedom Filhter 47. Vladimir Putin is the president of
(C) Big Landlord (A) Ukraine (B) Poland
' (D) Civil SeNant (C) Belarus (O) Russia
36. Madho Lal and Shah -- Hussain were 48. Khyber Pass lles rn
(A) Khyber Pukhtunkhwa
(A) Deep Frien ds (B) Traders (B) Baluchistan -
(C) Policemen (D) Soldiers (C) Azad Kashmir
(D) Sindh
37. Lucknory Pact was s(rned betvv€cn Congress
and Muslim League in 49. Malika-e-Taranum -was the title given to
(A) 1e22 (Bt 1920
(c) 1918 (D) 1916 (AfFsimBegum
(B) Noor Jahan
38. Pakistan's first Olympic Hockey Gold Medal ' (C) Mussarat Nazeer
was won in _ (D) Kausar Perveen
(A) 1960 Rome (B) 196a Tokyo
(C) 1972 Munich (D) 1976 Montreal 50. Last One Day Cricket World Cup was won by
39. The Head Office of the State Bank of Pakistan
is in IA)-auEiEia (B) sri Lanka
(C) New Zealand (D) lndia
(A) Rawalpindi (B) lslamabad
(C) Lahore (D) Karachi 51. Mahathir Muhammad was the Prime Minister
40. The Foreign Minisler of Pakislan is of
(A)T6Sland (B) Brunei
(Af3ati]Iaiz (B) Tariq Fatemi (C) Philippines (D) Malaysia
(C) Raza Rabbani (O) t{one ofthese 52 Th€ Year 2015 conesponds to which Hrra
41 WHO is a UN Body dealing with (A) 1436 (B) 1440
(A) Health (B) Drug eontrol
(c) 1429 (O) 1430
(C) Child Abuse (D) Money Laundering
42. Cybercrime is related to _
is the largest Province of
Pakistan by area.
(A) Radio (A) Punjab
(B) Media (B) Khyb€r Pukhtunkhwa
(C) Juveniles (C) Balochistan
(O) lnformation Technology (D) Sindh
43. The cunency of Bangladesh is called
54 is the national flower of Pakistan.
(A) Rose (B) Pansy
(A) Rupiah (B) Taka (C) Jasmine (D) Suniower
(C) Rupee (D) Rial
55 is the highest mountain peak of
44. The cunency of China' is called _ Pakistan.
(A) Yuan (B) Yen (A) Nanga Parbat B R a kaposh
(C) Dong (D) Kyal (c) Koh-e-safed o K-2
45. Father of the nation of lndonesia is
56. UNESCO is a
(A) Sukatno (B) Soehalto (A) Baby Milk Brand (B) Chocolate B.and
(C) Adam Malik (D) Haubi
(C) UN Body (O) TV Channel
57. River Amu Darya flows tlrough _
46. The first Prirne Minisler' of Banglade5h was (A) CentralAsia (B) North Africa
(C) Malaysia - (D) kan
58. The Mu6lim Andalus was locatBd tn
' The renminbi is the official currency of the
People's Repuuic of China. The yuan (sign: y) is il)-Fofrugtl (B) Hottand
the basic unit of the renminbi. but is also used to (C) France (D) Spain
refer to the Chinese currency generally, especially
in international contexts. 59. Warsak Dam is located in the provinces of
Taiuddin Ahmad lyas the first prime manister of
(A) Sindh
Bengladesh - from 1l April 1971 to 12 January
1972. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the s€cond (B) Khybcr Pukhtunkhwa
PM - from '12 January 19721o 25 January 1975.
(C) Punieb
Advrnccd PPSC ItCOs lodc, P.oG6 105
(D) Baluchistan Modi is:
60. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan founded the (A) Maharashtra (B) Andhra pradesh
(C) Haryana (D) Guirat
(A) irAO College Atisarh 74. The hero in the ,itm "Waar, is ptayed by
(B) Delhi College
(C) Lahore College iA)-F-awao Xnan (B) Shaan
(D) Palna College (C) Javed Sheikh (D) Faisat Oueshi
6'l. Zia Mohyuddin is ran: 75. What comes nexl in this sequence:
(A) Actor (B) Sinqer
(C) Businessman (D) Jouhalist 2,6,11,17. _
62. Pai(istan's largest industry is:
(A) 24 (B) 25
(A) Sugar (8) Softf,,are (c) 26 (O',) 27
(c) carPet (0) Textite 76. What comes nexl in this sequence:
63. Hiran Minar is a
1, 3, 12,60, _
1A1 Monument
(B) Hindu Temple
(A) 340 (B) 320
(C) Light House (c) 360 (o) 380
(D) High School 77. 121 rs how much above 100?
64. Bulley Shah is buried in (A) 20 (B) 21
(A) Chunran (BJ D-ip-atpur
(C) Kasur (D) Raiwind lC) 19 (Dl 22
65. Chief Justice of Pakistan is Mr. Justice
7E. 27 + 15 +40+8+32+19=_
(A) 139 (B) 140
(A) Jawwad Khawala (c) 141 (D) 142
(B) Riaz Ahmed 79. 99 + 77 +55+33+ 1i =--
(C) Nasirul Mulk
(D) Tassadaq Gilani (A) 272 (B') 273
66. Sadrdudin Hashwani is the owner ot
(cl 274 (D) 275
80. How many planets revolve around lhe Sun?
fi)-FepsiFakistan (B) Lakhra Mines (A) 6 (B) i
(C) PC Hotets (O) ENGRO
(c) I (D) 9
67. Asina Jehangir is a famous 81. 50 miles is equal to how many kilometers
(A) Business-person (By Lawyei-
(C) Politlcian (D) Poet
6E. Mukhtaran Mai is
(A) (B) 80
(A) Gang rape vifri6-- 81
(c) (D) 9
Cricket Heroine 82.99x4=_
Top Banker (A) 3e0 (B) 396
(D) Politician
(c) 39rl (o) 392
69. Malala Yousaf Zai is
(A) A Student 83.40x5.9=_
(B) A Nobel Prize Winner (A) 236 (B) 231
(C) A Teenager
(D) All of lhese
(c\ 218 (D) 239
84. 1140 + 40 =
70. E-Commerce rs;
(A) On-Line Trade (B) Stocks & Shares (A) 25.s (B) 21.5
(C) Cotlon Exchange (D) Money Changing (c) 27.5 (D) 28.5
71. The Senate of Pakislan has 65. 30O + 1.5 =
(A) 99 (B)
(A) 100 (B) 200
(c) 104 (D)
(c) 300 (D) 400
j --! JE di )
72. Boka Haram is a: r
a,,i et {o,,r 4 .86
(A) Hindu Sect
(B) Shipping Company )$r,r (B) .Jrrtr6,r (A)
(C) Christian Sect
(D) Tenorist Group ct,t6t;,r (D) f6,r (c)
73. The home state of Prime Minister llerendra
JJ J G.................,., i .aT
16 Advanced PPSC MCQS Nodet Paoe$

iAZd (B) (A) vr-..;.,!- (B) ..,"ii-', (A)

itld (O', ii4:; (C) -l;,,l;t 1D1 j z;'s? (Cl

\:,),i; -i:; -; .,, -:";.: l .88 :: j''i(J;:-;'.,(:ji i -95

:y \B) ..r (A) ,,,-i 181 ;'"-. (A)

(o) ,r..r (C) ,4'1. (D\ .',r (c)
i ti 4; * {'' :( ;-i',:-iu .89 .. 3! j_."9.i.:v,,r, .96

Jv-.: (Bl .rr-J (A) ;r;6r, (B) ,io2.: 6l

Jv,;y. @) .r'---'c (c) ;-.;-,; (D) ;r,'rc (C)
r"; ivJf :Let'";nlri-;" 90 "--";.. .' ,...f !,i.!.r. .97
(B) -,ir (Al ,,,,;3'-(B) ;,rg'-' *' (A)
7, @) ,,,:: (c) ,:-';,., (D) ;i',r (C)

" : i i-' ' 7!J t?''i'^'i 91 '.. .,..j,-' -',-'." 98

,.f r (Bl ',r (A) .:,;-i (B) i i/-;.?t (A)

(D) '; (c) iio-'.: (D) -i.rC-t,: (C)

| { :., t Jv i.:cc,"t,-i' r,; : .92

.:; _ j; : j.,i;:, t;t 99

Jt;, (B) iu-,..; (A) .i-i (B) .,:-ir (A)

Jvi P) .";t (c) ,,i, (D) J,-.'!. (C)

e.-;t .;..' ) /d -t .),!\ .g3 -r--,i.j . ... .:.,:,; -100

,i (st .{9-, (A) ,.'-, (B) .r,- (A)

,hJV (o) ,;6' (C) rr (o) ,.,,'l (C)

': ?1y ;- I c J' :, i j i' .94

Answer Key
1. a 14. d 27. a 40. d 53. c 66. c 79. d 92. c
2.a 15. c 28 a 41 a 54. c 67. b 80. c 93. d
3.c 16. a a 42 d 55. d 68. a 81. b 94.
4.a 17. d 30 a 43 b 56. c 69. d 82. b 95.
1E. c 44 b 57. a 70. a 83 a b
6.c 19. d 32 c 45 a 58. d 71. c 84 d 97.
7.b 20. d b 46 c 59. b 72. d 85 b 98. d
8.b 21. b 34 a 47 d 60. a d 86 b 99.
9.b 22. b 35 b 48 a 61. a 74. 87 b b
10. a 23. a 36 a 49 b 6?. d 75. a 88 c
11. a 24. d 37 d 50 d bJ a 76. 89
12_ b 25. d 38 a 5l d 64 b
13. c 26. d 39 a 65 c 78. 91 a
Advanced PPSC MCQ' Model Paoers 1ol

(A) lrfan Siddiqui
'l . Allama lqbal made his first public proposal for (B) MauianaSami-ul-Haq
a separate state for Muslims at: (C) Maulana Abdul Aziz
(A) Lahore (B) Allahabad (D) MaulanaYousaf Shah
(C) Dehli (D) Oacca
15. Gwadar Port is in the province of:
2. Quaid-e.Azam Muhammad All Jinnah (A) Sindh (B) Pun ab
remained the Governor General of Pakistan (C) Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (O) Balochislan
for almost:
(A) 10 months (B) l1 months 16. Jerusalem is the Holy City of;
(C) 12 monlhs (D) 13 months (A) Muslms (B) Jews
3. Kalabagh Dam is proposed to be built on:
(C) Christians (D) All of lhese
(A) lndus River (B) Chanab River 17. The second largest religion of world is:
(C) Jehlum River (D) Ravi River (A) lslam (B) Christian[Y
4 Whrch area of Punjab wth Muslim maiority
(C) Buddhism (D) Hrndursm
\,Yas awarded to lndia bY the Boundary 18. Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of:
Commission in 1947? (A) France (B) Germany
(A) Ferozepur (B) Jalandher (C) ltaly (D) Belgrum
(C) Amralsar (O) HoshiarPur '19. Lionel Messi is a famous player of:
5. The total number of Districts in Punjab is: (A) Cricket (B) Hockey
(A) 32 (B) 34 (C) Tennis (D) Football
(c) 35 (D) 36 20. Which of the followng is not a Scandinavian
6 The State means: country?
(A) Federal Govt. (B) Provincial Govts (A) Poland (B) Nonvay
(C) Parliamenl (D) All of these. (C) Oenmark (D) Sweden
7. Most of the electricity in Pakistan is produced 21. Who is the author ot Harry Potter series of
bY books for children?
(A) Hydal Power (B) Solar Power (A) Enid Blyton (B) Roald Oahl
(C) Thermal Power (O) .Nuclear Power (C) Denis Robins (D) J.K. Rowling
8. To the south of Pakistan lies: 22. The famous Al-Tehrir Square is in:
(A) lran (B) China (A) lstanbul (B) Oamascus
(C) The tuabian Sea (D) Afghanistan (C) Cairo (D) Kabul
9. Reko Oiq is a mining proiect ln Pakistan for: 23. Barack Obama the Amencan President
(A) coal reserves (B) copper reserves belongs to:
(C) iron ore(D) oil reserves (A) Democratic Party (B) Republican Party
10. The Boundary belween Azad Kashmir and
(C) Labor Party (O) None of these
Occupied Kashmir ls called: 24. Amnesty lntemational is an organization ,or:
(A) Dead Line
(B) Green Line (A) Fightang Global Terrorism
(C) Durand Line
(D) Control Line (B) Prevention of Crimes
(C) Providing financial aid to prisoners
11 . Wana is the main town of: (O) Protection of Human Rights
(A) North Waziristan (B) South Waziristan
(C) Kurram Agency (D) Khyber Agency 25 Capital Punishment means
(A) Oeath sentence
12. The Karakoram Highway links China and (B) Confiscation of property
Pakistan through: (C) Life imprisonment
(A) Khyber Pass (B) Khunirab Pass (O) Huge tine
(C) Bolan Pass (D) Babusar Pass
26. Juvenile prisone.s are under the age o,
13. Loralai is a dislric{ of: (A) '12 years (B) 14 Years
(A) Sindh (B) Punjab (C) 16 years (D) lSYears
(C) Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (O) Balochistan
27. FIR stands for:
14. On behatf of the Govt. who is the Chief (A) First lnvestigation RePort
Coordinator of Head of the Committee for (B) First lnformation Report
peace talks with Taliban?
1W Advanced pp,SC MCes ncdet paoers
(C) Forensic lnformation Report (A) Ammonia (B) Carbon monoxide
(O) Follow up lnvestigatron Report (C) Nitrogen (D) Hydrogen
2E. The basic duty of every cilizen rs: 41 . The humidity in the air tells us about the ratio
(A) Obedience to Constrtution & Law ot _ in lhe air.
(B) to get education (A) Oxygen (B) Carbon dioxide
(C) to work hard (C) Water vapors (D) none ofthese
(O). to respect the elders
42 . Sunlight falling on our skin causes it to
29. Every peison arrested & detained in custody produce:
shall be produced before a Magrstrate: (A) Vitamin A (B) Viramin B
(A) tmmediately (B) wth'in 24 hours (C) Vitamin C (D) Vitamin D
(C)Jhe same day (D) w hrn 48 hours
43 . Whrch ot the bllowino rs a man-made
30. According to fundamental rights no chitd material?
below lhe age of _ shall be engaged in (A) Granite (B) Copper
any factory. mine or any olher hazardous (C) Plastrc (D ) Methane
(A) 10 years (B) '12 years 44 Whrch ot lhe followng protecls our body
(C) 14 years (D; 16 years against disease?
(A) White blood ce s
31. No person shalt be punrshed for the same (B) Red blood cells
offeose more lhan (C) Platelets
(A) once (B) twrce (O) None is correct
(C) thnce (D) none is correct
45 . Common salt is also called:
32. According to Constitution of pakistan the (A) Amrno Acid
education,shall be free & computsory to alt (8) Sodium Chloride
citizens of age. (C) Sodium Potassium
(A) 5 to 16 ,ears (B) 4 to 16 years (D) None is correcl
(C) 5 to 10 years (0) 4 to 14 years
33. Which of the fot lowing is not among the
46 She felt_ when went on staqe.
(A) worried (B) nerv6us
fundamental fl9 hts of citizens?
(A Freedom of movement
(C) anxious (D) agitated
(B Freedom of speech 47 The horseman pulled the _ of lhe horse.
(c No discrimination on the basis of sex (A) reins (B) reions
(D All are conecl (C) rarns ioi raiLs
34. Minimum age limit for the Members of 48 "A thing ot beauty is a joy forever' is a famous
National Assembly is: verse by:
(A) lSyears (B) 21 vears (A) Wordsworth (B) She v
(C) 25 years (D) 28 iears (C) Keats (D) Byron
35. ln Pakistan the sale of cigarettes is prohibited 49 Which word is wrongly spelt in the following
under the age of set of words?
(A) 12 years (B) j5 vears (A) Confusion (B) Previous
(C) 16 years (0) lSiears (C) Computer (D) Distructron
36. Optical Fiber System is a: 50 Which word is wrongly spelt.in the following
(A) Defense Mechanism set of words?
(B) Telecommunication Svstem (A) Enquiry (B) Etectricrty
(c) Air Raid system (C) Nursary (D) Library
(D) None of these 51. An 'above board" person means:
37. Diabetes is caused due to the deficiency of: (A) Dishonest (B) Cruel
(A) Catcrum (B) Vitamin B (C) Trustworthy (D) Wise
(C) tron (O) rnsutin 52. Beautiful is a:
38. lt is difficult to cook on mountaans because of: (A) Verb (B) Noun
(A) High atmospheric pressure (C) Pronoun (D) Adjective
(B) Low atmospheric pressure 53. ldentify the correct spellings:
(C) Low temperature (A) Occurred (B) Occured
(D) Lack ol orygen (C) Ocurred (D) Ocunad
39. Ozone layer protects life on earth from: 54. Do vou see blue skv?
(A) Ultraviolet rays (B) Greenhouse gases (A)-a (Bj an
(C) CFCS (D) Carbon DioxiEe (C) the (D) None is coneci
40. Which poisonous gas is lroduced when coal 55. The man is poor _ hcnest.
is burnt without enough air supply? (A) and (B) or
Advanced PPSC NCQs *lodel Paoers 109
(C) but (D) if (A) Display copy (B) Resolved copy
56. Will you wait _ I return?
(9) Scanned copi (D) Printout
(A) after (B) wnen 72. Small files that are deposited on user's hard
(c) rifl (D) if drive when they visit a website are best
described as
57. Catastrophe means: (A) Codes (B) Cookres
Problems (B) Pressure
(A) (C) Profiles (D) Trackers
Disaster (D) Huge
58. She _ unconscious since four O'clock: 73. A voice mailbox in a voice marl system is
(A) is (B) was (A) Storage location on a hard disk
(C) has been (D) would be (B) Processor
(C) lnput Device
59. Honest men sp€ak _ truth. (D) Output device
(A) a (B) an
(C) the (D) None is correct. 74. __ is to protect data and passwords
(A) Encryption (B) Authentication
60. He Jumped off the bus whrle it _ _ (C) Authorization (D) Non-repudiation
(A) moyed (B) had moved
(C) was moving (D) moves 75. The browsers ___ keep a list of web pages
you have visited ;n the currenl session.
61. Which numb€r can replace both the question (A) History (B) Cache
ma(ks? 2l? = ?150 . (C) Favofltes tDl Trarl
(A) 5 (B) 10
76 A certificate rs a notrce that ouarantee a
(c) 25 (D) 100
user oi a web srte legrlimate
62. Complele the series: 6,9,'13,'16,20.23 (A) Assrgned (B) Prolected
(A) 26.30 (B) 26.31 (C) Secure (D) Oigrtal
(c) 27,30 (D) 27,31
77. Measuring unit of capac(y of a hard disk to
63. lf you write down all the numbers from 1 -100, save data as
how many times would you write 3? (A) Ghz (B) GB
(A) 18 (B) 19 (C) NeMon (D) Watt
(c) 20 lD\ 21 78. What are three most popular socral
64. Ali ran around a l/4 kilometer.iogging track 17 networking web sites today?
times. How many kilomelers did he run? (A) Google. Yahoo. Bing
(A) 4km (B) 4%km (B) Facebook, Bebo, Elogster
(C, 4%km (D\ 4%km (C) Facebook, Myspace. Twitter
65. Complete the series: 6,4,48,40, 36, 34, (D) Zorpia. Netlog, Habbo
(A) 30 (B) 31 79. ln MS word sho( cut'Shift+Delete is used to
(c) 32 (D) 33 (A) Delete the Selected item permanently
66. A man buys a toy for Rs. 70 after getting a without placing the item in recycle bin
discount ol20%. What was the (B) Copy the selected item
marked pice of the loy? (C) Rename the selected item
(A) Rs: 84 (B) Rs: 56 (D) Create a short cut to selecled item
(C) Rs: 87.50 (D) Rs: 90 80. From which menu. you can insert the Header
67. A history class has '12 boys and 1E grrls. Boys and Footer
are what fraction of the class? (A) Format Menu (B) View Menu
(A) 3/5 (B) 2/3 (C) Tools Menu (D) lnsert Menu
(c) 3/4 lol 2ts E1. Which ot the following rs not a search engine?
68. 25 Students took a test and 4 of them failed. (A) Gooole.com (B) Altavista com
What per cent of them passed the test, (C) Facebook.cogr (D) Yahoo-com
(At 75yo (B) 80% 82. Which of the following is correcl form of an e-
(cl 82yo lo) 84o/. mail address?
69. 3/1000 written as a fraction is? (A) Ppsc: PU!le!jg!!
(A) 3 (B) 0.3 (B) Puniab.qov.pk@ppsc
(c) 0.03 (D) 0.003 (C) ppsc@!!!S/ uulpu!.le!,.gey.p!
(D) ppsc@punjab.gov.pk
70. 1 square foot is equal to:
(A) 24 square inches 83 Within a browser what does a 'Home' do?
(B) 48 square inches (A) Add your e-mail address to your e-mail
(C) 72 square inches message
(D) 144 square inches (B) Enter your home address into texl box
(C) Take you to the previously visited site
71 . Hard copy of a documenl refers to which of
the following
't t0 Advanced MCOs PaDers
(D) Display the content of your designated
start page r;s{s-;+, (D) r:.r-j.j;:c.: (C)
84. Whid of the iollowing is a URL? i-Lili-i;.-f j-:r. jj,ri.--J- .93
(A) Netscape
(B) Searchaintemet.net
(c) EtemerEdorei- 'j,. (B) ,'--, (A)

(D) w!,r,w.vahoo.com
r.r,r"l-,, .*.: (C)

85. When you friond someone on a social !.':,vr;*--': tijrLu-: jv,i;-,i 3;,': .-:-,> * .94
netwo*ing site, what does lhis allow them to
see !.:_:.: -.,-
(A) Nothidg, the same as everyone else
(B) They can see all ofthings iou put on -', j:,'-.'', (B) -:.,-.! : .:i. (A)
private so only friends can see i,r-ij+-,j'ir"J (D) -.,j:.,i.,', (C)
(C) They can seejust your picture
(D) AandC :-y',V,{c.7 :i.b' .95
,i{aqi-';Lv'.8$ i:-'; (B) (A)

f-.e!-ie (B) <-:t ) (A) .ji' (D) ":''

,!, (c)
+ct t.--!k, (D) 4.nt-r,r,ra (C) ':a- a.;..;,j,1-;,a j t;-- =,:!:--,;,..96
jitivt.rv' j'';-'' (B; c:;.:' (A\
-'.-, .gT
LVf'J.vLrt (B) tvy,tr|L- (A) .j ,ry+' (D) -'-t-',-'-' (C)
LVA,I-la lD) t-2y"4:tq-l (C) rt :_i I _. :-! E, - j ; !. ?._ i :,.- .gl

e? tu,lza1.i j,Z,iryJtyt .gg

r,;r' ;r (A)

,z(B) I(l Ji (D) .t,: (C)

.:.rt 3.'t (D) i: (C) t :r,I ;t i -d t- ) -t Jtt,, : .98
nl c,t.,,, !.,a, 4,;1 !
2 .gg 1,).!
-' r{j'ii.qo' (Bl r"-,, ,r"f {n)
!oo-r' F)'jl-,/1,:.p @l :,.,e.-t; (D) --.-.;,n;1,. (C)

Y)',!-r Q) 3,ry-r (c) t

1{-i 2'i. a ;1r i.-"t ;' j-,,',.' .gg .

r,.l:j /,t,rgr at\, n ttJltti i j.6J,r (B) iti (A)

.9 1

/.{.,.1 (Bl .il4t (A) ,i,(r., (D) .r,g;;u (C)

t'gLp4) (D) <-,iL.1t;r,tr*i (C) <:.-i,tt i./' f - t:;r,;'
-l .100
_--_L.tJ <_uifl :e.r,(J r. J=+/c.j .92 4(<, (B) irvr jti, (A)
*:o{$,.-u;t-fr (B) n:J{6,br,A2 (A) ,r,jer (D) pi-+- (Cl

Answer Key
1. b '13. d 25 a 37. d 49. d DI b 73 a 85 b
2. d 14. a 26 d 38. b 50. c 62 74 a 86 b
3. a 15. d 27 b 39. a 51. 63 b 75 a 87 b
4. a 16. d 28 a 40. b 52. d 6,4 c 76 d 88 c
5. d 17. a 29 41. c 53. a 65 d 77 b 89 c
6. a 18. b 30 c 42. d 54. 66 78 c 91 c
7. c 19. d 31 a 43 c 55. c 67 b 79 a 92 c
8. c 20. a 32 a 44 a 56. c 68 d EO d b
9. b 21. d 33 d 45 b 57. c 69 d 81 c 94 b
10. d 22. c u c 46 b 58. c 70 d 82 d 95 d
11. b 23. a 35. d 47 a 59. c 71 d E3 d 96 c
12. b 24. d 36. b 48 c 60. c 72 b u d 97 d
Advanced PPSC MCQ' Model PaDers 111

98. b 99. b 100. c





1. You want to insert a paragraph of text from 10 Find the average of all numbers behYeen 6
one document into another document while and 34 whrch are divisible by 5:
still keeping it in the first document. you will do (A) 15 (B) 20
it by doing the following: (c) 25 (D) 30
(A) Cut and paste 'l 1. Solve: 30"/" of 3300
(B) Copy and paste (A) 330 (B) s90
(C) Delete and paste (c) 700 (o) 1100
(D) lnsert and paste
2. ln whch year. FIH (lnternational Hockey 12 Evaluale (248) +JA
Federation ) was established? (A) 14 (B) 26
(A) 1980 (B) 1920 (c) 16 (D) 36
(c) 1924 (O\ 1922 13 ln MS Word, which view shows margins and
3. A colleg€ organised a tunction in which 1/3'd the rulers?
(A) Normal (B) Page Layout
of boys and 1/2 of girls are preseot. Total
number of sludents present is: (C) Page Setup (D) Review
(A) 90 (B) 110 14 For how many years did the Caliphate of
(C) 125 (D) Oata inadequate Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) last?
4. Excel would evaluate the lormula. = (A) Two years (B) Three Years
20'10/5'8, and return this answer. (C) Four years (D) Five Years
(A) s (B) 6.25 15 Which pillar of lslam is declared as an
(c) 320 tot 232 Armour?
5. ln MS Word, when we apply "Drop Cap' on a (A) Salat (Prayers) (B) Soam (Fasting)
word then, by defaull, first character of this (C) Zakal (D) Hatj
word drops to: 16 Euphonious is the opposito of:
(A) 3lines (B) S lines (A) Concordant (B) Lethargic
(C) 2lines (D) E lines (C) Harmonious (D) Cacophonrc
6. Union Jack is the name ol the flag of which 17 ln Excel you cafl sort data in
country? (A) Ascending order
(A) Uniled Kingdom (B) lreland (B) Descending order
(C) Canada (D) Scotland (C) BothA& B
7 What number increased by 20% of itself ts lD) None of these
equal to 102? 1A
- Wazar Khan
ln whrch city rs the famous
(A) 8s (B) 90 Mosque located?
(c) 75 (D) 185 (A) Lahore (B) Thatta
8. To convert a deomal numb€r rnlo binary (C) Peshawar (D) Eahawalpur
number, we use the method of repeated. 19 The task force estab|shed by Pakistan Navy
(A) Multrphcatron (B) Drvrs,on lo defend CPEC rs called
(C) Addition (D) Subtraction (A, Task Force 75 (B) Task Force 88
9 A father is now three times as old as his son (C) Task Force 90 (D) Task Force 91
Five years back. he was four times as old as 20 Cells in MS Excel can be uniquely identified
hrs son. The age of the son (in years) is: by.
(A) 10 (B) 12 (A) Column letters and row numbers
(c) 15 (D) 18 (B) Column numbers and row letters
ll2 , fdnncrdFAiG ICOs Xodplrocrs
(C) Ce[ coordinaes 33. By converting
(D) None of fieee 75olo into fraction. answer will
21. Monlagu - Chgknafor reforms inlroduced a (A) 3/4 (Bt 2t3
syrGm callcd: (c) 1/3 (D) 1/4
(A) l,lonarch (B) Tt|ec*r 34. A cdnputer cannot funclion withoul:
Oemocracy aD) Diad,y '
(C) (A) Microsoft Office
22. GiBt thd 543 x 2i = i1403. Find the vatue (B) Operating System
of: 1140.3 + 5.43 (C) lnternet Connector
(A) 210 (B) (D) Antivirus Protection
(c) r20 io)
zoo 35. Softw€re that- assists you, or acls on your
23. A!/araga- of t€n pGiliw numbaG is x. lf each behalf. to perform repeiitive computer_retited
nurnoer ls ncraes6d by i0%. than x: tasks is a(n):
(A) Remains undrsrild (A) lntelligenagent
(B) Mayd€crBase ' (B) Robot
(C) U.y incraase (C) Fuzzy loqic
(D) b incE.E d by i0% (D) Genetic algorithm
24. Three hundrcdhs i! lhe sam€ a9: 36. Alia c€n complele an assignemnt rn 5 days
(A) 0.3 (B) 3OO.O and Babar can complot the same asslonmeht
(c) 300 ioi o.os is 20 days. The time taken by both A-tia and
Babar to complete the assieinment working
25. Chooe. thc coryecf prEposition: looLh€r€ ig together is:
(f) days
(c) on (C) 4
(O) Zoays
S days
toi o 37. Which planet in the solar system is farthest
26. Th€rB e.e trc-sedione A md B of a dass, ftom the sun?
consistirB of 36 and r|4 AudanB resoe.fiv€lv_ (A) Mercury (B) Neotune
tf the ev€r.gE ur.otrt ot eaion a is ioko jfi (C) Venus (O) Uars
trat of g€d,o{t B is. 35k9, fin<t Ure aGrage
wsaght of tho tr,hob crass 38. lf Kayla left a 510.47 tip on a breaHast that
(A) 30 ks (B) 35 ko i
coat $87.25. what percentage was the tip
(c) 37.25 re (o) {.56 ks (A) 8.3% B\ i2y.
27. Mr Antonb Gubrrls b s€ryim a3
(c) 13% io\ tq"/"
Secretery Gan€rat of thc UnitcO tfaionc. io 39. ln MS Word 2007, is used to
whiclr counfy d6s h€ b.lono? move drrecfly to specific localion in a
(A) ltiaty (B) S;ein document.
(C) PoL,l(t (D) ptnrget (A) Subdocumerts
(B) Bookmarks
28. R€oya ott llod 65, 61,lE, t2.nd g5 out of (C) Crow-references
10o h difb€flt subircis, whet uifl bc ta (D) Ouuines
(A) 70 (B) 7s 40. ln 2002, Amnesty lntemational succeeded in
(c) 80 (Di 8s havtng an "Optional protocot" added to the
29. Thc wo.d Pantum b rBtabd b: Child Human Rights Act in the UN. Thri
(A) Hard Disft (B) DVI) Fotocol raised the age at which states can
legafly recruit children lnto the armed forces to
(C) Print r (Oi Uicroproccesor 1& Whal was the legal age under t
30. To p.int Porcrftint p.B.nlation, p.Ess: (A) I hrrleen (B) Sixteen
(A) Ctl + A (B) Ctd + Shin + P (C) Fifreen ioi rouneen
(C) CH + P ioi Crnl * S 41. Asghar can do a rob rn 60 days. And both
31. 'Amazon' is a b€3t erample sile. Asghar and Babar can do the sjme ,ob rn 20
(A) E€omnrerce days workrng together. Babar atonge can Oo
(B) So<ral Ndrro*im the same.pb in.
(C) Blooginc -- ({) l0 days (Br 60days
(D) EnMainmcnf . (C) 28days (D) 4sdaya
32. Slrah Al,tGr4sar b th€ 3hortest sur.h of the 42. How many Emirates comprise the United Arab
tloly Quran. The numOcr ot iC versei tayaifl emirates?
t6: (A) I (at7
(A) Thre6
(c) Five
(B) Four
(D) Less lh€n three
(c) 6 (oi s
43. What is the width of badminton courl for singte
Adyance.tPPSC COSI odelPaoers 113

