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Chassis, Interfaces and
Services for IP Testing

Layer 2-7 testing,

all in one box
Table of Contents
Ixia Test Platform 3

Chassis 4

Ixia Chassis Architecture 5

Ixia Load Modules 6

Ixia Core Software 10

Automation to the Max with Test Conductor 11

Ixia Professional Services 11

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Ixia Test Platform

IP -based networks, applications and

services are becoming an ever more critical
part of business. Network equipment
manufacturers, data center operators,
service providers and enterprises must
deliver products with superior reliability,
interoperability and performance.
Ixia’s hardware platform and industry-
leading test applications provide our
customers with a single test platform that
delivers unparalleled power and flexibility
for executing a full range of data, signaling,
voice, video, and application testing. Frost
& Sullivan recognized Ixia as both the
leader in 1 Gb and 10 Gb test interfaces,
and a market leader in triple play testing.

Ixia’s test platform distinguishes itself in a • Multiuser operation. There’s no need to purchase
number of ways: chassis and interfaces for each user or for each device
under test (DUT). Resource allocation allows multiple
• Single platform. All of your testing needs, from users to simultaneously test different DUTs, using any
layer 2 to layer 7 are met with the same hardware Ixia test application and load module combination.
chassis and a unified software architecture. Each
Ixia chassis supports all Ixia test applications – • Full range of interfaces from 10 Mbps to 100
testing everything from switches and routers to load Gbps. Any IP network device or system can be tested.
Ixia offers the full range of network interface load
balancing devices. There’s no need to purchase
modules: from 10/100/1000 Ethernet to ATM/POS
multiple platforms to perform the most complex testing
to 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE), plus specialized
on next generation devices and networks.
interfaces for a variety of purposes. Ixia’s combined
• Ultra-high density and scalability. Large-scale 1G/10G load module generates the stateful, line-rate
devices can be tested using minimal rack space. 10 Gbps application traffic.
Together, Ixia’s chassis and interface modules provide • Hot swap. There’s no need to experience agonizing
an industry-leading 192 ports of 1 GbE and up to down-time while reconfiguring your test system for
96 ports of 10 GbE in a 10U rack-mounted chassis. new DUTs. Load modules can be replaced without
Each Ixia interface port has an embedded, high- disturbing tests running on other load modules.
power Linux-based RISC processor with megabytes
• Backward and forward compatibility. Your
or gigabytes of memory to scale to the largest test
investment in Ixia hardware is safe. Ixia load modules
will continue to operate in our newer chassis.
• Automation, unified APIs and centralized
• Warranty and support. Your investment is
management. Complete test automation using guaranteed. Ixia hardware and applications come
built-in tools, Tcl APIs, and a complete automation/ with one year of end-to-end warranty.
regression platform. All Ixia chassis can be managed
from a centralized location.

Ixia’s chassis offer powerful features to meet your

• XM12 — features the highest port density

and highest performance in the industry
for lab-based, rack-mounted operation. The
10U-height XM12 holds 12 “XM” form-factor
load modules — equalling 192 ports of
10/100/1000 Ethernet or 96 ports of 10 Gb
Ethernet. Ixia’s standard form-factor cards can
be used in Ixia chassis with an adapter, and
can provide up to 24 ports of OC3/OC12c
POS/ATM and access to many of Ixia’s other
interface modules.

• XM2 — ideal for desktop testing, smaller

scale tests, and remote monitoring. It provides
high ports counts even when rack space is at
a premium. The XM2 chassis is 3U in height
and is also rack mountable. Using the same
load modules and adapters as the XM12, the
Ixia XM2 offers support for up to 32 ports of
10/100/1000 Ethernet, up to 16 ports of
10 Gb Ethernet and up to four ports of ATM/

• 400T — features the ultimate in portability,

supporting four standard form-factor cards.
The 400T is the most cost-effective alternative
for lab, desktop, and remote service
applications that do not require high port

• AFD1/2 — portable AFD chassis

synchronize an Ixia chassis to a high-accuracy
time source. The AFD1 uses a GPS receiver
to provide 150 ns world-wide latency
measurements. The AFD2 uses IRIG-B and
1PPS inputs to ensure 640 ns accuracy.

