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Vicki B. Escarra, President and CEO of Feeding America wrote,

³Alongside natural disaster, a very real human disaster looms. |he recent oil
spill in the Gulf of Mexico has wrought havoc on sea and on land. But
attention is now turning to the long-term effects the disaster will have on the
coastlines, on businesses, and on American men, women and children. |he
immediate effects of the oil spill are obvious. Others, like its effects on
American families, will be hard to measure and will take years to

|here are effects from the oil spill that you can see, like oil washing
ashore, and those that you can't, like when oil compounds breakdown and
go airborne. What is unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico is truly a nightmare of
epic proportions. And it¶s going to be a health disaster whose dimensions
are growing exponentially behind curtains erected by the federal
government. Few people are grasping the magnitude of the Gulf oil tragedy,
not grasping the grave consequences for many millions of people and
eventually the entire world. It is going to affect not only the livelihoods and
employment of locals but will contribute to the health failure of millions of
people. It is so profoundly sad - like watching a loved one with a gunshot to
the belly witnessing the blood coming out but in this case it¶s the planet
belching up black blood and poison gas in huge and very possibly unending

While the situation in the Gulf is grim it will soon get a lot grimmer.
|here are certain chemicals mixed in with the oil that release toxin gases,
finding a way to make it up into the air. Many different gases from
hydrogen sulfate to benzene are being released into the air at around 4000
times what it considered safe to humans. As a result of this people are going
to become gravely ill. People are going to be poisoned and unfortunately
some are going to die. We have already seen breathing problems in the Gulf
region and now reports are coming in as far away as Atlanta Georgia.

You will be shocked that you are not reading what you are in this
essay in the corporate and government controlled mass media. |he same
people and government that loves secrets seems to be holding back on us
but this cannot be sustained for long as the disaster keeps unfolding into a
planet damaging event. |he president had it right saying this disaster has
the dimension and feeling of a 9/11 crisis but this time we are facing
something much more disturbing and profoundly threatening to the world
starting with the southern United States, Cuba, the Caribbean, Mexico and
then the North Atlantic and eventually Europe. But it is a mystery why the
Obama administration has turned down thirteen countries that have offered
to help us clean up the Gulf.

|he true depth of the disaster is being lost in part because events are
being reported without much context and with more attention paid to boat
racing executives on weekend holiday than about poisons gases in the air. In
terms of health and medicine there is a cover up going on and that is nothing
new or surprising. It is impossible, and a matter of habit, for the medical
officials to be honest and truthful about public health issues. If they cannot
be honest about the danger of mercury containing dental amalgam or the
danger of mercury containing vaccines they are not capable of coming clean
about the health implications of the Gulf disaster.   
Allopathic doctors are not ready or able to treat the victims of the
catastrophic toxicity arising from the oily vomit coming out from the bowels
of the earth. Doctors though need to be keenly aware of potential health
risks to people not only from exposure to oil in the water, but also to fumes
in the air. It should be perfectly clear that as long as the well remains
uncapped, the situation will grow worse with more and more peoples¶ health
adversely affected.






As early as the May 7th the Natural Resources Defense Council

(NRDC), an environmental action group was warning that people along the
coast were already reporting headaches, nausea, coughing and throat
irritation. "|here are significant health risks associated with this oil spill and
the risks aren't just to wildlife, they are also to humans," said Dr. Gina
Solomon, senior scientist with the NRDC. "|he risks include acute health
effects from the air pollution from the oil itself. It also includes health
effects from burning the oil and it also includes contamination of the food
chain which can result in a long-term health concerns."

