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Valentine’s Day Personal Myth Busters- What are you like in

Channeling Development The Paradigm of love - an astrological
By Senior Origin Feature ‘How you Scientific guide to Valentine’s
Reader Cathy Cox Can be Truly Materialism Day ...
Confident’, by Bede Rod Nicholson
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An d H appy Val ent ine’s Day!
Even living in the Western Isles of Scotland, you can’t escape the commercial
message that Valentine’s Day approaches. I find it interesting that my eye has
become quite practised at tuning out to all the red and glitz, much as it had with
Christmas shortly before that.

So I thought I’d set myself a bit of a consciousness challenge. Rather than dismiss
In the quiet the hype as another commercial conspiracy, aimed at manipulating us to mindlessly
and spend money, I thought I’d look for the heart of Valentine’s Day (sorry!) - the
essence and spirit of this festival of love.
space of a Well naturally, when you go to the heart of any of our favourite rites and rituals, its
spirit is something deeply personal and incredibly beautiful. More than anything,
psychic Valentine’s Day calls us to look honestly into our hearts. Who or what do we really

reading, appreciate in our lives? Are we living out who we really are with those we love? Are
there ways we could love ourselves better? Have we lost faith in the magic that
you can be happens when our hearts really are allowed to be in charge?
confident This is the inspiration for much of our work on the Origin Psychic Line. In the quiet
that your and intimate space of a psychic reading, you can be confident that your heart can be

heart can heard - its doubts and wounds, but also its hopes and dreams.

be heard - I hope you’ll enjoy this month’s digital edition of Origin Connections. We have some
exciting innovations - we welcome the first of our guest contributors, Dr Jonathan
its doubts Young. Dr Young focuses much of his writing on the area of ‘Personal Mythology’ -
and you’ll find his article about Imbolc on page 11. I’m sure you’ll also enjoy Rod
Nicholson’s ‘Myth Buster’ feature - this is the first in a series we’ll be presenting in
wounds, the coming months - it begins on page 7. And don’t forget to celebrate Chinese New
but also its Year on February 3rd - this year is the Year of the Rabbit. Being a Rabbit myself, of

hopes and course I’m excited about this! Find out more about what the Rabbit year has to offer
you on page 13.
Have a great February!

In honour of Valentine’s Day, Senior Reader
Cathy Cox shares a channeling, from the
Celtic Goddess Guinevere...

‘To really open your heart to another, you must first

restore your faith in its wisdom. Be still, be quiet –
Your Personal Valentine’s listen to what comes to you from the depths of your
Ritual..... own heart. It really does know what it is doing.
When you look with your inner eye, you’ll find there
Get yourself comfortable by sitting quietly, and
is always a light there. Light and warmth. These
slowing down your breathing. Take your time,
relaxing down through every muscle in your never ever die out – your heart always remains
body, from your face, your neck, your shoulders, connected, the divine can never be snuffed out.
chest, hips and stomach, down through your legs That light, however soft, is eternal. When you
to the floor. Do this several times, until you are
really remember this, when you really know it, in
feeling calm, centered, and peaceful.
When you are ready, take your intention to your your very bones, the tenderness in your heart
heart. Breathe in, and imagine that you are breathing will feel secure, and your heart will be confident
light into your heart. Do this several times. See it to stay open - to connect with others, and at the
spiraling there, expanding outwards with each
same time, be true to itself.
outward breath. Feel the warmth in your heart, and
how easy it is to share that warmth. Your heart fire is
easy to share - as you breathe out, you are sending That light, that soft presence of the eternal
that warm heart song out into the universe, and to divine is in the hearts of others too. The
those special people in your life, and those who are still
Valentine’s festival honours the connections
to come into your life.
Spend a few minutes in this beautiful space, and then we make in the tender places in our hearts.
when you feel ready, dig your heels into the ground, take You have nothing to fear. Make a
a deep breath, and open your eyes again. Know that you commitment this year to restore faith in
have created a beautiful, loving, heart song, to go out into
the infinite wisdom - the kind of wisdom
the universe and connect with other hearts...
that can only be found in the recesses of
your own heart.’

