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Civil War

Differentiated Project

You must choose 10 points worth of projects. There are 4 different levels of point values to
choose from. These descriptions are VERY broad, I know. Please don't get frustrated and
please use your imagination to earn your grade!
It does not matter what you choose – but you MUST do at least 10.

1 Point Activities
A. Define the following words using OpenOffice Writer: Yankee, Rebel, abolish, secede,
sovereign, inaugurated, decisive, discriminated, segregated, sharecropping, border state,
carpetbagger, Emancipation Proclamation, reconstruction, scalawag.
B. Label a map with all the Union and Confederate states. Label the Union states in Blue and
the Confederate in Red.

2 Point Activities
A. Create a word search using at least 20 terms and info about the Civil War. Print 2 copies.
Highlight the answers on one. (Hint: Print a copy BEFORE you fill in the random letters so you can easily
find the answers at the end).
B. Create a timeline of the civil war using OpenOffice Draw or OpenOffice Writer.
C. Pretend that you are living in the South prior to the war. Write a letter to the governor of
your state expressing whether you support seceding from the Union or not. Support your
opinion with details using OpenOffice Writer.
D. Venn Diagram: Choose two major people from the Civil War and compare and contrast
them in a Venn Diagram. (Pick one from the Union, and one from the Confederacy)

5 Point Activities
A. Create a game: Type the rules, create all of the pieces using the computer. If you are
interested in making a Jeopardy game on the computer, let me know and I will help you get
the template for you.
B. Crossword: create a crossword puzzle with clues. Create TWO COPIES – one WITH
answers, and one WITHOUT. You may use OpenOffice Writer using the shapes tool – or
OpenOffice Calc using an outline for the cells. There needs to be at least 20 words.
C. Civil War Presentations: Use OpenOffice Impress to create a book for younger kids.
Remember to aim this to younger kids. Write your facts so that a younger kid will understand
it. It should be at least 10 pages/slides long. Remember to add pictures. Remember not to
write too much on one page – this is aimed for little kids.
D. Create an OpenOffice Impress presentation with pictures, sounds, and transitions about
the timeline of the Civil War. Slides must be in chronological order.

8 Point Activities
A. Create a Newspaper: Include all aspects of a newspaper – sports, weather, news, etc. Use
a newspaper to inspire you. It must be TWO oak tag pages – front and back. See Mrs.