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Group 1

Project Management Tools and Techniques

Project Charter
Project Name Laboratory development project

Develop a Project Charter for your chosen project. Use the table below

# Area Description
1 Problem/ Dr. Michael Lipsett intends to reorganize and consolidate some of his lab
Challenge/ space / researchers / facilities from 2 labs into a single new lab.

2 Project Planning the setting up of a new laboratory in Room number MEC E 1-

Goal 38 in Mechanical Engineering building by migrating the equipments and
infrastructure from room numbers MEC E 2-22 and MEC E 2-14. The
Use the planning should facilitate coordinated and optimized movement of lab
SMART resources in the most efficient way possible such that the disturbance to
formula the ongoing work/studies in the building is minimized.

Did you use the Laboratories affected by the migration process need to be thoroughly
SMART inspected for available furniture and equipment, and a tentative layout of
formula? the new lab in MEC E 1-38 needs to be prepared. Discussion with
students, researchers, faculty members and administrative staff who are
going to be affected has to be undertaken and feedback should be
incorporated in the project plan. The migration process will be conducted
after the Wwinter term of 2011 ends.

3 Project 1. F A complete plan for a fully functional and operational laboratory set
Deliverables up in MEC E 1-38.

Others? 2. Segregated laboratory consisting of two sections for analytical work

(maybe break and hands-on experimentation. (This is part of #1)
down the plan
into separate 3. Infrastructure support for assistance in emergency situations (First-aid,
deliverables) Communication modes, Alarms etc.). (This is also part of #1)

1. Intermediate report (work in progress: outline of requirement

specification, (review templates), (ask Lipsett what he would
2. Final Report
3. Contract

4 Imperative 1. Fully functional and operational laboratory set up in MEC E 1-38.

1. Flexible layout for future changes, as well as additional open space for
One other? future expansion
# Area Description
(ex. Equipment
must be easily 2. Segregated laboratory consisting of two sections for analytical work
moved) and hands-on experimentation.

3. Infrastructure support for assistance in emergency situations (First-aid,

Communication modes, Alarms etc.).

4. Meets AB codes/standards/regulations

5 Desirables 1. Movement of slurry pipeline in room number Mec E 2-14 to the new
One other?
2. Flexible configuration to facilitate easy movements and later changes
in layout.

3. Arrangement flexible for future laboratory expansion. (This is the

same as #2)

2. Balance: quiet space/working space/active lab space

3. Collapsible furniture
6 Assumptions 1. MEC E department will not propose any major configuration changes
at the later stage of project.

2. UWS internet connectivity will be available in the new location (MEC

E 1-38).

3. Power supply will not be interrupted during equipment’s functionality

testing in the new lab.

7 Constraints 1. Slurry pipeline will make the new laboratory noisy and we want a
quiet environment to facilitate study and analysis. Thus…? (how does
this constrain us?)

2. Project team’s timing schedules do not have considerable overlap and

they have different academic commitments. (I think this section involves
project constraints (by the client), not team constraints)

3. Completion of planning has to be finished before the end of winter

term. Scheduling the team’s availability and efforts in line with the
ongoing academic activities has to be achieved. (Same comment as #2)

1. Minimum impact/disturbance to current research work

2. Budget

3. Deadline
# Area Description
8 Stakeholders # Stakeholder name Needs and Expectations
1 Project Owner Dr. Lipsett needs a smooth transition to
(Dr. Lipsett) the new laboratory. He expects needs the
complete plan for the new laboratory to
be finished by the end of the winter term.
He expects no disruption to existing
research projects.
2 Project Manager Project manager needs timely
achievement of project goals within the
approved budget. She expects
improvement in his her professional
growth path.
3 Project Team Project team needs a good environment
where they can apply their skills to the
project in the best manner. They expect
augmentation in their skill set and as well
as experience.
4 University of University needs requires a fully
Alberta functional laboratory compliant to the
relevant technological and safety
standards. It expects introduction of a new
laboratory to provide more
experimentation options to the professors,
students and researchers.
5 Students in MEC Students who are not directly affected by
E department the move need the migration to cause
minimum disruption to them. They expect
that the new laboratory will be useful to
6 Students affected Students need a well equipped laboratory
by the move which allows them to experiment and
conduct analysis in an ambient
atmosphere. They expect that the new
laboratory will not be unfamiliar to them.
7 Technicians Technicians need clear guidelines and
relevant timelines about the migration
process. They expect to acquire good
exposure and new skills during the
migration process. They also expect the
project to fit in their ongoing schedules
and commitments.
8 Glen Thomas Glen’s Dr. Thomas’ need is to get a clear
idea of what is required of him so that he
can check the availability and plan
accordingly. His expectations would be
are to get be notified of any lack
discrepancies in the facilities.
# Area Description
9 Roger Marchand Roger’s Mr./Dr. Marchand’s need is to
know well in advance specifics relating to
the logistics / scheduling of the moving of
the large mill. He expects the scheduling
will not affect his ongoing commitments
and activities.
10 Professors The affected Professors’ need minimum
affected by the disruption to their ongoing research and
move lab activities. Their expectation would be
that the project team coordinates with
them so that all lab movements are not
undertaken at the same time (limited
hallway size). (Is the constraint the lab
equipment that is in use or the hallway
size? I don’t think hallway size is an
11 Visitors
9 Success 1. Fully functional and operational laboratory in MEC E 1-38.
2. Successful commissioning of equipments and other laboratory

3. Approval of the functioning of new laboratory by Dr. Lipsett.