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Vol. 11, No.

13 www.ossekeag.ca February 8, 2011

“Real Winter”
As I am writing this, we have had many days of down right cold
temperatures and at least weekly dumpings of snow. For some
of us, this would be called a “real winter”. Fortunately, handling
the snow has been almost a pleasure with my new (to me)
snow blower. Cutting a six foot swath through the snow from
the shelter of my tractor is just great. Still, clearing a thousand
foot driveway and another thousand feet of parking and other
areas, is a two hour process. One minor downside to the blowing
process is the frequent loss of visibility due to a badly abraded
rear window and the large plume of snow that you try and see
through.. especially if it is windy.
I have on several occasions walked or driven the driveway after
a snow blowing session and wondered in amazement at what
drunken idiot was at the wheel of the tractor as it obviously
wandered without control in and out the driveway. Oh Well!! In
the off season I hope to make some improvements that will solve
at least some visibility issues.
While the blower handles dry snow very well, it does seem to
struggle a bit with heavy wet snow. Clogging up in the chute is
the main issue!! I am thinking that a good cleaning, a couple of
coats of paint and maybe some silicone spray might help with
this problem. If anyone has any other suggestions, by all means
let me know!!
Elsewhere on the home front, The Jet, doesn’t seem to mind a
“real winter”!! At least, that is, once I have drug him away from
the toasty stove. Like most of us, he enjoys a life of leisure but
once he gets his butt moving outside, he can get down right
enthused about sniffing out a fresh scent (or even a stale one)!!
Like us, once he overcomes that initial reluctance, he enjoys
a walk immensely. So far we have detected regular samples of
coyote tracks but no actual coyotes standing in them. The Jet
and I have debated what the best strategy would be should we
encounter a particularly nasty coyote. His preferred strategy is
to run ... faster than me!! My thinking was, this would obviously
be a family dispute between he and his cousin and they should
work out there differences amongst themselves. My one major
concern is that they might decide that both of them were hungry
and join forces for a large, slow, tasty meal. 800

Midland WI
Made Donation
to Mammography
Machine Project
See Story on page 26

Published Bi-Weekly
Next Issue: February 22
Deadline: February 15

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 2 www.ossekeag.ca

1032 Main Street, Hampton
Sorry members and readers – we missed the last
issue of the Herald and for that we apologize to
you. The Branch is now active for the year. The
officers elected for the year 2011 are: President
– Jean Dixon; 1st Vice-Pres. – Lyla McCrea; 2nd
Vice-Pres. – Joan Scribner; Treasurer – Helen
Campbell; Secretary – Blanche Jones.
Mondays - every second Monday of the month
the Branch General meeting is at 7:00pm, all members are invited
to attend. If you wish to become a member, we will welcome you.
Tuesdays – Hampton Lions Club Bingo at 5:30pm.
Wednesdays – “Afternoon Seniors” have begun again and meet
at 1:00pm with a meal served at 4:00.
Country Style Brunch - 9:00am-12:00noon every second Sunday
(February 20th). The Brunches are from 9:00am until 12:00noon
and everyone is welcome; come along with your family and
friends to enjoy a delicious meal. A 50/50 draw is also offered.
We also have a ‘free’ breakfast draw.
Hall Rentals – Please call 832-4633 and leave a message and
your call will be returned as soon as possible.
If you are a Veteran or the spouse of a Veteran and feel you
are entitled to assistance from Veterans Affairs Canada, please
contact our Service Officer, Bob Jones, at 832-9899.
Contact the Legion and leave a message for any further
information you may require - 832-4633. 106

DEAcon’s cupboard update

The Deacon’s Cupboard Food Bank on the Kingston Peninsula
wishes to thank all those who donated so generously to us in the
past year and particularly at Christmas. We especially thank the
churches on the Peninsula for their on-going support and look
forward to your generous support in 2011. Without you all we
would find it difficult to carry on our work.
A reminder that the Food Bank and the Clothing Bank located
in the Kingston Parish Hall are open on Saturday mornings from
9:00am until 12:00noon. If you wish to have further information
about the Food Bank, please call Linda Turgeon at 832-4487. 124


Evening of cards at the Norton Shore Community Centre -
Cribbage on Tuesdays 7:30pm, and Auction 45’s - Thursdays at
7:30pm. Refreshments Served. 112

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 3 www.ossekeag.ca

Mondays at 9:00am you
will find the quilters
and craft workers there,
enjoying the quilting and
time spent with their
friends. They need more quilters and if you quilt, your help
as well as your friendship would be much appreciated. Any
questions about crafts or quilting call Peggy O’Dell 832-5286 or
Betty Mitham at 832-7785; At 1:00pm Swedish Weaving classes
are in process and a light lunch is served. If you have questions
please call Betty Prentice at 832-5274; At 8:00pm the Hampton
Hoedowners are Square dancing. If you square Dance why not
join them for an evening of fun, and a light lunch is served.
Tuesdays at 7:00pm Bridge players are there enjoying themselves.
If you play Bridge why not join them - there is always room for
more. If you need information call Barry Kilpatrick 832-5701.
Wednesdays at 7:30 pm “Auction 45” players gather for an
evening of fun & friendship, and a light lunch is served - why
not join them. Any questions call Hazel Whittaker at 832-7828.
Thursdays at 9:30am the craft shop down in back is open;
at 10:00am musicians gather with songs and music until the
delicious home cooked dinner is served at 12:00noon. The price
for the dinner is $4/ members, and $5/ non-members.
If you wish to rent the Centre for a special occasion call 832-
7871, leave a message and your call will be returned. The Rotary
Club will provide bar service for functions at the centre.
Upcoming Events: In May, Spring Tea (date to follow later) -
there will be the usual Craft & Bake Sale.
Anyone having a birthday or anniversary this month - we
extend our Best Wishes; to anyone ill or in the hospital we wish
you a speedy recovery and return to the Centre, we miss you.
Submitted by Mary Long. 113


Card Parties will be held at the Millstream Rec Centre in Berwick
on Tuesdays, February 8th, 15th & 22nd and Monday, February
28th. Card games start at 1:30pm and the cost is $3/person.
Everyone welcome. 503

If your home is unhappy because someone drinks too much
we can help you. Al-Anon/Alateen family group - www.alanon.
alateen.org. Message manager number 634-8779.
All information is strictly anonymous. 809

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 4 www.ossekeag.ca

The Paul Dobson team from Saint John won the top prize of
$800 at the Gordon Floyd Memorial Curling Spiel held on
January 15th & 16th at the Hampton Curling Club. The Dobson
team defeated Bob Sherrard and his Riverside foursome of Adib
Samaan, Mike Martin & Hally Kimball in the final on Sunday
afternoon. Other members of the Dobson team include Kevin
Boyle, Mark Dobson & Spencer Mawhinney.
Other results from the weekend championship round: “A”
Consolation - winner Andrew Wallace, Runner-up Marlene
Vaughan; “B” Section - winner Don McNab and runner-up
Klaus Klausen; “C” Section - winner Heidi Hanlon and runner-
up Bruce Kennedy; “D” Section - winner Mike Dobson and
runner-up Philip Batty.
There was a draw to the button competition that eight curlers
qualified for. In the final round Jack MacDonald covered the
button and won a GE Front Load Washer & Dryer set.
Special thanks to John Barnstead, Gordon Foster and the
volunteer’s of the Hampton Curling Club. A fun time was had
by all. 839

Draw to the Button winner Jack MacDonald with Kathy Floyd.

