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1(22) – january/february 2015 * номер 1(22) – январь/февраль2015



National pedagogic university named after Dragomanov,

Department of management, informational-analytic activity and
Kyiv, Saratovska str., 22, r. 211, 04111

The article is devoted to the one of the most important aspect of corporate social responsibility – ecological. That is
especially important for Ukrainian companies because of its environmental condition. That is caused by a large number
of industrial enterprises located in Ukraine. That is why the issue of social responsibility in the environmental aspect is
a bullet point at this time.
Direction, in which social environmental responsibility can be implemented, may be follows: improving the conditions
of production, reducing environmental pollution; reduction in use of exhaustible natural resources; the transition to
new forms of energy that are more cost-effective; carrying out any other activities to improve the environment at the
seat of production, etc. That is, the number of possible actions is large enough and their feasibility on the enterprises of
Ukraine, which will increase the level of environmental protection and reduce adverse environmental background.
Keywords: corporate social responsibility, ecology, management.

Статья посвящена актуальным вопросам развития социальной ответственности предпринимательства в

Украине, ее экологическому аспекту. Тема исследования является достаточно актуальной в нынешнее время, в
особенности с учетом того, что Украина является производственным государством, с большим количеством
заводов, фабрик и других производственных мощностей. Таким образом, социальная экологическая
ответственность становится остро необходимой, как для общества в целом, так и для компаний ее
проводящих, улучшая таким образом ее имидж и привлекая инвесторов или новых партнеров.
Направления, в которых может реализовываться социальная экологическая ответственность, могут быть
следующими: улучшение условий производства, уменьшая загрязнение окружающей среды; уменьшение
используемых исчерпаемых природных ресурсов; переход на новые виды энергии, которые являются более
экономичными; проведение каких-либо иных мероприятий для улучшения окружающей среды в месте
пребывания производства и т.д. То есть, количество возможных мероприятий достаточно велико и
возможна их реализация на предприятиях Украины, что позволит повысить уровень защиты окружающей
среды и снизить неблагоприятный экологический фон.
Ключевые слова: социальная ответственность бизнеса, экология, менеджмент.

Introduction. Corporate social responsibility the development and effective functioning of

(СSR) can be found in many areas, one of the social market economy, ensuring high
which is also ecological. That is especially quality of life, the civil society and the
important for Ukrainian companies because of expansion conditions for human development is
its environmental condition. This is because a to develop and implement social responsibility
large number of industrial enterprises located in of business of the state. In today's complex
Ukraine. That is why the issue of social environment of economic, political,
responsibility in the environmental aspect is demographic and social development of Ukraine
necessary at this time. social responsibility can be a unifying national
Analyses of last researches. This subject is idea that will help find a way out of a protracted
presented as in works of Ukrainian authors systemic crisis that engulfed all aspects of social
(Grishnova, Brinceva, Dumanska, Chaikin) so life.
in international researches (Mohammed, Hassan Sustainability is a realization of the welfare
etc). state actors unity of social space, conscious of
The aim of the article is to analyse the main their duties to their fellow citizens, society and
directions in which ecological CSR can be the state. In the phenomenon of social
appeared and ways of its directions for responsibility dominates moral component that
Ukrainian nowadays. must be backed up by legal responsibility.
The main part. A necessary condition for Sustainability as a concept encourages everyone

