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Dahlia Show Next Saturday, 25th I Maybe the T ennis

· T ournament
will be Resumed To-day
The. Hower alld Yegetable gar([euti of tiety is eo,operating with the Ch' ic
Xar},ert h produce all e,·er·growing Assoeiatioll in this sho\!'.
qualltity of blooms and eatahles, aud A,lmissiou, 2'je.; ehildrcu, lOco A~St11Ilillg-ahYaJ"s:l:-iSllllliug, of cour:-;c iug agaill, what do yon say, eh what1
in order to encoul'llge a still greater .:'I[emhers of thePelllls~'I\'ania Hort i· that the Hon . .:'1[1'. Bill 'l'i1den does Well! Well! Well! Hello, old (lear!
a1ll01lnt and a better qllality the Nar·
Iwrth Civic Association is tlds year
"ultural Soeiet~· aud the AmericlIn
Dahlia Society admittt;d all membe r·
THE FIRESIDE liot entertain at. bridge, 01' that Babe How ahout a little tcnnis, what'!
Ruth Iloesn't gb'e a tea, or that .Iack
I/Olding a fall floll'er sho\\' ill additioll ship eard. Tennis Notes.
.Join the League of 'Vomen Voters Kelly decides not to entertain a few
to the l<pring show which lUIS hel'\ 'J'ickets will he sold },y Xllrberth Bo y The Tournamcnt COJJlmi ttee of tho
Oil September 28th "at Elm Hall. of his friclltls and tell them all ahout
forth duriug t he past sixyenrs. S{'outs hegillning .:'If'l]l(la;\r, the 20th , 1!l~0 Annual 'l'ollrnaiuent of the ~aJ'­
his great Yictory at the Olympic games,
Ollr shows nrc strictly for amateurs: II II ,I after Thursday, the 2:1rd, will h e berth Tennis Assoei·ation, having clisap-
on sale at Howard's drug store, Davis., Come to Elm Hall on Friday, Sep- or that there ill uothing else of any
an<1 iu order to make the show a suc' peared completely last Saturday, Chair-
tember 24, a P. :\f., and receivc in- IlIOllIellt or consequence gOillg on allY-
cess it is necessary for e\'ery one who stationery store and the Ivy Cand y man Jess Harris, of the GroUllds Com-
structiOIl 011 how to usc the hullot. where; lIssulllillg all these things and
has f10wcrs or Yegetahlcs in the clnsses Shop. mittee, assumed l'hurge and <1id. his
a few others for good measure, maybe
liste<1 helow to hring thcm lind ha\'c hcst to sec that everyborly got II chalice
JUdges for Flower Classes. -that is to say, possibl~·-the alllilutl
them entered along with thosc of their .:'Ifr. aud Mrs. 'Vi11iam P. Hohinson, to play ns often liS possible. Good
tournament of the Xarherth Teullis
neighbors. .\fr. .:'Ifyrou E. DOllglas, 'Voo<1hllr., fOl'lllerly of West Philadelphia, arc 1I0W work, Jess. 'J'hallks to you, a pleasant
Assol,iation lIlay he resume,l this Sat·
A thousand guy dahlias, an assort, X . .r. livillg iIi Stepney Plllee. tiule was had hy all-those IHpsent.
unlny afternoon.
·mcut of othcr fall f1owl'rs anrl of vcge· :'Ifr. H. R. Lippincott, Colliugsll'oo,1 ,
tahles. ]t should be n beautiful sight X ..1. .:'Ifr. alld .:'IIrs. Hobert S. Dur.hill have
Of course, one ean never tell what * * *
will hnppen or who mny he cntertain· 'l'he great new Lasl{y·Griflith-Gold-
to hehold, and if we all help 'a little it .:'Ifr..lohn .:'IL Root, Collingswood, N ..I . remove,l from O"erhrook to their home ing at a lawu fete and who lUay he in· w~'n three recl film" Almost a Tourna-
will he. .TlIdges for yegetahle (·Iasses to h e iu X:\I"herth 1'a rl" Yitl'(l. But an optimist might he par- ment" had to be witlulra wu telllporar-
'I'he Peunsylnlllia Horticultural So· aJll/oJlnced later.
doner] for hazarding a guess thnt in ily owing, it is reported, to some IIIYS-
.:'I[r. alld .:'IIrs. StlIHlllrsoll are occuPJ the usual eourl<e of eYents, it is rca- tl'l'ious oh.ieetioll raisp<1 hy the Censors.
EXHIBITS. iug 524 Essex a \"I'uue. They formerly sOlmble to exped a possible-hut hal'll·
Class 1. Most meritorious exhihit of Dahlias. Prizes to be awarded as pro Ii veri in Haddollfield, ~ .•T. Iy a prohahle, tOllrllalllt'nt. mat..h or
* '* *
"ided iJl rule No.8. First prize, PeJlusyh'aJlia Horticultural Society silver meda I. Iu our 'umhle opinion the f'ame of
Sccond prize, PenJlsyl\'aJlia Horticultural Society bronze medal. two today all the courts at Elmwood
The Dn}farias will retuJ'll Septemller that emiueut 1'\cw York ,illJ'ist, Judge
Class 2. Best collection Peony Dahlias. Six IlllIncd ,'arieties,one bloom eael I, nnd Essex n\'C'llueR. Still one can nc\'er
IS frolll Landette, N . .r., where they Rum hauser, rests largely on his stir-
in individual containers. he entirel~' eertain of things in this
Class 3. Best collection Decorath'e Daldias, as in Class 2. have speut thc SlllllJuer. ring de(·laration, "I'll try llnything
mon~ or less uncertaiu world, so it will
Class 4. Best collection Cactus Dahlias, as in Class 2. once." lTenl'eforth that will be our
not Ill' wisp to let onp's hopes al,,1 ex,
Class 5. Best collection Hybrid Cactus Dahlias, as in Class 2. Samuel 1'. Bowm:1ll and family relurll' daily IlIOttO. We wouldn't, ill the fu-
Class 6. Best collection Show Dahlias, as iJl Class 2. pectatious rUII away with one. ture, p\'en take a Chall<'(' and a~sume
Class 7. Best collection Singlc Dahlias, as in Class 2. 1',1 from Oeeall City to their home ou Howc\'er, other thiugs heiug p'!ual-
ElIul\"ooll a n'lI\l('. that the day following uext Tuesday
Class S. Best vase of one variety, four or more blooms. that is to ~a.v, if it rains e\'erywhpr<'
Class 9. Best 1919 Narberth grown seedling, shown with stem. will he IlPxt 'Vcdllesdy.
plse hut in Narherth, and there is
Class 10. Best 1920 Narberth grown seedling, shown with stem. First prize , A ~olo will he rendered hy ~[r. Ste\\ Questions and Answers.
Pcnnsylvania Horticultural Society bronze medal. nothing to do around the house aud 110
art Hall Suuday e"euiug" at the .:'I[eth IaWIIS to cut 01' hedges to trim,-oh, Dear Editor: \\'hnt is the ditfcrence
Class 11. Best Cactus Dahlia.
Class 12.. Best Peony Dahlia. odist Chmeh. \\"ell (hnsincss of se\'ernl loug drawn hetwI'pll n Chiuese pla;\', a rohertweham
Class 13. Best Hybrid Cactus Dahlia. out yawns), \\,hat <10 you say, l' pllo \\" 5, hers serial an<1 a tpnuis touruament
Class 14. Best Dceorati~'e Dahlia. .:'Ifrs. Lester 'V.. :1\i .. kcrwlI all,1 falllil~
Class 15. Best Show Dahlia. . if we lllealll1er c!OWll to thp COlll"tS? (Answer) There is no difference,'
han' retill"llp,1 to 1'\arherth, having :'Ira;\'he \\"e I'an gt't thp tOlll'll:llll('ut go· l)PlIrie; th('y all run au forever.
Class 16. Best SilJg!e Dahlia.
Clal's 17. Largest Dahlia in the Show. First prize, Michell llledal. sp,'ut the ~unllllel' C'.·' ('lItoit. :\J':lS~.
Class 18. Best collection 1920 Narberth grown scedlings, in individuul COil
Clnss 19. Most artistic basket, quality ·considered.
.:'Ifr. aud .:'III'S. W. H. Parker lla\'e n'
tUl'lle,l from the shore, whl're the~
CommunityClubTramp.. Impressive Ceremonies
Class 20. Rest Dah]ia in the Show. Pirst prize, :Michell medal.
Class 21. Best collection of Dahlias, fifteen varietics one bloom each, il I
individual containpl's, in not less than four "lasses. First prize, Strawhridge &
spent the sumlllc'r.
ers-A Retrospect At SI. Margaret's
Clothier cup. lIa,'e your Ilahlias alld pumpkius
Class 22. Rest collection of Dahlias aJlY varieties not previously provide'1 relllly for t he fa 11 Flower 1ll)!1 Y egeta ble "'1'11(> "'arid of tlie mapl('s I'au ~hake FORTY HOURS' DEVOTIONS AF
for. Show Septcmher 2;3, 1!l21l. ule like th .., ('r~' FORD ANOTHER DISPLAY OF
Class 23. Best GeiSha or Geisha Sup('rlm Dahlia. Of I,ug!<'s goiug h~, FINE PARISH SPIRIT.
Class 24. Rest Hortulanus. Fiet Dahlia.
Class 25. Best l\farg ueri te Bouchon Dahlia. :lfiss Fran('es L. Wells, of Brooldyu, AlIl1 III." 10uI'I,\" spirit t1irills
Class 26. Best Kalil' Dahlia. Xew 1'01"1" is SIH'llilill~ a w('l'k with h<'r 'To ~f'e the fro:--t.\~ nstpJ's lil\t' ~1I1(lk(\ Furthl'r l!ll\lJifl'~tal iou of flle line
Class ... (. Best exhibit Semple Branching Asters.

