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My Way Music by Jasques Revaux and Claude Francois Words by Gilles Thibault, English text by Paul Anka As sung by Frank Sinatra Arr. by Gregory Fine Slow rock Fmaj? Em’ Dm? Gsus? Gy Dmyc 4C a Be op the end is near and so I Te had a few but then a- Tye laughed and cried, Te had my 7 GmyB> Al Dm the fi-nal cur - tain, My friend Dim say it too few to. men - tion, I did, what I had to my share of los = ing, And now, as tears sub Tt © From collections of Boris Belyakov 2001. borbel@aport.u 10 Dmt/C a c) IM state my case, of which Im cer- tain and saw it thru with- out ex-emp- tion 1 find it all so a-mus- ing —t BoC Cus? a F lived a life that’s full, and ev-'ty planned each chart -eredeourse, each care full step a-long the think 1 did all that, and may Tsay a 16 Din.) gG Dm7/G a 3 high- way, And more, much more than this, I did it by - way ‘And more, much more than this, I did it shy- way," Oh, no, oh no, not _me, L did it 19 Dm/C 3 2 “ 2 2 LF? vr OF a Fmaj? Bbm/F 2 Cmaj? Cou? times I'm sure youknew, when I bit off more then I could T Sy aa x 25. Fmaj? Em? Dm? a But thr it all there was doubt, I ate it 28, Em? Am Am? and split it out. 30. Dm? a Dm/C and I stood tall, and did it my 33. -C Ge Ko F F/G Cada? a