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Joshua Miguel C. Ganseco Prof.

Gianne Audrey Gutierrez

BSBA-I September 10, 2020

Study the following words. Which spelling is correct? Which spelling is incorrect? Tick the appropriate box.

Words Correct? Incorrect?


Guide Questions: (Yes or No answer only)

1. Can monkeys produce language? NO

2. Can language acquisition and language learning happen at the same exact period? YES
3. Will there be any changes to language when two individuals who are from different speech communities
meet and communicate? YES

1. How do you differentiate the types of communication in relation to communication mode?
2. How can visual communication enhance the message conveyed by a speaker? Cite a particular situation when
it is best to employ visual communication.

(Please use the provided answer sheet for your answer/s.)


1. There are types of communication which is the verbal and non-verbal communication and the other one
is visual communication. Types of communication, these are the types that you will use to communicate
to others if it is verbal, non-verbal, or visual when you are in communication mode.
2. For example you’re in a job or you’re in a work and someone’s greet you in a way that he used a hand
shaking. Ofcourse you will automatically understand it and you will handshake him back. Visual
communication can enhance the message to conveyed by the other person by simply using clear visuals
or gestures without any using verbal communication.

I. Identify the following:
Mother Tounges 1. The process of learning a first language
Visual Communication 2. The type of communication which uses signals
Context 3. The circumstance or environment in which communication takes
Interpersonal Communication 4. The type of communication which is meant to establish or
deepen one’s relationship with others
Informal Communication 5. Personal and ordinary conversations with friends, family
members, or acquaintances
Extended Communication 6. Involves the use of electronic media
Interpersonal Communication 7. The type of communication which aims to accomplish
something at the end of the conversation.

II. Based on its context, purpose, and type, formulate your own definition of communication.
(Please use the provided answer sheet for your answer/s.)
For me, communication is to deliver what you want to say to other. Communication is to deliver your
thought, ideas, and exchanging of information. It is is simply the act of transferring information from one place,
person or group to another. And for me, you can have a communication if you both understand what you
convey and mostly, you can understand each other better if you both are same language.