1I11"]P, E,lwal'll :,;. Haws, of 1J1l,1lp,\' a,'e upon lh(' hill~." parish spirit whi,·h has "ppu "!Ial"aeter
Class 28. Best exhibit Cre!-!o Giant Asters. The fl'osl~' ast('r~, tht' Sllllla,', all<l th,' istie "I' :St. ~Iarg"r"t 's a..ti\,itil'" for
Class 29. Best exhihit Half Dwarf SJlapdragous.
~oll1<'1l rod art' t'allingo
lIS. Thp :ll1tUlIltl th" 1'1"1 ",'\'el"al ,""aI's lI"as all'tll'lit',l h.v
Class :W. Best exhibit Giant Snapdragous.
·Class 31. Best exhibit "'hite J,ady Lenox eosmos. (Continued on Page 2.) tnllllps will hp tht' l'ro\\"ui1lj!' ;.!Ior.\~ of the highly ('llit'.'·illg' :--l'I'\·iC'llS of }'ort,·
Class 32. Best exhihit Piuk Ladv Lenox Cosmos. this lOIlg' su 111111('1'; a :'Hl111 1lI P)' jC'\\"('llptl Hours' j)p"oti"lIs \\"hi"h 11"1'1'" "III"lul'l
Class 33. Best exhihit Crimson Cosmos. h~'(lays of intima(·." with a III b('I' hrool\", 0rl this ""(,,,1.;:. :-;1:t]'t illg- fill KUJlIlny IIlorll
Class 34. Best exhihit Yellow Cosmos. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS iug Inst all'l' "ouI'hldilig ou 'I'upsdllv
Class' 35. Best display of Cosmos arranged for elIeet. <lnl\\'s," lI,e:ulo\\"s, aud tlu' dark "till
Class 36. Bl'st pxhibit Annual Larkspur. sh'n,lo\\'s of hellllo.. k slol'('s. The Jir"t p\"l'uiug. Eaeh S('J"\ i,·,' \\'lIS atlt'II,h',! !>,.
Class 37. Best exhibit Zinnias. Two ccnts per word If push accom· fall note of the whi!t,·throat lIlakps US a "('\1')" 1I11111er0I1:-i ("ulIgl'{'J,.:a1 iOIl. :tllll al
Class 38. Best exhihit Marigolds. punles ndvertlsemellt; otherWise. five
hark hark to tlIP spriug ,lay \\"h('u he ,lnj" loug" ou ('n"h of the thn',' day,
Class :l9. Best collect ion Outdoor Flowers arranged for elIed. cen ts l,er word.
I'rivatp d,'\'otious \\'"1''' ohs"]'\"l'd iu the
Class 40. Most Artistic Basket Outdoor F]owers.
(Continued on Page 4.) (~hu]'..JI !>.\' thl' r('sl'('l'lin' fl\lllili('s of

WANTED-School home with share ill Ihl' parish, to ('a,'h of whom au hour of
vig-il h:ul ht.'l'll as:-;igllPf1. The auspi
family life for 15,;\'car·olr! Protestallt
Children's Classes.
Class 41. Best collection Outdoor Plowers arranged hy children under ten
g-irl of good charnt~t.f'l', in return ~or
Iight llOlIsehold seniN's. Clothiug pro·
Mrs. John O. Miller (·ious O("'lIsion was \Iu,ler tl'" superd
siou of H{,,'. n..1. Corhett. of St
J'cars old. First prize, $3.00 in eash. Second prize, $2.00 in cash.
Class 42: BeAt collection Outdoor Flowers nrJ'Unged by children ten to fifo
Yi,II'I!. ., A," "arc Our TOWII, XarlH'rth
To Speak Chur!('s' Spmiuar.\', who is aetiug as
I'(wtor of S1. .:'Ilargarl'!'s iu the ahsenee
teen years old. First prize, $3.00 in cash. Second prize, $2.00 in cash. of Fath"r ('O\\"It'.", IlO\\" ahroall with the
President Pennsylvania League of AlIlpri,'au 1lf'lpg'atiolJ rel'r('seutilJg- the
GARAGE for relit. '\l'l'ly 120 Chestllut Women Voters to Visit Narberth. Kuig-hls of Colulllblls ill the pl'espntll
street, Narherth. (49.p)
Grand Prize Vegetable Classes. tion of tllP LIlfa~'l'th' statue at :\fetz
All womell are uot ouly "nrdialIy Ill' aud ,dUlse r(·tul'Il is pxpp('/e<1 early next
.An "Iron Agc" two·wheel cult.ivator, No. 301, will be given to the exhibitor WANTED-To 1"('lIt hy Odo]wr 1st,
sconng the greatest number of points in vegetable classes. First prize counts viter!. hut IIr~e,1 to attell<1 a ml'etill~ wcpk. 'rh(\ assisti Ilg priests i lle!tJ<le(
fumished hOllse, for 01' Ih"l' bed
5 points, second prize 3 points, third prize 1 point. to be heIr! at Elm Hall 011 l~riday Rp,". Dr. BruPhl awl H(,,'. "'. J. Hig'"
I·noms. P. O. Box ~;l. Pholle, X arhl'rth
afternooll, Septemher 24th, at. :1 P . .:\T. ' gius, of thc Spluilllll'~" au,l Rev. Hic.h-
( i4S·l\[. (4!l-1')
NllJ'llerth \\'OI1\l'1I lIIay ('nIlAi(!t'r thcm- ard .:'Ilo 0 f'{' , Chaplaiu of the Carmelites
Vegetables. :FOR SALE-Bin1sl',\'e Maple Bed HOOlil selYPs 1II0st forh!,Iate in haYillg rP(·eiv- at Ollk Lauc. Thp SerIllO!IS werc deli\:-
Sl'1. ('all :Jl,3 I'ri"l' avplllle, :\'nrberth, cd slifTi,·ipllt rpeogllitioll from .:'I[r~. ere,l h." Father Big-gius, who ()b~en'ed
Class 1. Beans, green pod. 1 quart. Clnss 21. Lettuce. a heads. "[iller to i!l(llI('e her to :"I,l)'('ss th is
Class 2. Beans, wax. 1 quart. Class 22. Onions, white. 6. 0 r telephoue Narh('rth 128:1. (-In,p) as his kp.\'uote the IIp(·pssity of n'!llllin'
Clnss 3. Beans, liDia, bush. 1 qunrt. Class 23. Onions, yeUow. 6. iug- stpa,lfnst iu Christiall virtue. cm-
Class 4. Beans, lima, pole. 1 quart. Class 24. Onions, red. 6. WANTED-A girl to wash dishes for The lIH'etil1~ is heiug" ('alled primal" phasiziug' til<' ahhorl'l'u,'c of iuiquity
Class 5. Beets. 6. (Shown with tops.) Class 25. Parsnips. 3. (Shown with i1~' to orgallize ill Xarhertlt the TJeaglle
all hour, from I till 8, Jiye I'\"l'aillgs . I
Class 6. Brussels Sprouts. 3 stems. tops.)
Cluss 7. Cabbage. I hend. Cluss 26. Pepper, red 01' green. 3. a Wl'Pj{, 'ViII pay :10 ('l'uts an hOllr.
Good opportullity for some sl'1lOol girl. (Continued on Page 4.) (Continued on Page S.)
Class 8. Cantaloupe. 1. Class 27. Peas in pod.. 1 quart.
Class 9. Carrot. 6. (Shown with tops.) Class 27,' Potuto, Cobbler. 14 peck. '1'elpphoue, Narhert h It;!l6-W. (4!l·]')
Class 10. Cauliflower. 1 Ileal!. Class 29. Potato, extra early. 1,4 pecIc
Class 11. Celery. 5 stallts. Class 30. Potnto, late winter. 1,4 peck. FOR RENT-Second Hoor llpartJJll'ut,
Clnss 12. ChMd, Swiss. 3 hends. (Any variety.)
CIMs 13.
Clnss 14.
Clnss 15.
Chinese Cabbage. 1 head.
Corn, white. 6 ears.
Corn, yellow. 6 cars.
Class 31. Pumpkin. 1.
Class 32. Radish. 6. (Shown with tops.)
Class 33. Ruta Bagn. 6.
four'roollls and hath, fille locatioll.
( :all Narbcrth' 619-l\[. (49.p) The Community Bible Class
Class 16.
Clnss 17.
Cucumber. G.
Egg Plant. 1.
Class 34. Salsify. 6.
Cllt'ss 35. Squash. 1. •
FOR RENT-Nicely flimishe<1 nttrnct·
inl room. No mellls. 20'5 Forest live·
.will meet
Clnss 18. Endive, green curled. 3 plants. Class 36. Tomnto, Beefsteak. 6.
Class 19. Kale. 1 head. Clnss 37. 'l'omnto, Ponderosa. 6.
II UP: Phone, Narberth 3H·H, (49-p) Tuesday Evening, September 21st, 8 P. M.
Olnss 20. Kohl Rubi. 3 plants. Class 38. Turnip. 6.
CAREFUL. rpspoJlsible party wishes at 216 Dudley Avenue
Ribbons will be Ilwnrded us first, second Ilnd third prizes in all flower nnd furnished house fur the winter, pre-
Yegetnble clnllses wbere other prizes nre not giYen. f embly with garage; two Ildults. Brst Teacher. REV. H. S. TILLIS
r eferences. "fain lilli' preferred. PIJOllO,
1 677 Sprnee, Philadelphin. .T. F. Haz· All will be welcomed JOHN 3.16
(lJontinued on Pa.ge 4.)
n r<1, Box 33, Narberth. (49-p)
Ot course, "1