How can
we be truly
We all know F e b ru a r y’ s Pe rs ona l
D e v e l o pmen t
that F e a t ur e . ..
can be one of We all know that confidence can be one of the most
the most attractive qualities in another person. We are drawn to confidence in others
because, in essence, ‘being confident’ means being assured and positive about
attractive oneself and one’s life, and in a world filled with doubt, negativity, insecurity and
qualities in anxiety, a confident person is someone we naturally gravitate towards.

another In the media we are saturated with images of confident people – usually they are
person. beautiful, powerful, funny, charming, determined and get what they want. In many
Yet ,what ways, confidence has become synonymous with a certain kind of success.

makes a Successful people are confident people. Yet, any basic examination of this
argument reveals how ludicrous this idea is. If success gave us confidence, why
person does Robbie Williams, one of the most successful musicians, wealthy and desired
genuinely by thousands of women, struggle with issues of depression? Why did Howard

confident? Hughes, one of the richest men in the world, live in such fear that he often
couldn’t leave his room? For the everyday person, we may not attempt to achieve
Bede success on such a grand scale, but the belief that our confidence relies on
Nicholson achieving a certain successful end persists - If I had the right boyfriend, or if I get

explores this the right promotion, then I will feel confident.

question Confidence based on success is what I would call ‘false confidence’ - it is false
from a because it is based on a view of ourselves as being able to be in control of our lives

unique and the lives of others. We view ourselves as isolated egos, struggling to get to a
point where we can be secure in the knowledge that if we want something, we can
perspective. make it happen. I am confident because I know I am attractive and can find the
relationship I want. I am confident because I know I’m good at my work and
therefore I will become wealthy and influence others. Yet in reality, often these
beliefs crumble. An attractive woman ages and is replaced by another attractive
woman. A successful man loses all his money due to an economic slump. Will
those people still feel confident? We have all faced these points in our life, and the
temptation is to simply find some other external measure to make ourselves feel
confident. The aging attractive woman gets plastic surgery. The wealthy man starts

a new business. And as such, we simply
start the same cycle all over again.

The first step to creating real confidence is

to recognize that confidence is not based on
achieving external goals, but is related to our
conception of our identity, of ‘who I am.’ Our
identities are often inherited from our
childhood beliefs. The more narrow and fixed
our identity is, then the more limited our
confidence will be. Some of us start out with
negative self-conceptions like ‘I’m fat and useless’
and others with more positive ones like ‘I’m
attractive and good looking.’ While the positive
conception certainly starts us out on a better footing,
in reality both are as limited as each other. They are
simply different sides of the same coin. Both are based
on a conception of the self limited by a superficial
understanding of who you really are.

The first step towards

creating real confidence is to
recognize that confidence is
related to our conception of
our identity - of ‘who I am’.
Lack of confidence often emerges when circumstances no
Creating real confidence requires us to develop a
longer allow us to take on a certain identity that we have
more expansive view of who we are, which is not fixed
used to make us feel worthwhile. The empty nest
or limited by our beliefs. For me, I always start out with
syndrome is an obvious example of this. If the idea that ‘ I
a basic viewpoint ‘I am a good person, connected and
am a good Mother’ is the central feature of a person’s
open to the spark of the divine within.’ This conception
identity, then the kids moving away could become a real
of myself is not dependent upon me achieving a certain
trauma. We all face this same challenge in different ways.
goal or being good at a particular thing, and no matter
The test of real confidence lies in our ability to let go of
what situation I find myself in, I can always stop and
old identities and embrace new ones. Real confidence
reaffirm this deeper knowledge about who I am.
is based on our ability to be open to change inside
ourselves. If you are a person who is stuck, rigid or
A distrustful person can never be truly confident. We can
unwilling to change who you are, then more likely
see many examples of this in real life. You cannot be a good
than not you will spend much of your life desperately
business manager if you don’t know how to delegate and
trying to make your life fit around your identity
trust others to do the job. You can’t win a football match if
rather than the other way around. The ‘good mother’
you don’t trust your teammate enough to pass them the ball.
will turn into the interfering grandmother. The
‘great sportsman’ will turn into ‘aging has-been by
the bar.’
‘I would prefer to be hurt a thousand times
over, to experience love once, rather than to
never be hurt, but also to never experience love
at all!’
Many of us face moments in life when we feel our trust in others is being challenged. It may be a divorce, or a
family feud where we end up feeling that everyone else is selfish and uncaring. We may end up thinking ‘I am on
my own, and the only person I can count on is me.’ It is impossible to maintain confidence when we view others

with suspicion and fear. At this point, you may ask,

‘Surely, there are some people who don’t deserve our
trust?’ Certainly, but there is a difference between There are many ways in which we at Origin
Psychics, and the Origin Educere Retreat
being distrustful and being discerning. Being
Centre, can support anyone seeking to
distrustful is a suspicious and fearful perspective about develop themselves personally. If you would
others. Being discerning is about being aware and clear like to find out more about one of our
about others' faults and limitations. When we are personally tailored retreat programmes, visit
discerning we see the risks we make with open eyes., or email
We are aware that we may get hurt, but we take a leap

of faith. My father once said ‘ I would prefer to get hurt

We can help you find the pathways to your
1000 times, to experience love once, than to never get own, personal and inexhaustible source of
hurt once, and never experience love at all.’ This is an wisdom...
attitude of real confidence.

to do here. The truth is that our medical education is

Myth Busters: gravely behind the times.

