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CATS Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber Based on Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. (© Comyigh 1980/81/93 The Really Useful Group Luaber Music Lid. Allright reseed. lnterationl copyright secured. iw: reper of The Rly Unto Gow Lie Any reprofucton ois ene erm wholeor pr pes prohibited, The ng oF perfrmance of any of the music andlor tet andr dialogue fom “Cats strictly reed and ay only ake placcunder hase ote he nase Tasco the xe ATS Oniaivat New York Probuction PRESENTED BY CAMERON MACKINTOSH - THE REALLY USEFUL COMPANY, L1D. DAVID GEFFIN - THE SHUBERT ORGANIZATION OPENING NIGHT: Oct 7, 1982 aT THE WINTER GARDEN, NEW YoRK CITY Direcrep BY TREVOR NUNN ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR AND CHOREOGRAPHER: GILLIAN LYNNE DESIGNED BY JOHN NAPIER Licitina Desicn BY Davi HERSHEY ‘Soup Desicn BY MARTIN LEVAN MUSICAL DIRECTION BY RENE WEIGERT ORCHESTRATIONS BY DAVID CULLEN AND ANDREW LLOYD WEBBEI Execurive Probucers: R. TYLER GATCHELL, JR. ~ PETER NEUFELD Cast OF CHARACTERS (Ov AuerntBOLOGICAL ORDER) HECTOR JAIME MERCADO STEPHAN HANAN BOMBALURIN, ‘CARBUCKETY. CASSANDRA ssn ‘CoricoPat/ MUNGOIERRIE. DEMETER, ETCETERA/ RUMPLETEAZER .. CHRISTINE LANGNER GRIZABELLA.... Rerry Rickey JELLYLORUM/ GRIDDLEBONE.. .. BONNIE SIMMONS JENNYANYDOTS : ANNA MCNEELY ‘MISTOFFELEES ‘Tiworny Scorr MUNKUSTRAP ssn HARRY GROENER ‘OLD DEUTERONOMY sneee KEN PAGE KExmirst ARD 1 HERMAN W. SEREK PLATO/ MACAVITY/ RUMPUS CAT. POUNCIVAL.. Rum Tum Tuccer. TERENCE V. MANN SILLABUB -Wurminy Kerattaw ‘SKIMBLESHANKS. -ReED JONES TANTOMILE.... JANET L. HUBERT -ROBERT HosHOUK CYNTHIA ONRUBIA WALTER CHARLES, SUSAN POWERS, ‘CaRo1, RICHARDS, JOEL ROBERTSON ‘TUMBLEBRUTUS, VICTORIA.. ‘Tae CATS CHorus. aweune ~ 10. ua Piano Conductor (Act D Table of Contents Act I Overture 1 Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats Ad ‘The Naming of Cats The OA Gnmhie Cat ° ‘The Rum Tum Tugger Buctopher Jones Intro to Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer... Mungojerric and Rumpleteazer. (Old Deuteronomy. ‘The Balile uf the Pokes aud the Pollictes.. ‘The Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball... Grizabetla tne Glamour Cat... PIANO-CONDUCTOR Overture CATS (ORCHESTRA) 5 By EWerks ’ > > ’ > 3 > > > > 3 > > > , } , . , yy y ‘ y y t , ' Tape yy renee L Kbds 13 a 8, Ve Copyrg Sart na coe a Piano-Conductor -2- Overture BR > > fej ———__ +— +—3 Hin, Kbds 143, ne be | . : by Kba2 Piano-Conductor -3- Overture x» 37 Chote EM 1, Ve (piza) » 0 ’ ’ » , ’ ’ ’ ’ , , , , » ’ » , ’ U » U ’ » y ’ ’ , y » » x ’ » , » , » L) » , ‘9 *083 C, ee oy = b 5 —_— by rp Kod 1, Ve (va) ia ee ee he Ww, Keds 2&3 P " Piano-Conductor -S- Overture J ' 3 se » dae = yf at | uk 283 re ' 1 f ke = LrLr—~—“—O—O—Ss—SOSsSsS : a > ® 9 8 8 ® 8 9 e 3. s 8 ® » Piano-Conductor -28- Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats R = cle songs for Jell-1-cle cats. Jell-1 - cle songs for Jel - = ele songs for Jell-1- cle cats. Jell-1- cle songs for Jel = a tas Ve ref Kbds 1&2, Gr ve 1 - cle ‘songs. for eve Kbds 1&2, Gu ' Piano-Conductor -29- Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats 91 vel = t= de eat want a eonge for Jo te ale eat A A Kbds | & 2,Gtr MUNKUSTRAP. 200 ‘much as to say__well now how about that act-ua-lly see with my PVF TT TI SVT EU Tew were Piano-Conductor -30- Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats, MUNKUSTRAP. FULLCO. (On Coe) 204 a 205, 2 206 . Jell-{- cle cat What's a Jell-t- cle cat? What's a degue The Naming of Cats cATs (QUAXO, MUNKUSTRAP, COMPANY) cue: SEGUE from No.2 Slow 1 2 3 4 Faun poten) is-nt just one of your —ho-liday games. You — opyright © 1980, 1981, 1983 ‘The Really Useful Group Lid Faber Music Li AI Rights Reserved a ee ee eee Piano-Conductor -2- may think at first Imas madas a hatter, when I i ee la Venn ‘The Naming of Cats, tell you a cat musthave three different names. First of by cll there's the name that the family use daily, such as Peter, Augustus, A - lonzo or James, such as Kd tes b Victor or Jonathan George or Bill Bail-ey be be? b by ll of them senst-ble ev-ry day names. There are b ee ee 2 eee FESTIFTETESIITFTITFIFFSTE PSO FUSETSSETT ET SCSSTSSES Jane | ernames you Winkthey sound sweeter, som for the gentlemen some for thedaes: such as ee Se bee + aa ven vei) Pla-to, Ad-me-tus, El _- ec-tra De-me-ter but all of them sen-st-ble _ev-ery day names. But I Sr ee be jae be» | D name that’s par-tievlar a name that’s pe-cuttar, and more dig-ni-fied, else A nN A A A a 2 34 35 Ps how can he keep up his tall perpendicular or spread out nis whiskers, or certsht lus pride? Of Koss i . names of this kind I.can give you a quorum, such as Mundusrap, Quaxo or Cor-i-copat. Such