Winning team Spencer Mawhinney, Mark Dobson Kevin Boyle

and Paul Dobson

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 5 www.ossekeag.ca

Moore From Ottawa
Rob Moore, MP Fundy Royal
One of the cornerstones of a strong
economy is a strong small business sector.
Since we formed government in 2006, we
have been working to ensure that Canadian
small and medium sized enterprises are
given the support they need to succeed
in the modern market. On January 13,
2011, I was pleased to join Prime Minister
Stephen Harper in Mississauga, Ontario, to
announce our Government’s new Red Tape
Reduction Commission. I am also honoured to be appointed by
the Prime Minister to chair this new Commission.
According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business,
Canadian businesses spend more than $30 billion a year to
comply with regulations from all levels of government. The Red
Tape Reduction Commission will focus on making business
operations easier for small and medium sized enterprises.
Over the next few weeks, members of the Commission and I
will be consulting with Canadians and Canadian businesses
to identify irritants that have clear negative effects on growth,
competitiveness, and innovation. We will also be examining the
cost associated with federal regulations that businesses face, and
will provide advice on permanent solutions for reducing the
overall burden on business owners.
This is the latest step that our Government has taken to assist
small businesses succeed in Canada. As was promised in our
2007 Budget, between 2007 and 2009, we reduced federal red
tape by 20% through the Paperwork Burden Reduction Initiative.
This Initiative eliminated thousands of regulatory requirements
and information obligations by streamlining regulations and
eliminating duplicate requirements. However, our Government
recognizes that there is still more work to be done. This is why
we have hosted a series of roundtables over the last few weeks
to see what new measures should be recommended by the
Commission to assist entrepreneurs in dealing with red tape.
I also would like to welcome all who wish to take part in the
process to visit www.reduceredtape.gc.ca which will be open
until March 31st, 2011.
Small businesses make important contributions to Canada’s
economy. Ninety-eight per cent of businesses – or just over
one million companies in Canada – are considered small, with
fewer than 100 employees. They employ 48% of the labour force
or about five million people. Small businesses with fewer than
50 employees contribute about 29% to Canada’s GDP. A more
effective regulatory system will enable these businesses to focus
on investment and job creation. 513

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 6 www.ossekeag.ca

Community Schools in District 6
Did you know that there are four officially
designated community schools in District
6 - Rothesay High, Rothesay Elementary,
Quispamsis Elementary and Sussex Middle?
Community Schools actively seek partnerships
with businesses, agencies and individuals
to provide an environment and experiences
which promote learning and a sense of commitment to the with other elementary schools in the valley, in filling a Saint John
community. Transit Comex bus with items for the KV Food Basket. Students
Last fall, Rothesay Elementary focused on building in-school have also taken part in a number of enrichment activities from
mentorships. About a dozen RES students are paired with community members who are experts in their fields of science
the students of Rothesay Netherwood. The students meet and technology.
weekly and develop special friendships which benefit both the Students at Sussex Middle School have been very active – a
younger and older students. Rothesay Elementary has recently grocery packing weekend in December raised over $1100
implemented a daily Breakfast Program, thanks to sponsors and for the Sussex Sharing Club and the Danny & Jessica Angel
volunteers from several banks and organizations in the Valley. Foundation. A Yard Sale brought in proceeds for the Sharing
Also, in partnership with Ossekeag Publishing, Grade 5 students Club and the Paw and Whiskers Animal Sanctuary. The school
have produced the first issue of the school’s newspaper, the RES also participated in a food drive and donated items for Christmas
Gazette. A big thanks to Debbie Hickey! boxes. A number of students have been matched with residents
Rothesay High School’s members of the Beyond the Hurt Anti-
of the Kiwanis Nursing Home to make regular visits there.
Bullying team have shown leadership in delivering a number
of programs aimed at putting an end to bullying, including Many thanks to all of our community partners, with a special
presentations to elementary schools in the District. School mention of the Rothesay Kings Rotary Club for their very
faculty and students look forward to another Big Rothesay Read generous donation to support breakfast programs at Quispamsis
challenge in the coming weeks. Elementary and Middle Schools.
At Quispamsis Elementary, a group of Grade 2 students have Would you like your business or community group to become
made a series of visits to the new Parkland in the Valley nursing involved in helping the students of District 6? Partnerships
home to meet with residents. Students recorded thoughts and take many forms; contact us on how to become involved in
remembrances of the residents concerning war and remembrance your community school. Please contact Kent Staal, District
and these were featured at the school’s Remembrance Day Coordinator for Community Schools at 848-6687 or kent.staal@
ceremony. QES was also excited and proud to participate, along gnb.ca. 810

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 7 www.ossekeag.ca

Moore From Ottawa
Rob Moore, MP Fundy Royal
One of the cornerstones of a strong economy is a strong small
business sector. Since we formed government in 2006, we have
been working to ensure that Canadian small and medium sized
enterprises are given the support they need to succeed in the
modern market. On January 13, 2011, I was pleased to join Prime
Minister Stephen Harper in Mississauga, Ontario, to announce
our Government’s new Red Tape Reduction Commission. I am
also honoured to be appointed by the Prime Minister to chair
this new Commission.
According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business,
Canadian businesses spend more than $30 billion a year to
comply with regulations from all levels of government. The Red
Tape Reduction Commission will focus on making business
operations easier for small and medium sized enterprises.
Over the next few weeks, members of the Commission and I
will be consulting with Canadians and Canadian businesses
to identify irritants that have clear negative effects on growth,
competitiveness, and innovation. We will also be examining the
cost associated with federal regulations that businesses face, and
will provide advice on permanent solutions for reducing the
overall burden on business owners.
This is the latest step that our Government has taken to assist
small businesses succeed in Canada. As was promised in our
2007 Budget, between 2007 and 2009, we reduced federal red
tape by 20% through the Paperwork Burden Reduction Initiative.
This Initiative eliminated thousands of regulatory requirements
and information obligations by streamlining regulations and
eliminating duplicate requirements. However, our Government
recognizes that there is still more work to be done. This is why
we have hosted a series of roundtables over the last few weeks
to see what new measures should be recommended by the
Commission to assist entrepreneurs in dealing with red tape.
I also would like to welcome all who wish to take part in the
process to visit www.reduceredtape.gc.ca which will be open
until March 31st, 2011.
Small businesses make important contributions to Canada’s
economy. Ninety-eight per cent of businesses – or just over
one million companies in Canada – are considered small, with
fewer than 100 employees. They employ 48% of the labour force
or about five million people. Small businesses with fewer than
50 employees contribute about 29% to Canada’s GDP. A more
effective regulatory system will enable these businesses to focus
on investment and job creation. 513

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 8 www.ossekeag.ca

HMS News
by Esmee Setzke
Hello. Everyone’s been busy at Hampton
Middle School since returning January
11th. Here’s what’s been happening and
here’s what’s to come!
The after-school ski club had their first ski
night at Poley Mountain on January 17th.
In total 77 students attended. All 30 trails
were open, but only four of the five ski lifts were operational.
There were light flurries and it was -17o but everyone stayed safe
and had fun!
As for the class ski trips to Poley Mountain, the Grade 8 ski
trip on Friday, January 21st was cancelled due to a blizzard and
school closure. It was postponed to Friday, February 4th. The
Grade 6 ski trip happened on Friday, January 28th. As for the
Grade 7 classes, their ski trip will be later in February. Reminder
to parents: Any children who aren’t skiing are expected to attend
school as regular classes will be held.
Now onto the school lunchtime clubs, extra-curricular
activities and sport teams. Almost every day at lunch two of the
four house teams (Pumas, Untouchables, Raptors, or Raiders)
play a sport against each other. Right now they play European
basketball but before the Christmas vacation, they played soccer.
The champions for the soccer finals were the Pumas!
Although there are games to watch or play at lunch, you could
also join the chess club. The finals for the Grand Master of HMS
for the chess club took place on February 1st. Every Tuesday
for the rest of the month students are able to pit their chess
skills against each other. Remember there are spelling bees for
interested students as well.
One more thing, all Grade 8 students should bring in their
high school transfer forms as soon as they can as indicated by
the date on the form. Mid-term reports will be taken home on
February 18th. 130


St John Ambulance is offering three Baby Sitter courses during
March Break in Sussex (one day courses, choose
your day) on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday,
March 7th, 8th & 9th from 9:00am-3:00pm at the
St John Ambulance building, Leonard Drive.
Cost for the course is $40.
Students are asked to bring a noon lunch &
a snack. If you require more information, call
Muriel at 433-2697. 519