The paradigm of Our medical schools are still firmly entrenched in a

belief in Scientific Materialism. There are many ways in

Scientific which the belief we have in scientific materialism is

keeping our medicine stagnant. I know they will hate me

Materialism in for saying this but, in my opinion, many members of the

medical profession today are like the priests of the

Catholic Church in the sixteenth century when Galileo
was imprisoned. They are holding on to beliefs and
assumptions which are dead and buried, although they
refuse to see it at the moment.
B y Rod Nic ho l so n
A doctor’s training is fundamentally no different than
Have you ever thought about how our doctors are
the training of a car engineer except that a human being
taught? What is their curriculum? Upon what beliefs
is not a machine but has a mind and feelings and is not
and assumptions is it based?
just more complicated than any car - we have a different
level of being.
I have been a professional educator all my life, so, as I
have encountered doctors, I have been curious about
what goes on with their training and education, We are called as a species,
especially when we have not seen eye to eye about what I ‘Homo Sapiens’. The
should be doing to keep myself healthy.
translation of this from Latin is
We are having big problems in our health systems ‘Wise man’. Humans require
throughout the Western world. Could it be that our
doctors’ particular method of trained is a significant more from a doctor than
contributing factor? In my opinion, from an educational simply body engineering.
perspective, I would say we have some serious thinking

A lady friend of mine, lying in hospital, just
recovering from a breast cancer operation,
said to the hospital doctor, “ I am going to
stay positive and believe in my ability to keep
cancer at bay in the future through how I think
and feel.” The doctor’s response was to say that
there was no scientific evidence to show that the
way you thought and felt had any relationship to

Apart from the total insensitivity of what he had to

say, it was also untrue. There is a great deal of
evidence to show the relationship between our mind
and our bodies. He knew nothing about this evidence
because he was locked in his belief system just as much as
a fundamentalist Christian still asserting that God made
the world in seven days.

Our doctors are taught to believe in the body in mechanical

terms, as are we. The heart is a pump, the lungs are bellows,
our legs are levers and so on. The belief is that we are biological
machines and there is no correlation between our body and our
mind and emotions.

We have a hospital system that is still based on the model of

factories from the industrial revolution. There is now more
danger to life and limb in going into hospital, regardless of our
medical reason than getting into our car or being a soldier in a
war zone.
The classical physics of Isaac Newton forms
When we visit our doctor he might hardly know our name the basis of our medical model – that based
and certainly little of our personality, circumstances and in the laws of a mechanical universe. The
background. Often, his diagnosis and treatment is likely to
problem is that in 1925, the basis of physics
be centred around which drug to prescribe.
moved into a different universe, the quantum
The truth is that how we feel and how we think is central universe, with its understanding of an energy
to our health. If we are going to keep healthy and universe and the interconnectedness of all
maintain our energy and vitality throughout our life we things. Our medical schools still, after over 85
need to work on our inner world and our
years have not come to grips with this paradigm
consciousness. We have been brought up to believe
we have no personal power with regard to our health shift and what it truly means for medicine and
and when we have a problem we look to a doctor to health.
solve it for us, just as we look for a TV technician
with our TV or a car mechanic with our car.
We are encouraged to look after our bodies in the same way we look after our car. Keep it clean, service it
regularly, don’t stress it out by going beyond its capacity. However, cars do not have their own minds and feelings.
We do. Mechanical care and servicing is not enough for us as human beings.

We need inner training, not outer training.

I had my gall bladder out when I was in my late thirties.

I know why now. I have quite a fiery nature. I spent of
lot of energy controlling my anger. My anger grew into Rod Nicholson is the CEO and
gall stones over a number of years. I know this to be founder of the Origin Educere Retreat
true for me. No one had ever educated me in how to Centre on the magical Isle of Skye.
dissolve my anger. I only knew how to deal with it Based on a lifetime of study and
through control, hence the gall stones growing in a contemplation, beginning when he
hidden way inside my body until at last something had became a monk at the age of 16, Rod
has developed a method of
to be done about it. Surgery, by that time, was the only
mentoring and supporting people to
option. make real change in their lives - he
calls it ‘The Wisdom Factor.’
It is not too late for any of us to begin to re-educate
ourselves. We can all begin to start on an inner Visit Rod’s blog at
training programme. The basic dynamo of a healthy,
energetic life begins and ends inside our own minds.