as ee 41 2 3 “4 Bomba-lu-ri-na, or else Jet-ly-lo-rum, names that ne-ver belong to more than one cat. But a- Piano-Conductor -3- sme vatnnng Ob Cats F 7 “ a « === =] SS = = = bove and beyond there's still one name left over. And that is the name that you never will guess; The ket = resp Ob Tae — i 5, vein is le 31 3 name that no human re - search ean dis-cover but the cat himself knows and will never confess when you mse ours ad wl nee Te 9”: Ds pas a a veewuvey wre es wee ee ~~ ~~ = yo-Lomuucior - ne vaming or Lats Of the thought, of the thought of the i—. TF ao Kea Kb, SS IRARARARERRARAERRSREKKKK GELS S LE = rrano-Lonauctor J Faster Jell- 1 - cle cats come out to-night isola moon is ain -ing bright <4-cles come to the — Jell-1- cle ball OMS Gell -i- cles come to the Jeli -{- cle bal fo gt Grander- Slowly 105. = 106 107 108 = Jell-i- cle cats meet once a year at the Jell-i-cle ball where we all re-joice and the 2 Mas 4+ Bs 15% Jell-i-ele tealer will soun appear to make what fs known as the Jell-i-cle choice, When eww ye" wu oe ee ~~ ~~ ~~ = - a Old Dewter-onomy just before dawn, through a sHence you feel you can cut with a Kale art nowncea the eat whe can new be reborn and come bask to a different —Jell-t waiting up there is the hea-wy-side layer full of won-ders one Jell-1-cle on-ly will -t- ‘The Naming of Cats, Piano-Conductor ALL opoken) 128 a Well- icles ask, because Jell-i-cles dare; Who uxll It be? [N] Sprightly (New tempo) He ant eny)-— PIANU-LUNDUU LUT Old Gumbie Cat (MUNKUSTRAP, DEMETER, JELLYLORUM, BOMBALURINA, GUMBIE, COMPANY) cue: SEGUE from No.3 [A|Moderato MUNKUSTRAP: (Nostagically witha sense of lst times) 1 a Rall. Copyright © 1980, 1981, 1983 ‘The Really Useful Group Lid Fabes Music Lid All Rights Reserved -52- 4 CATS B] A tempo m0 ao Colla voce 1s JELLYLORUM fel A tempo (Sprightly) reennneny ‘Melody in middle} in 7 ‘When the day's hustle and bustle is done, Then the Gumbie cat's work is but Xie when all the fam-il-ys in bed and as-leep___ She opps ne = tucks up her skirts, to the basement to cresp—— She is deeply concerned___with the The Tes +610 GUMBIE: an ernemne, Muracusrear: teach - es them Mu — CCRETSO SET UST TT ETETT CCT E FT ET FTES SESSEESSUe D] A tempo (Moderato) a Nostapicly have a Gumbie_cat_in mung ner __name is Jen-ny-a -56- Colla voce F] A tempo (Sprightly) ‘Melody in middle} When the day's hus-tle and bustle is done, then the Gumble cat's work is but wd 4 CETTFUTITVVVSTTTE STEVE were Te STE se. 80 she's formed from that lot of dlis- of well dis-ciplined help-ful boy scouts purpose in fe and a godt Tyla Kea = ala : | ) ae eee, eee ee +A. -@2- PPVCETETI Ewes sss eseee ~~~» ~~~ ~~ ~~ - ~~~ > Gra), Tar Sx, Drawn Rhythm Fi no TSE Sees 1. Gra), Tar Sx, Brass, Rhythm 131 Ora Ta Sa, Brass, Rhythm | ‘Vioteose tempo GUMBIE: ‘WOMEN: PIANO-CONDUCTOR 5 The Rum Tum Tugger CATS (RUM TUM TUGGER, RUMPLETEAZER, QUAXO, BOMBALURINA, GRIZABELLA, DEMETER, COMPANY) CUE ‘APPLAUSE SEGUE fromm Now Slowly Rent tiga RUM -TUM-TUGCER: RUMPLETEAZER: “Tosser” noise) : 3 Tor Sx, Tpt, Tho, Kba'l & 2, —— is wf ee we we ee ee ee eee ee eer rer TCS Copyright © 1980, 1981, 1983 Piano-Conductor (Half-time feel) put me in a house I would much prefer a fat, if you put me in a sar A rath-er have a house. If you. set me on a mouse then I on-ly want a rat zy A i hve uns ruin cue arn Rum Tum Tag - er is a cur-I-ous cal And there pat any eal for me to shout it -67- Prano-Conauctor aes 4G, Bs, Drs RET: Rum Tum Tug + ger is a terr-I-ble bore: When you let me in, then I want to gp out A s a Trem, Koa 1&2, Gu, Bs,Ds os ¥1ano-Conauctor se umn unt tugget (Half-time feel) = ery door, and as Tre Toa ToS in de 1 make such a fuss if 1 cant get out. Th, aT Rigi Frano-Conaucwr c (End Half-time feed) sny use for you to doubt it. Rum Tum Tug - ger is a cur-i-ous cat And there is-'t + Tor Sx RET: -10- wwwwwwewewwee ew ee -~ ~~~ ----- po do-ing a-nything a-bow 7 Rum Tum Tug - ger is a ++ Gtr, Bs, Drs cur-i-ous beast: RET: <5 BOMBALURINA: diso-bliging ways are a matter of habit A tra Toa tae rrang-Conuucwt 2 al-ways want a feast; when there reh.hit If you offer me cream then I A -T- -73- ‘The Rum Tum Tugger The Rum Tum Tug = ger Piano-Conductor naw % in the mid-dle of your sew-ing for there's care for a cud - dle but Ti leap up-on your lap Tw Sesto eS nothing 1 enjoy like a horrible muddle. we vans -n- ‘The Rum Tum Tugger -75- Frano-Conauctor — care for a cud =~ dle Rum Tum Tug - ger does-n't bed 1 & 2, Rhythm ‘me Rum Tum Tug - ger is 8 Piano-Conductor “13 ‘The Rum Tum Tugger py gta a 107 — 103, =—- =. = . == fod teers tat ay net for me tw spout Sys, Kbd tos Colla voce 106. Ravn: {freely -a-lib7 there's mo do-ing a-ny-thing Piano-Conductor ‘The Rum Tum Tugger On cue RI ‘The Rum Tum Tugger Sot ee = Adagio maestoso {ENTRY OF GRIZABELLA] an, Gnd ony) GRIZABELLA: (nd only) S| +, @nd x only) hesitates to - wands in the light of the a Piano-Conductor -16- ‘The Rum Tum Tugger door which op - ens 2 es SSS a see the border of her | see the cor-ner of her eve twist ke @—crook-ed in, She Piano-Conductor V7 “The Rum Tum Tugger [K] Tit mosso Rising Sun" (othe “Friend at Hand” and the post-man sighed. ashe -18- ‘The Rum Tum Tugger Piano-Conductor 9 a 2 and fought to be dead — reavlly have thought — shed you'd verted is bead = == at ae = Ss ae Griz-a - bel-la the Kod 18 2.64, Drs (Ran Seva Piano-Conduetor -19- ‘The Rum Tum Tugger oa han Gi, Segue PIANO-CONDUCTOR Bustopher Jones {The Cat about Town) UsanvaxrD079, DOMDALAINN A, JLLYEORUM, CUE: BUSTOPHER JONES, COMPANY) ‘SEGUE from No.5 Moderato A lite tentatie as iforchestrn is changing sujet 4 they : == : Pawo = Kis 283 mf A NOMBALURINA: JENNYANYDO! ABS >_< isnot skin and bones. g 3 g 5 i a fe iS: SS S525: SaaS In fact he's remark ~ ably fat.— Kod GE = | nl Ie - - = F asus rooF SELLYLORUM: ate = = + ea epee = He does-nt haunt pubs He has For 6 1980, 1981, 1983 1 i ; zi Piano-Conductor ustopher Jones JENNYANYDOTS: he's the St. Jam-es' Street cat! He's the cat we all greet___ ashe ke $$ JELLYLORUM: common place mous - ers have such well cut trous ‘such an impeccable bad ae we arr Piano-Conductor a aE Bustopher Jones gate ees pie pe oe ff — 6 = = In the whole of St. Jam - es! the the (potates Se —= = ie — Kb 1 (Crecente) wen = FO 2p pp Ee te fap ge tpg ae = 7 = —=so (sow) aot Bust ‘oph - er Jones. in white Piano-Conductor -4- Bustopher Jones [p} Slower (Pompously) PI BUSTOPHER JONES: 0 3 My —vis-its are occasional to the sen-ior ed-u-cational and Bee Pn 3s ae! ft is ag-ainst the rules lor anyone cat (© be - wong vomn to mat ana tne Kebds 1 82 sai (bd 3,Ve ou) te Bustopher Jones Piano-Conductor game is in season—-Tm found not at Fox's, but Blimp's: Tam frequently seen at the | Gy Stage and Screen whith is fam-ous for wink tes and shrimps in the imp : Be ie t ie Piano-Conductor Bustopher Jones ERE ——— = seas-on of ven - i-son I SOPRANOS: mp —=—=—=— — = sah id bog —_ ? ES SS = — J —— = — TENORS: mp === of , — —s s ‘tin Be Bustopher Jones kes &2 mf ——— 2 t Bh : J } =| a= (Poa, Timp ou) Piano-Conductor topher Jones Piano-Conductor ag wat the Bustopher Jones Giut -ton Tet Lee aan v8 QS +B > m Tempol® ‘a tt Pow _ = = = | see E = coher ior outinand mutton. — {Se In the Hie = an = =e ve F ee ta: Yeti of HSER 7 ah a = = = _ Piano-Conductor -10- Bustopher Jones = Fe SF whole of St. Jam - ex! the smartest of names pee FEE psf flit whole of St. Jam = es the smartest of names is the name of this Brum-mel____of o»faifts 2 Fim oe bo a Se a St tt == SS SSS | cats And we're all of us proud__._@ be. Piano-Conductor 2 fom ft ones in white, of Bustopher Jones Bust -oph er Jones in white a ee Kwd283, Give Re ppt Se Bust -oph - er Jones in white pit Bust-oph - er Jones in white ws $$ ¢ ¢ 6 =| Bust-oph -er Jones in white Kd 1. Gur, Drs = a = =e 2 ibd: Tuba” Piano-Conductor 212. Bustopher Jones lb" 3 n =e much in this way. passes Bustopher’s day at one dub or another he's found o — MH can be no sur-prise— under our eyes he has. VS. SRULEUULUUULULRLUULRUURLELE SSL Bustopher Jones Piano-Conductor B- ' pig = A == & = Sa = poate ‘ f eo ie oo me i USTOPHERJONES: | p= = oo =f = £ Sa Piano-Conduetor -14- Bustopher Jones ae —— = = cause ve observed. = ee + all my Wife a- routine and ta hao Line Ti, veka ae, [G] Poco Rubato 7% 1 shall Tast r a, JENNYANYDOTS: That's the out my time. Piano-Conduetor Bustopher Jones === a5 f=" ae = ] DS a = ot ee petate = == Z re SSS SSS t Rustanher Janes wears white, Bustopher Jones wears white, ees fEi ee 6 ————— = —— ‘Spring, in. Pall Mall while Bustopher Jones wears white, Bustopher Jones wears white, me ig coke SSS a= Piano-Conductor -16- Rall A tempo Big Asin Bustopher Jones 2 101 Bus - oph - er Jones wears white spats. a Bust - oph - er Jones wears white spats | ~ = fee = Bells, Dr ” a = = PIANO-CONDUCTOR S Intro to Mungojerrie 6A ” and Rumpleteazer OAS we 2 ame concieseay C “ nos - - = ad = = = = PIANO-CONDUCTOR Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer (MUNGOJERRIE, RUMPLETEAZER, COMPANY) CUE: ‘SEGUE from No. 60 ‘Where BOTH is indicated, RUMPLETEAZER sings the top fine and MUNGOJERRIE sings the bottm line. Moderato (Vaudeville style) NB. CATS gees — = pea! Iv | Copysight © 1980, 10811983 "The Reale Useful Gre Lil Faber Mase La Piano-Conductor Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer RUMPLE: BOTH: (unis) Jo were a no-tor ious couple of cats As knock a-bout clowns (sy ===== SSS ee ets # quick change co-me - di-ans. tight rope walk - ers and a - c-ro-bats__ We —_ ero At Piano-Conductor Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer [Bj : ee == = = <= SSS] = te of = per-a - tion for —— ASIN Gis is merely our cen ~ ™ Piano-Conductor Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer RUMPLE:| acres a win-dow is found ae CE] Poco meno mosso e poco a poco accel. te 8 x 4 : a a SSS = = = ajar and the base of war oa ment looks like a field Ae ets pe ye Grawers are pulled out from the bedroom chests and you =>. aim can't find one of your win «ter vests Or if + aaa a fr E Piano-Conductor -5- Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer , moan 97 a aI soe sud-den-ly mis-ses her Wool-worth pearls Then the b fam -i-ly ‘Wsay its that hor = ri-ble cat. Was it Mun - go-Jer - ie or | Rum - peltea-zer_ and most of the me hey leave it at that Kod2@3= + Fins, pws | ran Piano-Conductor “6. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer oe a a — = = — = a CR ' I Kbd & 3, Gu8s. Da? MUNGO: oe 2 a x ~ es 2 = ——t = = % SS LS | hove an un ua - weal wt of te gab. we are high-ly ef - fe - ient cat A ' : - aH VUVMATTT UVR VII IITITIITIIIIS Pinno-Conductor gee RUMPLE: ae Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer MUNGO: bur-glars aswell and re - mark-a:bly smart at 2 How ie ote amd = Kbs)&3, Gtr Bs, Des + Hos Tr Piano-Conductor Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer 2 SSS Poco meno mosso e poco a poco accel, ot es eg ME _y_ family as-sem-bles for Sun - day sinner dhate nk srindo, made yy diet dicy wont get tun-ner on | Piano-Conductor -9- Mungojertie and Rumpleteazer gues eon 8 = 3% = es a = ——— eH SS eer eet -_— 7 i say to voce tis broken with sor-ow Tr af = rll you must wa and have dinner to-or-soW The — Jpint lias gone from the ov-en like that ‘hen the farm = Soly will say WU thaw | Piano-Conductor -10- Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer oS Mun go jer-ric and Rum pel tea-zer have a won - der-ful_ way. “Hs. Tha — nf Sekai RUMPLE: a Sy 2h =F ==: working to-geth = er and some of the time you would say ilwas luck and ‘xs, Kbds.Tbo Veba, Gi, Bs ie f= tek == some of the time. you would say. = ast Piano-Conductor “ue ‘Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer MUNGO: 0 thro! the house Uke a hurr - cane and no s0-ber_per-som could e {| (ake his oath. Was it, Mungo jer-rie or = Rum) + pel-tea-zer or eee ee = fob fe SS ae ee oe pee Piano-Conductor LL} Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer wp fom the pan - ty there sae 1s, Lb, Ban Sx = SaaaiRaL —$—_" Torx « Koss, Riythm Wugganngaayagyagggasgggggssaiyy Rall, said to be Ming —a— ‘Then the oe vows atoud puny gum a _ - fa-mi-ly-1l say now Fins, Ton, Kbd | & 2 —I— mien was. com-mon «1y Piano-Conductor 1B. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer MUNGO: RUMPLE: | Tt was Mungo jer-rie and Rum peltea-zer se +835, Fins, Kbd 3 + Tip, Ve. Ton noTH: ‘And there's no-thing at all. to be done a-bout that VS. for PLAYOFF > » Piano-Conduetor Mungojerric and Rumpleteazer ot ote a ae ie bet : © $ —— PIANO-CONDUCTOR Old Deuteronomy CATS (TANTOMILE, CORICOPAT, MUNKUSTRAP, MISTOPHOLERS, THGGPR, NEITERONOMY, COMPANY) cue: Andante piacevole MISTOPHOLEES: ‘TANTOMILE & CORICOPAT: Copsrigis © 1980, 1981, 1983 “The Really Useful Group Ll Faber Music Lid 4 Piano-Conductor Old Deuteronomy SSS SSS SS — =e Te ae i ‘mind may be wandering — a = eve ft 8 Old Deute - SS = = a peepee Sires Se ieee aad cS = acpsee ee 4 a —, £ £ i) Piano-Conductor iy, MUNKUSTRAP: -3- Old Deuteronon Old Dewteronomy’s lived a long time, he's a cat who has lived many lives in succession, He wa, = = = uf—fP 7 = # Old Deu-te-ro-nomy’s famene in thyme land while hednre Queen Vie trio's annne.cion busied nine wives and more Iam tempted to say ninety nine, and hi 9 Piano-Conductor progeny Old Deuteronomy MUNKUSTRAF: prosper and thrives and the wiMlage Js proud of him in his dectine, At the a iy| HW fl 4 : cE Ee = = T ie t E 9-4 je o—= E =e ——: pS . Sj sight of that pla-cid and bland phy - si - og-no-my, when he site ‘WOMEN: SS ees ie inthe sun on the Piano-Conductor -5- Old Deuteronomy 2: — = eee ee SSS p : : Z ve > ar age wal, the old vest in ha ble tamt = cI all things can it be real-ly Yes! No! Hol Hit Oh my evel My Kd 1, Ve. Bs ~ Piano-Conductor re 5 oe “ a a —_ Feet es = SSS i — — : = — = = = = = i ie SS vero oe — - 3 —F stele SS . & SEaSS jae i w 2 oped: 4 oe 4 : = § == a f= P = f F Ki, Ve,Bs Sennen —— — a SE —— = = = I= SSS SSS Se al enings can be realy Yes! Nol Hol On my ait: ffs —— au things cm K te aly Yes! Not Hot HE Oh Piano-Conductor epi e Piano Conductor “8. (ta Deweronomy [1] eee Ss SS SF a ane ot te me ial ht Wel ww on ay = = oe pt pop ff ff a ant we ray Yes! Nol Hot Ht Oh my io a es SS a eee eee aE 7 i its Se." ~ oe T = =e = — = = —— Se = a : a eS = oF $e fps JT. a ee oe oe Bas a = Prem