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Breaking Down the Barriers: Background

NLM collaborates with rural, underserved, and

HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Program minority communities to improve access to
National Library of Medicine (NLM) offers funding for communities to design and conduct projects health information. Outreach efforts to special
with the following goals: populations include (but are not limited to) NLM
database training, providing Internet access,
Promote improved access to HIV/AIDS information for health care professionals, patients, acquisition of computer equipment, and Web site
the affected community, caregivers, and the general public.
development. NLM offers competitive awards to
Encourage partnerships and community-focused activities. community-based organizations and libraries
through the HIV/AIDS Community Information
Promote awareness and use of technology applications for improved information access. Outreach Program. This program offers funding
to design and conduct projects that will improve
access to HIV/AIDS related health information
Areas improved by funding: Types of organizations and consortia: for patients, the affected community, and their
Skills development Public libraries

Utilization of emerging technology Community-based organizations and patient Barriers

advocacy groups NLM recognizes the many barriers that affect
Information retrieval the availability and accessibility of HIV/AIDS
Health departments and other local and state information, such as the lack of:
Resource development organizations
Computer stations with Internet access
Document access Faith-based organizations in community settings
Computer skills
Standard awards are offered up to $60,000. Express awards are offered up to $10,000.
Relevant and appropriate sites for special
Previously funded HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Projects are posted at populations
sis.nlm.nih.gov/outreach/aids_cio_projects.html Qualitative, authoritative and accurate
information on the Internet
NLM HIV/AIDS Portal MedlinePlus ® Regularly updated information about federally
A comprehensive HIV/AIDS information service and privately supported clinical research for a
Reliable consumer health information related to
that provides access to high quality, accurate, wide range of diseases and conditions, including
and timely information for patients and their
HIV/AIDS, opportunistic infections, and living
with HIV/AIDS. locations and phone numbers for more details.
caregivers, health professionals, educators, as well
medlineplus.gov clinicaltrials.gov
as community-based organizations.

AIDSinfo® HIV/AIDS Information Resources

Provides the latest federally approved treatment from the National Library of Medicine
DIRLINE® guidelines for health care professionals as well as A workbook designed to convey the basics of
An online directory of more than 8,500 health- additional information on treatment, prevention, searching NLM’s HIV/AIDS resources.
related organizations offering information and and research for both health care providers and sis.nlm.nih.gov/outreach/NLM%20AIDS%20
referral for many diseases and conditions. consumers. Manual%202009.pdf
dirline.nlm.nih.gov aidsinfo.nih.gov

NLM Gateway How to Find Reliable HIV/AIDS

MEDLINE®/PubMed ® A Web-based search interface that allows users to Treatment Information on the Web
Access to more than 19 million references to search simultaneously in multiple NLM retrieval A comprehensive list of HIV/AIDS treatment
articles published in 5,400 journals in the fields of systems, providing “one stop searching” for many resources on the Web.
medicine and the life sciences. of NLM’s information resources and databases. orise.orau.gov/files/hctt/AIDSTreatment_
pubmed.gov gateway.nlm.nih.gov revAug2009.pdf

September 2010