deliver - aQ
OUR TOWN A Plea for Narberth Boy Scouts
1267 place - an,

An. Exp~riment in C~-operative Residents of Narberth are confronted by a condition which challenges
.' The Brightest Spot in Narberth

Journalism-No Paid Workers. .the loyalty of a community that justly prides itself upon its intelligence and
A Drug Store in the Most Modern Sense of the Term
public ~pilit. The local troop' of Boy Scouts. which hall won distinctiol' .
for Nar]Jelth as well as for its members, is threatenea with the necilssity of
Owned and Published every Saturday
dissolution. Since tlle closing of the Y. M, C. A. the troop has been unable
by the Narberth Civic A;;~oeiatiou. to find quarters for its meetings, and lUlless suitable aceol11111odatiolls of this
kind are provided this most useful and inspirational undertaking will have Asbestos Insulating Company
Rubseription price one dollar cnd fifty to be abandoned. 315 W. Main Street, Norristown, Pa.
Icnts per year in ad I·ance. ,To anyone even remotely interested in the welfare of our boYs and
familiar with tile work of the Boy Scouts, it lllllst be clear that SUCII a lapse PHONES
------------------ would be deplorable. My own feelings in the matter are very decp, be~ause Norriatown 791 Market 4686 Narberth 302·J
OFFICERS OF THE NARBERTH in my younger days I was privilegei to come into clos:! association witt ••••••• • • ea_ •••••••- ••• - ••• -.-----•• ---- •
CIVIC ASSOCIATION boys and to derive a sympathetic understanding of their needs. As an in-
March 26, 1920. strnctur of sciences in a high schGol, supetintenclent of science instructton Estimates submitted on covering Boilers, Pip-
in public schools, and l;),ter, as an officer of State militia, I became acquaint·
President, Robert J. Edgar.
Viee-Presidcut, .Joseph li. Nash. ed wi.tll the propensitics of youth and learnej sometlling of the ways in ing, etc. All kinds of covering for all purposes
'Vice-President, Augustus J. Loos. which its energies can ])el't be directed toward the formation of sound char-
Vicc-Presiden t, JlIrs. C. P. Fowler. acter. And I am satisfied that the Boy Scouts society lPssesses an insti-
Treasurer, Miss ]\Iai~ie J. Simpson.
Secretary, .Miss Huth E. Prescott. tution incomparably effective for tllis beneficent work.
My faitlr in the organization was abundantly confinned a few weeks
Directors 192:3, Mrs. A. B. Ross, Mrs.
D. D. Stickney, J. Garfield Atherholt,
a.go by a visit to Oamp Delmont, on the Perl,iomen, wl1ere nature ana a We -Invite Your Inquiries Regarding
1. A. 1\IilIer, C. Lawrencc Warwick, A. philanthropic citizen have provided an ideal equipment for the practice of
scout-craft by organized groups of boys.. ,MoreOver, the demonstration had
Narberth Real Estate
E. Wohlert; Directors 1922, J. J. Ca'
bre~', Walter A. Fox, H. H. Hillegas, a particular appeal becallSe the outstanding feature was the leadersllip of and Assure You of Our Best Efforts
Charles H. A. Chain, W. R. D. Hall, the Narberth youngster in the rivalry of the troops for. Scont honors,
Harry A. Jacobs; Directors 1921, F. A. Their fathers and mothcrs-!1-nd their neighbol'S, too-have every right
to Answer Your Requirements
.Lanahan, Daniel Leitch, George T.
Knutzcn, J. B. Ncsper, E. A. Mllf ehamp, to be prOUd of the dist.inctions won by these manly young fellows in gener- This office does a strLtly brokerage busine!'s and bas vo par-
Flctcher W. Stitcs. ous emulation with tlleir associates. There were ten or twelve troops in
ticular properties in which it is interested-thus guaranteeing the
camp when I was there, more·than 200 boys and officers in all. The spirit
of disciplir.e, of cornradesllip, of helpfulness, of self-reliance, cOlU'tesy and buyer unbiased information regarding any particular property,
manly achievement, was admirable. and in these respects the Narberth boy Our Rf'ferences-Anyone with whom we have done business
Editor. had made quite notabIe records, as shown by tlleil' mllnerous badges of
merit. ROBERT ~. NASH
A. J. Loos, Henry Rose, While seated with the executive officers in the dining-room, for ex- Real Estate Broker
Aso'.)ciate Editors. ample, I observed that the Narberth troop's table bore a special flag, and
I asked what that signified. The reply was that the flag was awarded daily
to that troop which excelled in discipline, orderliness and general demeanor;
MArZIE J. SIMPSON, aEd, furthermore, that the flag decOration had t:len been conferred on the Reaidence, 104 Gra,ling Avenue, Narberth
Cashier. Narberth trocp for the eighth consecutive day, Surel:\', there could not be Relidenca Phone: Narberth 605
a more striking tribute to the character of our Narberth bOys and the ef-
ficiency of their devoted lender, Scoutmaster Fre:!' C. Patten.
Send alladl'ertising and news items to ThoEe not familiar with the aims nnd methods of tlle organization
P. O. Box 966. woul(l. be deeply impressed if they stUdied its varied activities. The Boy
Our Town i~ on sale at the depot
newsstnnd, and at the store of H. 1'~.
Entered as secoud·class matt.:!f
Sceut learns far more than to take ca~:e of himsclf, to know nature, to use
his hands and his head and hi.s faculties, He learns, ill adclition to many
vnriea ll:cehanical and artfnl accolllPlishmel,ts not obtainable in so large a
degree by our boys in any other way-self-respect, clean living, reverence
Watch Two Men
October 15, 191-1, at the Post Office r.1 and loya,lty, and almost u,~conscious1y develops the qun.lit:es which make pay a bill. One takes money from his pocket
Narberth, Pennsylvania, under the act for usefnl, Christian manhood and citizenship. In a word, lie acquires hab- and receives change with a receipt, which must
its of physical, mental and moral disciplille which enhailee his value to him-
of March, 18i9.
self and to society,
be kept safely for protection. The other pays
It gees without saying tbat every good American is i'lterested, whether the exact sum by check, which is a receipt-he
OUR TOWN will gladly print
h3 realizes it or not, in prolllGtillg such a sane a,nd constIllctive work as that has no other bother.
of the BOy Scouts. And the residents of Narberth arc' especia-lly concerned
any news it':lm about any subject
that is of interest to Narberth
becl'.uoc their boys have shown exceptional a,ptitu:le in tIle training a,nd The convenient way costs nothing-it actually
have conspicuously upheld the honor of the comlllllnity,
folks, but in order to meet the III the face of such a nced and ElIch a demol1[tration, would it not be a returns a profit in time saved, convenience and
printing schedUle, all "copy" reproach, :t calami.ty, if the Narberth troop were compelled to tlisbl'.ni for safety.
-manuscripts-must reach the lack of a meeting place'? To pernlit that would. be to confess a WOeful
editor by 6 P. M, Wednesday each deficiency of civic pride and a lamentable unconcenl for the welfare of om Our facilities are at your service.
week. youth, More than that, it would. be to sacrifice self-interest by abandon-
i;,g :t work which ten:Ts to ele'late the pre~ent and future life of the com·
It is earnestly to be hoped that thc men and women of Narb3rth wil~
SATURDAY,SEPTEM8ER 18,1920 :"waken to their obligations in this matter before it is too late and provid£
for their splendid Boy Scout troop the modest quarters it nee:ls for its gath,
The Merion Title and Trust Company
erings, Narberth Office •• Opposite Station
Fire, 350
Police, 1250
t hL.' o\\'llL.'r fails to cI('all thL.' si,IL.'\\'alks
Olle proprietor with a proper sellse

