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I will praise you because I have been remarkably

and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful Jesus gives SIGHT.
and I know this very well.

Q. How can you glorify God?

A. By loving Him and doing what He We cannot make ourselves SEE

commands. (Ec. 12:13, Mk. 12:29-31, Jn. 15:8-10, 1
Cor. 10:31)

Mark 8 : 22-29
“A blue whale’s heart weighs up to 2,000 pounds..”
*Taken from National Geographic Kids Weird But True: 300 outrageous facts
At the Summit, we’re striving to climb to new heights with Jesus. These five devotionals are suggestions of activities to do as a family to help your family to climb closer to Jesus to-
gether at home during the week. This tool is intended to help you lead a family worship time. Please go to God in worship as a family on a regular basis even if you do not use this re-
source. If your family completes one of the devotionals parents can initial in the boxes below and the child will receive a buck for every devotional completed.

Devotional One, Read: Jesus performed many miracles while He was Devotional Two, Pray: Peter was able to see that Jesus was the Messiah.
here. But perhaps the greatest miracle He’s ever performed is saving peo- In one of the gospels, Jesus told Peter that only God could have opened His
ple like me and using me to do His will. You see, Jesus not only healed eyes to let him understand this about Jesus (Matthew 16:16-17). Ask God
people of things that were physically wrong with them, He changes peo- to open your spiritual eyes to be able to see Jesus and to understand His
ple’s hearts too. Check out these scriptures that speak to blindness but word, the Bible. God will help you understand His word.
also think about how He showed us how to see spiritually as well.
Pray to God asking Him to open your “spiritual eyes”
Scriptures to consider: Matthew 9:27-29; 11:4-6; 12:21-23; 15:13-15;
15:29-31; Mark 10:50-52

Devotional Three, Mold: Jesus used His spit to heal the sight of this man. Devotional Four, Build: We’ll try something new for this devotional.
Jesus uses His word to show us more and more about Him. Jesus is We’ll use a story from the Bible (mostly OT) to help connect it to the
story from Sunday. Your child will need some type of building blocks in
molding us helping us to see better and better each day. Just like the
order to build a scene from the story to help them get familiar with the
man didn’t see perfectly the first time, we don’t always see perfectly. details. Make the scene as elaborate as possible and use the Bible to
When Jesus molds us, it takes time. Think of something really big to make sure the details are all there. Look up the story of Naaman in 2
mold this week. Think of something that will take multiple days (a town, Kings 5:1-27. Use Legos, or some type of building blocks to reconstruct
the story. Talk about how this story may be similar to this week’s
a ship, a castle, etc). Let this remind you that molding is a process.
Mold something big that will take a few days
Build a scene from 2 Kings 5:1-27

Devotional Five, Sing: I love hymns. Hymns are songs that people might have been singing for hundreds of years. One of my favorites is “ Blind
Bartimaeus” With your parent’s help, look up this song on the internet or in a hymn book. See if you can find the story behind the song. Talk
about this song and what it means. A good resource is “www.cyberhymnal.org,” you can listen and read the lyrics and read about the hymn. See if
you can sing the hymn once you’re finished learning about it.