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One common question I’ve run across a lot these days in the office is how toconvert a PDF file to
Microsoft Word format (doc), Excel format (xls), or JPG picture format. Usually, people want to know
how to convert a file to PDF, but it’s also nice to be able to convert back the other way. Converting to
Word is actually pretty simple and can be done directly using an online file conversion service
calledZamzar. Going to Excel or JPG is a two step process, but nothing very difficult to follow.
Update: There’s a much easier way to convert a PDF to JPG image format than the method I have
mentioned below. Here’s how you can do it using Zamzar.com.

Convert a PDF file to JPG – Easy Way

Go to ZamZar.com, browse for your file and choose PNG format for the format to conver to under
Step 2. PNG is another newer picture format that is slowly replacing the JPG format. Most programs
that can open JPG files can open PNG. Zamzar automatically converts each page in the PDF document
into it’s own PNG picture file. Now you can simply open Microsoft Paint (yes, all you need it Paint!)
and choose File – Save As from the menu and choose JPEG from the drop down list of formats.

That’s it! By the way, if youare interested in how to extract the text from a PDF
document or how to convert Word files to PDF, etc, check out the links.

Convert PDF to JPG Format – Second Way

The first thing you’ll need to do is download a free software (the only one I could find) that converts
PDF documents to JPEG image format automatically. Go to theOmniformat download page and
download both Omniformat v8.3 and thePDF995 app. You will need to download and install PDF995
first before installing Omniformat. Once you have both programs installed, go to your Start Menu
programs, find the program group Software995 and click on Omniformat.

The only annoying thing about this program is that it requires you to view some ads for about 30
seconds! However, it’s better than paying $20 or $40 for a program just to do a simple conversion! It
does pop up another instance of your browser window for the web site of each of the sponsors, but it
does not install any spyware onto your computer (no popup ads). Once the program is loaded, you’ll
see it has a section called “Watch Folders” and then a button at the bottom titled “Start
Monitoring” and “Single Pass“.
Basically the way it works is that you need to COPY the PDF files you want to convert to JPG format to
the C:\omniformat\watch folder and then press Single Pass. The program will look in that
directory and convert each page of each PDF into a separate JPG file. If you click Start Monitoring, you
can keep dropping PDFs into that folder and the program will automatically convert them into JPGs as
long as the program is open. Note that the program DELETES the original PDF document that it uses,
so that’s why you need to COPY the PDF document to the watch folder, not move it! You should now
see your converted files like below:

Convert your PDF to a Word document

Go to Zamzar.com and click the Browse button next to Step 1 and choose your file. By default, Step
2 will be set to DOC format, but you can choose to convert your PDF to other file types such as TXT,
HMTL, RTF, etc. Type in your email address for Step 3 and click Convert.
You should receive an email within a few minutes with a download link to your converted file. I have
tried out this service on some pretty complex PDF documents with text in multiple columns, multiple
images, etc and have been very impressed with it’s conversion accuracy.

Convert a PDF file to Excel format

We will again follow the steps above using Zamzar, but this time choose TXT as the format you want
to convert to. Unfortunately, you can’t convert straight to Excel format, so we’ll have to go through
the intermediary TXT format. Once you have downloaded the TXT file and saved it on your computer,
open Microsoft Excel and go to File – Open and change the Files of Type combo box to All Files.

Now you should see the converted text file in the list of files. Choose it and clickOpen. You’ll now be
brought to the Text Import Wizard. You have to open the file in this manner because if you simply
right-click and say Open With Excel, all of the text for each row will appear in the first column and
not be separated.
For Step 1, choose Delimited from the two options listed.
Click Next and check off the Space checkbox as one of the delimiters. Each value should now be
separated by a vertical line, indicating it’s going to be in a separate column.

Click Next and then click Finish. You can now save the file as an Excel file by going to File – Save
As. There are a few drawbacks, however, as this conversion does not always work perfectly! For
example, if the original Excel sheet had a column where there was text with spaces included, each
word will be separated into it’s own column! Also, you won’t see any formulas or functions that may
have been in the original Excel sheet, only the text.
It’s as easy as that! You can use many other image editing programs also such as Photoshop, Corel,
etc, etc, but I chose Paint because that is universally available on just about every Windows computer.
Any questions, post a comment!
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Here are five methods of converting Word documents to PDF for free.