(A) 5.18 meters (B) 6.10 meters (O) View different worksheets
(C) 0.40 meters (D) 5.20 meters 58. You should save your computer ftom:
44. ll a : b = 2: 3 and b : c = 4 : 3, then lind a:b:c (A) Viruses (B) Time bombs
(A) 8:12:9 (B) 2:3:8 (C) Worms (D) All of these
(C) 2:3:9 (D\ 2:3:'t2 59. Minutes buys an old scooter for Rs. 4700 and
45. A ftuit seller purchases oranges at the rate of spends Rs. 500 on its repairs. lf he sells the
3 for Rs 5 and sells them at 2 for Rs 4. His scooter tor Rs. 5800, his gain percent is:
profit in lhe transaction is: (A) 4.57o/o (B) 5.45%
(A| 25% (B) 15% (c) 10% lol 12ok
(c ) 20% (D) 10% 60. The Page orientatron can be in
46. A doll is sold for Rs. 220. lthat was lh€ cost style.
of doll if rat3 of profit was l% of the cosl? (A) Landscape
(A ) Rs. 198 (B) Rs.200 (B) Portrait
(C) Rs.210 (D) Rs.240 (C) Landscape & Portrait
47 Albert Einstein was born in:
(D) Digit Speed Line
(A) Omen (B) Germany 61. What is full form of DSL in terms oI
(C) lraq (D) Tur*ey rnformation technology?
(A) Oigital System Line
48. Which is the first element depicled on the (B) Digital Super Line
Periodic Table? (C) Digital Subscriber Line
(A) Hydrogen (B) Aluminum (D) Digital Speed Line
(C) Orygen (D) Gold
49. Which of the following is not used to access 62. The Diamir-Bhasha Dam will be constructed
the web?
(A) ISDN (B) Modem (A) Kabul (B) Jhelum
(c) UDP (D) DSL (C) Ravi (D) lndus
50. Bio-fuels are sources of energy derived from: 63. Who invented Computer Mous?
(A Doughlas Carl Engelbart
(A) Bims (B) Plants & Animals (B Bill Gates
(C) Oceans (D) Air & Water
(c John McAfee
51. Pakistan is bordered by _ in the (D Evan Williams
(A) Afghanistan (B) lran 64. How many gold medals Pakistan won in lhe
Common Wealth Games 2010 held in lndia?
(C) China (D) Omen (A) 1 (B) 2
52. Find o:r! the average of A and B if the given (c) 3 (D) 4
valueofl6A+168=48. 65. ln MS Word, shortcut key
(A) 1.5 (B) 2
combination undedines the selected tex.
(c) 53 (ol 7.4
(A) Ctrl + (B) Ctrl + V
53. ln _
Power Point contains pre. U
(C) Ctd + (O) Ctrl + A
- book 'The Myth
(A) Graphics (B) Theme 66. Who wrote the of
(C) Texture (D) Gradient
(A) General Ayub Khan
54. Head of the Senale is called _ (B Nelson Mandela
(A) President (B) Speaker (c Benazir Bhutto
(C) Chairman (D) Administrator (D Z.A. Bhutto
55. Ouaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jannah 67. Which of the following is used in normal
presented his Fourleen Poants in: pencils?
(A) 1928 (B) 1929 (A) Graphite (B) Silacon
(c) 1930 (D) 1932 (C) Charcoal (D) Slate
56. Fot the series. whal is the nexl term: 4. 6, 9, 68. Computers that process both analog and
(A) 15 (Bl 12
digital data are called
(A) Analog (B) Hybrid
(c) 18 (O) 17 (C) Oigital (O) Algorithm
57. ln MS Excel, you c.rn use the horizontal and 69. funclion calculates the largest
vertical scroll bars to: ialue in 'a set of numbers.
(A) Split a worksheel into two panes (A) Average (B) Count
(B) View different rows and columns (C) Min (D) Max
(C) Edit the contents of a cell
114 A64nced ppSC HCes [todet paoors
70 lf 1 day work = 1,20 then time required to 84 A comfton name for software errors is:
finish the job (in daya) (A) Vrruses (B) Trotans
(A) 20 (B) 10 (C) Bugs (D) logrc Bombs
(c) 25 ioj so
85. Which amongst the following is the largest unit
71. From what location are the 1st computer of storage?
instructtons available on boot up? (A) Byte (B) Gigabyte
(A) ROM B|OS (B) CPU (C) Terabyle (D) Kilobyte
(C) boot.inl (D) CONFTG SYS
86 A country that is landlocked and surrounded
72 Choose the correcl Antonym: lnfatlibte only by landlocked countries rs called "doubte
(A) lmp€rtect (B) im'peccabte landlocked" Which ot the followrng countries is
tC) Flawless (D) Retiabte ''double landlocked"?
73. Oscar purchaaed a new hat that was on sate (A) Afghanistan (B) Kazakhstan
for 55.06 The original price was 59.20 What (C) Tajikistan (D) Uzbekistan
percentage discount was the sale price? 87. Pakistan s first Constituent Assembly was
lA) 4 .5.k (B' 41 .4o/o dissolved in.
lc\ 45% (D) 55% (A) 1954 (B) 1953
74. Animation schemes can be applied to (c) 19s7 rD) 1958
_ in the presentation. 88. A,/an contains inlormation like text
(A) Allslides (B) Setect stides rmage or mustc.
(c) current shde (D) A o, these (A) Gadget (B) File
75. For the series, what is the next term? 36. 34.
(C) Keyboard (D) lnternet browser

20 _
30.28.24. 89. What is the fraclional equivalent of 12.5%?
(A) (s\ 22 (A) 1/4 (Bl 2t9
(c) 23 (D) 26 (c). 1/5 (D) 1/8
76 What rs Linux? 90. Solve 5:0.5 = ?
(A) Operating system (A) 2.5 (B) 25
(B) Storage device (c) 10 (D) 1
(C/ lnput device
(O) Web browser 91. Three numb€rs are in the ratio 4:5:6 and thear
average rs 30. The largest number rs:
77. Slide sorter can be accessed through (A) 28 (B) 32
(A) nsert
(B) View
(c) 36 (O) 42
(C) Edit (D) File 92. "Fidel Castro'was the leader of
(A) France (B) South Africa
78. Find the average of 8132543and 1'l (C) Nigeria (D) Cuba
(A) 20 (B) 32
(cl 27 (D) 19 93. Chennai is the new name of which lndian
79 Pakrstan won the first and only tCC T-20 (A) Madras (B) Patna
Cricket World Cup under the captarncy of
(A) Younus Khan
(C) Agra (D) Lucknow
(B) lmran Khan 94. The average ol tour ionsecutrve odd numbers
(C) Shahrd Afridr rs 24 Frnd the largest number
(D) lnzamam ul Haq (A) 25 tBt 27
(c) 29 (Dr 31
80. Two numbers era in the ralio 7 : f. if the sum
of the numbers is 112, then the larger number 95 Th€ World s largest Compuler Company by
ts: sales ls:
(A) 49 (Bl 72
(A) Aser (B) IBM
(c) 63 (ol 42
(C) Microsoft (D) Apple
81. Antonym of Guilty is 96. For a qualification 2/5 of the marks were given
(A) lnnoc€nt (B) Humble for coursework. The rest of the marks were
(C) Clever (D) , Proud grven for a written paper of which 3l/B were
given for a mental test. Total marks were out
82. ',110 =
of 120. How many marks were grven for the
(A) 0.01 (B) 0.1 mentaltest.
(c) 1.0 (D) 10 (A) 30 (B) ss
83. Solve 12 + 20 = 'l (c) 27 (D) 4s
(A) 6 (B) 2.4
(c) 0.6 (o) 24 l:-:-.,:-l4ve'i.gt
A ,lrcos Model 115

;1-,';-.i I s,u'l!
f ':-'; in1
-i 61
;'t-2.iJV,J'J=i @\ .-i 'i:.4c,i Bl
j-'t;-'):lVjl!=i 1c1
6,'-,- . i,.i --evi 1c1

,-l't4 !JVr'-'J=i pl ! zL-- :,'

t"' :l'iiLi (D)

l.-v', f' :-r, t€" i t
-- r
( ;1. .100
| <- 1)b''(w' 1,.-t, tg "tt :t >;'i" 98

tt)tL'/ (Bl u(jt (e) rk{ (A)

;r-4-i \ot J;','(ct ur!,j:-.r;d-i,j! (B)

;t,(:-r,-:.1 (C)
t ,,L "out. of the trying pan into the fire" 99
';r,.!J*-f, (Dl
Answer Key
b 14. a 27. d 40. b b 66. d 79. a 92. d
c b 28. b 41. a 54 67. a 80. c 93. a
? d 10 d 42. b 55 b 68. b 81. a 94. b
17. c 30. 43. a 56 c 69. d 82. b 95. d
18. a 31. a 44. a 57 b 70. a c 96. c
5. a
'19. b 32 a 45 c 58. d 71. a 84. c 97. b
6. a
20. b 33 a 46 b 59 d 72 a 85 98. b
b 21 d u b 47 b 60 c 86 d 99. c
35 b 48 a 61 c 74 d 87 a 100. c
9. c a
10 b 23 d 36 c 49 a 62 d 75 b
b 50 b 63 a 76 a 89 d
1'r b 24 d 37
38 b 51 c 54 b 77 b 90
't2 c 25
26 c b a 65 78 a 91 c
13 b ^,



lnlemational Committee o, lhe Red Cross was 3. Which rnstrument rs used to measure blood
founded bv: pressure?
lA) J H Dirrant (B) Baden Powell (A) Sphygmomanometer
ici oonald Ross (D) None orthese (B) Thermometer
(C) Barometer
2 The Obiectives Resofution was made parl of (D) Stethoscope
substaniive provisions of the Constitution of
1973: 4. The BntEh Government announced the
(A) At the time of its Promu lg ation in 1973 partilron of Bengal rn'1905 because of
(B) By Presrdential Order 1 4 of 1985 (Revival (A) Muslm s demand
of Constitution Order) (B) Hrndu's demand
(C) Through amendments made in the (C) Administrative requrrements
Constitution in 1975 (D) Financial constraints
(O) Through a resolulion of the Parliament
116 fdve,rsrd ppltc fcoS lod., F'o*t
5. The P€nodic Table, rvhich, ananges chemical (B) rLO
.according to ttrlir etdmrc-numG (C) UN High Commissioner for Refugee
ano cnem(:t properties. was formulated by:
(A) Antoine Lavoisier (D) All of these
(B) Dmitri Mendeleev 16 Synonym of 'CARN|VORE" is;
(C) John Dalton (A) Dangerous (B) Witd
(D) Otto Hahn (C) Meai Eater iDi tmmature
6. The idea of 'Asia Europe .Meetino. (ASEM| 17
ltily"" Sindh separared from the Bombay
organizalion was initiatd in 1994 b:y Mr. Goli Presrd_ency and created as a separate
Chok TonO, th€ prime Mimter (A) 1935 (B) 1936
(A) South (B) Norrh Korea (c) 1936 (D) 1941
(c) Japan (D) Singapore 18. I am worried
7. In _ the exam
TJle number, whose 7 percent is 42, is: lil on (B) about
(A) 300 (B) 4Oo (u) (D) of
(c) 500 (oi eoo '19. Reptile is to Lizard as Flower is
8. Wrat was the old name of Lahore High Court? (A) petal (B) Stem
(A) Supreme Court of Puniabi (C) Darsy ioi nrt,gator
(B) Chief Court of puniab ' 20. What is the significance of Gaddani Beach
(D) State Court of puniab near Karachi?
(D) None of the€e (A) lt is a picnic resort
e Hni"Jt;"T&?*rent
lnspector ceneral or (B) Ship breakino rndustrv
(C) Fishing induslry
(A) Mushtsq A. Sukhera (O) lt has huge oit deposits
(B) Haji HabiEuFRehman 21. Where-is the European Unions headquarters
(C) Capt (r) Arif Nawaz Khan based?
(D) Tarh Sateem Dogar (A) Pans (B) Enqtand
'10. Fill in the btank. He is
btind _ one
(C) Bertrn iDi Bru'ssets
eye. 22. About- which act, the Mustims sha be asked
(A) with (B) by frrst of all. on the Day of Judoement?
(C) for (D) in (A) Salaat (Namaz)- -
1'1. Onemolecule of waler E comDosed ot: (B) Fasting (Roza)
(c) Haii
(t, |wo
une atom ot
Ox),g; aroms
Hy_orogerl atoms. rw6
Hydrogen, ona abm of (D) Zakat
orygen 23. ldentity _the Mustim ruler who lntroduced jail
(C) Two atoms ot Hydrogen, one atom of system for deterilion of prisoners:
urygen (A) Hazral Abu Bakr tA.A)
(D) One atom of Hydrogen, tf,o atoms of (B) Hazral Umer (R.At
oxygen (C) Hazrat Umer brn Abdut Azrz (R A)
12. Who was first prime Minister of pakistan? (O) Waleed bin Abdul Matik
(A) Liaqaut Ati Khan 24. Th€ word "Tsunami" belongs to which of the
(B) Quaid e Azam to owing languages?
(C) Zulfiqar Ali Bhuno (A) Engtish (B) Latin
(D) Ayyub Khan (C) Chinese (D) Japanese
13. According to the police Order 2002, the head 25. Which Muslim Leader was setected as the
ot Police in a District: President of the lndian Nationat Congress in
(A) Superintendent of police 1896?
(B) Senior Superintendent of police (A) Badr-ud-Drn Tavabii
(c) Oistrict Police Officer (B) R M Sayanr
(D) Coordinating Police Offi cer (C) Salimutlah Khan
14. How-. many, brick each measuring 25cm (D) Nawab Viqar-rt-Mutk
length. 11.25cm breath and Osn neiitrt, wtfi 26. N€sir-ud-Oin Qabacha was a lieutenant of
be need€d-to buitd e wal of Bm Crltr, em Muhammad Ghauri.. He also served as
height and 22.5qn widc? govemor of:
(A) 5600 (B) 6000 (A) Lahore (B) peshawar
(c) 6400 (ol zzoo (C) Rajasthan (D) Multan
15. Which rlg
9!. !o[oui!g U.N agencias
receryed Noble peace prize?
has 27. (2213 =7
(A) 16 (B) 18
(A) UNTCEF (c) 32 (D) 64
Advanced PPSC MCQs ilodel Paoars 117

28. what is lnfaq? 4'1. lf there is no sun. the color of the sky would
(A) To give aims be:
(B) To keep fast (A) Orange (B) Blue
(C) To spend wealth in lhe way of Allah (C) Yellow (D) None of these
(D) To offer prayers regularly 42. According to Article 44 of the Constitution, the
29. Which of lhe following rs a Veclor quantity? President of Pakistan shall hold office for a
(A) Speed (B) Temperature term of;
(C) Mass (O) velocity (A) 6 year (B) 3 years
lndia and are making a bid for (C) 5 years (D) 4. years
30. Pakistan
membership of NSG. What does NSG stand 43. One of the followrng is not a function of bones
fot? in human body?
(A) Nuclear States Group (A) Protection ot vital organs
(B) Nuclear Suppliers Group . (B) Secretion of hormones
(C) Nuclear Sanctions Group (C) Place for muscle attachment
(D) Nuclear Supply Group (D) Production of Wood corpasdes
31. The most abundant element in the universe is: 44. Complete the number series. 4.6. 12, 14.28,
(A) lron (B) Hydrogen 30,_
(C) Oxygen (D) Nitrogen (A) 60 (B) 62
32. ln how many yeafii was the Holy Quran
(c) il (D) 32
revealed? 45. Abraham Lincoln is acclaimed tor:
(A) 23 years (8) 24 years (A) Securing rndependence of America
(C) 25 years (O) 6 years (A) Wining the Civil war in America
(C) Establishing the League of Nations
33. tucheology is a branch of: (D) Abolition of Slavery
(A) Anthropology
(B) Cuftural anthropology 46. By mixing all the colours of the visible
(C) Biological anthropology spectrum of sunlight, we produce:
(D) Paleoanthropology (A) lnfra redlight (B) Purple light
34. 'l square foot is eiualto: (C) Green light (D) White light
(A) 24 square inches 47. The process of transferring liles from the
(B) 48 square inches intomet to your computer is called:
(C) 72 square inches (A) Downloading (B) Uploading
(O) 144 square inches (C) FoMarding (D) FTP
35. The synonym of 'Bewilde/ is: 48. Which of the following number rs divisible by
(A) Mystery (B) Enlighten 12?
(C) Frightened (O) Confuse (A) 4653 (B) 4818
36. Ramadan is the _ month of the (c) 4404 (D) 4501
lslamic Calendar. 49. Which number can replace both queston
(A) gth (B) llrh marks in 2/? = ?/50
(c) 10th (D) l2rh 5
(A) (B) 10
37. Pakistan and Afghanistan have a 'Transit 25
(c) (o) 100
Trade Agreement signed in: 50. Which is the largest desert in the world?
(A) 1955 (B) 1959 (A) Thar (B) Sahara
(c) 1962 (O) 1965 (C) Gobi (D) Dasht-i-Lut
38. Complete the alphabet series: A, 8, D, G, 51. Fill in blanks: "The report concludes sadly that
students have
(c) M
(B) L
(D) H
xnowldge of Physics.'
(A) some / a lot of
39. Which Pakistani player scored fastest first
(B) both / whole
(C) none / any
1000 ODI runs (in 21 lnnings)?
(A) Misbah-ul-Haq (O) very tew / some
(B) Azhar Ali 52. To which language does the word "Salat"
(C) Babar Azam belong?
(O) Shahid Afridl (A) Urdu (B) Arabic
40. Fill in the blank: He would onjoy this, if he (C) Persian (D) Punjab
_ present 53. What is the area completely sunounded by
(A) Be (B) Had been land called?
(C) Was (D) Were (A) Landslide (B) Lockland
118 Advanced PPSC MCQ9 Model Papers
(C) Landlocked (D) Landform (A) O-8 (B) c-7
54. ln which continent is Japan located? (c) G-77 (D) NAM
({) Africa (B) Europe 66 Who was the First Governor of Sindh afier ihe
(C) Auslralia (D) Asia independence?
55. The Holy Book'Zaboor" was revealed on
(A) Abdullah Haroon (B) Hrdayalullah
which Proohet of Atlah? (C) lkramullah (D) Khuro
(A) Hazrat Moosa (A.S) 67 One kilometer is equal lo how many miles?
(B) Hazrat lbrahim (A.S) (A) 0.85 (B) 0 s
(C) Hazrat Daud (A.S) (c) 0.62 (D) 1.6
(O) Hazrat lshaq (A.S)
68 Physiotherapy is a curalive method for.-
56. "Amicus Cunae" is: (Aj Heart disease
(A) Most expensive lawyer (B) lmmobility of Jornts
(B) Arbttrator appointed by a Coun of Law (C) Cirrhosis of the liver
(C) Eminent Jurist (Dl Drug addictcon
(D) Friend of the courl and disinterested
advtsor 69 Whrch of the followng shoncut keys is used to
align the selected lext to the cenler. in MS
57 Which country has the largest Muslim Word?
population in the world? (A) Ctrl + C (B) ctrt + R
(A) lran (B) tndia (C) Ctrl + E (D) Ctrl + T
(C) lndonesia (D) SaudiArabia
70 Synonym of Serene' rs
58. A place where leather is tanned is called a (A) Happy
(B) Tannery (B) Casino (B) Calm and peaceful
(C) Brewery (O) Workshop (C) Smooth
59. What is the national game of Pakastan? (D) Alluring
(A) Hockey(B) Chchel 71 Ctrl+N in Ms Word is used to:
(c) Kabaddi
(D) squash (A) Save Document
60. Who was the last Governor General of (B) Open Document
Pakistan? (C) Open New Document
(A) Khwaja Nazlmuddin (D) Close Oocument
(B) Ghulam Muhammad 72 Which is the longes! river of Pakistan?
(C) lskander Mirza (A) Ravi (B) lndus
(D) None of these (c) Jhelum (D) chenab
61. What in Shah Waliuttah's oprnron was the 73 I b[s is called:
A collection of
biggest cause of the plight of Mustims at that (A) Byte (B) Kitobyre
time? (C) Terabyte (O) Nrbble
(A) Lack of education
(B) D6crimination by the British 74 Which batsman holds the world record of
(C) Economic marginalization maximum runs in test cncket cateer?
(O) Moral degradatron {A) Brian Lara
(B) Sachin Tendulkar
62. Which of the following is the latest country to (C) Allan Border
abolish monarchy? (D) Sunil Gawaskar
(A) Laos (B) Nepat
(C) Afghanrstan (D) Burundr 75 Which of the following countries official name
is lslamic Republic of?
63. Which of the Jollowing protecis our body (A) Uzbekistan (B) Nigeria
against disease? (C) Egypt (D) Mauritania
(A) White Blood Cells
(A) Red Blood Cells 76 Which of the following is the longest Surah of
(C) Platelets Quran?
(D) None of these (A) Surah Yasin
(B) Surah Al-Baqarah
6,4. Change from Active to Passive voice: "A (C) Surah Rehman
doctor wrote the book"- (D) None of these
(A) The book was written by a doctor
(B) The book is written bv a doctor 77 Campaign seeking UK's exit from the
rC) The book was berng ivritten by a doctor European Union was also called Brexit. What
(D) The book is being wriften by a doctor does Brexil stand for?
(A) A town near Manchester where campargn
65 Pakistan is not member of one of the following for leaving EU started
I ntemalional Organizaiion-identity: (B) Name of the Pol[icaan who started the
c McQs Model 119

campaign for leaving the EU so mv friends helped me around. Tney took me to

mother and
i nosbiut anO shyed wth me untl myrt was
(C) Abbreviation for British Exit lhat broken
(D) None of these iaitrlian,veo Th6 doctor said
;nd I needed to rest for a monlh. We came home
78. Dead Sea is located rn: tast nroht and I feel better now Thrs lnqdent also
(A) lsrael and Turkey miOe he realze how valuable frrendshrps are I
(B) lsrael and Jordan aon-i tno,, what I would do wathout them So I
(C) lsrael and SYfta want to say lleel very happy to have such good
(O) Syna and Lebanon lnends like you.
79. Fill in the blank: She went into hospital
kidney surgery." 87 Whv does Rahrm feel haPPY?
(c) ot
(B) For (A)'Because he was at School yesterday
{0) ln tB) because he tell and hun hrs ankle
80. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was elected lhe lirst rCj Because hrs hrends helpeo hrm
ever Iemale Prime Minister oI Pakistan rn. iDi Because tne an'tbulance arrrled on time
{A) 1986 (B) 1987
88. Which of the following is not correct?
(c) 1988 (D) 1989 (A) Rahim twisted hrs knee whrle playrng
81. Which ol the tollowing planets has the vollevball
maximum number of satellites? (B) Rah;s trrends helpeo nrm get to the
(A) Juprter (8) Earth hosPital
(C) Saturn (D) Mars (C) Rafilm would not be able to 90 to School
for a month
82. Who is known as the lather of Nuclear (D) Rahim hurt his ankle
(A) Nikola Tesla 89. What does Rahim want to emphasize rn the
(B) Edwrn Hubble letter?
(C) Ernest Rutherford {A) The imPorfnce of frrendshrP
(D) James Maxwell isi fhat nL should stop piayrng games like
83. Find out odd word from following words: (C ) The imoortance of qames at school
(A) Barometer of parental love and
(B) Thermometer ioi Tne ttiportance
(C) Diameter
(D) Lactometer 90. Which ol the following statement ts correct?
(A) Abdul helped Rahim when he hurt hrs
84. Colombo Plan. launched in 1951 to promote ankle
economic and social development in member (B) Rahlms mother and latne' helped rn
countries of Asia-Pacific region. has its
takrng hrm to the hosprtal
headouarter in: tC) Rahr; staved rn the hosprtal for 3 days
(A) I{ew Delhr (B) Bangkok ttre rnc,o6nt helped Rahrm reahze that
ici.lararta (o) colombo ioi
friendshrPs are valuable
85. Pakistan is located in the north of the:
(A) Tropic of Cancer
(B) Tropic of Capricorn
/ Jv G t.t!od* ({1J:ut +l/,>g }i a,.,;'
(C) Arciic Circle al-teV'Lg4"tg3'92'I1
(D) Torid Zone
66. Which Street is famous for the Stock ,t :y i f ;;', 4 1 t
t 1 1
-t, ;/ !'
Exchange Market?
(A) Fleet Street. London yi"agi, c' x ( x,y a''? J is. -':* -';.i i, -fu,r i.
(B) Downrng Street, London
(C) Wall Street, New York
J. ;' -V' L ( t' ti -' i
7 q j'' ;.,,.:' J z-,.t,,' I i .' i't
(D) Broadway. New York
Answer lhe Question Nos. 87, 88, 89 and 90 after ; ,k,t,,lLJ rol,,i" -q 4L!"': ,?,4'l 'J
carefully reading the following letter: !# g'.[,r,., fui,,-.!i g {Y ;) qi n ut s, /' o x\, -i t,

Dear Abdul
It has been a month I have not heard from you. I ,rt,
jlt.-cti6 .a,-LJ,(;,,{ i;f!- "'
;- / 3.1; eb, tt -',,. / * {. i,, ! 4- i' ; -V
hooe vou are well. I had a terrible day at school
,"lter'dav Mv friends and lwere playrng volleyball
in the scfiool vard when I suddenly fell and twrsted
mv ankle At frrst I did nor feel much pain but later
.-.*i j>t 7L!'-,,,;'i, J=-- i L;'-':
ori n started hurting badly. I had dffrculty walkrng
120 Advrt ccdpp39rlBftst/rdr/ paoers

-& { i- t, 1 o ;ut <- t I nt tf ,tt t, !,,/, L> tl; Lt

-tt I s -.1 .,, .>. r t t_ 'Out of sight orrf
of mind* 95
- try L f{1 " -t! *, ! r j e fi g;,,1; ; e-. tqr. t

-,.i e,r,t/i;q,.rct o;;,-E)t;)nl lAl

*)t, "/ =- :, e{.:,.,{ * 'F,,U-l ,'fi
-6 vy,gl
-t ut ->, .e1 @1
t-ijLr-/jg,!,6y i :PJzv* tcl
t,riJ,uj L.e -t sr/,rf , Fy ', i|.;iy'i> p1
tti,z.z,ttyLfi,!{ p1 vV',:,it;r,,J-
I 1"'.- .so
t7*rc_4u(etsdlt pl cttV (8) )? @l
I e l; ctg.V ct /e tj Jt2,,:, .g2 o/)t. lD) lt-r @l
-7elc,l4',furf fr 6y r, y'({(u,t-i ,,,V"txii jguj,' .97
a&,6,{tow{fud[ p1 tr.i,,) @) txk 6)
,_i4erryL!ft p1 titataT:lt,r lD) t;j* 1C1

*6it,/4t' Pt
- € -€' t(-y...-,rl."Break up,, .98
*cr4.fr) {,1,,,f /i,Ju odll t gt vr{ g ,/,-f 6l
*i/,1+,{ul"o,F 6y YsJt., (o) ,!* pl
? d i( ot,,rt, / $ (81 e,-.,r, t
V 3

+ LL.IO ),h,,Lfit L/,, (c,
ui€ jtoy" $l
-.--t;fuf Litt: (Dl
dd,.Ao!," re)
-rf{'-t&''ct' sa ' $"'"',
7{6'!---g,,t,}i-b (A)

ubt,.>_tt,s lD)
4,L->j{t,uh p1
r <_r7 tt,Wf'L),,.too
<_1)tL(/7u (C,1
u4l @) ubl (e)
?{"f&,{LCy',7, 1oy
),b (o) :,v @l
1. a Answer Key
13. c 25. a 37. d ot
2.b 14.'c 26. d 38. a
49. b
d 73. a 85. a
3.a 15. d 27_ d 39. c
50. b b 74. b 86. c
4.c 16. c 28. c 40. c
c 63 a 75. d 87. c
5.b 17. a 29. d 41. d
b 64. a 76. b 88. a
6.d 18. b 30. b 42. c
c 65, b 77. b 89. a
7. d 19. c 3t. b 43 d
54. d 66. b 78. b 90. d
8.b 20. b 32. a 44 a
55. c 67 c 79. b 91. d
Lc 21. . d 33. a 45 d
56. d 68 b 80. c 92. b
10. d 22. a 34. d 46 d
69 c 81. a 93. c
11. c 23. b 35, d 47 a
58. a 70 b 82. c 94. b
12. a 24. d 36. a 48
a 71
83. c 95. b
84. d 96. d
Advanced PPSC nCO. odal Papers 121
97. c 98. c 99. d 100. b

