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Eaipment bs, Infuse rh (B00) igi toa ng Preseli ae perigee) Rasa re ‘ese sipalip recxgon ema is ‘Ttnern pom yeonie Antes bles Ducctmorn sca amv Camingcapeaty oid Hea Bryrpemeet an ‘ral ner Borameapotme cya ‘rig erp Baserccabunowpponiclsgvax Ye sb pocket aon amon ost) Tapocrmecet vox (rycen) Hye ek Fhespeporunaf cog mircook rade inking esl Secon coneeesunih nom, Danunched Hg ora, tryna arta erp cay Launching rarston anepameysnene Buoyancy chamber (bes) Kovamerr snare cusSaouns remy pack Kowmenep nore {fete Korrelitep ocanposeme Equipe cosine Toma promo tuniownesst Atsmnaiyeourlld lp CNYCK CMACATENbHOM LUONK. SATAMIIES 1. Uacover te boa, 2 Remove barboor pis. 5. Rls ies loc sein, ‘at dvi topper {Sew te dain pe. Rebs hod, Slower th embutaton ade, 7. Check the Hat spo (sh swe vial pack, Hanke). HA3BAHMAS JOSDKHOCTEM HA MOPCKOM. ‘NOTE SATABMES pccanasinecosipnres nme doectecnr consi ts >a duomepon, wapame nayonn palomane snp Karan Copan. Master. rapid eovonpnearimasn Chief Ofer (Cait Mat) ‘Bropltnowonanieranerans Second Ofer (Second Mat) per rowouremmresa Thi Ofer (Thié Mat) hyp egtng fon Sloat Pre Bows Boatvain Faroe Stchesper Matpoe necro ces ‘Abele Seana (ABS) Marpos mopar races ‘Cairo Seta (08) ‘nce mwontoncsacimana Wath Ofer ‘Crpunt meceorprit rovewour | Chef Pass (Hote! Mags) acenespont goxeus Pure (Asstt Hotel Marge) AAnotomrpeT Assistant Pune: (Reepon). epenoxene — Bee Doct Mesuon corp escerpa) Nise Pye Heleeman (Cepana ea (hier Eagar Bropot wea ‘Second Eel ‘pet enue ‘Tid ager Peco wea Reparne Eine = lect Engineer Breptaeworpane Lookowt ans pee Radio Ofer ‘Crap rapier Selo Matron Soar lean sles Winehman pasonune Canon Twa Do KOHTPAKT HAIMA HA PABOTY Fem Pope (anrnniicenii sapnarr) Soompuces) Stewarts) SAAHHES Bydersnn) Bard Barman (Bares) ITpowmaine meson rounparns (aissicealsaptoun),cdsoine Opasmm0a) ‘Water yates) napecd a peralsaum, coat 9 eperde Bam ea Toep ose recon Keren (Grsesax outs) Ls Managers pee aunts ‘CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT ‘Keoresapreaa Cobia Sevens Tapas rireserBarber = Linas, Cpa as Managers ocaace Pater (ercatr e be plo) perp peer Csing Offer upecop I CCibe Dire Tour Opertor snd ‘ypu Barras “The Seaman Me (Geta alle he coven) ‘aay 0 ay of Deceit owing eee as bee de to employ the Employee onboard the motor vessel conve EMPLOYEE, re PosicnRark: ABLE SEAMAN, Date of Bit: 10061868” Pies: AZERBAUAN atonal: UKRAINIAN, PasporSeanan Book No: AH S90556/AB 251457 Teed a UKRAINE on 8.079830 1.05 Eom leence Hel: Wish Kerpog Certiloue usd at lene on: 038.2005 Home Ades: “eephone Maral Sas: Mariod Neat: (Childe: Name Date of Bis Bank cont Ne LysU ‘The Employer apres to employ the Employes onthe Ves nd the ployee agrees ose 0 he Vel nh paon snd mak shown hee shove rd fr the period and tems sted ern "This Cont conlded ma he toms of yal othe sid of 6 (Sto (ghsninas 2 months oo the Epler option), begining rm he (due of ining te Vesa bythe Employes ie om the 1th of Daze 2005 atthe port of Limes. 