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 9 www.ossekeag.ca

Devoted Mom and
Grandmother, passed
away at Rocmaura
Nursing Home,
Palliative Care Unit,
February 1st, 2011, with
family and loved ones
at her side. Zeita was
born in Boston, MA
on June 4th, 1927 and a
lifelong resident of Saint
John. Predeceased by
son, Edward, former
husband Robert
A. Woods, parents
George Kearney and
Zeita (Ryan) Georgeson (Karl Johan), brother Bernard, sister
Constance (Ronald Evans), brother Karl Jr. Georgeson and
grandson Hal Whipple. Survived by son Bernard (Joyce)
Bloomfield, Beverley Roy (Gerald) Nauwigewauk and Betty
Woods (Whipple) Hantsport, NS; beloved sister Barbara
Coombs (Cecil) Lancaster; Grandchildren Mark Woods,
Saint John, Wendy (Woods) St. Peter (Brent) Guthrie Road,
Candace (Whipple) Morley (Mike), Stoney-Creek, ON; Great-
grandchildren Jake and Lilli Woods, Saint John, nieces and
nephews and loving friends.
Zeita devoted her life to service of others, in her work and
tireless service club organizations; Portland Royal Canadian
Legion Branch #64, Ladies Auxiliary, Ladies service Auxiliary
member of Order of Royal Purple, and to the B.P.O. Zeita’s Faith
sustained her throughout her many trials and tribulations, and
she eagerly awaited her arrival in God’s loving embrace.
Cremation was in care of Fitzpatrick’s Funeral Home and Mass
of Christian Burial was held at St. John the Baptist on Saturday,
February 5th, 2011. Donations to Rocmaura Nursing Home
Foundation or Canadian Mental Health would be appreciated.
To send a message of condolence please email art2view@
Family wishes to extend heartfelt gratitude to her “girls”, and
everyone, at Rocmaura, Palliative Care Unit, who gave such
tender loving care to our Mum. 102

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 10 www.ossekeag.ca

Breakfast will be held the second
Saturday of each month 8:00-10:00am
at the WI/Seniors’ (Hall, 2117 Rte 820)
in Upham. Come and enjoy a really
filling breakfast with your friends and
neighbours for only $6.00/person, $20/
family - or have just toast and coffee
for $2.00. Presented by the Anglican
Parish Churches of Upham.
For more information contact 832-7253. 507 Sussex art club meeting
The members of the Sussex Art Club will be holding their
next meeting at St. Paul’s United Church, (4 Morrison Avenue,
Sussex), on Tuesday, February 22nd at 7:00pm. Anyone
interested in sketching or painting is welcome to join us.
“THE GATHERING” Hope to see you there. 805
“The Gathering” is an evening of Christian Education designed
for the whole family: the Alpha Series is for adult & teens,
Christian programs available for children. Each week people
will enjoy great food, laughter and learning in a fun and friendly SIMONDS CLASS OF ’61 REUNION
atmosphere where no question about life or God is seen as too The Reunion Committee for Simonds Regional High School
simple or too hostile ... questions like: Is there a God?; Why am I Class of 1961 is preparing for our 50th Reunion. This momentous
here?; Where did I come from?; Where am I going?; What came occasion is planned for July 8th, 9th, & 10th. We are, however,
first, the chicken or the egg? looking for more fellow graduates and/or classmates. There
The Alpha Course is an opportunity to explore the Christian are three graduates that we are unable to locate: Stewart Allen,
faith in a relaxed setting over 10 weeks. Alpha has become a Francis (Frank) MacDonald, and Larry Wills. If you should
worldwide phenomenon, now in 164 countries where over 16 know of their whereabouts we would like to hear from you, or
million people have come to explore the meaning of life (www. if you were a classmate or teacher through the years and would
alphacanada.org). like to join us, we would love to hear from you too.
For more info call 433-3302 or email - Judy_Folkins@can. Joan (Fairweather) Lawrence, Reunion Committee Member –
salvationarmy.org. 530 email joanlawrence720@msn.com or phone 849-1930. 834

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 11 www.ossekeag.ca

H.A.L.L. beach party
Families with kids ages are invited to have
fun and support the HALL Beach Party
fundraiser to be held on Sunday, February
27th from 2:30-3:30pm at St. Paul’s Presyterian
Church (978 Main Street, Hampton). Fun
activities for kids 6 & under (all are welcome)
- kids will make their own Lai and grass-style
skirts to wear and there will be stickers to
take home and enjoy. Prize draw for $10 gift card.
Donations at this event will cover cost of the activities & help
raise money for HALL. All proceeds will help continue to
deliver HALL programs & events for families in Hampton and
surrounding area. 108


Saturday, February 19 - dance with “Sidekick” at Br 69 Legion

(Wilson Street West, Saint John). Doors open at 8:30, dance

9:00pm-12:30am. Open to anyone over 19 (married or single).
Admission is $6.00 for members and $8.00 for non-members.
Also on Saturday, February 19th Allan Taber is kindly hosting a
PET BIRD sliding party (weather permitting) and potluck at 280 Route 121
RESCUE in Bloomfield with sliding at 2:00 and potluck at 5:00 pm ... then
Located at 95 Neck off to the dance. Bring sliding gear if you have some and there is
Road, Summerville, usually a truck available to haul us all to the top of the hill again.
“Pet Bird Rescue” is Volleyball continues on Wednesday nights at Rothesay Park
a non-profit rescue Middle School, 8:00-10:00pm at cost of $3.00; and Breakfast for
centre for pet birds Singles at Holly’s Restaurant in Hampton Mall on Sundays at
which have been 10:00am.
neglected or cannot If you would like some more info about the purpose of our
remain in their group, membership or on any of the above please email
present home. An singles696-1914@live.ca or phone 696-1914 for recorded info
effort is made to find and feel free to leave a message to have someone call you. 819
homes for them,
or a home will be
provided until other
arrangements can be Belfast Children’s Project
made. For those who Are you already making your plans for your child’s summer
are turning in pets - vacation? Looking for an exciting wonderful experience? Why
cage, toys and food not share your summer activities with an 11-13 year old child
must be provided. from Belfast, Northern Ireland? Share your family lifestyle, city,
For more community and province while making lasting friends with
information please somebody from another culture /country.
contact 506-763- For more information, visit our website www.belfastkids.ca or
3323. 825 call Terry at 633-0236. 814

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 12 www.ossekeag.ca

“Mature Professionals Network (MPN) a social networking
organization for single adults over the age of 40 has been launched
in Saint John. MPN offers a forum to meet and exchange ideas,
develop friendships and share common interests. They have a
Meet and Greet Social every Friday night, 5:30-7:30pm at the
Chateau Saint John, on Rockland Road. You will be warmly
welcomed by a MPNSJ greeter who will introduce you to other
members. A group of them also go out to dinner after the Meet
and Greet. They have already participated in several different
activities and are looking forward to a lot more interesting
things to do through the seasons.
We hope you can find time to join us.” 831


Hampton Guardian staff sold tickets on a Gift Basket of Rexall
products valued at $150.00, won by Ken Christian. Proceeds of
$225 were topped up to make up the $500.00 total. The Dr. V.
A. Snow Centre would like to thank Dyson Jones and his staff
for their kind donation to help reach our goal of $120,000. 836

Dyson Jones, Pharmacist/Owner, Hampton Guardian Drugs

presents Gloria Baird, Therapeutic Recreationist Dr. V. A. Snow
Centre, with a cheque of $500.00 to go towards the fundraising
of the Dr. V. A. Snow Centre’s new bus.

A youth-created Anti-Bullying Website toll-free line for youth,
parents, and the general public can be accessed 24/7, 365 days
a year by anyone in Canada. Anyone may access the (new) toll-
free number at: (877) 352-4497. 803

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 13 www.ossekeag.ca

Bowling is offered in two places, and you can go to one or both
the KV lanes on Sundays from 7:00-9:00pm; or whenever we
finish three strings at the Bowlarama (West Saint John) on
Mondays 4:00-6:00pm. The cost is $4.00 for three strings.
Floor Hockey for KV Area will start at the Lakeview Elementary
School on the Pettingill Road, off of Kensington St. It will be on
Tuesday nights at 7:00pm.
Saint John Floor hockey will be at the Carleton Community
Center at 8:00pm on Tuesdays, coached by Ed Lutes and Jeff
Basket Ball will also be offered here on Saturday afternoons
(times have not been announced yet); and swimming is offered
Thursdays 6:30 to 8:30, Saint John High School.
Contact Wayne Crandall 847-7860, Ann Waddell 763-2257,
Linda Walsh 849-6612 or Jeff Cormier at 674-9888. 820

Free Safe Winter Driving Presentation

On Friday, February 11th at 10:30am the Healthy Active Living
for the 50Plus Program will host a free presentation, “ Winter
Driving and You” at the Sussex Seniors’ Centre, Jubilee Hall,
50 Perry Street in Sussex. Special guest speaker will be Janet
Fowler, driving instructor. The presentation will include tips
on preparing for winter driving, how to handle skids, how to
best deal with various winter driving conditions, and more.
Everyone is welcome. Join us and bring a friend for this valuable
session … you may learn something that could prevent a serious
Healthy Active Living for the 50Plus is a provincially funded
program which provides free information sessions on a
wide variety of topics of interest to those 50Plus. For more
information, or to book a session for your group, large or small,
please contact Linda Goggin, Regional Coordinator, at 756-
3956 or email lgoggin@xplornet.ca. 523