From |ampa Meteorologist Boby Deskins from almost two months

ago, ³Here in the Bay area, there were widespread reports of an odor in the
air. Air quality tests have proved to be inconclusive, but it is not a far
stretch to believe the odor came from the incident. |hat possibility seems
even more likely when you consider the smell went way once the winds
here then turned SE-S. |hat would blow the odor back toward the northern
Gulf of Mexico.´

A high pressure system centered over the Gulf of Mexico will bring
light northwesterly winds to the oil spill area over the next few days was the
report from |ampa on the 18th of June. As a result, models that attempt to
predict the future track of the spill are suggesting that the oil will head back
toward the southeast. |hese kinds of reports are going to become
increasingly important to doctors and patients alike who are going to have to
deal with the deadly winds, as they will soon probably be called.

Chris Landau is a proponent of the inorganic oil creation process and

has published on this subject warning people of the danger of drilling so
deeply into the bowels of the earth. |he process of oil creation he talks
about differs from what we were all taught in school. It poses that oil is the
byproduct of natural deep earth processes and that oil doesn't come "from
decayed plant matter." |he gulf oil volcano is proof that he is correct and
that the oil coming up from 40,000 feet has nothing to do with dinosaurs but
°    °  
°  °    

Landau says this is not a "spill." A spill is finite. |his is a blow out,
an explosion of oil spewing out of the earth under great pressure. What is
spewing out, blasting out with more pressure than we comprehend, is a toxic
mixture of various chemicals, some of which can kill you at a mere 400
parts per million. |here's hydrogen sulfide, benzene, methane, pentane,
propane, ethane, butane, and a host of other combinations of hydrogen and
carbon. All are dangerous in various concentrations. |hey are dangerous to
breath and dangerous to touch. |hey cause cancer, lung damage and death.
Some of them are so dangerous they cause genetic damage, passing their
destruction onto generations yet unborn.




Landau explains the process, where the deadly gas comes from
"Hydrogen sulfide is coming out of the earth itself, part of deep down
below. At lower concentrations, hydrogen sulfide gives off a rotten egg
smell, but can't smell it at 150PPM. |his is what makes the stuff so
dangerous. You can't smell it at higher concentrations, and it will kill you at
higher concentrations.|he EPA itself has observed odor-causing pollutants
associated with oil on the shore in the gulf region and is constantly taking

Inhaling air contaminants are making some sick now and may make
many more chronically ill in the future. Local populations are already toxic
from other chronic exposures from air born mercury and other chemicals
making people more sensitive to current toxic assaults from the oil disaster.
|he Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection
Division has issued a Code Orange air quality alert for Metro Atlanta for
Friday, June 18. |hat means the air is considered unhealthy for sensitive




Reports are coming in that people in Atlanta are reporting breathing
problems. It seems many are feeling sore throats, constant slight headache,
and extreme fatigue, nauseous while going outside. Is it so surprising that
when the rain and wind come up from the Gulf into southern Georgia people
would suffer from the toxic fallout? |hose living in the Gulf region are at
serious health risks and neither the media, the EPA, the CDC nor the
president is warning them. In fact there seems to be a complete cover up and
news blackout of the events as they are unfolding though we see scattered
reports from local news agencies confirming most everything in this
presentation. |housands who are doing cleanup duty and working on the
ships are seriously in harm¶s way. And then it is anyone¶s guess how far and
wide the toxic damage will carry.

|he Louisiana Environmental Action Network released its analysis

of air monitoring test results by the Environmental Protection Agency. |he
EPA's air testing data comes from Venice, a coastal community 75 miles
south of New Orleans in Louisiana's Plaquemines Parish.
|he findings show that levels of airborne chemicals have far exceeded state
standards and what's considered safe for human exposure. For instance,
hydrogen sulfide has been detected at concentrations more than 100 times
greater than the level known to cause physical reactions in people. Among
the health effects of hydrogen sulfide exposure are eye and respiratory
irritation as well as nausea, dizziness, confusion and headache. |he
concentration threshold for people to experience physical symptoms from
hydrogen sulfide is about 5 to 10 parts per billion but has been measured
higher than 3,000 parts per billion early on in this exponentially unfolding




  &  '   (

! )

      #$   & (!  