1. Complete the number series; 1,2. 3, 6, 9,19, 11. 10+6-:3x4=?
... ,54
(A) 22
(A) 18 (B) 12.s
(c) 36
@t 27 (c) 10.5 (Ol 21.32
(D) 41
12. Which batsman broke Hanif Muhammad's 35
2. The lirst Constitution of pakistan was year old reco(d of scoring 499 runs in First
introduced in: Class Crickel?
(A) 1955 (B) 1956 (A) Brian Lara
(c) 1958 (o) 1959 (B) A.B de Villiers
3. 'Naryab Oam' is being constructed in th€ (C) Sachin Tendulkar
district of: (O) Ricky Ponting
(A) Hangu (B) Hazro 13. The firsl hmde scuba diying instructor of
(C) Haripur (D) Kohat Pakistan is:
4. The age of tlazrat Usman (RA) et the time of (A) Muniba Mazari
his martyrdom was: (B) Roshren Khan
(A) Eo (B) 78 (C) Ms. Nsloem Har$ecd
(c) 76 (ol 74 (D) None olthes€
5. Choose the conect indirect speech of: "Sit 14. 6,9, iE,45, 1?6 ......?
do{vn, Ail' he 3aid. (A) 369 (B) 3s9
(A) He asked Ali to sit down (c) 329 (D) 317
(B) . He said Ali to sit down 15. What is the capital of Canade?
(C) He asked to Ali to sit down (A) Toronto (B) Yo,k
(O) He said sit down Ati (C) Vancouvs (O) Ottafla
6. The word Ethics is derived ftom? '16. "Salisbury' is the old name ot:
(A) Ethos (8) Ethes (A) Bangkok (B) Khartoum
(C) Athos (D) Athes (C) Nairobi (D) Ha6re
7. Hc asked us, 'Have you be€n shopplng'? 17. 'A' is twics a3 old .3 'B'. Thr!6 year ago A'
Frnd the conec{ indirecl senlence. was three limes as old as 'B'. How old is 'A'
(A) He wanted to know if we have been now?
(B) He want€d to know that. if we had been
(A) 6 years (B) l2yoars'
(C) l4yea6 (O) 16 years
(C) He war ed to know if we had been 18. The firsl revelation came to the Holy prophet
shopping (PBUH) in lhe':
(O) None of these Cave (B) Thaur Cave
(A) Hira
(C) Dar-e-Arqam (D) Masiid Al-Aqsa
8. Which among the tollowing is a positively '19. Complele lhe series: AZ, BY, CX?
charged particle emited by a radbactivs
element? (A) Dx (B) EY
(A) Beta rays (B) Alpha rays (c) DV (D) Dw
(C) Gamma rays (D) Cathode rays 20. Khalil Gibran was a po€t, phitosopher and
9. Choose the conecl meaning of ENERVATE artist ftom:
(A) ESypt (8)
(4) Tofrighten (B) Slrengthen Lebanon
(C) Excite (D) Weaken
'10. Which one of the following is odd man oul? ' Hira or lhe Cave of Hira is a talus cave about 3
(A) Leopard (B) Panther kilomelres (2 mi) from Mecfa, on the mountarn
(C) Elephant (D) Tiger nam€d Jabal al-Nour in the Hejaz region ot
pres€nt-day Saudi Arabia.
122 Advanced PPSC MCQS Moctel Papers
(C) lndia (D) Bangladesh (A) Ganga (B) Jamuna
. (C) Padma (D) None of these.
21 The most commonly used bleaching ag€nl is:
(A) Alcohol (B) Carbon dioxide 32 7.13.21. 43 57
(C) Chlorine (O) Sodium Chloflde \A) ?7. (B) 29
(C) 31 tDt 35
22. Find the correctly punctuated sentence
(A) After survivi'ng this ordeal the trapper, lelt 33 Who is tne current , Drrector General of ihe
relieved. Federal Investgalion Agency (FlA)?
(B) After surviving this ordealthe trapper felt (Al Aftab Sultao
relieved. (B) Muhammad Akbar Khan Hotr l
(C) After surviving thrs ordeal, the trapper felt lC) Capt (r) Syed Muhammad Abdul Qadfi
relieved. (O) Muhammad Amlsh
(D) After surviving. this ordeal the trapper felt 34 lndia is building the Kishanganga Hydropower
relieved Prolect' in Occupied Kashmrr on nver
23. By what date had Zakat system b€en fully (A) Chenab lB) SutleJ
enforced during lifetime of the Prophet (C) Neelum (D) llone ot these
35 Which country in South Asra has the highest
(A) Pre-HUra literacy rate?
(B) Ramzan of 2 A.H. (A) Maidrves (B) lndia
(C) Zil Haj of 6 A.H. (C) Bangladesh (O) Sri Lanka
(O) Muharram of I A.H.
36 Ring is to finger. as Watch is to:
24. ln recitation of Holy Quran, there are how (A) Arm (B) Wrast
many occasions when Sildah (Prostration) rs
(C) Leg (D) Neck
obligatory for lhe Mustmsl
(A) e (B) 12 37 What does DNA' stand for in genetics?
(c) 14 (D) 16 (A) Deoxynbonuclerc Acid
(B) Deoxynitric Acid
25. State Bank of Pakistan was inaugurated on: . (C) Deoxynucleic Acid
(A) 'l7th August, '1947 (D) None of these
(B) 14th Oecember, 1947
(C) 1oth January, 1948 38. Hedonism is to gain maximum.
(O) 1st July, 1948 (A) Pleasure (B) Wealth
(C) Health (O) Honour
26. Pakistan-Afghanistao border,'Durand Lrne.
was drawn in 1893 by Sir Mortimer Ourand 39 Recently the world's longest (57km) and
and Afghanistan's ruler deepest railway
tunnel' was opened tn
(A) Amir Amanullah Khan
(B) Abdur Rehman Khan (A) China (B) USA
(C) Habibullah Khan (C) Swtzerland (D) Brazil
(O) Sardar DauC l(han 40. Obey is to Dety as Work is to _.
27. Ryder Cup is the bigg€st toumament of which (A) Lazy (B) Rest
sport? (C) Labour (O) Protest
(A) Polo (B) Golf 41. Tall is to Short as Treachery is to _
(C) Badminton (D) Table Tennis (A) Respect (B) Honour
28. One Gram of gold is equal to how many (C) Disgrace (D) Loyalty
Milligrams of gold?
(A) 100 mg (B) 500 mg
(C) 1000 mg (D) 10,000 mg
29. Oligarchy is: ' The Neelum River, called Kishanganga m lndra
(A) Corrupt land mafia is a river in the Kashmir region of lndia and
(B) Government.ol the drug Barons Pakistan: it starts in the lndian city of Gurais and
(C) Government by small group ofpersons then merges with the Jhelum River near the
(O) Rich and mighty dominating the economic
Pakistani city of M u zafla?bad.
scene ' Deoxyribonucleic
30. Choose the Synonym of DITTO:
(A) Fake (B) The whole ' The Gotthard Base Tunnel rs a railway base
(C) The same (D) Opposite tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland. lt opened
on '1 June 2016 with full servrce to begin ,n
31. Taj Mahal at Agra stands on the bank of river
December 2016
,tqadP|$cla(,,}flPull n
pilgrims (D) Ihc slrdy of -titilal bGlravixJt
(D) Pornt were Tawwaf ls b€gun 57 Whst is confiband?
46. Fill in the blank: He did nol pay ttcd (A) Afl Nercolics
his brother's advice: igi lrtroer uennco by a got qwn ti
ifITor (8) On (C) A! rr lgolcd md.rid
(C) To (O) ln (Dl Goo& ilhid't may a!o.l tr dtamy in th€
condncl ol war
.17. Which ol the following country's parlirmenl is
called Storling . 58. 'Shrdor CC)in f iE:
(A) Norway (B) Sw€d€n (A) A lFcitfized group of t,llic. b.tnd bY
(C) Denmart (D) SPain thc oppo.ilion p.tfy in lha Prt-rfil'lt
(B) Soma Uiniccr3 vaty dGr !o [ta P]irE
tlE. Excel is a: MinEl€r
(A) Graphic Program (C) Cab'net ennounced by ltte m*nay fn h
(B) Word Processor lhe Padiament b€6orc . harning
(C) A Spreadsheet Program go\remrnent
(O) Oeisgining template (D) None ol these
,[9. Synonym of "lnfinrtesimal- is. 59. 'lbn Battdah'. a frmous tratGbr. bobtrgad b:
(A) Miniscule (B) Enormous (A) lr.n (8) SYfla
(C) Drstend (D) lmmense (c) Morocco (Dl lni"nessia
50. Which of ths following lnternalional Human 60 What € meenl bY "Srra dic ?
Rbhts Orgaz6tions is based in Ncw Yott? (A) Undcr iudici.{ coisirertloni
(A) Human Righls Watch (B) Tr€Gon
(B) Amn€sty lnternational (C) Withqrt fixing , dstc
(C) Anli-Slavery lntemational (D) SuprEbr Co.rn
(O) None of these
61. The SGn end ltp Haro ere thc ito rit a€ ot:
51. 'To be. or not to be. thal is the question are IA BalochFlan Plateau
lincs from $rich of Shakespsare's bmous (B Polhoher PlalGar
plays? (c Northom Arsas
(A) Macboth (o A.ad X.rtunk
(B) King Lear
(C) Hamlet 62. l/Vlten di, B.loctElan tcquire tha atalu. cl' a
(O) Rorneo end Juliet provinca?
(At 19.17 (8) r94E
52. What is meant by Earzakh?
(A) The day of iudgment ac) i9s5 (D) l97o
(B) first 10 days atter dealh 63. Chol6t rol is pt6.trt m .ll ot lha to{gsit'lg
(Ci period batw€en death and dty ot crcaDl:
(A) Milt (B) FBtr
1D) irocess of accounlability on thc day ot
(C) Eg€ White (O) Egg yo!(
,udgment 64 Name ol the auttro. ot "A Shott Hiltofy o{ $e
53. Silvio Berlusconi is' Saracene" who hed elso tamained tclirra h
(A) Ex-S€cretary G€neral ot U.N thc Pakislan movern nt.
(B) Ex-French Premier (A) Shiblec Nom.rf
(C) Famous Paintar (B) Chaudhry Rahmtl Ai
(O) Ex-Prime Minister ot ltaly (C) Sir Aght Khln Ali
(D) Syecd Atneer Ali
54. There as a lim( everylhing in l e.
(A) To (B) On 65 Who co-founded Holmail in 196 lttd tren
(C) ln (O) Wrth sold it to Mlcrosott?
(A) Shawn Fanning
55. ln a flight of 600 kms. an aircraft was slowed rB) Ada Byron Lovelace
down due to bad weather and the average
- (C) Sabeer Bhat€
sDeed was reduced by 200 kmihour and the (O) Rey Tominson
trme ot flight increas€d by 30 mrnutes Vvhat rs
the total duratron ol flrght? 66 lsthmus is:
(A) t hour (B) 2 hours (A) a lagoon
(C) 3 hours (D) 4 hours (B) an inland s€a
(C) an istand in 6 riv€r
56. "Philately" is: (D) nerro\, piecc of lend connc(ttrg brlpt
(A) Science of drugs land er€as
(B) Postage slamp colletion actvies
(C) The study ot writlen record
E0 fod., procrs
Advanced PPSC f,tcos
67 Allama Abdullah Yusuf Ati. the tamous (A) Active (B) Prudent
commentator of the Holy Quran. had served (C) Sluggish (D) Overt
tor a whrle as
(4) 79. The irst Round Table Conference was hetd
?rofessor rn Nrzamia UniveBity Baghdad an
(8, Teacher ot lslamrc Colteoe Laliore - London tn:
(C ) Pancrpal of lstamra Collie Lahore {A) 1930 (B) 1940
rDl Head of lslamrc Semrnari al Oeobandi rcr 1935 (D) 1950
68 . Computer consrsts of: 80 Galvanized iron sheets have on them a
{4, Hardware (B) Software coetrng of:
(A) Lead
{C) Bolh A and B (D) None ot these (B) Chromrum
69 Brcameral system of l€oislature
(C) Tin (D) Zinc
introduced in Pakrstan under l-he 81. How many Muslim countries are there in
Constitutron ASEAN?
{A) Legal Frame Wort (LFO} (A) 3 (B) s
{Bi 1956 (c) 4 (D) 2
(cl 1962 82. Hamas was founded in 1987 by.
(D) 1973 (A)Yasser Arafat
70 About whom Quard-r-Azam had stated that he (B) lsmail Hannia
was hrs Chret Lreutenant and "Rnht Hand-? (C) Sheikh Ahmad Yasrn
(A) Lraqat A[ Khan (D) Khalid Ahmad
(B) Ayub Khan E3 'Hayat-e-Javed- by Mautana Altaf Hussarn
(c) Abdul Rab Nishtar Hali is:
(D) Ch Muhammad Ati (A) Autobrography
71 Cioose the Gorrect speflingJrom the rollowing (B) Brography of S'r 6ved Ahmed Khan
(A) Supeflntendent (B) Supentendent - (C) Brief account of the great Mushms tn lhe
(C) Supeflntandent (O) Suprerntandenl fi€ld o, literature
.l (O) Guide for thos€ who want to lead an ideal
72 lndicate the indirect form. Saleem said. do tife
not eal mangoes".
(A) Saleem said. he did nol eat mangoes 84. Which one number wil complete.th€ foflowng
(B) Sale€m said that he did not eat mango€s numbers series? 4, 11. 7 14, ,lO. 1i
(C) Saleem said that he does noi eat 7
mango€s 6-24-
(c) 20
(B) i3
(o) zt
(D) Saleom exclaimed that he does not eat
mangoes 85. Comptete the number s€ries 20. 32. 45. 59.
t3 The Statue of Lib€rty'was a gifr to the United 74
I!9!e.s on the occason of [s indopendence
(A)-05- (B) so
Which country gifted it? (C) 85 rO) 79
(A) Britarn (B) France 86. A man walks 3 km to hrs East then turns tefl
rC) Canada (O) Japan and walks 3 km towards North then turns teft
74 The shortcut key for makrng .Bold" in pC are and walks 3 km towards West. lndicate the
rAl Shrft + B (Bt Ctn + B conecl direction in which he rs rn relataon to
rC) ctrr+atr + B (O) A[ +B his starlrng point
75 lf P rs the husband of Q and R ls the mother of
(A) East (B) West
O a'rd S U/hat relat,on does R have wth p?
(C) South (D) North
A) Mother (B) S ster 87. The ftrst Wahi (revelatron I was revealed on
C S,sier rn ravl ,D/ fulother-rn taw (A) 17 Ramzan (B) 18 Ramzan
(C) 19 Ramzan (O) 20 Ramzan
76 Pakrstan ,otned thE lrst of Nuclear Weapons
i;la1es on 88. When was the First Sesston ol the Constituent
,A' 2i tr;:, 1996 18) 3June. 1997 Assembly ot Pakisian hetd?
a :6 r,4av 998 {D) 8 April. i999 (A) '11
August 1947
(B) 14 August '1947
77 YaLrn'e lakbeer ls cerebrated to (C) 19 August 1947
c,l n r,emorate lhe (D) 6 September 1947
iA 1965 War
,5 AJopiron of Pakrstaf Resolution 89. Who rnverted the World Wide Web (VWVW)
iCr Death of Schoot c.lldren rn peshawar with Roberl Cailliau,
I F'si Nlrctear tests.) pakrstan (A) Laiszl6 Neatev (B) Tom Burns
(C) Tim Bemers Lee (D) Fred Zukerburg
ArliLlrlVm of Inert tS
90. Name the capitat of Bosnia Herzogovrna?
A&anced PP$9 CQs Hdcl Paoers 77
17. 24. c 38. b 45. a 52. a 59 d
18. c 25. b 32 d 39. b 46. a 53. 60 a
19. b 26. a 33 c 40. a 47. d 51. b 6l a
20. c 27. a 34. c 41. a 48. 55. a 62 c
21. d 28. c 35. b 42. a 49. 56. d 63 b
22. c 29. c 36. a 43. a 50. 57. b b
23. b 30. a 37 a 44. a 51. 58.


Who is the cunent President of lndia? (A) The Nelhertands
(A) Pranab tlukhe0ee (B) rtary
(B) Ram Nath Kovind (C) Austria
(C) Pratibha Parit (O) Luxembourg
(D) Kochedl Ramn 10. RogeJ Federer is a famous player of:
2 What 6 t|e gynonym of Rebatr? (A) Tennis (B) Goti
(A) Cheap (B) Exoensive (C) Footbarl (O) Cncket
(C) lnfration (D) Discount 11 It A can typ€ 10 pages in 5 minutes and B can
3 The headquarters ot which of the follcwing type.s pages in 10 minutes then. working
organizations is located in Aardis Ababa? together. how many pages can they type rn 36
(A) UNEP (B) UNTDO minutes?
(c) EscAP (O) AU (A) (8) 25
4 Name thc pact in which th€ uuslims ard
(c) (D) 7s
H.indus of British lndia agr€ed br soparate 't2 When you divde 0 7 by 10 you will get
electoralea: (A) 7 (B) 007
(A) Congr€$-L6agG pad (c) 70 (o) 0.007
(B) Reforms Act 13. (1/4 + 5t8l + (r2 + 3t1l = ?
(C) Dclfti Pad (A) 35/32 (B) 10fl
(D) Lucknou Pact (c) v12 (D) 7/10
Hypothermia is cau6€d by exDoaure to: 14 Which animal. ot th€ folloflnq is taxable
(A) for
Extreme cold Zakel?
(B) ExtrBrne hoal (A) Oxen (B) Sheep
(C) Ercasdvc radiatiofl (C) Hors€ (oi
(O) eepdant
None otth€se
15. Olto Von Bismarck was:
6 The Fundamental Rights. accoding to the taw (A) Great historian of Grcal Britain
in Pakistan, are enfurceable throuoir; (B) Architect ot the German Empire
(A) The Supreme Cout onlv (C) Czar of Russia
(B) The High Court (D) King emperor of Austria
(C) Both A and I '16. Viceroy of lndia from '1943 to 1947
(D) The Parliarnont was
7 \rullo was the firsl owner of the Microsoa
(A) Lord Wavell
(B) Lord Curzon
(C) Mountbatten (D) None of these
(A) Zucter 8er9(B) Dick Cheney
M_ark 17. CV or Curflculum Mtae is very offe'n used.
(C) Bill Gates (D) Ste\€ Jobs- From which language is the term Cuniculum
Vitae deflved?
I A nclwoft that cove8 laE€ area, city, country (A) French (B) Greek
and bcyond is called:
(C) Lalin (D) German
(C) Router (D) BridSe 1E. 'School' is a group or:
({) Qeagulls (B) Penguins
9 Under the Scher€en AgreoIrle tts peopb can (C) Crocodiles (D) Fish-
travel aqoss borders d participating countries
rn-. tsuropc withoul passportS b€inS chgd(ed. 19. JPG extension u'sually reters to what krnd of a
Where is SclEngen located? file?
(A) System file
78 A&ancd trSC [lCQs Hodel Paoers
(B) Animatron file 32. The term Butterfly Storke rs associaled with
(C) MS Encerta document whrch of the following sporls?
(D) lmage file (A) Swimming (B) Boxing
20. Synonym of "Cheeky" is:
(C) Rowrng (O) Golf
(A) lmpure (B) lmpudent 33. According to the Holy Quran rs an
(C) lmpressive (D) lmpassable unpardonable sin.
(A) Murder
21 When did Quaid-i-Azam resign from the (B) Shirk
membership ot lmperial Legisliative Council?
(A) 1919 (B) 1929 (C) Not performing Salat
(D)._Fomication -
(c) 1939 (O) 1947
22 Complete the number series: 2, 6. 12.20. 30,
34. Baradt.Hussein Obama was the
President of USA
(Ar56 (B) 54 (A).42nd 18) 43rd
(c) 44rh (o) 40th
rc) 54 (D) 52
23. fne Faraizi Mo\€menl darted by Haji 35 E)€d Ahmad Shaheed and lsmail Shaheed
were martyred at.
Shariatullah on his retum from Saudi Arabia (A) Muzaffarabad (B) Bagh
was first initiated in; (C) Balakot (D) Rawalakot
(A) Punjab (B) Utlar Pradesh
(C) NWFP (D) Bengal 36. Syed Ahmad Shaheed and ismail Shaheed
were marlyred at:
24. Name the pass which links Chitral with Gilgit: Huge
(A) (B) Peacetul
(A) Babusar (B) Shandut Aggressive (D) Coastal
(C) Tochi (O) Khyber
25. -A Jewish national home" in Palestine was 37.2+2 2.2+2=0
pledged: (A) 0 (B) 1

(A) (C) 2 (D) 4

By U.S.A in 1948
(8) By U N.O in 1947 38. ln which year lslamia College for Women.
(C) By Bntish Empire in 1917 Cooper Road. Lahore was establihsed?
(D) By Alled Powers in 1915 (A) 1937 (B) 1938
26. Synonym of "OMurate: (c) 1939 (D) 1940
(A) Oocile (B) Flexible 39 'Fleet Street' London is famous for?
(C) Obscure (D) Stubborn {A) Banking and financial offices
27. Befo.e his appoinlment as the US Secrelary (B) Oflrces of the Cargo companies
(C) Office of the newspapers and press
of State, Rex Tillerson was lhe CEO ot:
(A) Boeing Corporation agencies
(B) Unio.n Texas Oil Company (D) Ofilces of the Royal Navy establishment
(C) Exxon Mobil Comoration 40 ln MS-Word. the process ot removing the
(D) IBM unwanted part of an image rs called:
28 Wh o among th€ following is the founder of (A) Hrdrng (B) Cropprng
(C) Selection (D) lndentation
(A Peer Schnelder 41. Choose the synonym of Devilish:
(B Byron Loopcr (A) Vi(ual (B) Satanic
(c Jumdry Wales (C) Simple (D) Honest
(D Mark Fletcher 42. Choose the synonym ol "Radiant':
29. The Magna Carta was agreed to by King John (A) Glow,ng I B) Gl'tterrng
of England, in: tC) Fllckenng rDr Drmmrng
1A) 1211AD {B) 1213 AD 43. Which Article of '1973 constitution relates to
(c) 1215 AD (D) 1220AD Natronal Language of Pakrstan,
30. And thou do see the p€opl€ enter ALLAH S (A) Article 2'15 (B) Artrcle 251
religion in crowds". This is lhe translaton of a (C) Artrcle 257 (D) Artrcle 12
quranic verse. lt is included rn Surah.
44. Trachoma is a disease of the
(A) Oadr (B) Nasr
IA) Lungs (B) Dtgestive system
(C) Krfirun lD) Fatrha rC) Eyes rD) K,dneys
3'1 Complete the series: 3.5, 10. 12.24.26 45. What is mear by 'Miqat""
(A) Wearing of Ahram during Umra
(c) 28
(B) so
(D) 48
(8) Wearing of Akam dunng Haj,
(C) Point where Ahram must be put on by
Adv.,tc.d PPSC NCQ' Nodel Papers 73
80. How many non-muslim (Kuffar) ware killqd rn 91. WhEh of the followrng way cannot be used to
Ghazwa-e-Badr. link excel worksheet data to a Word
(A) 50 (B) 80 document:
(c) 70 (D) None of these (A) Wrth the flght drag method
81 The sho.tcut key to close a selected wrndow (B) Wrlh a hyperlnk
rs {Cr Wrth the copy and paste speqal
(A) Alt + F4 (B) Ctrl + F4 commands
(C) Alt + F5 (D) Alt + F3 (O) With the copy and paste buttons on the
standard toolbar
62 ln MS Excel, which function automatacally total
92. ln coiTputing, NOS stands for:
a column or row of values?
(A) TOTAL (B) ADD (A) Non-operating Software
(c) suM (o) AVG (8) Netr /ork Operaling System
(C) Node Open Software
83. What is the missing numb€r in the sequence: (O) Neutral Operating System
4. 6, 10. 18. _,66 93. Whal is percentage is 12 of 36?
lAj 22 (B) 34
(A) 35oi6 (B) 33 33o/o
(c) 45 (D) 54
(c) 39% (D) 40%
84 Whrcn of the followrng is not a maFirleason
for an ema bounce? '+&. -r' 9{. Oatrrqs-Sataam rs the major C[y of
(A) Bad user account name (A) Tanzanra (8, N€efla
(B) bad domam name (C) Kenya (D) Uganda
(C) Slale lile handle 95. tiw*$ among tho lolotring countries was the
(D) domain server is down i
'r: frSt to iiw women lhe right lo vote?

85. The transfer of data from one place to another (A) lcclend (B) Switzerland
is called:
(C) Newzealand (D) USA
(A) Data processing 96. Statistical study ol human populalion is called:
(B) Data distribution (A) Ecology
(C) Data communication (B) Anthropology
(O) Data encryption (C) Entomology
86 _ to used as a disk scanner in (D) Oenrography
Microsoft Wandows
(A) Drsk cleanup (B) Disk defragmenter \ '{'6=l);. "i'!""
1 gz
(C) Dsk cleanout (D) Disk cleaning
87 Where rs Bathsheba Beach sduated?
1+,* F) .t,L,y.br (A)
(A) Chile (B) Brazil
(C) Barbados (O) Mexico
.,#gl, (o) et!;t, 1c'1

88. A program that can destroy

compuier programs:
all of your --:,'7("t" ee

(A) AntFvirus
(B) Virus
>4 @t I <et
(C) Switched computer
(O) Dust
Jl/ tol ,,./ lcl
89. Who among the following was convicld
Rawalpindi Conspiracy Crse?
in 6.,,,vt J y6gt 7C.t, -1, { J o ; y; iri -'' ss
| < ;.n'v'.1i,:h'l
(A) Habib Jaib
(B) Agha Shorash Kashmiri I vt'
(C) Faiz Ahmad Farz Ct!, (Bt l-/ (A)
(D) None of these
90. Choose the conect rndrred speech ot: He
'.(:-..,-'tJ/ rot .ry. (c)
asked. 'Who speaks French?"
(A) He wanted to know whrch spoke French 4-i'1;O'' t
Y "7' j';"-';.1t' too
(B) He wanted to know who speak French
(C) He wanted to know ho was to speak j:--,::tz 61 C'.,:, 1er
(O) He wanted to know who spoke French ;t'tvt;\ (O\ @l
" ';t!t
fa ,d,valrt ttPftCno()snode/ P'oc/S
Answer KeY
'1. c 14. a 27 c 40 b 53.
g.a b
66. b
67. a
b 92. b
2.0 r5. c 20. a 4'l b
55. e 68. b
60 c 93. b

3.c r6. a 29. c 42 a

56. a 69. c
81. a 94. a
a.c 77. c 30. c 43 d
57. a 70. d
82. c 95. c
5.a 1E, c 31. b 44. c
58. b 71. c
83. b 96.
6.D 19. a 32. b 45. b
59. b 72. a
64 d 97 b
7.a 20. t 33. b 46. b
60. b 73. a
85. c 98. a
8.ctl 21. c v. b 47
61. c 74. .
100 b
0. 22. d 35. c 48. b
62. d 75. b b
t0. d ?,3. d 35. b 49. d
63. a 76. c
11. . 21. c 37. c 50. c
64. a 77. c
12. . 25. a 36. c 51. d
65. d 7E. a
13. D 26. 6 39. d 52. b



t. tiir lnlll. as !r ttra aa: '- Where do€.Rigms
10. the Unitcd NatioG Commissim
rEat and b. hou lo"g?
n) G0 G) 0.6 on iurnsn
ici 0.0 (o) 0.06 lAl
ln GcneYa br srx wcaks rech Y€et
tn Lmoon to. scren tLks etdr year
2. h 16 Ercd, i, t nnara Yt{r. 3l8rl3 witr ici tn Paris ts six seets ea.h,€at
. tln lhia Y.ll! crr bo trr.lcd .3 e tt*vorr tor tro weers eaci yeal
(Arl (8) =
iOi tn
11. To cdil in an embcdded arcel tYorkshoet
ic) , (D)' obi.d in a rord docume{ :
' Urc rtre ercd filc tu bar and toolbars
3. -Iiaffi i! l€5, lalnn: inidc 0ra uo.d aPplicalion
(Al ntit rld 5ta (B) Edit uF hvp€rthk
isi tirfrrrmd r.d ici iair tlc olis in a .xcel sourco apdi,alion
(Cl *r. fr.lA.r.l iOi Urc ttrc mro nrau bar and loolbar
ioi Ar- d Hddr 12. Whn it $c old of tabL t€r $ gsric?
a. wr*t qr dtb lolo*lg a llr orr.lt l.rych (Al PirPono '|3m€ {B} Porrla
iCi Ctii Ctrang (D) chirik dong
iq Ar.-tr
(B) Ynoo
{D) uso{ '13. Wtrich xro.d it wtongly 3pefr in the fo{oYi'lg
rct cf worb:
5. alr bsrr a fr{ mqur ol Slrf$l.. l^l rr'fi.lY (B) At lc'ty
Go6rdo.r O|lits
- ion h? ici E,t"oi (D) capadty
rel mts (B) 2010
ici zorz (D) 2or8 la. A cottTurcr on infcflrct i3 id6rrl'H by iE:
(A) E-m.I Addrd8
6. l rr Xhar.E ,!oatr0, torm rr ta (B) Sbaa Addg.t
(Al llr
ryi.t.ffi. (C) Login Ptst o.d
Gl Zat (O) lP A.ldru..
aci 2rd @l aN
15. Dei.ti.l iom o15.3% b:
7. fmidt nunt r tay a u..d llh rtt b t p. 96? (A) s3 (B) 0.53
a). (B) 5 o.oo53 (o) 0.053
ior (D)7 aci
16. A m bult m t frcb b R3. 27.50 and !.llls
8. lt'2 : 7 ::? : a9 a: it b. R.. 2e.60. Fird hi8 gsrn P.rc.f :
(Ale (B) 14 (A) i (B) 2
iO 5a (D) 2E
tci s (D) .r
9. Wf*n d h. blo*lg to{tmrr L l'd lo 17. LqE4 p.rH squr.!9tlqln /r end 50 is:
I3remrtebtn? (a)
i^i Poiodr
i6 sp.tro'ora
(D) NonG ol ol... ict re (o) .to
Advanced PPSC lC nodel PaDers 75
18 When was the trrsl regular seesgon of lhe numbers cannot represent the lotal number ot
Muslim League held? children in lhe class?
(A) NoYember, 1907 (A) 48 (B) 44
(B) September. 1907
(C) Oecember,'1907
lc) 42 (D) 40
(O) August, 1907 30. The firsl Nobel Prize to be awarded to a South
Asian was to:
19 Solve 8 + 0.2 =? (A) Rabindranath Tagore
(A) 4 (B) 40 (B) Sir C.V Raman
(c) 1.6 (D) 16 (C) Or. Abdus Salam
20. 3 boxes have some average weight. When (D) Or. Amartya Sen
one box which weights 89 kg is replaced by 31 Which of the following options is not a valid
another box, the averag€ weight increases by PowerPoint's view?
5 kg. How much the new box weighs? (A) Slide show view
({) 109 k9 (B) 94 kg (B) Slide shorler view
(C) 10a ks (o) 84kg (C) Pesentation view
21. Under which sea, the vrorld's oldest known (D) Nomal view
intacl shipwreck has been discovered by a 32. What term describes a picture that has been
team of maritime archaecologists? resized by a percentage?
(A) Caribbean Sea (A) Crop@ (8) Flipped
(B) Sough China Sea (C) Stretched (O) Scaled
(C) Red Sea 33. A ratio equivalenl to 3 : 7 is:
(D) Black Sea (A) 3:9 (B) 6:10
22. Where is Al-Azhar University situated? (c) 9:21 (O) 1E:49
(A) Jeddah (B) Tripoil 34. Which regiment of Pakistan Army has
(C) Cairo (D) Oamascus received maximum numb€.s of 'Nishan-e-
23. According to which amendment suspended Haider"?
Constitution of 1973 was reslored? (A) Baluch Regiment
(A) 7th Amendment (8) 8th Amendment (B) Sind Regiment
(C) gth Amendment (O) 10th Amendment (C) Punjab Regiment
24. Average age of A and B is 30 years. that of B (D) Frontier Force Regim€nt
and C is 32 years and lhe average age of C 35. The synonym of 'Abandon" is:
and A rs 34 years. The age of C is: (A) Gain (B) Vacate
(A) 33 years (B) 34 years (C) Occupy (O) Foil
(C) 35 years (D) 36 years 36. Suez Canal links Mediterranean Sea directly
25. What is unsolicited bulk e.mail known as? to the:
(A) Ariar (B) Spam (A) Red Sea (B) Caspian Sea
(C) Hebrew (O) Spool (C) Persian Gulf (D) Black Sea
26. By converting 142.5o/o into decimal, answer 37. The average ot 5 quantities is 6. The average
will b€: of 3 ol them is 4. What is the average ol
(Al 1.425 (B) 0.1425 remaining 2 numbers?
(c) 142.5 (D) (A) 9 (B) 10
'4.25parties did not
27. Which ol the following political (c) 8 (D) 9.5
boycotl tlle Simon Commission? 38. The ralio of cosl price and selling price is 4 .