Using Word 2007

1. 1
Download Microsoft's free PDF and XPS coverter.

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2. 2
Go to [http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/confirmation.aspx?familyId=4d951911-3e7e-4ae6-b059-

3. 3
Open the file you wish to save

4. 4
From the "Save As" menu,"PDF or XPS" is one of the many options available

Using Google docs and spreadsheets

1. 1
Backup your file

2. 2
Go to docs.google.com

3. 3
Click upload

4. 4
Click browse

5. 5
Select the file you would like to convert

6. 6
Click the upload button

7. 7
Under the file menu; on the far left, under the Google logo select save as PDF
Using an Online Converter

1. 1
Go to printinpdf.com

2. 2
Click 'browse' and select the file on your computer.

3. 3
You can select upto 3 files.

4. 4
Click 'Convert to PDF' and wait for it to process.

5. 5
When you see 'Your files are Ready for download', click on your .pdf files and they open in a new

6. 6
Save your pdf files to your computer.

Converting MS Word Documents to PDF

Sending a uniform file to many recipients, transferring files from one OS to another, and having a presentation
printed out in computer shops are just few of the many reasons why users convert their files to PDF. There are
many applications that can be used to view and convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to PDF like Adobe
Acrobat, OpenOffice, and Word to PDF Converter V3.0 among others.

There are also sites like doc2pdf and ExpressPDF that offer easy Word-to-PDF conversion without downloading
any program. Upload the file you want to convert, and you can get it back in PDF format within minutes.

Converting MS Word Documents to PDF Using a Document

Converting MS Word files to PDF is just a matter of choosing your document converter as your printer. You can
set your document converter as the default printer by going to Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes. In the
following window, right click your document converter then choose Set As Default.

If you have another printer attached, you can choose your document converter from the Print window pop-up. To
do this, follow the steps below.

Steps to Select Document Converter as Non-Default Printer

1. Open the document in Word.
2. Choose File then Print.
3. Choose your document converter (Adobe PDF printer or Universal
Document Converter).
4. If you're using Adobe PDF printer, you can just click OK, specify the filename
and location for your PDF file, then Save it. If you're using the Universal
Document Converter, click Properties then choose Document to PDF, Color,
Multipage in the scroll bar. Click OK then Print.
Converting MS Word Documents to PDF Using OpenOffice
If you have OpenOffice installed or if you're using Linux, you can convert your document to PDF by using
Macro. Follow the steps listed below to do this.

Steps to Use Macro on OpenOffice to Convert MS Word Documents to PDF

1. In OpenOffice, click Tools > Macros > Macro.
2. Click Organizer then choose the Libraries tab.
3. Set Application/Document to soffice, click New then name your library.
4. Click on the Modules tab, select your library then click New Module. Rename
the module to Conversion for easier access.
5. When a window pops up, paste the following

6. Save and exit OpenOffice.
Use OpenOffice Macro on Linux to Convert MS Word Documents to

Create a shell script in /usr/local/bin/:

Run your shell script on the Microsoft Word document and it will create a PDF file.
Use OpenOffice Macro on Windows to Convert MS Word Documents to PDF
After closing OpenOffice, create or open the file. Type this command:

From the command line, type: convert c:\docu9.doc. The docu9.pdf file can be found in your C:\ folder.

Converting MS Word Documents to PDF on Mac OSX

Converting documents to PDF in Mac OS X is almost the same as converting it in Windows. However, you don't
need a document converter on Mac OSX for converting MS Word documents to PDF. Follow the steps below to
convert your word file to PDF on Mac OSX.

Steps to Convert MS Word Documents to PDF on Mac OSX

1. Open your word file in your text editor.
2. Click File then Print.
3. In the Print window, click the PDF button at the bottom-left then select
"Save as PDF…" option.
4. Choose the location, rename your PDF file, then click Save.