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My interesting journey from Lothal to Mohenjodaro

with my family 4000 years ago.

I once dreamt, I was living with my family in Lothal. As

per the invitation of our close friend Mr. Hari and family
from Mohenjodaro, we decided to visit the city that was
around 270 kms North West in Sind. It was a very long
journey. We woke up one Sunday morning at 5.00. After
taking bath, and worshiping the Sun God, we took sail by
Ship. It took us 20 days to reach Mohenjodaro. We had to
take enough supplies with us to survive the long journey.

We took with us about 40 barrels of water for drinking and

washing. We also took with us non vegetarian food like
smoked fish, and meat, also dried fruits like nuts as well as
pickles. We also took rice, wheat and barley. It was the
longest journey we had taken so far. Although the journey
through the canals until half way was smooth, it was very
uninteresting. However the rest of our travel through the
Indus River was very interesting. The vast expanse of the
river and the speed of its flow helped us reach
Mohenjodaro earlier than we had expected. After docking
at the Mohenjodaro Port, on the 20th day evening at 5.00,
we stayed at our friend’s house.

The next day morning after the night’s rest, both our
families went for a tour of the city and its suburbs. It was
interesting to notice that their lifestyle was also quite
similar to ours. Hari told me that Mohenjodaro was one of
the oldest human settlements and one of the most planned
cities. There were around 500 people who lived there. The
city was divided into two portions – the citadel and the
lower town. We saw a public bath in the citadel which was
built with bricks. It had an advanced drainage system.
There was a big verandah that surrounded the citadel. The
lower town had a granary, houses and assembly halls. The
streets were planned perfectly, with straight roads
connecting all parts of the city. The city was a very busy
place. Hari showed us specially constructed large
Government buildings. I saw farmers growing crops like
wheat, barley, pulses, peas, rice, sesame, linseed and
mustard in their farms. I also saw the farmers tilling the soil
and planting seeds with a tool called the plough. Another
interesting sight was the large pastures used for rearing
cattle and sheep. Hari also took us fishing, after which we
also hunted an antelope. I saw that the people there were
very good at making ornaments like gold, silver, copper,
bronze, shells and precious stones. These were brought
from distant places like our Lothal. There were also cotton
farms, where the farmers used the cotton to produce cloth.
The people there were very hard working and hospitable.

After our week’s stay in Mohenjodaro, we said good bye to

our friend and his family and returned to Lothal. We were
also happy that our friend accepted our invitation to visit