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President Term:    4 Years Candidate Donald Trump/Mike Pence Party Affiliation: Republican

The President of the United States is the head of state and head of government of
the U.S. The president is the chief executive and is in charge of the executive
branch. They can veto and sign bills, sign off on legislation laws, represent the U.S to
foreign countries, and nominate cabinet members and supreme court justices, and
they are supposed to represent the best interest of the American people.

Website: https://www.donaldjtrump.com

Question 1: How are you going to make health care easily accessible to everyone?

"We will support free-market principles and to allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines."

Question 2: What are your plans regarding covid 19 and what role do scientists and health care experts play?

" Its very important to follow the science, wear masks and social and co exist with rules. Some people choose to not" -Debbie
Blodgett Snohomish County Republican Party (opinioned answer)

Question 3: Health care/ what is your stance on childhood and covid vaccination and what steps should we take to educate
people on it? 

"We support parental consent for minors who seek medical procedures, treatments, or pharmaceuticals. Parents have the
right to access all health care information about their minor children.

Question 4: What steps will you take to make sure guns do not end up in the wrong hands?

"Guns are always going to have a way to get into wrong hands, there are laws, you have to wait 10 days to get it and take all
the steps in order to get it" -Debbie Blodgett Snohomish County Republican Party (opinioned answer)

Question 5: How do we return economy to pre pandemic state?

" If you look at the stock market we are doing phenomenally well, the people who have retired are doing very well. I think
we need to remove the lockdown and allow people to go back to normal." -Debbie Blodgett Snohomish County Republican
Party (opinioned answer)

Question 6: How will you ease the racial tension in our country and stop police brutality towards people of color and the
LGBTQ+ community? 

"I think when someone is fighting being taken into custody they are pushing those buttons. Obama could have stopped those
racial problems and then he became president and racial. He created more racial tension then we have had in years" -Debbie
Blodgett Snohomish County Republican Party (opinionated answer)

The person that we spoke with was the Snohomish County Republican Chair, Debbie Blodgett

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