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Students’ Math Text Anxiety

Math causes anxiety among students. According to Collins (2012), mathematics makes many
students feel the most anxiety among their subjects. It is evident that mathematics may act as
a stressor among students. According to statistical data of National Achievement Test results
for mathematics from the Department of Education (2017), the average grades of the
elementary students in 2014 is 71.74, 68.32 in 2015, and 73.24 in 2016. The average grade of
secondary students in 2014 is 70.18, 69.70 in 2015, and 71.12 in 2016. Evidently, students do
not reach the passing mark of 75% which could lead to stress as the academic performance of
students in along key areas has a significant relationship with their anxiety (Apurillo, 2015).

Classical Music

Classical Music is proven to help students with their stress and anxiety management.
According to Royo (2015), exposure to suitable music in school helped in coping with
separation anxiety among kindergarten students. This is because the more time an individual
spends listening to their preferred music, the more serotonin, a type of chemical nerve cell
that helps improve mood and prevent depression, is being secreted (Alimangohan & Matutes,


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