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CLASS: IX TEST-2, 2020-2021 TIME: 1 ½ hrs

SECTION –A : READING [5 marks]

Q.1. Read the given passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:-

What is intelligence? And how can one be intelligent all the time? One
has to understand the basic fact that intelligence and intellect are at two
opposite poles. A person who is an intellectual would have all the
knowledge of the world but won’t know how to give it shape. Knowledge
burdens the individual if he does not have the intelligence to express it.

Intelligence is an integral part of the individual which finds fulfillment in

expression. An intellectual who is burdened by excessive knowledge can
never flow with intelligence. Intelligence demands that an individual be
sensitive of his acts, thoughts and emotions. It also demands that the
individual be inquisitive about the working of life and of one’s own mind.
Intelligence implies that the individual be supple and flow along with the
life’s source, so as to be one with the sublime realities of love, bliss and
peace. Intelligence is the basic knowledge of life which is transformed
into knowing.

1. What is the difference between intellect and intelligence? 1

2. What are the traits of intelligent people? 1
3. Who can never flow away with intelligence? 1
4. What does intelligence imply? 1
5. Find the words from the passage which are synonyms of the 1
following words-
a.) curious b) flexible Contd...

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Q2. You paid a visit to an ‘Old Age Home’ with other N.S.S. volunteers. 5
Write a diary entry on what you saw and experienced there in 100-150
words. You are Shaily.

Q3. Change the following sentences from Direct Speech to Indirect Speech:- 3

1. Sheela said, “May God grant my wishes.”

2. Rita said, “Why have you not brought my party dress?”
3. Neha said to me, “Don’t give me silly excuses.”

Q4. Rearrange the following words / phrases to make meaningful sentences:- 2

1. resistance band / while watching / use a / television

. 2. it / sparsely populated / a / is / in Uttarakhand / town

Q5. Read the given extract and answer the questions that follow:-
“He came to the door of a cottage,
In travelling round the earth,
Where a little woman was making cakes,
And baking them on the hearth”.

. 1. Whom does “He” refer to in the first line? 1

2. What request did “He” make to the woman? 1
3. Was the little woman rewarded or punished? Why? 1
4. What is a hearth? 1

Q6 . Answer the following questions:-

1. What would Kezia do while her father slept on Sundays? What 2
. happened when he woke up?
2. Why did the swallow delay his departure for the second time? 2
( Lesson 5 : The Happy Prince from Moments)
3. Why did Albert Einstein leave school in Munich? 2


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