‘Thank you to the team at the Origin Retreat
Centre on Skye. My time with you was a real
experience of inward reflection, inspiration
and growth.’
Dr Gary Orr, Consultant Psychiatrist
The Origin Educere Retreat
Centre - Skye

mechanical, time bound world of modern life, from

ENQUIRIES - 0800 389 5781 (UK) a world where most things are dead, to a world
where you can feel the magical energies of revival
44 1470 532456 (Intl.)
and connection all around you.
In the long stretch of human history, most people
Skye is a place where you can enjoy feeling
have seen themselves as being part of a living world,
connected, where the sense of separation and
a world where everything is alive and nothing is
isolation begins to dissolve. Here, you begin to
experience your sense of oneness with
everything around you.
Since the arrival of the modern industrial age, most
people have lost touch with the aliveness of nature.
Whatever it is about this island, it is a very
Nevertheless, there are many of us who feel the throb of
special place, and the vast majority of
that aliveness in our bodies and long to restore a real
people who come here experience
connection, knowing it will help to heal and restore our
something that uplifts them. There are
energies and vitality.
some things that are really worth the
effort, and to make the Isle of Skye one
The Isle of Skye is a place where the aliveness of nature is
place that you can say you have visited,
still palpable. Everyone who comes here feels its special
seen and experienced is one of those
energies immediately. It is so wonderful to move out of the
things - a unique and wonderful
experience, just in itself.
Celtic divinities and is closely

Imbolc - associated with the land. She is the

protector of the wells and springs.

A Day for
She is the guardian of nature, and
therefore agriculture. She is
specifically associated with
the Queen livestock. As a fertility goddess,
Brigid is also the patron of the

of Heaven poets, artists, and others who

create. Hence, her name is invoked
at childbirth.
B y Dr J on a t ha n When Brigid slipped into the
You ng world, a tower of flame rose from
the top of her head to the heavens. The key is developing a practice of
Joseph Campbell believed that
Her fire aspect means she is the receptivity. For example,
mythic stories draw us into accord
goddess of the hearth, and the contemplating our dreams can open
with nature. We tend to forget that
forge. She is the guardian of those us to an awareness greater than our
we are still animals on a fragile
who worked with metal. By conscious knowing.
planet. The tales remind us of our
extension, she is the goddess of the
place in the natural order. Brigid’s protection of
machine. If we have difficulties with
our cars or computers, our pleas for agriculture and poetry underscores
The oral tradition had rich
the need to tend our inner fertility.
reflections on the changes of the divine intercession might be
properly addressed to Brigid. Tending our forms of creativity is
seasons. In the Celtic calendar, the
crucial to a fulfilling life. The
first of the four fire festivals of the
The various historical details ancients believed that gifts of
year is Imbolc. It is celebrated on
have contemporary psychological expression were only on loan. We
the second day of February.
implications. We can think of the are reminded to remain grateful,
The divinity acknowledged in deities as symbols of inner mystery. and to be good custodians of artistic
these early Spring rites is the If we ponder the images in the talents.
goddess Brigid, the queen of stories as if they had appeared in
our dreams, we will discover many Her association with fire also
heaven. She is the greatest of the
valuable insights. Joseph pertains to the creative life. Finding
passion in our work is a major
Campbell thought myths were
achievement. Handling our
Jonathan Young, Ph.D. -- much like dreams. Guidance
storyteller and psychologist through life’s difficulties could be energies well requires maturity. It
-- assisted Joseph Campbell drawn from their symbolism. takes effort to find a balance where
at seminars and was the we have vitality without being
founding curator of The symbolism of wells and consumed.
the Joseph Campbell springs reflects the connection to
Archives in Santa Barbara. the waters of life that emerge from The plume
His books and articles focus unseen sources. In psychological of fire radiating
on personal mythology. His terms, this could signify the from her head
recent writing can be found connects her to
wisdom of the unconscious that
at the life of the
flows from mysterious origins.
Experiences of renewal often Down through the years,
include bereavement. We continually mythic stories continue to
suffer losses, especially in the enchant. On close inspection,
moments of passage. Claiming our the images have much to say
wholeness includes valuing the about modern life. Joseph
sorrow for that which is no more. Campbell said the ability to see
the metaphors in the old tales
One traditional practice on her opens us to the richness of
day was to put baked goods out on everything around us. The
the doorstep. They were called cakes whole world turns into a holy
for the queen of heaven. These picture. We can become aware
offerings were often eaten by hungry of a dimension of significance
travelers in her name. We might in the ordinary that is nothing
honor this custom by giving money short of radiant.
to the homeless for something to eat
on Imbolc. The idea is to find a way So, let us honor the Great
to share the boon. Those who have Mother, the Queen of Heaven.
been blessed in life are called upon to May we be open to her many
develop some practice of service to gifts of inspiration in this
others. season of renewal.

