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Why is STS called ‘Science, Technology, and Society,’ and not ‘Science and Technology
and Village’, or ‘Science and Technology and Community’, or even ‘Science and Technology and

STS is called “Science, Technology and Society” because it refers to the larger group of people having
a common interest or living in the same place. Unlike village, tribe, and community these are quite small
than the society. Its goal is to provide knowledge and improve the lifestyle of everyone hence called
society. Since it is named “Science, Technology and Society” it means, it focuses on how scientific
knowledge and technological advancement develop our society, it also enables students to form more
robust understandings of the nature controversy, and understanding the relationship of culture and
reason. Without science and technology, we cannot produce more inventions because science gives
information to people to produce good technology that we can use to develop our society.

2. From the list of inventions or discoveries related to your course that you previously created in the
Activity part, how does item in your list qualify to be relevant to your course? Present your table and
your reason for each item.

4000 Iron and steel Iron used for the first time It pioneered the development of
BCE in decorative ornaments technology that was first used in jewelry
but was made into a diverse set of tools
and etc.
3500 Wheels and axles Humans invent the wheel It allows the society to travel farther and
BCE discover new things, materials and
experience new knowledge
3000 Digital pens; First written languages are It allows the society to document the
BCE Typewriters developed by the Sumerian breakthroughs that can be passed down
people of southern and studied by the next generation
-2500 Paper Ancient Egyptians produce It is one of the most important
BCE papyrus, a crude early documentary item and is multi-purpose
version of paper
1700 Digital Pens Semites of the The alphabet was a systematic set of
BCE Mediterranean develop the letters made to be understood and is
alphabet used in non-verbal communication
600 Electricity Thales of Miletus discovers It made the current technology possible
BCE static electricity to operate

-200- Compasses Chinese invent early It is used to navigate to unknown

300 magnetic direction finders territories, GPS is a new for of positioning
BCE system that helps and guides the society
in travelling
-250 Tools and Archimedes invents the These are technological breakthroughs in
bce machines screw pump for moving which the technology improves the
water and other materials quality of life or efficiency of the society.
27 Steel and Romans develop the first, It allowed infrastructures that are more
BCE- concrete basic concrete called stable and durable that could reach
395 CE pozzolana unknown heights
1450 Printing Johannes Gutenberg It allowed more efficient publishing of
pioneers the modern breakthroughs and made the first books
printing press, using of knowledge to be made
rearrangeable metal letters
called movable type
1530s Satellite Gerardus Mercator helps It allows the society to keep track on the
navigation to revolutionize navigation land masses and observe from above
with better mapmaking
1703 Computer Gottfried Leibniz pioneers It revolutionizes the way we think of
the binary number system computing. A brain that is more efficient
now used in virtually all than a human brain that helps the
computers Science and society in their calculations.
1958 Transistors, Jack Kilby and Robert It is related to STS since it is found in
Integrated Circuit Noyce, working almost every piece of tech we owned as
independently, develop the the process that are being calculated are
integrated circuit done by these transistors and ICs
1959 Computer IBM and General Motors It allowed the computer to have a
Graphics develop Design Augmented friendly user interface that can be used
by Computers-1 (DAC-1), in CGI, Simulation and entertainment
the first computer-aided
design (CAD) system`
1981 Flash memory Fujio Masuoka files a An artificial product of science and
patent for flash memory— technology that allows these entities and
a type of reusable the society to store data, IE researches,
computer memory that can findings, photos, documents faster than
store information even the conventional floppy or hard disk
when the power is off storage devices.
1989 World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee invents It allowed international communications
the World Wide Web hence the internet as we know it

2007 Cellphone touch Apple introduces a It is one of the cause paradigm shift that
screen touchscreen cellphone pioneered the smart phone generation
called the iPhone which most of us depend in today’s
2015 Super Computers Supercomputers (the It allowed for a faster than conventional
world's fastest computers) computing power to test, compute or
are now a mere 30 times simulate scientific discoveries and
less powerful than human theories if applicable
2019 Quantum Google claims to have It is related because with this kind of
Computers achieved "quantum processing power, calculations and
supremacy"— with a simulation of technological or scientific
quantum computer that discoveries are done in the fastest way
calculates faster than a possible.
conventional one
3. Did this pandemic (COVID-19) cause a paradigm shift? Explain in the perspective of science,
technology, and society.

The year 2020 which ended a decade filled with technological advancements as evident from
the devices that we use on a daily basis, For the past 20 years Technology has been evident to simply
and improve the lifestyle of the human society. If you could remember 10 to 15 years ago, A call from
overseas from a loved one would cost a premium but now with the current state of technology that
continuously breaking through the boundaries of possibility that even from couple of decades ago was
thought to be the impossible.

Carrying on, The Novel Corona Virus or popularly known as the COVID19 was a rather
unexpected phenomena that made the world stop in a heartbeat. It made economies to totally
shutdown to some degree, with that it is proposed to observe social distancing to prevent the causality
of the disease. This however came with a problem that emerged, how would the world operate when
the society suffers from the risk of catching a disease and bringing it home to their families? And with
science and technology came a solution for the society. The generation of knowledge and advancement
in technology gave us the chance to rely on technology on one of the most desperate times some of us
would experience for a period of time. This Pandemic made the whole society to adjust to the so called
new normal. A good relatable example is the ongoing online classes that we are currently undertaking.
Technological advancements and scientific discoveries made accumulated to the state of technology to
be ready to accommodate these types of conditions. Although it is not fully stable in the Philippines due
to being a less developed country. the efforts of science and technology finding more efficient and
affordable ways to improve these services as the society adapts to the current necessity

In conclusion, The COVID19 made a paradigm shift in how we, the society live our lives. It made
us more dependent to technology that ever before, From the student in his/her home trying the best to
study to the local businesses that adapted to take their marketing framework online to the big
companies and government promoting social distancing by adjusting to have jobs to be home based
until a solution is reliable.