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Literature Circle Topics

Grade 7 Choice Novel Study

Literature Circle Roles:

Reader – reads the circle topic, and initiates conversation

Mediator – acts as a moderator in the event of disagreement, makes final decisions when no agreement can
be reached
Recorder – keeps notes of conversation, records the official answer for the circle
Time Keeper – keeps track of class time, tells group members how much discussion time remains

Circle #1 (pre-reading)

What does it mean to be human? (Support your answer with specific examples
from your life)

Circle #2

Which character best demonstrates the human

characteristics/emotions that we identified last week? How (specific examples)

Circle #3

Which character(s) do you feel most connected to? Why do you think this is?

Circle #4

What scene(s) in the novel demonstrate both the best and the worst of human nature?
Explain the scene(s) and your answer.

Circle #5

Does literature help us understand the human condition? Why or why not?
Answer each question in a paragraph (5-7 sentences)
including specific details. You must answer on a SEPARATE
sheet of lined paper.

1. Did your group understand what the question was asking? If

not, how did you figure it out as a group?

2. Did everyone in the group have the same answer right away?
How did you reach a consensus (agreement) for your answer?

3. Did your group work effectively during the literature circle?

Why or why not? What do you need to improve on in the next
literature circle?

4. Each person must complete a self evaluation (provided by

teacher) and return it to the teacher at the end of the period.
These marks must be HONEST and will be included in the
effort/organization category on your report cards.

Literature Circle Group Evaluation

3 2 1
Preparedness I arrived with all I arrived with all I did not bring
necessary materials necessary materials necessary materials OR
having read the but did not have the read the required
assigned section of section of my novel section of text
my novel read
Participation I contributed three or I contributed one or I did not contribute to
more times clearly two times to the the discussion at all.
and respectfully. discussion.
Listening I always focused and I usually focused and I struggled to focus
Skills listened respectfully listened respectfully to and did not always
to others and others and considered listen to others or
considered their their opinions consider their opinions.
Understanding I had a strong I sort of understood the I didn’t understand the
understanding of the question for this circle, question and I didn’t do
concept, or I asked for but didn’t really try too anything to help myself
help until I did. hard to ‘really’ get it understand better.