2. Any renewal of the Cont shal be ono wpen manu agree sn wala form. 3, The Cont will tbe bing onthe ployer, ele the Employee fs fee of ey offer engagements. The Employ assume ll aposiiy ‘sling fom vltion of tis cla, |LOBLIGATION OF THE EMPLOYEE, 1. The Employes underaesto work oo he fs Ves nl ies elvan is poston. Te Employes solo keep abot ey shout all etal of the bsiess of he Employee which may come to Nis rawlege daring his service wih he Empoyet THis ebigeon rest pon the Erployoe even afer the temimion of Conc 2. The Employee is obliged to Oban, eget nd at scoring 1 te xd adresed thi by te Maser ofthe eels aston well 1 by aban rprsuiatves ofthe Employer ot aye, heron the ‘oad ofthe Vest raf 3. Ines of eco oremgency th Employee at ndeisk any Kd oto andloe repair aay te ing 2 ous pr “4-The Employee ro tothe commencenea afhis employment (bt wii ‘nemotth prrt thd hit engageneat on osrdthe Veal unr 2 fll medial examination by qalifled decor and shoul posses valid ‘wee Sines certain acordance with he ILO ede (seaires) ‘onvenon [94Sand STCW Tas amends yar baal geal ot uy oe eleva authori, te cents of which ae ecognze by the ag state. “The Fnplaye as he ty to ply he Employes doctor with ra complet Infomation nd medal rds ening to hips andl peseat ‘Sate fea. Such recall bene’ evince hat he poy is for duty. Should shaweverbe deeming hy nfrmation ‘plod wi ls, endor peta iefron Ys wil om dott bythe Employee tine ofthe reenploymert medi examination, to fe Enployee ill nt be ented wo ronpouatn do es, wether of tro ate oat and of which fall ane Geclron ws trade ‘Benen question The Bmploye undertakes to hold nd fave all equied Liens, ‘Curie, Bolles an endorsenens lr ued fr is postion and ‘any th maine admiisran cf he Vee gst (6 Ths employes unde ore any vessels tagged or owned ty theonplsee dung cuntion of isonet All expenses forte ease wil be tbe acount ofthe employe. |MLOBLAGATIONS OF THE EMPLOVER, 1. The Baploer undertakes pay ote Employee he amout of USD 700 aa meal base salary fer conpleen of tach waking mesh 12. The Beplyer undertake to over lea fe the wunsporan ofthe pope Vessel. The Employer sso underakesto cover te pation ‘xperies of the Baployee ale epiaton of he Contact, provided tht te ‘erin of is Conte sje fo the mil ape fe pares thd tha he Bpyee hana eo rach of any eles of tls Cec Indo the ployer deren to coellepatininn expres ning ‘nur bes te crow members per de poisons of case 4.1 of ‘hisecton 5 Ths Employ unerakes to povide th pope wth sient eo, ong, edng nd ny. "The Vee on which the Empey is employe ian an ry ‘wh Pretin ad Inder nerer te Esayereeires ayy oF sues an les (Sch les rary nt beng tuted wo his wil et or “tlre ow mishehvion during hecourso sempre dor ‘whist ung ties under this contrat te Emleyerunderaes,inthe ‘cr f(s (toner l eos expenses fr pon be suger) oher esl wemen fos pri “4. wl he Employee races xin ee but no vet hal ‘his period exceed 112 Gus "(etl plo reache maxima te ets dae of ily us eh elisha by he Eppes espe ysl, 4.4) is undesond hat he expenses for hpi o igery or ter ‘mola eatment which are refered wo parr 4) herenbove li ‘0 wi include andlor cover expens fr hopin o supe athe ‘ole! woument reed iney wn site ty rnd bie otal non andor eyesight othe ployee, res sch etl conden sn! for epesight problem ib the rel of em cet during the course of hit ‘smployment (sch scien ot eager defalot ‘ohincwa mista. “9 Whe, a ek of the sickness or injury Which oc rng is serves on the Vel he Eplyesinerpacned fom wot te Empoyet weeet. “(1 py al wages whist tho sextare ems on bond the Vel ‘lx wher the Employee i ded or meal vz, 0 py par st 30% ofthe fl wage, fom the Hine fe seated po # Timi 9 16 weks fom the commenceet of elles er eeouneoe of tht cident ut proven meal. The Employee ages prove Doso't eile to stants ch for sick ges