(A) Al lndia Muslim League 5. The proft percenl is:

B) lndian National Congress (A) 10 percent (B) 20 percent
C) Unionist Party (C) 25 percent (D) 30 percent
D) Hindu Mahasabha 39. A TV is purchased at Rs. 5000 and sold at Rs.
2O. _ was a prominent Puniabi folk 4000, find the lost percent:
mu6ic singer of Pakistan, credited with (A) 100 (B) 20
popularizing the musicel term Jugni. (c) 25 (O) 28
(A) lnayut HBsain Bhatti 40. Taekwondo is a popular torm of Martial Arts.
(B) Tufail Niazi From which country did Taekwondo origanate?
(C) Alam Lohar (A) Korea (B) Japan
(oi xone ormese (C) Chrna (O) Malaysra
29. The number of boys in a class is three tireas 41. Why is the Ozone important for mankind?
tha number of girls. Which ono of the followir€ (A) Protection from ultraviolet rays of sun
(B) lt releases oxygen in the air
76 l*rlcflFHtCf0ArbdaPao.r!
(C) lt ,nainlrins trmp.raturs of the earth (C) ltaly (O) Egypr
(O) lt rsbas€s hydrogen in the stmosphere
55 is a
codrgutef soflware whose
42. Whkfi of th3 fo0dwng i3 not a0 epplicaton user intertace and API resembbs that of a
softwrr!? printer driver.
(A) Windors NT (B) Page Maker (A) Virlual Printer (B) Plotler
(C) Wnword XP (O) Photoshop (C) ltaly (D) Egy6
43. MS ereel is us€dto data. 56 Sirai Raisani bebnged to which political
(A) Organize --iE -flrarc party?
(C) Co'Irrunicat3 (O) Obtain (A) Pakistan Muslin Loague.N
44. A man c{l (b a f*rc6 of rork in 5 days, but (B) Pafi$an Muslim Leaguc Q
with th. hdp of his sofi he c8n do I in 3 days. (C) Awami Nalional Party
ln Yhal tirnc can the soo do it alo€n?
(D) Bahdristan Awami Party
(A) 7.5daF (B) 6.5 days 57 What is the anlonym of "Mndiclive-?
(C) 5.5 &y3 (D) 4.5 days (A) Careless (B) Forgaving
45. From wtri, word 'Aqcada' ia dadv.d? (C) Revengetul (O) Refined
(A) Aqd (B) Acaid 58 ln interstate ,elations C.B.M slands for:
(C) AqL€d (D) Tacleed (A) Cash Eook Manegement
46. Tha oolion is ulad b slrow a (B) Confidence Building Measures
ror or cotuinn on crcry pnmeo page. (C) Central Bgard ot Minorities
(A) Prinl-ti0e (8) P.g€ layoul (D) None ot tles€
(C) ftint lrcviil (D) t{onc ot t!€!. 59 Choos€ lhe conBcl artide: I (bnl like
47. Whidr ot th. blqring b not an exampte of dogs
irtcrnd browlcr?
(A) Opcra (B) FirGiox B
(C) SafEti (D) File Zila c The
o Article not required
(A) (B) 60. ln MS Word 2007. to selecl a column of the
(c) (D) lable from bottom to top, press:
49. (B) ALT + PAGE UP
(c) D (O) CTRL + ALT + PAGE UP
50 61. What is the name ot the lranian President?
(A) B (A) Hassan Rouhani
(c) D (B) S!€d Ali Khamenel
(C) Jawad Zanef
(A) (B) (D) Kamal Kharazi
(c) (D) 62. "Add or Remove programs" is a(an):
q) MS PowsPoinl is a/an example of: (A) Productivity software
(A) Mulirnedia sonwaro (B) File manager
(B) Grehp6 rofiware (C) Ulilrty program
(C) spread shcef (D) Device driver
(D) Enttetainment soffrvao 63. When you divile 0.7 by 10 you will gel:
(A) 7 (B) 007
(c) 70 (D) 0.007
64. A Balsman makes a score of 87 runs in lhe
(A) 1416 (B) 1t 'l7th inning and thus increases his average by
(c);3 (D) 14
3. Find his averag€ of
(B) 39
(O) 29
54 Anlalye Arport is situated in'
(A) Syna (B) Turkey
Answer Key
1. a 3. c 5. c 7.b 9. a 1't a 13 b 15. d
2 4. b 6. d I '10 a 12 a 14 d 16. d
Advanced PPSC MCQS Model PaDerc 69
92 Whrch one is not the offiqal language of (A) Russia (B) Japan
Un[ed Natrons? (C) UK (O) France
{A) Spanish (B, Arabrc
(C) German. rDr Russmn May 31 rs observed throughoul the \ryorld as
(A) Environment Oay
93 Kwacha rs the currency und of (B) Human Rrghts Oay
\At Zambla lB) peru (C) Press Freedom Day
(C) Cuba (D) Chad (D) Non Smokrng Oay
94 The worid s first lnternationat Airtrne op€rated 98. The world s largest vyool producer country is
rts frrst fhght on May 17. 1920 was
(A) KLM (Netherlands )
(A) Chrna (B) Russra
(B) Aeroflol (Russra)
(C) Austra|a (D' South Afnca
tC) Lufthansa (Germanyl 99 Sirena Wrllams rs a faraous player of
(O) Oelta IUSAI (A) Baskel Ball (B) Tennrs
(C) Athletic (D) Badmrnton
95 Among the SAARC countnes the smallest by
100.Senkaku lsland rs disputed between.
area and populatton ts
(A) Bhutan (B) Nepar (A) Chrna and Japan
(C) Maldrves (D) Sfl Lanka (B) Chrna and South Korea
(C) Japan and South Korea
96 Atter US the rargest numbers of Atomrc (D) Russra and Japan
Reaclors are in.

A nswer Key
1. 14 c 27 40. c 53 b bb a 79. b 92
2. a 15 c 28 b 41. b 54 c 67 b 80 93 a
a 16 c 2S d 42 d 55 a 66 a 81 d 94 a
4 d 17 a 30 a 43. a 56 a 69 a 82 c 95 c
5 b 18 c 31 c 44. c c 70 b 83 d 96 d
32 b 45
58 a 71 d u d 97 d
59 d b 85 a 98 c
8 b 21 b u c 47. b 60 c 73 86 c 99 b
9. c 22 b 35 a 48 b 61 d 74 d 87 d 100
10 d
c 23 JD b 49. c 62 a 75 a 88 c
11 a 24. d 37 d 50 b 63 76 d 89 a
12 c 25 a 38 d 51 d 64 b 77 c 90 d
13 c 26. c 39 a 52. d 65 d 78 d 9l a



1 A hockey team won 6 games and lost g What (A) 200 (B) s0
rs the ratro of wtns to number of oames? \c) 25t2 (D) 25
(A) 68 rBi 86 - 4 Thomas Jefferson was the
(C) 37 (O) 8:14 presrdenl of the Untted Stales.
2 ln PowerPornt The selecled desgn template (A) 1st (B) 2nd
can be appfted (C) 3rd (D) 4th
(A) To current slde oolv 5. Complete the seraes: 1. 1, 8. 4, 27. 9
(B) To an the sltdes '
(C) To all the new presentatron you create (A) 64 (B) 20
(D) All of these (c) 60 (D) 16
J (25 10)/(5(6 4)2) = r
70 Att .oced PftC ,,COs nodC P,D€,rs
6. What is the name of the autobiography of 18 Trackball is a(n):
(A) Storage device
Adoll Hitler?
(A) Hope and Success (B) Oulput device
(B) Mein Kampf (C) lnput device
(C) Das Kapital (D) Programming language
(O) Thard Reich 19. Ahmad rcads 24 Pages of a book in 15
7. lfJack needs2.5 pinB of cream to make a minutes. The rate of pages read per minute by
dess€n. How many pints will he need to make him will be:
3 dess€rts? (A) 1.6 (B) 2
(A) 7.s (B) 3 (c) 25 (D) 3
(c) 4 (o) 5.5 20. Which of the following is the method by which
8. Ali can type at a speed of 25 words per data is convened from a readable form to an
minute. How many words he can type in one encoded version?
hour? (A) Encryption (B) Spooling
(A) 1300 (B) 1200 (C) Censoring (O) COD
(c) 1s00 (D) 1475 21. The oldest lntemet Search Engifle among the
9. lf the averqe atilhmetic mean of 8, '12, '15, following is:
21, x and 11 is 17 then what is x? (A) Google (B) MSN Search
(A) 3 (B) 1s (c) Yahoo (o) Alta Msta
(c) 17 (o) 35 22. Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, who proposed the
10. LEO stands for: name "Pakistan" in buried in:
(A) Laser Emitting Direction (A) Karachi (B) London
(B) Laser Eating Diode (C) Oxford (D) Cambridge .

(C) Light Exit Direclion 23. The length and breadth of a rectangle are in
(D) Light Emitting Diode the ratio 3 : 1. It the breadth in 1 cm, than the
11. Whict one number will complete the series: 8. length ol the rectangle is
13, 10, 15, ',tz, 17,'.14, (A) '14 (B) 16
(A) 1s (B\ 22 (c) 18 (O) 21
(c) 16 (D) 20 24. A hybrid computer:
12 lf Mary traveled 116 miles on day 1, 130 miles (A) Resembles digital computer
on day 2, ll4 mil€s on day 3. How many (B) Resembles analogue computer
miles p€r day did she average? (C) Res€mbles both a digital and analogue
(A) 120 (8) 115 computer
(c) 116 (o) 114 (D) None of these
13. Babri Mosque which was demolished in 1992 25. The Kabul River joins River lndus near:
wasi/is situated in the province / stale of: (A) Attock (B) Jhang
(A) Maharashtra (C) Mianwali (O) Swabi
(B) Lnar Pardesh 26. Solve: 6.334 x 104
(C) Madhya Pardesh (A) 0.0006334 (B) 0.06334
(D) Andra Pardesh (c) 6334 (D) 63340
'14. Find the average of 813 25 43 and 11
(A) 20 (B) 32 27. Which type of exercise measures upper body
(c) 27 (o) 1e
slrength and endurance?
(A) Trunk lifi (B) Cud ups
15. Which of the follo{ving words is closest in (C) Push up (O) None of these
meaning to the word Monitor'? 28. A computer application program that displays
(A) Punish (B) Condude data arranged in rows and columns in called
(C) Observe (O) lnterture is:
16. Linux is ,an: (A) Spreadsheet (B) Register
(A) Operating System (C) Form (O) gox
(B) Utilrty program 29. Which of the following is not a PowerPoint
(C) Application Software view?
(D) Educational Soflware (A) Slide show view
17. ln field of telecommunication. LTE stands tor: (B) Slide view
(A) Long Time Energy (C) Presentation view
(B) Low Term Evolution (D) Outline view
(C) Long Term Evolution
(D) Life Time Evolution
Advanced PPSC lroos Hodel Paoe,s 71..

30. Which one of the wives of the Holy Prophet (D) Double clicking lhe cell
(PBUH) gained lhe title of 'Umm-ul
43 What rs a terabyte?
Masakeen" (Mother of the poor)? (A) An optical storage medium capable of
(A) Hazrat Khadriah (R.A) storing vast amounts of rnlormation
(B) Hazrat Maimoona (R.A), (B) A multifunctional operatrng environment
(C) Hazral Zainab bint Khuzaiymah (R.A) (C) Flash memory
(D) Hazral Aaisha (R.A) (D) Roughly a tnllion bytes
31. A patient requires a 30% decrease in the 44 Pakistan lost to lndia in lhe final of the 2016
dosage of his medication. His current dosage Asian Men s Hockey Champions Trophy.
is 340 mg. What will his dosage be after the Where wan the final match played?
decrease? (A) Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia
(A) 70 (B) 238 (B) lpoh, Malaysia
(c1 270 (D) 340 (C) Kauntan, Malaysia
32. Sotve: 7500 + (i250 / 50) (O) Johar, Malaysia
(A) 7500 (B) 7525
(c) 7s50 (D) 8000 45. Sotve {-1t.,cn|
(A) 0.8 (8) 1 .2
33. What is the maximum font size you can apply
for any character in MS-Word?
(c) I (o) 12

(A) 163 (B) 1638 46. Civil Disobedience Movement was started by
(C) 16038 (D) Nona of these
Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
34. Microsoft Wndows uses a GUI environment. (B)
Mahatrna Gandhi
GUI (pronounced "gooey') stands for (C)
Jawahralal Nehru
Agha Khan lll
(A) Geog raphical User lntercfiange
(B) Graphical User lnterface 47 15 men were hired to plough a piece of land in
(C) Geometrical Upp€r lnlelligence 10 days. How many more men will b€ required
(D) Grammatical User lncorporation to do the same job is 3 days?
(A) 35 (B) 40
35. lfx = 3, then x3 = ?
(A) 6 (B) e
(c) 50 (D) 30
(c\ 27 (D) 81 48 What does RAM in a computer stand ,or?
Read and Memorize
36. "Leukemia'is a disease otthe: (B)
Random Access Memory
(A) Lungs (B) Blood (C)
Random Accees Module
(C) Skin (O) Nerves (D)
Random Accees Modem
37. Th6 ratio 35 : 84 in simplest torm is: 49 PowerPoint presentations are widely used as:
(A) 5:7 (B) 7:t2 (A) Note outlines for teacters
(C) 5:12 (D) None of these (B) Poect presentations by students
38. To copy a piclure of the screen to lhe (C) Communication of planning
Clipboard use: (D) All of these
(A) All Key 50 Aslola lsland is in:
(B) Shift Key (A) lndia (B) lran
Print Screen K€y (C) Pakistan (D) Bangladesh
None of these
51 Which of the following frac{ion is the smallest?
39. _ is us€d to transmil digital data (A) 11/13 (B) 9/11
over telephone fnes.
(A) Networkcard (B) Sound card
(c) 3/4 (o) st7
(C) Graphic card (O) Modem How are human rights enforced?
(A) Against Public aulhorites
40. CRT is the technology used in a: (B) By interpreting legislation and common
(A) Mouse (B) Monitor law rules so as to be consistent with
(C) COO (D) TOan Horse convention rights
41. Synonym of 'ANGUISH' is: (C) Only against individuals
(A) Anack (B) Agony (D) By striking down inconsislent legislation
(C) Reliet (D) Anxious
42. ln MS Excel, we can not edit the conterts of a
Solve: rf'lT
(A) 520 (B) 169
cell by:
(A) Pressing th€ Alt key (C) 28561 (D) None of these
(B) Clicking lhe formula bar 54 A common name for software errors is:
(C) Pressing the F2 key (A) Bugs (B) Trojans
72 Advanced PPSC t COs Hodet Papers
(C) Logrc bombs (D) Vrruses (A) Word processrng
55 9 rs 1/3o1, of what number? (B) Srmulatron
IAJ 2700 rBr 300 lCr Desktop publ,shjng
(c) 27 (D) 30 {O) Vrrtuar realty

56 A solutron of watar and sugar contatns 10o/o

68 Macrntosh sefles of personal computers was
sugar the solur,ons werght ts 8 kg When 2 kg developed by whrch of the tollowrng
ol water is added to thrs soluton the companres?
(A) Dell (B) Apple
percentage of sugar becomes?
(A) 8% (B) 10% (C) rBM rD) Microsoft
\c) 12o/o (D) 18% 69 The Khudal Khrdmatgar Movement was
57 Find the relatronshrp srmilar to Throat started by
(Ar Abdul Ghani Khan
(A) Challenqe Frght (B) Solar Aslam Khan
lB) Reason Anger (C) Abdul Ghaffar Khan
(C) Thunder Lrghtenrng (D) lnayatulah Mashnqr
(D) Speed Acceleration 70 The Charrman of Boundary Commrssion of the
58 Whrch short cut key tnserts a new slide rn
Punlab & Bengal. was
(AI Mountbatten (B) Ar..rchrneck
current presentatron rn POwerPornt?
(A) Ctrl + N rB) Ctn + M (C) Gracey (D) None of these
rC) Ctd + S (O) All ol these 71 Look at thrs series 2, 6. 18 54 What
59 A rs twrce as good as workman as B and number should come next?
together lhey frnrsh a pEce of work in 18 days. (A) 108 (B) 148
ln how many days will B alone finish the work (c) 162 (D) 218
(A) 27 days (B) 54 days 72. lncome ot A is 25% less than B How much
(C) 56 days (D) 68 days percent Bs rncome would be more than that of
60 lf you pay $22 90 for a DVD that inctudes a A7
(A) 33o/" (B) 30%
7% sales tax what is the pnce of the DVD
before the sales tax?
(c) 35o/o (O) 48%
(A) $23 (B) $21.40 73. Shortcut Keys to switch to the next wrndow as
(c) $25 (D) $20 s0 (A) Alt + Tab (B) Shrft + Tab
61 Who is the current Mayor of London? (C) Alt + Ctrl (D) Ctrl + Tab
(A) Zac Goldsm{h (B) Bofls Johnson 74 Who is called lhe Falher of Computers?
(C) Sadiq Khan (D) None ot these (A) Charles Babbage
62 lmran Khan was recenlly swom tn an (B) Thomas Kurtz
Pakrstan s Pnme Mtntsler. (C) Konrad Zuse
(A) 19th (B) 20rh (o) BiI Gates
(C) 21st (D) 22nd 75. x, 9. 25. 49. 81. 121 Frnd the value of x
63 ln MS Word 2016, whrch of the fotlowtng (A) s (B) 1
command is not available rn lnsert menu? (c) 4 (D) 3
(A) Columns (B) Tabte 76 Total number of students in a class is 95. lf
(C) Page Number (D) Obiect the total number of grrls in the class rs 45.
6,4. The value of 1/3 of24 is, then the ratro of total number lf boys to total
(A) I (B) 5 numbor grrls is.
(A) 9.10
(C) 12 (D) None o, rhese
(C) 10:9
{B) 7;6
(D) E'11
65. Length and width of a rield are i^the ratio 5:3.
lf the width of lhe lield rs 42 m then its tenglh 77 What was the capital of Japan before Tokyo?
ts: (A) Osaka (B) Hiroshima
(A) 100 m (B) 80 m (C) Kyoto (D) Okinawa
(C) 50 m (D) 70 m 78 Sam bought a 12 pack of soda tor 55.40. How
66 Aslia has three types balls red. green and much dd he pay per can of soda?
blue. lf lherr ratlo rs 2 3:5 what percant of balls (A) $0.45 (B) S0 54
are green? (c) $0.40 .\o) $2.22
(A) 2OVo (B) 30% 79. Pakistan is located m
(c) 45% (D) 50% (A) East Asia (B) South Asra
67 Which type of computer program woutd be (C) South East Asra (D) North East Asia
used to design an invitalion card?
Advanced PPSC MCQS Motlel Paperc 61



'l '1937 Eiechon s were he,d rn eieven provrnces (c) 1939 (D) 1949
of lndra Sub-contrnent accordrng to? 10 Who was the Vrceroy of lndia when the lndtln
(A) Acr of 1935 {B) Actof1919 Councrl Acl 1892 was passed
. (c) Acr of 1927 (D) Act of 1936 (A) Lord Dutferrn
2 Who became the 1st Muslim Judge of the . (B) Lord W'llram
Calcutta Hrgh Court? (C) Lord Cuffon '
(A) Liaqat Ah Khan (O) Lord t ansdowne
(B) Badarirddrn 1 1 When drd Srr Syed wflte hrs famous book Asar
(C) Syed Ameer Alr ul Sanade€d?
(Dl Srr Syed Ahmed Khan (A) 1647 (B) 1848
3 According to Article 44 of the Constrtution the (C) 1849 (D) 1850
Presrdent of Pakrstan shatl hold offrce for a 12 By whrch Acl of. lndra women were granled
term of nght to vote?
(A) 6 years (B) 3 years (A) Govl of lndia Act, 1935
(C) 5 years (D) 4 years' (B) Govl of lndra Act. 1919
4 The name of Pakrstan accotding to (C) lndran Counc,ls Act 1892
Constftution of Pakistan (O) Legrslative Councrls Act 1861
(A) Pakrstan 13. Syed Ahmed Shaheed and lsrnail Shaheed
(B) lslamrc State of Pakrstan were manyred
(C) lslamrc Federatton of paktstan (A) Muzafrarabad iB, Bagh
(D) lslamc Repubhc of Pakistan (C) Balakot (O) Rawlahot
5. The electoral College of Pakrstan for the 14 When Lord Curzon annornccd the Partition ot
eleclion of Presrdent of Paktstan consists of Bengal?
(A) The Members of the provrncral (A) 'l6th October .1904
' assmblres (B) 16th Oclober 1905
(B) The Members of both Houses (C, 16h October 1906
(C) The Members of both Houses anC the (D) r6th Oc:obe 1907
Members of the provrncral assembtles
(Dl The Members ol the Nahonai Assembty
1 5 Who led the Srmla Depuralr,rr"
,Ar Srr Syed Ahrnad Khan
6. No person shall hold the Offrce of Prestdent of ,B) Syed Anree. A r

Pakrstan for more than rC) Allama lqba

(Ar Frve consecutr,,.e terms rD, Srr Aghd Khar
(B) Four Consecutrve terms
(C) Two consecutrve lerms 16. Gandhr rarsed the sicgan of Quit lndia
(D) Three conseculrve terms Quard-e-Azam ratsed another slogan to
Counter rt as Lrndei
7 Ob,ectives Resolutron was passed by the 'lst {A) D vrde and Rule
Conslituent Assembly rn the year {B) Drvrde and Ourt
(A) 1951 {B) 1943 (C) Rule and Drvrde
,Cr 1949 {D) 1956 (D) None ol above
8 Sir Syed dred on 27th March of whrch year? '7 Who rnaugu.aied the State Bank uf Pakistan?
(A) 1888 (B) 1898 (Al Zahrd H.rssarq
(c) 1908 (D) 1918 . (B) lshrat Hussarn
9 ln which year Islamta College for Women (C) Quaid e'Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Cooper Road was estabhshed? (D) Nawabzada Lraqat Ali Khan
(A) 1937 (B) 1938
62 Adr.nced PPSC nCQs odal Paod,B
'18 Who was elected 1st President of Kh afat (A) Quad iAzam (B) SirAgha Khan
Committee? (C) Liaqat Ali Khan (D) Allama lqbal
(A) Mulana Muhammad Ali Johar 30. The second populate Census in Pakistan was
(B) Maulana Shaukat Ali held?
(C) Seth Jan Muhammad Chotlani (A) 1962 (B) 1963
(D) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (c) 1964 (D) 196'
19. When report of Simon Commission was 31. Which prophel could tak to the birds?
published? (A) Hazrat lsmail
(A) May, 1930 (B) Ha/rat Yaqub
(B) May. 1929 (C) Hazrat Sulaiman
(C) May, June 1929 (D) Hazrat Yousuf
(D) July. 1929
32. What is the meaning of Haij e Akbar?
20. Which Muslim women participated in all lhe (A) Hajl performed on Friday
three Round Table Conferences'? (B) Hay pedormed on Sunday
(A) Begum Shah Nawaz (C) Haii performed on Monday
(B) Amjad Begum (O) Halj perfomed on Thursday
(C) Fatima Jinnah
(O) Banu Begum 33. Hajis. during Hajj run between Safa and
MaMa, what is the name given to this act?
21. Which Women was part of the delegation lirst (A) Tawaf (B) lhram
sent to UNO after thscreation of Pakistan?
(A) Begum Rana Liaqal Ali Khan
(C) Ourbani (D) Sayee
(B) Fatima Suglira 34. The Haij pilgrims are required to wear lhram
(C) Begum Salma Tassaduq at a place called
(D) Fatima Jinnah (A) Arafat (B) Meeqat
(C) Mina (D) Marwa
22. When did Quaid-+Azam resign the lndian
Congress? 35. What was the age of Hazrat Umar (RA) when
(A) 1919 (B) 1920 the embraced lslam?
(c) 1921 (Dl 1922 (A) 27 (B) 28 years
23. During freedom movement, which language
(C) 29 years (D) 39 years
played a vilal role in the demand for a 36. For how long, the caliphate of Hazrat Usman
separate homeland (Pakistan) for the Muslims (RA) lasted?
of the suFcontinent? (A) 6 years (B) E years
(A) Persian (8) AEbic (C) '10years (D) 12 years
(C) Urdu (D) Punjabi 37. Which Surah of Holy Quran throws light on the
24. Who was the ruler of Kashmir at the time of Halal and Haraam of sacrificial animals
parlition (A) Al Maeda (B) Al lmran
(A) Gored Singh (8) Gulab Singh (C) Ai Nehal (D) Al Raad
(C) Hari Singh (O) Ranjeel Singh 38. Name of Surah of Holy Quran which mentions
25 Who announced the CommunalAward? the nghts of the parents
(A) Macdonald (B) lrwin (A) Ahzab (B) Luqman
(C) Cuzon (D) Wavell (C) Mudassar (O) Al Maeda
26. Act of 1935 separated Sindh from which 39. How many times the word Qul' has been
province? repeated in the Holy Ouran?
(A) U.P (B) Bengal (A) 332 (B) 432
(C) Bombay (O) Assam (c) s32 (D) 632
27. The'Oay of Oeliverance'was observed on 40. How many Surahs ot Holy Ouran begin with
(A) December, 1939 the names of lhe prophets?
(B) '10 November, 1939 (A) Six (B) Seven
(c) 20rh oclober. 1939 (C) Eaght (D) Nine
(D) 14 September 1939 41. Pick out the name of the prayer which rs
28. Quaid-e-Azam gave his fourteen points in a proceeded by Azaan?
meeting held rn '1929 in _ (A) Namaz-e Janaza
(A) Bombay (B) Calcutta (B) Eid ul Fitr
(c) Karachi (o) Delhi (C) Eid ul Azha
(D) Zohr Prayer
29. Who presided over the All lndia Muslim
League Session held at Allahabad in '1930?
Afirancad PPSC MCOS lrodel Psoers 63