Ixia Chassis Architecture

Ixia Chassis Architecture

Client PC Support test engineers, each running an Ixia

test application. For example, IxNetwork for
switch/router testing or IxLoad for application
10/100/1G Ethernet network To other chassis traffic testing.
Ixia XM12 Chassis
Common Test engineers can work equally well in the
System Controller Windows PC running XP
Network lab or at their desks. Ixia chassis support 1G
and Operation
Gathering management ports for large port count tests.
Ixia high-speed backplane Ixia chassis XM chassis offer the highest port density avail-
able. If higher density is required, multiple
chassis can be chained together to provide all
12 Ixia Load Modules the ports necessary to test the largest network
devices. Chassis are connected through a
special set of timing cables to maintain 20ns
of accuracy.
Client PCs Running
Ixia Test Applications
System Each chassis includes its own integrated,
Controller modern PC to perform operations required for
multi-user test execution.

Devices under Test

High-speed Large numbers of ports, each with their own
(DUTs) backplane CPU, using and generating large amounts
of data. A special high-speed bus allows the
system controller and ports to communicate.
Devices under Each test engineer can test a different DUT or
Test (DUTs) share ports on a single DUT.

All Ixia chassis share a common architecture The system controller performs port reservation
(discussed in the panel above), providing — allowing multiple users to “own” the ports
consistency across tests and applications. Many they need — and controls hot-swap operations
users can concurrently share one or more Ixia that safely power up or down each load
chassis (up to 40 using an XM12 chassis), module and notify test applications using the
maximizing your test equipment investment. ports. It also manages test execution through
Multiple chassis are reached through a standard port configuration and operation, and merges
Ethernet network. Multiple Ixia chassis can statistics from multiple ports.
be involved in any test; timing relationships The system controller is connected to a high-
are maintained between all chassis for highly speed Ixia backplane that connects to the
accurate tests that involve a large number of load modules. This ensures accurate statistics
ports. When used in conjunction with an AFD1 reporting from the load modules.
or AFD2, remote chassis can also participate in Network interfaces from the load modules’ front
accurate latency measurements. connectors are plugged into the interfaces of the
Each chassis incorporates a system controller DUTs.
that features a Windows™-compatible PC.

Ixia Load Modules

Ixia Load Modules XM Load Modules

An array of load modules are available for testing all of the
different interfaces on all of your devices. These modules
provide the distributed processing power needed to execute a
broad range of data, signaling, voice, video and application
testing from layers 2-7. Each load module port contains a
powerful RISC processor running Linux and a full, testing-
optimized TCP/IP stack.
Ixia test ports use dedicated hardware to generate and
analyze the line-rate traffic required to fully exercise switches a) NGY — 8 port 10 Gigabit XFP, SFP+ or
and routers. With user defined fields (UDFs), billions of unique 10GBase-T Ethernet
information flows can be created.
b) Acceleron — 12 port 10/100/1000 Mbps
Testing modern Internet servers, load balancers, and routers Copper/Fiber Ethernet plus 1 port 10
requires that stateful connections be emulated — in bulk. Ixia’s Gigabit XFP Ethernet
test ports include dedicated high-speed processors with large
c) XMVDC —16 port 10/100/1000 Mbps
amounts of memory to support large-scale user and protocol
Copper/Fiber Ethernet
Ixia provides load module variants for testing layer 2-7, layer
2-3 only, and layer 4-7 only. The XM12 and XM2 chassis
support several XM form-factor load modules: Standard Form-Factor