thL.' work is to he done h~' tltL.' Highway
_\ I Ih,' J'l'gula l' 111l'I'I iug of t Ii" Bor- , 1l"partlnl'llt and tbl' eOsl. 11IIlI a fille
('harged to the 011'1)('1'. ]1' thl' hill is
of ei dc pri,lc "Ny rllrefully gather~ up
the ruhbish allLl earriL's it illside to a
rubbish or ash ellll,
Ilugh l'OIlIl"it h"I,1 ~lolll]ay night of tliis
11'(''']" ~I r. j l'lIgh \\', Broll"lI was el,'dp(1 Ilot illllllediatel~' paid a lien will be Our St reet Depart III I'll t sweeps I1a v·
('rford uvellUl' llIore often thal~ should
Plants - 25 for One Dollar
('otllleillll:lll to fill a vaealll'y, ;'[1'. pllll'ed 011 the propl'rt,I·. Sweet William, Pink Beauty.
Our Borough is to hI' ('ollg.,.alulall'd he lIl\t'(\s:-;ar~~ :111t1 eHIlJlot be expectcu
Broll"lI ,'0111(" 10 thl' ('oullcil with au \\'ltile an ordinunec of this Idn,1 looks Panay, Cornflower-Blue Color.
ill the eleetioll of ~lr. Hugh W. Bl'oll'll to e!pan the street late Saturday el'ell-
I'Xperiplll'" iu puhlil' sprl'iee Ihat will ratlH'r sevl'rl', it is only thoHe who do Columbine, Double Mixed.
as Coulldlrllall 10 till thL' "llC'UIII',\' ('HUSL',I ing' so that. it presellts :L lIeat Ilppl'ar- Pansy, mixed color•.
he of px('\'pl iOllal value iu soldug the not hal'e u propel' rcgard for tlll'ir fe!-
hy the resigllatioll of JI[I', William 8 :l1l('P Oll 8t1 ntlay.
prohl'pll1s Illat ,'Ollll' h('\'or(' th" Bor- !oll'·('itizl'ns who fim1 it. so. Transplanted Stock the Above
Jlladdox, who will shortly IlUlI'C from
ough f"athl'rs, The eOlllmullity is 10 Ill' 'l'here is no gO(Hl reason wh," sicIL·- 1l' the l,ide pri,]e of the storll pro-
l'ollgratulat(',[ allll the meulhers of walkl' should not he kept f1'(~(' of sno\\' pri('\ors "allllot he apppaled to there is at One Dollar per dozen
~[r. 131'0\\'11 is \\'ell kllowu 10 the eiti-
l'lJulI(,il ,'olilplilli"lItL',1 oU the sdcetioll all,1 iL'L' 01' nL.'gll'et('d so that lI'all'l' will a horough ordilllllleL', alld an ordinllllce Not less than ONE DOLLAR'S worth
zens of'our eoululunity, llud UII doubl sold of anyone variety
of .\[1'. Browu for this important pUIllic not drain to the guUl'r. Our sid('wulks with t('dh ill 'it, that prohibits uu-
he I"ill prove himsl'1f 'worthy of thl'
rl'spollsihi Ii t y. gi"e our 1'l'si,lents :JI1l1 our visitors 1I1'('pssary l'ubbish on our stn'ets that
their Phlox, Paeonie., Lupins, Delphinium,
COlltid"IIl'(' plal'eLI iu him to de\'lIte his
impressions of thc town and thl' o\\'ncl's wi II 11:\ \'(, to be enforced, Pyrethrum, Anchuaa, Hollyhock.,
best illlprests for the bettel'lllL'ut of the Darwin Tulip., Daffodilr, Croclla.
To thL' E,litor of Our 'rowu. of th e properl iI's,
Year HOllllll Home To \\,n ,
If T am lIOt mistaken, tlip OWIIL'r of 'rho snow plow, ,,,hieh hus hl'cll a Aak' for Cat.loll
0111' Town eong'mllllat,·s both ('ouu-
cilrnHu Hugh \Y. Browll alld the Bor· 1,01. ;li in the Park is the man who, at
II llIeL'ting of those interesterl. caused
hlL'ssing' in Nur1JcrtJr for sl"'l'ral ~'cars,
will cOlltillue to illalH' a path on our
ough of Xarberth. Mont!l0Jnery Ave. Narberth, Penna
to he \\'I'ittell into the mutual agree- sidl'walks.
l11ellt made alnong the lot holders alll! 'rhunk ~'ou, Mr, Coulll'ilmen, for the (Continued from Page 1.)
We wish to ('all the attl'lltiou of our subserillL'rs, that'tlie owners of t he lots Sno\\' Ordinance, unil ilinner at. the Pl~'lIloutlt Conntr)'
l'l'udt'rs to the article nppeariug in this should be .(',on1Jll'lled to keep thcm e1eall. Clnb last 'YeLlnesday arteJ'lloon ane!
Don't fail to hear ~[rs. •lohn O.
issne hy our townsmau, Dr. O. J. 8u)" And it. is reallJ' fair to say that Lot e\'('ning,
NARBERTH'S MAIN STREET. ~[ilIer, State I'rpsident Pennsylvania
;ler, who has \'cry earnestly taken npoll i\o. 3i is positin'ly thc (Iirtipst lot on
Lpllgue of \Vomen Voters, at Elm Hall
himsl'1f to ascertaiu the tl'lle clludition~ the pla('1' anc] ilHiL'L',l \'l'IT ullsightly.
£.\ hnsilltlss ~cetioJl i:-; ('t'rtainly lle('e~· on Friday, September 2-lth, :l P. ~1. Two lIIen were urrest ed and thl'l'e
coufront iug our loelll troop of I3l1y I won,I('r if it woul,1 1I0t Ill' proppr
sary to a town of Narhl'rth's size and escaped in a raid mnde hy the Jloliee
Scouts. for the Park ('onllnittee to urgently re-
population, 'rhe l0f!:h'a I loeation for a ~[rs, W. \V. Pierson and fumily ha"e of Ha\'erford township Monday nig-ht
It is to be rl'gretted that our hoys C1uest Ihat th" Oll'n('r of Xo, ;li dean up
husiness sertion is thc ('L'ntl'r of the rl'turne,l to their hOlne on StL'P"py npon headqnarters of snsjleded moon-
ure ullahle to SL'elll'e suitahlc aecommo· his propl'rt~' allll "clIlform with his own
town :1I1l1 ural' the railway station. 1'1:lel'. They spent Ihe summer at Som' shiners ncar the \Vpsl. ChL'stL'r pik('.
datious to enable thl'lII to coutiune their regulatiolls.
'I'hat. part. of th(' town nl'ar the railwav
mcetiugs, aud the duty of L'1'('l'y eit iz,'u NAHBHOOK. erton. Pa.
station is a visitor's first impression (;1'
of ?\arberth is \'('ry plaiu iu this re· till' eOllllllunity's standards, allll al- ;\[1'. \ViIliam X. Lamh is uttencling
sped. 'l'he arti(·le sets forth \'('1)' Fire Hull opon froln 10 A, ~L to ;j the Mastel' Car and Locolllotive Paint·
THE SNOW ORDINANCE. t.hough t:IlL' ('on\'enil'nee of the st.ores
forl~ibly aua iutelligeutly thn L'utirL' P. M. 'rnesll'av III III \Y"llnesday, 81'[l-
llIa~' ,he apl'l'('c,jaIL',1 the~' shonld prl'sent ('rH' Convention in BOston ,luring this
maHer, aud e\"('1')'one should !'l'ud it alll] tl'mller 21 anll 22, for convl'nipn,'(' of
Our Borough Counei! at its S"pt"lII- an ajll1PaJ'lln,'l' as rll'an, orderly und \l'epk. He is aeeompanied hy ~[rs.
re·rl'a,1 it, alllI then pnt his shoulder to ntlrndiYe as jlossib]l'. . wOlllen voters, Pay yonI' tax. Lamh.
her session passed an orclinanl'e rp-
the whl'l'1 to assist our lo('al troop iu
(lui ring oll'n('\"s of property to relllove It is tIll' streL't OJ' roa,lIwcI itself that
soldng the serious 'dif!i('ulty whieh con-
snow or ic',' from sidell'alks and prodd- this artirll' rl'fl'J'H to, ancI it, lIInst. he u(l- 1\11'. and 1.[1'8. Hable)' A. \Va1'ller 1m ,'e
frontl' it. \Volllen "ot('rs, emhraee thL' oppor-
ing l'ennlt~' for dolution of the or· mitll'll thnt Han'I'ford. a"cune at. times. retu1'llc(l to their home on Narherth
tnuity presl'ntc',ll to ~'ou on Friiiay, Sep-
--------,---------- dinllllce, Essl'x and Xarherth nYenues at times avenue uftcr :l llIost delightful motor telllber 24th, to It'arn how to intelli-
THE SILVER LINING The S1IOW Ordinauee. as it. hus been 1001,s an~·thi)lg but like "Spotless trip of two weeks to Eugll's 1\[ere anll gently usc the ballot on eleetion duy.
'l'rnl.I'. d..llth Is n Ullrk l'1onll thllt dis· callrd, will, hI' 11l1l'('rtised in Our Towll, 'l'own," SOllie mercllfiuts or proprietors
vicinity, This lmo\l'ledge will not onl~' save un·
tresses nllll Il 1'(111 Its : hnt 1Ir.. fnsnran,'p Is' hut in sllhstanl'e it ullows property of stores ha YO a Illlhit of sweoping their
the slh'('r lining' Ihlll Itg-hlpns the SUI'I',\II' toM time 311Ll tronble at the poJls, but
aud dlsllp!S th!' glllulII. Oll'lIers twenty-four hours after suow sicIewnlks and allowing thc sWl'epings
Members of the Bryn Mawr Business will also sUI'e llIany ,·otl'~. Do 110t pass
stops fallillg in 'lI'hieh to renrove snow or I'uhbish to re1llain in the gutter,
FREDERIC A. LANAHA~ A~soe i a tiOIl helll t h ',),ir second outing' it bJ'.
~O!l Forest A\'~. I'hone ~ul'l>~rth :UI n, IlIlll irl'. Xotiel' is thl'u given alllI if probnhl:r hoping' for' n rafn storm.

