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Thinking about your organisation, tick the box which best reflects your level of agreement with each

statement below on a scale where 1= I strongly disagree to 6 = I strongly agree 1 2 3 4 5

All our people have a good awareness of our external environment

People can articulate the top 3-5 factors that will drive change over the next 3 years

We engage in continued dialogue with all stakeholders e.g. customers, suppliers, shareholders etc

We regularly examine and test the validity of our underpinning thinking and assumptions

Our senior management team work interdependently to deliver shared goals

Our organisation works flexibly and cooperatively across functional boundaries

Our organisation works flexibly and cooperatively across hierarchical boundaries

There is active two way communication across all levels of the organisation

There is a high degree of trust present in relationships across the organisation

We are frank and open in our communication and don’t shield people from hard news

All our people can articulate the future direction of the organisation in three minutes or less

Vision, goals and strategies for change are regularly discussed in routine management meetings

People understand the difference between leadership and management behaviours

Our leaders motivate and inspire engagement in change initiatives

Leaders at all levels consistently model new behaviours sought as part of a change initiative

Our leaders actively seek feedback as to the effectiveness of their leadership style

Leaders and followers establish informal contracts to agree mutual expectations of each other

There is a clear understanding as to what being a good follower is in our organisation

We regularly celebrate and recognise achievements

There is a positive working climate within our organisation

Subtotal each column e.g. 4 ticks in column 3 = 12 points etc. Subtotals

Total the subtotals to give a Grand Total out of a possible 120 points Grand Total
This questionnaire is only intended to give a snap shot picture of your organisation’s change readiness to stimulate discussion. It is not a
robust diagnostic tool. Indications of your Change Readiness State are detailed below.
RED 20-60 points High risk – your organisation will probably not respond well to significant change
AMBER 61-100 points Potential risk – you might consider addressing the areas where you scored poorly
GREEN 101 points + Low risk – your organisation is well placed to respond to change

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