ond such eet all Ive vay ofst exzedig fur wees Inno event hl hl pyaes (lod exceed 16 wees mt commence of inet or ceurene of the atcident. The Employee agross fo provide Doctor's erfeats te ‘Subtnate hisla sick wages, and so cericus ul vee ay fot exceding four eck “4.099 The Enploye reserves he right orgie te Emlaye atin « sme! prattoner of he Employer’ oman andthe Sidings of ald racine arto be Fiala ing on bot ares “40 thee of permanent foto parley, eng fom an cia on bord the Vesel or when traveling 1 and fom te Ves Acorns wth he Eapoyernetotons, preveting the Pploye om obainng permanent seagoing employed, the Employee wil receive compesiton in acorlance with the Sodigs of he Employer deigmted igi and the Seale of Parnes Disables, ast ot Annex No ‘haig toed ming pats cn, peed te et sis ae. “(yp Incas of deh afte Eplayeresutng fom a scien bart ‘he Vase oF when tvellg to and ro he Vessel In aoordanee ih te Enplajers fants the text of Kin obec toner wl ecg captain a et ot in Ansex No.2 ataching os foing pt of i (Conte a greed bateen he Emgoye and iene, ———e 4.910 Suk payee wi nee mde if parent aio eth ‘he rn wf at yo gros epg of he Enos. 4) Whee the period of employment as oor ited by the Employes ines or accident wa without peo ay benef tii Conact of emplaymen my, ste Employs'sdiceon, be eet ‘erin or continued for he ring peril of the Cena '5-Th Employer sl be ined Oo l aby proceedings eed whi one year fom the deo he inl. Al cans foot ges the “Enplye ee over adr thems and onion of sence 1 bogeated and cone y the Employer, (The Enplyer agreeso cover he Employee's eit aloe damage ‘bymuzne pola the ara enoon USD 1,200 for MasersChief Engacer and al ober fers USD 30 fo Ratings. 3. n cath Vessel becomes a cal oa os, or declare tobe & conse tls, the Bploee i eed ove fn he Empaye ‘yen oF epotwe mont nlc wages shipwreck menployet ee [NV TERMINATION OF CONTRACT |The Employee, who fas ct een provost employe by he Bape ust ues te sod of 3 most, Win te probation pero the Employer, t is fll daertonané witout ving atic for sible case tote Employed what beng blo compeation 9 {he Employee may teint is Cora '2() The mployer may forint this Agreement without nlc for Jab case eng pve oe Engle, ft Employee fondo i spect ne diet or indie gly of ne fe flowing fee: aby the Cpa or Employes istucion ete olor wien, “proper flliment ois doy, smgng, abl abuse floes articpaton nary Ld of tap! pens: hamage tothe Vessels equipment of cgs di eens; “imi effece or any or ofce put aw “tetment of mpl = wilful damage or pleas of he Employer's prope or he ees ce! my ation jpeg he say ofthe vse aor cargo, hence witbut ves fori or ator aft ham or uy ober; use pk dre or aster other contraband 2G) Sec termination il hve medic. The Boployer sented to ep te gure moony and ay oer sm th dered jsf by ‘employer cover ty damage adr loss reper ioiedin eet ‘ofthe eew member's aon andor o peal ts Employee. Al exeses forthe reputaton ofthe crew member nose Contact has bee ea ‘by viru ofthe above provision, othe: with he expeases inured forthe ‘anporation oa naive toot the vse we covery he Bape. "This Cont willbe seat teria in as the Vel wil be sel a nd p fra nef petid ot areted fora period peter than 30 tags or when the Employer declared the necesty to decrease qui of ‘ew or there te Vere eaes the managnat of th Employer ty ‘tar eon beyond the Employer conta. 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