Living Consciously
A fabulous retreat in a magical place!
with Jenny Quine and Jean-Pierre Kuntz.

Friday April 15th - Sunday April 17th

Thursday June 23 - Sunday June 26th
Friday September 2nd - Sunday 4th September

For those of you interested in personal development, we invite you to come to

THE ALIVE CENTRE, in SW France and simply spoil yourselves!
We are in idyllic surroundings behind one of the prettiest villages in France ( www.collonges-la-rouge ) and only ten
minutes walk from the Centre.  You will enjoy an emotional makeover and benefit from the experience of the
therapists working with you.  Both Jenny and Jean-Pierre have over 25 years experience - you will return rejuvenated!

Direct flights from London city airport -Brive-Vallee-de-la-Dordogne, only half an hour from The Centre.
We look forward to meeting you.
Landline: OO 33 555 25 36 19 (please leave a message)
Mobile: OO 33 674 721 457

to the
Year of the
The Year of the Rabbit begins
on February 3rd, 2011. Rabbit
years are often characterized by being quiet, positive
and inspiring - this year does seem to be heading in
this direction. Quite a change from the often dramatic
Year of the Tiger! It’s a year for personal development
and patient diplomacy, whether in the home, the office,
or international frontiers.

The Rabbit year is a great opportunity for us all to renew

our focus and commitment to the gentler aspects of life -
those we love, friends & family, our love for the earth and
Famous Rabbit People
everything which lives on it, how we express ourselves through art
and music. It’s a time to renew and take good care of ourselves
and those we love.
Albert Einstein
Cuddly, warm and affectionate... these are just Winston Churchill
some of the characteristics of people born in Johnny Depp
the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. Not
Angelina Jolie
surprisingly, they avoid conflict if they can
possibly do so, but are also known to be Lewis Carroll
sincere and compassionate. They love to be John Hurt
surrounded by family and friends, and are
David Frost
considered to be one of the luckiest signs
in the Chinese Zodiac! Jet Li
Germaine Greer
Want to check out if you’re lucky enough to be born in
the year of the Rabbit? Well there’s a good chance if you John Cleese
were born in any of the following years: Jane Seymour
1939 / 1951 / 1963 / 1975 / 1987 / 1999 Orson Welles
Ingrid Bergman
things that are already separated, already in binary

Wholeness & form, and that creates the urge to merge with another.
We are also divided from our own self- we think we are

Unity: not whole until we merge with another being. Like two
halves of the same apple, we need to find the person
that is the perfect fit to us. Our minds and emotions are
In te grat in g Y o u r Ma le & divided, creating a schizophrenic personality.
Fe male En e rgi es Wholeness starts when we connect the divisions within
ourselves, becoming whole, and thereby creating the
B y Nata lie A rki ns seeds of wholeness in our energy field. We have to
begin to unify within ourselves, it is too big a task or
“In union there is strength” Aesop. concept to try to change others. If we do try when they
We are coming to a time where the issues of are not ready we are bound to fail and might harm the
separateness and division are being broken down, and relationship we have with them.
a new consciousness of our unity and connectedness is Not surprisingly, divisions also exist between the sexes.
blossoming. This is happening at all levels- globally, According to the eastern philosophies, male/solar
politically, mentally, spiritually and physically. Science energies are yang, equated with the actions and in
is even catching up with the spiritual consciousness general are strong, active and giving. Female/lunar
movement, and showing through experiments on energies are yin, equated with passive, receptive and
quantum mechanics (called quantum entanglement reflective qualities.
theory 1,2) that at the most basic energetic level, we are There are lots of theories about men and women being
all connected across distance and time. Unity does give from different planets, how different we think and feel
strength, but I believe we had to experience the and these seem to accentuate our separateness. This
separation to want to move towards unity. The Buddha sense of separation creates division, not wholeness.
is quoted as saying “Unity can only be manifested by But this division within us and between the sexes is not
the binary. Unity itself and the idea of unity are already true at our most basic genetic level, we are more alike
two.” This means that unity can only really come from and share most genes3. Since genes are the blueprint

for our energy system, it cannot be true
on the outer experience either. This
collective mental thought pattern or
thoughtform (an idea that has created its
own energy and grows and spreads) has been
perpetuated throughout the world, and it is
time to change this thoughtform by
reconnecting and integrating our own inherent
male and female energies.
During our conception, we are created by two
gametes coming together, and fertilizing into a
new whole being4: again, two (binary) becoming
one. The X and Y chromosomes share many genes,
and just a few are not shared- these are the genes
associated with the development of the male sex. One
gene determines male sex- the SRY gene.
Physically we are an outer representation of our
sexuality- externally male or female. Internally we carry
the opposite sexual energy. At certain points in our days,
we will have to make decisions and act. Other times, we
need to receive- let someone help us, or let someone love us.
In essence, we already express our wholeness, but we can
deceive ourselves into thinking that we are still split.