rcea.o. F ia —— i == mind SS SS SS may be wan -der = nye | But, 1 con-fess f ft ¢ fF Hf tf. gp, ft === Se —= os My mind But, 1 con-fess _a-tav be wan der - ing Piano-Conductor Old Deuteronomy + Kas 4S Ee pte pt ewe it is Old Den - te na 2 Gi, hn. Bs | real -ly Yes! No! Hot Hil) Oh Yes! Nol Hol Hil Oh my—___ ald 4 Piano-Conductor 10- (Old Deuteronomy Slower o =e 0 n a |= ee o wt + 7 aS = ee legs may be tob-te-ry Thust go slow And be eo TECTIA III PIANO-CONDUCTOR The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles oe (MUNKUSTRAP, COMPANY) ‘SEGUE from No.7 _ CATS Lento MUNKUSTRAP: tage! a ~ = vt a ee # Well. i= cle cals meet once a year on the might we make the Jell =i ole cholce and 2 ‘ He ak —- = = he t = £ === 3 row that the Jel <= cle tead-er 16 here Ue de cats com all ree = 7 Copytiht © 1980, 1981, 1963 The Rely Use J Piano-Vocal ‘The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles = Tes, Sop Sx le =aHe a = Tin.55 = ere u a = zs a pee t= SS ae] an a : a SS SES SS Fy oe hg 7 ohh “Ton, ve imp f — + count of the part ie +i - SSS SSS: = SSS ana the int - er $F ‘mp 02,60 + Sop Sx, Suhel Smesasesescsssssasaay ‘The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles Piano-Vocal Pesante (Poco pit mosso) -MUNKUSTRAR —— === : = Te | pekes and die poll- ie - les, ev - ery one knows, are proud and im - pla - ca - ble h ) kns 12. pe ; i whe eee al though most peo - ple say that they do not like fight -ing, yet ‘The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles they will now and again join in to the flay and they bade 1 2, Boys: BOYS: cre oys: Boys: cms: Desh! park ark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Kad 3, Gtr,DesP Piano-Vocal “3. ‘The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles Boys: GIRL MUNKUSTRAP: tl you can hear them all over the park, Now + Kta2 ” fon the oce-as-lon of which I shall speak al-most_noth-ing had happ-ened for big pot - ice dog was a - way from his beat don't know the FIFSIFITIITIIII- Piano-Vocal The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles ‘most peo - ple think he slipped in = to the Well-ing-ton ana ¥ = SE — yo | = . 7 a [PD] Colla voce a! SS bbout on the street when a peke and a poll-ic-le happ-ened to meet ‘They [E] Colla voce is —— = SSS SS = SSS SS id not add = vance or ex = act. syne = trea but (PRATT TTFIFITIITIIIIITISISSIS seraped their hind feet started to Piano-Vocal 7 ‘The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles (CARBUCKETY: RUMPLE: — CARBUCKETY: RUMPLE: CARBUCKETY: RUMPLE: Bark Bark! Un ‘31 you could hear them all ov -er the park. Now the eke, although peo no Brit-ish dog but a + Piano-Vocal ‘The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles a2 2 . = 9 Iheath-en Chin-ese | the pekes. when they heard the up-roar, S| Xyio. Ton, BED feame to the door; there were surely adozen more tike-ly asdreand to cer they start -ed grumble and wheeze in their hnffer - yma ory ae x ——= = —t. == 3 ¥ Piano-Vocal <9. The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles oa” ss » — _ . 6 = SS y = t heathen Chin-ese. But a terp-1- ble din is what poll = ¢~ ces Uke. For your — * * — - ae ¥ F = + Obsolo PoU-1-cle dog i 3k dou Mwh-obibe sy JF Piano-Vocal -10- The Battle ofthe Pekes and the Pllicles St = Se Ge J= SSS SSS SS Ee 3 # => Dane The Ruse an the ‘Dutch, the Dal = ma-tn, and ——— ae and the Mas - tif’ who walks on a chain And to a: + = To 2 7 To Prano-Vocal “un ‘The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles 109, hand = CARBUCKETY: Gpoken) FID | SS = | pop? pr R F a MUNKUSTRAP: ou _ me de i us 2 SS te 5 a aah o — SS Gere name it is lt-de Tom Poll-t-cle, and you'd bel-ter not do a - gain. And his J Piano-Vocal -2- hcl US ow hic! gee braw Scot - sh cous = ims are snapp - ers and bit - ers, and with —chetr fer. Play-ing Piano-Vocal -B- “The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles Kd 1. Dre. Be = od i cus: BOYS: MUNKUSTRAP: ‘could hear them all 9 Piano-Vocal -14- The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles Sasa === Jong-er a-loof, but some from the bal-con-y some from the roof, joined novs: fm to the din with a Bark! = Dark? Dark! Dark! Dark! ark! AAA ALA A +tps Piano-Vocal -15- The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles Boys: emus: voxs. mus: Bors: onus: company. sows TS we e ——_« "e eee - = S=—4- . = = Sj SS SS SS is ark! Unt ‘you euld hear allover the par ie == j i i i 3S tI oe ¥ | =a 3 = i 3 oid Td 5 == traf - fic all stopped and the upd er = ground trem - bled and ad Piano-Vocal 16 ‘The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles ie == a a Ge = Sa SS some ofthe neigh - Bours were so much a fad that they | ee pe f + re brig - ade, When sud-den-ly up fom a small base-ment flat, why who should stalk