Each Friday from 6:00-9:00am Midland Baptist Church (Rte.124
& Upper Midland Road) invites you to get a great cup of coffee
while making a donation toward alleviating world hunger.
Watch for the MAD@poverty Coffee Drive Thru signs. 115


There will be a family movie night at the Anglican Rectory
in Upham on the 2nd Friday of each month; and at the St.
Barnabas Anglican Church in Barnesville on the last Friday of
each month. Everyone welcome. 119

Fundy Gardeners Meeting

The next meeting of the Fundy Gardeners will be held on
Wednesday, February 9th 7:00pm at the Kennebecasis Select
Funeral Home, 152 Pettingill Road, Quispamsis. Guest speaker
for the meeting will be Randall Miller, PhD Head of Geology
& Paleontology, NB Museum and he will be speaking on “Our
Amazing Geo Park”.
All Welcome! For more information, please visit fundygardeners.
blogspot.com. 400

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 14 www.ossekeag.ca

dinner & silent auction
A Valentine’s Dinner
& Silent Auction will
take place on Saturday,
February 12th at
Château de Champlain
in Saint John. Dinner includes soup, salad, roast beef and all
the trimmings, dessert, tea and coffee. The evening begins at
7:00pm. Tickets are $25 per person, with proceeds going to the
Canadian Cancer Society New Brunswick.
For further information, please call the Canadian Cancer
Society at 634-6277. 526


Make the Connection is for parents of infants birth to one year
of age, and helps parents interact with their babies in a way
that promotes secure attachment, communication and brain
development. This interactive and enjoyable program combines
hands on activities, parent reflection and discussion, as well as
personalized video feedback.
Program to be held at Sussex & Area Family & Early Childhood
Inc, 717 Main Street Sussex Wednesdays, March 16th-May 4th
(9:30-11:30am). To register for this program call the Sussex &
Area Family & Early Childhood Office at 432-4590. Space is
limited to call early to avoid disappointment.
For more information contact: Joelle at 432-4592 or Lynne at
432-4598. 527

Bingo Wednesdays, 7:00pm at the WI/Seniors’ Hall in Upham
(2117 Rte 820)! Canteen is available and everyone is welcome
come out for a fun evening.
Sponsored by the Hammond River Valley Seniors. 512

NB Genealogical Society meeting

The Southeastern Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogical
Society will host their Winter Workshop on Saturday, February
19th, at Saint John the Baptist Anglican Church (28 Woolridge
Avenue, Riverview), from 2:00 to 4:00pm. Some of the topics to
be presented will be: Using Message Boards for Research, E-mail
Security, Brick Walls and other Research Problems.
All are welcome to attend. 517

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 15 www.ossekeag.ca

Hampton – pigs peak news
Once again, Bev Harrison is on his way to Swaziland. Over the
past few years his travels to Piggs Peak (at his own expense)
have given us a better appreciation of life there. Bev recounts a
memorable meeting on a previous trip:
“I first met Sikelela last January the day before leaving
Swaziland. It was a brief but heart-wrenching encounter. He was
sent home the first day of school because he had no possibility of
getting any money to pay the school fees. A concerned teacher
suggested to a neighbour that he borrow a uniform and come
to school to see me that day. He was placed on our Piggs Peak
Partnership program and I left money to buy a uniform and
Sikelela writes in a letter dated February 15th: “I am writing
to give all my thanks on what you have done to me. When the
last year’s form 3 results came out, I was very much excited to
get such a clean pass and that made me notice something in my
future and that I would be a somebody of tomorrow. However,
things did not go well when school opened. I was told to go and
stay at home as there was no money for paying my school fees.
I then cried to God, so He would send you to provide such a
wonderful help to me. I am now learning without problems as
my school fees are now settled. I am promising you won’t be
disappointed about me.”
On Bev’s next trip this past November, he visited Sikelela’s
homestead. “I discovered that this 16 year old boy is also
responsible for keeping the family together: a younger brother
and an older sister who has a baby. His mother died about 5
years ago and is buried under a heap of stones at the end of a
small garden. (His father abandoned the family when Sikelela
was a toddler.) He sleeps on a hard clay floor with no mattress or
pillow and only one old blanket. He has no clothes other than the
school uniform I bought for him last January. Also I discovered
there was very little food … he had gone weeks without breakfast
or supper. The only food would be from school lunch which is
included as part of the school fees.”
We are currently helping many young people like Sikelela in
Piggs Peak… paying for school fees, food and clothing… as
funds allow. Their stories are similarly heartbreaking. We are
doing what we can and with your financial donation we can do
even more. Like the starfish on the beach, we are helping one
person at a time.
If you would like to personally assist a student like Sikelela
by paying his school fees, we have made it possible through
our Starfish Program. Please visit our website www.
hamptonpiggspeak.ca (click the link to Starfish Program) or
contact me, Mark Bettle, at 832-0003 or Carl MacKenzie at 832-
2704. 110

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 16 www.ossekeag.ca

The University of New Brunswick has granted entrance
scholarships to graduates of Hampton High School for study in
the 2010-11 academic year. All of the recipients are attending
classes on the university’s Fredericton campus.
The scholarship recipients are:
Kyrsti Leigh Boye, Hampton, science, Governor Thomas Carleton
Scholarship, $1,000.
Alexander Joseph Donovan, Hampton, arts, Faculty of Arts
Entrance Scholarship, $2,000; Lester Hoar Memorial Scholarship
in Arts, $3,000; UNB Fredericton Residence Scholarship,
$4,900; UNBF Residential Life Contribution, $3,030; President’s
Scholarship, $8,000.
Erin Fischer-Fox, Hampton, science, Governor Thomas Carleton
Scholarship, $1,000.
Kaitlyn Morgan Laaper, Kingston, arts, Edwin Jacob Special
University Scholarship, $4,000.
Chris Sanford, Bloomfield, arts, Ward Chipman Founder’s
Scholarship, $500.
Sarah A. Wilbur, Hampton, education, Agnes L. Green Memorial
Bursary, $800; Audrey Stevenson Memorial Scholarship, $2,000;
Verna MacDonald Scholarships, $500.
The university and its donors are pleased to provide financial
support to students through the granting of scholarships. For
information about contributing to a UNB scholarship program,
please contact the Office of Development and Donor Relations
at 506-453-5053. 122

Hampton community library news

We have just purchased a selection of the books
that were mentioned on the CBC Maritime Noon
Show “2010 Top Book Picks”. They are as follows:
Millions of Souls - The Philip Riteman Story by
Philip Riteman; Many shades of Green - Running
Towards the Finish Line, One Cancer at a Time
by Deny Dallaire; FOB Doc – a Doctor on the Front Lines in
Afghanistan by Captain Ray Wiss; Thai Die by Monica Ferris;
Stone’s Fall by Iain Pears; The Ancestor’s Tale by Richard Dawkins;
Pompeii by Robert Harris and A Flock of Shoes by Sarah Tsiang.
Many thanks too for all the donated books we have received
Hours of operation for the library are: Tuesday, Wednesday
& Thursday from 2:00-4:30pm and Wednesday from 7:00-
8:00pm. Contact the library at 832-3335.
See you at the library! 123

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 17 www.ossekeag.ca

A Coffee House fundraiser, in support of the Hampton Food
Basket, is to be held at St. Alphonsus Church Hall on Monday,
February 28th. The food basket is in great need of funds for the
upcoming year.
The youth and parents of St. Alphonsus hope to make this
a regular event but we need your help. If you are interested
in performing or helping to organize, please contact Nic or
Carmelle Robichaud at 832-5608. Please look for more details in
the next issue of the Hampton Herald. 129


Peninsula Heritage Inc meetings are held at the John Fisher
Memorial Museum on the third Thursday of each month
at 7:30pm. The public is invited to join us. The John Fisher
Memorial Museum is located in the basement of Macdonald
Consolidated School, Kingston. The museum and 1810 Carter
House are open by appointment throughout the year.
For further information, or to book a tour, please leave a
message at 763-2453. 118