There are many techniques that work to connect and

An affirmation for integrating your male & integrate your male and female energy, these vary from
female energies: physical techniques using the breath (pranayama5 in yoga,
Nine purification breaths in the Tibetan Bön tradition6),
‘My male & female energies are using the imagination, visualisation or verbal affirmations.
connected, united, and whole. I am When using the imagination and visualisation, it is as easy
as imagining that your male and female energies are
complete, exactly as I am.’
united and whole, or you may want to visualise your right
References: and left sides uniting. For those who prefer affirmations,
• I have one that you can utilise, or you can make up your
timelike-entanglement. own. “My male and female energies are connected,
• united and whole. I am complete exactly as I am. ”
• http:/, These techniques do not need to be repeated daily, just say or do them when you feel the need to connect.
• Then, it is important to trust that you are whole and
aa040805a.htm connected with your Male and Female energies.
• Healing with Form , Energy and Light: The Five
Elements in Tibetan Shamanism, Tantra and
Dzogchen. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.
sign – she talks privately to you if your own inner child this

Your sign you’ll listen! Valentine’s Day AND PLAY! Your

lover will enjoy every minute of it.

in love... Gemini in Love

Couldn’t you take
a little pity on all
Leo in Love
Leos love to be in
those poor souls love, and with the
Aries in Love in love with you way you shower
There’s one thing Gemini? Are you really that fickle? affection and
which is a real NO! You and I both know that romance on your
blessing for those particular behaviour is just a cover lover, you’re usually not short of
in love with you up for your frightened heart. You’d opportunities to be in that space.
Aries – they almost probably enjoy your love life a But why not shine a little light on
always know where they stand! whole lot more if you had the the quieter corners of your heart
Enjoy your sense of adventure, your courage to reveal your fears, too, Leo. We both know that
joie de vivre – if you temper your instead of pretending you have beneath your passion and tendency
passion enough to choose a partner none. When you do take the risk to to adore those you love, lies a deep,
who is actually compatible with you, really share your heart, instead of and beautiful tenderness. Share
they won’t be able to help but come just your charm, you share a vibrant this, and cupid’s arrow can’t miss.
along with you. Your joy will be love - ever changing, ever fresh. On Valentine’s Day: You could
infectious, and will keep fanning On Valentine’s Day: Your really start some fireworks this
the flames of your romantic
eccentricity can really shine this Valentine’s Day Leo! Celebrate
Valentine’s Day Gemini. All you what really makes your lover
On Valentine’s Day: Be your most
have to do is genuinely put your unique in your mind.
passionate self and go all out Aries
heart into it, and you’ll have a
– spoil your lover with their ideal
wonderful day. Virgo in Love
Valentine’s Day wish!
Do you realise just
Cancer in how versatile you
Taurus in Love
Love are Virgo? If you
Oh my, Taurus,
What a could accept that
you must really
contradiction one little thought,
be in your
you can seem your relationships would flow along
element as we
to be to those who love you Cancer. so much more smoothly. People
approach Valentine’s Day! For
Surprised? Soft, emotionally open who love you absolutely love your
your deeply romantic soul surely
and nurturing one minute, thoughtfulness – the way you always
sings with all the possibilities open
focussed, ambitious and remember birthdays and
to you. Celebrate your depth and
determined the next. Overall anniversaries, and look after those
sincerity with those you love – those
though, you cherish and devote you love in a hundred little practical
you love know with absolute
yourself to those you love most, but ways. Keep reframing with the
certainty that they can rely on you.
especially that special someone you positives in mind, and you won’t go
Stay true to the strength of that, and
feel that deep,’soul’ connection wrong.
your relationship life will be deeply
with. Keep clear about your own On Valentine’s Day: I’m sure
deep sense of identity, and the you’ve attended to all the details
On Valentine’s Day: All you have
confidence which comes from that, Virgo – you couldn’t not! So now
to do is trust your intuition about and your relationships will be deep put on that fantastic outfit, and
how to celebrate Valentine’s Day and fulfilling. celebrate love, no matter what!
Taurus. Venus doesn’t just rule your On Valentine’s Day: You’re good
with children Cancer – connect with

