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am eer Re: Giffords release on 2018 legislative session message Robin Lloyd Fri. Mar 30,2018 15:43 PM ‘To: "Zamasiny, Nosy «ricky zamosiny@governorvigria go> Ce: Nee Boeeur , Den Mark , Brian Moran REDACTED ‘On Mar 90,2018, t 3:07 PM, Zamosiny, Niky icy amasty governor vga gov wrote: Rob, “Thank or sensing! Leong fora to eaing hough hs. | meant to ask hs ear you know whieh groupigrours wore inves i ting the Flori law? k was prety extensive and we're curous Thanks, Nety (nF Mar 30,2018 a 282 PM, Robin Loyd «ojos o> wrote ‘hic This eal excng Tn out res woek, but Neco, cere wl be backin the fc. In the meantime, 1 ‘ante o pass along two tgs thal may be Pella you ‘The frets the Gifts model law for Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO). This document waks twough te Key proline ha we tik ay egelaton shou nau, Each ERPO ial modelos ator that state's DV protecive ‘tle process. and I believe ha the Coalton to Stop Gun Vielence as been warking wih foks ne egitture fo together some language. We woud be happy to work wth you all in conjnction wih CSGV, to date review Fagg tat wocls make sose for VA. thnk yourineal touts on tba Connect rak warrant are ight. The CT ‘Model was the fst aw ofthis pe andi has proved us some valuable data but sine then there has been alot of ‘otk fare develop and implementa more comprehensive law whch vetcted inte med, ‘The second document m attaching isthe ifs model lw fr gu once research caters While te model nw? Istaitysvaightforward, Io tink tvs would req an adatonal conversation wih you. We've been ting to ‘numberof states (Cragon, New Meso. New Yor, Washington) abou establishing thei cu carters usualy atone ‘fhe sate universes = and making ure tha these carer are following the saree of standard that woud Sey ‘ow forthe data tobe shared among the cerert centers Right now, ony Gaomia st UC-Davs has a dadeated ertr and ths rede lw takes ther pracboes in sseourt. We want io sea balanee to make se that is ‘esearch shappening i various pats fhe county wih fesearcers tain the lead, but we also wart ensure that ‘ha research wil beuset andefecive fr ture colaboraton. Legiation could bert te exacn a center or YoU could putlanguage it se tern the budget ‘Again, hay o chat though any an allof these a you work hough where yeu go om hece Let us know an have 2 oreat weekend Robin (nF, May 30, 2018 at 1:16PM, Zamosiny, ky wrote: H leay = Hoare you doing? magi you guys ar staying buty Hope all's going wel | wants to gve you a headsup mat we pu outs case yesterday slamming the Republicans in ne legals fr not mowng legisla ts wold gu vlence nt 2018 leganive session I fiagged forthe ‘Govemare ste as wa | aw Governor Nathan alan event Wednesday right and he mentone that he and Secretary Moran warted to ‘get eveqone onthe same page ade where we go om hare on guns. Ofcourse wed love to patpae i hose onversaons as they happen = Feep us updated ad letusknow Row we care help “ans - etn Robin Lloyd Government Mais Orector Gitfors: Courage to Fight Gun Violence 207-233-2001 [aiores ora BeioasCournse ‘Loking far Americans for Rponsile Solutions orth Law Canto fo Prevent Gun Violence? Woe ow united ‘name and mission as Gers ak Gor an Center to Frovert Gn Vere Joi us! Nicky Zamostny, MSW Asitant Secretary Offce ofthe Secretary of Public Salty ‘and Homelane Seurty 111 €, Broad Seat (04 858-7484 () Robin loys ‘Government Affairs Director Gtlrds Courage lo Fight Gun Violence 207-233-3001 | itores 019 GGifousCowrsge “Looking or Amaricans for Responsibie Solin ore Law Centr lo Proven Gun Vlene9? We've now unt in ‘name ad mission as Gitoré and Gor Law Conte fo Prevent