The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada invites you to
participate in the 9th Annual Snow Golf Tournament being
held on Saturday, February 19th at the Midland Meadows Golf
Course in Norton starting at 11:00am. We hope that you will
once again join the other brave snow golfers with your warm
winter gear and tee off for fun filled day of wacky golfing and
help us create the magic of a Wish.
The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada relies solely on the
generosity of individuals, groups and businesses, who through
donations and fundraisers, enable us to continue our work of
granting the wishes of children over the age of three and under
the age of eighteen, who have been diagnosed with a high risk,
life-threatening illness.
To date, with your support and the support of members of
the community, over 675 wishes have been granted in New
Brunswick, with 55 approved wishes still waiting to be granted.
One wish, on average can cost between $8-10,000! We would
not be able to do what we do without your support.
This is a Pledge Sheet based event. If you are interested in
registering a team or have any questions, please contact me at
506-696-7086 or Victoria.Kean@childrenswish.ca. Registration
can also be filled out Online at www.NBEventsofChildrensWish.
weebly.com. 829

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 18 www.ossekeag.ca

Did you finish school? Do you want to? The Sussex Adult The Sussex Crokinole Club has resumed the fall/winter season
Learning Program offers free academic upgrading and GED at the Masonic Hall (482 Main Street, Sussex). Come join us for
preparation for adults. Small classes are available, mornings or an afternoon of fun on Wednesdays starting at 2:00pm. For fur-
afternoons, Monday to Friday, at the Sussex Lions Den. ther information phone Don at 433-4360. 509
For more information call 433-6109. 510
MINOR SPORT FUNDING Regular Wednesdays Bingo at the Hall in Upham at 7:00pm.
APPLICATION The regular Monday night card parties at the Upham WI Hall
The “Help The Cops Help The Kids Benefit Trust Fund” was begin at 7:30pm.
established to assist minor sport organizations and individuals All are welcome. 514
within the Hampton RCMP Jurisdiction
with furthering their sport to a local,
provincial or national level. The Funding
Application and Guidelines are available
at www.townofhampton.ca (under
Residents - Community Sport and
Recreation Organizations - Help The
Cops Help The Kids). Applications will
be received throughout the year with
disbursement(s) as required.
For information contact Janice Bates,
President 485-2497 or Brock Reid,
Treasurer 832-7050. 121

The Barnesville
C h u r c h
(1257 Rte 820
is holding a
breakfast the 3rd Saturday of each month
from 8:00-11:30am with a choice of two
complete breakfasts. $5/adult, $3/child,
pre-schoolers eat for free.
Everyone welcome. 508


The Ossekeag Camera Club meets every
second Tuesday of the month from
7:30-9:30pm at the V A Snow Center
on DeMille Court in Hampton. The
Club welcomes all skill levels from just
beginning to advanced. Our programs
consist of learning sessions, shared
experiences, field trips and hosting of
special speakers.
For more information call 832-4042.

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 19 www.ossekeag.ca

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 20 www.ossekeag.ca Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 21 www.ossekeag.ca
Hospice Sussex is offering a
grief support group to assist
individuals who are experiencing
the hard work of grieving and
who may be experiencing a wide
range of feelings and physical
reactions. At Hospice Sussex, we
understand that grief from losing a loved one can cause the most
painful suffering one ever endures. This is the power of grief and
part of your journey that continues after a loved one has died.
Hospice Sussex is offering a free eight-week grief support
group where you can find comfort, support, and hope in a safe
supportive environment. It will provide education about the
grief process and will give you the opportunity to share with
others who are grieving. The group will begin on February
23rd at 6:30pm and will run for the next seven consecutive
If you are interested in being part of this type of grief support
or would like more information, please call Hospice Sussex at
432-5001 during the afternoon hours 1:00-4:00pm. 520

A weekly free children’s program offered
by the Head of Millstream Wesleyan
Church for ages 3-12 is held on Tuesday
evenings from 6:30-7:30pm.
For more information contact
Rachel McGuire at 433-1761 or
browse our website at hislight.ca/
millstreamwesleyan.html. 515

Benefit for Carl Doyle

A benefit for Carl Doyle (who will be
undergoing a double lung reduction and
must reside in Toronto for two months
plus) will be held at the Sussex Legion
on Sunday, February 20th from 1:00-
4:00pm. Please come and support Carl
and Linda. 525

Reminder: SMELT FRY IN

The Southfield United Church annual
Smelt Fry is coming right up. Mark your
calendars for Saturday, February 26th
from 4:00-6:00pm. Take out orders are
also available.
Phone 839-2722 or 839-2857 for more
information. 521

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 22 www.ossekeag.ca

6th Hampton Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts
How are you spending your winter? Getting bored of too much
TV, computer, and video games? Not the 6th Hampton Beavers,
Cubs, and Scouts! All three groups have been tremendously
active the past few months.
Our youngest members, the Beavers have been busy with pirate
theme meetings, a very scary Hallowe’en party, preparing for a
beach party as well as having a great time during a sliding day
and a hike.
The Cubs have spent a lot of time outdoors learning Morse
Code, hiking, having campfires, and working on badges. Who
knew apple crumble cooked on a barbecue would taste so good?
Coming up in the next couple of months they will be learning
first aid, having their annual weekend winter camp, building and
racing Kub Kars, and hiking to the ice caves. They will also be
attending a Sea Dogs vs. Wildcats hockey game to cheer on the
home team. Also, third year Cub Nicholas Smith was presented
with the 6 Star Award. This is one of the highest awards a Cub
can earn and takes a tremendous amount of work to achieve.
Well done Nicholas!
How does a Star Trek camp sound? This overnight camp is
one of the many activites that have kept the boys and girls in
Scouts busy. They’ve learned how to use bow saws and sharpen
axes, worked on pioneering skills as well as an orientation
competition. The Scouts played capture the flag with glowsticks,
ran an obstacle course, did some dryland skiing and all into
the wee hours of the morning! The Scouts have lots of other
activites coming up over the next few months as well.
A very grateful “Thank-You” to all who supported our bottle
drive, Apple Day, and bought Scouts popcorn. These fundraisers
enable us to support many of the activities the boys and girls
participate in throughout the year.
Scouts Canada is a terrific organization to belong to for both
boys and girls. The groups come together to learn new skills,
work on community projects, and just plain have fun. New
members and leaders are always welcome. If you and/or your
child are interested in joining, please check out our websites at
www.Scouts.ca or hamptonscouts.ca. 120

Marchbank/Kelly benefit
The Staff of the Dr. V. A. Snow Centre are holding a Silent
Auction & Spaghetti Supper at the Hampton Legion on
Saturday, February 26th beginning at 5:00pm with a dance to
follow. Please watch for posters.
This is a fundraiser in support of Joe Marchbank and Nancy
Kelly in order to help the family through Joe’s illness. 138

commnity pool
Important notice: There will
be an emergency community
meeting regarding the state of
the Belleisle Community Pool
on Tuesday, February 8th. This
meeting will be held at the
Belleisle Regional High School
starting at 7:30pm. Storm date
– February 9th. 522

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 23 www.ossekeag.ca

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 24 www.ossekeag.ca
To find Canada’s newest environmental leaders you don’t have to
look any further than your own community. With the support of
Loblaw Companies Limited, WWF-Canada has found several of
these leaders and has also awarded their schools with generous
grants so they can turn their green ideas into reality. This is the
second installment of the WWF-Canada Green CommUnity
Schools Grants Program to which Loblaw has donated $100,000
to 33 schools across Canada.
Winners include: Hampton High School, which will use the
grant funds to create a fly fishing and angling club to educate
people on sustainable fisheries; and Simonds High School in
Saint John, which will use the grant funds to form an energy-
efficient building competition within the school where students
will plan and build a small off-grid, energy efficient building
We hope that other schools in your community will be inspired
by this story to take similar actions of environmental leadership.
To learn more about these projects and the grants program,
please visit wwf.ca/greencommunitygrants. 126

Community support thank you

Sobeys Rothesay would like to thank everyone who donated non-
perishable food items during the Kennebecasis Valley Christmas
parade on November 27th and the Hampton Christmas parade
on December 4th. Together we raised over $4,500 in groceries for
our local food banks – ‘thank you’.
Sobeys Rothesay would also like to thank their customers for
the generous support they showed to Katie Hicks and her family
during the Christmas season. We raised close to $900 through
donations at our registers and were able to present that to Katie
and her family before Christmas. 137

