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Agricultural Marketing
Information System in India
Dr. Srinivasacharyulu Attaluri
National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE)
Hyderabad, India
•Information Asymmetry
•Agricultural Information Flows
•Advances in ICTs and Open Access to Information
•Agricultural Marketing Information System in India
•Govt. Initiatives ,On-Line Commodity Exchanges, ICT-enabled
Services by Private Companies
•Price Discovery and Dissemination Systems
•Gramin Suvidha Kendra, DEMIC of TNAU
•Leveraging ICTs for Marketing Reforms – A Case of Karnataka
•eNAM – National Agriculture Market
•Linking Farmers to Markets, Consumers and Investors through
New ICTs and New Media
Markets with Information Asymmetry

•Information is Power

•IA is a situation in
which one party in a
transaction has more
or superior information
compared to another.

Noble Lauriat George Akerlof

Agriculture & Food Markets in the Information Age

•Information in agriculture
and food markets is often
imperfect, incomplete,
inaccessible, asymmetrically
distributed, non-standardized
or costly to collect

•Rational decision-making,
utility maximization,
systematic interpretation of
information and optimal
choice are hampered.
Food Chains / Marketing Systems
• Supermarket/Large
Corporate Driven Food
• Cooperatives/Producer
• Laissez-Faire / Open,
Unorganized Markets /
Business as Usual

Each of these systems will define

Agriculture Related Information
Value Chain-Wise Learning

Rice, Tur

Farmer Trader Miller Broker Wholesaler Retailer Consumer


Farmer Trader Broker Wholesaler Retailer Consumer

Bajra, Jowar

Farmer Trader Miller Broker Wholesaler Retailer Consumer

Information is generated and consumed by every actor in the value-chain

Traditional Information Flows in ARD


Manager Extension Support


Policy Makers
Information Flows in Agricultural Markets

Seed Supply
Consumer Fertilizer Local
Supplier Transporter


Retail Marketing Market

Retail Packaging
Retail Processing Bulk
Information Flows in Market-Linked Agriculture

Seed Supply

Fertilizer Local
Seller Transporter
Extension Support Storage
Retail Marketing Manager Market
Retail Packaging Researcher
NARO Retail Processing Bulk
Policy Makers Stakeholders

From:Ajit Maru, GFAR/FAO, Rome

Advances in ICTs

•Wi-Fi….. Li-Fi
•Adaptable tools and
•Advances in data storage
and exchange
•Open access movement
•Social media.
New ICTs which will Change Agriculture

Farming in the Cloud

New ICTs which will Change Agriculture

Harvesting Big Data

Open Access Movement
Prescriptive Farming
Agriculture Internet of Things (IoT) and
Connected Agricultural Services

and Markets…….
Intelligent Agriculture

From:Ajit Maru, GFAR/FAO, Rome

Social Media and Mobile Apps
Agricultural Marketing Information
System in India
• A Central Sector Scheme of DMI

• For linking all important APMCS (Agricultural Produce Market

Committees), State Agricultural marketing Boards / Directorates
and DMI regional offices located throughout the country, for
effective information exchange on market prices

• A Step towards globalization of Indian Agriculture, Rural

Empowerment and Prosperity

• Included as a Mission Mode Project under National eGovernance

Plan-Agriculture (NeGP-A)

• Implemented by National Informatics Center- NIC

• Total Markets: 3241.

Salient Features of AGMARKNET

This project has the potential of expansion to about 7000

Wholesale Markets located through out the country and further to
30,000 Rural Markets in India.
State Agricultural Marketing Information Systems
State Agricultural Marketing Information Systems
State Agricultural Marketing Information Systems
•By the Tea-Board of India

•Used in six Auction Centres

(Kolkata, Siliguri, Guwahati,
Cochin, Coimbatore and

Warehouses, Auctioneers
and Buyers have been
provided with access to
various functionalities of the

•e-Auction system integrates

the process starting from
creation of invoices till the
delivery of tea from the
On-line Commodity Exchanges
Private Market Information Services
Private Market Information Services
ICT-enabled Market Services
Reuters Market Light
» In 8 Languages
• Provides highly » On all telecom operators and handsets
personalized » As per farmer's individual preferences
agricultural information » Providing local content
over mobile phones to » Through simple user interface
the farming community » Over the counter at low subscription cost
Rs.60- per month.
• 1 million unique » All (content) as per the stage of the crop
subscribers so far in an cycle
estimated 50,000
villages across 13 states
chose from more than
300 crops and about
1300 markets available
• Postal Network
• By Thomson Reuters.
IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Ltd
• IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Ltd. empower
farmers and people living in rural
India with pertinent and high quality
information and services, through
affordable communication network
• IFFCO is a cooperative institution
having more then 40,000 •5 free messages every day
cooperative societies as its members •Voice messages
and a base of 60 millions farmers •Help line
• Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative •Call back facility
Limited (IFFCO), together with •Focused Communities
telecom giant Bharti Airtel and Star •Crop advice, weather, advice
on animal husbandry, rural
Global Resources Ltd.
health initiatives, and the
availability of products such as
http://www.iksl.in/ fertilizer
Price Discovery and Dissemination Systems
Price Discovery and Dissemination Systems
Price Discovery and Dissemination Systems
Price Discovery and Dissemination Systems
Krishidoot - Connecting Agri Communities
Krishidoot Impact Summary
Leveraging ICTs for Marketing
Reforms: A Case of Karnataka
End-to-End Market Solutions in Karnataka

• Rashtriya e Market
Services Private
Limited (ReMS) –
supported by Govt. of
and NCDEX Spot
Exchange Limited

• 55 markets

Product Flow – Information Flow – Payment Flow

Courtesy: ReMS, Karnataka – from Tumkur Market, Karnataka (2015)
Towards Unified Market Platform in Karnataka

A pan-India electronic trading portal which networks the existing APMC mandis to
create a unified national market for agricultural commodities.
• A national e-market platform for
transparent sale transactions and price

• Liberal licensing of traders / buyers and

commission agents by State authorities .

• One license for a trader valid across all

markets in the State.

• Harmonisation of quality standards of

agricultural produce.

• Single point levy of market fees

• Provision of Soil Testing Laboratories in/ or

near the selected mandi to facilitate
visiting farmers to access this facility in the
mandi itself.
Linking Farmers to Markets,
Consumers and Investors through
New ICTs and New Media

• Information is available with time lag

• Information is not linked to local grades and
• Price range is available, little use to farmers
• Needs interpretation of price data / information
to make better decisions
• Gap in effective use of information by farmers or
by extension functionaries.

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