Gun lene. Ji Us! Nicky Zamostny, BSW ‘Aasistant Scctany Coffee ot me Secretary of Publ Safely and Homeland Securty Rictenal vA 23228 (904) 988:7486 @) A Virginia Moran, rn Wed, Aug 29,2018 at 5:24 PM ‘Te: Niky Zamosiny chy zarostry@hgoveror vgn. go> REDACTED (on Wea, Aug 28,2018 24.21 PM Nc Zamostny icky zsmstiy governor vega gor mete Fonarded message —— From: Miso Bocaur snbocou girs. org» Date: Wee, Aug 29,2018 at 3:28 PM Subject: Gators, The Educatonal Fund to Stop Gun Violence, andthe Allancefor Gun Responstilly Announce Extreme Risk Law Toone cs | wanted to share an exciting new resource wih you al. Gifts along wih The Educational Fund fo Stop Gun Vole an the Aillsnee fot Gun Reepensisty have put ogether 8 comorehensive tok on Exerme Risk Laws, weich clude nenmavon of ‘everyhing, fom how to rat a Extreme Rk La ito what we knew on implementatn 80 fr. We hope te Toki wi be a precical resource for advocates anélegiators ake 25 we continue to work together i ens ane Implement Exeome Risk Laws across the county. Here is eu Extreme Rsk Law Toolkit Dont hesitate o reach outwith any questons! FS GIFFORDS Bag [COURAGE 10 FIGHT GUN VIOLENCE Thane, Neo" FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 29,2018 NEDIA CONTACTS, ‘GIFFOROS: Jon Php isles ola o19 [EDUCATIONAL FUND TO STOP GUM VIOLENCE: Andrew Pati sostics@eso¥c19 [ALLIANCE FOR GUN RESPONSIBILITY: Tainan Track, ssisC@ecunsesnonstbiorg Giffords, The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, and the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Announce Extreme Risk Law Toolkit Toolkit provides resources and guidelines on how best to enact and ‘implement life-saving gun safety policies Washington, 0¢ — Over the past year, we have seen tremendous secomplshments by state legillues working to combat the dangers af gun velence, wit 26 states mlarartg 85 ils Geuigrad te Roop guns out ofdangercus hands. Eight of thew bls were Exvere Rk Ua, Now ‘Gitords a proud io announce te legaiative local to help aavocola,legiatra, ad aor Loy ‘Saveholde’s enact and npiament Exreme Rsk Lave to prevent tire rapadies std teep guns out of dangerous hands. ‘The Extrome Risk Law Toolkit, relessed today, is 2 collaboration between thee organizations: (alloc, the gun safety organzatin founded by former Representative Gabriele Gifrds and open Mark Kety the ducati! Fun a Sina Gun lense a publi ath tink tank that ifs and implements evidence-based poly solutions and programs to reduce gun violence In ts fos and te ance Snr Gun Restonsiy the leading vice ofthe gun vicence prevention ‘movement in Washington and a driver of gn violence prevention natives natorwite, The foot ‘etal waye in whieh lawmakers, advoeses, and stakenoder can take acon fo help implement Exrome Risk Laws. ‘States with Extreme Risk Laws or similar versions of these laws includ California Connecteut Delaware Flora nol Indiana Marylane Maseachusotts New Jersey ‘Oregon Rhode Island Vermont Washington “et ean ge ais nag i gy rie [ip encore ces ee een ree SLU Sareea an tir een mae ee Fee eeirae ee oe teen ee aS Renee ages eden ammeter a isis athena ene ec prepares ‘courage atthe wllngness of states to ake up these He-ssving measures, nd we ook forward to ‘Woking with legislators nthe near future to help pass hese bls he state capes” “Govemors and state lnamakors on bath ides ofthe ast have begun to recognize that Etre Rist Laws are teal fo keeping tur conettuents ese em gon vist naka forma by reaucing tsk individuals accesso fears, Exreme Risk Laws detreae te Ikethood of gun homicide {nd sucioe sald Josh Horwitz, Executive Director of tho Educational Fund to Stop Gur \Viotence. “These oicivs should be enacted