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Spring - 2011

Course No. & Title: MBA – 6215: Strategic Management

Section: A
Credit: 3 Credit Hours
Room: 535
Time: Monday, Wednesday: 8:00pm – 09:30pm
Instructor: M Nazmul Ahsan Khan
Contact: n.khan@aiub.edu

Course Description:

This course focuses on the strategic aspects of the organization. Managerial issues and
problems that affect the organization as a whole with having far-reaching and long-term
implications are dealt with in the light of the organization-environment relationships.
This course puts particular emphasis on the characteristics and determinants of plan,
mission, vision and goal formulation; critical analysis of the business sector (status and
future directions); the forms of competitive tactics, tools, and various types of generic
business and corporate strategies; and selected cases from both the service and
manufacturing companies.


At the end of the course, the students will be able to:

familiarize with the different concepts, application and impact of strategic

management to the organization
critically analyze the various issues and problems that beset the organization
underscoring the business sector environment
identify and discuss the imperatives of strategic management
describe the various Strategic Management Models and draw some comments,
reaction and proposals
present and analyze selected management cases in either service or
manufacturing sectors
conduct interviews with the faculty, professionals and business executives on
their assessment of the strategic management of their respective organizations

Topics to be covered:

 Basic Concepts of Strategic Management

 Corporate Governance
 Social Responsibility and Ethics in Strategic Management
 Environmental Scanning and Industry Analysis
 Internal Scanning: Organizational Analysis
 Internal Scanning: Value Chain Analysis
 Strategy Formulation: Situation Analysis and Business Strategy
 Strategy Formulation: Corporate Strategy
 Strategy Formulation: Functional Strategy and Strategic Choice
 Strategy Implementation: Organizing for Action
 Strategy Implementation: Staffing and Directing
 Evaluation and Control

Reference Textbook/Materials:

 Strategic Management and Business Policy, 12/e Author(s): Thomas L. Wheelen,

J. David Hunger; Pearson Education
 Handout Materials/presentation slides on Strategic Planning and Management
 Documents/case study downloaded from Internet

Course Evaluation:

Midterm 40%
o Group Presentation (2) 10x2 = 20
o Group Assignment (2) 10x2= 20
o Class attendance & participation 10
o MCQ/Short Q/A formatted Exam 50
 TOTAL 100 Marks

Final 60%
o Group Presentation (2) 10x2 = 20
o Group Assignment (2) 10x2= 20
o Class attendance & participation 10
o MCQ/Short Q/A formatted Exam 50
 TOTAL 100 Marks

o All assignments will be a group assignment. Students can discuss the ideas with
others; however, all members must be involved in preparation of the assignment as
well as content of the presentation. Students absent in presentation will receive ‘0’
out of 10.
o Groups need to EMAIL both the report and presentation to: N.KHAN@AIUB.EDU by
the deadline. Late submission will be panelized.
o No hardcopy is required. Only softcopy is allowed.
o Group Assignment will be marked in group; however, Group Presentation will be
marked individually.
o Final Grade will be calculated as per university policy & guideline
o University policy will be strictly followed as per taking make-up exam; however,
Makeup exam is highly discouraged and will be tougher than the scheduled exam.
o Any type of “Plagiarism” will be strictly treated as per University code of conduct

Good Luck! 