A ~s5'UT~.~ !A

SeptemberCon.ncil Meeting President-Mrs. D. D. Stickney.
Vice·Presidont-1frs. J. B. Darlington.
Finest Photoplay The-
...re 01 1111 Size In .he
Entire World.
. Directors of thc Civic Association Secretary-Mrs. C. L. McLenn. P ....opl.,..-Contlnu.m. 10 A. M••0 I1.S'
liltyp offered to report for Our Tow 11 . P.M.
Merion Meeting House, Merion, Pa. Tr('asurer-Mrs. H. C. Keirn.
the' d"ings of our Borough Council at Phlla•• Pa.
Ohairmen of Committees.
its rcgular sessions alHI ha \'e gil'en us
Merion'Meeting is open f~r worship ~rembership-Urs. Samuol Dickie.
the news of int.erest to rcsidents for
..every First·day morning at 11 0 'clock. Visiting-Mrs. Romaine Hoffman.
the past several monllis.
We c01dially welcome any visitors who House-Mrs. W. N. Mills.
·desire to worship with us. 1f [lJIyonc thinks being a membcr of PROGRAM
Social-Mrs. G. Merritt Davis.
our .Borough Council is a sinecure, she
~rllsic-Mrs. 1'. Noel Butlcr.
or hc shoul<1 attcnd a meeting and pie·
ST. MARGARET'S R. C. CHURCH. tUl'e the alllount of (Ietail which has WEEK of SEPTEMBER 13
to he' ,Iolle olltsidc of thc regular ses·
For God nntl ('oullll''y, we Hssodllte our~ ~iOllfl.

Rev. R. F. Cowley, Rector. sl'll'''s tog-I'Ihl'l' fol' Ihe following" 11l1l'POSl's:
To uphold nllll def"llll th,' Constlt uUou of
Early Mass on Sunday from April 1 Ihl' l:nited Htat.,s of Amcl"ica; 10 mntntnin
In\\' nnll order; to fostel" lIIHI pCI'Iletuutc
A t the Seplemlwr session there was
the usual rontine of reports of all the
Thos. Meighan
'to October 31 at 6.30 A. M. From No· OIlP hllndl'('d IJPf Ct'llt. Am(\ri(~nnlslJ1: to
IlI'4'Hl'l'\'P the lIll'll1orles ,U1l1 illciclellts of oUt" c'Hllmit.tees '\'hich \\"oul<1 be rather tlry
vembcr 1 to March 31, at 7 A. M. Late lI"oelntion in the Grent Wal"; 10 Incuknte rcadillg. in
Mass, 9.30. a ,,'nse of ludlvldual ohlig"ntlon to th,'
eOllllllullltr, State and l';nUolI; to combat
tI", uutll"I'nl'~' of both the e1l1SSI'S llnd till,
Jt will be of illterest to those II'ho All Summer Shoes
Masses on holy dnys, 6.30 and 8.30
A. M. Weekdays at 8. Evening devo·
mlg-ht: to
to IIlnl~e
rig-ht the 1ll:1stel' 01
lH'lIee and goOOI} will on
('lll'tll: to snfpg'ual'cl utltl tran:-;l1Iit to lJo~­
li"e neal' Dudley alltl Stuart. avellues to
kllow t hat. a fire hydmllt is to he plac,'d Reduced to Cost "Civilian Clothes"
tions and other services at regular tl'l'lt~' t h., l'rlnel"I('s of juslic,·. fr"edom at that. illtersectioll, which will Illeall a
awl 1lt.'lIlocl'aey; to ('OIlSPcl'alt· llIHl snlletif~'
times. 0111' COIl1I'Hdt'silip hy 0111' tlf'\'otion 10 11111tunl ·11ettl'r rate on their fire insurallce poli.
Iwlllfnlnl'ss.---l'I'l'lInl bll' to II", ('o"stltnllo"
of t IH' AIllt'l'ic'ull L(';:don.
cies. Better come in and look
Also a SC':l'r is to ht' laid in Sabine them over l\lAIN PUODUCTION STARTS AS NEAR
FALL AND WINTER DANCE avellUC, from COJlway nvclllle to a poillt AS POSSIBLE TO 10.00 A. M.. 12.00. 1.00,
SERIES. ahout 200 feet. \\"I'st of Homewood H,'e- 8•.J1l. 1l.41l. 'MG. O.SO P. M.

Rev. Gibson- Bell, Locum Tenens.

The Post will start its fall allli win· 1111C. And we are to h:1 \'e within a
few days a new police officer.' ~[I'.
Narberth Shoe Store
t('r dances hy holding the first ,lance
:Rev. Malbone H. Birckhead. Associate. Hugh 'V.BrowJI, of 'Voodside n'-enlle, 209 Haverford Avenue
Sunday services:
8.15 A. M.-Holy Communion.
on Friday cI'pniJlg", Oct01)(>r 1st. ~a ,'e
this date aJl'] come out aIHI enjoy the
dane('s as all thoSl' ,lid wllo lIttclI,k<l
was nominatcd an,l electcd to fill the
llllexpirc<1 terlll of :Vfr. 'Villialll S. :.\[a<1-
9.45 A. M.-Sunday School. dox, who has Illo\'e,l to Devon. Raymond Weils. Proprietor
11.00 A. :M.-nlorning service and scr· thl'lIl la"t )'l'al'.
The reportl'!' for Septemher wishes to
Jnon. Put thl'sC ,latps iii ,\"Imr dial"y: O,·to-
apologizc for his lac], of ahilit.y and
A free autobus brings the children to
and froll1 Sunday School and the mem·
her 1, Oetobl'l" 2S, ;\ Ol'clllhel' :;;'i, lJe-
"l'IIJI)(,1" Ii, .January 1, Fphrnary IS,
ho1'l's to l'l'a<1 a ])('ttl'l' report from his Subscribe for' EXPERT REPAIRING
hers to and from Church, leaving Nar· ~[lIr('h IS. Apl"il 2!l, an<l ~[1I~' ~lIth. co!leaglH' who reports th(' Octoh('r ~es­
berth Station at 9.40 and 10.40. If
requested it will leave the station at
sion on thl' uSlla1 se,'olHl ~[ondny. "Our Town" Telephone Narberth 1633