to consider the interests of society by taking 2020”, the environment in Ukraine is polluted
responsibility for the impact of their activities by enterprises mainly of mining, metallurgy,
on other people, communities and the chemical industry and the energy sector [3].
environment in all aspects. Social responsibility Corporate activity may have many types of
is a complex and multi-layered structure. In this effects on the environment. Usually
paper we discuss the direction of environmental environmental impact refers to the negative
social responsibility, focusing primarily on the effects occurring in the surrounding natural
role of business in environmental and environmental due to business operations. Such
production of environmentally friendly impacts may include: overuse of natural, non-
products. However, to our deep conviction that renewable resources of energy, pollution
it makes no sense to talk about the social wastage, degeneration of biodiversity, climate
responsibility of business only. Social change, deforestation etc. Since many business
responsibility (in fact including environmental) – related environmental problem transcend
is, first of all, the state through its legislative national boundaries, most companies s are thus
and executive bodies at different levels [1]. actors in global environment.
The purpose of corporate social To obey CSR in case of environmental
responsibility (CSR) is to make corporate aspects corporations can take the following
business activity and corporate culture steps:
sustainable in three aspects: economic aspects; Measuring Environmental Impact:
social aspects; environmental and ecological Environmental impacts can be measured in
aspects. several ways through environmentally extended
Environmental concern and sustainable input-output tables, material input per service
development is a key pillar of the corporate unit calculations, ecological footprint and life
social responsibility. Environmental and cycle assessment, to name a few.
ecological issues have been an important topic Environmental Management: To truly
of discussion for the past thirty years in the commit to its environmental responsibilities a
business world – the longest time of the three company should change its traditional modes
dimensions corporate social responsibility. The operation towards a more environmentally
knowledge and issues within the dimensions oriented one. The environmentally more
have progressed across a landscape of changing responsible perspective could include such
business realities. issues as an emphasis on increased resource
Environmental aspects put in place in the productivity, cleaner production and active
1970s with the first real understanding of the dialogue with the company’s stakeholders.
environmental impacts of business. Now, in the Many businesses have found that establishing
21st century, we are faced with new challenges an environmental management system is the
[2]. best basis for good environmental performance.
Scientists do not share these two concepts Quality, health and safety issues can also be
(enviromental and ecological). They are used as integrated into the same management system
synonymies in the sphere of social [2].
responsibility and their use is determined by a According to Ukrainian legislation (Law of
situation and every entrepreneurship, which Ukraine “On Environmental Protection” from
provides SCR. 26/06/1991) this type of liability is classified as
The environmental situation in Ukraine has an ecological liability. Environmental liability is
negative impact not only on health but also the a relatively new type of legal liability
livelihoods of ecosystems. A complex established by the occurrence of environmental
environmental situation, as evidenced by the legislation for committing environmental
annual increase of expenses to pay crimes. Responsibility in environmental law is
environmental tax rate which is more than an important component of legal support
double the growth rate of capital and current environmental management, environmental
expenditure on environmental protection. restoration and environmental objects [3].
According to the data presented in the “Concept The majority of Ukrainian enterprises are
of National Environmental Policy of Ukraine till limited only by legal ecological responsibility

брой 1(22) – януари/февруари 2015 * vol. 1(22) – january/february 2015 * номер 1(22) – январь/февраль2015