• LSM1000XMVDC — high-performance 10/100/1000

a) 4 port 10/100/1000
Mbps Ethernet, available in 4-, 8-, 12- and 16-port Mbps Copper/Fiber Ethernet
Layer 2-7 Load Module
configurations. Supports full layer 2-7 testing, IEEE 1588
Ethernet timing, as well as FCoE. An economical reduced b) 1 port 10 Gigabit Ethernet
performance version for layer 2-3 testing is also available. Layer 2-7 Load Module

c) 8 port 10/100/1000
• NGY — high-performance 10 Gb Ethernet, available in Mbps Copper Ethernet Layer
4-7 Content Processing
2-, 4- and 8-port configurations. Supports full layer 2-7 Module
testing and fibre channel over Ethernet (FCoE) operation.
d) 2 port 10/100/1000
NGY-Fusion Enabled series supports IxN2X software Mbps Copper/Fiber Ethernet
IPSec/SSL Encryption Load
as well as classic Ixia applications. SFP+, XFP and Module

10GBase-T interfaces are available. Also available in a e) 4 port Power over Ethernet
reduced performance version. Powered Device Emulator

• Acceleron — a unique combination of twelve ports of f) 2 port OC-3/OC-12 ATM

and Packet over SONET Load
10/100/1000 Ethernet plus one port of 10 Gb Ethernet. Module

Extended performance XP and NP Acceleron variants are g) 1 port OC-48c Packet over
SONET Load Module
available. The twelve 1 Gb ports may be aggregated
onto the 10 Gb link, concentrating the power of multiple h) 1 port 10 Gigabit 10GE
LAN/WAN, OC-192c Packet
processors to provide full line-rate 10 Gb stateful traffic. over SONET) Load Module

Multiple 1 Gb ports can be aggregated onto a 1 Gb link. i) 10/100/1000 Stream

Extraction Module
• K2 40 and 100 GE – The world’s first 40 and 100 j) Adaptor board for XM
Gigabit Ethernet traffic generation and analysis load Chassis Family

modules offering full layer 1-7 testing with Ixia’s test

applications, included BERT.
Ixia Load Modules

100 Gb/s Wire Speed Ethernet / IP Test Module

Ixia NP Port Architecture

Ixia’s NP ports use the same basic architecture

as other Ixia ports, as shown to the left. Each
port includes a powerful CPU with substantial
dynamic RAM (DRAM) that forms the interface to
the chassis backplane and controls test execution.
Port The port FPGA (field programmable gate array)
contents are downloaded from the chassis’ CPU
in order to build custom logic for the test at hand.
The programmable physical layer interface (PHY)
DRAM communicates with the physical port interface type
(i.e. Ethernet, ATM or POS).
Ixia High-Speed Bus

The sophistication of the NP architecture is show in the figure below. Multiple network processors (NPs), specifically optimized
to deal with input or output test functions, are built into FPGA. NPs are typically used to format session packets or to analyze
received session packets. Each NP includes dedicated memory for instructions (I) and local data (D), and an interface to the
large-scale memory in the FPGA DRAM (F). Input and output NP arrays are fed work by Work Distributors. Multiple transmit
flows are coordinated with by the Transmit block. Checksums and time stamps, which are a critical component of accurate
latency and data integrity are performed by a block closest to the external PHYs.

Work Checksum/
Distributor Time Stamp

Work Checksum/
Distributor F F F F
Time Stamp


Ixia Load Modules

400T 4-Slot Chassis XM2 2-Slot Chassis XM12 12-Slot Chassis

Interface Layers # ports Model No.