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 25 www.ossekeag.ca

The Valley Coffee House presents various singers and musicians
who provide a “toe tapping” fun filled evening of entertainment
for your pleasure. A donation of a non-perishable food item
for the KV Food Basket, or a monetary donation if you prefer,
is your ticket through the door! Please come and help us help
others. The doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:00pm. For
Saturday, February 19th the entertainers include: Keith Facey,
T-John Merrick, The Band With No Name, Janet Flewelling,
Kim Lewis, Sue Dryden, Jeff & Marvin, Desa.
The Valley Coffee House is held at the Civic Center (Civic Drive
in Quispamsis) 2nd floor - elevator available. Please be aware that
you can bring sweets for the canteen and also items to be used
as door prizes.
Up-coming Coffee House dates: Saturday – March 12th, April
9th, May 14th & June 18th.
If you would like more information or would like to put your
name in to be a helper or an entertainer in the future please call
Desa at 847-2917. 405

On our cover
The Midland Women’s Institute held a Roast Beef Dinner for the
senior citizens in the area. The profits of $500 were donated to
the Sussex Health Centre Foundation Mammography Machine
project. 528

L-r: Anthonie de Hoog, President of the Foundation; Velda Kelly;

Corrine Belyea making the presentation and Mike Letourneau
Fund raising chair of the Foundation.

Parkinson’s support group

Locally, the Parkinson’s Support Group has resumed its
monthly meetings in Sussex. The meetings are held on the
second Thursday of the month (February 10th) at 2:00pm in
the Heritage Room of the Kiwanis Nursing Home. The guest
speaker for the February meeting will be Bill Trewinex RCMP
who has Parkinson’s himself.
For more information please contact Max Lutz at 433-3330 or
Leona Gionet at 433-5342. 815

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 26 www.ossekeag.ca

Hhs grad class news
As our final semester of high school begins, the
Grad Class has many events planned for the next
few months. Our Grad Class Movie night will be
on Friday February 18th in the theatre. This is an
event for Grade 12’s only. We will be watching Toy
Story movies and having pizza for supper. It’s going
to be a fun time that you won’t want to miss. The
Grad Class Fashion Show will be on Tuesday, March 22nd. Be
sure to watch for more information on this annual event. We
are also in the process of planning an afternoon of bowling for
grads. Stay tuned for more details. We are also looking for more
activities to do as a Grad Class. If you have any suggestions,
please see a Grad Class Executive member or Miss Myers.
Our next Coffee House supporting the Grad Class will be
held on Monday, February 21st at 7:00pm in Hampton High’s
cafeteria. This event is sure to include many student performers,
and our special guest, Bertin Ouellet, who is a former HHS
teacher. As usual, there will be many sweets available and coffee
compliments of Java Moose. It’s sure to be a spectacular event.
You won’t want to miss it!
Our March Coffee House will be on Monday the 28th. More
details are to follow.
Alyson Brown, HHS 2011 Grad. Class executive. 116

Peninsula pearls seniors news

The Peninsula Pearls met on December 13th with our annual
Christmas dinner prepared by the Legion ladies. Delicious as
usual! We were entertained by several members of the Sea Belles
and Don McWhirter on the piano. In lieu of a gift exchange
money was donated to the Deacon’s Cupboard.
Our first meeting of the new year was a pot luck. The meeting
opened with O Canada and the Lord’s Prayer. Several items were
discussed and several new members were welcomed to our club.
Ralph then took over as our auctioneer for our sale.
Peninsula Pearls met on January 24th at the Moss Glen Legion.
Lunch was provided by Group 4. The usual exercises opened the
meeting. Due to it being an extremely cold day attendance was
down. Cards and Bingo were enjoyed.
The next meeting will be on Monday, February 14th – don’t
forget to make a valentine!
N. Dann. 131

Coffee House in upham

Take your Valentine out for something really special. Help the
teens support the parish with the 1st coffee house of the season at
the WI Hall in Upham. Relax, have some Fair Trade coffee or tea
and munchies and enjoy the music on Sunday, February 13th
starting at 7:00pm. 529

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 27 www.ossekeag.ca

ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION #62 Meaghan Hickey at 763-2665, or e-mail meg.hickey.hare@live.
1356 Rte 845, Clifton Royal NB, E5S 2B9, Phone 763-2009 com. 105
Hours: Monday-Thursday 2:30-8:00pm;Friday 2:30pm-
12:00midnight; Saturday 2:00-9:00pm; Sunday 1:30-7:00pm. FAIRVALE OUTING ASSOCIATION
Mondays - Legion meeting the first Monday of each month, 8 River Road, Rothesay
new members welcomed (anyone may become a member), Crib every Wednesday at 7:30pm. For information please call
membership not a requirement to be a volunteer. Sam Gauvin at 847-8261. Everyone welcome.
Sundays - 7:30pm, Cribbage. For more information contact Joe Bingo every Thursday night. Doors open at 6:00 games start
Stack at 763-2959. at 6:55pm. 10 regular games, 4 specials and a jackpot game.
Peninsula Pearls meet the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month Also early and late games and building pots (Bonanza, Lucky
at 12:00noon for lunch. New members welcomed - if interested 7, Pyramid and Treasure Chest). For information please call
call Claudia Small 763-2587. Richard at 847-4163. Canteen services available.
Friday, January 28th - Community Clothes Swap, doors open at Hall rentals are available for various types of events/activities.
7:30pm, $10 to participate, contact Meaghan at 763-2665. The Hall is also available for special benefit functions at no
To reserve the Hall call Doreen Stack at 763-2959 and/or charge. New members always welcome. For further information
please contact Margaret at 849-0031. 402

Anglican parish AGM

The Annual Meeting for the Anglican Parish of Upham will be
held on Sunday, February 20th at St. Peter’s Anglican Church
in Upham. No you will not get roped into joining vestry if you
attend the Annual Meeting. Yes you will get to have a say in
the future of the parish. No it will not take all day. Yes, your
contribution to the discussion will be beneficial and we’ll feed
Parish service begins at 10:00am on Sunday, February 20th.
Lunch will be served immediately following and then we’ll try
and make the reports short and the conversation lively at the
Annual Meeting right after lunch.
We have an exciting and dynamic parish, but only if we are all
engaged. Help us make this parish even more meaningful. 133
Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 28 www.ossekeag.ca
Peninsula heritage celebrates events volunteers by CBC’s 2010 Champions of Change competition
In recognition of 2011 as International Year of Forests, New that celebrated notable volunteer leadership. CFI also operates
Brunswick’s theme for Heritage Week is “Celebrating Forests forestry and conservation projects in the Maritime Provinces,
for People”. To celebrate these two events Peninsula Heritage focused on sustainable management of the Acadian forest. CFI
Inc. invites the public to join them on Thursday, February 17th has a close relationship with the NB Community Land Trust,
7:30pm at the John Fisher Memorial Museum (located in the which is focused on conservation of farmland and woodlands to
basement of Macdonald Consolidated School, Kingston) for ensure the lands remains available through time, for sustainable
a presentation by Zach Melanson, Communications Director production.
with Community Forests International and a Director for New Zach’s presentation will begin with CFI and NB Community
Brunswick Community Land Trust. Zach is also a photographer Land Trust’s efforts to conserve a farm and woodlot property
and a film maker. near Sussex, to create a demonstration forest and a rural training
Community Forests International (CFI) has been supporting centre. The second part of his presentation will focus on CFI”s
community based tree planting and social development proj- projects in Pemba, Africa and links established between Africa
ects on the Island of Pemba, Tanzania, Africa. CFI founder, and Canadian communities. Question period and refreshments
Jeff Schnurr, was recently selected as one of Canada’s top 10 will follow the presentation. 135