Louisiana's ambient air standard for the VOC benzene, for example,
is 3.76 ppb, while its standard for methylene chloride is 61.25 ppb. Long-
term exposure to airborne benzene has been linked to cancer, while the EPA
considers methylene chloride a probable carcinogen. Air testing results
show VOC concentrations far above these state standards. On May 6, for
example, the EPA measured VOCs at levels of 483 ppb. |he highest levels
detected to date were on April 30, at 3,084 ppb, following by May 2, at
3,416 ppb.




* &,'

|ens of thousands more are deployed on shore and at sea trying to

hold back the dark waters. Depending on their proximity to the oil leak,
wind direction, wave action, and cleanup tasks being performed, BP
Deepwater Horizon cleanup workers in the Gulf are potentially exposed to
the Mississippi Canyon crude oil components n-hexane, naphthalene,
benzene, ethyl benzene, toluene, and xylene; other Volatile Organic
Compounds (VOCs) in dispersants and other oil spill remediation
chemicals; methane, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and
other toxic gases; acid gases like sulfuric acid; Polycyclic Aromatic
Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and particulates from diesel and gasoline engine
exhaust and burning oil. Even this list is not exhaustive. R 

    from these exposures include Irritation to eyes, skin, and
respiratory system; dizziness; rapid heart rate; headaches; tremors;
confusion; unconsciousness. R    
cancer, birth defects, and permanent nerve damage as well as damage to the
liver, kidneys, respiratory, reproductive, blood, and immune systems.

Here's a chart based on the data from LEAN's analysis, which was
done by award-winning analytical chemist Wilma Subra:
³|he media coverage of the BP oil disaster to date has focused
largely on the threats to wildlife, but the latest evaluation of air monitoring
data shows a serious threat to human health from airborne chemicals emitted
by the ongoing deepwater gusher,´ the Institute for Southern Studies blog
reported on May 10. Any one of these chemicals in these concentrations
would be lethal. Mixed together into a toxic soup the oil disaster is truly
unthinkable and a medical and health disaster of unfathomable proportions.

In addition to destroying the wildlife, killing animals and devastating

the coastal economy, the massive oil spill in the Gulf will have damaging
psychological and physical consequences for Gulf coast residents, the entire
state of Florida and now it seems that Georgia and the rest of the
southeastern United States could be threatened if we are already seeing
problems from people in Atlanta. And we are not even talking worse case






/ ,
Marine toxicologist and Exxon Valdez survivor
|wo months since the deadly explosion of the Deepwater Horizon,
mental health professionals in the region are preparing for the worst, citing
the potential for depression, domestic violence and even suicide but we are
not hearing from the CDC or anyone else about the health hazard and what
to do about that. |his is in great part due to the fact that it is the official
policy of the government to ignore toxic hazards coming from industry,
from coal fired electrical plants, from incinerators and crematoriums as well
as from doctors and dentists who compromise the very fabric of society with
their totally insane use of mercury in their professional practices.

Dr. J. Steven Picou, a sociology professor at the University of South

Alabama describes Cordova, Alaska, the area most adversely affected by the
Valdez, as a community marked by loss of social capital -- meaning loss of
trust, family, friendships, networks and the sense of belonging within the
community. As Cordova's sense of community "corroded," there was a 
                   ! " He
also noted that prolonged exposure to an oil spill will cause many to dwell
on the horrifying realities of the disaster, eventually leading to more severe
mental health conditions like Post-|raumatic Stress Disorder.



Others are worried about a massive loss of life through a methane

explosion that would create a tidal wave that would take out all of Florida
and most of the rest of the Gulf region. Included in the worst case scenarios
is a toxic rain falling upon tens of millions further north from the Gulf as
wind patterns and or a hurricane comes barreling into the region. Others see
the entire North Atlantic turning into a black and very dead sea and the
nightmare scenarios go on and on making any serious readers¶ stomach sick
to death over what has been done to our planet. We have allowed corporate
capitalists do something they cannot undo and this is sad and truly tragic for
the future of our children.