42. Pick out the place where Hazrat Yahya (AS) is 54. The mosl important and Iamous Urdu
buried? newspapr published from Lahore by Maulana
(A) Syria (B) lraq Zafar Alu Khan was
(C) Egypt (D) Jordan (A) Hamdard (B) Nawa-i-Waql
43. Give the total number ol Haij p€rformed bythe (C) Kohinoor (D) Zamindar
Holy Prophet (PBUH)? 55 Which city of Pakistan to know as little
(A) Two (B) Three Manchester?
(C) One (D) Four (A) Karachi (B) Lahore
44. Pasni harbor is situated in (C) Faisalabad (D) Peshawar
(A) Baluchistan (B) Sindh 56. Who as father of modem chemistry
(C) PunJab (D) KPK (A) Ford (B) Einstein
45 "Struggle for Pakistan" was written by
(C) Lavoisier (D) None of above
(A) Waheed uz Zaman 57. lndian Act of 1919 provided which type of
(B) Dr l. H. Qureshi legislature at the cenlre it place of the lmperial
(C) Sharif uddin Pirzada Legislative Counql consisting of one House?
(O) Z A Sulehri (A) Bicameral (B) Unicameral
/16. ln 1946 the mission sent by British Govt was (C) A&B (O) None of these
called 58. Where Fort Munro is located?
(A) Simon Commission (A) Sulaiman Hills (B) Sahiwal
(B) Cripps Mission (C) D G Khan (D) Muttan
(C) Cabinet Mission 59. When Ouetta was devastated by a severe
(D) Boundary Commission earlhquake?
47. Quaid-e,Azam came back to lndia on the (A) 29 May, 1935 (B) 28 May, 1935
appeal of the Muslims in (C) 31 May, 1935 (D) 30 May, 193s
(A) 1939 (B) 1934 60. What is lhe total number of Kalimahs?
(c) 1933 (O) 1936 (A) Five (B) Seven
48. Mr. l.l. Chundrigar was the Prime Minister of (C) Eight (o) Six
Pekistan ftom 61. ln which year Zakat was made obligatory?
(A) April 17, 1953 to August 11, 1955 (A) 1 A.H (B) 2 A.H
(B) Oct19, 1951 to April 17, 1953 (c) 3 A.H (D) 4 A.H
(C) Aug 11. 1955 to S€pt 12, 1956
(D) Oct 18, 1957 to Oec '16. 1957 62. What is the Nisab of Zakat for Gold?
(A) 5 Tola (B) 6 Tola
49. Where is Gomal University located? (C) 7% Tola (O) I Tola
(A) Lahore
(B) Dera Ghazi Khan 63. For how many times the word 'Zakat' has
(C) Karachi been mentioned the Holy Quran?
(O) Oera lsmail Khan (Al 22 (B) 12 times
(C) 32 times (D) 42 times
50. Which province of Pakistan is the largest
alea? 64. What was the Kunniyyat of Hazrat Abu Bakr
(A) Khyber Pakhtunichtya (RA)?
(B) Puniab (A) Abu Sulaiman (B) Abu Jaffer
(C) Sindh (C) Abu Abdullah (D) Abu Hamza
(D) Balochistan 65 For how many years the caliphate ot Abu Bakr
51. ln the Iederal legislature or
Pakistan, (RA) lasted?
parliament is (A) Three years (B) Four years
(A) Unicameral (B) Bicameral (C) Two years (D) Five years
(C) Multi cameral (D) Tri cameral 66. For how long the caliphate ot Hazrat Umar
52. Pakistan Council of Scientific & lndustrial (RA) lasted?
Research (PCSIR) was established in: (A) 6 years (B) I years
(A) 1953 (B) 1957 (C) 10 years (D) 12yeaG
(c) 1961 (D) 1963 67. Which Sura of Holy Ouran throws light on the
53. When it the Authorized agency to sanction lslamic laws regarding maniage and divorce f
license for Cable Television and FM Radios? (A) Al ilise (B) Al Baqrah
(A) PTA (B) PTCL (C) At Furqan (D) Al Ankabut
64 Advanced MCQS Model Papers

68 What is the Serial Number of Surah Yaasrn in 83 Which Army Offrcer Was the 1st recipEnt ot
the Holy Quran? N,shan r Hader'?
(A) Thrrty four (8) Thirty six (A) Malor Azz Bhatti Shaheed
(C) Thirty rive (D) Thirty s€ven (B) Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed
69. What rs the total number of types of Oias? (C) Captain SaMar Shaheed
(A) Two (B) Three (D) Major Shabhtr Sharif Shaheed
(C) Four (D) Five 84. By which Pact, the Hindus agreed lor
70. Give the lotal number of Ayaats in the Holy Separate Electorate for Muslims in lndia?
Quran? (A) Karachi Pact' (B) Lahore Pact
(A) 544s (B) 7277 (C) Luknow Pact (O) Peshawar Pact
(c) 4344 (D) 6235 85 Who resigned from the lmperiat Legrslatrve
71. How many times the word Qul has beer Council in sheer protest agarnst the Rowlett
repeated in the Holy Ouran? Act?
(A) 332 (B) 432 (A) Gandhi (B) Nehru
(c) .532 (D) 632 (C) Quard-e-Azam (D) Srr Sayyed
72. What the serial number of lhe Katimah Rad-e- 86. ln the Holy Quran. tb whrch prophet, the
Kufr among the 6 Kalimahs? miracle of the she-Camel is retated?
(A) Srx (B) Four (A) Hazral Musa (B) Hazrat Saleh
(C) Three iD) Frve (Cl Hazrat Harun (O) Hazrat Daud
73 Prck out the Kalrmah which is without a dot? 87 Grve the number of Battles mentroned tn lhe
(A) 1st Kalimah (B) 2nd Kalimah Holy Qurane
(C) 3io f.alimah (D) 4th Katrmah (A) Two (B) Three
(C) Srx . (O) Twetve
74 Whrcn Kalimah is reciled at the time of Nikah?
(A) 1r. (B) 2nd 88 of Shrrk rn tstam?
What is the opposrte
rC) 3.1 (O) Alr the srx (A) Akhuwwat (B) Tauheed
(C) lnsaaf (D) Srn
75 The recitalion of 1st Kalimah is called
(A) Tauba (B) Satat 89 About which act. the Muslms shall be asked
(C) Astaghfar (D) Tahleel frrst of all. on the Day of Judgment?
(A) Salaat (Namaz)
76. Give the types ofZakat? (B) Fasting (Roze )
(A) Two (B) Three (C) Ha,
(C) l our ' (D) Five (o) zakat
/7 What rs the literat meanrng of Zakat? 90 Give the number of Rukus in the Surah At
(A) To punfy (B) To spend lmran?
(C) To lncrease (D) Noneofthese (A) 30 (B) 40
78 What rs the Serial number of Surah At Kahf rn (c) 20 (D) 10
the Hory Qur an, 91 ln whrch language the Hoty Quran was
!A) 20. (B) 18 iranslated by Luther ?
\C) 2a (D) 28 (A) French tB) Latrn
79 Whrch aiphabet has been mentroned most rn (C) German (D, Engltsh
the Holf Quran? 92 Englrsh newspaper 'Comrade rn lndra was
. rA) Ai't (B, Kaaf pubished from
(C) Jeem (D) meem (A) Lucknow (8, Calcutta
d0 Prck out the Surah whtch s located rn parah (C) Madras (D) Delhr
1 1 of the Holy Quran;
(A) Ahzab (B) Maryam
93 Whrch rs the allernatrve of Wuzu when waler
rs not avarlable before saying a prayer?
(C, Younas (D) Shura (A) Ghusal
81 ln which Surah, Bismillah appea.s twice? (B) Washrng of face
(A) Surah Rehman (B) Surah yusuf (C) Tayammum
(C) Surah Namal (D) Surah Tauba (D, None of lhese
q2 Gave the number of limes lhe name of Hazrat 94. Which Nafli Namaz is most liked
by A ah?
Yaqub (AS) rs mentioned in the Hoty euran? (A) lshraq (B) Zawaat
(A) 16 trmes (B) 20 times (C) Chasht (O) Tahalud
(C) 26 times (D) 30 times What is the trme of Nafli Salaa lshraq
/ldvrrced PPIIC tfcos kde, F pers 65
(A) Sunnse till mtdnrght 98. Give the name of lhe prophet who ts son of
(B) Sunnse till noon Hazrat Daud?
(C) Sunnse till quarter of a day (A) Hazrat Hood (B) Hazral lshaq
(O) Sunflse till sunset (C) Hazrat Sulaiman (D) Hazrat Yousuf
96 Grve the name of the Prophel whose name 99. During.drought, s,ttlch Namaaz is offered for
has been mentioned most in lhe Holy Quran? /ar,r?
(A) Hazrat Daud (B) Hazrat Musa (A) Salaale-lstasqa (8) Salaa-e-Khrsoo
(C) Hazrat lbrahim (D) Hazrat Harum (C) Salaat e K6oof (D) None ofthese
97 Which Prophet rs called Abdul Eashar? 100 ln which Namaz no Saidah is performed,
(A) Hazrat Yaqub (B) Hazrat Musa (A) Salat e lskraq (B) Salat e Krsoof
(C) Hazrat Younas (D) Hazrat Adam (C) Salat e Tahajud (D) Salat e Janaza
Answer Key
1. a 14 b a 40a53.d 66 d 79 e 92 b
2. c 15 d 28 d 41.d54d 67 a 80 c 93 c
c 16 b 29 d 42a55c 68 b 81 c 94 d
4. d 17 c 30 d 43c56c 69 82 a 95 b
c 18 c 31 44a57a t0 d 83 c 96. b
6. c 19 a a 45b58.c 71 b 84 c 97 d
7. C 20 a d 46c59c a 85 98 c
8. b 21 c 34 b 47b60d a 86 b 99 a
9. c 22 b a 48d61.b 74 d 87 d 100 d
t0 d 23 c 36 d 49d62.c d 88 b
11 a 24 c 37 b 50d63c 76 a 89 a
12 a 25 a 38 b 51. b 64 c 77 a 90 c
13 c 26 c JY a 52a65.c 78 b 91 c



General Knowledge

1 Whrch of the followng countfles has the {C1 Protectorate Country

largesl area ln the world? 1O) Landlord Counrry
(A) Canada (B) U S A
(C) Russra (O) Chrna 6 Whrch ol the followrng mountarns separate
Asla from Europe"
2 Whrch of the conttnents has the lowest (A) Ural Mountarns
populatron growth rate? (B) Hrndukush Mounta'ns
(A) Europe (B) North America (C) Alps Mountarns
(C) Afflca (D) Aea (D) Atlas Mountarns
3 Hortrculture rs the 7 Day and nrght changes due to
(A) Cultrvatron of flowers and truts (A, Earth s revolution
(B) Growng of small plants (B) Earlh s rotatron accompanted wth rls
(C) Cultrvatron of sprces revolutron
(D) Growrng of bushes (C) Earlh s rolaton aroijnd rts axrs
4. 'Dashl-e-Lut desert ts located tn.
(D) None of these
(A) Chrna (B) Libya 8. The energy generatron tn stars ts due to
(C) lraq (D) lran (A) Fission of heavy nuclei
5 A country which has no coastline rs called
(8) Fusion of light nuclei
(A) Balkan Country (C) Fusron o, heavy nuclei
(B) Landlocked Country (O) None of these
66 Adr.nc?d PPSC NCQ3 Uodal Pa,,e's
9. Formosa is the old name of: 25. Fiber optics technology is being used in:
(A) Cambodia (B) Rhodesia (A) Telecommunication
(C) Taiwan (D) Bangkok (B) Electncal power control and distribution
'10. Pakistan purchased Gwadar ftom: monitoring system
(C) Oil and gas pipelines control and
(A) SaudiArabia (B) lran monitoring system.
(C) Oman (D) Qatar
(D) Allot the above
11. Johann Gutenberg is known for his invention 26. "Diego Garcia" is United States'Naval Base'
of: in:
(A) Printing (B)Telescope
(A) Pacific Ocean (B) Arctic Ocean
(C) Air pump (D) Steam turbine
(C) lndian Ocean (D) Atlantic Ocean
12. London
is situated on the bank of river:
Debware (B) Nile River
27. 'No dynaity lasts more than three
generations" is the theory of;
(C) Thames (O) None of these (A) lmam Ghazali (B) Herodotus
'13. The largest ocean of the wodd is: (C) lbn Khaldun (D) Polybius
(A) lndian Ocean (B) Arctic Ocean 28. Afier U.S. which country is the second largest
(C) Pacific Ocean (D) None of these arms seller in the world?
14. Which of the following Sea separates Asia (A) Britain (B) Russia
from Africa? (C) France (O) Germany
(A) Arabian Sea (B) Yellow Sea
29. A condominium is:
(C) Red Sea (D) None ofthese (A) A state of chaos
15. Baglihar Dam is constructed in occupied (B) A state enjoying dominion status
Kashmir on river: (C) A state with a federal form of government
(A) lndus (B) Jhelum (D) A particular territory over which joint dominion is
(C) Chenab (O) Ravi exercised by two or more external powers.
16. Pakistan's peacekeeping forces served under 30. A vassal stale is:
United Nations for the first time in:- (A) One which is completely under the
(A) Sudan (B) Somalia . suzerainty of another slate
(C) Congo (O) Kosovo (B) A protectorate
17. Smallest country in CentralAsia is: (C) A state which is a member of the
(A) Taiikistan (B) Kazakhstan Commonwealth.
'(D) None of the above
(C) Uzbekistan (O) Turkmenistan
18. Who advocated the theory of laissez laire? 31. Pinpoint the Wodd's oldesl democratic
(A) Marshall (B) Malthus country:
(C) Adam Smith (O) None of these (A) United States
(B) Great Britain
(C) Greece (D) France
19. Which of the following countries has the
largest number of Airports? 32 How many countries. Pakastan's lorces
(A) lndia (B) UK serving under UN peacekeepang mission at
(C) China (D) USA
(A) Four (B) Five
20. "Easy Jet' is the aiiine of: (C) Six (D) Seven
(A) UK (B) Malaysa
33. ldentify the wrong statement:
(C) Spain (O) Turkey
(A) Pancreas secrete insulin
21 The name United Nations was coined by: (B) Mammary glands secrete milk
(A) Stalin (B) F.O. Roosevelt (C) Lachrymal glands secrete saliva
(C) Winston Churchill (D) Austin Mills (D) Liver secretes bile
22. Organization of lslamic Cooperation (OlC) 34. Which vitamin protecls skin of the human
was established in: body?
(A) 1967 (B) 1969 (A) A (B) Br Complex
(c) 1971 (O) 1973 (c) c (o) D
23. The filament of an eleclric bulb is made of: 35. Solar system consists of:
(A) Carbon (B) lron (A) Eight Planets (B) Nine Plan€ts
(C) Tungsten (D) None of these (C) Ten Planets (O) Eleven Planets
24. When the stock market is going down, it is 36. What is'Scotland Yard'?
called: (A) Royal family's graveyard in England
(A) Bullish (B) Crashing (B) Bntish Criminal lnvestigation Department
(C) Slumberous (D) Bearish
Advanced PPSC MCQS Model Papers 67
(C) A palace of British Queen in Scouand (C) China (D) France
(D) A museum of natural hisiloryin U.K.
50. The World's largest copper producer is:
37. 'Digital Computer" was invented by: (A) China (B) Chile
(A) Vannevor Bush (B) John Harrison (C) Brazil (D) Russia
(C) M.R. Bissel (D) Howard Aiken
51. The earlh's rotation on ils axis is from:
38. Which of the following continents has no (A) South to Nonh (B) North to South
desert? (C) East to West (D) Wesl to East
(A) Australia (B) North America
(C) South America (D) Europe 52 'Lron ' is the nalional emblem of
(A) Sri Lanka (B) NoMay
39. "Bay of Biscay" is situated between: (C) Belgium (D) All of the above
(A) France and Spain
(B) Sweden and Finland 53. The game ot'Hockey was originated from:
(C) ltaly and Greece (A) Pakistan (B) England
(O) Eslonia and Latvia
(C) Australia (O) Greece
54. What is "Jingoism"?
40. The World's smallest state by area is: (A) Political Philosophy of State Control over
(A) Monaco (B) San Manno all means of produclion
(C) Vatican City (D) Nauru (B) lnjustice done to the poor segment o,
41. Which city is the oldest inhabiled capital in the society
world? (C) Extreme nationalism and patriotism
(A) Cairo (B) Damascus (O) Promotion of peace in the World
(C) Athens (D) Tehran 55. "Oosimeter' is a device used to measure: -
42.'Temple Trees' is an official' residence of the: (A) Nuclear radiation for safety purposes
(A) King of Nepal (B) The Speed of wind or any other gas
(B) King of Bhutan (C) Heat radiation
(C) President ol Maldives (0) High temperatures
(D) Prime Minister of Sri Lanka 56. What do you understand by the disease
43. The famous oil painting "Mona Lisa'is the "lnsomnia"?
crealion of: (A) lnability to sleep
(A) Leonardo da Vinci (B) Colour blindness
(B) PaUo Picasso (C) Depression
(C) Florence Nightingale (D) None of the above
(D) None of the above
57. A doctor specialist in skin diseases is called:
44. "Transworld AiMays" is an aidines of: (A) Cardiologist
(A) U.K. (B) France (B) Endocrinologist
(C) USA (D) Russra (C) Dermatologist
45. Which of the following country's parliament is
(D) None of the above
called 'Cortes ? 58. 'Omithology" is the study of
(A) Canada (B) Norway (A) Birds (B) lnsects
(C) Spain (D) Germany (C) Sea Animals (O) Sea Plants
46. The first intemational organization was: 59 The World s most populous city' is:
(A) LJnited Nations City
(A) Mexico (B) BeUing
(B) Commonwealth Organization (C) NewYork (O) Tokyo
(C) League of Nations
(D) None of the above 60. The longest reigning monarch of the present
World is:
47. Three Persian Gulf lslands. Abu Mussa. The (A) The King of Japan
Grealer and Lesser Tunbs, are disputed (B) The King ot Bhutan
between: - (C) The King of Thailand
(A) lran and lraq (B) lran and U.A.E. (O) The King of Sweden
(C) lraq and Kuwait (D) Qatar and Bahrain
61. Whal do you understand by "Choreography"?
48. Pope Benedict, the religious leader of Roman (A) The study of universe
Catholic Church belongs to: (B) The study of secrel writing
(A)Britain (B) Germany (C) Techniques used in space traveling
(C)France (D) Poland (O) The steps and movement in dances
49. Which of the following countries first
introduced paper currency in the World?
(A) US (B) Greece ' Shanghai is the World's mon populous city.
68 Advance<l PPSC llCQs llodel paoers
62. "Order of the Rising Sun as the highest (B) Michael W. Ooyle
military award of: - (Q) Fouad A,mi
(A) Japan (B) USA (D) Samuel P Huntrngton
(C) Norway (D) UK
77 Which ot the followng gases is mainly
63 Accordingto Global Oynamism lndex (col) causrng global warmrng
the world s most dynamic economy rs of - (A) Nitrogen (B) Methane
(A) America (B) Chrna (C) Carbon droxrde tD) Hydrogen
(C) Australa (D) Germany 78 Anaemra rs
64 Which country s economic groMh rate is (A)Resprratory drsease (B) Brarn drsease
lastest at present? (C)Nervous drsorder (D) Bloodlessness
(A) Argentrna (B) Chrna
(C) lndra (D) Chrte
79 The world s largest nalural gas depos(s are
. ln
65 Which year lndia granted Most Favoured lA) US lB) Russra
Nation Status (MFN)status to Pakrstan, . (C) Chrna lO) Brazl
(A) 200s (B) 2006 80 -Petra the news agency of
(C) 2007 (D) None (A) Poland (B) Syaa.
66. "A Tale of Two.Cities" rs a tamous novel of (C) Jordan (D) Oatar
(A) Charles Oickens (B) Leo Totstoy 8'l Bntain s secret lntellgence servrce called
(C) OH Lawrence (D) None ofthese (A) Mossad (B} KGB
67 'Pascal Lamy rs (c) BrA (D) Mt6
(A) Presrdenl of France 82. ln chronologrcal order. rvhrch ot the followrng
(B) Drrector General WTO personal[ies come frrst?
(C) Managing Director IMF (A) Plato (B) Ansto e
(D) None of the above (C) Socrates (D) Eprcurus
68 The newly desgnated Secretary General of 83 lsrael snatched Golan Herghts'rn 1967 from
Organizatpn of lslamtc Conference lyad (A) Egypt (B) Lebanon
Madanr belongs to (C) Jordan (O) Syaa
(A) Saudr Arabia (B) Egypt
(c) oarar (D) UAE 84 Alexandna' rs the seaport of
69 America wtll w[hdraw s forces from
(A) Greece (B) lraq
Afghanrstan from the year -
(C) Syria (O) Egypt
rA) 2014 (B) 2015 85 The largesl a.r,ong lhe lollowlng rs
(c) 2016 (D) 2017 (A) Galaxy (B) The Earlh
1C; The Sun (D) A Solar System
70. Unrted States Secretary ot State rs
(A) Hrllary Ctrnton (B) John Kerry 86 McMahan Lrne rs a boundary between
(C) Leon Panetta (D) None ot these lA) Germany and Poland
1B) lndra and Nepal
71 Tatpei rs the caDttal of , (C) Chrna and lndra
(A) North Korea {B) South Korea lD) Chrna and Nepai
(C) Cambodra tO) Tarwan
87 The world s oldest Nahonal Anthem rs of
72 Erffel Tower is localed rn: (A) Chrna (8) lran
rAr London (B) Pans (C) Greece (O) Japan
(C) New York (D) Rome
88 Whrch of the followrng lnternatronat
73 The largest number of women recerved Nobel Organ,zatton has no headquarters?
Pnze rn the category ol
{A) Peace
(A) ccc (B) oAU
(B) Medicine
(C) Lrterature (D) Physrcs
(c) G-8 (D) D-8
89. The world s oldest wntlen language rs
74. Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) was started rn: (A) Chrnese (B) Japanese
(A) 1979 (B) 19E0 (C) Cambodian (D) Labn
(c) 1982 (D) 1961
90 The world s largest mammal rs
75 The Headquarters of lnlernatronal Labour (A) Trger tB, Camel
Organization (lLO) is located in.
(A) Geneva (B) Paris
(C) Grrafie (O) Whale
(C) New York (D) Rome 91 Freetown is the cap(al of:
(A) Srena Leone (B) Senegal
7: ;i1e lheory of 'Clash oI Civrlizations was (C) Rwanda (Dl Uganda
presented by
r^\ Francrs Fukuyama
Advrrc.d PPSC ttcos mdrrP.o.rr 59
63. What is meant by "MIQAT" 72. On which of the following occasions, Muslims
(A) A sacred valley near Makkah in which off€r "Namaz€-l(usuf :
part of the Pilgrimag€ oefemonies take (A) At the time of an eclips€ of the moon
(B) Al the time of an edips€ ot the sun
(B) The station at which Pitgrims assume the (C) ln the lim€ ot drought
"lhram" or'Pilgrim's galment". (O) For the s€ke of rain
(C) Entrance of Magitt-iNabvi.
(D) None of the above. 73. Whidr Proph€t of God is dignified with speciat
tide. 'Kahlil-ullah' (Friend of Goct):
64. When did the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) perform (A) Hazrar Adam (P.B.U.H)
'HaJat-ul-Wada' (The Last Pilgrimage)i (B) Hazrat Noah (P.B.U.H)
(A)-612 A.D. (B) 62, A.D: ' (C) Hazrat lbrahim (P.B.U.H)
(c) 632 A.D. (D) 638 A.D. (O) Hazrat Ese (P.B.U.H)
65. ldenti, the seventh month of the lslamic 74. Pinpoint the very fiIst convert to lslam among
Calendar: the following pious peIsonalitles:
(A)Rabi-us-Sani (B)Jamadi-ul-Awural (4) Hazat Abu Bakr (Mey AIah bless Him)
(C) Ralab (O) Shaaban (B) Hazrat Ah (May Allah bless Him)
66. lden$ry lhe number of Surahs in the Hoty (q) Hazral Khad[ah (May Allah bless Heo
Quran which are on the namcs of varioua (o) Hazrat zaid bin Harith (May 41"6 o*.
Prophetsi Him)
(A) Four (B) Six 75. What is rnea by Allah s anribute, "At-Bari":
(C) Eight (D) Twelve (A) The Gen€rous (B) The Glonoes
07. What is the signilicance of 2nh Rarab in the (C) TheAware (D) The Maker
1oth year of Prophethood: 76. ln the sixth year of the Hiirah, sfiich important
(A) Holy Prophet's visitof Taif incident took place in tho lsl€mic History:-
(B) Merai Shareef (A) Banb of Quraizah belween Muslims and
(C) Hazrat Hamza and HazJat Umer the Jewish tribe, Banu Qsraizah
ombraced lslam (B) The Tr3aly of Hudaibiyah was signed
(D) Migration ftom Makkah to Madtina betw€en the Muslims and the Quraish
68. ldentify the last Ghazwa in whi:h the Holy (C) The Holy crty of 'Makk h'was conquered
Prophet parlicipated: by th€ bllowers of lslam
(A) Tabuk (B) Hunain. (D) Death of Hazrat Khadiiah
(c) Murah (D) Ahzab 77. ldemify the personal y to whom Hazrat Abu
69 The police brce by the name of "ash-shurta' Bakr, co.nmbsioned the task to collect the
was set up to mainlain law and order in lhe scattered recording of ttE Holy Quran and
lslamic state during the Caliphate ofi compiled ltum in the furm ot a book:-
(A) Hazrat Abu Bakr (May Allah bless Him) (A) Hazrat Zayd Bin Thabit (May Allah bl€ss
(B) Hazral Umer (May Allah Hess Him) Him)
(C) Hazrat Usman (May Allah bless Him) (B) Hazrat Xhalk Un Walid (May Allah bless
(D) Hazrat Ali (May All.h bles Him) Him)
(C) Hazat Sead t n Abi Waqas (May Allah
70. Under the lslamic law of lnheritanci, what bless Him)
would be lhe share of the wib from husband's (q) Hazrat Abdur Rehman bin Auf (May Allah
property in the presence of children: bless Him)
(A) Har (B) One third
78. Durhg lhe recitation of Holy Ouran, there are
(C) One bunh (D) One eightr
horv many occasions, when Siiddah
7'1. ldentify the Muslim ruler who introduced Jeil (Prostration) is obligatory for the Muslims:-
system for detention o{ prisoners: (A) Nine (B) Twelve
(A) Hazat Abu Bakr (May Allah bless Him)
(B) Hazrat Umer (May Allah bles3 Him)
(C) Fourteen (D) Sixteen
(C) Hazrat Umer bin Abdul Aziz (May Allah 79. Law3 aboul inheritance ry€r€ revealed in: -
bless Him) (A) 3 Hiirah (B) 4 Hiirah
(D) Walid bin AMul Malik (May Allah bless (C) 5 Hiirah (D) 6 Hiirah
Him) 80. l&ntrfy the name oI Gelc-kcapar ot heaven
72. ldenfrty the Muslim ruler who instituted the mention in the Holy Ouran: -
lslamic Calendar from the yrear of the Holy Rizvan
(A) (B) Malik
Prophet's migralion to Madina: Rehaan
(C) (D) None of these
. (A) Hazrat Abu Bkr (May Allah bl€ss Him) 81. The longesl Surah of Holy Ouran is: -
(B) Hazrat Umer (May Allah bless Him) (A) Al-Baqrah (B) Al-lnaam
(C) Abdul Malik (May Allah bles Him) ' ' (C) Al-Rehman (D) Al-Naas
(D) Hazat Umer bin Abdul Aziz (May Allah
blcss Him) 82. Number ot Gha aats mentioned in the Holy
60 . Advanced PPSC NCQs llodel Paoers
Quran are: (C) 15th cenlury (D) None ofthese
(A).12 (B) 14
92 The tslamic Calendar thura) staded rn the
(C, 16 lD) 18 year
83 Which of the followng drvrne book is called (A) 622 AD \Br 620AD
"old Testament ? (ct 611AD (D) None of these
(A) Zuboor ,B) Torart 93 The seai affrxed on rmpo(ant letlers by the
(C) lnjeel (Di None of these Holy Prophet (S A W) was in the custody oI.
84. Whrch of the ,cllowings rs (hlled Land of (A) Hazrat Alr i R A)
Prophets , (B) Hazral Qars 1R A)
{A) lraq (B) Saudr Arabra (C) Hazrat Huzarla (R A)
[C) Palestrne (D) Syna , D) Hazrat Brlal (R.A)

85 How many Surah the Holy Quran contarns, 94 Ameen-ui-Umat ts t(le oi Hazrat
(A) 114 ,B) 116 (Ai Emar bn Yasrr (R A )
(C) 1 18 \ol 220 (B) Sdernan Farsr (R A)
(C) Abu-Ubarda brn Al Jaraah(RA)
66 The word Muhammad (S.A.W) as a name has
(D) Abu Saeed Khuzn (R A )
be€n menlionedln Quran: -
. (A) 2 time (B) 4 rime 95 Arafat galhenng during Ha,J is held on -

(C) 6 time (O) 7 trme (A) 8 Zrl Hatt (B) 9 Zrl Ha!
87 Which surah of Holy Ou.an has Brsm llah 1C) '10 Z,l Ha, tDt 12 Z,) Hqt
twrce? 96 Ihd frrst lslamrc moa!'rs
(a) Al-Ahzaab (Br Al,Nehar (A) Muharrum (B r Safar
(C) Al-Nama! rD) Al-Noor (C) Ralab ,D) Zool Haia
88. Whici-. one of the forlowing rs rncruded 97 Jabal-e-Noor rs srtuated rn
arnongst the ushera-e mLrbashera? iA) Aralat l8) Ghar-'Hrra
(A) Hazrat Srad bin Ubaid (C) Ghar r-Saur iO) Madrna
(B) Hazrat SaaC brn Abada 98 The Holy OuraD was irst comprled du ng the
(C) Saad b,4 Ab aqas calrphate oa
'D) llone of thes€ tA Hazrat Muhammad .R TPBUH r
89. Jmm-ul-Masa/. en' w.rs lhe trtle grven to one tB, Ab,. Eakr Srddrq!,e A )
of the wrves L: iie Hory Pr phel (S A Wr (Cr Hazrat Umar lR A )
(A) Hazrat Sauca RA) . (Qt Hazrat Usman rR A )
(B) Hazrat Satra (R A )
(C) Hazrat Zarnab bent Khuzrma (R.A) 99 Maslrd Zu Qrblatarn.s srtuated rn
(D) None of these {A) Madina (B) Makkah
(C) Ta'f (D) Jabal e Noor
90 The effeclive Zakat srslen. can ensur., lhe 100 Khateb-ul-Anbaa rs a htle ol -
eliminataoh ofr- (A) Hazrat ldre..s rA S )
(A) Poverty (B) lnlerest (B) Hazrat lbrahrm (A S )
(C) Class dEtnction (D) lgnorance (C) Hazrat Yaqoob (A S )
91 lbne-eKahldun was famous hrstoflan of:- (D) Hazrat Shoaib (4.S.)
(A) 13th century (B) 14th century
Answer Key
1. c 14 b 27 a 40 c 53 b 66 b 79 a 92 a
2. c 15 c 28 a 4'l a 54 b 67 b 80 e 93 c
3. b 16. c 29 d 42 b 68 a 81 a 94
4 17 c 30 c 43 d 56 b 69 b 82 a 95 b
5 d 18. b 31 b 44 a 57 b 70 d 83 b 96. a
6. c 19. d b 45 b 58 b 71 b 84 97 b
7 b 20. c 33 b 46 b d 72 b a 98 b
a 21. b 47 c 60 b 73 c 86 b 99. a
I'10 d 22 b a 4A d c 74 c 87 c 100 d
c 36 a 49 c 62 b 75 d 88 c
'11 a 24. a 37 d 50 b 63 b 76 b 89 c
12 d 25. a 38 a d 64 77 a 90 a
'13 a 26. d d 52 a 65 c 78 91 b
Advanced PPSC MCQS Model papers 57
(Ar Loratar (B) Srbbr member of.
(C) Khuzdar iD) Cnagnr (A) rMF (B) Wodd Bank
30. Pakistan's first Nuclear power plant was (C) Paris Club (D) None of the above
setup at Karachi in 1974 with the aid of: _
(A) Chrna (B) France
(c) canada iDi Nortr rorea
31 The only Nalonal Eteclron held on non-party
basis were in: - TheAoveNceo
(A) 1977 (B) 1985
(C) 1988 (D) 1990 I