1Gb/10GB Ethernet XMVDC3 X X 2-7 12/1 Acceleron-(XP,NP)

1Gb Ethernet XMVDC3 X X 2-7 4,8,12,16 LSM1000XMV(4,8,12,16)

1GB Ethernet XMVDC Reduced X X 2-3 4,8,12,16 LSM1000XMVR(4,8,12,16)

10Gb Ethernet XM1,4 X X 2-7 2, 4, 8 LSM10GXM(2,4,8)(XP,S,GBT)

10Gb Ethernet XM Reduced Perf4 X X 2-3 2, 4, 8 LSM10GXMR(2,4,8)(XP,S,GBT)

10Gb Ethernet XM1,6 X X 2-7 8 NGY-NP

1Gb Ethernet STXS X X* X* 2-7 2, 4 LM1000STXS(2,4)-256

10Gb Ethernet LSM5 X X* X* 2-7 1 LSM10G1

10Gb Ethernet LSM5 X X* X* 2-3 1 LSM10GL1

10Gb Ethernet LSM7 X X* X* 2-7 1 LSM10GSM

1Gb Content Processing Module X X* X* 4-7 8 CPM1000T8

1Gb Application Load Module X X* X* 4-7 8 ALM1000T8

1Gb Encryption Load Module X X* X* 4-7 2 ELM1000ST2

OC48c POS2 X X* X* 2-7 1 MSM2.5G1

10GE OC192 LAN/WAN/POS2 X X* X* 2-7 1 MSM10G1

OC-3/OC-12/ATM X X* X* 2-7 2 LM622MR

1GbE Auxiliary Function Module X X* X* N/A 1 AFM1000SP

Higher Speed Ethernet X X 2-7 1 K2-40, K2-100

* = requires XM adapter1 = FCoE option available, 2 = VCAT, DCC and RPR/SPR option available,
= IEEE 1588v2 option available, 4
= SFP+, XFP and 10GBase-T interfaces available,
8 5
= XFP, XFP-CX4, XENPAK, X2, 10GBase-T and SFP+ interfaces available, 6
= XFP interface only, 7
= supports MACSec
Ixia Load Modules

Standard form-factor load modules fit directly into Other standard form-factor load modules are:
legacy Ixia chassis and into the XM chassis via an XM
• OC3c/OC12c — dual-speed Packet over SONET
adapter card. A number of load modules are available.
(POS) and ATM interface.
The Ethernet family modules are:
• ALM/CPM — layer 4-7 specialty modules. These
• STXS — 10/100/1000 Ethernet modules, in 2-, modules provide high-density, processor-only
4- and 8-ports (10/100 only). Modules are available operation for use with Ixia’s IxLoad test application.
with RJ45 and/or SFP connectors and support layer
• AFM — a load module used to mirror video and
2-3 only, layer 4-7 only or layer 2-7.
other traffic from an application traffic stream for
• 10 Gb — 10 Gb Ethernet modules, using XENPAK, viewing or analysis by IxLoad.
XFP, X2, CX4, 10GBase-T, and SFP+ interchangeable
• ELM — A specialized, encrypting load module for
interface adapter cards.
use in testing SSL and IPSec-based virtual private
• MSM — Multiservice module, available in a 2.5 Gb network in conjunction with Ixia’s IxVPN test
and 10 Gb version. The 2.5 Gb version operates at application.
OC-48c and uses an SFP interface, while the 10 Gb
version supports 10 GE LAN/WAN and OC-192c
POS using an XFP interface. Full layer 2-7 testing is
supported. Both the 2.5 and 10 Gb cards support
channelized and virtual concatenation SONET with

