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I-Ching Acupuncture

Chinese Medicine has been practiced for thousand of years. As practitioners

of acupuncture we are continually amazed by the effect that is achieved by
needling few points on the entire being of man. 22 years ago as a student of
computers I was exposed to the binary system and than I realized that the
basic concept of vibration and energy flow is in the idea of impulse which
made by the conjunction of two opposites. The meeting point of these creates
a new beginning of vibration which duplicates itself again and again all the
time but manifest in different way according to the existence that it meets,
.which changes together with the change of its surrounding all the time
Chinese Medicine covers the complete spectrum of existence by having
answers to all level of the phenomena of life. Herbalogy and diet are both
working via the inner physical aspect of man, Twina and Manuel techniques
are working via the outer physical body, Tai – Chi and Chi – Kong are
exercises which are working on the inner function of the Zang-Fu and the
circulation of Chi, Acupuncture is the highest level of energetic medicine
which works on the total balance of the three aspects of man: Heaven-Man-
.Earth, Spirit-Body-Mind
As a student of Acupuncture in the beginning of the 80’s I always wanted to
understand how acupuncture works. After more than 20 years of work as
practitioner, lecturer, advisor, researcher and academic dean in different
institutes I can surly claim that the beginning of the whole concept of
.acupuncture lie on the I-Ching
The basic concept of the I-Ching goes back to the energy fields which made
by the interaction of different forms of vibration which basically categorized as
positive and negative or in our terms Yin-Yang. The I-ching relies that every
phenomena is based on a pre condition and that is why we have the two
arrangements of Trigrams: Fu-Shi, the pre heaven or so called the
precondition and the King-Wen, the post heaven or so called new condition.
Knowing that the basic construction of a trigram is three lines which can be
open (Yin ) or closed ( Yang ) __ __ / ____ and the lines are arranged in a
tower like (top/middle/lower) which represent the concept of Heaven, Earth
and Man or Heaven, Man and Earth we understand that the eight different
trigrams represent the interaction of Yin and Yang expression in every thing
.between Heaven and Earth
We can understand that each trigram creates a different energy field by the
vibration wave which radiates from its nuclear that expresses the interchange
.of yin and yang in every individual trigram
By studying in depth the foundation of Chinese Medicine that include: The 5
elements, The Stems and Branches, Deep energy aspects of each organ,
The Six division, Pulse diagnosis, The Eight Extra Meridians and more I
came to the conclusion that understanding the relation between triagrams-
organs-5elements corresponds- deep energy and climate of each energy is
the key to introduce the change that we as practitioners of Acupuncture
.would like to do
For example kidney

Organ kidney
elements 5 water
Deep Energy Metal
climate Heat
division 6 Shao Yin
Trigram ( Kun (3 Yin
Direction North
Eight Extra Mai Ren Mai

Taking this information we can explain all phenomena’s that belongs to the
.action of the Kidney organ and the action of the points of the Kidney Mai
Kidney 7 is the Metal point of Kidney Metal is concentration of Chi, the Chi of
Kidney is the original chi of Man so Kid-7 is a concentration point of Yin as
essence and Yang as energy, more we know that The Kidney has Metal deep
energy which form a more condensation and more concentration basic
energies, more so is that the basic energy of man belong to the lowest point
in the trunk at the point REN-1 which from there the Yin and Yang originate,
the Ren mai correspond to the trigram Kun which also correspond to the
To make that short we say that Kid-7 is the best point to tonifies the yin and
.Yang in the body
Another way to use the Trigrams in our practice is to form the trigram
structure by selecting 3 points one at the top of the body one at the middle
part of the body and one at the lower part of the body. Example: For tonifying
the Kidney we can select SP-6, REN-6 and KID-27 these points are all Yin
point in the Heavenly part of the body, the Earthly part of the body and at
Man part of the body. Using these points we construct the trigram KUN which
.corresponds to the Kidney and to Ren mai

Roni Sapir
Academic Dean
East-West School of Chinese Medicine