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Update v1.62.67.


The Sims 4
Improved compatibility with newer macOS releases, refer to FAQ for more details
Made some small visual and functional improvements to the Main Menu.
Custom paintings on nearby lots that are taken a picture of from your active lot
will now properly flag your lot as custom content when uploading it to the Gallery.
So sneaky!
We addressed an issue resulting in a “Conflicting Block Cluster” error message that
could occur while building, preventing you from being able to draw or move walls.
Non-active traited Sims will no longer get the “Not Enough Exercise” tense moodlet.
Stair railings will no longer appear incomplete when placed against a half-wall.
Whims are once again able to be completed after Travel.
Whims are things your Sims want to do, but you don’t have to.
You can now safely raise or lower the foundation of The Nookstone lot in Oasis
Springs – walls, floors, and furniture will no longer disappear.
The Tutorial will no longer lock if your Sim is promoted before you are given the
“You Need to Gain Skill to be Promoted” task.

Get Together
Fixed a graphic issue that could occur on Mac with some Intel graphics cards that
caused plants in Windenburg to appear blocky when in Laptop Mode.
So if you are on a Mac, with an intel graphics card, and you are in laptop mode,
and you are playing in Windenburg… we got you covered.

City Living
Bulldozing 888 Spire Apartment lots should no longer result in error code
We hope it does not result in error code: 123:456789abcde
We are fairly certain it should not result in error code: 8675-309
And under no circumstance should error code 42 occur.

Cats & Dogs

The male veterinarian coat now has a properly visible ID badge.

Sims should no longer get the “Chilled” buff when the thermostat is set to warmer.
Unless you have a heater that turns on and off repeatedly due to a bad switch in
the system, and then when it decides to fail completely, it just ignores input for
about 3 hours, and then when you wake up in the morning you have to carry a heavy
blanket with you… ah hm… nm.

Get Famous
Actor prep tasks will no longer reset on traveling.
This is the second travel issue in the game… was it trying to tell us something?

Island Living
Beaches are available for weddings.

Discover University
Sims living in dorms should no longer receive high bills to live there.

Spa Day
The “Take bath with Soaks” and “Take Mud Bath” interactions are once again, once
again available on Showertubs.
This time we won’t have to remove the fix because of… crosses fingers.
Jungle Adventure
Child sims will no longer get a flirty buff after eating Flutterberry.

Realm of Magic
Magical Clones will no longer become permanent Sims after traveling.
Sims can once again resume writing books when their familiars are active.

Tiny Living Stuff

Tiny Home Residential lots added to vacation worlds via The Gallery will now
properly convert into rental lots.