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Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP) Format

DLP No.: 25- Learning Area: Practical Research 1 Grade Level: 11 HUMSS A; Quarter: III Duration: 1 HR
29 HUMSS C; HUMSS D; TVL Week 6 December 18-21,
A; TVL B; TVL C Day 1 2017
Learning Competency/ies: States research questions Code: CS_RS11-IIIc-e-4
(Taken from the Curriculum
Key Concepts / The range of research topics in the area of inquiry
Understandings to be
Domain 1. Objectives
Knowledge Familiarize the research questions
Skills Develop and use appropriate processes in conducting the research
Attitude Discuss the reasons why students should know how to conduct the research
Values Justify the importance in the conduct of research
2. Content: Justifications or Reasons for Conducting the Research
3. Learning Resources: Copies of the Curriculum Guide in Practical Research 1, classroom website, other online dashboards
and MS Office Applications, internet, computer systems
4. Procedures:
Introductory Activity Webpage show.
5 minutes Can you easily browse these links? http://www.georgelumayag.com/my-researches.html
Activity Present the Online Slide Presentation
7 minutes
Browse this link @ https://sites.google.com/deped.gov.ph/research1/online-slides
Analysis Differentiated Instructions:Answer the questions and perform the activity through any of the
10 minutes following (e.g. oral discourse, interpretative dance, song rendition, poem recitation and art-work
presentation etc.
1. Can you conduct the qualitative research?
2. How do students gather the data?
Abstraction Group Discussion:
15 minutes What are your views in conducting the research?
Application Group Representative: Report
13 minutes Short talk about the conduct of the research.
Assessment Online Assessment:
10 minutes

Concluding Activity A man who works on research, gains credible facts for great outputs. (George Lumayag, 2017)
5. Remarks This DLP was a continuation from the previous lessons considering that I participated the Live-out
Refresher Training Workshop in Computer Systems Servicing on December 12 to 14, 2017
under Div. Memo 859 s., 2017.
6. Reflections Teaching Qualitative Research is challenging because I haven’t yet conducted this type of study.

Prepared by:
Name: GEORGE P. LUMAYAG Website: http://dnhs6022.weebly.com/
Position/Designation: TEACHER 3 Division: CEBU PROVINCE
Contact Number: 09213964825 Email address: george.lumayag@deped.gov.ph
Professional Website: http://www.georgelumayag.com Classroom Website: https://sites.google.com/deped.gov.ph/research1

Online Resources: https://sites.google.com/deped.gov.ph/research1

Swaminathan, Raji, Mulvihill, Thalia M. (2017). Critical Approaches to Questions in Qualitative Research. Retrieved from
on December 9, 2017.
Lisa M. Given. 100 Questions (and Answers) About Qualitative Research. Retrieved from https://books.google.com.ph/books?
%20research&f=false on December 9, 2017