Libra in Love Sagittarius in Aquarius in Love
Are you in Love Fair, friendly, patient
seductive mood Your passion, and incredibly accepting
Libra? Do you generosity and – are you the model
have any idea enthusiasm lover Aquarius? Sadly,
no – nobody fits that
how attractive attract plenty
description, but it is
you are when of potential partners to you
good to see and celebrate what
you go into that space? Do you have Sagittarius, but your need for some powerful characteristics you share
any idea how frustrating it is for independence within your with those who love you. Really
those in love with you when you run relationships does confuse at times. Aquarius, the main thing is to
scared? Just a few little interesting, Draw on that forthright part of you recognize that what you see as
perfectly innocent analytical to ensure you’re clear about what being ‘direct’, your lover may
questions for you to help you along your romantic intentions are. Be interpret as you being thoughtless.
with your love life. Seriously Libra – warned though – you might just be Temper your communication a
give the rest of us a break and taken by surprise at how deeply you little, even if it seems unnecessary
or irrational, and your relationships
realise that you do long for love, can share your heart, when that
may just last as well as your
and you’re perfectly capable of compatible person comes along!
coping with it when it comes along. On Valentine’s Day: No quiet On Valentine’s Day: Go all out this
On Valentine’s Day: Which side of romantic dinners for you on year for your lover Aquarius – let
the scales are you on this Valentine’s Day Saggie – step out your vast imagination conjure up
Valentine’s Day Libra? Go on – there and sing your lover’s praises, the most passionate and exciting
jump out of the middle and right in whatever way takes your fancy. ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
into all that romantic schmalz you
love so much! Capricorn in Pisces in Love
Love I wonder if you
Scorpio in Love ‘Hopelessly see the
Mysterious, devoted to you’ sweetness in
passionate and could have been your soul as
magnetic – that’s written with you much as your
you Scorpio, in mind Capricorn – I mean that in a loved ones do Pisces? Maybe it’s to
isn’t it! You can’t positive way. Your devotion gives do with your ability to see the best
keep that part of your loved ones a depth of security in others; maybe it’s your ability to
your psyche love unconditionally. The only
you may not even realise yourself.
secret. Potential lovers, be aware –
They certainly wouldn’t be able to thing to be cautious about really
if you fall in love with a Scorpio, it
be too openly emotional about it, Pisces is that you’re actually seeing
will be intense. If it works, it will be
fantastic! The key really for you nor, heaven forbid, display their your lover in reality, and not a
Scorpio is to be able to balance your love publicly! Even so Capricorn, if projection of your infatuation. See
passions and your desire for some you can let yourself show the the best by all means, but see too
privacy. You need both for your intensity of your feelings, you’ll what is there now. Your lover needs
peace of mind. At least be open with keep the connections you value full to be able to be themselves with
your lover about that. of vitality. you.
On Valentine’s Day: Go for it On Valentine’s Day: You may not On Valentine’s Day: You’re
Scorpio! This Valentine’s Day, the find the frequently ‘OTT’ aspects of usually in your element on
planets are lined up for some Valentine’s Day all that comfortable Valentine’s Day Pisces, and this
passionate play. Should suit you Capricorn. Just show your feelings year is no exception. Revel in your
down to the ground. in your own way, and all will be romantic heart, and let your famous
well. daydreams become a reality.

relationship dynamics, and helps people to

Lynne Leslie
gain the confidence they need to make
Originally from the
positive change. She is already becoming

north east of Scotland,
very popular with our Origin Psychics’
Lynne Leslie joined the
clients - her style and care for her clients is
Origin Psychics’ team

obviously something many of our clients
in 2009. She is an
are already responding to.
extremely sensitive