Ixia Core Software

Ixia Core Software • Stream configuration – configure the number,

type, and details of data streams to be transmitted,
The Ixia core software – IxOS, IxExplorer and Tcl API – including all packet and stream gaps, and transmit
provide test engineers with the essential tools needed for rates.
detail-oriented testing. These tools provide control over all
chassis and load module operations, allowing any DUT • Stream contents – sets packet contents at the
feature to be fully exercised and analyzed. data link and protocol layer. Dialogs provide easy
configuration of the full range of IP protocols. User
IxOS is the infrastructure software that runs on the defined fields (UDFs) are used to overlay stream
chassis’ system controllers. It controls all chassis and port contents, establishing billions of flows of information
operation. All Ixia test applications work with IxOS to that can be based on protocol addresses and contents.
provide efficient operation and common experience for all Optional data instrumentation facilitates latency, jitter,
users. loss, and a wide range of other measurements.
IxOS includes support for all interface technologies, • Receive configuration – each port filters captured
including Ethernet, ATM, and POS. It support most data into multi-megabyte buffers. Each port can also
common protocols, as well as advanced protocols such as be configured to calculate real-time, per-flow latency
Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) used in Data Center based on received instrumented packets.
• Analysis – displays and plots hundreds of general
IxExplorer is an easy-to-use and efficient tool for and protocol-specific statistics that can be displayed
interactive, detailed testing of layer 2-3 devices. IxExplorer and plotted in real-time. A protocol-intelligent data
is a Windows GUI application that provides complete packet analyzer displays captured data.
access to all port test features. Among its many features
are: Once a test is perfected in IxExplorer, Ixia’s Tcl API can
automate its use. IxExplorer’s ScriptGen tool generates
• Port reservation – assigns ports for private use, Tcl scripts that are equivalent to the current IxExplorer
enabling multi-user operation. configuration. A generated Tcl script can be run as is, or
• Layer 1 configuration – provides control over included in a suite of similar tests to provide a robust set of
essential interface properties, such as link speed, test regressions.
autonegotiation, header contents and encodings.

Ixia Professional Services

Automation to the Max Professional Services

with Test Conductor Ixia offers worldwide professional services to help our
customers with their strategic and technical needs,
Automated regression testing is an essential component
making it possible for them to fully qualify their products
of the product test cycle. Tcl API-based tests provide
and services, and get to market quicker and more
invaluable early-stage testing, but often more high-level
economically. Ixia’s professional services department
testing is required to exhaustively test functionality and
can help with test development, test automation, quality
assurance testing, network integration testing, product
Ixia offers a number of test applications for different selection, device migration planning, and tailored training.
network functions. IxNetwork performs extensive switch
Four structured professional service bundles are available:
and router testing via protocol emulation, while IxLoad
is used for complete layer 4-7 server and load balancer • Resident Expert – a full-time, on-site Ixia expert at
testing. The complete suite of Ixia test applications is your facilities.
summarized on the back cover of this brochure.
• Script Conversion – provides expert assistance to
Each Ixia test application has its own “ScriptGen” upgrade legacy non-Ixia test scripts.
capability to generate tests that can be run without human
intervention. A complete device regression test includes • Carrier Integrity Testing – measures the
automated tests from a number of sources. performance of a carrier links between your offices.

Test Conductor is a comprehensive test automation solution • Assess Your Network with IxDefend –
that is both easy to use and highly scalable. Compatible analyzes your network’s security.
with key Ixia and third-party test applications, Test
• Jumpstart Training – provides personalized, on-
Conductor imports tests, associates them with a named
site training.
regression, and helps define detailed scheduling attributes.
Tests are scheduled based on a Windows Outlook™-like Ixia has a highly experienced team of automation
calendar tool. Logs and summary reports allow engineers and quality assurance experts. A professional services
to see color-coded pass/fail criteria, the progress of engagement can be scheduled for any part of a complete
tests within each regression, and long-term regression testing cycle, including collecting requirements, scoping
comparisons. DUT configuration scripts may also be run in the effort, writing the test plans, developing the test cases,
synchronization with tests. and executing the tests. An engagement can be coupled
with short-term rental of test equipment to minimize the
Ixia, along with other major test vendors, has established
costs associated with one-time projects or short-term needs.
the TesLA Alliance (www.teslaalliance.org) to develop
a multivendor test framework. TesLA Alliance members
use the framework to integrate their components into a
seamless whole.

