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Product Logo:


Contact Info:

Name: Christian Denmark O. Geronimo

Email Address: mastershakerrr@gmail.com

Contact No.: 09998195404

We are having a conversation and suddenly we came to the topic that we will put up a business
and we will all be partners that is why we came up to the idea of putting up “MASTER
SHAKE”.Master Shake is about different favor of shake that will satisfy your thirst and suits your
taste .Creating shakes is one of our past time when we are together and no one can say, this past
time can lead us to gain profit at the same time we can bring smile and joy to the faces of every
people we serve because seeing everyone satisfied in our shakes brings happiness to us .The
shakes we will serve has a considerable price. MASTER SHAKE will make you feel as you are
asking for more and it will bring back memories of your good old days.

We separated the task of each one of us so that the managing of the business become easy and
organize. One of us design a layout for the style of our stall , the other design the logo and what
we will put in our uniform, the other one gather equipment needed in the business, and the lastly
the other one takes care of the things that a business needs before it can operate

Master Shake is located at JP. Rizal Extension West Rembo Makati City inside University of
Makati where the most of our customers are the students of the said school. Master Shakes will
market through flyers and social media. We will post flyers inside the campus. Twitter and
Facebook will also be useful in short-term promotions. The concession trailer itself will also be an
advertisement, as it will have our logo on the back. We ensure that everyone will enjoy our shakes;
we will blend different kinds of flavors so our customers can choose from many varieties

We will guarantee 100% cleanliness and orderliness of the surrounding of the business and we will
keep our shakes fresh and delicious and we will keep it sanitary .Everyone will going to love it and
patronage our business. We will serve all our customers with lots of love and care

The owner’s starting capital is twenty thousand pesos (Php20,000) .The others contribute ten
thousand pesos (Php10,000) as their investment in the business .Everyone combine their
investment to become the initial capital of the business so we make it a point to maximize the said
initial capital in order for the business to operate as soon as possible.

For the expenses in the business, the rent of the space cost two thousand pesos (Php2000), the
utilities amounting to one thousand five hundred pesos (Php 1,500), the equipment cost three
thousand pesos (Php 3,000),the requirements that needed before operation is amounting to five
thousand pesos (Php 5,000) , we have a supply cost five thousand pesos (Php 5,000) and the last
one the employee’s salary in each month worth five thousand pesos (Php 5,000) this is owner’s
business plan for the MASTER SHAKE.

 Objectives:

 To bring joy to our customers

 To sell the product with desirable and reasonable price

 To inspire other young entrepreneurs

 To promote, protect and maintain our image at all times

Key to Success:

In order to succeed Master Shake must attain the following:

 Provide customers quality shakes for affordable prices.

 Offer quality service and affordable prices while earning profit

 Proper advertisement and marketing

 Put a variety of unique flavors of shakes

Company Summary:

Master Shake is a business that was established by a group of friendswho envisioned of

starting a business. Master shake is located at J.P. Rizal Ext, Makati. Our business will start in
HSU week up to end of event.Our products will be sold according to the business mission and
vision. We will ensure that our products is high quality and affordable.

Start-up Summary:

The estimated start-up cost for Master shake will be P7000. Expenses for the start-up will be
shouldered by our group’s money/budget. The supplemental financing is required infield work,
inventory (fruits, ice, water etc.), and other expenses. Successful operation and building a loyal
customer base will allow Master shake to be self-sufficient and profitable.

Organizational Chart:
Our packaging is simply a paper cup with a “tropical design”. We chose paper cup because it is
eco-friendly and cheaper. The tropical design is a marketing strategy for people to be convinced to
fill their quench

Design of Uniform:
Design of Booth:
Duties and Respomsibilities

Christian Denmark O. Geronimo ( Owner and General Manager )

>This person have the responsibility in operating business and manage the
>Observe the employees to be active in business.
>Have the power to control to remove or hire new employees.

Daniel R. Gemal ( Sales Manager )

>Responsibility to manage the sales target of the business.

>Teaches the employees how to sale the product of the business.

Jun Roi Rosete ( Marketing Manager )

>Responsibility to manage the marketing plan of the business.
>Observe the problems of the business.

John Philip Marcelino ( Cashier / Service Crew )

>Responsibility to be active on business.

>Servicing the customers of their needs.
>Making the product of the customers.
>Take care the cash in the cash register.
>List all the profit in the day

Rhomulo Balmera Jr. ( Cashier / Service Crew )

>Responsibility to be active on business.

>Servicing the customers of their needs.
>Making the product of the customers.
>Take care the cash in the cash register.
>List all the profit in the day.