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Are The Hospitality Industry And Event Venues Ready For Post COVID19?

The year 2020 marked a major shift within the hospitality and events industry around the world.
Sanitation and cleanliness have always been important no matter what service you provide as a
vendor in the events world. However, the COVID19 pandemic has brought cleaning and sanitation
to a new level of importance. Consumer confidence will take some time to make its way back to
businesses around the country. Our responsibility within the hospitality industry is ensuring
vendors, clients and guests feel safe and healthy in their event spaces.

GBAC STAR Accreditation

One of the most important components of the GBAC STAR accreditation is professional cleaning
services. This is due to the importance of cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention.
This, along with many other elements are part of the certification process. So, what is the GBAC
STAR accreditation? The GBAC STAR program, created by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (a
division of ISSA), the worldwide cleaning industry association), provides venue-cleaning
professionals best practices on how to prepare and respond to infectious diseases and biohazards.

The GBAC STAR accreditation is a way for venues and public arenas to demonstrate a commitment
to public health and safety. The accreditation is quickly becoming coveted in the events industry
and beyond. It is no surprise that South Florida, one of the top event destinations around the world
already has venue obtaining accreditation. In May of 2020, the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the
home of Super Bowl 2020, announced it will be the first pro football stadium to attain the GBAC
STAR accreditation.

Completing the certification program will begin to instill confidence in clients and attendees. The
program is made up of 20 elements, as described by GBAC. Each is supported by guidance and
specific performance criteria. It will also require facilities to establish and maintain a cleaning,
disinfection, and infectious disease prevention program. This program will set controls in place and
minimize risks with infectious diseases such as COVID19.

Vision, Associations and Certifications

The YML Team (YML Cleaning and Event Services and YML Portable Restrooms) have always
followed strict disinfecting and cleanliness guidelines. Their work can be the first line of defense for
clients as they provide janitorial and cleaning services to all commercial facilities. These facilities
include event venues, office buildings and retail stores, to name a few. In the combat against
COVID19 and other diseases, they have always used products for disinfecting that include Clorox
and Lysol. These are two of the now recommended and approved EPA products in the prevention
and fight against COVID19.

Gaining consumer confidence will be crucial in the years to come. Those vendors, potential clients
hiring an event space and future guests of venues or public facilities reading about this
accreditation program, can certainly have peace of mind. Peace of mind, that an event space
accredited by the global organization for biorisk and earning the GBAC STAR accreditation will have
your safety and health as top priority while enjoying the event space. The importance of
disinfection, cleanliness, training, and guidance post COVID19 will be of utmost importance for any
commercial space. Event spaces and venues where large crowds gather will especially need further
attention, guidance and policies and procedures in place.

Cleanliness and disinfection, having a professional cleaning and maintenance team and training are
several of the components for accreditation. Properly trained staff equates to properly trained and
knowledgeable clients. At YML Cleaning and Event Services and YML Portable Restrooms we have
always been committed to excellence in the field of cleanliness and disinfection. We have provided
event cleaning and maintenance services in South Florida and throughout Florida since 2009,
specializing in events. We also provide cleaning and maintenance services to office and other
commercial properties within our janitorial division.
Personal and Professional Experience

With the assistance of their partner company, The Intergen Group, owned by Mr. Yoan Lorenzo,
President and Lead Consultant and the management team, they have created a project management
program. This program will assist clients in obtaining the GBAC STAR accreditation. The
management team possesses 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. However, the growth,
reputation and consistency have been a result of a combination of many factors. These factors
include their personal and professional certifications, professional experience, education,
professional associations, commitment, and professionalism.

Mr. Lorenzo has over 20 year’s financial services experience and holds a Bachelor of Business
Administration in Management and International Business and a Master of Business Administration
in Finance. In addition, Mr. Lorenzo has completed all the coursework for PhD in Conflict Analysis
and Resolution with a double concentration in Conflict and Crisis Management and Conflict in
Organizations, Schools and Health Care. He is currently in the process of completing a dissertation
in communications between Hispanic and American Millennials. Mr. Lorenzo also holds personal
professional certifications as a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certification in Risk Management
Consulting and Training Services

The Intergen Group is prepared to provide consulting, and training to existing and new clients
across the United States. The experience in entrepreneurship, leadership, analytics, audit, risk
management, strategy, planning and project management will allow The Intergen Group to provide
guidance with the GBAC STAR accreditation and other client needs.

The YML Team wants to thank all domestic and international clients. These clients include
governmental agencies, municipalities, marketing firms and Fortune 100 and 500 companies. They
also want to thank the hospitality industry clients that include event venues, event planners and
wedding planners, along with others. Their support in the past 10 years have been invaluable. They
will look to continue supporting all their clients whether they decide to move forward with the
GBAC STAR accreditation or not. The YML Team continues to follow strict guidelines from
the CDC and EPA. This ensures the safety and health of our employees, clients, vendors, and event