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October 12, 2020

The Honorable Joni Ernst

730 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Ernst,

As members of the Iowa State Senate, and as Republican lawmakers committed to constitutional
originalism and the rule of law, we commend you for your support of the nomination of Amy Coney

Recognizing your critical role on the Senate Judiciary Committee, we want you to know we
wholeheartedly support you. We think an independent-minded, sterling female justice, who has a
record of mentoring women and writing opinions steeped in originalist intent is worthy of the Supreme
Court vacancy. We will join the grassroots chorus in defending your vote in support of her nomination
in the Judiciary Committee and on the United States Senate Floor.

We also know that election year appointments to the United States Supreme Court are common. On
twenty-nine different occasions in American history, there has been an open Supreme Court vacancy
in a presidential election year or in a lame-duck session of Congress before a presidential
inauguration. In all twenty nine of those circumstances, the President put forward a Supreme Court
nomination. When the Senate has been controlled by the same party as the occupant of the White
House, these nominations have been successful in all but two instances.

We know you will be under intense political attacks from the left as you undertake this important
process but know we speak for all our constituents when we say we are all proud to call you our
Senator. We look forward to working with you for many years to come in serving the great State of


Iowa Senators

Jerry Behn District 24 Tim Kraayenbrink District 5

Michael Breitbach District 28 Mark S. Lofgren District 46
Waylon Brown District 26 Mariannette Miller-Meeks District 41
Jim Carlin District 3 Zach Nunn District 15
Jake Chapman District 10 Ken Rozenboom District 40
Mark Costello District 12 Charles Schneider District 22
Chris Cournoyer District 49 Jason Schultz District 9
Dan Dawson District 8 Mark Segebart District 6
Jeff Edler District 36 Tom Shipley District 11
Randy Feenstra District 2 Amy Sinclair District 14
Julian B. Garrett District 13 Roby Smith District 47
Thomas A. Greene District 44 Annette Sweeney District 25
Dennis Guth District 4 Zach Whiting District 1
Craig Johnson District 32 Jack Whitver District 19
Tim L. Kapucian District 38 Brad Zaun District 20
Carrie Koelker District 29 Dan Zumbach District 48