out but the si fa beg Piano-Vocat -17- ‘The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles [S] Slowly (sinister) [MUNKUSFRAP. Gwen) 18 16 164 6s His eyes were ike fireballs fearfully blazing He gave a great yawn and his jaws were amazing; and when he looked out through the bars of the area you 9 Piano-Vocal -18- ‘The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles ‘Tempo I° 10 what with the glare of his eyes and his yawning the pekes.and the poll-i-cles _quick-ly ook warn-ing, he Khia = SS ae Iho at ie sky Hd ne gave a great eap ana tney — ev-ery ast one of ier raies ES ‘pss, Th, Kid 3 Piano-Vocal -19- The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles when the pol-ice dog re - tured to his beat, there was-n'ta sin-gle one left on the street Kod 1&3, Rhythm Composers preferred et Br, Keds, mp Rioja Piano-Vocal -20- “The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollctes Maestoso energico MONKUSTRAP: 7 18 = == = SS hail_and all power to the : os SSS — : ey $$ $ Eee hal and all power tothe i - = eS aaa SS Collavoce YF DEUTERONOMY: ‘epg a Gees SS o Jell-t-ele cals and dogs all must poll-i-cle dogs and cals all must ike Cre tore, § Deas | mf ne e Piano-Vocat 21. ‘The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles Ve(piza) * PIANO-CONDUCTOR 10 Song of the Jellicles and CATS The Jellicle Ball (COMPANY) cue: SEUUE trom 0.9 Slow - gradual accel. [A] VICTORIA 4 PEUTERONOMY: JEMIMA: tele cats come out y cle cats come — one come all: the 1989, 198, 1983 rou Lid Faber Masi La Piano-Conductor GEORGE & ALONZO: Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball Vell =i cles come tw the — Jell-i- dle Bal JEMIMA & ALONZO: © = = Jell-i-cle cats are _-mer-ru and bright and Ce ae CARBUCKETY: VICTORIA: pleas-ant ta hear when we eat-in [C} suisiesnanns: mean one ri 2% n A 7 é S= = : = SS a i it SS ¥ =e Vell ele ents have —cheer-ful fac-esdell= ele cats have bright black eyes: we be» be Piano-Conductor 3 Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball (0 prac-tise our airs Ks sl Tom FO 7 are rot too big. [SKIMBLESHANKS & WAKO. 38 Bs 0 — =a Jell-t-cle cats are m0 - ly po-ly we know how to dance a gav - otte and a jy Un Piano-Conductor cummte: Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball JELLYLORU elt cles dry be = tween their toes, TF] comcorsrs ee fceramete Perereh SSS AS SS | vell-i- cle cats are white and black Jell- i - cle cats are of mod-er- ate size BD Kbds sali conscopat, CARBUCKETY & 5 QUAXO ell == guise e-nough ia the ‘mor - ning nowrs. Were ss ‘se ALL eyes. Were Quaxoe MUNKUSTRAR: qui-et enough in the al = ter-noon re + Piano-Conductor Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball sensing our Ter - pst - chore ant pow-ers to dance by the loht af the ll-1 «ete mes Aph pd A bADA Kod so [H] Build in intensity + numpuereszex, B14, BAILEY, MUNKUSTRAP, VICTORIAS wicione ‘ADMETUS & ig ALONZO: gg BICETERA _ SRIMDLESHANKS ‘GEORGE, Jolt & cle ents are bw san tie etc ete Cats us we su) are sre, yp ae {= b, ba +R GW) Kd sole ALONZO: QUAXO & ‘CARBUCKETY: fe = a =F happene to be a stom y night we will practise w cup-er or tuo mm the Rall fit Piano-Conductor -6- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball na Uy TusGER: ALL —_ uu 2s a6 & : = E = fa 5 E ——- happens the sun iS shin-ing bright you would say we Rad nothing 19 doa all. We are 3. ites | reseing and scming our selves to be right for the Jell-i-cle moon and the Jel cle Bit | 9 Jell-i-cle cats come 4 Piano-Conductor op Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball Rall, Jell“i-cle moon is shin = ing bright, Jell-I-eles come to the Jell-i-cle Ball K] Slower PSs = = 3 = FSS = == = SS a = . a a Scr) fohin ing bath vetisicces come to the dell-t-cle Bal a Jp} __ — — ) oF ad " 4 se Sa Sse _ _9% a = sy Piano-Conductor 7 Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball Tempo t° 9 00 ) ee —_—" iu mosso 1 1B = bg iy ic t Kus sl Hi] Faster Piano-Conductor -9- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball bse sl a O} yet, tins.xta2 Ve (pian), Kid 3 Wee, Kbd 1, Glock A Has, Kbd3 bas ¥ Piano-Conductor -10- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball [Q] Moto__ oe A, Sm A ON bel etal GSS. ee ‘Kbds, Ob (BV), = Toot le at t tT Tt r ie — te * f= SS ao bees ees ie be ae See as tas Ob A, vee) Kb. CLE car) ‘bas, mf Hes. Tp ve legato Piano-Conductor -i- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball Hes. tpt (W) srereimn IK = =F Piano-Conductor -12- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball D » by | EE bpche pele fff 2 pup ten Be fff aa ~~ Piano-Conductor -13- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball md dt oS) dy eel z ape G.Ked 182, ba 1 Piano-Conductor 14- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball ™ ae : ta a > 2s = 5 = fT r = RHF pL Ft ae ~ Piano-Conductor Is- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball bs 194 B.cl.ob, Kish ed Piano-Conductor -16- [BB] Slower ‘Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball 200 ——— p= pee = ewe sa ot E 5 o _———r Kba2, : ; = \ EXE map pf pd ps pa » Piano-Conductor -17- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball Piano-Conductor -18- eC] Piit mosso Bi Kbd2, Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball Piano-Conductor -19- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball pp] -20- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball Piano-Conductor Piano-Conductor Faster 2. Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball oxy a Tw 0v(6re) * ® SS iat co Kb 1, ee ae Tp t, Ked 2 215) a ot an ‘ae ~ = gE = fetter - re — Cit | (oven co [os , [23 = = osm Sete Tots Kha Faster = ay Xe yim Piano-Conductor -22- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball lec + Piano-Conductor -23- Song of the Jllicles and The Jellicle Ball ———————— Piano-Conductor -24- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball J Ww. Kbd 1&2 mB ee ins (v0, The Kot Be 36 38 KK] F.ob.Tys.xy10 ws: + Oty Tab, Drs Toa (us) ba 1&3, Bs > Piano-Conductor -25- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball Piano-Conduetor Fob Gm tee Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball » Piano-Conduetor a7 Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball seat) 9 1 ro Piano-Conductor -28- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball srs Go eset! a = a 6 eS E RTE & Piano-Conductor -29- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball & +Ha2 (6b) i= : == —— THECTTIIFIIIIIIIIIII Se ee ifs (Re Re ! n ° Piano-Conduetor 30. Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball ‘ois Fr ce ge Sa > Piano-Conductor -31- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball 2 & o Piano-Conductor -32- Song of the Jellicles and The Jellicle Ball Bs, Tip mo tp ts Precto 42 a 0b, Kod 28 3 164s Dt + This (15m, Th Bra) = PIANO-CONDUCTOR 11 Grizabella the Glamour Cat CATS (GRIZABELLA) CUE: Andante Kbs2a3 © 1980, 1981, 1983 Useful Group Led Faber Manic o4 Piano-Conductor Grizabella the Glamour Cat La ee = A] Andante GRIZARELLA: ++ Kb 3 (815), Ve vb) = Piano-Conductor 3 Grizabella the Glamour Cat » pave ys = — — — = a ==: wh SSS S45 ment Has the moon lost her mem on. She is smiling a | Lage oS = AIIZSISIIIITIIAY Ss ee _————= == lamp - light the with-ered leaves col BESIIISISISI ee PPSUTTTTIIT III 5 Piano-Conductor 4. Grizabella the Glamour Cat Piano-Conductor 7 Grizabella the Glamour Cat Bo : « : Piano-Conductor Grizabella the Glamour Cat Poco rall. it oT [E]_ tempo a == bp Least ___+-—- FT JT) —T 7, Oo FT or = eS kbs 2 = Piano-Conductor 7 Grizabella the Glamour Cat a Piano-Conductor Grizabella the Glamour Cat : A so, astzonly) | mem Ac. ory _——————s pe Piano Conductor (Act ID CATS MUSIC BY ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER TEXT BY T.S. ELIOT ‘DO NOT affix inserts into this material by any means whatsoever including staples, tape, pate or flue, “Make marks lightly in black pencil only and erase thoroughly before reaming, Charges will be assessed for all unciased, datmaged, missing and overdue material per the signed License ‘Agreement relating to this rental materia NOTFOR SALE RH 229 West 28th Street» 11th Floor + New York, NY 10001 ‘Tel 800/400.8160 oF 212/564.4000 + Fax 212/268.1245 wwwornbtheatricals.com IMPORTANT WARNING? CATS Music Ly Audiew Lloyd Webber Based on Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats by T. S. Fliot Be katy Lis Ailighe reserved nen Ps so th on Piano Conductor (Act I) Table of Contents Act IL 12, Moments of Happiness (Introduction to Act 1). . sna 85 13. Gus: IME NATE CA 193 14. Growitiger’s Last Stand (Part 1).......... ae eee sesesasseseesonavanneeeee LD 14a, ‘The Bultad OF Billy M*Caw ans 14Aait Italian Aria .......... = 240 14 Guowhigers Last Stand (Patt 2) see . 2M 14c. Gus: The Theatre Cat (Reprise) = “ 251 15, Skimbleshanks: The Raifway Cat nce . asa 16, Macavity: The Mystery Cat... ere . 289 Lon. Macavity Fight 10s 17. Magical Mister Mistoffelees 312 18, Memory 330 19, Youmey to the Heavyside Layer. 346 20 The Addressing of Cats 355 21. Finale 1 366 Finale 2/3 seserae a vs 369 Finale 4 381 PIANO-CONDUCTOR 12 Moments of Happiness CATS (Introduction to Act Two) (DEUTERONOMY, JEMIMA, COMPANY) wo a Hag Th, Woe 1509 wo — : = = So = = Piano-Conductor -2- Moments of Happiness — SSS ‘The — mo- ments of hap-piness_._ we had the ex-per =i - ence Dbut missed the meaning and ap-proach to the mean -ilg re - stores the ex-perience ina Piano-Conductor ao Moments of Happiness a 2 be + = < —S—= SS SS === ea Has, Rut a 2 f= te ft Kedia3e Seiee 2 a . pata Spy += f + 5 === = oo = o + be od - Piano-Conductor Moments of Happiness ie C] Andante tum your face to the moon - light. 