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The model was divided into three approaches. So first is the literature as a
language based, is a method used in teaching language literature that uses different
literary text but focuses on language skills than literary skills. Studying the language of
the literary text will help to integrate the language and literature syllabuses more closely.
Detailed analysis of the language of the literary text will help students to make
meaningful interpretations or informed evaluations of it. At the same time, students will
increase their general awareness and understanding of English. Students are
encouraged to draw on their knowledge of familiar grammatical, lexical categories to
make judgments of the text. Literary texts are seen as means to helping students’
improve language proficiency by providing exposure to the target language and
connecting them to specific vocabulary and other aspects of the language.

Language Based Approach Language Based Approach is one of the method of

teaching literature in English that used literary text for the specific drills design to build
the languages skills rather than focusing on the literary skills. The usage of Language
Based Approach in classroom, had focused on the learner mainly on their reading
processes and how they created language awareness among themselves. Furthermore,
students’ process of reading the text and of creating their own meanings was given
prominence. Through this method, the students were expected to have more sensitive
understanding and appreciation towards literary text. There are two main objectives
from the usage of this approach, firstly, students are expected to be able to make
meaningful interpretations of the text itself and also to expand students’ knowledge and
awareness towards the language.
Second the literature as content the language teachers are required to suit the
genre of the literature with language components to teach in the classroom for example,
when the learners are interested in learning drama, the drama can be used as a stimuli
for the learners to perform drama in English classrooms.

Lastly, literature as personal enrichment, the model stated that literature is

student-centered, which is true. Students are the main focus in teaching literature, he
said that the study of literature aims to develop “literary competence’’ of the students
and the use of literature help students to sensitize or to render sensitivity to literacy
discourses. Literature helps student to become more resourceful in all aspects, it helps
them to manifest their personal opinions, emotions and ideas. And last but not the least,
literature as content, in this the personal enrichment enables students to explore new
interests, develop skills, and further their passions.

To conclude this three approaches was connected and labeled as eclectic

because the style, form or methods used doesn’t came from one source only but came
from a different various sources. And all of these were provided to give aesthetic ideas
to the students, to immerse to them that every literature is a work of art and everything
has its own beauty.