Team... Jody Cassidy psychic – empathic and

clairsentient, and she helps her clients to
Jody is a reader who
experience a much clearer picture of what
connected with her are often painful and confusing feelings
gift at a very young
Merle Hurley and circumstances. Lynne’s particular
age - she has been strength is in supporting her clients with
Merle is one of the reading complex emotional dynamics in their
Senior Readers on professionally for
relationships. She will help you to unravel
the Origin Psychics over 30 years now! Her expertise lies in the confusing threads in your life, and to
Line. She is warm- the area of psychic tarot readings, and with develop a clearer sense of how to move
hearted and loving, a particular sensitivity to the subtle forwards confidently.
always willing to give dynamics of our relationships. Jody is very
of herself and her time, and clients can rely acute - you’ll feel much more hopeful after Debbie Kiely
on her to give them an honest yet very your reading! Debbie comes from a
sensitive and empathetic reading. Merle family with a strong
has many years experience and has lineage of psychic
demonstrated her gifts on our psychic line and mediumship
time and time again and her impressive ability, and she
group of followers gives testimony to that.  Rose’
herself has been
working as a
strength and
Anne professional psychic for over 20 years. She
interest lies in
has a wealth of experience in a range of
Anne loves to work clairvoyant readings. But, in her own
psychic arts - tarot, astrology, mediumship,
with Tarot, words: ‘My clairvoyant readings are not
spirit guidance, and in addition, she is a
Clairvoyance, just readings. I work from my heart and my
trained counsellor. Debbie gives her
Clairsentience and goal is always to assist in guidance where
clients a wonderfully healing perspective
Astrology - her reconnection to one’s higher self can be
with any question or difficulty they are
readings offer a acheived.’
wonderful fusion of these. She has a deep
belief in the power of psychic readings to
Kristie Terrell Natalie
uplift and inspire us, and the feedback we Arkins
receive from clients about her readings Kristie uses a Natalie’s many
demonstrates her commitment to do just combination of psychic talents
this! she aims to always leave her clients clairvoyance, include tarot
feeling positive and with a sense of clairsentience, reading, shamanic
empowerment in their lives, no matter what clairaudience, journeying,
their circumstance. mediumship, spirit clairsentience, clairvoyance, mediumship
communication, angel cards and Reiki to and dowsing with a crystal. Natalie has
help you find the path that is best for you.
Sharon Johnson been reading the tarot for 10 years, and
Her approach is very caring, but honest uses her psychic abilities to give accurate
Sharon is a highly and never judgmental. She can assist you in and in depth readings. Natalie can help you
intuitive psychic, tarot all areas of your life and help you with your with relationship and love issues, family,
reader and Reiki heart’s desire, whether it has to do with career and health to guide you on the path
master, whose readings career, family, friendship or love. that is best for you, always focusing on
are accurate, caring and positive solutions on your life journey.
insightful. Sharon is
able to uncover emotional issues and

Charles Russell Dana Patterson Sandy Johnson
With over 15 years Dana has worked as a Sandy brings a range
experience as a professional of psychic gifts and a
psychic Charles have Intuitive/Psychic for wealth of experience
received frequent over thirty years. Her to her work with
praise for the accuracy readings often begin Origin Psychics.
of his readings. when you say your Clairvoyance, Tarot,
Charles is a clairsentient who loves to work first name. Dana will Astrology are her preferred psychic arts.
with Tarot to help clients answer their see the core issues surrounding the The key to Sandy’s success as a reader
questions. His clients have come from dynamics of your life direction, during over 35 years in the field is that she
diverse backgrounds including those in relationship issues and so much more. She has a passion for working with people in
business and the media. As a dream has worked for many years at Oprahs the interpersonal relationships, decisions,
practitioner Charles also likes to use the favorite Spa Resort helping thousands. and spiritual growth. She will connect with
creative insights of dreams as a practical Many of Oprahs staff and friends would you, wherever you’re at, and support you
guide. recommend her readings. on the path forwards.

February Tarot
Th e P age O f W a n ds
The Page of Wands is playful and maybe even a little
mischievous. It is like the striking of a match – a spark
of initiative, which hops and darts around, getting
things moving in our lives. Imagine a tree sprite –
small, quick moving, full of life and vitality, daring you
to chase it! This is the essence of the page of Wands.
Have you become a little stuck in your ways? Don’t be
surprised if something unexpected happens in your day
- not a major turn of events, just something which
challenges you to change course, think differently,
change your timetable – even just to smile or laugh out
aloud! The Page of Wands doesn’t usually appear as a
particularly obvious change in our lives, nor a person
who has a big impact on us. But just as a single match ‘I can truly say, that Origin Psychics are the most
can light a bonfire, so the Page of Wands has the power sincere and compassionate there is in this line of
to create real magic in our lives. He reminds us to bring work.  There are many psychics out there, however
some lightness into our day, and can be the beginning there is no-one like Origin Psychics. With an Origin
of a real shift in our intention. Try in the midst of your Psychic reader, every minute is spent delivering with
day just to smile – for no apparent reason. If nothing empathy and sincerity and you are really left
else, people around you at work, on the train, or in the
uplifted.  Above all, the delivery of service is of the
car next to you, will wonder what is going on in your
highest standard. Thank you all at Origin Psychics. 
mind, and you can experience a little mischievous
Please continue with this line of work, helping people
moment of joy at the mystery you have created in
around the world.‘ SU, England
their day.
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