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 29 www.ossekeag.ca

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 30 www.ossekeag.ca
Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 31 www.ossekeag.ca
Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 32 www.ossekeag.ca
HRAA news
Fish n Jam – 7:00pm, Wednesdays. Hope to see everyone out!
News from the Riverbank: Thanks to everyone who supported the
ASF raffle ticket sales. ASF had asked all affiliates to participate
in this program, and HRAA sold the fourth highest amount
of tickets of the affiliates that participated. The event raised
more than $85,000 for salmon conservation, with some of the
proceeds to come to HRAA from our ticket sales efforts. It’s a
great way to assist both organizations, and we certainly plan on
participating again next year.
A quick cold weather snap formed ice on the main stem,
enabling some brave snowmobilers to venture onto the ice. But,
conditions change rapidly, and there is significant open water
on the river again, almost anywhere where there is fast flowing
current. Be careful, we’ll need several more cold nights before
the ice can be considered safe again!
The 2011 ASF/NBSC Moncton Dinner is scheduled for
Saturday, March 26th at the Ramada Crystal Palace and tickets Kayak Fishing Tournament: The dates for our annual Kayak
are available now! This is the same weekend as the annual Dieppe Fishing Tournament are July 16th & 17th. There will be some
Fly-Fishing Forum (March 26th-27th). To arrange tickets or for changes to the regulations this year, to allow alternate launching
more information, contact Geoff Giffin (ASF’s NB Program locations.
Director) at ggiffin@asf.ca or 506-847-1113. Want more information about HRAA and our programs? Visit
Bylaw revisions planned for Annual General Meeting: HRAA’s www.hraa.ca. 401
Annual General Meeting has been set for Wednesday, February
23rd 7:00pm at the centre. Remember that your 2011 membership
needs to be paid in order for you to have voting privileges at PARENTS GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP
the meeting. This year the Board and Executive plans to bring Healing and Hope for your broken heart ... if you have suffered
forward revisions to the HRAA Bylaws, following a motion that the loss of a precious son or daughter. The parents support group
was passed at out last AGM in February of 2010. The revised meets at Family Plus Life Solutions, 199 Chesley Drive, 2nd Floor,
bylaws have now been posted on the HRAA website, under the the last Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm.
“downloads” section. For more information call 634-8295. 832

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 33 www.ossekeag.ca

Millstream rec council meeting
The Millstream Rec Council will hold its next meeting
on Thursday, February 17th 7:30pm at the Berwick Hall.
Community minded are needed. Everyone welcome to attend.
To rent the hall please contact Terri at 433-1303. 531

Marchbank/Kelly benefit
The Staff of the Dr. V. A. Snow Centre are holding a Silent
Auction & Spaghetti Supper at the Hampton Legion on Saturday,
February 26th beginning at 5:00pm with a dance to follow. Please
watch for posters.
This is a fundraiser in support of Joe Marchbank and Nancy
Kelly in order to help the family through Joe’s illness. 138

Fundy Gardeners Meeting

The next meeting of the Fundy Gardeners will be held on
Wednesday, February 9th 7:00pm at the Kennebecasis Select
Funeral Home, 152 Pettingill Road, Quispamsis. Guest speaker
for the meeting will be Randall Miller, PhD Head of Geology
& Paleontology, NB Museum and he will be speaking on “Our
Amazing Geo Park”.
All Welcome! For more information, please visit fundygardeners.
blogspot.com. 400

Kennebecasis Naturalist Society

The monthly meeting of the KNS will be held on Monday,
February 28th at 7.30pm upstairs in the St. Paul’s United Church
at 4 Morrison Avenue, Sussex. Our guest speakers will be Nicci
Blewett and Danielle Smith, staff members of Nature NB, who
will be giving a talk on Biodiversity in general and Nature NB’s
Biodiversity Stewardship Program.
Biodiversity is the result of billions of years of evolution and
an irreplaceable part of our natural heritage. All forms of life
living together make the Earth habitable for humankind and
provide us with the necessities of live. A loss of one species is a
decrease in our biodiversity. Our current rate of species loss is up
dramatic. From this meeting we can learn how to help conserve
and increase the knowledge of New Brunswick’s biodiversity.
For more information about the KNS checkout our Website at
www.naturesussex.ca. Everyone is welcome. 532

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 34 www.ossekeag.ca

Hampton Food Basket & Clothing Centre
Thanks are extended to all those who continue to support this
outreach with gifts of time, talent and treasures - many needy
folk are blessed through your caring and generosity.
As was mentioned in the last Herald, we shall be conducting
on-going screening of clients in order to recognize the actual
needs of our families. This screening will start at the February
client day and will continue until all clients have been met
with. It is not our desire to refuse any one in real need; but
rather our desire is to be good stewards of the resources
entrusted to us. In order to do this efficiently we are asking
that all clients bring proof of address, one of the following
original documents would be fine; the most recent power bill,
telephone bill or cable bill. Our hope is that we might be able
to steer clients toward the many helpful programs that the
government run to assist people in improving their quality of
The next preparation day is Wednesday, February 16th
at 8:00am. We will have volunteers on hand on Thursday,
February 17th from 8:30-11:30am (this is our next client day),
who are trained to complete Income Tax returns, this service
is free and confidential and we hope clients will take advantage
of the help offered.
For many years we have served clients from the Kingston area
and the Deacon’s Cupboard has looked after them at Christmas
Time, we are indeed happy to learn that the Deacon’s cupboard
is now in a position to assist these clients through the year,
so, any client from the Kingston area should be contacting
Eleanor Baxter at 763-2264, she will look after you well.
We are still looking for an accountant who would be willing
to look over our accounts. They are always in good order,
however, we do by law have to have an independent person to
affirm that all is well with them. Please contact our treasurer
at: Hampton Food Basket, 39 Tilley Street, unit 2, Hampton
NB E5N 5B4. Receipts for all donations will be issued in the
new year.
Emergency Numbers: - Janice 832-4340, Judy 832-3291,
Debbie 832-4039, Tanya 977-1616, Betty 832-7526.
We are encouraging the churches and service groups to
collect cans of meat and fish, these are items that can be easily
stretched into a meal and provide great sandwich fillings for
our youngsters school lunches.
‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto me’. 107

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 35 www.ossekeag.ca

A grateful “Thank You” from the Saint John Community
Christmas Exchange to all the churches, agencies and individuals
that supported the Christmas Exchange in 2010. To all who
sponsored families and made donations and to the volunteers,
who gave of their time so generously, thank you.
Your generous support has seen that over 2700 families in
the Saint John and surrounding areas were looked after for
Christmas. 821

All PACK programs are free. For more information about us
please call 432-2610, email packroe@nb.aibn.com or visit our
website at www.packsussex.org.
Baby Signs - Parents and infants learn sign language together
and it’s also an excellent way in promoting secure attachment,
language development and literary. Baby Signs does not hinder
their speech. Our next six week course is March 15th, 22nd, 29th
& April 5th, 12th & 19th from 10:30-11:30am at the PACK office.
Please call to register for this free program - space is limited!
Music ‘N’ Me - Is a much loved music program where par-
ent and child both get to sing, dance, play a variety of instru-
ments, learn rhymes, hear stories and enjoy a small snack. Every
Wednesday for babies/children birth to school age from 10:30-
11:30am at the Norton Village Office/Fire Hall (no school = no
Wednesday, February 9th - Music ‘N’ Me Potluck Valentine’s
Day Party. Please bring some snacks and Valentines (if you
wish). Most importantly, come ready to have fun time.
Family Fun Fitness Adventure - January to April are the easiest
months to slip into a non-active state! Come out and join us for
lots of fun and great ideas to make your whole family stronger,
healthier and nutritionally in the know. We have many different
activities planned for each one hour session surrounding nutri-
tion and physical activity! Space is limited to 20 maximum for
this four week adventure series - please contact the PACK office
to register today. Dates, times and location to TBA.
Dads ‘N Kids - Bring your dad, grandpa, uncle, Big Brother or
friends. This is a fun evening to spend with a special someone,
making crafts, playing games or reading a story. We invite you
and that special child in your life to our fun filled evenings! For
more information please contact the PACK office. 506

Kings Co Historical Society Meeting

The Kings County Historical & Archival Society, Inc., will
hold its next meeting on Saturday, February 26th at the Kings
County Museum, starting at 2:00pm. The Museum is located in
the lower level of the Centennial Building, 27 Centennial Road,
Hampton. Jude Carson and Gretchen Kelbaugh will speak
about the history of the Town of Rothesay.
All are welcome to attend. 835