which means organizing their work according to production, there are three determining criteria
national ecological legal system. But to be of the corporate ecological and social
considered socially responsible, the enterprise responsibility: ecological, energy and raw
should promote internal and external material and social [4].
environment of their business over the law There is also one concept that has a more
requirements. Corporate responsibility global reach: it is called industrial ecology.
envisages management of all social and Based on a more systemic approach, industrial
environmental risks that may affect the interests ecology draws inspiration from the way in
of future generations. The environmental which natural ecosystems function. It recreates,
component of corporate responsibility is one of on the scale of an industrial system, an
the key requirements of Ukrainian companies’ organization that seeks optimal management of
entrance to the world market. Therefore, the resources, as well as a high rate of recycling of
ecological certificate existence may contribute both materials and energy. Industrial ecology is
to the product promotion produced by domestic a new practice in environmental management. It
agricultural enterprise both in the domestic and tends to integrate the environment into
foreign ecologically friendly markets, corporate strategy thanks to performance data
demonstrating not only the quality and and life-cycle assessments, among other things.
ecological safety of goods, but confirming the Industrial ecology seeks optimization at the
producer’s corporate ecological responsibility. level of groupings of companies. The strategies
Providing ecological certification will give an employed include the valorisation and/or
opportunity to the domestic producers to get exchange of industrial residues (residues from
some economic and social preferences: puling one company may represent raw materials for
thru the trade barriers, harmonization of social another); shared services or perhaps collective
life and nature and entrance to the new market management of waste; recycling or rainwater,
of valued and higher price products. All this can shared equipment or resources and valorisation
let the enterprise to extra benefit from the of by-products, among others.
ecological responsible certificated production. This newly emerging approach applies
Consequently, the environmental mainly at the level of entire industrial parks.
responsibility means understanding the unity of The proximity of the companies involved
economical, ecological and social spaces by the promotes synergy between all members of the
state subjects, conscious performing their duties community. These new partnerships are at the
in front of consumers, society and the state. In centre of a genuine and long-lasting strategy of
the phenomenon of ecological responsibility territorial development.
dominates the moral and ethical component With respect to corporate social
which must be confirmed by the legal responsibility, the principle remains the same
responsibility. Corporate responsibility is a [5].
voluntary work of a private or public sector, The ecological responsibility is a reflection
aimed at maintaining high standards of social of the sustainable development considered by
work, standards of personnel, minimizing the the specialty literature to be a basic value of the
harmful effect on the environment, creating social responsibility. In this context, we can
trusting relationships between partners and state that the ecological responsibility lays at the
suppliers, society and the state, improving basis of the social responsibility.
production efficiency and characteristics of The sustainable development is defined as
profitability in a long-run period. The main economic development while complying with
elements of ecologically responsible enterprise the requirements of the natural environment.
are: implementation of corporate ecological A socially responsible attitude from a
policy, ecological audit, involving employees in commercial company implies ecological
ecological initiatives, ecological certification, responsibility, namely the compliance of the
production of high-quality ecologically friendly ecological diversity in performing the
goods, constant ecological monitoring of its commercial activity. The concept of biological
work, prefacing industrial innovations. From the diversity – biodiversity – is defined as the
perspective of eco-certificated agricultural variety of life forms expressed through millions


of species of plants, animals and business for tomorrow [6].

microorganisms, with their genetic patrimony
and complex ecosystems, in the edification of Conclusion. The article analyzes the basic
which the living environment participates. The views on the introduction of environmental
term biodiversity covers the ensemble of natural responsibility in domestic enterprises and
abundance of the biosphere: terrestrial and reasonable directions of its propagation. It is
water species and their ecosystems. noted that the environmental social
The maintaining of the biodiversity is responsibility can be used not only in the frame
nowadays a global requirement for at least three of Ukrainian legislation, but also provided
reasons: as a principle reason stating that all greater range of application areas. The
species have the right to live under the importance of its use is justified by the state of
conditions which are proper to them; multiple Ukrainian enterprises. This is due to certain
forms of life maintain the chemical and physical reasons: the rapid pollution and depletion of
balance at the surface of the Earth, its existence natural resources, distribution of openness and
being a requirement for survival; experience transparency of companies make available any,
shows that maintaining a maximal genetic stock including environmental, information about the
presents an economic interest for agriculture, functioning of the company, while the value of a
medicine industry. good company image ever increasing etc. This
The ecological responsibility of the determines the relevance of research and
commercial companies implies the integration dissemination of corporate social responsibility
of the environment protection requirements into in the environmental area to more Ukrainian
the commercial activity. companies. Also indicated that environmental
It is considered that a commercial company responsibility is next to the economic and
performing their activities in the light of the social, and should be developed in that triad.
sustainable development must have a long-term Submitted material is the basis for further
approach and perspective, without neglecting research, which will analyze specific actions
the opportunities occurring at different times. that has been already applied on Ukrainian
Real value can be created today, which will companies and the world leader in
sustainably support the development of the environmental responsibility.

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