7 2 Yaw F Fr iG = SSS = 5 = jie: z a= bape | ee ve. in = Piano-Conductor a Moments of Happiness ay ie TITIVITUIIITII IIS TI TITITy te: = € =e ) ‘Kbd3 |~ oe a SS aS =e 5 al nd wee the meaning ofwhat—happntnsi then new wn be. less SS SS == —a,7, pry e3 er} Spates 5 a a ca ae pei conan, Ss —— : 7 o f = [=F =< Moca = ug turn your face to the moon taht eos Lyte ; = = 7S a R Kt 2 (sust chords) Kea t (optional) FF a Tera ‘Moments of Happiness Piano-Conductor | ee you bs 2 (aut horde) Khu foptional) 7 Vibes, Koa 2 PP Piano-Conductor Pid mosso Moments of Happiness aa Ve, F(a) Pa zt + LLe Piano-Conductor <8 Moments of Happiness Piano-Conductor -9- Moments of Happiness hott PIANO-CONDUCTOR 7 Gus: The Theatre Cat CATS GELLYLORUM, GUS) CUE: Diab seuue (attacca) trom No. 12 Copyright © 1989, 1981, 1983 The Really Useful Group L4/Faber Music Lid Piano-Conductor Colla voce 7" SELLYLORUM Gus is aE Gus: The Theatre Cat ounce, that Piano-Conductor 3 Gus: The Theatre Cat fay Conductor “4. Gus: The Theatre Cat (c} | 8 cat that he was in hls. prime; though his Fels i | eer he joins bis friends at thelr = lub which takes Piano-Conductor “5. Gus: The Theatre Cat BRS [m5] tH —Si SF an + ec - dotes drawn from his palm si est days For he a = ce LE] SS s | Loe SS SS === cs F F r p= = ~ — = J 3 Piano-Conductor -6- Gus: The Theatre Cat But his, Piano-Conductor 1 Gus: The Theatre Cat Rubato 2 ‘ Piano-Conductor “8. Gus: The Theatre Cat Piano-Conduetor 9. knew how to act Gus: The Theatre Cat oe Piano-Conductor -10- Gus: The Theatre Cat sat by the bed - side of poor lit - de Ne, when the Piano-Conductor ate Gus: The Theatre Cat L] Faster Bi pant» 0 - mime season I nev = er fell a hist - ory Piano-Conductor 2 Gus: The Theatre Cat Rall. Fire fo fia. die, the Fiend «oof the Fell” JELLYLORUM: gy 46 a Ms N ? 10 1s 12 m ime SSS SS a acc) some -one wit Eve hima tooth alfa he wa re Piano-Conductor “13. Gus: The Theatre Cat we Gus: The Theatre Cat Jar troupe, and they. never gt deiled neg hts Piano-Conductor -15- Gus: The Theatre Cat Poco rit. seraxtonene: fa is __m = SS i SS = z think they are smart just to jump ough atop? Ande te - ale is cert - ain not what it was, These Piano-Conductor Bc, mf ie opty ws 6 — = = i: SSS == 7 Z noth «ing fo fom what’ Tear tl, that ——————— — — 7 SF — = \ ——— 6 na - ale we mena or me ren Piano-Conductor -17- Gus: The Theatre Cat Poco ral. é 0s [Applause] 206 aw Koo &3 Piano-Conductor “18, Gus: The Theatre Cat ( stil can much bet - ter than most ro - duce Ly Khe 183,85 = = = a ns, 2 a blood curd = ing PIANO-CONDUCTOR Growltiger’s Last Stand (Part I) CATS (gxoWLIcERe mu Tun TUGGER ALONZO, MUNKUSTRAP, SKIMBLESHANKS, MISTOFFELES, GRIDDEPRONES, COMPANY) SEGUE tom No. 13 Allegro moderato J= ws SS | SF sempre marc. Bar, teor Cheyer pate 4 PORTH X—— b e * GROWLTIGER is sang by actor ploying GUS (GRIDDLEBONE i sue by acor laine TELLYLORUM Piano-Conductor a Growltiger’s Last Stand (Part I) BES) .— — (Qe eee =< ae = + 3 ee ot = = od be gs be ie be gd bs be ee VS SP RS a Piano-Conductor fact he was the roughest cat that ev-er roamed at large. From Growltiger’s Last Stand (Part 1) Gravesend up to Oxford he pur: GROWLTIGER: = Sy SSS “Terror of the Evil taugh S=——= = Thames.” = SS Z F tide Tam-tan sempre mare, Bar St, Ve, Kb 3 Goon <4. Growltiger’s Last Stand (Part 1) = SSS ner and app - ear - ance did cal - cul - ate to please; ear was some - what miss - ing, no need to tell you why, and he WW OCCT TTUP LESTE STS SETESUT TT GATTI ATF IT TEE” Piano-Conductor “5 C] Slower Growltiger’s Last Stand (Part 1) a pe kts! (“TE = SSS ] Rte — et Ham mer senith aint Put = acy peo- ple ii q Tr | re one — EZ _ a crowuncen. we, : sop =f ae = = = = = & = f= = SS SS ES for-ti-fy the hen house, tock up the silly goose, when the rumour ran along the shore: Grow! Py _ — ———s Piano-Conductor -6- Growltiger's Last Stand (Part 1) ‘Tempo primo SKIMBLESHANKS: il laugh o Sev Kd tio ee a= =e Cr Oy ey, D. ot =e eee 3 © the weak can-ar-y, that Suutered from its cage: woe tothe pampered Pek-in-ese, that sa aS ea a LT TT) Crertter teerter COP ore MUNKUSTRAP: a ‘TueceR: sae Oruwi-ugers rage; woe to the bris-tly band-f-coot, that Turks on for-eign ships and Piano-Conductor Growltiger’s Last Stand (Part I) —— — == =z woe fo an y cat with whom Growl - tg - ooo ee ir ims Li I 7 [E] Poco men fs 31 — e oe = hat — =. — = most 19 cals of for = ig race his hat eed been vowed = = Piano-Conductor “8. Growltiger’s Last Stand (Part 1) cats of for-elgn name and race no quar-ter_ was allow - ed. The —— =a Per - sian and the Si - am - ese re - gard - ed him with fear be -