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Role of Advertising Agencies in Marketing

Marketing Soultions

An advertising agency is the basic platform through which you can make your product or service
visible to the world. With effective marketing strategies, the advertising agencies ensure that
your product is directed towards the target audience, ensuring adequate sales.

What is Marketing
What is the use of manufacturing a product if the creator is not able to sell it? Marketing is a
process where a product is planned to reach its desired target audience. Advertising agencies are
experts on how best to market a product.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Effective marketing strategies are the ways your product or service reaches your customer
surpassing the competitors. Marketing strategies involve the following processes.

 Designing
 Branding
 Package
 Price
 Distribution
 Promotion

Effective marketing strategies help in generating your business and in the acquisition of new
customers. It also retains your existing customers, thus creating a niche and loyalty for your

Role of an Advertising Agency in Marketing

An advertising agency acts as a bridge between the client and their customers. It is responsible
for understanding the client’s needs and design effective advertising solutions according to them.
It chooses the type of medium – print, TV, web, radio, billboards, hoardings, etc. to determine
the appropriate stage on which the client’s product would reach their customers.
Marketing Strategies followed by an Advertising Agency
Market research is the main key to knowing about the different types of audience and their
needs. The research includes:

 Knowing the competitors’ strength and weaknesses

 Determining the client’s target audience
 To know the customers’ needs and wants
 Differentiating and positioning the product to promote it in a unique way to reach the
target audience

The marketing strategies designed by an advertising agency will propel your firm’s profit.

Ideas for Operative Marketing Strategies

An advertising agency works on a few parameters to ensure that the marketing strategies are
effective enough to make the required business.

Marketing Concept – Once the needs and wants of the customer are determined, an advertising
agency looks into the problems the customer faces. They provide ideal advertising solutions to
overcome these problems.

Branding – This is all about creating a niche for the client’s product. It also creates a distinctive
and special meaning for the product. Retaining a customer is called brand loyalty. So, branding
ensures the reputation and value of the product; maintaining a good rapport between the client
and the customers.

Added Value Services – This is an idea to grab the immediate attention of potential customers.
This service makes the product more valuable and useful.

Thus, an advertising agency works on various advertising strategies and produces creative
advertising solutions for the success of a business venture.

Importance of Advertising Agencies

Many of the firms have their own department of advertising whose aim is to advertise the
company’s merchandise and services to the potential buyers and make general consumers aware
of different aspects of their brand.

While, on the other hand, many organizations depends upon advertising agencies for promoting
their brands and services which are available under their roof for the consumers’ disposal.
Organizations are supposed to pay a certain amount to these agencies for the promotion of their
brand name.
Advertising agencies have expert consultants and executives to make proper strategies to
promote your brands. They are always there to suggest, help and make most of your advertising
cost by promoting your brand on right place, by appropriate means and at suitable time for apt

Advertising, in fact, is proper promotion of the products not selling of item. By means of it
organizations can give proper information about their brands to the costumers and consumers.
Good advertising helps to increase sale and assist salesman to sale goods and services. It
facilitates general people to buy advertised brands. Potential buyers are more interested in buying
those brands which are advertised in an attractive manner.

Advertising can form a connection between company and customers. It won’t be wrong in
calling advertising a means of communication between companies and their customers.
Advertising does not give a proper awareness of brands but a nice introduction of companies as
well. Attractive advertising increases the demands of public which directly boost sales of the

Advertising Execs Are Hypocrites

April 17, 2006

IF ADVERTISING is so effective, why don't ad agencies advertise? PR firms tout themselves in

releases. Event planners throw their own parties. E-marketers use the Internet. These folks all
believe in the effectiveness of their disciplines. Do ad agencies disagree?

In an increasingly cynical age of advertising and mass marketing, modern ad agencies work hard
to reinforce the value of their product with their clients. "Studies" are whipped up to prove the
effectiveness of the medium. And when client budgets are tight, agencies will provide data to
show the importance of advertising in a down market. But this "do as I say, not as I do"
mentality raises a suspicious eyebrow.

More than advertising, agencies rely quite heavily on pr. Getting mentioned or singled out in
Brandweek, Adweek and other prominent newspapers and magazines supports an agency's
ability to drum up business.

When Donny Deutsch took over leadership of the agency his father started, he tried to drive new
business with a full page ad in the New York Times. The ad was ineffective at helping Deutsch
attract clients. Deutsch abandoned his own product and hired high-priced pr mavens at
Rubenstein Associates to raise his profile. And it worked.

In their own defense, agencies may point out that they operate in a business-to-business
environment and their product is more effective in a business-to-consumer landscape. But the
argument holds no weight because agencies routinely pitch and promote the value of ads to b-to-
b clients, too.

If agencies hype the importance of branding campaigns for public companies to enhance their
image among investors, why is it that Interpublic, Omnicom, Publicis and WPP don't support
their brand images on Wall Street?

According to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, the four holding companies spent a total of $3.7 million to
promote themselves in the U.S. in 2005, down 15% from the $4.4 million they spent in 2004.

