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Complete the application form for your chance to become a 21st Asia Masters Athletics

Championships and play your part in sporting history as Sarawak hosts the event from
2nd till 6th December 2019.

Should you have any problems completing this form, please contact the VOLUNTEER TEAM
at sukarelawansukan2019ssc@gmail.com or Mr. Rohizat Achop at 012 8046609. Enquiries
will be responded to as quickly as possible and opening hours are Monday till Friday from
0900 – 1700 hrs. If you need this form in any other format please contact
sukarelawansukan2019ssc@gmail.com or 012 8046609.

SECTION 1 : Your Information

* Sections are compulsory

* First Name :

* Surname :

* Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy) : Ethnic Group :

* Phone (Mobile) :

Address :

City :

Country : Postcode :

Email Address :

Gender : □ Male □ Female Nationality :

Volunteer Registration

Occupation :

Employer Name and Address :

Please let us know your general T Shirt size : □ XS □S □M □L □ XL □ XXL □ XXXL

Do you consider yourself to have a disability? □ Yes □ No (If yes, please specified _____________)

SECTION 2 : Skills and Interest

* In helping us to identify a suitable role for you, which of the following skills and abilities do you have you would like
to bring/ use in your volunteer role?

Specific Skills
Select all that apply:
□ Knowledge of a specific sporting discipline (please provide details below), including experience of
competing, coaching, officiating, or volunteering
□ Event organisation skills
□ Leadership experience
□ People management/ Human Resource/ Personnel
□ Customer service/ dealing with public
□ Foreign language/ translation skills (please provide details below)
□ Media relations/ communications
□ First aid
□ Information technology/ computing
□ Administrating data entry
□ Manual handling
□ Driving experience
□ Relevant qualification (please specify below)
□ General

Volunteer Registration

General Skills
Select all that apply:
□ Dealing with high-pressure or stressful situations/ ability to remain calm and level-headed
□ Friendly/ great people skills
□ Knowledge of Kuching or the other areas hosting event
□ Experience of other countries and culture
□ Adaptable, flexible or able to work on several tasks
□ Working as part of a team
□ Organising and coordinating tasks

Additional information
If you would like to provide further information about the experience, knowledge or skills you can offer
please use this space;

About your experience of voluntary work

Select all that apply:
□ Over the last 12 months I have given up my time to help clubs, charities, campaigns or organisations in
an unpaid capacity
□ Over the last 12 months I have given up my time to help people who are not relatives (e.g. helping a
□ I have experience of volunteering at other sporting events (please specify below)
□ This will be my first volunteering experience

Volunteer Registration

SECTION 3 : Eligibility Criteria

* In order to volunteer with us you must be able to speak and read English (although English does not have to be your
first language) or any other the languages.

Please confirm whether you are able to ;

 Communicate confidently in English (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
□ Yes □ No
 Communicate confidently in Mandarin (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
□ Yes □ No
 Communicate confidently in Japanese (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
□ Yes □ No
 Communicate confidently in Korean (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
□ Yes □ No

Please tell us why you would like to become a Volunteer

Select all that apply:
□ To represent or give something back to my community
□ To contribute to the success of the named event
□ To take part in an exciting and unique event
□ To join a team of volunteers
□ Because I am proud of being from/ living in Sarawak/ other host venues
□ To meet new people/ make new friends
□ To try something new
□ To gain new skills/ for personal development
□ To put my knowledge/ skills/ time to use
□ Develop my understanding of major events
□ For my own health and wellbeing/ confidence/ sense of worth/ purpose
□ Because of my passion for sport

If you have any other reason for becoming a volunteer, or if you would like to give
us more information on what you hope to gain from this experience, please use this

Volunteer Registration

SECTION 4 : Emergency Contact Information

Name :

Phone 1 (Mobile/ House) :

Phone 2 (Mobile/ House) :

Relationship :

Data Protection
The organizer will use your personal data provided in this application for monitoring and research
purposes. We will not share or disclose it to any external third parties unless specifically stated on this
form, except with our agencies we have appointed for specific purposes, which will use your personal
data for monitoring, research, evaluation and to help with the development of future programmes. We
would like to contact applicants again in the future to discuss your views of the application and selection
process or (if selected) your experiences of volunteering on the event. Do you consent to taking part in
future research on this programme?
□ Yes □ No
By selecting yes, your contact details (Name and email address) will be forwarded to the organizers who
will contact you regarding suitable volunteer opportunities.

Photo Release
I agree to allow the organizer to take pictures or videos (digital or otherwise) of myself and to reproduce
the likeness for promotional purposes only. Please attach TWO (2) photo passport size of yourself
alongside with this applicant.

Signature : Date :

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. To send this to us, please email
sukarelawansukan2019ssc@gmail.com or post to :
Sports Volunteer Team
Sports Development Division, Sarawak Sports Corporation
Pandella Rinong Aquatic Centre, Petra Jaya
93050 Kuching, Sarawak.
We will confirm receipt of your application within five working days of us receiving it. If you have not
heard from us after this time please get in touch via sukarelawansukan2019ssc@gmail.com or Mr.
Rohizat Achop at 012 8046609

*The Sarawak Sports Corporation (SSC) and organizer are not liable and will not be held responsible for any accident, personal
injury, or loss of any kind. By signing this waiver below, you are stating that you have a valid health insurance.