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One of my greatest memories was when I was selected to attend a technology and

programming camp called CodeCrush at the University of Nebraska of Omaha. At this camp, we
explored bioinformatics, IT innovation, music technology, and cybersecurity. One of the coolest
things I remember doing was coding a lego robot to go through an obstacle course on its own.
Through lots of trial and error and problem solving, I managed to successfully program my
robot. I felt empowered as I watched my robot successfully go through the obstacle course. The
best thing about this camp; however, was that it was an all girls camp. Spending the weekend at
the campus surrounded by some of these bright, intelligent, and powerful women was one of the
greatest times I’ve ever had. After this camp, I knew working with computers and solving
problems was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I know that if I can obtain this
degree, I will have the power to make a great impact on the state of technology in the future.
This would allow me to fulfill my aspirations of making people’s lives better, whether that be for
local citizens in my community or people all around the world. I also know that being a woman in
a male-dominated STEM field may present me with all sorts of challenges and negative stigma,
but I am more than ready to show the world how intelligent and powerful women are. Because I
have developed strong leadership skills in high school, I am also prepared for a leadership role
in my future career. I was a varsity volleyball captain for my team both junior and senior year.
Through this, I learned that to be an effective leader it’s important to work hard and lead by
example. I have also been a Class Officer each year of high school; I was elected this year to
be our Senior Class Vice-President. During these years, I have been someone that students
respect and trust with their opinions and ideas. I am also the Vice-President of our FFA Chapter.
I have many responsibilities to fulfill this role which include planning and carrying out chapter
activities, getting members of the chapter involved, and contacting local community members to
help fund and teach our chapter. I have learned a great deal of leadership skills through this,
including organization, effective communication, and delegation. I also have the opportunity to
volunteer in many areas of my community through being in the National Honors Society. During
my years in this group I have regularly changed fire alarms for the elderly, styled girls’ hair for
Girls on the Run, and served fish at St. Joseph’s during Lent. Through this service, I have
learned humility and the power of giving back to the community that raised me. This scholarship
will help me use my education to make innovative developments to better my future and the
future of those around me. Thank you for your time.