32. Who rs consrdered the first poet ol punlabr

(A) Bhut-e-Shah
(B) Baba Fafld Ganr Shakr [|
(Ct Ghulam Farrd
(D) Sultan Bahu
33 Karakoram Hrghway in pakistan ts of
(Al 730 Km (B) 805 Km
icr 1'170 Km (D) 1230 Km
34 C_awnpur Mosque tragedy had taken ptace rn ,}
,c) 19Cg
(A) {B) tgto
1913 iDl 1915 d
35. "Mast Tawklr' was promrnent Doel of -
lAr Balochr (B) PJshto
(Cr Srndhr (O) Barochi
36 Whrch of the followrng Dams rs situated at the
hrghest altrlude.
(A) Wah Tangr Dam (B) Tanda Dam .?
{C) Khanpur Dam rD) Warsak Dam
37. Archaeologrcal site 'Bhambore,' is located in
the district of: 40 Declmal System was introduced rn pakistan
(A) Khairpur (B) Dadu on Firsl January:
(C) Larkana (D) Thatta (A) '1951 (B) 1959
38. Ha-zrat Baha-ud-Din Zakariya was a prominent (c) 1961 (D) 1e63
sufi saint of: 41. Which was the firsl missile launched by
(A) Suhrawardia order Pakistan:
(B) Naqshbandia order (A) Hatf (B) Anza
(C) Chistia order (C) Ghauri (D) Shaheen
(D) Qadtria order
42. On July 9. 1948, Pakistan issued its first: -
39. On July 9, 1950', pakistan became the (A) Coin (B) Currencv Note
(C) Poslal Stamp (D) A of tne above
'According to the official websites of tMF & World Bank 43. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex at Kamra was
Pakistan joined the lnternational Monetary Fund and completed with the fnancial and technicat
World Bank on luly 11, 1950. the World Bank is a assrstance of-
United Nations international financial institution that (A) USA rB) Canada
provides loans to developing countries for capital (C) France (D) None of the above
programs. The World Bank is a aomponent of the 44 The largest desert of the Pakistan rs
World Bank Group, and a member of the United (A) Thar (B) That
Nations Devel,opm€nt Group. The World Bank Group (C) Chohstan (D) Kharan
consists of: the lntemational Bank for Reconstruction 45. The oldest Barrage on ndus Rrver rs:
and Development (IBRO), the tnternational Finance (A) Gudu Barrage (B) Sukkur Barrage
Corporation (lFC), the tnternational Development (C) Ghulam Muhammad Barrage
Association 0DA), the lnternational Centre for (D) Taunsa Barrage
Settlement of lnvestment Disputes (lCStD) & the
Multilateral lnvestment Guarantee Agenry {M|GA), The
term "World Bank" generally refers to lust the IBRD of Agreement, a country must first join the
and lDA whe.eas the term World Bank Group or WBG lnternational Monetary Fund (tMF). Member5hip in
is used to refer to all five institutions collectively. To lDA, IFC and MIGA are conditional on membership in
become a member of the 8ank, under the IBRD Anicles I8RD,
58 Advanced McOs Model PaDers
46. Pakistan joined World Trade Organization {A) Oman (B) Bahrain
(wlo) in: iCj tran (D) None of the above
(A) 1994 (B) ',1995 53. The number of letters in the Urdu language
(cj 1ee7 (D) 2ooo are:
47. The first princely State to accede to Pakistan' tAt 27 (B) 37
after partition was: - ic) 39 \o) 42
(A) Swat (B) Hunza 54 The first foreiqn heads of the state visited
(c) Bahawalpur (D) Kalat Pakrstan afte-r independence was the
oresident of:- 6l
48. The NationalAnrmal of Pakrstan is
(A) Horse (B) Deer iA) lndra (B) indonesia
. ootpnin
(c) (D) Markhor . (c) tran (D) china
49 The Federally Administered Tribal Areas 55 What dutv is performed bv the Angel Mekaail:-
(FATA) consist of: (A) Who'brought Allah's books commands
iA) Five Agencies (B) Six Agencies and messages to his Prophets
(C) Seven Agencies (D) Eight Agenctes (B) ln charge of protection and also to bring
50. The First Urdu Newspaper (Daily) published rarns
after the creation of Pakistan was: (C) Who will below the trumpet on the Day of
(A) Mashaq (B) lmroze Judgment
(D) tn iharge of taking the life ol
(C) Watan (D) None ot the above

51. Which of the following institutions was first

introduced in the 1973 Constitution: 56. The Holv Book -Taurat was revealed to
National Finance Commission {A) Pro-phet Daud' (peace be upon hrm)
B National Economic Council (B) Prophet "Musa" (peace be upon him)
Council of the Common lnteresls (C) Prophet'lsa" (peace be upon him)
o All of the above iD) Probhet'lsmail" (peace be upon him)
52 On September 9, 1958, Pakistan acquired 57 . 'Zakal' is worked out at the rate of:-
(A) 2 percent of 7 tola gold or 70 tola srlver
Gwadar from: - ' wtiich remains with an individual for full
one yeat
' th" weli of swa, Miangul Abdul wadud, became the . 2
(81 y2 oercenl ol 7 % lola gold o( 52 % lola
silvei which remains with an rndividual for
first ruler succesdully to accede his statc to Pakistan,
on 15 August 1947. The last Wali, Miangul Jahan Zeb full one vear
{1908-1987}, continued to exercise absolute rule until {C) 3 oercdlt ol 9 tola qold or 58 tola srlver
. *liich
Pakistan took control, when on 28 July 1969 Yahya remains with an indivrdual for full
Khan announced the full integration of the states of one year
Swat, Chitral, and Dir into Pakistan. On 3 Odober 1947
(D) None of the above
the Nawab (or Ameer) of Bahawalpur, Sadeq 58. The Holy prophet (PBUH) made hi.irat from
Mohammad Khan V, acceded his state to Pakistan. Makkah to Madrnah in the Year:-
Hunza, also known as faniut, was a small princeh state
(A) 610 A.D (B) 622 A.D
to the nodh of .,ammu and Kashmir, and had been (c) 626 A.D (D) 632 A.D
subject to.lhc suzerainty of the Maharaiah of (ashmir 59. ldentify the person upon whom 'Zakat' may
since 18i1. ln-1931 its population was reported as be bestowed:
13,241. Once under Chinese protection, after the (A) Debtors
departure of the Eritish trom the sukontinent in (B) Travellers
August 1947 Hun2a receaved approaches from the (c) "tvtisxeens" or persons who have no
property whatsoever
Republic of China, which wished Mir to return to
chinese protection. However, on 3 November 1947, (D) All the above mentioned
the Mir of Hunza, Mohammad Jamal Xhan (L912-L9761, 60. How manv verses of Surah "Alaq" were first
who had been rulgr only since 1945, rent a telegram to revealed dn the Holy Proph€it (S.A.W.).
Jinnah stating that he wished to accede his state to (A) Three (B) Five
Pakistan. This adion came one weel after the decision (C) Seven (D) Nine
by Hari singh, Maharaiah of Kashmir, to accede to 61. How long did the Holy Book'Quran" take for
lndia. on 27 October lndian Army troops had moved its complete revelation:
into Kashmir. Hunza's formal accession took place on (A) 7 years (B) 21 Years
18 November. on 25 September 1974, fotlowing local (C) 23 years (o) 27 YeaE
protest!, the Mi/s rule came to an end when Zulfikat
62.'Bismillah-ir-Rehman-nir-Rahim" marks the
Ali Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan, abolished the beqinninq o{ every surah except surah:
Mit's government and annexed the state to the (A)- Naml (B) Taubah
Nor$rct* Arers of Pakistan, under the federal (C) ttujurat (D) Muzammil
government. '
AdvancedPPSC CQsnodelPaoe,s 19

56. There is no restriction In Deen (lslam) ls a (0) Charles oickens

verse of 68. Novel War and Peace was wntten by
(A, SurahAlaq (Bt Surah Rehman rA) Thomas Hardy (B) Samuel Johnson
{C) Al Baqra (D) Al-marda iCt Robert Moore rD I t eo Tolstoy
57 Whrch Paktstanr Prlme Mrnisler died dunng hrs 69 Who is the author of Clash of Civilizatron
office2 (A) Samuel Hatington
lAr Nawab Lraouat Al! Khan (B) Charles Mount
tB) Zulfrqar Ali Bhutto (C) Roben Moore
(C) I lChandri Gar (D) None of these
lD) None of these 70 Where is Kremlin situated?
58. The poet \,Yhowas Prisoned (A, Russra (B) ltaly
(A) Allama lqbal (C) Chrna (Dr Belgium
(B) Hafeez Jalandaharey
(C ) Farz Ahmad Faiz 71 NaDoleon u,as d€d at
(D) lfiat Aash,q (A) Water Loo (B) St Helena
(C) Pans rD) Cologne
59 Nrqhtrnoate. Fldrence was a Brrtrsh
72 Period of House of Representatlve of USA
{A; Ro-val Seroron {B) Nurs€ (A) Two Years (B) Three Years
iCi nt,i,v Omi., (D) None of lhese (C) Four Years (D) Srx Years
60. Napoleon Bonaparte (Nlck name little 73. Rhrnoceros found in Africa is a
comoral) was a (A) Avies (B) Mammel
tA) EmPeror and general of France
iB) Emoeror and general of England ici Reptite (D) whale
(C) Emperor and general ol Germany 74 Mushm Leaoue was created at
(D) None of lhese (A) Dhaka (B) Ali Ghar
61. Where is Waterloo situated? ic) Lahore (o) Lucknow
(A) ltalv (B) France 75. The US president who assassinated during
icl spain (D) Belgium his office
(A) Abraham Lincoln
62. Bismark (known as man of blood and iron) (B) George Washington
was (C) Rose Willson
(A) France's President (D) None of these
(B) German Chancellor
(C) President ot Russia 76. Rice is cuttivated in
(D) None of the above {A) Mav. June (B) March April
63. What is term 'Holocaust means iCi ruovemuer (O) Oecember
{A) Krlltno of lews bv Nazrs duflng I world War 78. Chenab and Jhelum join each then at the
lai x'ttln! of Jews'by Nazs during I and ll olace
iAl Tnmmu (B) sadnahr
World War
(C) Killing of jews by Nazis during ll Wodd icl Prntrao (D) Kor Mrnthon
War 79 Where nrghts and days are equal all the year
(D) Protecting of Jews by British during ll (A) NewYork {B) London
World War
tC) Narrobr (D) Gaza
64 Haayat Jawaid was written by Altaf Hussain 80. The tvorld oldest space statron is
Hall about the lfe cf (A) Kennedv (B) Baikonur
lA) Ghalib
iCi uosco* (D) None of these
iBi Su Syed Ahmad Khan
British declared Palestine as a place for Jews
lC) Sh Saadi 81
iD) Munammad Hussian Azad settlement tn
Which is not the book of Allama lqbal
lA) 1915 (B) 1916
icl tgrz ro) 1919
(Ar Bal-rrabril (B) Bang-r-Dara
icjasra/-i-xt'uo' (D)oast-i-Saba 82. Ghulam Muhammad Barrage is situated at
IA) Kotri (B) Guddu
The Enol,sh poet who dred in hrs young age
Keats /B\ Mrlton
(A) Jolin ici s"*a, (D) Punjab
ici Tennyson ), w.B Yeals 83. When waler accord between the provinces
was concluded '
67 Paradise Lost was wnnen bY (Al .1991 (B ) 1992
(A) Wrll'am Shakespear ic) 1993 (D, 1994
(B) Samuel Johnson
(C) John Milton E4. Which month is called the brother of March
50 Advanced PPSC ItCQs ,ltode, Papers
(A) Chate (B) Phjagan 94. Who is the President o, USA during First
(C) Mahhg (D) Besak World War?
85. The Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea are (A) Woodrow Wilson
,oined by:
(B) Rose Kandy
(A) Davrs strait (B) Suez canat (C) Abraham Lincoln
tC) Panama Canal (D) Grbrattar Skart (D) Bush
86 Babfl Mosque was situated at Mosque was 95. Which rs the largest state ot lndia accords to
demolished an 22 Oecember 1992 PoPulation.
(A) Ayodhya (UP) (B) Amritsar (A) Maharashtra State
(C) Madiha Predesh (D) None of these (B) Utter Pradesh
(C) Nagaland
87. Wars of crusade started in (D)
(c) 1105
10e0 1s) 1095- None of these
96. ERRA Stands for
(D) 1195
(A) Endure Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
88. Book "Macbeth" was written bv Authority
(A) Shakespeare (B) Mi(on (B) earthquake Reconstruction and
(C) Milton (D) Dickens Rehabilitation Authoritv
89. Who built Bala Hisar Fort? (C) Earthquake Rescue and retief authority
(A) Babar (B) Akbar (O) None of above
(C) Jehangrr ioj Sher Shah 97. C.R formula was presented by
90. Banbhor is located near (A) lqbal (B) Quaid-i-Azam
{A) Chagi (B) Thatha (C) Ra,a Gopal (D) Gandhi
(C) Larkana (D) Nawab Shah 98. Largesl Musftm Country in Afflca by
91 Main source employment in paktstan populalion is
(4) Services (B) Agricutture (A) NEefla (B) Mati
(C) lnduslry (D) None ot above (C) Egypt (D) None of above
92. Whrch country has targest Army? 99. Highest literary rate in SAARC
(A) USA (B) tndra (A) Sri Lanka (B) Nepat
(c) china (D) Engtand (C) Maldives (D) paiistan
93. Whrch book can contarns poems "Shikwa" 100. La.qest Producer of in OPEC
"Jsawab-€-Shikwa" (A) SaudiArabia (B) NEeria
(4) Bal-r-Jabnll (B) Bang-i-Oara (C) Kuwart iO) tra-n
(C) Asrarr-Khudi (D) Javd Nama

Answer Key
1. a 14. c 27. b 40 a 53. a 66. a 80 c 93. b
2. d 15. a 28. b 41 b 54. b 67. 81 c 94. a
3. b 16. a 29. b 42 c 55. a 68. d 82 a 95. b
4. a 17. c 30. a 43 c 56. c 69. a 83
i a 'r8. d JI b 44 b 57. a 70 a E4
6. c 19. b 32. d 45 d 58. c 71. b 85 b 98. a
7. b 20. a 33. b 46 a 59. b 72. a 86 a 99.
8. c 21. c u. b 47 a bU a b 87 b 100. a
9. a 22. a 35. c 48 a 51. d 74. a 88 a
10 c 23. d 36. a 49 d 62. b 75. a E9 a
11 a 24. a 37 a 50 d 63. c 76. a 90 b
12 d 25. b 38. b 51 c 64. b 78. a 91 b
13 b 26. a 39. b 52 c 65. d 79. a 92 c




1. What is the term used to denote the '12. What are Newton's used to measure?
unauthorized and rllegal accessing of (A) Gravity (B) Volcano
computer programs. often with criminal intent? (C) Earthquake (D) Tsunami
(A) Vrrus (B) Plagrarism 13. What is the most abundant element in the
(C) Hacking (D) Breach universe?
2. Which public holiday is celebrated in the USA (A) Hydrogen (B) Oxygen
on 4 July every year? (C) Sodium (O) Copper
(A) Constitution Day 14. How many chambers are lhere in the human
(B) lndependence D8y heart?
(C) Blacks Day (A) 2 (B) 4
(D) New Deal (C) 6 (o) 8
3. Which country in the Middle East rs the 15. GDP stands for:
Hashemite Kingdom? (A, Gross Daily Producl
(A) Jordan (B) Egypt (B) Gross Domestic Product
(C) Syria (D) Kuwait (C) Gross Domestic Purchase
4. Which bod), of people is sometimes reterred (D) Gross Oaily Purchase
to as the Fourth Estate"? 16 Hard disk in a computer is ,an
(A) Judiciary (B) Execulive (A) Output Oevice (B) Processor
(C) The Press (O) Senate (C) Software (D) Storage D€vice
5. What is the Richter Scale used to measure? 17. A set of instructions that operates various
(A) Food (B) Volcano parts of the Compuler Hardwere is called?
(C) Earthquake (D) Tsunamt (A) Hardware Manag€r -?
6. "Kinderganen' refers to? (B) Device
(C) Software
(A) a Nursery School
(B) a small garden (D) URL
(C) a childron playground 1E. The Capital ot Tajikistan is:
(O) a children's ward in Hospital (A) Dodoma (B) Qushanbe
7. What did Burma change its name to in l98v? (C) Astana (D) Tashkent
(A) Myanmar (B) Rangoon 19. World Water Day is celebraled on:
(C) Brazil (D) Naypydaw (A) 22nd March (B) 22nd June
8. Which body organ produces Urine' (C) 22nd July (D) None orthese
(Al Pancreas \B) Uterus 20 One who is capable of dealing with many
(C) Kidney (D) Large lntestine subjects rs called:
9. What rs meant by Cock and Bull Story'? (A) Genius (B) lntellectual
(A) true story (C) Versatile (D) Vulnerable
(B) a lengthy tale 2'! What is the one word substitution for a person
{C) story told by an rdiot who is unable to pay his debt
(O) an unbehevabie tale (A) Poor (B) Vagabond
10 Rule of Thumb: (C) Solvent (O) lnsolvent
(A) mark oI thum on a legal paper 22 The Great Persian Emprre was founded by:
(B) an easrly applied proceCure for makrng a (A) Darius-l
determination (B) Raza Shah Pehlvi
(C) an easy choice (C) Cyrus the Great
(D) an unknown rule (D) Shah Abbas
'1 Renaissance movement slarled firsl in: 23 The place ol Persepolts In lran was destroyed
(A) France (B) ltaly rn331 BC by:
(C) Unrted Kangdom (D) Sweden (A) a flood
52 Allvanced PPSC MCQs Model Papers
(B) Alexander the Great (A) New York (B) London
(C) Genghis Khan iC) Washrngton (D) Geneva
(D) Ottoman Turks 38 Bntarn s hrghest mrhlary award rs
24. The Palace of Krng Nebuchadnezzar was 1A) Vrctona Cross
(B) lron Cross
s uated rn the city of (C) Mrlrtary Cross
(D) Medal of Honour
(A) Nineveh (B) Babylon 39 The book -A Fa.ewell to Arrrs was wrrtten by:
(C) Korasabad (D) Dizful iA) Etrest Hemtngway
25 Which vrtamrn is provided by sunlight to the (B) Charles Dtckens
body? (C1 HuxleY
(A) Vilamin A (B) Vitamrn B (O) Thomas Hardy
(C) V(amrn C (D) Vitamrn D 40. The oldest monarchy rn the World rs that of
26. The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (A) Japan
(ELISA) uses: (B) Nepal
(A) Antibodies (B) Pathogens (C) UK
(C) Trssues (D) Chemicals (D) Krngdom of Saudt Arabia
27. What is chlamydomonas? 41. The dress made out of which of the following
(A) An algae (B) A tungus materials is salest lo wear while cooking?
(C) An animal (D) A fossil (A) Srlk (B) Nylon
(C) Cotton (O) Terylene
2E. ln which year, was the 1st widely-available
Web browser, Mosaic, released? 42 Which of the tollowing gases' is used for
(A) 1993 (B) 1995 retrigeration ?
(c) 1996 (D) 1998 (A) Chlorine (B) Ammonia
29. The World famous "Golden Gate Bridge" is
(C) Phosphine (D) Catbon dioxide
situaled in: 43. Philology is:
(A) London (B) Pans (A) Study of bones
(C) San Francisco (D) Sydney (B) Study of muscles
(C) Study of architecture
30. The smallest unit of data in a computer is:
(D) Scientific study of literary texls
(A) Bit (B) Kilobit
(C) Terabyte (D) Byle 44. The 1st satellite was launched by:
31. Vvhat is most common salt in sea water?
(A) France (B) USSR
(A) Calcium Carbonale (C) Japan (D) UK
(B) Polassium Chloride 45. As of 2012, how many countries were
(C) Sodium Chloride members of the Non-Aligned Movement:
(D) Magnesium Sulphate (A) 100 (B) 110
32.'The Last Supper', a lamous Renaissance
(c) 120 (D) 150
paintihg was masterpiece of: 46. Which of the following agencies related to
(A) Titan UNO was in existen@ before the Wodd War
(B) Michael Angelo t?
(C) Leonardo de Vinci (A) WHO (B) FAO
(D) Raphel (c) rlo (o) IMF
33. The international secretariat of Amnesty 47. The first SAARC summit was held at?
lnternational is situated in: (A) New Delhi (B) Dhaka
(A) New York (B) London
(C) Genevd (O) Pans
'Commercial refrigerator and lreezer units, which 8o
34. The organ in the body which accumulates by many other names, wete in use for almost 40 years
lodrne is: prior to the (ommon home models. They used gas
(A) Pituitary (B) Thyroid gland systems such as ammonia (R-717) or sulfur dioxide (R-
(C) Thymus (D) Parathyroid 764), which occarionally leaked, making them unsafe
35. Who invented chronometer? for home use. Practical household refragerators were
(A) John Harrison (B) Marcont introduced in 1915 and gained wider acceptance in the
(C) Oalton (D) None of these United States in the 1930s as prices lell and non-toxic,
36. Which is called the 'Land of lhe Midnight non-flammbble synthetic refrigerants such as Freon-12
Sun"? {R-12) wer€ inlroduced. However, R'12 damaged the
(A) Denmart (B) Belgrum ozone laver, causing Sovernments to assue a ban on its
(C) Norway (D) Canada u5e in new refflgerators and air.(on'itioning systems rn
J7. Wambledon. known for Lawn tennis courts, is 1994. The less harmful replacement for R-12, R-134a
in: (tetrarluoroethane), has been in common use since
1990, but R-12 is still tound in many old syltems today.
Advanced PPSC MCOS Model Papers 53
(C) lslamabad (D) Nepat (C) Specialfacility for World Bank
48 Which among the lotlowing is a positively (D) Gold Standard
charged parlicle emrtted by a radioactive 61. lncome that is saved and not invested is
element? known as:
(f ) leta rays (B) Alpha rays (A) Cap(al (B) Deposrt
(C) Gamma rays (D) Cathode'rays (C) Hoardrng (D) None of these
49. lf there is no sun, the color of the sky would 62. European iJnion consists of:
be; (A) 20 members (B) 28 members
(A) Orange (B) Blue (C) 30 members (D) 25 members
(C) Yellow (D) None of th6e
63 KGB was the national securily agency of:
50. Which of the following is not a chemicat (4) Socialist
Federal Republic of Yugoslavra
reaction? (B) UK
(A) Burning of a paper (c) Syna
(B) Conversion of water inlo slream (D) Soviet Unron
(C) Digestion of food
(D) Eurning of coal 64. Who was the surgeon who pioneered
antiseptic surgery in 1865?
5'1. A chronometer meter measufes (A) Edward Jenner (B) Joseph Lister
(A) Sound waves (B) Time (C) Henry Wriliam (D) John Steeman
(C) Color contrast (D) Water waves
65 The credit of developrng the polio vaccine
52. The fightest partrcle otthe matler rs goes to:
(A) Electron (B) Neukon (A) Jonas Salk
(C) Proton (D) Deutron (B) Alb E. Sabrn
53. Meteorology rs. (C) Selman Waksman
(A) Scrence of atmosphere (Dl None of these
(B) Study ot weights & measures 66 Who rnvented the bail pornt pen?
(C) Study of growth (A) Walerman (B) Oscar
(D) Study of Stars tC) Wilson (D) Lazlo Biro
. Which is called "Key to the Mediterranean"? 67. Blarse Pascal ts assol,ated w,th
(A) Gilbraltar (B) Egypt iA) CalculatronMachine
(C) lndonesra (D) lraq (B) Computer
55. Which of the following is known as Land of (C) Crnema
White Elephants'? (D) None of these
(A) Netherlands (B) lndonesra 68. A metal which is liquid at room temperature is:
(C) Thailand (O) Belgium (A) Gold (B) Alumrnrum
56 "Hansard" is the oflicial verbatim report ot the: (C) Mercury (D) Platinum
(A) British Parliament 69.' Study of earthquakes is known as:
(B) US Padiament (A) Ecology (B) Seismology
(C) Swiss Parliament (C) Numismatics (D) None of these
(D) lndian Parliament
70. Ecology deals with:
57. Who said, "Better to reign in Hell than Serve in (A) Birds
Heaven" . (B) Cell tormation
(A) Milton (C) Relations between Organisms and their
(B) Wlliam Shakespeare Environment
(C) Tennyson (D) Tissues
(D) Wlliam Wordsworth
71 Oncology is the study of:
58. Vasco de Gama was the native of: (A) Plants (B) Cancer
(A) United Kingdom (C) Mammals (O) Soil
(B) Portugal
(c) spain 72 Optic tibres are mainly used for which of the
(D) Greece followrng?
(A) Weavrng (B) Eye Surgery
59. Which country rs separaled from Ethiopia by (C) Communicalion (D) Food lndustry
the Red Sea,
(A) Jordan (B) traq 73. Mount Logan is the highest peak in which
(C) Kuwait (D) Yemen countfy?
(A) Canada (B) Portugal
60. The term Paper Gold is associated withi (C) Russia (D) Cuba
(A) Oeficit Budgeting
(A) Special drawang rights in rnternationat 74. ln which State of U S.A is the Harvard
monetary system University?
51 Advanced PPSC MCQS Li"del Paoers
(A) Calitornia (B) Massachusetts 90. The onlv Hindu State' rn the World is:
(A) Snianka (B) Nepal
iC) New Yo* (D) Flonda
iC) gtrutan (O) lndia
75. The first test tube baby of the World was bom
in: 91 ln whrch year UNO was estabhshed"
{A) France (B) Philppines rAr 1944 (Br 1945
icj arilarn (D) USA icj tso (o) 193s

70. What makes a lemon sour? 92. The first astronaul who landed on the Moon?
(A) Tartaricacid (B) Citric acid tA) Yuri Gaoarin (B) Neil Armstrong
ici ecetic acid (D) Hydrochloric acd ici Heit eo6r (o) None ofthese
77. 'Stare decisis" is essentially the doctrine of: 93 Which Continent has no desert?
(A) national security (B) precedent {At Australra (8, Europe
iCj strategic dePtn (D) rule of law ict esi" iD) Alrrca
74. Which country ls the largest producer of 94. Which Pakistani poet got Lenin Prize'
olatinum? (A) Habrb Jalib
iA) South (B) USA (Bi Ahmad Faraz
icj nrss'a (D) Canada iCl Farz Atrmad Faiz
(Dl None of these
79. The country traditionally known for its
neutralitv? 95 When RCD (Regronar Cooperatron lo-r
(A) Sw;den (B) Swrtzerland DeveloDment) wai leplaced bY ECO
(C) France (D) China (Econohrc Cooperatron Organrzatlon)?
rA) 1982 (B) 19E5
80. Who discovered the Solar system?
(A) Copemicus (B) Newlon icr tgao ,or 1990

{C) Galileo (D) KePler 96. lnflation means lhat.