Considering that agencies recommend their clients spend 10% of their revenues on marketing,
the big four are spending .01% of their combined $29.3 billion in global revenue. Mull that for a
second or two.

David Ogilvy once admitted, "99% of advertising doesn't sell much of anything." He was right.
Fact is, most ads today are ineffective. "Effective" advertising can communicate the relevance of
a company or product in a buyer's life, resulting in a visceral response to the message. Most
advertising, however, does not create such value (there is some truth behind the old CFO joke
that advertising is always on the "L" side of the P&L).

Companies that can quantify a rise in sales when they advertise and a decline when they don't
aren't necessarily producing effective long-term value. A large contributor to such a correlation
between ad spending and sales is based simply on raising awareness. Fact: consumers are more
likely to buy a product they've heard of vs. one they haven't. Politicians know this and work hard
to build better name recognition.

So if agencies aren't advertising, why should anyone else? Deutsch built his business without an
ad campaign spare that one ad. So have Starbucks, Google and countless others. Two years ago
1-800-GOT-JUNK?, one of America's fastest growing franchises, relied heavily on pr to sell 50
franchises. They spent only $1,800 in ads versus the hundreds of thousands of dollars other
franchisors spent to accomplish the same results.
In truth, it's what's in the advertising that is not working. Ad agencies are doing a poor job
creating messages that affect long-term value for their clients. Along with the media in which it
exists, advertising has been commoditized. Most agencies struggle to justify their own value in a
sea of sameness. While they try to sell their clients on their "unique perspective" and their ability
to balance "creative and strategy," other marketing tactics like buzz marketing and targeted pr are
delivering long-term, measurable results for marketers and further eroding any perceived value
advertising enjoyed.

Competition and apathy have left agencies struggling to define themselves. That's ironic for an
industry that claims to be full of creativity and objective perspective. Their Faustian resistance to
use their own product contributes to the slew of press predicting the fall of advertising and the
rise of pr, buzz marketing, product placement or whatever fad is next in line to steal some of
advertising's once mighty thunder.

Agencies should ask for help to get that message out and inject a spark back into the business.
That would help build far more credibility with clients to use the product they sell. If you
disagree, feel free to take out an ad to convince your clients I'm wrong.

Like any sector or industry, advertising has also become a very competitive industry and has
assumed a very professional role in its own field and area of function. With the market getting
flooded with thousands of products and services every day, creating awareness about them
becomes extremely important. How will people buy products and services if they are not aware
whether they exist. This is where advertising agency takes on its role of promoting products and

Advertising agency is a service provider that helps its clients by developing suitable ad
campaigns for them. Their aim is to represent its clients' products and services before customers
in such a way that a positive image is created in their minds.

The market is cluttered with products and services. To stand out from that clutter and to emerge
as a brand product, you need services of an advertising agency. An advertising agency creates
eye-grabbing and attractive ad campaigns to persuade customers to buy its clients products.
Advertising agency's role start with the
identification of its clients' goals and objectives. This turns out to be of immense value in
planning and creating the future course of action concerning ad campaigns.

Once an advertising agency gets acquainted with its clients' business objectives, it starts creating
and planning its ad campaigns. For this it keeps in mind certain points such as increasing sales,
pushing news products in the market, restating benefits of its clients' brands, and drawing new
customers in addition to establishing and maintaining contacts with their existing customers.

An advertising agency's professional teams put in their best efforts to develop attractive slogans,
jingles, and body copy for ads. All this is done within the defined parameters of its clients and
their budgetary allocations.

In some cases, companies like to completely outsource their marketing processes to an

advertising agency. In such cases, an ad agency takes overall charge of marketing and promoting
its clients' products and services, ranging from brand development to strategising, to enhancing

Advertising agencies differ in sizes. Some are medium sized while other are full fledged ad
agencies, which are well equipped technologically and logistically to carry out ad campaigns of
any size and through any medium.

The Importance of Marketing and

Advertising Agency
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To run the business in smooth way, a company will need to be
known in the market. This is not an easy job for marketing. It is a job that requires an intense
hard work, intelligence, and creativity. In running a business, this is not a job that cannot be
done on our own, particularly when we have so much works to do. Thinking about our
advertising for our company can be scary job. Luckily, there is advertising agency that exist to
assist every company to settle this company advertising matter.

Bonafide agencies always provide a plan of success, the result of a campaign that has worked in
the past and can be modified based on the company needs for a certain field. It will be good if
marketing business and advertising follow the best patterns, such as media and ad placement.
However, it is interesting mostly when we find out that it develops very fast and mostly changes
much compared with advertising of some years ago. It is proven that advertising now becomes
more effective tools than the last time. Furthermore, it becomes an important things for the
company marketing success in the future.

Running a business cold not be more easy for today although it becomes more satisfying. If we
need to attract more clients to our company, then it is the best option to use a marketing and the
advertising agency as they have built their business for such work. It is their job to create a call
for the clients and invite more interesting prospects to our company and finally make our
business grows in a proper manner.