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1. This firm has been dealing timber for 20 years.
Эта компания поставляет древесину уже 20 лет.
2. Please let us know by what price you could sell us 300 tons of rubble
просим вас назвать сумму, за которую вы готовы продать нам 300
тонн резины.
3. We shall be obliged if you will make us an offer for these goods.
мы будем признательны, если вы предложите нам данные товары.
4. We are sending you some samples of the goods you are interested in.
Высылаем вам образцы товаров, которые вас заинтересовали.
5. We shall be glad to know on what terms we could buy from you the
following goods.
Мы хотели бы узнать, на каких условиях мы могли бы приобрести у
вас следующие товары.
6. We have no publications of the types of machines to which you refer in
your require.
у нас нет никаких публикаций о тех типах машин, на которые вы
ссылались в вашем письме.
7. We are sending you on your information a copy of a letter which we
have written to Smith & Co.
в ответ на присланную вами информацию мы высылаем вам копию
письма, которое мы отправили в «Смит & Со»
8. Please send us as duplicate all publications you have on this question.
просим вас прислать копии всех публикаций, которые у вас
имеются, касаемо данного вопроса.
9. In compliance to your request, we are sending you our new catalogue of
10.We are indebted in the Russian chamber.
11.We have pleasure sending you as triplicate our brochure № 126
containing 9 disciplines of our range of gas turbines.
Мы высылаем вам копии нашей брошюры с подробным описанием
ассортимента газовых турбин.
12.With reference to your letter of the 15th may we are sending you in
separate cover, the shipping documents relating to the m.v.
В ответ на ваше письмо от 15 мая мы высылаем вам отдельным
пакетом документы об отправке m.v. «Красноводск»
13.We regret to advice you that at present these instruments are not
available for sale.
К сожалению, сейчас этот инструмент недоступен для продажи.
14.We have marked with X the types of machines which may be of interest
for us and would like to receive from you their description in duplicate.
мы отметим знаком Х те типы машин, которые нас заинтересовали.
Пожалуйста, пришлите нам их описание копией.
We have been recommended your name by our associates from linhoward & co
carliste, who told us that you have been working with them with stationery
for a number of years.
There is a steady demand here in Edinburg for the qualities you…and we
believe we could make large orders from you if your prices are competitive.
Could/ may/ will you please send us your illustrated catalogue together with
your price list and details of your terms of business.
Наши коллеги из Ковард и Со порекомендовали нам вас. Они сообщили
нам, что вы работали на них несколько лет, занимаясь в Эдинбурге,
наблюдается высокий спрос на ваши товары…
И мы надеемся, что в будущем мы могли бы заказывать ваши продукты в
крупных объемах, если их стоимость нас удовлетворяет.
Пожалуйста, пришлите нам иллюстрированные каталог, а так же ваш
прайс лист и условия, на которых вы хотели бы с нами сотрудничать.
Ждем вашего ответа

Смит:Доброе утро, господин Иванов. Вот моя визитка.
Ivanov: Good morning mr Smith. Glad to see you
Смит: Я хотел бы знать, можете ли вы предоставить нам станок модели
LR 87.
Ivanov: It depends on time you would like to receive these machines.
Смит: Станки должны быть отгружены в первой половине октября.
Ivanov: Unfortunately, we will not be able to ship them until the end of the
Смит: Что ж, в этом случае нам придется принять ваше время доставки. А
теперь я хотел бы узнать цену.
Ivanov: The price is £ 5,000 per machine, sif Cost, Insurance and Freight London.
Packaging is included.
Смит: Мне жаль, но цена нам не подходит.Нам известно, что у других
компаний цены на аналогичные модели ниже.
Ivanov: But you must take into account the high quality and reliability of our
Смит: Господин Иванов, вы дадите нам скидку, если мы увеличим заказ?
Ivanov: I think we can. I promise to consider this question and I will give you
an answer tomorrow.

Dear sir or madam

I was impressed by your latest designs and i nterested in retalling a selection
from your range in my shops in Nancy. Could you send us current catalogue
and price-list?
I receive a 20% trade discount and 5% quantity discount if I place an order over
20 000 euros. I require delivery within 2 months.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully

Dear Eager Cleaners,

I have seen your advertisement in the newspaper so i'm writing to you in
connection hiring a professional cleaning company.
I would be grateful if you could tell us if you are working on weekends and
whether do you provide business properties. What is more, we would like to
know your price list. Moreover could you also inform me if you are available
on 20th and 21th November. In addition, I would be interested in how much
time do you need to clean 5 large offices.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully

Dear Pine Woods Spa Resort

I’m writing in order to require some extra information about your resort.
I would appreciate if you tell me if there the dietary advice made from the experts?
Could you please inform me about your availability in May (1st-8th)? Do you also
have vegetarian menu? I would be grateful if you say how to get there by public
transport. Also I would like to know what sport facilities and sport equipment is
provided. Moreover do you have any additionally paid? I would really like to know
how to get there by public transport.

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours faithfully