(A) Money falls in value
81. Fathom is the unit of measurement for: (B) Rises in value .
(A) Sound (B) Depth (C) Money becomes scarce
(C) Energy (D) Time (O) None of these
82 Which is the hardest among following? 97. Who among the followrng rs associated witl
(A) Radium (B) Diamond the Theorv of Laissez Farre?
ici eraptllte (o) Gold (A) Adani Smith (B) Marshal
83 Which is the sport most commonly associated ici xeynes (D) Max Muller
with Soain? 98. America's Cup' is associated with which of t
(A) F;otball (B) Bull Fighttng following sPorts?
iCi tcrrerv (D) Baseball (A) Saiiino (B) Hockey
84 Which of the following is associated with iCi canoEing (D) Tennis
Einstein? 99. Silk is produced bY:
(A) Radioaclivity (A) Larva ot Silkworm
(B) Theory ot Relativity (B) Eggs ot silkworm
(C) Rocket propulsion (C) Pupa of silkworm
(D) Quantum Theory (O) None of these
85 . Who among the following received Nobel lO0.Scurvy'is a disease of:
Prize twice:
(A) Fredenc Joliot (B) Marie Curie
(C) lrene Curie (o) John wheeler 'Nepal was once the wo.lds only Hindu nate, but has
ceased to be 5o following a declaration bY the
86. The smallest gland in the body is:
Parliament in 2006.
(A) adrenal (B) Pancreas
(C) pineal body (D) Pituitary 'The America's cup, affectionatelY knoven as the "Auld
Mug", is a t.ophy awarded to the winner of the
87. London is situated on the bank of river? Amarica's cup match races betwe€n two sailirts yachts
(A) Tyne (B) Seine
(C) Thames (O) Came ' Scurvy i: a disease resulting from a deficiencY ol
vitamin C. Scurvy often pres€nts initially with faligue,
88. Plants during night exhale:
followed by iornsdon of 3pots on the slin, spon8Y
(A) Oxygen (B) Carbon dioxide
(C) Ntrogen (D) Hydrogen 8ums, and bleeding trom ihe mucotls mefibrane!'
Spots are most abundant on the thiShs and legs, and d
89. The headquarters of OPEC countnes is at perron may look pale, feel depressed, and b€ partiallY
(A) Vrenna (B) Jakarta
iCi Xagu" (D) Berlin immobiliaed. As scurw advances, there can be opert,
suppurating wounds, loss of teeth. yellow skin, fever,
neuropathy and finally death trom bleeding.
Advanced MCQS Model 55

(A) eyes (B) skin I (c) nair (O) liver

Answer Key
1. c 14 b 27 a 40. a 53. a 66. d 79 b 92. b
2. b 15.' b 28 a 4'1. c 54. a a 80 a 93. b
3. a 16. d 29 12. b 55. c 68. c 81 b 94. c
4. c 17. 30 a 43. d 56. a 69. b 82 b 95. b
c 18. b 31 44. b 57. a 70. c 83 b 96. a
6. a 19. a 32 45. c 58. b 71. b u b 97. a
7. a 20. c 33 46. c 59. d 72. c 85 b 98a
L c 21. d u b 47. b 60. b a E6 c 99. a
9. d 22. c J5 a 48. b 61. b 74. b 87 c 100. b
10 b 23. b 36 49. d 62. b c 88
11 b 24. b 37 b 50. b 63. d 76. b 89 a
12 a 25. d a 51. b 64. b d 90 b
IJ a 26. a 39 a 52. b 65. a 78. a 91 b


INSPECTOR LEGAL (Specia! Cadre) BS-16 in the Punjab Police

Department - 2015, Subi ect: Pakistan & lslamic Studies
Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum (186$1937) had
(B) For ten years the Muslrms should be
lendered great services for the educational represented in Punjab and Bengal
he Muslims of: -
uplifr of according to their population
(A) Puniab (B) Sindh (C) Residuary powers should be given to the
(C) N.W.F.P. (D) Balochistan provtnces.
(D) All of the above.
2 The Cefltral Muhammadan Associalion was
founded in 1877 by: - 6. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar had started
(A) Chaudhri Rehmal ,Ui publishing his famous English Newspaper
(B) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan 'Comrade"' in 1911 from: -
(C) Syed Ameer Ali (A) Delhi (B) Bombay
(D) Mohsin-ul-Mulk (C) Calcutta (D) Lahore
3 Under s,hich Act, the Muslim demand of 7. What was the significances of 21st annual
session of All lndia Muslim League; -
:SeErqtg Electorate' was first conceded by (A) Ouaid-iAzam presented fourteen points
the British govemment?
The lndian Council Act '1892 (B) Allama lqbal delivered Allahabad
B The lndian Councils Act 1909 Address.
The Govemment of lndia Act 1919 (C) Lahore Resolution was passed.
D The Govemment of lndia Act 1935 (O) Quaid-i-Azam was elected as permanent
President ot All lndia Muslim League.
4 The Constitution of the All lndia Muslim
League was drafted by a Committee in 1907 8 Whrch of the followrng leaders helped Ouardr.
headed by: - Azam in the preparation of hrs Fourteen
(A) Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk Points in 1929: -
(B) i,lawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk (A) Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar
(C) Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar (B) Maulana Shaukat Ali
(D) Justice Shah Din (C) Liaqat Ali Khan
5 Which of the following amendments were
proposed by Quaid-i-Azam in the Nehru 'The Comrode was a weekly Englrsh-language
Report 1928. to make it acceptable to the newspaper, launched .by Maulana Muhammad Ali
lndian Muslims: - Jauhar from Calcutta, shifted to Delhi, the newly
(A) The Muslims should be given 1/3
announced capital of the Raj, in 1912 where the first
repfesentation in the central legislature.
issue of the Delhi edition appeared on October 12.
56 Advanced PPSC MCQs Nodel Paoerc
(O) Maulana Hasrat Moihani (C) Lord lrwin (D) Lord Mountbatten
9. Under Gandhi lnflin Pact ot sth March 1931, it 19. ln the interim government of 1946. the
was decided that: - Minister of Health was:
(A) The System of Dyarchy will be abolished. (A) Abdur Rab Nishtar
(B) The System ot Separate Electorates will (B) Jag Jivan Ram
be retained ,or the Musltms (C) Asif Alr
(C) Congress wiil represent the low caste (D) Ghazanfer Ali Khan
Hindus in the elected bodies. 20. After Sir Agha Khan, the nexl President of All
(D) The Congress will call off it Civil lndra Muslim League was.
Disobedience Movement. (A) Viqar-ul-Mulk
10. The Governmeni of lndia Act 1935, divided (B) Maulana zafar Ali Khan
the country into: - (C) Raja Sahib of l\4ahmoodabad
(A) Seven provrnces (B) Nrne provinces (D) Mran Muhammad Shafi
(C) Eleven provinces (D) Thirteen provinces 21. The Hindus had launched Swadeshi
1'1 . ln the Provincial Elections of 1937. All lndia Movement" (to boycott English mode goods)
Muslim League won largest number of seats in the wake of:
in the: - (A) The Urdu Hindi controversy 1867
(A) United Provinces 1UP) (B) Partition of Bengal 1905
(B) Sindh Provrnce (C) Jallanwala Bagh tragedy 19] 9
(C) Punlab Provrnce (D) Aii of the above
(D) Central Provrnces (CP) 22 The Pirpur Report on the brutalitres of the
12. The lndran Mushms observed Day of Congress ministnes 1937 - 39 was compled
Deliverance aner the resrgnat,on of Congress by
rninistnes on:- (A) A K Fazl-Ljl-Haq
(A) 12 Septernber 1939 lBl Rala [ruhammad Mehdl
(B) 22 September 1939 (C) Nawab Salim Ullan Khan
(C) 12 December 1939 (D) M Sharif
(D) 22 Decembel '1939 23 The British Parhament passed lndran
13 Chaudhri Rehmat Ali first used the word lndependence Act on
'Pakrstan rn hrs pamphlet Now or Never'in. - (A/ 3 June 1947 (B/ 14 June 1947
1933 (A) (B) 193s (c) 14 July 1947 tD) 24 Juty 1947
(c) 1937 (O) 1938 24. Which of the following leaders had translated
14. When did Quaid-i-Azam utter that "Hindu the Lahore Resolution from English to Urdu on
lndia and Muslim lndia Parted and Parted 23rd March 1940:
forever"? (A) Mulana Zafar Ali Khan
(A) When Congress launched non- (B) Chaudhri Khaleeq uz Zaman
' cooperation movement in 1920. (C) Dr Muhammad Alam
(B) When Congress rejected his proposed (D) Sir Sikander Hayat
modification in the Nehru Report 1928. 25. Which of the following archaeological sites.
(C) After failure ol Third Round Table was discovered in 1955: -
Conference in 1932 (A) Kot Drji (B) Moen-jo-daro
(D) When the Lahore Resolution was passed (C) Harappa (D) Taxila
on 23rd March 1940.
26. Which of the following glaciers is located
15 By "Satyagraha" Gandhiappealed for:- Karakoram range: -
(A) Boycotting English / Foreign goods (A) Siachin (B) Hispar
(B) Hunger strike till death (C) Biafo (O) All of the above
(C) CiYil disobedience
(D) Social ostracism 27 The'Babusar Pass' connects: -
(A) Abbottabad and Gilgit
16. Lahore Resolution of 23rd March 1940, was (B) Chitral and Gilg[
seconded from Sindh Province by:- (C) Gilgit and Hunza
(A) Begum Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar (D) Swat and Dir
(B) Chaudhri Khaliq-uz-Zaman
(C) Abdullah Haroon 28. Which of the following fort was built by Mughal
(D) Nawab Muhammad lsmail Emperor Zahid-ud-Din Babar in the '16th
Century A.D.:-
17. Congress launched "Quit lndia Movement" (A) Bala Hissar Fort, Peshawar
against the British Govemment in: -' (B) Rohtas Fort, Jhelum
(A) 1%0 (B) 1941 (C) Ranikot Fort, Hyderabad
(c) 1942 (O) 1944 (D) Attock Fort, Attock
18. Who presided over the Simla Conterence in 29. Which of the following districts of Balochistan
1945'l contarns huge deposits of Copper -
' (A) Lord Minto (B) Lord Wavell
Advanced PPSC MCQS Mod?l PaDeB 4L



(C) Sweden (D) UK
L Which is the largest (Longest river ot Asra)
(A) Yangtze (B) Y Hang Ho 14. Which day is observed on 15 May every year
(C) Sindh (D) Ganga (A) Father day (B) Country day
(C) Family day (O) Woman day
2. Hockey was first played in
(A) China (B) Pakrstan Who was the lirst viceroy of lndia?
(C) lndia (O) England (A) Lord Canning (B) Lotd Hasting
(C) Lord Curzan (D) None of these
3. Word 'Tsunami' belongs to language
(A) English (B) Japan 16. Where the world's largest road lunnel is
(C) Urdu (D) None of these located
(A) Switzerland (B) Australia
4. Which country is the largest contributor of (C) UK (D) Belgium
UNO's budget
(A) USA (B) France '17 One ton is equal to
(c) uK (D) Japan (A) 5 quanlal (B) 7 quantal
(C) 10 quantal (D) None of these
5. The Main Centre of Tamil activities in Sri
Lanka is: 18 World Wide Web was invented bY
(A)Jaffna (B) Colombo (A) Leonard Clark (B) Jemes Watt
iC)Kanoy (D) None of these (C) Ball Gates (O) Berners Lee
6. Which country's constitution is not in written 19. ln 1893 the Durand line agreement was
form srgned by king of Afghanistan
(A) (B) Switzerland (A) Aman Ullah (B) Abdul Rehman
(C) (D) Japan (C) Habib Ullah (D) Daud Khan
7. Antra is a news agencY of 20. Pakrstan day is observed on .-
(A) 23 March (B) 14"'August
(A) Turkey (B) lndonesia
(C) Tharland (D) Russia (C) '1 ' May (D) 28 MaY
8. The first salellite send by USA in space was 21 Which is the most element present in the
(A) Challenger (B) Sputnrk Universe?
(C) Explorer (D) None of the above (A) kon (B) Oxygen
9. Where is present world's largest Great Corel (C) Hydmgen (D) Nitrogen
Reef? 22. Who is the father of computer?
(A) Australia (B) Germany (A) Charles Babbage
(B) UK (D) Canada (B) Kanord
(c) Jogjig
10. UNO called a decade of from 2004 to 2014 (D) Robert Moore
(A) Protection of environment
(B) I,T 23. Spartly rslands are disputed b€tween China
(C) Education and
(D) Poverty (A) Philpines (B) Veitnam
1'1. Gandhara Art centre was situated between
(C) Malaysia (D) All of above
24. Which organization is the oldest
(A) Sindh and Jhelum (A) League of Nations
(B) Jhelum and Chenab (B) Common Wealth
(C) Chenab and Ravi (C) African Unity
(D) Sindh and Ravi (D) Unity of US
'12. Etymology is a science of
25. Silicon Valley is the region in Santa Clarita
(A) Birds (B) lnsects country of Calilornra is famous because of
(C) World (D) Words tA) Frlm rndustry (B) Computers
'13. Which country has oldest anthem
(c) cars (D) Buses
(A) Denmark (B) Japan 26. Which is the oldest disease of world
18 A.lvencod PPSC frlCOs lrodel paoers
(A) Leprosy (B) lnfluenza (A) Uzbic (B) Tatik
(C) Malaria (O) Plague (C) Tatan (D) Hazara
27 Which continent is wilhout glacrers ,
(A) Asia (B) Africa
(C) Europe (D) Australia 42. Which country's religion as Shintoism
(Ar Nepal (B) Korea
28 Whrch rs the largest search engrne of inlernet, (Ct Japan {D) Lesotho
(A) Yahoo (B) Googte
(c) MSN (D) USA 43. Playground of Europe
(A) Japan tB) Denmark
29. Whrch country produces largest sotar energy (C) Swtzerland (O) ltaly
in the world?
(4) Switzerland (B) G€rmany
44 What is a Big Ben
(C) Holland (D) USA (A) Tower (B) Bell
(C) Light (D) Sport man
30. Braille syslem of educalion is introduced for
(A) Blinds (B) Deaf 45. Which country u/as discovered by Abel
(C) Botha&b (O) None ofthese Tasmen (Holland)
(A) Holland (B) Newzitand
31. Fkhara dam disputed between lndia and (C) Greenland (D) Sparn
(A) Pakistan (B) Bangtadesh
(C) Nepal iOi Sri Linra
46 Where is great sandy desert located
(A) Austraha (B) Russia
32. Nightw€tch pairting is painted by (C) ltaly iO) rnoia
(A) Michelengelo
(B) Picasso 47. lndia is constructing a Kishan Ganga dam on
(C) Leenardo di vinci lhe river:
(D) Rembrandt van (A) Jhelum (B) Chenab
(C) Neilum (D) Srndh
33. Which country is used more coal in the world?
(A) Russia (B) China 48. Boshphours connects the Black sea with
(C) USA (D) ttaty (A) Marmara Sea (B) Aeqean Sea
(C) Red Sea (D) Roie Sea
34. World's largest bird's name
(A) Kevi (B) Ostrich 49. What is the main cause of gtobat warming?
(C) Panda (D) Bovine (A) Hydrooen
(B) Oxygen
35. ATM stands for (C) Carbon Monoxide
(A) Anti tenorism Men (D) Carbon dioxide
(B) Autopmatic teller motor
(C) Automated teller machine 50. Where is the head office of world economic
(D) All of above Iorum?
(A) New York (B) Washrngton
36. First Muslim winner ot Noble prize (C) Geneva (Dl Oevos
(A) Anwarsadat (B) yasir Arfat
(C) Sheri Abadi (O) Dr. younis 51. What is the total perido of Ottoman Empire?
(A) 1400 to 1719 (B) 1200 to 1917
37. What is meant by Archipetago (C) 1299 to 1922 (D) 1295 10 1914
(A) A clusler ol lslands
(B) Rocks under Sea 52. When objective resotutron became the part of
(C) A cluster of flowes institution first time.
(D) None of these (A) 12 march1973
(B) 1977
38. Helvatra is the old name of (C) 14 August 1985
(A) Germany (B) Switzertand (D) None of these
(C) Chad (D) Spain
53. Harrapa is situated on the bank of
39. Kagali is capital of (A) River Ravi (B) River Chenab
(A) Chad (B) Rwanda (C) River Sindh (D) None of these
(C) Guiana (D) Ethropra
54. Who was father of sociology
40. Algebra was introduced by (A, Al Masudi (B) tbn-e-Khutdun
(A) Khwarizmr (C) lbne-Arabl (D) None of these
(B) Zikria Razi
(C) Jabar Bin Havan 55 What is total strength of Supreme Courtiudges
(O) Khayyam in Pakistan?
4'1. Atter Pukhtun
(A) 17 iB) 18
in Afghanrstan which is the (c) 19 (D) 20
biggest group of race
Advanced PPSC MCQs Model PaDets 43
(A) 36 (B) 62 (B) Socio economic difference technology era
(c) 45 (D) 23 (C) Political ScEnce
'14. Which of the following died of natural death? (O) Joumalism
(A) lndira Gandhi )7 ln which year Greenwich Mean Trm€ (GMT)
(B) Mahatma Gandhi was e$ablished?
(c) Rajiv Gandhi (A) 1E6,4 (B) 1880
(D) None of the above (c) 1882 (D) 1EE4
'15. What is lvy League? 28 Who is the author of the book "Struggle for
(A) A group of Eight Universities in USA Pakrstan'?
(B) A group of People in Swtzerland (Ar l.H Qureshi
(C; A football l€ague tournament (B) Mian Muhammad Waqas Joya
(O) A group of lslands an Atlanlic Ocean (C) Arshad Hussain Oogar
16. "Every action has reaclion which are equal but
(D) Shahid Ranque
in opposite direction'. This law is called 29 Which is the third founde' nrcmber of ECO
(A)Newton's first law of motion (RCD) exoept Pakrsta.r and lran?
(B)Newton's second law of motion (A) Syna rts) Afghanrstan
(C)Newton's thrrd lavr of motDn (C) Turkey 1Dl Turkmen6tan
(O) None ot the above 30 How many zeros are there rn one tnllion?
17. Who is the cunent president of France? (A) Twelve (B) Thirreen
(A) Jacquss Chirac (B) Charles Coty (C) Fourteen (D) Ten
(C) Vladrmir Putin (D) None of these 31 Who was the first Asran to have receiva.J the
18. First ambassador of Pakrstan to UNO was: Nobel Prize?
(A) Sir Zaffar Ullah Khan (A) Rabindar Nath Tagore
(B) Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar (B) Mother Teressa
(C) Ahmad Shah Patras Bokhari (C) Abdui Sala,'n
(D) None of these (O) C V Raman
19. Which of the following country is not the What is the narne of the place where World
member of G€? Trade Centre (USA) was located?
(A) China (B) Russia (A) Ground Zero
(C) USA (O) Japan (B) Paradise Pornt
(C) Gclden Pcrnt
20. Hepatitis is a viral disease of: (D) Golden Cily Point
(A) Heart (B) LNer
(C) Lungs (D) Brain 33 Cornrng 'loth Conference of ECO will be held
in 2009 in:
21 Talban's movement was slarted in 1994 from (A) lran (B) Turkey
which city ot Alghanrstan?
(A) Kabul (B) Hirat
(C) Egypt (O) Pakistan
(C) Kandahar (D) None of these u What is meant by Amrcus Curiae"
22. Which crties of lran and Pakistan are linked (A) A person invited lo advise a lower court
through rarlway line? on a matter of law in a case (iurist)
(A) Quetta-Zahedan (B) Chaman-Tehran (B) Ambassador who invited to solve the
(C) Quetta-Sheraz (D) Peshalya r-Sheraz sisis between iwo countries
(C) All that go€s to make a break of law
23. Haita is the Seaport of: (D) A good fflend who solyed your economic
(A) lsrael (B) Lebanon problems
(C) Egypt (D) Canada
What is 'Nuclear Fission?'
24. Head oftice of UNESCO is located (A) Atom splits into two masses
(A) Paris (B) Geneva (B) Small aloms Jorn each olher
(C) London (D) Washington (C) Hefium broken into proton and eleciron
25. What is the majn cause of earthquakes? (D) All ot above
(A) Volcanicaclivities Jb The Muslm people of Sinkrang provrnce are
(B) Tectonic plates' movement called:
(C) Tectonic dislocation (A) Uighur (B) Bantu
(D) All of above (C) Hutu (D) Berber
26. Digital Divide term is related with: A group of Christianity that emphasizes the
(A) Economics authority of the Bible and the importance of
11 Advaiced PPSC MCQi Hodet paoers
personal salvation through faith is cafled: 48. Which is the oldest stock exchange of the
(A) Evangelical (B) Protestant world?
(C) Catholic (D) None of these (A) New Yo* Stock Exchange
38 Litani River is located in which country? (B) Tokyo Stock Exchange
(A) Syna (B) Lebanon (C) Amsterdam Stock Exchange
(C) Turkey (D) Sudan (D) None of these
39. What is "lkebana"? 49. Pakistan State Bank started working on 1st
(A) Japanese Art offlower anangement July 1948 with the help of Rs:
(B) Greek Ari of fighting (A) Twenty Millions (B) Thirty Millions
(C) Arl of dancing and music (C) Thirty Five Millions (D) None of these
(Di None of the above 50 A/-H,/a/ newspaper is associated wrth
40 Gestapo was the secret police organtzation ot: (A) Maulana Muhammad Al Johar
(A) ltaly (B) Russra (B) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
(C) Germany (D) USA (C) Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
(D) Maulana Shaukat Al Johar
41. Which flower is the national floral symbol of
Pakistan? 5'l Whrch of rhe follo[/rng countrv gave the right
(A) Pink Rose ol monarchy to women by amendrng the
(B) Jasmane (Chambeh) constitutron recently?
(C) While Rose 1A) Nepal (B) Sweden
(C) Japan (D) Canada
(D) Motia
42 Drabetes is a disease of:
52 Whrch of the follounq ,nventions ts the
(A) Liver (8) pancreas (A, Crock (B) l\rrcroscope
(C) Kidney (D) Lungs (C) Barometer (D) Cycle
43 UJhrch of the followrng colours are pr,mary 53 What is Holocaust?
coloLrrs? (Al Killing o, Jews during World War I
(A) Reil, Blue, Green (B) Killtng of Jews during World War ll
(B) White Red Black (C) Killing of Germans during World War ll
(C) Black, Red, Blue (O) Krlhng of Japanese during World War ll
1D) Green, Red Black
54. E=mc2 what is C?
44 Which of the following wonders of vyortd is (A) Velocity of light
situated in lraq? ' (B) Electric power of cell
(A) Hanging Gardens (C) Radius of earth
(B) Colossus of Rhodes (O) Velocity of voice
(C) Taj Mahal
(D) The Pharos of Alexandria 55. Myopia as a defect of vision o, the
(A) Close objects (B) Distant obiects
45. What is the main cause of faiture of Pakistan (C) Cloured obiecls (O) None ofthese
lndia lran gas pipeline project?
(A) Public opinion against the project 56. Who is called the Father of Modern
(B) Economic and political pressure of USA
(C) High price demanded by lran
Sagmund Freud (B) lbn-e-Khaldoon
(C) Adams Smith (D) Charles Oarwrn
(D) Tension botween lndia and Pakistan
57. Who was the lirst Chief Minister of Punjab
46. What is Pariah state? province?
(A) A state whach is acceptable in the world (A) Abdur-Rab Nishtar
(B) A state which is protected by another (B) Muhammad Hussain
strong state (C) lftikhar Hussain Memdoot
(C) A state which is not acceptable to the (O) Mumtaz Hussain Daultana
world and as avoided by every country
(D) None of the above 58. French Muslim football star Zedane by binh
belongs to which Muslim country?
47. The telm Trac*-ll "Diplomacy" is used for: (A) Morocco (B) Camroon
(A) Maneging Relations between two (C) Senegal (O) Algeria
counlri$ usang official chances
(B) Managing Relations between two 59. What is Choreography?
countries using unoff cial channels
(A) Arl ot dancing (B) Art ol music
(C) Oiplomacy by diplomats during war (C) Arl o, gardening (D) Art ot tight
(D) None of these 60. Doclrine of necessity was used in the case
lor the forest trme in lhe history of
Advanced sc MCOS Model Pao ers 45

Pakistan. (A) Finland

rara-ud-Din vs slate case (B) Holland (Nelherlands)
ini i,iirru (C) Stt/itzerland
(B) Oossai Vs State case
(C) Asma Jahangrr Vs State case (D) Swaziland
(D) Nusrat Bhutto Vs State case 72 The Spiril cf lslam' book was wntten bY
(A) S'r SyeciAhmad Khan
61. AWACS rs an abbreviation cf
(A) Arrborne Warning and Contro! System (B) Syed Ameer Ali
(B) Airwarnrng and Control SYStem (C) Maulana Zafar Ali
(C) Arrborne Warnrng and Communication (D) Anfa lshfaq
SYstem 73 Akhori Oam is located in:
(O) Airbrone Waming and Conlrol Survey (A) PunJab
62. where is Golden Gate situated? (B) Sindh
(A) San Francisco (USA) (C) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(B) London (Bntain) (O) Balochistan
(C) Tornado (Canada) 74. Taklamakan Desert is located in:
(D) Paris (France) (A) Mongolia (B) Russia
63. A-writ direct to the Prson delaining another (C) Kazakhstan (D) China
and commanding him to produce the body ol 75. KhalilJibran belonged to'
the Dflsoner at a certain llme and place with (A) Jordan (B) Lebanon
lhe day and caus€ ot his captron and (c) Syna (D) Turkey
detention is called:
(A) Writ of Quo Wanants 76. Headquarters o{ World Economic Forum is
(B) Writ ol Certaorari situated in
(C) Writ of Prohibition (A) Davos (Switzerland)
(D) Writ of Habeas CorPus (B) London (Britain)
it (C) Geneva (Switzerland)
. When the stock market is falling down is
(D) New York (USA)
(A) Bullish (B) Bearish 77. Qutab-ud-Din Aibak ruler of sub-continent
(C) Falling (D) Crashing died while Playing lhe:
(A) Polo (Chugan) (B) Cricket
65. Which of the following rivers crosses the (C) Hockey (O) Buzakashi
Equator twice?
(A) Amazon (B) Congo 76. gabar's tomb is situated in'
(C) Nile (D) Ganga (A) Agra (B) Oehli
of Asian Development (C) Kabul (D) Lahore
66. The Headquarters
Bank (AOB) is located at: 79. Babar came to lndia originally from:
(A) Paris (B) New York (A) Farghana (B) Khiva
(c) Manrla (D) Tokyo (c) Kabul (o) seistan
67. Night blindness is caused by lack of which 80. Which of the tollowrng krng's tomb is nol
vitamln? sIuated tn sub-continent?
(A) Vitamin A (B) Vrtamin B (A) Jahangir (B) Akbar
(C) Vitamrn C (D) Vitamin O (C) Babar (D) Aurangzeb
68. Who is lhe conqueror ol Central Asia? El. Which is the largest state of lndia?
(A) Said Bin Abi Waqas (A) Rajasthan (B) Madhia Perdesh
(B) Qutayba Bin Muslim (C) Utar Perdesh (D) Madrass
(C) Abu Abaida Bin Jarah 82. Which of the following woman Prime Ministers
(D) None of the above has longest tenure?
69. Who is the auth ot ol lndia Wns Frcedom2 (A) lndira Gandhi (B) Banizir Bhutto
(A) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (C) Bandaranaike (O) None of these
(B) Srr SYed Ahmad Khan 83. Harrv Potter is the famous chatacter of:
(C) Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar (A) J K Rowlling (B) JFMarshal
(D) None of the above (C) R.V Menin (D) None of these
70. Famous book'A History ol God' is written by: 84. Chromosomes are:
(A) Noam Chomsky (B) Karen Armstrong (A) Present only in the nucleus of a cell
(C) Sydney Sheldon (O) None ofthese (B) The biggest in number in human cells
71. Which of the lollowing countries is situated (C) Made up oI DNA as a main component
below the sea level? (D) Visible in ail cells al every trme
46 Adv PPS C MCOS Model
85 yV!'1 vrtai:..m is provded by suntrght to the 93 Who was the presrdent of USA during World
human bod)/^
War l?
(A) Vitamin A(B) Vrtamin B rA) Woodrow Wilson
(C) Vitan:.; C iD) Vitamrn D (B) Theodor Rose Welt
86. Alzhermels C,SeaSe in humao berngs is rC, Jackson John
character.zeJ by the degeneratron cl iD, Henry Fruman
rA) KloneT cells rBJ Nerve cells 94. What will be the totat nuclear energy in
(C) Liver cells tD) Bone cells Pakrstan after compteting the Cnai'trma
87. Which cf ine fotlow,ng civtlizatton are located nuctear power plant ll?
banks of T,gris? (A) 787 MW (B) BO7 MW
(A) lndus crvrfization (C) 907 Mw (D) 605 MW
(B) Sumerian civihzation 95. Oiet is the name of parliament of the country:
(C) Egyptran civitizatlon
(D) creek civilEation
(A) China (B) Thartand
(C) Japan (D) Korea
88 USA flm rndustry Hollywood is located in. 96. fn which year Egypt nationatized Su ez CanatT
. (A) Marviand (B) Vrrqinia (A) 1950 (B) 19s4
(C) Catilornra tD).Ne; york (c) 1956 (D) 1960
89 Who.dereateo the Mongols in 14th century? 97 Silicon Vattey is tocated in !^hich 'state
(A) Khaw;rzm Shah of
(B) Rakn-ud-Din Be6er (A) Virginia (B) Ataska
(C) Zaheer-ud.Oin Babar (C) Calitornia (D) Marytand
(D) None of the above
98 What is "Armageddon'?
90. What is the meaning of .Vishnu,'? (A) A final battle between nations whrch will
(A) The pres€rver (B) The helper end the world .
(C) Trte destroyer (D) The creator (8) A lasl day ot Universe
9'1. Which is the biggest ort fietd ot traq? (C) A name of fitm
(A) Kirkuk oit fietd (B) Mosat ort fidd (D) None ol the above
(C) Basra oil fietd (O) None of these 99. Salisbury is the old name of:
92. Who is lhe cu[ent ambessador ol pakistian to (A) New Engtand (B) pelrograd
USA? (C) Harare (D) Bomb;y
(A) Mahmood Ali Durani 100 What is HsN1?
(B) Jahangir Karamat (A) Mrus (B) Bacrena
(C) Madeeha Lodhi (C) Vaccine
(O) None of the above
(D) Fungr