8.00 for the cady service. NARBERTH AMERICAN LEGION

Rev. Arthur S. Walls, Pastor·
\\'" wish to takl' this "1'1'''l'lllIJity to
thallk the IlIelll]WI'S of the Po~t all,i oUt'
Cleveland and Ford Sales and Service. QUick deliveries on COOK BROS.
all cars. All kinds of Auto Repairing
~ullday, Sl'ptcmbcr 1!1: gooll frjpluls of ;\al'l)('rth who ha'-c Plumbing Roofing
!I..!5 A. ~l.-Sllll,lay ::'('lJo',l. All de, sllhSl'l'ihed to ~harcs of shl!']' ill !110 Work Guaranteed Oils, Gas, Supplies
IHlrtlllclI ts. ]lew Hs:-;oc·iatinn for the-ir 11(mr1y f'O-
Narberth 1 605 .. L. C. SHAHAN, ~rop.
lJ..!i; A. _\L-.\I"II 's Bib'" Class. HUll .. 0ppl'atioJl.
:Fll'tclJer \\'. 8t it,'s, lea"hl'l'. 'I'hl' assol'iati"l1 \\'ishps to tliallk Olll' The Time is Ripe Now for Us
1\.00 ..\. ~L-~lol"JJillg WOl'sliip. 8l'l'- Towll for their g"PI!C'I'OUl-' 111'1" allli ('0' The Misses Zentmayer's to overhaul your HEATING SYS.
IlIOII j,y the past 01'. opP1'atioll ill the Pl'illtillg" oj' II", appli-
i.,J5 J'. .\l.-EI"('lIill~ worship. :)l'l'-
1Il011 by I he past UI'. ~t IIsi(' by I lie 'llIal"'
('atiolls for stoek, as 11',,11 as all otll,'1'
111a11p1':-- p('1'taiJlillg' to tlip a:-;sol'intioll.
We are in a pOSition to gi~·e you
telte. Will Reopen September 15, 1920 excellent SERVICE immediately.
Special Announcoment-Peach Festival THE FREE MUSIC AND STREET WE are the Agents for the KING
Sel'tl'llIhl'r :;~tli, ill haSl'llIl'llt of thl' DANCES.
chul"('h. .\ lIsl'i,'l's t he Ladies' Ai,l So- WI' J'('gTl't that (li~apl'ro\"al of the which Kuts vour Konl Bill 25·40 %,
.fJ'(~p aJ1t1 .stl'(~('t. .(lnlH~O
designed for Furnaces, Tank
--cll'fy •. J.'p:lehes, i(',u cl"I...1 :1Jll. alld <.'a.ke for lllllHil' pl'tlgrUllt
Heaters, Boilers a' d Coal Ranges.
~-{j tt'lIt~. ~\ gtllJll :"iuciahll' 1hlle. b." SOllie of 0111' "itizplIs has "a IIsl',1


th"m to qlll'siioll the poli,'y "f till' Post
ill l'Pganl 10 Hoeial :H:"ti"Hips. rj'hc~~
I'I'Og"l':IllIS ha \"l~ not ]'1"'11 l'olldlll"tl',l !,y
Narberth Register
Two Lines, IOc per issue; Sc for each additional line
Give us a Kall. Narberth 302J.

Rev. Avery S. De1ll1llY, B. D" Pastor. the Post. altholll!h an act i\'e Lpgioll
Illl'm1H'1' has Sl'l'\,,',l as l'hail'lllan of '.}'l'
'('1':1l]('sllIen anll ~[,'n'han1s' COlllmitt",'
Sl'J"\"ices Sunday, 8l'pt,'m her W, In:;O: GoUshull, n. 1\.. I'ubllc Aceounlaut, 303 LOON, Fuun,)' 11. Piano teaclJer.
n.30 . ;\f.-Prayer lIlel'1ing".
nA3 A . .\I.-SlInllar Schoo!.
wlii('h lias fillall,·"d tl,,'sP aira irs h.,' ,111,-
Con wa~' .A Ven UC, r\ url.H!rtll. 1):1.
Kelm. H. C. Certified Public Accountant.
202 Dudley av". Phone. Narberth 300·W.
Stulllo, Arelllle lillig-.
I'lione. 3Hl-J.
11.00 A. ;\r.-~[orning- I\'orship, SCI" It \\'ollld appeal' In \'" 10 1)(' n'I'~' lin, AU'l'O~lOmLES. J .. lferieK. J. 11. 111 Narberth ave.
fail' to ("lII,ll'lIl11 Ihpse programs sinlph' Lees' Garaee-Repalrlng. ElC. Phone. 1606. Pbone. 666·l\I..
ilion hy the pastor on thc sllhjed. Slml>NOll, Harry A. 232 Essex Ave.
"HoI\' lie Sends l's," or "'I'hl' Christ· 1I1'"allse th,'." ,]l) 1101, han: the salll'tioll Saruerth t;llru):'e. I'houe Naruel'tll 163.1. Phollt'. Naruerth C03U.

