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Science Oral Presentation Rubric

4 3 2 1
Traits Presented Exceeds Standard Meets Standard Progressing to Below
Standard Standard
Content Opening Opening captivates the Interesting opening; Opening is Opening is not
audience with interest engages audience. minimally engaging. engaging.
and/or intrigue.

Focus Purpose of presentation Topic of the Presentation lacks No clear focus.

is clear. Supporting presentation is clear. clear direction.
ideas maintain Content consistently
exceptional focus on the supports the purpose.

Organization Information/ideas are Important ideas and Irrelevant, No clear

presented in a information are unnecessary organization. Ideas
consistently logical identified for the information detracts. do not connect with
sequence. audience. Big ideas are not one another. There
Transition/connections Information/ideas are specifically are no clear
are eloquent. A strong presented in a logical identified. There are transitions. No
sense of wholeness is sequence with few significant lapses in closing is evident.
conveyed. Conclusion lapses. Transitions the order of ideas.
leaves the audience with and connections are Transitions are
a strong sense of closure. made. Closing inconsistent and
effectively weak or missing.
summarizes the Closing demonstrates
presentation. an attempt to
Presentation Speech Commands audience Makes sure audience Makes occasional Audience hears
politely using eye is ready before eye contact, makes with great
contact, making sure starting. May need few attempts to difficulty. Reads
audience is ready. Can reminders from command audience; notes and seldom
be heard by all members audience to speak up; may start speaking establishes eye
of audience without generally consistent, before audience is contact.
assistance. Uses visual maintains eye contact, ready. Needs
aid as guide or outline minimizes reliance on reminders from
for speaking. notes. audience to speak up.
Consistently maintains Mostly reads from
eye contact. notes.
Visual Aid Visual aid readable and Visual aid readable Visual aid is not Visual aid
attractive from all parts from all parts of the completely undecipherable.
of the room. Graphic is room. Graphic is accessible to all Graphic detracts
clear and professional neat. Appropriate audience members. from message.
looking, enhancing the subject chosen to Graphic may be Messy or
message. depict message. messy. Visual may inappropriate
not be most visual.
appropriate to
support presentation.
Question & Speaker expands upon Thoughtful, concise Response not clear or Could not answer
previous statements. response. Conveys did not add to questions or
Answer Cites additional knowledge of subject. comprehension of answers are
examples to answer the listener. irrelevant.