Answer K ey
d 27 d 4a c 53. b 66. c 79 e 92 d
a 28 a 41 b u. a 67a 80 c 93 a
c 29 42 b 55. b 68. b E1 94 a
17 d 30 a 43 a 56. a 69. a 82 c 95 c
18 31 a 44. a 57. c 70. b E3 a 96 c
b 5E.
7't. b
72. b
u c 97 c
85 d 98. a
8. b 21 34 a 47. b bU, 'a tJ c
L a
86 b 99.
22 a 35 a 48. c 61 a 74. d
10 b 87. b 100 a
11 b
36. a 49. b 62. a 75. b 88 c
25. d
37. a 50. b 63 d 76.. c 89. b
b 26. b
38. b 51. 64 b 77. a 90. a
39 a 52. a 65 b 78. c 91. e
Advgnced ?PISC ICOs kd., Pra.6 ll
(A) Wnd speed iB) Etectflc current prestilious military af,ard
(C) Temperature (D) Atr pressure (A) Japan (8) China
76. Green vegelables are good source o{.
(C) lndia (D) South Korea
(A) Starch 87. 'Naxalite movsment is a p(o communism
(B) Fats and Oil movemenl started in:
(C) Protern (A) lndia (B) l{epal
(D) Minerals and Vrtamins (C) Bhutan (D) Sri Lanka
77 Britrsh East lndia Company was estabtashd EE. What is ,ne.nt by "Pettiroat Govemm.nt'?
duflng the reign of Mughal Emperor (A) A governmerlt is Brile
(Ar Akbar (B) Jahangir (B) A govemment rum by a women
(C) Shahjahan (D) Aurengzeb (C) A govemmenf wfthout actual pouer
78. The lnternaticnal Criminal Court of Justice has (D) A govemment runs by some teudal lords
recently rssued arrest warrant of one of the E9. Which of tlle following Soulh Asian leaders
tollowing sitting President of a country on has recen0y giyon a Foporal to brm 'South
Commrtt,ng War Cflmes, he rs
'(At &ian task forcc lo cofirbal t€riorism' in the
Presrdent of Sudan Omar al-Bashir region?
(B) Presrdent of Somalia Sharif Ahmed (A) President Asif Zardad of Paki3tan
iC) President of Serbra Bons Tadic (B) Prirne Minister Sheikh Hasina of
1D) Nooe of these Bangladesh
79. Pakrst3n and Afghantstan have Transit Trade (C) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of lndia
Agreement signed in: (D) Prime Minisler Ratnasiri Wid(ernanayake
(A) ]955 (B) 1959 of Sri Lanka
(c) 1962 (D) 196s 90. World Cup football toumamenl 2010 uvill be
80. What do you understand by the disease lrld in:
lnsomn a"?
(A) England (B) Spein
(A) lnabrlity to sleep (B) Colour blindness (C) ltaly (D) South Atrica
(C) Depression (D) None of these 91- The larg€st opium producer provin@ ot
81 On which of the follo\,ling rssues, Arab lsrael Afghanistan is:
peace process stalled? (A) Nangarhar (B) Helmand
(A) Shape and srze ot the fulure Paleslnian (C) Pakth (O) lloret
State 92. Light favels ftom Sun to EJllr h:
(B) Status of East Jerusalem (A) 499.0 seconG (B) 599.0 s€conds
(C) Fale of 3.5 milhon Palestrnian retugees in (C) 699.0 seconds (O) 799.0 s€conds
the Arab world
(D) All of these 93. What (b underst nd by tl€ term, lr ifada'?
(A) Reconciliation (B) Up.ising
82. The world's famous Madame Tussaud's (C) Ofience (D) Negotiatbn
museum rs siluated rn.
94. Whicfi of the following rivers run thmugh
(A) Paris (B) London Paris?
(C) Rome (O) New York .(A)
Theseine (8) ThG Tham€o
83. The world's oldest parliament, founded in the (C) The Rhine (D) Th. Danube
year 930 AO is:
(A) British Parliament 95. 'Pearl Harbouf bcated in Arneri€n state:
(B) Diet of Japan (A) Alaska (B) Haw8ii
(C) Althing of lceland
(C) Mrginia (D) t{ef, York
(D) Cortes of Spain 96. Russia dilbizes Amcrican missilo defense
system dedoyed in:
84. The last King oI Afghanistan was: (A) Japan and Soulh Korea
(A) Habibullah Khan (B) Taiwan and Philipfin€
(B) Muhammad Zahir Shah (C) Poland and Czect Republic
(C) Sardar Oaud Khan (D) Ukraine'and G€orgia
(D) Amanullah Khan
97. Dericiency of vitamin 'C' in human body leads
85 "Ornithology' rs the study of:
(A) Birds (B) lnsects (A) Eye disease (B) Neru6 disease
(C) Sea Animals (D) Sea plants (C) Teelhdisease (D) Slin disease
86. 'Order of Cloud and Banner'' is the most 98. Tamils in Sri Lanka are 3truggling foi an
independenl state in the tenitory of:
'The Order ot the Cloud and Banner also known as the (A) Jaffna (B) Kandy
Order of the Resplendent Sanner i5 a military award of
(C) Ratnapura (D) Galle
the Republic of Chrna (Tarwan). 99. The largest section o, the Kurd population is
42 Advanced PPSC MCQs Model Papgy5
living in: described by US based organization 'Freedom
(A) lraq (B) lran House' in its annual report 2009?
(C) Turkey (O) Syria (A) Nepal (B) Bhuran
1oo.Whrch of the following is the least tree country
(C) Myanmar (D) Cuba
rn view of poor human rights record as
Answer Key
1. a 14. a 27 c 40. b 53. b 66 c 79 d 92. a
?. b '15. c 28 b 41.d54d 67 80 a 93. b
3. 16. c 29 a 42. a 55. c 68 d 8'r d 94. a
4. 17. c 30 a 43. d 56. c 69 c 82 b 95. b
5. c 18_ a 31 d 44.c57a 70 a 83 96. c
6. d 19 c 32 c 45b58b 71 a u b 97d
7. a 20. d b 46c59d c 85 a 98. a
8. d 21. c 34 a 47. b 60. b d 66 b 99. c
9. b 22. a 35 b 48.a 61 a 74 87 a 100. c
't0 b 23. b 36 d 49.a62b 75 a 88 b
1t b 24. d 37 d 50c63d 76 d 89 b
12 d 25. b 38 d 51. a 64. a 77 b 90 d
13 d 26 d JY c 52. c 65.c 78 a 91 b


(PMS General Knowledge Paper 2005)

1. Which of the following Russian's oil and gas 7 Diego Garcia is a:

company which provides oil and gas to (A) Famous airline of Singapore
European countries? (B) French surface to Sea Missile
(A) BSGO Company (C) United States military base in lndian
(B) Gazprom Company Ocean
(C) Gestapo Company (D) Disputed island belween Russia and
(D) Philips Oil and Gas Company Japan
2. Which one of the following planets has the 8 ln which year European rulers captured
maximum number of satellites? Palestine from the Muslims in Crusade War?
(A) Jupiter (B) Satum (A) 1095 (B) 1099
(C) Venus (D) Uranus (c) 111s (D) 11s9
3. Which is the largest planet? 9 What is Kremlin?
(A) Venus (B) Earth (A) Ofiices of Russian Government
(C) Jupiter (D) Mars (B) Offices of Sn Lankan Govemment
4. What was the main reason of disqualilication (C) Building in Japan used for theatre
qf Arial Sharon for office of Prime Minister of (O) None of these
lsrael? 10 A mass of ice onginating in mountains in
(A) The completed two terms snowfields above the snowline is qalled:
(B) He was impeached (A) Mountain River
(C) lllness (B) Glacaers
(D) None ot these (C) Lakes and water falls
5. Which ot the following vessels of blood carry (D) None of the above
blood from different parts of the body to heart? 't1What is lhe diameter of earth?
(A) Veins (B) Arlefles (A) 11756 km (B) 12756km
(C) Capillaries (D) Vessels (C) 13756 km (D) 1a756km
6. What are the two seas linked by Suez Canal? 12 What is the freezing point of heavy water?
(A) The Mediterranean Sea and Baltic Sea (A) 3.82 "C (B) 2.82 "C
(B) The Meditenanean Sea and Red Sea (c) 1 .82 .C (D) 0.62 'C
(C) The Black Sea and Battic Sea
(D) Tha Black Sea and South China Sea IJ How many satelliles (moons) of Satul
Advarrced PaSC fi:Cos gde, Paoe6 35
(C) Starling time (D) Access time (A) Benjamrn Franklin (B) Darwrn
48. A device which encodes characters by the (C) Mendel (01 None
depression of keys is known as:
(B) Keyboard
(O) Hard drive
49. Mixture of two melals is called: r&fro 'fr\
(A) Oispersant (B) Alloy ,brrlt erd-r. (,.r{:i
(c) Amalgam (o) Metaloid
50. The area inside a computer frame and i
auxiliary where date and instructions are l
stored is called:
(B) lnterpreter
(D) Hopper
51 An extremely small prece of si|con on whrch
rntegrated srcuits are fabncaled are called:
(A) Chrp (B) Card reader [r-
(C) Feed (D) Hollenth Code
52. The time taken by light to reach the Earth is H-..lFsr*',rl.q /-
(A) 4 minutes 30 seconds ,raaa ll; iEr r,lr.. d.'
(B) 8 minutes 15 seconds acdr&csl.E.drar-l
(C) '10 mrnutes 20 seconds st ErE./rtu4r,@. E
(O) 12 minutes 30 seconds
53. The shape of our Milky Way galary is:
(A) lrregular (B) Spiral G.* Er.@ d UCt)s
(C) Elliptic (D) Rectangular
54. The coldest planet of solar system rs.
(A) Venus
(C) Neptun€ (D) Pluto
(B) Earth

55. BIMAN is an airline of: 54. Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Dr.
(A) Sri Lanka (B) Cambodia Abdus Salam in lhe year:
(C) Afghanistan (D) Bangladesh (A) 1969 (B) 1975
56. 38rh parallel line is a boundary line betweeo. rC, 1979 (O) 1983
(A) Myanmar and Thailand
(B) Thailand and Malaysia 65. The longest river is located in:
(A) Asia (B) Afnca
(C) lndia and China (C) Latin America (D) North America
(D) South and North Korea
57 Oxygen by volume has a presence in the 66. The hrghest mountair peak Mount Everest
has been named afte' Col George Everest
almosphere of about: who was
(A) 10% \Bj 21./. (A) Commandant of 1" Mountain lnfantry unit
(C) 30o/o rOt a5"/o
(B) A Commander of Golscha bngade
58. The brightest planet in the solar system is: (C ) A political agent of N.W F.P
(A) Saturn (B) Venus (D) Surveyor General Df lndra
(C) Neptune (O) Mars
67 Christopher Columbus who discovered
59 The planet with shorlesl daytime rs: Ameflca was:
(A) Venus (B) Earth {A) Spanrsh (B) Dutch
(C) Jupiter (D) Pluto 1C ) lialran (D) French
60. lnsulin rn human body rs produced in. 68 The annual average llow of water in lndus
(A) Lrver (B) Krdney Rrve' system rs.
(C) Pancreas (D) None of these (A) 130 MAF (B) 110 MAF
61 Dynamrte was discrvered by:
(c) 100 MAF iD) 90 MAF
(A) Daimler (B) Mosley 69. The srngle bigEest hvdel power generating
(C) Alfred Nobel (O) Freud site rs srtuated rn:
62. How lar is the Dead Sea before (A) Brazil (B) Chrna
(C) United States (D) lndra
(A) 250 metres (B) 300 metres 70. The US Congress and Senate raised the debt
(C) 400 metres (D) 1000 metres limit of US government by:
63 Laws of Heredity were discovered by:
(A) 5500 billion (B) 51500 billion
36 Advanced PPSC fiCQs Model PaoeB
(C) $1500 billion (D) $2000 billion (D) Dr. Shahid Amjad
71. IMF and World Bank are created through: 83. The present Secretary General of UN is from:
(A) Yalta Conference (A) Australia (B) Korea
(B) New Oeal (c) Brazil (D) Austria
(C) Treaty of Versailles
(D) Bretton Woods Agreement' 84. The cash balance of the company is more
than the cash balance of US:
72. Moorish Kingdom of Granada (Spain) (A) Apple (B) Microsofi
sunendered to Christians in the year: (C) Bechlel (O) DuPont
(A) 1453 (B) 1492
85. After the conquest of Puniab, Puniab
(c) 1526 (D) 15s6
Brilishers constituted a three member Board
73. The President of Yugoslavia/ Serbia who was of Administration for governing the Puniab.
indicated and tried by War Criminal Tribunal lndicate rr{ho was not the member among the
was: followings:
(A) Franjo Tudman (A) Henry Lawrence
(B) Slobodan Milosevic (B) John Lawrence
(C) Ralko Mladic (C) Charles Mansel
(D) Radoslav Bradinin (O) Robert Montgomery
74. who was not a member of the 1"r Gabinet of 86. The father of modem Science Fiction is:
Pakistan? (A) Bertrand Russell (B) H. G. Wells
(A) Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar (C) Aldous Huxley (D) Maupassant
(Q) Hussain Shaheed SuhaMardy
(C) Jogendra Nath Mandal 87. The Ofiice of District Magistrate was
(D) Malik Ghulam Muhammad abolished through:
(A) Local Govemment Ordinance 2001
75. President of Syria Bashar Al Assad is by taith (B) Police Order 2002
a-_ (C) Amendments in the Code ot Criminal
(A) Druze (B) Alavi Procedure
(C) Shia (D) Sunni (D) 'l7h Amendment in the Constitution
76. US President Barack Obama's father was: 88. lndian Railway started operation:
(A) lndonesian (B) Nigerian (A) 1847 (B) 1849
(C) Egyptian (O) Kenyan (c) 1853 (O) 1861
77. Blind Dolphins are found in: 89. First intemational Olympic Games were held
(A) Ganges River (B) Nile River in Greec€ in 1896 in the monlh of:
(C) Yangtze River (O) None (A) April (B) May
78. The Captain of Pakrstan cricket team whrch (C) June (O) July
defeated England at the O6i in 1954 was 90. The one ivho won grand slam in tennis twice:
(A) Fazl Mehmood (A) Leo Hoad (B) Roy Emerson
(B) Hanif Muhammad
(C) Abdul Hafeez Kardat
(C) Rod Laver (D) Jimmy Connors
(D) Khan Muhammad 91. Hanging gardens in Babylon were located in
modern day:
79. The 13r Olympic Gold Medal for Pakistan was (A) Syria ( B) Lebanon
in the Summer Olympic Aames of: (C) lraq ( D) Jordon
(A) 19s6 (B) 1960
92 First Satellite Sputnik 1 was bunched
(c) 1964 (D) 1968
Oclober 1957. lndicate the date.

80. When Ayub Khan took overpower in 1958, the (A) 2 Oclober 1957 (B) 4 Oclober 1957
Prime Minister ol Pakistan was: (c) 6 ocrober 1957 (o) I oclober 1957
(A) Muhammad Ali Bogra
(Q) Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy 93 The celebraled scientist lsaac NeMon was:
(C) Malik Feroz Khan Noon (A) Br ish (B) Durch
(D) Chaudhary Muhammad Ali (C) ltalian (O) French
81. The First lntemational Flight taken by PtA was 94 Tumip is a root described as:
taken on:
(A) Napiform (B) Fusiform
(A) 25th May 195'l (B) 7rh June 1954 (C) Couical (O) Tubrous
(C) 1"'February 1955(D) lThJune 1961 95 Penicillin was discovered by:
82. The present Deputy Chairman of Planning (A) Viclor Fleming (B) lan Fleming
uommtsston rs:
(C) Alexander Fleming (D) Stephen
(A) Nadeem Ul Haque 96 On 'l8th May 1974.lndia exploded firsi nuelear
(B) Dr. Akram Sheikh devise under the code name of:
(C) Dr. lshrat Hus$in (A) Operation Blue Star Rakshak
Adyanced PPSC ,r0es Model paoers 37
(B) Operalion Gibrattar (C) Rudyard KiDtino
(C) Operation Smitinq Buddah (O) Justice Amaler Ai
(D) Operation
99. lndian Rebellion o, 18-.52 (War of
97 Ttre poefy first rvritten by Alama lqbat in independence) began
perslan and then translated in Urdu on t0th uay'from thi
on town of:
popular dernand:
(f) Bal- e - Jibraeet (B) Banq - e.Dara
(A) Jhansi (B) Gwaliar
(C) Zarb - e- Kateem (O) ernin1.,"n* nrr.
(C) Meerut (D) Lucknow
100. How many sahaaba were martyred in Banle of
98 Iitg book 'lndian Musaknans' Dublished in Bedat?
187'l ms wriften bv: lA) 12 (B) .t4
(A) Sir Syed Ahmdd Khan
(B) William Wilson Hunbr (c) 16 ioi ra
Ans wer Key
1. d 14 b b 40. b 53. b 66 d 79 b 92. b
2. 15
c 28 a 41. b 54. c 67 c EO c 93. a
3. d a 29 d 42. b 55. d 66 b 6'l c 94. b
4. c '17 b 30 d 43. d 56. d 69 b 82 d 95. c
5. b 18 d 31 b 44 57. b 70 a 83 b 96. c
6. 19 d 32 c 45. a 58. b 71 d 84 a 97. d
7. c 20 c 33 b 46. a 59. c 72 98. b
z',t. c u b 47. d 60. c
b 99. c
22. b 35 c 48. b 6'1. c 74. b 87. a 100. b
10 c 23. d 36. d 49. b oz. c 75. b 88 c
11 c 24. a 37. b 50. a 63. c 76. d 89. a
12 c 25. c 38. 51. a 64. c 77. a 90.
13 c 26. c 39. b 52. b 65. b 78. c 91. c

Paper: General Knowledqe
The wodd is celebrating in 2009, 2o0th birth 7 Chennai' is lhe new name of the lndian city
anniversary of the scientist:
(A) Charles Oarwin (B) James Wan
(A) Madras (B) patna
(C) Roger Bacon (D) lsaac Newlon
(C) Agra (D) Lucknow
8 World Bank President is:
2 "BlN' is the intelligence agency of: (A) Robert Zoellick (B) Strauss-Kahn
(A) lraq (B) tndbnesra (C) Shakour Shaalan (D) none of these
(C) Atghanistan (D) Bangtadesh
9 'Asiana Aidines' is of:
3 Science of human races is called:
(4) Demography (B) Chorography (4) JaPan (B) South Korea
(C) Anthropotogy (D1 Bangta.-deih'
(C) Tharland (D) Mataysia
10 'Califomia' is known as ,silicon Valley'
4 Ameican P.esident's special envoy to the because of:
Middle East is: (A) Hollyraod ltlm industry
(A) Sherard Cowper Cotes (B) Computer software industrv
(8) Richard Hotbrooke (C) Science beauty and resort5
(C) George Mitche (D) .Mineral resouraes
(D) Robert Gates
11 W-hich of the tollowing countries is celebrattng
'Aramco' is the oil comDanv of:
5 50 years o, CommuniS Revolution in 2009? '
(A) America iB)'Russia (A) China (B) Cuba
(C) Saudi Arabia iOj tran (C) North Korea (D) Vietnam
6 'Tenge' is the currencv of:
Which of the following Central Asian States
(.^.) xenya (B) Kvrovzstan has recently closed down American air base
(C) Cuba (o) xiz?lrnsran at 'Manas'?
38 Adiance'd PPSC McQs Model PaDerc
(A) Tajrkistan (B) Kazakhstan (A) Kidneys (B) Lungs
(C) Turkmenrstan (D) Kyrgyzstan (C) Soleen (D) Liver

13. -Seattle" is lhe seaport of: 25. What do you understand by the term "Brain
(A) Germany (B) Canada Drain'?
(C) Chrna (D) USA (A) Mad Person
iB) Migrahon ol skilled labour to other
14. Kerrv-Luqar brll rn US Congress. rf approved. countries
wouh irov,de lo Pakislan an annual (C) Emigration of rntellectuals
economic asslstance ol (D) llliteracy and ignorance
(A) S l5brllron lBl S2b,llron
(C) $2 5 brltron tDr 93btllton 26. The idea of Asra Europe Meeting' (ASEM)
oroanrzaion was rnrllated rn '1994 by Mr Goh
15. Klaus Schwab rs the founder of: Cliok Tong. the Pnme Mrnrster ol
iA) Red Cross lAl South Korea tB, North Korea
(B) Scout Movement ic) lapan (D) Srngapore
iC) World Economic Forum
(D, Cable News Network rCNN) 27 Which of the following rnternataonal
oroanrzaltons was establlshed llrst?
'16. The Noble Peace Prize 2008 has been (AJ ECO (B) SAARC
awarded to MartttAhtisarri for his efforts in (c) otc (D) O-8
confllct resolution on different contlnentsl he ls
a former President of: 28 Which of the followrng South Asian countries
(A) Chrle (B) Netherlands has recentlv been eleated a member board of t
(C) Finland (D) Argentrne lnternatronil Atomrc Energy Agency (IAEA)?
(A) Nepal (B) Sri Lanka
17. Chronometer is used to measure. (C) .lran (O) Afghanrstan
(A) Velocity (B) Pressure
(C) Time (O) none of these 29 Nippon' is stock exchange market of:
(A) Tokvo (B) London
18. Whv Black Sea" so called?
ic) tlevi vo* (D) None ofthese
(A) 'The dense fog
lhat prevails there in water
(B) A large number of black rocks in the 30. 'Khar' is the main town ofl
water (A) Balaur Agency lB) Khyber Agency
(C) The water of sea is black (C) Kuiram Agency (D) North Wazrristan
(D) None of these 31. The world's oldest national anthem isof:
19. The Muslms of Mtndanao lsland are (A) Denmark (B) Thailand
strugqling for therr polrtical rights in: ici rlo*av (D) lapan
(A) Japan rB) South Africa 32 'Hamas was founded in 1967 bY.
rCr Phrlrpprnes (D) Myanmar (A) Yaser Arafat
20. 'Likud and Kadrma are the two marn political (B) lsmail Hannia
parlies of: (C) Sheikh Ahmad Yasin
(A) lran (B) Lebanon (D) Khalid Mashaal
iC) Svna (D) None of these 33. Which of the followrng leadeG has recently
21. Three Gorges Dam prolect is located in. teen elected as Head of 53 members Afncan
(A) AmeriCa (B) Russia Union (AU).
(A) Hosni Mubarak ol EgYPt
(c) Cnina (D) Canada
(B) Muammar Gaddatl of Libya
22. "Blue House" is the ofiicial residence ofr (C) Thabo Mbeki of South Afnca
(A) President of South Korea (D) Omar al Bashir of Sudan
(B) German Chancellor
(C) President of France 34. Who is called Father of Computer"?
(D) Pope of Vatican (A) Charies Babbage
(B) Thomas Kurtz
23. Under the proposed law 'Enhanced (C) Konrad Zuse
PartneBhip wth Pakrstan Act'the US would: (D) Bill Gates
(A) Provide latest version of F-'16 aircrafts to
Pakistan 35. Which of the P-5 counlries in the UN Security
(B) Establish reconstruction opportunily Council has exercised veto porYer at the
zones in the tribal areas of Pakistan maximum times so far?
(C) Provide s€cui/ty and intelligence (A) USA (B) Russia
equipment to Pak ArmY (C) France (D) Britain
(O) Ofier scholarships to Pakistani students
in American Universities
24 Which parf of human body is more prone to ' The Takyo Stock Exchante is also called Tosh6 or TSE
damage trom the Hepatitis Virus'?
for short.
Adyanced PPSC MCQ9 Model Paod6 39

36. The world's largest foreign exchange December 2008, killing more than 1300
reserves. almosl $ 2 trillton is of: Palestinians had been given lhe name:
(A) USA (B) Japan (A) Operation Blue Star
(C) Germany (D) Chrna (B) Operahon Cast Lead
(C) Operation Oesert Storm
37. ln comDuter, CPU stands for' (D) Operaiion Clean UP
(A) Cdmputer Processing Unit
(B) Central Programme Unit 48 Pakistan's largest tradrng partner at present
(C) Communrcation Processrng Unit is:
(O) Cenlral Processrng Unit (A, Chrna (B) Amerlca
(C) Saudr Arabra tD) JaPan
3E. The bEgest bird rs:
tA) Eaole (B) owl 49. What is Khmer Rouge ?
icl x,tii (D) ostrich (A) A Communist movement rn Cambodra
(B) Tamll grouP rn Sri Lanka
39. 3 May each year ls observed internatronally (C) lnsh natronahst PadY
as: (D) A port of Srngapore
(A) Environment DaY
(B) Populatron OaY 50 The UN spends the largest amount almost $
(C) Press Freedom DaY I brllon annually on
(O) Food Oay (A) Health care
(B) Poverty alleviation
40. Human Rights Organization Human Rights (C) Peacekeeplng mtssrons
7 Watch' is based in: (D) Literacy and Education
(A) G€neva (B) New York
(c) London (o) Paris 51 The oldest rnternet search engrne is
{A) Yahoo (B) Ask com
4'1. Which of the following UN agencies has (C) Giga blast (Di Google
received Noble Peace Prize?
(A) uNlcEF 52. The headquaners of IMF is located at:
(B) ILO (A) Geneva (B) New York
(c1 utt xign Commissroner for Refugees (C) Washington OC (D) Paris
(D) All of these 53. The main factor attributed to the global
42. Almost 40% o, the world's oil supply passes financial crisis 2008 rs:
throuoh the strait of. (A) Great slide an oil pnces in the international
(A) (B) Malacca market
ici Bosporus (D) Gibraltar (B) Collapse of housing prices and mortgage
43. The famous city Waterloo' is in:
(A) France (B) Germany
'Though the Web became publicly available in 1990,
(C) Sweden (D) Belgium
the first web search engine didn't arrrve until 1993 Up
44. Which of the following Gulf States has
until then, all websites were manually tracked and
recentlv donated 320 MW gas frred power
otant td Pakistan? rndexed by people. And while we now recognlze
iA) Saudi Arabia (B) Qatar Google as the king of tYeb search, Google wasn't even
icl uee (o) Bahrarn in the game.until 1998. Ouring thal five-year gap,
45. Who is 'Hemant Karkare'? twenty other search engines had their chance at glory,
(A) A person involved in samjhota Express and most of them ,ailed. You might even remember
train bombing in 2007 some ot them. webcrawler (1994), ol all still'surviving
(B) lndian Anti-terror squad chief killed during
' search engines, Webcrewler as the d&. Today, it
Mumbar attack in 2008
(C) Chief of lndian lntelligence agency RAW aggreSates results from Google and Yahoo. Ivcos
(Di tndran High Commissioner in Pakistan (1994). bom out of Carnegie Mellon Univetsity and still
alive today. Also owns several other nostalgic lntemet
46. Which of the tollowing films has won eight
- Oscar Awards in a ceremony on 23rd b.ands, including AnSelfir€, Tripod, and Gamesville'
February 2009'? Altavista (1995). This was one of the most popular
(A) The Reader search engines in the 1990s, but was acquired by
(B) The Oark Knight Yahoo in 2oO3 and subsequently shut down in 2013'
(C) Slumdog Mrllionaire Excite (1995). One of the most recognizable brands
(D) Man and Wire
back in the 199Os, but has since fallen out of the
47. lsrael's brutal attack on Gaza starlbd on 27
spotliSht. Yahoo (1995). Definitelv one of th€ strongest
pre.Google brands to still€xi5l today. ln fad, according
' Slumdog Millionaire was nominaled for l0 cateSories to Abx;, Yahoo was th€ 4th most giobally-visitea
in Academy Awatd/ oscar Awards and it won 8. webtite in rune 2015.
40 Adyanccd PPSC f,lCQs od., paoers
market in the United States 62. "Philately- is a
(C) Huge trade imbalance between America (A) Science of drugs
and China (B) Stamp colleclion
(D) None of these (C) The study of written record
54. Karachi Nuclear power planl was built with the (O) The study of animal behaviour
assistance ofi 63. The world's largest number of newspapers are
(A) China (B) Russia pubfished from
(C) France (D) Canada (A) America (B) China
55. The term 'Hung Parliament describes a (C) Russia (Oi rnoia
situalion in whtch: 6,4. The most famous book of 2OO8 ,The Way of
(A) Prime Minister deliberately avoids the World - A story of lruth and hope rn an ige
attending the sessions of the parliament ol extremism is wntten bv
tor a long penod (A) Ron Suskrnd (B) HV Hudson
(B) Prime Mrnister has been removed (C) Chnstian Lamb (D) AyehsaJatat
through a vote of no confidence but
refuse to step down 65. 'Paracel lslands' in the South China s€a are
(C) No single party has a majority in the disputed between China and:
house (A) Philippines (B) Japan
(D) The ruting pany has tost the majonty in (C) Vietnam (D) South Korea
the upper house 66. National lncome is essentraly composed of:
56. Which of the fo owilg categories of Nobet (A) All weahh of a nation
t nzes was not created by Swedish Scientist (B) Annual incom€ of the central government
Afred Nobel? (C) Alt income of the p€ople in a year
(A) peace (B) Literature (D) lncome derived from taxes by the central
(C)Economics (D) Medicine government
57. Which of the folowing provinces of
67. 'Fleet Street' London is tamous of:
Afghanistan shares border with pakistan.? (A) Banking and financial offic€s
(A) Ningrahar, pakita, Ghazni (B) Offces o, the cargo companies
(B) Bamiyan, Farah, Herat (C) Offices of the newspapers and press
(C) Baikh. Samangan, Kunduz agencies
(D) Takhar, Uruzgan, Ghur (D) Otrces of the Royat Navy establishment
68. 'Pelra an a-rchaeotogical site is among the
58. Russia supply natural gas to
European new Seven Wonders of the World tocatedrn.
countnes which transil throuqh the slale of:
(A) Latvia (B) Ukraine (A) Mexrco (B) ltatv
(C) Estonia (D) Lithuania Spain
(C) iO) .torian
59. ltar-Tass is the news agency of: 69. 'Marco Polo'was a famous:
(A) lran (B) ttatv (A) Wnter (B) Scientist
(C) France (D) Ruisia (C) Traveller (D) Sportsman
50. The wodd's largesl subway svstem'is in: 70. The only vitamin which cannol be slored in
(A) Tokyo (B)'Mixcow human body
(A) Vitamin C
(C) Mexico City (D) New yort (B) Vitamrn D
.(C) Mtamin K (Ol None of these
61. Under the Stalus of Forces Agreement lrith 71. Swat Valley
the lraqi goyernment, US intend to remove all rs siluated in the mountatn range
troops from lraq by the end of:
(A) 201 1 Bt 2012 (A) Hindukush (B) Karakorum
(c) 2013 io\ 2014
(C) Himalayas (O) None ot these
72. 1 metric ton is equat to:
' Afghanistan and pakistan share an immense border
(A) 100tilogram (B) 500 kitogram
(C) 1000 kilogram (D) 10000 kilogram
line stretching 2430 km along the southern and e.stern
edges of AfShanist.n. This contains Afghan provinces of 73. ln which of the folowing countries, 240 years