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An acid is a substance that releases hydrogen ions when dissolved in water'

Bases neutralize acids to form Salts'

Soluble bases are called alkalis.

Solutions of alkalis contain high concentrations of hydroxide ions.

Bench HCL Hydrochloric acid ph 0

Bench Sodium Hydroxide ph 14

Ph stands for potential of Hydrogen, the logarithm of the reciprocal of hydrogen-ion

concentration in gram atoms per liter.

Bench Ammonia solution ph 11-11.6.

As stated previously "Pure" as in pure water means H2O with nothing in it'

Naptha is a solvent

Extraction of pure DMT from Mimosa Hostilis root bark'

You will need'

Digital ph meter
20grams mhrb
150ml Naptha'
Sodium Hydroxide'
Hydrochloric acid
Ammonia (If no ammonia, use Urine)
Pure water'
3 glass jars with glass lids'
Glass plate
Test tube
Glass rod

Freeze the 20 grams of MHRB and then cut an grind in a coffee grinder until a very fine

Place the powdered plant material in a jar'

Mix Sodium Hydroxide gently with 100ml of water to base ph 11.2-11.5'

Pour 50ml of Naptha into a jar.

Now pour the Sodium Hydroxide solution and the Naptha, both at the same time into the
jar containing the ground plant material.

Stir to mix with a glass rod until no powder is left dry in the jar, place the lid on the jar'

Roll the jar in a warm water bath at 40* for an hour'

Do not shake this jar as emulsions are a bitch.

After one hour leave the jar to stand in the water until the Naptha separates from the black
water solution on the bottom'

Draw off the Naptha with a pipette' and place on the glass plate'

Evaporate the Naptha'

A small fan or hairdryer helps here and do this outside, or with all the windows open.

Once the Naptha has completely gone, evaporated, you can scrape the resultant yellow
sticky crystals and oils/crude product up with a razor blade'

Pour 50ml of pure water in a jar and add Hydrochloric acid to ph3'

Drop the crude product in the solution and mix to dissolve with a glass rod'

Pour 50ml of Naptha into the jar and stir around until all the oils have melted'
Let stand to separate'

Draw off the Naptha with a pippette and discard'

Add 50ml of new Naptha'

Mix a solution of Sodium Hydroxide and pure water to base ph 13.

Gently add the Sodium Hydroxide solution drop wise to the solution of crude product and
Naptha, until the ph rises to 11.2
It takes a little while, so be patient and take your time, don't go over ph11.2'

Place the lid on the jar and roll it in a warm water bath for fifteen minutes'

Leave to stand and separate'

Draw off the Natpha with a pipette and place in the test tube'

Stand the test tube in hot water at 50* and evap half of the Naptha'

Once done stick the test tube in the freezer'

Dry ice is even better, the colder the better'

The pure spice crystals form in the bottom of the test tube'

Pour out most of the Naptha and shake the wet crystals into a clean jar' and let dry

Mix a solution of Ammonia and pure water 30% ammonia. 35 solution (if no ammonia use
Urine, Urine is ph8)

Should read 30% amonia, dilute to 3% with water' make sure this solution is very cold' swill
the cristals in a very small amount very briefly' it should have a base of 9.5-10'ph'

Pour 25ml of this solution onto of the crystals'

Slosh quickly and then drain'

Add 25ml of pure water slosh about and drain.

Shake the resultant crystals onto a dry clean plate to dry'

Pure spice'

If you followed this to a T you will get about 200mg of white crystals' out of 20 grams of

Of what to be done is very simple'

Water lye' to ph12'

Add that to your ground woods'
Add solvent' mix well and let stand'
Draw off the solvent with a pippete
Freeze presipitate the spice from the solvent'

Melt it again in clean solvent and freeze presipitate'

If this is done three times the spice comes out clean'

With a 9ph'

There is no need to wash the spice with amonia or defat'

All the crap that is not spice is left in the solvent'

Ez journeys folks'

The tech was only given to show folks of how it wsas done the correct way'

Just freeze pesipitate and wash with solvent and do it again' it comes out clean'

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