Smedley Buill Home

See dlsJlluy ul1l'ertiselUent In tills Issue. Tyson. Warren n. Phone, Narberth 1202-W
iaH'~ Gl'(\at COlli III i:-:si 011. ,. Text, .Tohll of pl'('('('(lpnt. "'h~' r:lllJlol, a stn'l't
,lall('p ])(' l'on,llle!pll jll~t as pr0l'pl'l~' OI"l'ICIA~!!!
20: 21. Censore. Suule. Phone, 672.
·i.OO J'. ;\L-Young" I'l'opll"s Chorus :11"] or<l,'rl.,· as a dan('e i II Elm ITa 11! See tllsJllny udvertlsement in thIs issue. ..~t·Jltuli. Carl 606 Essex ave. Pbone, 618-\\
Donuhue, I'ulrlck I". Phonc 1U33. Phil... addreu. 1801 Cbestnut .t. Locuat 131
rehl'Hrsal. All arc in,itl"!. "',, n'ql1pst thl' a(1I"ersp el'it.i('s to ,. 011 Il' See dlsjll:I~' ndvertlsement tn this Issllc. Zentmayer, JOKepll. 228 S. 15th st.. Phlla~
iA.'i 1'. ;\L-En'nillg- I\'ol'ship. Spe- olli :lJul o11~l'J'\'l' earcfllll.y fh" "Ollllth'! BANKS
cial IIlIl"ie hy thc qna I'tl'l Ie, ehorus, UI'- of tlw,,' ,la IIl'PS. lIIerlob Title '" Trud Co. Phone. Ardmore 3. Walzer. ,),'red.
See displa.\- advertlst!ment tn tbhl lseue. 117 Wln.or aVe. Phoue. 12U-J.
ehl'stra an,l inspiring" eongregational
singing'. Bl'il'f serlllon hy the pastor on '1'1,,' first scrips of the Xal'l)(,l'th I>AI>EI~ HAXtOlXG. Phone, Narberth 1687
Shand, Alex. C...Jr. Phone. No. 1710.
the sllhjl'l'1, "SIHl\\- Your 1I:(ll<ls," AII,,'ri"all L,'),doll Bllil,lillg" alld Loa II Narbcl'tb Station. UO~'<I, Horuce S. 104 Forrest A\'e_ Phone 3;;U
'('I'XI. Exodus ,J: 2.
'rhe ~fl'n 's "\ssoeiat ion will hol,1 the
Asso('iation \\'ill he kppt: 0ppII nlltil the
nth of Xovpmhrr. If ~'OI1 dill not gl't
011t. to tIll' first llIectillg" night he SlIre
Smedlev. Will. U. '" n. T. Phone. 000,
See d'lspls)' advertisement tn lbt. Issue.
Va,'I•• II. E. Phone, 126f-W.
"Arcallla," 16th and Che.tnut sts., Phil.
See dl.play advertleement In this I••ue.
first nll,,,t ing' of the "l'ason ;\[on,lay
eH'ning' at 8 0 'dol' kat thl' hOlllc of to "ome on Ortoh,'r !jth 1,('I.\I"l'('1I i :JIl']
See display ad verllsement In thte laaue,
;\[1'. Albcrt. .1. N('edhalll on Chl'stnllt !l o'l'lol'k ill t.hc (,,'pllillg" at "'rhe Lit· 219 Haverford Ave. Pllone. Narberth 1,0". Cool< Bros. Phone 302·J.
stl"(,ct. ~fl'. Roy Clark, a former mcm· tIe Offire" 01' th(' n('\\, 1101I]{' of th(' CARPENTERS &ND BUILDERS See display nd\"ertlsement In this Issue. and INSURANCE
post nt t.he rorll('r of Elnl\",'oll and .lenkln.. Cha.. L. Wall, n. U. l'holle, Narberth 1602-J.
1.1('1' of the club, will he the speaker. 103 DudleY ave. Phone. lli:-~. See dl.play advertisement In tbls Issue
W('dnes,la~' e\"enint,r at 8 0 'clock thc Essex' HY('III1('S, on the sonth sillc of
mid-wl'ek scni"e of the church. Sub· th,' railroall. Cook, C. P. Pllone, Narbertll 302·J.
See display advertlscment In tbls Issue. Cul<l\\'ell, J. A. Phone, 1687
jed, "VncatioJl I·;('hoes." Rcports \\r" will t,r]II,11y w(']"ollle app!it'atiollS See dl.play advertl.ement In tbl. luue.
frolll t h('ir summer experi('uce will he for JIlol·tgag"e 10:lJls. 'f'h('~' will hrillg" liS CONTRACTOR 01" PLASTERING Frltoeh, II. C. Phone. 262-W.
I··ratantonl, James, &: Son•• See dl.play advertl.ement In thl. I.sue
"i \"eU hv t hosc pr('sen t. fril'luls as wl'l1 as np\\, lmsin('". 239 Hampden ave. Phone, 1697·W. H)'uerg, Bent T. Phone 1713.
,. The {,uhlic is welcome to all these DENTISTS
See display advertisement In this issue. -
Nash, Bobert oJ• .Phone, 606. Cotter's Meats
scn,ic('s. THE AMERICAN LEGION WEEKLY. Orr, Dr. &. L. 101 Elmwood avo Phone. 3U-W. Money tor First &nd Second Mort..ase.,
Phlla. Phone. Filbert f26Z. Keith Bldg. Simllson, Jum.,. (J. 232 E••ex ave.
Pass YOllr wl'eld.\· 011 to SOllll' oth('r Schembs, Dr. John. Phone Narberth 316· W. Phone. 636, or 1420 Chestnut st.
THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. I'x-st'nipl' mllll to rend. Perhaps y01l1' Cor. Grayling and Windsor aves.
Office Hours unttl 9 P. M. dally. ltOOFING, ETV. A Quality For
Rev. John Van Ness, :Minister. nrt. will ohtaill a II('W memher for liS. Gara-!l(cGlnley Co. Phone, 1268-W.
\\'p WOI1M g"1'('atl~' apprcl'iate it. if
See display advertisement In this Issue. People Who
Howard·s. Phone. 1267. Miller. John A. US Iona ave. Phone, 861-J
'\!"e('tillgs 1'01' n('xt Sunday: anyonr !Il'aring of all ('x-serdee mall See dloplay advertl.ement In thl. laaue. Shop, 248 Havertord ave. Phone. 12U-J Want The Best
llA5 A. ~L-Sun,hty School. All de· ha~'illl! llIO\'l'll to Xar1wrth won],] noti- ELECTRICIANS SCIIOOLS.
f~' thp A(1jntant or S01111' Jll('mhers of Case, W. G. Phone,395·W.
pllrtments. See d,lsplaY allvel'tlsement In this Issue. The Misses Zentmayer's Kindergarten, 125
11.00 A. l\L-~[ornillt,r worship. SCI" the Post. "'c will glaill~' \\,e],'oJll(' nil Pugh. Veri 226 lona aVe. WIndsor avenuc. Narberth. Groceries and Provisions
Nar. Phone. 660'W, Ard. Phone. 168-J'. See display lIuYertisement In t1lls Issue.
luon thcme, "'rhl' Chl'istinn 'Vol'kel' 's new ('otl1(\r~.
OhjediYc." ' Imperial Grocery Co. Phone. Narbertb 606.
;-.,13 P. ~f.-EI'l'nillg worship. SCI" JOIN THE EXTRA DUTY SQUAD. Good Wear Shoe Hepalr Shop,
INSURANCE Constantine, B. G. 252 Haverford ave.
1Il011 theme. "'1'he :'I[oney tha,t 'Yas 'rhel'(, is still a lot of \\'ork to 1)(' Bowman, Samuel P. (Life.) Phone, Nat'bertll 1700- W.
Lo:-;t.' , ,lone on 0111' IIl'W home. COlllC OYl'J' Sat- 116 Elmwood ave. Phone. 663-W. Reginelll, Frank. 209 Hnvertord ave.
Church Notes. IIrda~' a ft('rnoon allll help liS to gd it
in shap(' for, nn carlr hOlls('\\"nrminl!.
'l'rotter Bros. (Fire. etc.)
209 Wood.lde ave. Phone. U62-R.
Wlm<:r, Wm. 'Vooll. 106 Forest Avenue.
See display advertisement In tbls IUlle.
Subscribe for
'],he work of enln l'ging t.he "hurch Phone. 326 R.
hllihling' is progn'ssing rapidly. It. is
.hoped that tht: work will he completed
Gilroy. Jobo 211 E••ex ave. Phone. lZ"f6-R.
The above department .bould be of th,
~reate.t u.e to the community. the lI.t con,
talns the name ot every proteoelonal mao
"'Our TobJn"
so that the rooms llIa~' he oCl'upie,] hy Impressive Ceremonies at St.largaret's Phlla. addreos. Lincoln Bldlr.
Stlte.. Fletcher W. fIB H&vertord ave. trade.mo.n, meohanlc••hopkeeper. eto., wbe
does or oan In any way serve hi. tellow·
Rally Da~', wll,irh will hc on Octolwr 3. (Coptinued from Page 1.) Phone. 372-W Phil", address. Crozer BId...
town.man. and who I. pro..re.slve enoueb
and the imjlol'tance ~f ·ntlhering' to LIGHTING FIXTURES to add name to U.t ot Resister.
TIll' 'VOI11 en 's nihIl' Class had H husi·
l1l"SS tllul sociallllceting at. the hOlllc of true moral anll ~)liritual st:ulllartls. Thc
McDonald lohn. Narberth phone, 1183.
1688 Che.t.•t.. Pbll... Phone. Spruce 3183.
A. It \. dUllcult tor tbo.e contrlbutlnl
their time and efforts to tbe produotlon 01
"Our Town" to p.rsonally either know or
the Prl'sidrnt, Mrs. A. C. Stnplrs, on devotions wore open('(l with a proccs· UEATS, ETC. Interview &11 such. It would be most help- 'PnpertJes For Rent' and Sale
Illst Thursday aftcrnoou. . sion of thc rlergy, ncol:.des and rhil· Cotter, Ho"arel F. Pbon•• 1281. tul It tbo." not now tound In the prInted Fire Insuranee
Iilee dl.play advertl.em.nt In tbls Iuue. U.t would .end In a memo ot their nam...
Prnyer mecting ncxt, ',"c,1nes<1!ly ,lr('n on Sundny morning" tm,l wm'c addre••, phone numbet'll and blUllne_. or
('v('ninl!. Subjed for ,lis"ussioJl, "Bur· clos('<1 in a similar manner on Tuesday MILK proteulons tor llatlns. Thill wl11 oost ... tol, Ben Pbone 861 W.
Scott-PoweD DairIes. Phone. Pre.ton U18. low.: ,10 cents e&oll Inue tor J lin•• : I aeau
d('JI Benrinl!." ('Yoning.. See display adyertl..ment In thl. I.sus. tor eacb additional lIae. Wlill BoUding. Narller&ll, Pa.

Community Clnb Trampers- GLEAN··· SAfE-~WHOLESOME


buJe us good,b J' for his Uanudu jour,

ney-those Jays when we tramped the
wooded slopes of the Chester Valley,
General Wayne Inn Pasteurized Milk l' DELIVERIES
Brynelo~~I'::ertllled WEST PHILA.
(Pedrlalle soeler,..) OVERBROOK
lured by f1al;hes of tropicnl color among Speelal .. Guernsey" MERION
the budding saplings: II blue warbler, Milk WYNNEFIELD
a green one with his velvet collar and (Roberts· A Sharpless' BALA-CYNWY
suowy breast, a ca rdinul on the t rec, Dairies) 'NARBERTH
top, and a yellInI' flash of the flicker's Cream Bullermllk ARDMORE
wing, Established 1704 Table ond Whipping WYNNEWOOhJj
Leading from BerwJ'n to the Chester
Valley is an old dirt I'oud following a
dancing brook dOWJl through shadowy
woods, and winding at last to the open SCOTT-POWEtL DAIRIES
fertile valleys across which rise the
hills of Valley Forge. This is one of
the favorite tramping grounds of "The
DO YOU'KNOW 45th and Parrish Sts.
Vagabonlls." 'l'here we fiud the first
shy spl'ing flowers-arbutus, violets,
uitrewort, dutchman's breeehes, ad,
That curious legends and ancient traditions cluster about HARRY B. WALL
der's tongue, pink azalea" Along the Plumbing, Gas Fitting
lower reaches of the brook great fronds the General Wayne Inn? and Heating
of rattlesnake fern spread their fcath,
cry branches and raise their jewelled NARBERTH PA
fruit, wldle beech fern, lady fern,
Phone, Narberth 319 J
Christmas fern, and maiden hair beck-
on us farther up the glen, Sweet
braclwn clothes the hillside; and, as
\'e clamber up, Phoebe calls us with
il'iendly voice, while above we hear the
Table d'Hote A la Carte Service ,EDUCATOR
clarion call of the great crested fly· KREIDER SHOES
cateher. A gentle cheeping at the right
catches the cur of our "Bird-wise
Banquet Rooms FOR CHILDREN