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 36 www.ossekeag.ca

“Some Assembly Required”
You just know you’re in trouble when you see those words.
Michael recently had an experience with “some assembly
required” that I thought might result in “assembly no longer
possible because the parts have become too small to ever put
back together”. Now Mikie can turn his hand to most things. He
can install an electrical outlet, move all the plumbing fixtures in
a bathroom, build a shed that won’t fall down at the first puff of
wind and keep our motor vehicles humming along. For many
years he did furniture restoration and did some beautiful work.
I distinctly recall coming home from work one day to find an instructions, so brief as to be nearly non-existent. Mikie sighed
antique oak sideboard that had been in our dining room reduced and then went at it with gusto, well more or less. Somewhere
to a pile of lumber in the middle of the room! Similar to the first during the process he commented that if the only tool you have
time I came home to find the innards of our computer strewn is a hammer everything starts to look like a nail. Well I am sure
across a desk, my heart sank. But in both cases the re-assembly he was wishing for a hammer, but it was more as a weapon of
went smoothly and the restore pieced, furniture and computer, destruction than construction. Fortunately his able assistant
ended up better than ever. But this past weekend . . . (that would be me) had the good sense to ensure one did not
The box stood about six inches high (that’s about 15 cm make its way into his hands, for I am sure the partially assembled
for you younger metric people - just the height of a small chair would never have made it to its completed state. At the end
snowfall). Inside was a small dining table and two chairs . . . of the process the grand grand-daughter hopped up on the chair
some assembly required. Not looking good is it? The table, no and it held! Whether it has managed to hold the adult for whom
sweat. The tabletop was one piece and it was a simple matter of it was assembled is as yet unknown, since no one dares ask! If it
attaching the four legs. But the chairs . . . the chairs looked more didn’t, who wants to volunteer to reassemble the resulting pile of
like a pile of kindling! The supplied tool - one allen key. The kindling? No one I know! 801

Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 37 www.ossekeag.ca

EMPLOYMENT KEN BROWN ELECTRICAL Inc. Your electrical service company
PT WORK FOR FT MOMS. Work for yourself not by yourself. for all your home & business needs. For your solar & wind
Free website, unlimited support, computer required. www. power solutions, call or email Kim at 506-839-2877, kimbrown@
allkidsmatter.com. nb.sympatico.ca.
GOT A PLAN “B”? Turn 5-10 hours/week into $1000.00+/month. PRIVATE COLLECTOR BUYING, gold jewellry, also selling
Operate a mini office outlet from your computer, FREE evaluation. shelley, hummels, glass and china collectibles. 832-3982.
www.yourfreedomoffice.com. HERITAGE UPHOLSTERY. Residential, commercial,
FIREWOOD recreational, restyling and customization. Trust your furniture
to the professionals. The most training and experience in the
TIRED OF GETTING THE wrong size wood? Fire wood cut to
Kennebecasis. Serving you for 30 years. Offering project classes.
specification. Call Doug 763-3486 or 333-5843.
HOUSE CLEANING. Come home to a clean house. Dust, vacuum
COMMERCIAL SPACE FOR lease, 380 sqft., 1031 Main Street, and more. For more information call Frances, 832-4263.
Hampton, lower level, ample parking, signage space available, DAVE’S LIGHT TRUCKING & Cleaning Service, junk, garbage,
will be fitted to suit tenant. Utilities included, ideal for office, construction, demolition, brush, decks, small moving jobs. 7 days
physiotherapy, esthetician, hair salon or barber shop. Contact: a week. Also picking up unwanted vehicles. 832-3982 or 653-0026.
Wayne Law, 653-1957.
REGISTERED FOOT CARE Nurse is now accepting clients.
2 BEDROOM APT., heat, lights included, Hampton. 832-5438. Offering foot care in the comfort of your own home in Hampton
FOR SALE & surrounding areas. For professional foot care & details, call
YAMAHA ELECTRONE ORGAN double keyboard, full octave Shirley @ 832-2126. Covered with most insurance plans.
foot pedals, $150. Call after 6:00pm. 485-2220. VEHICLES
SET OF SNOW chains for tractor, size 14.9 x 26.13, $400.00 firm. CALL MALCOLM ACROSS FROM NEW KINGSTON
USED APPLIANCES, 24” electric stoves in stock, exterior/ SOME TRADES CONSIDERED. DRIVE A LITTLE, SAVE A
interior doors, tires (most sizes), new sky light, used windows, and LOT. CALL 333-5811 OR 832-0897.
household items. 218 Main St. Norton. 839-2628. 2007 HONDA CIVIC, 4dr, auto, new MVI, 85,000km, pw, cruise,
NOTICES cd, one owner, looks and works excellent, financing OAC, $9,900.
WE JOSEPH L. KANE and spouse, citizens of Canada and Call Malcolm 333-5811 or 832-0897.
Kingston, Kings County, New Brunswick, by Registered Deed, 2006 FORD FREESTAR sport, V6, auto, loaded, dvd, rear air,
lot number 0159566 and heirs and successors to a Grant of Land alloys, new MVI, financing OAC, looks and works excellent, only
registered as number 9098, Granted by Her Royal Majesty Queen $7,900. Call Malcolm 333-5811 or 832-0897.
Victoria, year 1871 and granted by the New Brunswick Court of 2004 GMC 4X4, reg. cab, V6, auto, 132,000km, air, tilt, power
Chancery, registered at the New Brunswick Forestry Building, steering and brakes, new MVI, great on fuel, looks and works
Fredericton, have had our rights infringed upon, contrary to the great, $8,900. Call Malcolm 333-5811 or 832-0897.
Queen, the Court and the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and 2003 PONTIAC GRAND Prix GT, 6cyl, auto, 116,000km, one
Freedoms of Canada. owner, new MVI, alloys, power roof, nice clean car, only $4,900.
SERVICES OFFERED Call Malcolm 333-5811 or 832-0897.
VILLAGE UPHOLSTERY & REFINISHING - Craftsmanship. 2004 SATURN ION 2, 4cyl, 4dr, loaded, auto, new MVI, power
RV’s, boat covers, recovering & restyling repairs. HD foam, slider. I also have same car in standard, excellent on fuel, looks
T-Trailers, caning, seagrass, canvas. 832-7870. and works great, your choice, $3,900. Call Malcolm 333-5811 or
MARITIME RIGGING & Industrial Supply, traction chains, 832-0897.
lifting, towing, logging safety & netting supplies, custom tarps & 2003 SUNFIRE, 4cyl, 4dr, auto, loaded, 10,900km, new MVI,
shelters. Action truck caps & accessories, select plus k.d. cabinet one owner, spoiler, looks and works excellent, just $3,900. Call
hardwoods & pine boards. Call 832-1198 day/evening, Mon. - Sat. Malcolm 333-5811 or 832-0897.
BRIAN’S MAINTENANCE & Home Repair, Carpentry, kitchens, 1997 HONDA ACCORD, 4cyl, 4dr, auto, original paint,
bath, painting, ceramic tile, electrical etc. Over 20 years experience. 152,000km, 82 year old owner, new MVI, looks and works
Free estimates. Call Brian 839-2296. excellent, $2,900 firm. Call Malcolm 333-5811 or 832-0897.
HAUL AWAY of junk cars, trucks, tractors and farm equipment. 2003 FORD E250, cargo van, 174,000km, V8, auto, air, power
Due to temporary unforeseen circumstances, unable to pick up inverter, new MVI, looks and works excellent, $5,900. Call
appliances until Feb. 15. Drop off site 54 Backland Road, Kingston. Malcolm 333-5811 or 832-0897.
763-2933 or 333-9067. 2002 DODGE 1500 Ram van, 5.2, V8, auto, new MVI, 20,200km,
WEDDING OFFICIANT will help plan unique ceremony, when, looks and works excellent, only $4,500. Call Malcolm 333-5811 or
where, and how you wish. Book now for best dates. Janet 847-9833. 832-0897.
BUYING JUNK CARS, trucks, travel trailers, motor homes, farm 2003 CHEV 2500 4X4, reg. cab, 8’-0” box, alloys, work truck, not
machinery. I pay you cash. Call 721-4255. running, electrical or computer?, $3,900. Call Malcolm 333-5811
RITE WAY CLEANERS is looking for more clients in the KV or 832-0897.
and surrounding areas. Services offered: general house cleaning, 2004 CHEV 3500, cube van, 60lt, auto, new MVI, one owner, 12”-
decluttering,organizing etc., also accepting commercial clients. 0” body, roll rear door, looks and works excellent, $8,900. Call
Free estimates. 832-3894. Malcolm 333-5811 or 832-0897.
Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 38 www.ossekeag.ca
Hampton Herald - February 8, 2011 39 www.ossekeag.ca

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