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Speech Outline Format – SAVING MONEY

Specific Purpose: To inform

Central Idea: the importance of saving money because we can never predict the future. Saving
money can help you be financially secure and provide safety net in case of emergencies

1.1 Attention Step
How many of you are satisfied with how much money you have saved in your
accounts? Money is an essential part of our daily lives. During pandemics like what’s
currently happening, wouldn’t be amazing if we would have emergency funds.
Today, I am going to talk about the importance of saving our money at a very young
age, for our future and finally in case of emergencies.

1.2 Involvement Step

Many of us don’t save money, we just spend it however we want to without thinking.
I, myself is also struggling up until now on how to keep a good amount. Saving at
least 30% of your money is a very big help and can lead to many places. For instance,
saving 30% of your 200 peso allowance every single day, you can make at least 720
pesos per month. Imagine if you continue saving for years.

I.3 Indication Step (thesis statement)

When we start to save money early, our life gets easier as we grow old. Basically,
saving money can help us get money when we need it urgently.

2.1 Major Point #1
It is a good habit to save money and should be practiced from a young age because it is very imp
ortant for everyone.

2.1.1 supporting detail

When you start saving money at a very young age, what happens is you tend to have more
savings in the future. Since you are still young, you don’t really spend that much of money
because you still have parents that support you and give your needs and wants. With this, you
can also help you parents in times of need or emergencies.

2.1.2 supporting detail

With saving money, you can also buy your own things without asking them for money, this helps
you to become more independent at a very young age. If we practice saving money from a young
age, it would become a habit and as you grow old you won’t have a difficult time doing it
because you already got used to it.

2.2 Major Point #2

It is critical that we save for our future.

2.2.1 Supporting Detail

There are so many things that can happen in the future so might as well be prepared. Having
some money that are saved can make you buy things that are necessary in your adult life. For
instance, you want to buy a car in order for you to get to work easily, without commuting. You
can also buy your own house. When you are planning to live on your own in the future, you can
do that. Saving also helps us be secured when we are ready to get married.

2.2.2 Supporting Detail

Also, did you know that people who save money early also retires early. Who would want to
work for 50 years? Isn’t that really exhausting? Our goal should be during our 50s-60s we should
be retired already. We should start enjoying life with our loved ones. I, myself is planning to live
my life like this. After working for many years, I want to spend my last days travelling the world
with either my partner, my children, or even my future grandchildren. Without saving a
percentage of your salary, you are just basically working to pay all the bills but you won’t have a
money to spend for yourself. Who would want to work until they die?

2.3 Major Point #3

Saving money can provide safety net in case of emergencies.

Like I said, we can’t really predict what’s going happen in the future. There are several instances
that can happen in our lives that are very unexpected such as, sudden hospitalization, a job loss,
accidents, etc. We always need to be prepared for the worst. This can also  save yourself from a
lot of stress because having a  financial crisis is extremely stressful.

We all didn’t really expect that this pandemic would be hitting us hard. Many of our business
have already closed down. Why? Maybe because they didn’t have emergency funds. Since
businesses are closed down, we don’t have any money that are entering in our pockets, everyone
is having a hard time coping with this pandemic. If you have savings, that would be really
helpful because in times like this, we still need to pay our bills, buy stuff for ourselves, our
house, and many more. This is why we should always save so we have a back-up money that we
can use in times like these.

3. End with a bang. Use the ff

3.1 Quotation
“A simple fact that is hard to learn is that the time to save money is when you have
some.” —Joe Moore

3.2 Short anecdote

Whenever my mom gives me money, she always says that I should save it or at least 50% of it. I
started saving when I was at a really young age, I always give a percentage of my money to my
mom and let her deposit it on my account. Now, whenever I need money for something I just
have to go to the bank and withdraw the money that I need. I also make sure that I only get the
amount that I need and that I still save every now and then from my allowance. This helps me
buy the things that I want currently which is very helpful.

3.3 Challenge

I now challenge you guys to save at least 30% from your allowances. Wouldn’t be nice not to
spend everything? It is more satisfying to save for your future rather than to spend it now for
your temporary happiness. It would be better to save for your future house than a phone that
you would be using for only about 2-3 years. Invest in your future, save money now because we
won’t know what will happen in the next few years.