in ever state nthe ration, and is tok gies stats {he texouions fo Go ustthat. ie are honored tobe prof hs colaboraton, and we lok forward to haling at 80 slates eo, pos, and anast Exrome isk Lae “Washington Siate was among theft eats inthe county to ereate an Extreme Rsk Law wher ‘oers passed inate 140% 2010. Amos! mca, our Extreme Rsk La Dogan sevng Nee" sae Allanee for Gun Responsibity CEO Renee Hopkin. "Farios nd aw onforcerrent 1d hunareds of Strome Rise Protoston Orr: arrow fren om he hangs of rene Frahaduas. Since ten, almost a degen mare sates hove put smi pokes into pace, This toot {ves stats witrcu em te tole they reo to oneal eso meanngil laws and save ives, ‘Washington i proud to continue tole te way innovate oes to prevent gun wolence. Read the Extreme Risk Law Tootkit ‘About Extreme Rish Lav, Extere Risk Laws create 2 cil cout order, esued by a judge upon consideration of evidence ‘ronded by a fans mamber or law enforcement afar ha temporary pros parson sis {fom possessing or purenesng frear cr anmuntion A corsmon tread nmanyshoctings stat fay mers fe shots anand her ved ones engogng dangerous beavers a were concemed about her rk of harming hamsales or atbers even before any voknce + Extromo Risk Laws create a mechanism for families and law enforcement to {temporally prevent access to guns by individuals who pose an elevated risk of “endangering themselves or others. These laws can save ives while ensuring cetical legal ‘roacions respondents, just ae hey haven sates at have already tae iis Iesporstle sep + Baru Riek Lown ary basa on th long-standing domestic olanc praecton ‘dors (im placa in all 20 states) beth a court hearing and leary defined ‘sue process protacions. Guatiyng paticners would be atl o pan tha cv cout ‘her ursaienan for an esr based on evonee they present though a wien appbeaton and at ahearng before a jg + Bureme Risk Laws give individuals an opportunity to present avidence te show they re not adanger to themselves or others: a cout waves an orcer respondents wou SSi1Be able to petion fr eal Termnaton of the order and are eile to ave he fess, Snd arsruntion retuned upon expreton ofthe order. ‘+ States with Extreme Risk Laws have seen positive results and are saving lives Cale erates vs ifegving lw 2014 an Wasnirglon voles overyheiinghy assed in Novenber 20%. Camnecteut and indiana have long standing Extreme Rsk ‘nat alow lan enferornent oficers fo tenvone when people are cris and have ‘eaey accesso guns Inthe fst "4 years ofthe implementation of Connecticut fw hs {every 10.20 rak warrant lesued Ih adaon, 25.) fine fg ol espondenie ecowed ctcal mental hath and substance abuse Weaient as @ resukof te iteration, ‘+ Extreme Risk Laws arg particulary important to! to help prevent suicides. Tose in 5 sual crateae mach mare tly 19 sunovef ty Go not Mave ear acoese fo frearme fern draton ofthe crs aaa show al poopie are more to iby se Soy have gay acess reams, oi stl sue ates inal tears fatal Nuts sc nears who survwe 8 eutcde attempt do nol oe by sucids a alot ‘Sate, These facts emonevate at Exreme Rsk Laws, whch can prevent sca Inddoats rom aceassing gune dung ores, wil key save ives we tants a nonpeoft exgenizaton dedicated to saving ves fom gun vidonce. Led by fomer Congresswoman Gabnate Gilords end hor husband Navy combat vetran and rtied NASA astoneut Captain Mark Kay, Gmardsngpires the courage of people rom al wakes of Me fo make Simona esr The Education! Euro Soo Gun Vilence is a 501(0(3) orgarizoton ane pubic hea ink tank ‘at aenatos and mplamentsendonce-based ply slutons and progres reduce gun valence ‘nalts forms. The Educatora Fund fo Stop Gun Velonce makos commune caer by arslaing ‘soars no palcy, wa achieve tis by angaging in pokey development. advecacy. community and ‘aketoldarengogomon! and technica azasiance, the Aliace or Gun Resoonsibiy wrk fo and th gun violence els i cur cammurity rd lo ‘bromats a culurw of gun ownership tht balances rights with responstlies. Through colaboraion ‘uth experts, cdc leaders, ane elzons, wo work find euiencedbased salions tothe criss of ‘gun violence four communty. We create novatve pole, savacste for cnanges 0am, nd romcte communty education to reduce gun watence ye rou aes nea ae conmcans Yon Go b y ng Seer Goris bonne. 9051 Used Ses, ‘Gorse Courage to Fight Gun Violence 54481-9234] ordo0% @eioréscourage Nicky Zamostay, MSW sistant Socrtany ce ofthe Secretay of Puc Saty ‘and Homeland Secuty 111 Broad Suet lehmond, VA 2325 (606) 863-7486 (9) ein Sry Pun Safty nd en Si Comme cab ga itm VA 23219 ran Moran @govemorvigia. gor nips vignia gov lon uo iter @VAPSHS | Foto so Faesik: Pub Safety Virginia ec oe mega then mnt i ni cn nen ae ped rman eel pi ite fr meme far cng en mg oie eh be et ‘Att mgd amt ramet pat oe feta ona yo a re fae me he ‘ae & Virginia Morn Brin “Thu, Dec 19,2018 at 445 PM ‘To: Moly Voigt REDACTED (On Thu, Dee 19,2010 a 4:15 PM Maly Voigt wt "asta a \We hope that you wil onus fora reception on January 1th io celebrate momentum i Virnia gun vilence prevention. The Invitaon wen event dota ean be fend blow Please RSVP to is emal you ae able o atta, We hope to s08 you there! = * = weber Gifts, Everytown Bray sc SGV are plaased to host safety majo fre Voigt ‘State Legislative Manager Gtords Courage to Fight Gun Violence 401-741-2087 |itods org @citorascourage oe cu enw Gun em Sart ~ 01s dog easy to svete? gusowsarcrt.ong ‘ian 4 Moran tun VA 28209 Bran oranggovere:wrginia gov ‘rum ps vga gov Fellow won Tite: @¥APSHG [Foo uso Fachook Publ Safety Vigna cantare ne ‘ecm ne mana ath mnt bbs nto ane nt ch nfo re rma nt et rapeseed oi ae ek ao et ‘hear meng last Putnam pace tn dara pag oe tn wet ‘rtm @ Virginia Monn aan Re: Proposed amendment to HB 674 from Everytown Tess Rana oda fran nase on "oan 29,2020 9560 1 "tay, Barca mtengereno pring Rca Svan adheres car Soa te seamen gr” Non any sry snosnyegormocagnn J Foe Woh speveheeom > REDACTED omnes WPAdvantus | rnenansne sinesos | ome snzzaees ermord Weiia 20219 | adannsatpes com tr sane snr mp rs upr n ment e ‘Sewanee owas ny ements Sas aaceeaeaet From: "Moran, Brian’ Date: Thursday, January 23, 2020 at 8:04 AML To: Richard Sulivan <:sulivan@slatefederalstategies.com> Cet David Coter , Neky Zamostny , Peter Vujovich ,"R, Ronald Jordan’ ‘Subject: Re: Proposed amendment to HE 674 fram Everytown REDACTED ‘On Thu. J8n28 20203184 AM Rcard Sultan we: REDACTED ram: eles Afovihcproreneveyiown o> ‘ate January 222020 ot 7356 PUEST or'h Rona ora soisangeasserslages com> (es Renae Sura nealing es ‘Stbjoct Re FW: Proposed umendmant to HB E74 rom Everytown ‘Wve nya oats te iss of shor andpoice dparnents geting redbe compas, and reusing io cnduc an Imvesbgaton an threby noting ne ERPO proces ie of prs concem sce we ust saw Many unformed shorts nd eputes eCopt ining coms ty wl a comely whe ego ows ‘Te tortos tira (ten: 604284508 .RoukL0JomoaN \ be : MPAdvantus | ier ewansine sitesoo | over eetzaessos mons nna | ahartarng om ‘vented ony rom: “Moran, rian’ Ces "R. Ronald Jordan” Subject: Re: Proposed amendment to HB.676 from Everytown REDACTED ‘on Wed, an22, 200 8:20 PM Richa Sulla VOENgREHYTOMONS veRrTOMAFOR GUN SAFETY EVEN | QEVERTTONN comonwoatn of gms ny eastoroe sree Remand A 2218 ean oron@govinor vege gov oth won Tr QVAPSHS| Tl sn Fash Fable Saat gn nce ye ah rr ato cn pam fe, Laaarrrrrcccrrrrcr caer a cinnyiscap eno ae