Ixia is also a founding member of the Network

Test Automation Forum (NTAF). The NTAF is an
industry-sponsored forum consisting of service providers,
network equipment manufacturers, and test equipment
vendors working together to facilitate and promote the
interoperability of commercial testing solutions and
test infrastructure for the data communications and
telecommunications industry.
Ixia Worldwide Headquarters Who is Ixia?
26601 Agoura Rd.
Calabasas, CA 91302
Ixia is a leading provider of performance test systems for IP-based infrastructure
(Toll Free North America) and services. Ixia is a public company (NASDAQ: XXIA) operating in over 30
1.877.367.4942 countries worldwide. Communications and entertainment delivery is rapidly moving
(Outside North America) to an IP infrastructure. To achieve “utility grade” quality, this infrastructure must be
+1.818.871.1800 thoroughly tested. It is Ixia’s vision to accelerate the migration of communications and
entertainment to IP by providing the best performance Test Systems in the industry.
(Fax) 818.871.1805 Network Equipment Vendors, Service Providers, Governments, and Enterprises use
www.ixiacom.com Ixia’s test systems to validate the functionality and reliability of complex IP networks,
Other Ixia Contacts devices, and applications.
Info : info@ixiacom.com
Investors : ir@ixiacom.com Ixia’s powerful and flexible test hardware and applications provide highly accurate
Public Relations : pr@ixiacom.com emulations of network and application traffic that test IP network devices and systems
Renewals : renewals@ixiacom.com to their fullest. Ixia’s test systems use a wide range of industry-standard interfaces,
Sales : sales@ixiacom.com including Ethernet, SONET, and ATM.
Support : support@ixiacom.com
Ixia distinguishes itself from its competition by remaining 100% focused on developing
Training : training@ixiacom.com
IP Performance Test Systems, by continuous innovation, and by dedication to customer
USA Sales satisfaction.

Ixia’s hardware and software product line includes:

Federal Sales
Chassis A family of ultra-high density, flexible testing platform used to hold Ixia Load
Canada Sales Modules. All chassis contain a high-performance Windows computer system. All Ixia
1.877.367.4942 chassis, old and new, are compatible and may be daisy-chained together in a large
scale test.
China Sales Load Modules Interface modules available for use in Ixia chassis. Load Modules are
+86.10.84549199 available for 10/100/1G/10G/40G/100G Ethernet, SONET/POS and ATM.
IxNetwork Tests complex routing topologies by emulating a wide range of routing
EMEA Sales
protocols, along with authentication and broadband encapsulations. Powerful traffic
+44.1628.405750 generation tools for any type of Layer 2/3 testing.
IxN2X Test complex routing and switching topologies across the IP/MPLS core,
India Sales carrier edge and broadband access networks. Powerful traffic generation and analysis
+91.80.22161000 capabilities for any type of layer 2/3 testing.
IxLoad Tests Layer 4-7 Triple-Play networks and devices through emulation of Internet
Japan Sales protocols. All common data, voice and video protocols are supported.
+81.3.5365.4690 IxCatapult A complete testing solution for wireless edge and core networks, covering
LTE, 3G, UMTS and IMS technologies.
Latin America Sales IxAutomate An automation engine for Ixia tests that includes a wide range of pre-
1.818.444.2375 built tests for Layer 2 through 7 testing, including many industry-standard RFC tests.
IxAutomate is the perfect tool for regression suite development.

Oceania Sales IxSAN Automated testing of large-scale storage area network (SAN) devices through
the emulation of SCSI initiators and targets.
IxDefend Security and robustness testing for application servers and networking
devices. A number of protocol suites are available for most Internet applications.
Singapore Sales
+65.6332.0125 Test Conductor A complete regression harness compatible with key Ixia test tools.
IxExplorer Provides access to all Ixia hardware functionality. Direct control over Ixia’s
powerful stream engines is available to generate and capture any data.
South Korea Sales
+82.11.897.1326 IxANVL The industry standard for automated network protocol validation. Test suites
are available for most popular Internet protocols.
IxChariot Simulates real-world applications to predict device and system performance
under realistic load conditions. IxChariot simulates hundreds of protocols across
ixiacom.com/contact_us thousands of network endpoints.
IxVPN An extremely scalable performance analysis solution for validating the
performance of IPSec VPN gateways

915-0116-01 Rev D May 2010