One," and we crouch on the edge of

Spring Styles Now in
the woods, wuiting' patiently yet breath- NARBERTH SHOE STORE
lessly for another note to help us liad Frank RegineUi, Prop.
thc new-collier. Another note, and we
209 Haverford Avenue
creep n Ii ttle forward; a flutter, an d we
mo\'e to the right, and suddenly we
glimpse through the underbrush a husy
Special Platter 'Dinners Sunday NARBERTH, PA.
little bird saatehing in the old lea Yes,
his olh'e green hody a wonderful foil
for his head of Illlnded black and ~'el· The Nar berfb Electric Shop
low. This is the worm-eating warhler,
LAUNDRYETTE-"-lhe Walher
alHl we feel our~l'lvl's fortunate in mak-'
ng' his ucquuintanee. If we live,] a • Orchestra Dancing Every Evening that dries without a wringer•
trifle fartlwr north we should scarell w. G. CASE. 323 Conway Ave.
tllC \\'00,1s for him in vain. Phone, Narb.rlh 395 W
Our own woods down Hagy's ]o'ord
'Hoad yield us no fpw('f treasures. The
floor is thick with white \'inlets (yiola
JOHN T. ODELL, Proprietor
pallens, not the red-s(emllled ones), and
lInong the hlue OIlCS we count our deal'
U[235outh '7~S!, PhilacleIPbia:~
COlli man on('s. dog Yiolets, swamp. Lc
Conte's, lind that loyely ,Iepp one with
fuzzy lea\'es, Fimhriatula. A pail' of
blue hirds swing' 011 a twig oyer the
GARAnteed Roofs
roadwlIY al\(l wah,h us as \\'e rest. Thp SHOWER FOR MISS MAUDE WIPF.
chewink~ call froJ}\ the thil'ket; the
Dahlia Show Next Saturday, 25th'
'uhY'cro\\'lIeil ,kingl!'( s ,dart (ht'ough the ~.\ ":-;hower" was "pl"ceipitHtpd" at (Continued from Page 1.)
ree tops ,,'hile we arc pl'l'ring- throngh
hc hrush at t11l~ whitl'-throats. It' wp
tlte hOllle of .Jlrs. GuIda B .•\1001'0, ~lO
Essex a \"ClIUC, 011 Stlturday a ftcI'IIo0Jl RULES.
sit motionless on t hp \I'oo,h'll slo!,,'s for .J1is~ .J[:l1tde Wi 1'1', \\'110 will Ill' Complete Line of
uho\'e thc hrook Wl' lila,\" Ill' rl'w:lrde'} manied SC)ltelllher ~;:;th to .J[r. Frank
1. All exhibits must be in position hy 1 P. 1\1. sharp on the day of exhibition. Goodyear Tennis Shoes
2. Exhibitors to fUl'llish their own containers. •
b~' a sigllt' of OY'~l1 hirds, or lw((,'r ~til1, Iltl(IJlut~ of "}'air\'ic\\~ Par·lU," Ileal' 3. Exhibits to be tagged with nallie of exhibitor and nnmber of class. CIGARS,STATIONERY,MAGAZINES
thrt1!-il1(l~, :-,eratr'hill;! aJIl{lJlg the l(':l\"('~ :'\orristo\\'n. 'I'h" sholl'er was of thl' 4. After the exhibits are arranged they shall be under exclu~iYe charge of
like hu~y little h"lIs. A little lall'r IlIi~('pllalleous \'aridy ani] ~'i,'ldetl a the mllllllgement. and no olle shull he nHowed t.o touch or remove them without
great massI's of si In'ry spleen wort h consent of the committee.
('hoil'l' I' 01 JL>l'I ion ot' lIseful as wd\ as
5. All flowers shown in competition JJlust he grown by the exhibitor. ~ •• - •••••••••••••• Ie ••••
fern bordl'l' the hrook :IS it swillgs illto \l'ry h:llI(1~o1l1l' al'ti('h\~.
6. Greens JJlay he allowed in displaying exhibits, the amount of greens to
the sun at \\'oo,lbitll',avpnll(', anll al'r",,:, Thl' afll't'I111011 1'11!"rtaiJlllll'lIt II':lS be go\'cl'lled by the judges.
1l1l' road "PII' York fl'rll~ g-r:II'p th., ,,],1
tone \I'all ,10wlI whose liehl'lI('d sidp:,
Ill' yilles hand trpluhlingl~·.
On hot AUg'ust days thp t raills to
f..:tlltl'l'el with a solo by .Jli~s .J1:ll',\'
l~al':l. 'J'ho~e I'I'l'S('llt ill(']ud",l .J[rs, .E.
lI, ,\da!lIs, ~Lrs. Hoydl'JI lIltllt, :'Il.r~.
7. AllY nl(.'ritorious exhibit not proyided for In sche,lule will be suitablY
8. 'l'h~ prize for the most meritorious exhibit of dahlias shall be automat,
ically awarded in the following manner: An

first prizes shall count fi\"e points

Endl ('utlpr, .JLrs, H. C. . /OIII'S, .J[iss all second prizes three points, thil'll prizes one point. 'l'he exhibitor recCiYill~
Ardmore an,] t.he trolle~' to ('1'11111 ('rep!, ~lIZalllll' AegeJ'tpJ'1 :\[is~ :\[ill'.,r Garn. tlte greatest number of points shall be a \val'llod first prize, second, secontl priz(~
brillg us to aislcs of \I'ood ..,l qnid lin' and third, tit ird prize. At Narberth Station there
.J[iss Hdell (;ar:l, .J[i~s .JlariP Chi\'alil'r,
der hem]oek areh,'s. TIle SWPl't hrl'al h .J[rH. Elll1'ill Wipf, aJl,1 .J[is~ I~ahelll' is a Real Estate Office
of these depths is likl' winp. lIprp th .. The Committee in Charge. that is giving courtesy,
J 1.:IFlam.
wood floor is eh'ar of underbru~h, allli .Jlr. Henr,\' Hosp, .Jlif<s .Jlaizie .J. SimpsoJl, service and knowledge
the shining strl':lIu l,eeps us hap!,y eom' :'ILl'. FraJlk ,\. CI:lrl" .J[rs. Frank A. Clark,
pany as wc elamlH'r :lIong- it~ stl'ep
sides hunting eheckerhprry, rattlpsnakl'
Mrs. John o. Miller to Speak .JI. r.•Iosl'!,h P. Silllpson,
.J[r. Georg" D. Grol'er,
.Jlr~.. r. 0, AthNholt,
.J[l~. F. Hi('har,] Gilfofll,
in matters concerning
property. We are at your
plantain, alld hee('h drops.
(Continued from Page 1.) .J[r, H, .r. J-;'lgar, .J[rs. H. Eo Huch. service. Phone
Now there Is a toneh of antumn ill NAQBERTH 17 J 3
the air, and our fept arc OI\('C 1I10rl' of \\'011\('11 Voters, :1 lIoll'l'arti~an orgall-
izatioll, and olle that will stalul 1'1'('- WOMEN VOTERS OF NARBERTH. BASEBALL AT WAYNE.
restless for grass~' Toads. Oh for the
]lungcnt odor of hurning brush, Im,1 a paretl to tal,e cOll('erted al'lioll on I't'Oh, DOII't forget to pay poll tax at Fire
glimpse of gentian blue! 1l'II1R of hettl'r gO\'l't'Illl1ent aIll} ('Iealler
• polities.
Hall 'l'nesclay :I1H] \\'cdllesday, Septem-
her 21-22, 10 A, M. to 5 P. M .
Tlte Narherth team is lI'aiting to sec
who their opponcllts \\'ilI hc in the BENT T. HYBER6
''1'here is something in Octoher sets E\'ery Narherth \\'onH11I should andl I'~\'ery lI'Onlll11 \'oter shrJlIltl aim to championship series.

the g~',psy blood astir, hl'rself' of this opport.ullity to hear pay her t ax promptly on 'l'uesday or It so happens t.hat anl'l' Saturday,
Mrs. Miller. Sample h:dlots will be \VetlJle~tlar, September 21 and 22. the 11th, Berwyn and \VaYlle were tied
\Venrust rise and follow her,
'When from every hill of flame
She calls and calls each vagabond by
a \'ailahle for in~pel'lion b~' ProslH'dh'e
\\'OnHlJ\ \'oters. The I)('rsonel of the
hallot and how to iutelligently u~e it
Ot Iwrwise she will not he eligi hIe to
\'ote 011 election day.
"arberth has had a most remurkable
for first plaee with lit I e"ell perePlIt·
age. One game will he Jlla~-cd at \Va~'ne
toda," to ,h,.. i,le the ",iJIJIl'r of the S('('-
c. P. COOK
name.' , \\'ill he c1<'arl~-, <!I'finetl hy :Mrs. .J[iller. rl'g-istration, being the It'ading distril't Olt,] haJj'. Coal, Wood and
G. C. B., Your presellee at this 1lI1,,'ting in JlO in the State, aJlel shouM 1I0t lag behinll Championship sel'les Sel'temhl.'r 2;ith,
One of the Yllgai)ond~. war ohligates ~'ou to join the League. Oil election dny. Odoher 2nd allll O..tobl't' !Jt h.
Building Supplies
We have a few tons of
SABlE CEN·SOR.E By-Product Coke for sale
NeTI~E at $ 8.50 per ton deliver-
ed in cellar.
Phone 672 100 ESSEX AVENUE Patrick F. Donahue BELMONT ELECTRIC CO.
TAXI SERVICE Taxi meets all trains Store orders promptly delivered Contractors
Baggage called for and delivered Freight delivered 892 Belmont Avenue
Automobiles meet all trains throughout the day and evening.
Old House Wiring A Specialty
Packages and Trunks promptly called for and delivered. Open Day and Night Phone 1633
Electrical Appliances Repairing
Moving Furniture and Hauling Freight, etc. .
Bell Phone-Belmont 4386